'Doctor Who' recap: Matt Smith brings more than a bowtie to the reinvented title character!

Doctor-Who-Matt-SmithImage Credit: BBCMaybe it was one of those patented “perception filters,” but after watching last night’s excellent season premiere of Doctor Who, I’m suddenly no longer pining for David Tennant and Catherine Tate as our titular hero and his trusty companion. Now I’m totally jazzed to see what Matt Smith and Karen Gillan will bring to the respective roles.

It helped, of course, that “The Eleventh Hour” was a tense and funny bit of sci-fi, with the regenerated Doctor trying to hunt down an escaped intergalactic prisoner before an armed fleet of Atraxi detonated Earth in a scorched-planet strategy to execute him. The way things kicked off — with Smith’s Doctor trying to adjust to his new body while helping a lonely Scottish girl investigate a scary crack in her bedroom wall — was filled with classic suggest-don’t-show scare tactics. It’s brilliant what Who can do with half-opened doors, robotically repeated phrases, and a little mood music. Of course, there was humor in the intro, too. “You’re Scottish. Fry something,” the Doctor demanded while trying to quell a mysterious food craving.

Turns out a little time-perception snafu meant that the Doctor’s promise to return in five minutes to wee Amelia Pond morphed into a good 12 years, by which time the kid had grown into lithe kiss-o-gram employee “Amy” Pond (Gillan). That young woman had used modern psychology to almost convince herself she’d never really had a close encounter all those years ago, and hadn’t noticed “Prisoner Zero” hiding out in a second-floor bedroom thanks to a “perception filter” that stopped her from acknowledging the room existed in the first place. I loved the way the runaway alien tapped into comatose patients’ energies to create shape-shifting disguises — anyone get shades of The Shining when he morphed into that benign-looking mother and her two terrifying daughters? — and I loved how the Atraxi’s warning signal wasn’t referring to Amy’s home, but to the entire planet: “Prisoner Zero will vacate the human premises or the human premises will be incinerated.” (Did anyone else find that chant bringing back memories of “Donna Noble has left the library. Donna Noble has been saved?”)

In standard Who format, we got glimpses of eccentric humans — the average, flawed folks The Doctor can’t help but want to save — none funnier than Annette Crosbie’s Mrs. Angelo (“I like Patrick Moore!”) and none more cluelessly square-jawed than her grandson Jeff (Tom Hopper), who went from downloading porn to saving the Earth in less time than it took The Doctor to outfit himself in a jazzy mauve shirt and dishy bowtie.

No more “raggedy doctor,” but certainly an intriguing central relationship between our titular hero and his new copilot, a possible runaway bride whose fate may or may not be tied into Prisoner Zero’s chilling final warning: “Silence will fall.” I, for one, am keeping BBC America’s import hit on permanent “series recording” setting. Wherever The Doctor and Amy head next, you can count me in. Well, as long as the former makes good on his promise to never shout “Who da man?” again.

What did you think of the Doctor Who season premiere? Have you bought into the Smith-Gillan partnership already, or do you still need a few episodes to get over the loss of Tennant and Tate? And who’s looking forward to the return of those Weeping Angels we saw in the post-episode coming attractions?

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  • googoo

    I found Smith surprisingly enjoyable because I really thought he would be too young to fill Tom Baker and David (Best Hair Ever!) Tennant’s shoes (or should it be coiffs?)
    I think I’ll even like Amy if she doesn’t end up being one of those pining lasses (Hello Rose, Martha, get over it already) and is more Donna Noble. Forgive me Sarah Jane but the Dr. Donna was the Best Companion Ever!

    • Frank Anderson

      I don’t see how anyone could go away from this episode not liking Matt. He was truly funny and I like the new, younger Doctor.

      I am glad the reaction is so positive here, and could not be happier that EW has been covering Doctor Who.

      Thanks, guys and gals of EW!!!

      • Heather

        Yes, Bu, Doctor Who is a news program. lol Usually these people do a little better job with their fake lead-in comment XD

      • Heather

        Lol and now the comment is gone and mine looks weird haha

      • Alicia

        I love Matt as the new Dr. Who. But perhaps I’m a little too swayed by the fact I think a man under 60 wearing a bowtie and pulling it off is just about the sexist thing EVER.


