Lady Gaga on 'American Idol': Oh la la?

Lady-Gaga-american-idolImage Credit: Lady Gaga: Albert L. Ortega/PR Photos; Idol: Fox Lady Gaga will be performing on American Idol May 5, according to a tweet she sent out late Friday night. “See you on American Idol. MAY 5th, Little Monsters,” she wrote, with a link to a performance of “Telephone” on a Japanese TV show.

I’m a little disappointed that Lady Gaga won’t be on May 4, too, as that week’s mentor, because holy crap could this season of Idols use a few lessons in star power, the art of performance, and how to distinguish themselves from other artists. I’m imagining Lady G in a wig made of, like, pulled-pork sandwiches trying to get Lee DeWyze be bolder or something. I’m imagining it…and loving it.

Are you excited to see Lady Gaga back on the Idol stage, PopWatchers?

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  • Nora

    Nah, not really.
    Her idea of “artistry” is smashing bottles and wearing Kermit-the-Frog-costumes…

    • Tarc

      Since she obviously caused an emotional response, she did indded manage ‘art’. Hello, cluephone.

      • Nora

        LOL nope, no emotions involved… listened to her album, got bored, didn’t buy it, end of story.

      • mad maggie

        Is nausea an emotion?

      • Jay

        By that criteria, a fart is art, because it elicits an “emotional response”.

      • @Jay

        I’d rather hear a fart.

    • darclyte

      In a lot of ways, she’s the “love child” of Elton John & Madonna. I’m not a fan, but I do recognize that she is talented.

      • Sarah

        No, Elton John has taste.

      • mad maggie

        …and talent.

      • Andrew

        @Mad Maggie.

        She has plenty of talent.

        If she can hold her own on a two-sided piano with Sir Elton John she sure as hell has talent.

        So go elsewhere with your negativity.

    • B

      But you probably were first in line for Susan Boyle’s CD. And a Clay Aiken fan club member.

      • angie

        No need to hate on Clay, he at least has a wonderful voice. And NO I’m not a Clay Aiken FAN CLUB member.

      • mad maggie

        Nope. Don’t care for either. What’s that do to your brilliant theory?

    • jk

      emotional response as in your reply to the article, not emotions in general is what tarc meant. also boredome is an emotional state so i guess her ‘art’ did it job with you, you just have NO IDEA. lol

    • jason

      oh well- maybe Idol’s final season will feature talented guest performers. One’s that rest on their vocal abilities, and not their costumes and stage antics.

      • KS

        Seriously? Sure, her style and “stage antics” certainly get attention, but her vocals are stellar. Have you ever heard her piano-only versions of Poker Face or Paparazzi? She may not be your style, but she certainly has talent.

      • Andrew

        Vocal abilities? She has PLENTY of that.

        If your gonna make a rude, arrogant, and seemingly unnecessary comment at least make one that’s somewhat articulate.

    • AcaseofGeo

      I’m eager to see her but its no big deal. She was on last year too. I guess that was before the entertainment world became Gaga obsessed.

    • megan

      i think she is awsome and can sing very good

    • Andrew

      Just because you got bored with her album doesn’t discredit her.

      She can still sing, she has a surprising amount of vocal power. She’s a trained pianist, and she writes music.
      Just because she dresses different doesn’t undermine her talent.

      And smashing liquor bottles during a song concerning her fathers alcoholism would be a little relevant.

  • Joey

    I usually don’t watch Idol and haven’t been a regular viewer since the 2005 season…but, I will watch for May 5th.

    • Nick T

      Wow, I was gonna put the same thing. Eerie. Lady Gaga brings people together.

      • Z-man

        Yes, she’s like some kind of pretty little miracle worker.

      • Lee

        Are you 12 or just a complete moron?

      • Hardy

        Yeah, this season hasnt been that good at all, and I havent watched much. I will probably watch this episode because I think it will be interesting.

      • mad maggie

        Yes I thought the interview where she said what she looks for in a man is a “big %&*! was especially miraculous, heart-warming and exactly what I think most parents want their daughters to emulate.

        Just a bundle of light, that Gaga.

      • AliFran

        First they give us Ke$ha – an now lady gag-ah? No wonder this show is getting eclipsed in the ratings. I had never seen her perform until last season, so they had the element of surprise on their side (surpise that anyone could get away with that junk) – but I will never watch her again.

  • JC

    I am kinda happy, because finally a results show worth watching (but what about about other idols , Jordin, Kris & Kelly) but she would be awesome as mentor

    • Heathro

      I agree! Bringing back previous winners and runner-ups should be mentors, because they really went through exactly what the singers are going through at the time.

      Agreeing that Miley being a mentor should have told us that even the real stars agree this is the worst season of all! They don’t even want to participate!!

  • Sarah

    Definitely will be watching. It was on Idol last year that I realized she has actual talent- during her awesome, slowed-down rendition of Poker Face.

  • Troy

    She will sing Alejandro. Thank goodness we finally have an artist who will show the AI’s how it’s done.

    • KT

      Troy that was already done. Adam Lambert showed how it was done!

      • jason

        so right! He showed them exactly what 2nd place looks like.

      • Sarah

        Yep, 2nd place is a hell of a lot better than 1st when it comes to Idol. Kris Allen has done exactly what other than Ford hybrid commericals and the occasional guest appearance… Adam is amazing and will more than likely be fronting Queen in the years to come (they’ve already told him it’s his when he’s ready). So, yeah…2nd place is definitely where you want to be when it comes to Idol. At least then, Simon doesn’t own you for 7 years, like he does with the winners.

    • Mimi

      I agree! She is amazing and the all the Idol contestants should take notes on bringing a performance to the stage and engaging the audience!

  • kevin

    They should do Lady Gaga week! Imagine what Crystal would do to Bad Romance!

    • Caitlin

      What, butcher it?

      • jason

        can you butcher a terrible song, by a terrible artist? Wouldn’t it sort of be “nowhere to go, but up”?

  • Anne

    Nothing and no one can save this show.

  • Agustin

    By far the most talented young female pop star at this moment. Poor Britney, she never will be as talented… ever.

    • Drew

      Poor GaGa, she’ll never be as successful as Brit…ever.

      • Jack

        Poor Drew, will never be as funny as Agustin… ever.

      • Brad

        Poor Drew, hell never be as successful as lady gaga…ever.

      • MultiPass

        omg! you guys are, like, ssso gay!

  • lilmonster

    I’m already marking my calendar…. havnt seen america idol since idk whn but its gaga… can’t waiit gana b there best performance eva let gaga show em wht talent is

    • Sam

      This? Is her fan base?

      • mad maggie

        Pretty much.

  • Jersey Boy

    Wouldn’t miss it for the world

  • Katie

    Did we all forget she was on last year, too? And it was atrocious?! I love the Gaga, but let’s hope she sings a better song than last time (Poker Face).

  • Brock

    I would love to see Lady Gaga as a mentor. She should dress up as a nurse, bring along a defibrillator and administer a jolt of electricity into the season nine contestants.

  • Journey

    Hell Yeah!! When she performs it will be the first episode that I have fully watched in a very long time. I too would have loved it if she was mentoring but I’ll take what I can. :)

  • Chris

    Possibly another attempt to make this year’s crop look talented by comparison?

    • AliFran

      Hmmmm? That could work.

  • Terry

    Love Gsgs but would prefer to see Adam Lambert come back. He’s epic as a mentor and needless to say as a performer.

    • finnley

      He was just on… last episode.

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