'SNL' in the 2000s: Which sketches did you love reliving? Wah-wah....

Last night’s Saturday Night Live special “SNL in the 2000s” brought back a bunch of fun memories, pop-culture awareness, real-culture awareness (a real coup for me on a Thursday night), proof of Horatio Sanz before he became a supermodel, etc. The best part of the two-hour retrospective for me was the segment recalling “Debbie Downer at Disney World.” After the jump, relive the giggle fest before Mad Cow Disease ravages your brain.

I love those few seconds as Rachel Dratch mentally prepares to deliver the line “I can’t have children!” knowing she’s just gonna just laugh right through it. According to Dratch (WE MISS YOU), Jimmy Fallon and Horatio Sanz were the only ones cracking up during rehearsal, so she naturally worried that they would ruin the sketch. Instead, everyone cracked up and ruined the sketch together — and, as a general rule in life, when everyone is laughing, nothing is ruined at all.

I feel somewhat weak-willed this morning and must admit I start laughing a few seconds in when Kenan Thompson’s waiter’s name was Billiam. I hope he and Tamela from Strangers With Candy somehow got together. Seems like she would’ve been pretty into Disney.

Which sketches did you love reliving during the SNL special? My runner-up was Christopher Walken’s “Colonel Angus.” Fun fact: Walken said it was mostly women who have approached him about that sketch. Not in a harrass-y way. Well, maybe.

Sidenote: Those green-screen backgrounds behind the interviewees during the special were INSANE.

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  • Richard

    what in the heck happened to community, parks, the office and 30 rock? are they getting a full season this year?

    • California

      I think they are doing repeats to hold off on showing the last four episodes until May sweeps. I totally agree though, I get all excited it’s Thursday and then the new shows aren’t even on :( I did finally remember that yes Bones is on Thursdays and the reason why I don’t see it on CBS is because it’s a FOX tv show, hello!! lol I’m blonde.

    • A.J. Simon

      I agree, it doesn’t feel like much. This retrospective on SNL shows that it was a decent decade, but the best still has to be the 90s with Phil Hartman, Chris Farley, then the early years (70s), then the 80s, with this past decade being the least entertaining. And while Tina Fey loves to bolster the role of women on the show – this show clearly showed that the most memorable skits came from the men. The reason the Sarah Palin skits were funny was because Palin herself was a joke, Tina really did not add all too much – it was gold material no matter what. Andy Samberg’s shorts are what will get laughs years from now. Kirsten Wiig is a one-skit wonder (awkward lady) and overused. Gilly has to be one of the least funny characters in the show’s history. Maya Rudolph did nothing of note either. That group of women were decent but not as great as they are made to seem, just better press coverage. And no one tops Norm McDonald for Weekend Update – Jimmy Fallon was AWFUL.

      • mel

        It didn’t show that “the most memorable skits came from men.”

      • LOL

        Great show last night. The original Debbie Downer skit is one of the best in SNL history.

      • Yes

        So AJ, sexist much? Amy Poehler & Tina Fey were 2 of the best ever.

      • bhm1304

        The two funniest women – ever – in this cast were Jane Curtain and the late great Gilda Radner, period. Tina Fey is overexposed and unjustifiably given great credentials for doing nothing of note except looking like an idiot who ran for vp.

      • erin

        NORM MACDONALD the best Update????
        Yeesh, I think your funny is broken (along with your ability to not be a chauvinist ass).

      • Abby

        I’m female, and I think Dennis Miller was the funniest “Update” anchor. I always thought Tina Fey was a bit overrated. The Phil Hartman, Dana Carvey, Chris Farley years were the best.

    • Pennyforyourthoughts

      I know that parks, office and community will, I don’t know about 30 rock since I don’t watch it that much, but the other three will.

  • Lauren

    I loved the “Wake up Wakefield” sketches. Those were my favorite for a long time. Maya Rudolph was great as a teen who was in love with Jimmy Fallon. And they didn’t show it last night but Rachel Dratch was always great as her male teen co-host.

    • Lemon

      Oh my God, I loved seeing “Wake Up Wakefield” again. I giggled madly through the entire portion they showed! Rudolph and Dratch were so great.

    • Gwen

      Loved Rachel as “Sheldon”!!

  • Loranat

    While it was funny – I felt the point of the show was ‘Remember when we used to be funny – please don’t stop watching us – we may be funny again’

    • Allison

      Agreed. The whole vibe just seemed to be, “Look how awesome we were. Really. We were awesome.”

    • Brian

      They’ve made these specials for the 1980s and 1990s too, so your theory that this was a reminder that the show “used to be” funny is bunk. When, exactly, were they “not funny” if a special on SNL from 2000 – 2010 reminds you of when they were? They were funny from 2000 to 2010? But “now” they’re not? People hating on SNL are so boring. Seriously, find something new to say.