      Oh no, Sarah Jane was (is) my favourite companion ever :D

      • SueN

        Me too! I watched her back when I was in grade school with Tom Baker and thought she was ubercool, being a investigative journalist.

    • sigtot

      DR DONNA is the worst idea in the history of Dr Who.

      • Kathy

        Yeah, my least favorite companion, also. I liked Amy with Matt…nice chemistry.

      • carlie

        uhm, donna was relli good in one ep. there was a rock monsterand she went’ u thought a rock monster off with a water pistol’ doc said ‘yh’ donna ‘ I BLUDY LOVE U!!’ lol

    • tina from texas

      I liked it also. I think that Karen Gillan is super hot. I hope that the next shows are equally as good and the special effects are believable.

    • jmo

      I’ve DVR’d it so no comment on the new companion. I just had to say how much I loved the exchange between Donna and the Doctor, “I just want a mate,” “you want to MATE!”…. That and when Donna calls the doctor “pretty boy”. I love Catherine Tate.

      • Carla in Houston

        Agreed! I began that season thinking I was not going to like the Doctor/Donna team, but it ended up being my favorite doctor/companion duo of the new season so far.

      • Jean

        Actually, she calls him ‘Space Man’, it’s River Song who calls him “Pretty Boy”

      • Dustybear

        I find it amusing when someone talks about the chemistry between Dr & Amy. WHAT CHEMISTRY?

        Now Rory & Amy? What is up with that? Chemistry? FLAT-LINE is more like it.

        THE WEIRD THING? Dr & Rory have chemistry to the point I can feel the hairs on my arms standing up.

        But of course, we can’t go there.
        I love the character of Rory. He is a HOOT. Arthur Darvill is fantastic as this kooky dude. Although having two kooks might be a bit…wait. The Dr & Donna. Ok. Not so nuts after all. LOL.

    • Yelhsa

      Agreed! I liked everything except the new sonic screwdriver! Green!? Why!? That was too much change especially with the changes inside the TARDIS. Was hesitant before, but I think I will really enjoy this Doctor! I will miss the”best hair ever” though!

      • Coyote

        I’m surprised he didn’t adopt The Master’s laser screwdriver (“Who’d have sonic?”); it seemed more powerful.

    • jp

      Doctor Donna, you will be missed…that said, I dig Eleven way more than I expected.

    • curtB

      Matt is channeling David Tennant! His every movement and way with a sentence is an imitation of Tennent’s Doctor. This could be due to the new production team or the actor’s choice. In any case it works for me. It’s almost like David’s Doctor never regenerated! He even looks a bit like David. And Amy seems to be a red-headed? version of Billie Piper’s Rose. But the bride to be aspect seems a retread of Donna’s story..

      I’m quite pleased with the transition so far!

      • Glen

        That’s a really weird observation, given that my whole household and myself really did not like DT’s Doctor, but absolutely LOVE Matt Smith’s doctor….

        I would have to disagree with you on this I think.

    • Dustybear

      I too LOVE Matt Smith as Doctor Who, but do find Amy more than a bit annoying & yes, the piny # defintely gets tiresome. I would have MUCH preferred Catherine Tate to continue or even bring Elizabeth Sladen back. More REAL COMPANION & LESS whiny piny want him/can’t have him juvenile nonsense. MORE GROWN-UPS please.


    • Dustybear


    • cheryl rosecrans

      Well it has been a year and the new season has started. Amy has made a great companion. She is like the more mature sister to a brilliant but adhd brother.Having Rory along keeps her grounded

  • AnaB

    Sleazak loves Doctor Who??? *jaw drops* I officially love you right now!

    Matt Smith is simply INCREDIBLE as the new Doctor! He’s dorky, goofy looking and he has captured the essence of the character in the most perfect way imaginable…

    My Doctor will always be David Tennant… but I just can’t help but to love Matt Smith as well!
    Absolutely loved it! =D

    • darclyte

      Between this, Idolatry, and Realite, Slezak has permanently made himself my favorite EW staffer. I’m also very glad to see ew.com coverage of this great series. Although Matt had some bumps, by and large he appears to be a promising Doctor. Amy so far seems to have the makings of a great companion. I’m guessing since she was to be married the next day that she won’t be falling in love with the Doctor. I think because of her having felt that he’s let her down, twice (12 years, then 2 years) that she sees him more as a very quirky friend. And oh yes, bring on the “Weeping Angles.”

