ABC Family's '10 Things I Hate About You' on the bubble?

10-things-i-hate-about-youImage Credit: Eric McCandless/ABCJust as I was starting to heal from ABC Family’s cancellation of The Middleman — yes, I realize it’s been almost two years — comes word that I might need to be worried about the fate of another ABC Family series: the smart, witty 10 Things I Hate About You.

Last Friday, executive producer Carter Covington tweeted that the “show is on the bubble and we need all the eyeballs we can get!” Oh no, I thought and immediately added #save10things to my next tweet. Covington later tweeted that the “show still has a good chance at a pick up if we can show them how much fans love it!”

While ABC Family “hasn’t said much either way” about the show’s chances for a renewal, “they know how competitive the time slot is,” Covington tells “I know they love the show, but our ratings continue to slide week to week. I’m hoping our vocal and passionate fan base can let them know how much they love 10 Things.” (UPDATE: A rep for ABC Family told “We are four episodes into the run of 10 all-new episodes, and no decision has been made about any further pick up.”)

I know no better way to show my love for the show than to list 10 Things I Hate About the Idea of No More 10 Things:

1. The loss of a series that is intelligent, funny, and sweet in high school without ever being cruel.

2. No more watching Lindsey Shaw and Ethan Peck give Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger a run for their money in the chemistry department. Speaking of sparks, Patrick (Peck) shows off his jealous side in tonight’s new episode when Kat (Shaw) teams up with a handsome Brit in her campaign to get the school to adopt Meatless Mondays.

3. No more impeccably delivered zingers from Dana Davis’ Chastity.

4. Missing the inevitable double date episode.

5. Not getting my weekly dose of Ethan Peck’s dark eyes, deep voice, long locks — Oh, sorry, got a little distracted there.

6. Larry Miller’s overprotective, yet loving father joining Enrico Colantoni’s Keith Mars in the Awesome Canceled Dads Club.

7. Missing snappy dialogue like, “No more NPR. It’s giving me menopause.”

8. No more Ethan Peck on my TV every Monday. Did I mention that already?

9. It means Kim Jong-Il has won. Just ask Kat.

10. Spoiler alert! “This season will end with an AWESOME cliffhanger,” Covington reveals, “and I’ll be so upset if we don’t get to share what happens next!” So will I!

PopWatchers, are you as disappointed as I am to learn this charming show is on the bubble? Are you excited for tonight’s episode? If you’d like to do your part to make sure there’s many more episodes to come, Covington is urging fans to “tell one friend about the show – someone they think will appreciate our show’s quirky charm.”

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  • A.Mary

    No! They can’t cancel this show!


      They should cancel it and make another Growing Pains movie. OR reboot Brotherly Love or Boy Meets World. TGIF was the peak of ABC’s existence

      • lilo

        you are a dumass.

      • Astrid

        I agree with Lilo…you are seriously a dumb ass! They cannot cancle the show, its one of the more realistic shows out there! And how can you not love Kat’s wit or the over protective father on his quest to make sure his daughters dont have sex. Screw growing pains! Forget Boy Meets World that show played when i was 10 years old for gods sake!

      • Ishaa

        totally a dumb ass….

      • AO

        I am going to stop watching abcfamily if they keep cancellating good shows and just keep the dumb ones!!

  • Brynna

    it has to live. I love 10 things…best ABC family show in years.

  • Maiv

    No!! It started off a bit weak, but the show has definitely grown from that

  • sundevilsarah

    I am soo not this show’s demographic but I love it. I wait for Friday’s to watch it on Hulu since I don’t have cable. And I found out from more than a few friends that they secretly love the show too- they got hooked when itunes had the first season for free. I hope it doesn’t get cancelled because it’s so sweet and funny.

    • Ishaa

      You and I both….I look forward to watching it every Monday…. I can’t wait to make some popcorn and sit to watch it. I wish it was on longer than a half hour

  • FreeAgent

    this show is great but yes it is in a crap time slot. My DVR is set to record this, Chuck,Finn and Jake, and HIMYM. I’ve been lucky one of the 3 has been in reruns for the past couple of weeks so I can see the new eps but come on!

    • Alia

      Yep, the timeslot is horrible. I always watch Chuck live, so I catch 10 Things on hulu. But Chuck is a rerun tonight, so I’ll be watching 10 Things!

      • kaloalo

        yup that’s what i would do too if austin time warner gave me back abc family! (i have all other channels except that one!)
        they can’t cancel it!

  • Alia

    I still miss The Middleman. Kyle XY, too. Come on, ABC Family! Save 10 Things! (And, yeah. Ethan Peck = delicious.)

  • Alexis

    It is completely OK to still be grieving the loss of Middleman. I still am.

    • Alia

      There needs to be some sort of support group. Also, Matt Keeslar needs to be on my tv NOW!!!

      • Melinda65

        I would join that support group. I’ll be grieving the loss of The Middleman a long time–I still miss Homefront and Maximum Bob.

    • lynn

      Me too! I loved The Middleman.

    • John R

      ABCF was not a good home for a show as great as The Middleman. sigh.

    • chattypatra

      I am so glad to have found other people who miss The Middleman too! A couple of weeks ago I even treated myself to a marathon of all the episodes. It was such a smart and funny show. Now they are going to cancel 10 Things too? Clearly, the network hates itself. Boo! I like the show. What fools!

  • SarahFlower

    10 Things is awesome, right up there with Greek in terms of writing, acting, and heart.

  • Briana

    I might die if this happens!
    Save 10 Things!

  • rockstarmom

    Aww-don’t tell me this! I picked this one up from the free 1st season on itunes. I’m also not the demo, but it is so witty and fun, it appeals across the board. Maybe a new time slot would help – Monday is awfully full this year.

  • JennB

    Ugh. I *just* got into this show! (Thank you, Hulu, for helping me get caught up!) Now I’m watching the eps as they air. C’mon, ABC Fam. Please don’t cancel it!

  • elaina

    i love this show but for some reason i dont get this channel anymore so i never get to watch it except on hulu and as far as i know my whole area of the city doesnt doesnt get it anymore and i have a lot of friends who would like to get to watch this but cant

  • Evie

    Out of a lot of the ABC Family series this one I actually like. It’s fairly funny and the actors are good so it’d be disappointing if it were to go.

    • Jennifer

      I know i love 10 things i hate about you. i tried to watch it on my t.v but could never find it… … and the only reason they don’t get enough views is because people watch it online because they are to busy to sit down and watch i love 10 things i hate about you… i kinda want to cuss the director out for canceling it…

  • Francesco Cerniglia

    Considering that it is the only good show Abc family has, it would be simply outrageous! PLEASE guys lets watch it!

  • diremommy

    My cable company in this bass-ackwards town doesn’t even offer ABC family, so I haven’t got to watch this show, but I’ll be sad to see it go before I get the chance to try it out.

    • Fan

      I LOVE this show!!!!! It’s on

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