Who should direct the next James Bond movie... if there is a next James Bond movie?

Quantum-of-SolaceImage Credit: Susie AllnuttJames Bond will return, alright, just like the closing credits always promise. Just not for awhile. As EW previously reported, Bond 23 has been delayed indefinitely, while MGM continues looking for a new owner. The business back story is too long and boring to get into here — suffice to say that after Sony rebooted the series with Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace, the rights reverted back to MGM, which has been in a state of semi-suspended animation since it went up for sale in November — but the bottom line is that 007 has some unexpected time off. A script has already been written (by Frost/Nixon scribe Peter Morgan, along with longtime Bond writers Neal Purvis and Robert Wade), and Daniel Craig has promised to wear the tuxedo again, but the delay raises questions about who will direct. Sam Mendes was reportedly attached — he supposedly left Preacher to do the Bond movie — but we be he may now be looking for something else to do.

All of which got us wondering: When Bond 23 does go back into production, and if Mendes has moved onto another project, who should direct? Over the years, some pretty big names have tried to get their hands on the franchise: Steven Spielberg went on to make Indiana Jones movies after he got turned away by Bond’s producers, and Quentin Tarantino tried to buy the rights to Casino Royale before MGM snapped them up. But who else should be entrusted to direct the most successful spy franchise in history? Peter Jackson? James Cameron? Vincent Gallo? Lars von Trier? We’re open to any suggestions, Pop Watchers…

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  • Tina

    You know who should be Bond? Henry Cavill. Craig is too old, they should infuse some freshness/hotness into the franchise.

    • Brett

      Craig’s not too old. The Bond character’s not a schoolboy, he’s a real adult man.

    • whatevs

      Craig is 42, so I don’t know how old you think a spy should be. Besides, Bond’s hotness has little to do with his appearance and everything to do with his character.

    • Nathan

      Yeah, no. If you want youth and empty good looks, just watch Twilight.

    • Celia

      Henry is hot, but he’s no Bond. Craig is still a great fit.

  • DenverDave

    James Cameron would have my vote. If the script were not already written, I would like to see J.J. Abrams take the helm. There might be more meat in the story and Star Trek proved his ability to direct an action movie.

  • Brian

    Get Martin Campbell back to direct. Goldeneye and Casino Royale are two of the best Bond films, so he should return for a third. He knows how to balance the action with something of substance well.

    • Brett

      Campbell. I don’t need to see J.J. Abrams tinkering with Bond. While Cameron did a good job lampooning spy movies with “True Lies,” I wonder what his take on a serious spy flick would be.

      • Quirky

        Cameron usually keeps it pretty serious when depicting the military like the Navy Seals in the Abyss and the Space Marines in Aliens. Actually Avatar’s Colonel Quaritch had the same tough “bull in a china shop” bravado that Craig’s Bond has.

    • terry

      Yeah, I vote for Campbell. The early Bonds had the same directors and Campbell has proven himself with Bond, both as the old syle Bond(Goldeneye) and the reboot. I’d love to see him wrap up the trilogy he started with CR.

    • therealeverton

      Goldeneye is a terrible movie and and a bad Bond movie as well. Casino Royale, that is class.

      • terry

        Goldeneye isn’t my favorite Bond, thought it might be my favorite of Brosnans, but as far as Bond films go it probably ranks in the middle. I would hardly call it a terible movie. Of course, if you’re one of those who loved the first two and then didn’t like any of the them until Casino Royale, then I could understand your point. Of course, what I don’t understand about that is why watch them. I watched the first couple of Friday the 13th flicks, hated them and never watched another. Same with the saws and there are probably a hundred other examples.

  • Chris

    Kathryn Bigelow. She has made a smart action film with the hurt locker and can get great performances out of people

    • 4k4k

      I agree with Chris. Kathryn would be great. She already proved that she can take on an action film with The Hurt Locker. Before Sam Mendes was brought on as director, I thought Kathryn would be a good candidate for the job.

    • NT

      I like this idea.

    • Quirky

      Totally agree! That sniper battle in the middle of the Hurt Locker was one of the best scenes of 2009 (and maybe the best war scene since the opening 20 minutes of Saving Private Ryan). Great realistic action and tension.

    • Jose

      Agreed, Kathryn would be awesome and I’d like to see what someone with her cred could do to the film.

    • Mathieu

      If it’s the elegant, classicist Kathryn Bigelow of Near Dark/Blue Steel/Point Break, then I say yes. If it’s the Kathryn Bigelow who’s now developed a shakycam fetish, then no thanks.

    • Hudson

      I like that idea. Get Kathryn Bigelow to direct and get rid of Daniel Craig and get us a decent actor for Bond. The last two Bond films were horrible. When they rebooted the Bond series, they got rid of everything that made the franchise fun … such as gadgets, humor, cars, humor, gadgets, and more gadgets. The new Bond films are too violent and not at all fun.

      • SassyGirl

        Actually, the new films brought MUCH needed life back into the franchise. It’s not an accident that Casino Royale is widely regarded as an instant classic. It contains PLENTY of humor, it’s just smart and sophisticated instead of corny. The film also received the most BAFTA nominations (Brittain’s version of Oscars) than any Bond film ever. Casino Royale is an amazing mix of action, heart, humor and fun.

  • dan

    Zhang Ziyi should direct

  • JC

    Cambell would be a good choice. Though I’d like to see someone who looks more like what Fleming penned be given the license to kill.

  • Bubbatwo420

    I still think Mendes is the man for the job, we don’t need anything closely resembling the fast cutting QOS editing style. If not Mendes, I vote for Rian Johnson.

  • Matt1

    Mel Gibson can direct an awesome Bond movie! Braveheart and Apocalypto are freakin badass!!

  • topher

    Wait, Preacher… as in the Garth Ennis comic book? If so, holy crud! He should go back to that. He should never have left that!

    • Whatever

      Yes, I also thought that. Are they seriously adapting this comics ? I’m gonna google it right now! :)

  • Nathan

    Get Martin Campbell back, I mean if a top director can be retained for junk like the DaVinci Code, then why not an actual good franchise?

  • Jeremy W.

    Joss Whedon should direct it. Enver Gjokaj should play the villain. Nathan Fillion should play an American agent helping Bond. Do I get a finder’s fee for this?

    • Nathan

      Joss Whedon couldn’t direct traffic on a one-way street.

    • That depends how objective you are . . .

      If you can acknowledge the man has faults, but legitimately think he is a right fit for the material, then more power to you. But if you’re someone who equates Whedon with god, and would drink the kool-aid if he asked you too (I believe the term for you people is “brown-coats”) then I can’t help but be a shade skeptical of your opinion. Nothing wrong with having a blind-spot for the guy, but I have to take your bias into account when assessing your credibility.

  • bj

    I would say Tarintino or Ridley Scott. How about Guirmo del Torro

    • bj

      spelled those wrong sorry all

  • Mike

    Quentin Tarantino

  • Rita

    Please keep Daniel Craig as Bond…those Steve McQueen eyes penetrate your soul and he is rock steady as an actor.

  • Craig

    Paul Greengrass who made the last two Bourne movies, Michael Mann who made Heat, or Phillip Noyce who made Clear and Present Danger and the Saint would all get my thumbs up.

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