      • liz

        *Hear Hear* I was stoked to see Sleazak writing the re-caps for DW. There are only two TV shows I watch religiously: American Idol and Doctor Who. And now I can turn to Mr Sleazak for excellent commentary on both?!? Yay! Thanks Michael. We really should meet for lunch someday ;)

    • Carla in Houston

      to AnaB: I’m with you 100%. Tennant will always be my doctor, and I was crushed when I found out he was leaving. But Matt’s doctor is different enough that I’m not comparing the two, and if this first episode is any indication, I think I’m going to really enjoy the 11th doctor. Amy seems likeable also, but I am hoping they skip the “companion in love with the doctor” stuff this season. I think that’s one reason I enjoyed Donna so much – she had her own mind and she wasn’t pining for the doctor. Great start to this season!

      • Kathy

        From what I’ve read, Karen said that indeed, these two will be MORE flirty and involved than ever. Which is fine by me…Donna was not my favorite at all!

  • Rion

    Why are you raving about Catherine Tate? Tennant’s most popular companion was Billie Piper.

    • Megs

      Most popular according to whom? I was a big fan of all 3.

      • Henry

        I like all three, but I thought Rose shifted between light comedy and softer emotions the best. Martha tried for something too similar and didn’t do it as well.

    • znachki

      Sorry – not everyone loved Rose. I personally have her on the bottom of the list of new companions. Detested the whole love story. Tate was my favorite.

      • Heather

        Oh thank goodness – I’m not the only one who really didn’t like Rose! :) Martha and Donna tie for my favorite. Amy’s pretty good so far too.

      • curtB

        Rose #1
        Donna #2 with
        Martha right behind her in a close #3. Sarah Jane would be my 2nd choice of all the earlier companions (I cant recall the name of the best of the older gals for certain but her brain was almost transplanted into a fish-persons body in the Trial of a Timelord storyline if you want to remind me ;) ( I think her name might have been Peri)

  • bedc01

    “Not me, brand new face :-O …first time on” loved it…

    • bedc01

      And Rose was the best, however I think I will like Amy Pond too

  • AM

    I definitely enjoyed the season premiere and think I am going to like Matt Smith as the Doctor. However, David Tennant will always remain my first true love. I cannot move past him just yet.

    • Lois

      I know what you mean. I like Matt Smith as The Doctor, but David Tennant will always be “my Doctor.”

      • Shay

        You will always have a soft spot for your first Doctor. I loved Tennant, and I love Matt, but Eccleston will always have my heart.

      • ID

        Oy, I totally agree with Shay. Christopher Eccleston is still my first love. I was so sad to see him go and it took a couple episodes with Tenannt before I grew to love him as well.

        I read that John Barrowman called CE too intense on set and preferred working and socializing with Tennant. But CE’s intensity definitely payed off. He made you care. It made sense that Rose would be in love with that doctor — and his next incarnation. Martha didn’t have a man in her life when she met the doctor, so it also makes sense that she would fall in love with him.

        So… I haven’t seen the new doctor yet but I am sure I will love it!

  • joesmom

    Never thought anyone could be as good as Tennant but I was pleasantly surprised. The new Doctor is terrific! I also liked Amy but I hope she doesn’t degenerate into a Martha-type, so madly in love with the Doctor. Yecch. Just get back to what makes “Who” so great, and that’s the good friendships the Doctor has with the companions. Cheers Doctor!

    • Jennifer

      Yeah, that’s what I loved the most about Donna, that she thought of the Doctor as a friend and wasn’t pining for him. Heck, even Rose at first was like that, and I liked her all the better in the beginning for that very reason.

      • Dustybear

        Absolutely. Strong women who have a MIND and not just an overactive libido are FAR more what the Doctor needs. Not these retreaded pinies.
        I do like Billie Piper, but liked her more in the beginning and after the split-dimension thingy.
        BEST: Elizabeth Sladen & Catherine Tate.

  • Laura

    While I’m still mourning the loss of the brilliant David Tennant (and Catherine Tate too), this episode was surprisingly good – although, Stephen Moffat wrote the best episodes of the new revived show, so maybe I shouldn’t be so surprised that he wrote another great one! I think it’s a great twist for the Doctor to have a companion who’s been waiting and dreaming of traveling with him for 14 years, ever since she was a little girl. I had serious doubts about Matt Smith, but he too was much better than I expected. I still don’t think anyone will ever be able to surpass Tennant’s brilliant acting and Shakespearean-level commitment to the reality of each crazy new situation. Still, Smith’s enthusiasm and confidence are filling me with hope. And yes, totally excited for the Blink angels again!