  • Colin

    the first half of this decade had some fantastic moments. It’s the latter half that started to drag.

  • Strepsi

    I will never forget when i first saw Rachel Dratch, playing Myxylplyk the horned love child of Angelina Jolie and her brother — I jumped up and went “WTF IS THAT”?!

    Also: in the sketch above, when you see Jimmy Fallon together with Lindsay Lohan, you think “Yeah, he totally hit that.”

  • meepos

    Loranat –

    SNL is notorious for doing retrospectives for many reasons; decade, cast member, host, etc. This wasn’t the first time they walked us down memory lane. Everyone thinks SNL “was way better when (insert funny person’s name here) was on.” It will remain that way until the show goes off the air. Until then, SNL will continue to put out “Best Of” compilations.

    • A.J. Simon

      I doubt anyone thinks this recent decade was anything special – overhyped. The 90s and the original cast still stand out. The best skits from this generation come from Andy Samberg. Kirsten Wiig is TERRIBLE

      • S.O.

        Bill Hader & Jason Sudeikis (besides Andy Samberg) are my favorites.

      • Johnification

        Funny, because DURING the early ’90s everyone thought the show was DOA, that Sandler, Spade, Rock, et al weren’t funny at all, and that’s what prompted Lorne to FIRE EVERYONE (except Norm MacDonald) and hire a new cast for the ’95 season (Ferrell, Shannon, Oteri, Kattan, Hammond, etc).

    • S.O.

      As they also did a retrospective on the 80s & 90s too months ago.

  • Bobby’s Robot

    “Debbie Downer at Disney World” makes me laugh out loud every time.

  • Alan of Montreal

    Annie, you’re right about Horatio Sanz’s supermodel transformation. I kept waiting for him to come back on so I could look at him again! He was also one of the more articulate and thoughtful commentators in the special, which surprised me given the frat-boy style characters he used to play on SNL.

    • Lemon

      I thought that most of the commentary was rather thoughtful and articulate actually! You’re right; it was kind of surprising, but I really appreciated everyone’s insight.

    • tee

      For your INFORMATION, it’s a half-eaten TACO in my TERCE-EL.

      • Brian


    • Pam Beesly

      I couldn’t believe it was him at first. He looks great…he’s actually quite attractive now. (Never thought I would say that haha)

  • cub

    i cried laughing when i saw that DD live the first time and i’ve youtube’d it at least 10 times since to show others. i tear up every time.

  • kt

    I loved the Debbie Downer sketch. I also really loved the Jimmy Fallon/Mick Jagger sketch. His Jagger impression is just SO spot on. And of course, anything with Will Ferrell as W. is always welcome. Strategery gets me every time. lol

    • JD

      I agree! My husband and I use the word strategery quite often in conversation and it always cracks us up!

  • Lemon

    I loved reminiscing through those two hours. To me, the post-Tina Fey years haven’t been that great (save for the digital shorts, I totally admit) and similarly, when last night’s show moved past 2006 or so, I kind of zoned out until the 2008 election coverage.

  • LoveMeSomeTV

    I too weep when I watch that Debbie Downer sketch. My favorite part is after everyone has started laughing and she is winding up with, “It’s official..” and Jimmy Fallon turns to look at her and she just loses it. It was great because you expect it from Jimmy and Horatio but poor Rachel Dratch had to go through with that sketch. Probably one of my favorite sketches ever on SNL. I also liked the story about Jon Hamm coming up with a James Mason impression (which was perfect) the day of the show. I love him so so much.

    • Zoe

      Not only the day of the show, but literally between dress rehearsal and 11:30 p.m.! I can see why the folks at SNL loved Jon Hamm so much. Quite talented.

  • Shannon S.

    Yeah, I really forgot how many great skits they’ve had over the last 10 years. The Sarah Palin ones are obvious…but I had forgotten about ones like the “Rock of Love” parody. If you watched that VH1 show, you were rolling on the ground laughing at Tina Fey’s impression of Daisy. And I loved the comment when one of girls tried to look under Bret Michael’s bandana at his often-ridiculed hair: “Trust me, you don’t want to look under there.”

    • Eva

      Was that the one where Amy Poehler played the one-legged, white trash chick?

  • Laura

    Loved seeing again the very pregnant Amy Poehler in the white trash bar scene with Josh Brolin.. so uncomfortably funny!!

  • jen

    Annie…thank you for posting this. I actually have to go blow my nose, I was crying so hard throughout that sketch. Too funny. My fave part was the “meow meow” effect for the feline aids comment.

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