  • Heather

    i loved the first episode, and how they managed to fit in a backstory for Amy, an introduction for the new doctor, and a way for the doctor to save the world all in one hour.

    it may take a few episodes before i’m convinced that matt isn’t simply parroting the tennant has already done, but I do like him and Amy. I hope they have the same sort of dynamic that Tennant and Donna had.

  • bedc01

    My first doctor was Tom Baker back in the late 70s when I was a very young child. But I connected back with the show with the first Doctor Who of the new millenium. And although he doesn’t get much love, I really enjoyed christopher Eccleston as the Doctor, I thought he was great, although Tennant was perfect too and I am on board with matt smith.. can’t get enough of this series

    • Megs

      Chris E. was really great as the Doctor. I did enjoy his one series run.

    • annie

      Eccleston was my favorite Doctor. His chemistry with Rose was right on. I also found him very sexy. Tennant was good, but a bit impish for me.

      • Shana

        Eccleston left just as he and the show itself were hitting their stride. I felt he wasn’t exactly sure what to do with the role until he had Jack to play off of. Everything after “The Empty Child” were great in the first season.

        And I loved Tennant. He was the reason I started watching the show. I saw him in “The Pillowman” and fell in love. But towards the end, he was getting fairly one note. Though I blame Russell T. Davies more than Tennat.

      • Joy

        You just nailed the slight irritation that I had with the Tennant portrayal. I think the more befuddled but sweet Matt Smith fits my image of the doctor, which was first shaped by the amazing Tom Baker. I think this incarnation is really a great one, I’m going to love watching.

    • Melinda65

      I loved Christopher Eccleston! It took me a long time to warm up to Tennant because I loved Eccleston’s Doctor so much, although now I’m a huge Tennant fan. But I found Matt Smith very credible and likable as the Doctor, and am looking forward to watching him and Amy Pond explore the universe.


      Jon Pertwee was “my” Doctor although I vaguely remember the one before him. David Tennant is my favourite though, followed by Chris Eccleston who was tremendous. I’m not sure yet about this new Doctor or companion. I definitely don’t like the new improved TARDIS. As much as they tried to make it quirky (with the old typewriter), it looks too shiny and new.

      • Randy B

        I actually thought the new TARDIS looked more like the one in the original show, I have been watching the Dr. since I was in my early teens ( LONG time ago) and have found this newest Dr. to be closer to the original ones. I felt Eccelston was getting a little too “dark’ and had lost the Drs lust for life and was never really fond of tTenant’s Dr. too much runnning and self absorbed quirkyness. As for the conpanions, none will ever replace Sarah jane, smart, interesting, not in love with the Dr to the point she cannot think for herself. I never liked Dr. Donna I felt it was an insult to the companions by trying to make her the Drs equal when all the other companions were his equal and a bit more they reflected his humanity she clouded it

    • Carla in Houston

      Eccleston should get much love for bringing the doctor to life in the new millineum. He wasn’t my first doctor, but I became a fan of the show because of him. We needed a doctor who could bring in new fans in addition to pleasing classic Who fans, and Eccleston delivered. Tennant will always be my doctor, but Eccleston gave me my love for the show.

      • girlie

        thank you Chris, thank you David, NO THANK YOU MATT! im done!!! silly, silly, silly.

  • Mikey M

    Thank you so much for covering this show which usually doesn’t get mentioned too much on any American Websites.
    Please keep it up.

    • Henry


    • Marta


      • jp


  • lv2bliberal

    We were expecting to completely hate it, Tennant absolutely being “our doctor” but found it amusing and Matt Smith quite a bit more likable than we thought possible.

  • Shelby Coman

    I thought the beginning was a bit goofy and over-acted, but that was gone by the end. I think I’m going to like the new Doctor. And Amy seems to be a good mix of Rose (seems to be in love with him already) and Donna (headstrong) without being as annoying as Donna was. It was so much as I ahted that companion as it was Catherine Tate’s acting is too shrill for me.

    • Shelby Coman

      Sorry… it “wasn’t” so much as I “hated”… my computer absolutely hates this website. I only have problems typing here!!!

      • curtB

        Her character was excellent! Donna was a totally different companion than any other ever before. she was supposed to be abrasive. Her grandfather was even better in the finale. Nice to know when I’m eighty the Doctor might pick me to join him on the Tardis! . . . . .

        Best moment of the series: all the companions piloting the tardis towing the earth back into orbit in the season 4 finale! What was your best moment?

    • lv2bliberal

      Agree. Donna made season four nearly unwatchable for me.

      • Garry

        Catherine Tate was WONDERFUl as Donna! How anyone could dislike that character is beyond me. She was one of the best companions ever. So there!

      • Lois

        Donna was an amazing companion!

      • Shana

        I think Season 4 made Season 4.. not unbearable, but much less enjoyable for me. The episodes just weren’t as strong as they could have been. Donna and the Doctor had a terrific relationship and great chemistry, but the ‘adventures’ were off.

      • Maggie

        Donna was my favorite companion.

      • sigtot


      • jp

        I hated her on “The Runaway Bride.” But from “Partners in Crime” on, she became my absolute favorite companion ever. She was multi-dimentional,witty, and human. And I love that FINALLY a woman older than the age of 30 was the companion.
        Guess we’re back to square 1 (age-wise) with Amy, but at least she’s sassy. :)

    • Lotta

      I love Catherine Tate, in the Catherine Tate Show, and also in the brilliant skit she does with David Tennant (Bite me alien boy). In Series 4 I found her horrendous. Sad as it is to say, you are spot one, she was shrill. She also didn’t bring out the best from the Doctor. I found Tennant’s performances unconnected as a result. They just didn’t gel for me. When Tennant’s Doctor said at the end of S04 “I’m going to die” I thought I was going to die, of a broken heart. Matt Smith has reignited my passion for the Doctor, and I’m grateful to him for that. He’s awesome. I like Amy too. I want to be her. That is a good sigh.

      • Lotta

        That is a good sign I meant to say. :)

      • Rich

        Amazingly, I feel the exact opposite. I hated her in the Catherine Tate Show. I don’t like that British fascination with recurring characters on skit shows. With that said, I loved her as Donna on Who. She brought a level of equality to the doctor in terms of maturity that none of the other companions (all of whom I loved for their own reasons) did.

  • Linda P

    Actually, I liked the little girl Amy better than the grown up version. Or Amy’s boyfriend. Either would make a fine companion, but the grown-up Amy was meh.

    • LScribbles

      That’s funny, during the whole beginning part I was thinking, “It’s too bad she going to get older because I think I would like watching the Doctor travel with a feisty little girl.”

    • Dustybear


  • therealeverton

    Wow, I am genuinely amazed to find so many people who like this. The 3 episodes we’ve had so far have been poorly written and the directors seem to think having Smith shout makes high drama.

    Also a kiss-a-gram in a short skirt does not a children’s role model make.

    Comic book guy says; “Worst Dalek story, Evedr!”

    • anonymous

      Slezak’s only referring to the first one so far – the only one that has aired in America. Personally, I didn’t think it (the season opener) was perfect, but I did enjoy it.

      • Henry

        The show is not just for kids. If we can put up with some of the heavy handed moral endings and over the top theatrics put in there for kids, they can endure a kiss-o-gram. It’s not exactly a prostitute.

    • therealeverton

      I never said it was JUST for kids, although its primary focus and reason to exist has always been as a programme for kids that adults can enjoy. As such her “job” is relevant and poor. It does nothing to raise her above the “eye candy and person the doctor explains everything to so we can understand what’s going on”. Also whilst there are worse careers out there I have no desire for either of my girls to be Kiss-a-grams thank you very much. Moreover my eldest, 10 year old, said midway through ep 3 (the cool seeming but ridiculously written, Spitfire scene), “who writes this rubbish?” Honestly from an, admittedly clever, 10 year old that’s pretty damning. Oh and she’s a huge 21st C Dr. Who fan?

      I’m referring to the other 2 episodes, (yes I’m well aware that this article refers to the 1st episode it’s pretty clear), because it shows that the standard of writing has not yet improved on the first episode. The first episode was pretty poor plot wise, although there were some good lines and flashes of intelligence but it was amongst the weakest of the 21st century Dr. Who series. So far it has not improved.

      Of course none of that means it can’t be entertaining but it just aint working for me or those around me.

    • Emma Richmond

      I’m with you. I really tried to be open minded but I’m not impressed with the series 5. I couldn’t even watch the opening titles without cringing. Pond’s occupation is just unnecessary in a family show. Smith is better than I expected and his acting was fantastic, sure, but I couldn’t warm to either character and the story was a bit, familiar. Eg. Smith & jones – escaped prisoner with authorities threatening to wipe out hospital.
      Anyway, like everyone else, I want to be able to enjoy Dr Who, but right now I can’t do that without screwing up my nose.

    • Mark in FL

      The second episode “The Beast Below” is great, better than the premiere bu the third episode, “Victory of the Daleks”, is a devastating collapse in story-writing. It is absolutely the worst Dalek episode in the history of Dr. Who and one of the worst episodes ever. On the plus side, Karen Gillian shows a lot of leg in the 3rd episode, so that’s something. The Weeping Angels appear in the 4th episode, can’t wait! I’m enjoying Matt Smith and Karen Gillian a lot (the 3rd episode stinks because of the script, written by somebody named Matt Glass, I think).

      • Video Beagle

        Having seen the 3, I’m rather enjoying it. I liked Victory of the Daleks..felt rather old school to me.

        Go go Power Daleks!

      • Heather

        “Victory of the Daleks” was written by Mark Gatiss. And it was really bad for a Dalek episode. :( But “The Beast Below” was excellent.

        @Video Beagle: “Daleks: taste the rainbow.” lol

      • maggie

        “The Beast Below” rips off the pilot episode from “Star Trek: The Next Generation” which I think is called “Encounter at Farpoint.”

      • Kate

        Mark Gatiss. Mark Gatiss. MARK GATISS. He’s only been writing Who stories for twenty years, that’s all. Big Finish stories, novels and then started his run on televised who with The Unquiet Dead.

        …Wow, I’ve just hit a Nerdvana. Scolding someone on the internet about a writer for Doctor Who. *facepalm* I’ll agree it wasn’t the best Dalek story ever (That still goes to Genesis Of) but it was CERTAINLY better than anything we got in the RTD era.

      • Heather

        I didn’t find it better than any of the Dalek episodes under RTD, but to each their own.

    • curtB

      Not a good dalek story in ep3. you are right. But Churchill and the robot and amy and everything else was very interesting if a bit improbable. I just watched it and enjoyed it. I hear the best episodes are yet to come which is good as these have been fun but not great this new series. A good start though!

  • Bethe

    I wasn’t expecting to like Matt Smith, I was sure that nobody could replace Tennant in my heart of hearts. I was wrong. He hasn’t fully replaced Tennant, but he has forced him to push over and make some room.

    As for Amy/Amelia…I liked her very much. I wasn’t much of a fan of Catherine Tate (the yelling and shrieking drove me batty), but when she wasn’t hollering, she was somewhat likable, however,none of his companions have taken Rose’s place for me. Ever. *sniff*

    All in all, I was beyond pleased with this latest regeneration, and I have to say that I think Mr. Smith may be just what it takes to fill the gaping hole that Tennant left behind.

    • Whofan

      Lets face it David Tennant was a dish and had the best eyes in the world. That is what you are missing him. Matt is not quite there on the looks but I thought a great new doctor. I have watched Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, Peter Davidson, Christopher Eccelston and Tennant and they all add their own to the part. The whole point of Doctor Who is that he changes. Enjoy each Doctor for who THEY are. Not what use to be.

      • Joy


      • therealeverton

        You can only do that if they are actually good. So far Matt Smith is not very good, although he could be siffering from the decline in writing quality.

      • Maggie

        I think Matt Smith is doing the best he can with the poor scripts. I hope the writing gets better.

      • Kate

        Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU.

      • Melissa

        That’s the problem though. I feel very much that Matt Smith is channeling David Tennant in his mannerisms, the clothes, and even his voice and overall look resembles Tennant’s. All that makes it hard to see a new Doctor with a whole new set of attributes to be enjoyed and discovered all over again. The change over between Christopher Eccelston to David Tennant was more substantial and therefore almost easier to take because you weren’t constantly being directly reminded of all the things you really loved about Eccelston’s Doctor and you could concentrate on all of the different things Tennant was bringing to the table. I am hopeful, however, that Smith will be able to find his own Doctor and bring him to life.

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