'Ugly Betty' Bites: The show's brilliant last 18 one-liners from its series finale, 'Hello Goodbye'!

ugly-bettyImage Credit: ABCI already wrote about about why Ugly Betty mattered so much to me, so I won’t get too sappy here in my last Ugly Betty Bites entry ever. But before I offer up the last digest of genius quips from the show, I will say that the finale last night was a nice little button for the series. A super-sweet end to a super-sweet series!

Sure, you could get critical of the fact that everyone ended up with a happily ever after. But why shouldn’t they? Personally, I’m happy to see all of my favorite characters end their run on television happy. Betty landed in London with her new job and even ran into Daniel, who relinquished his job at Mode. The former assistant even jokingly offering him a job as her assistant. (Oh, how the tables turned!) Hilda and Bobby got their happily ever after with a beautiful wedding and place in Manhattan. Justin continued to be happily out with his too cute relationship with Austin. Marc, rather unexpectedly, seemed to “rekindle” things with Troy and take on more responsibility at Mode. Amanda got over Halston’s death and found her long-lost father. Wilhelmina softened, reconnected with Connor, and landed as the sole editor in chief of Mode. Claire seemed to bury the hatchet with Wilhelmina and end the family drama between Daniel and Tyler.

Overall, I think the beauty of the hour was how it echoed the series’ pilot. Didn’t you get the feeling that, yet again, Betty had a new lease on life? That she was taking the next step toward pursuing her dreams by going to London? That she was once again broadening her horizons? I cried when Betty got into the car for the airport and said goodbye to her family. But it felt like, over the four seasons, we’d watched Betty grow up and it only made sense for her to move on. How fitting.

Also fitting, of course, were the tons of good lines served up. Here, enjoy my last round-up of the juicy, funny, bitchy, super-smart quips from the last episode of Ugly Betty ever:

“Wilhelmina Slater is still unconscious after a mysterious shooting at the Mode offices. And that bullet must have been filled with beauty powder because she looks ravishing!” —Suzuki St. Pierre, reporting on the news that Willy was shot

“Her long-time nemesis Claire Meade was the sole witness. She claims the shooting was an accident, which has fashionistas everywhere straining to raise their eyebrows.” —Suzuki St. Pierre, adding a little flourish to his reports about Willy being shot and in a coma

“B, how can you move to London? Won’t you miss all the kidnapping, shooting, and murder at Mode?” —Justin, to his Aunt Betty

“We are going to spice you up so much you’re going to forget you’re white!” —Hilda, to Justin’s boyfriend Austin

“You know, I think this is the best conversation we’ve ever had!” —Marc, after having a one-sided conversation with Willy, who was in a coma at the time

“We are a food-free household! And you need to lose some weight, so it’s really a win-win.” —Amanda, after its revealed that instead of keeping food in the apartment’s freezer, she’s keeping the body of her dead dog Halston

“Now flap those bat wings of yours and get out!” —Wilhelmina, after Claire comes to talk to her in the hospital

“You know I steal when I get upset!” —Amanda, to Marc, who’s caught her filling up a bag with shoes from Mode, where she no longer works

“Hey Amanda. Wow, I actually see you more now than when you actually worked here.” —Betty, upon encountering Amanda in the Mode fashion closet

“Betty, I can’t live without you.” —Daniel, trying to come to terms with his feelings for Betty, after she gave her notice at Mode

“Who shot the diabolical diva? And what piece of gorgeous piece of couture did they blast a hole through?” —Suzuki St. Pierre, pontificating about the Willy shooting mystery just before the diva is set to make a statement about what happened

“As you can imagine, work really piles up when you’re in a coma.” —Willy, at the beginning of her press conference to talk about what happened when she got shot

“Aunt Betty, you are all about risk! You took a job at Mode magazine. You showed up your first day in a poncho. That reeked of disaster.” —Justin, convincing his Aunt Betty that she’s making the right decision by taking the job in London

“Oh, what do you know? You’re recently hatched from the gay egg. You still have a lot to learn about relationships.” —Marc, to Justin, who’s trying to convince Marc to rekindle things with his old “boyfriend” Troy

“Look out, skinny bitches! I don’t care who sits here. This big orange donut will always be mine! And Halston’s…” —Amanda, standing on her iconic, old receptionist’s desk during Halston and Betty’s goodbye party

“I never thought I’d say this, but you’ve got big balls, Betty Suarez.” —Willy, upon finding out that Betty is leaving Mode for a new job in London

“It was the ’80s. Studio 54. I got so blitzed out of my mind I thought Fey was Andy Warhol.” —Spencer, after revealing that he slept with Fey Sommers, meaning that he’s Amanda’s father

“Hey, if you’re looking for something to do, I am looking for a new assistant.” —Betty, after encountering Daniel in London upon her arrival there

Ugly Betty fans, which sound bites did I miss? Which was your favorite? What’d you think of the finale?

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  • Alex

    Loved the finale. I think it was a perfect way to end such a heartwarming and funny series. I’m also glad they left the Betty and Daniel issue open.

    • jmo

      Agreed. It wasn’t hokey or anything. Well done.

      • snarkle

        From Mark to Willy: “You’re make-up is still flawless, bur you’re in a COMA. LOL

      • snarkle


    • Mells

      Perfect ending for this sweet show – Betty drops the ‘ugly’ and is at the start of a wonderful and successful new career. I also liked that the Betty-Daniel item was left open. That was truly the best way to handle it and keep both the shippers and non-shippers happy at the same time. Brilliant!

      • paige

        anybody else but me left a blubbering mess? I cried about 5x in this episode- which was actually a fantastic finale! Willy gets Mode, Mark gets promoted, Justin gets manhattan, and we all get excellent performances all around- especially from Eric Mabius- who sold me completely about his questioning feelings for his best friend. I was a very vocal detractor of the series delving so late into building a relationship for these 2 but last nights episode handled it PERFECTLY. What an optimistic ending. What a show! also- didnt Betty look fantastic in that outfit she wore when daniel signed her release? Or maybe i was seeing to eyes full of tears

      • Caesar Atlanta

        Yes I started to cry half way through the show. It was mixed emotions, happy they were all happy and unhappy that it was the end. What a great show, what a great ending…I will miss it.

      • miss k

        I cried as well. I feel like crying now still. I will always always remember this show and what it stood for. Bye Betty, you will be greatly missed.

    • ChristineOH

      Couldn’t agree more. It was perfect. I’m glad it was able to go out with such a great final season.

    • Annie

      Yes, agreed. I was worried they would push the whole Daniel-Betty thing too much. This is just how it should’ve ended, just too soon. I’ll miss this show!

      • Sarah

        I’m really going to miss ‘Ugly Betty’. The finale was pitch perfect.

    • Alan

      I agree. They did it perfect. They made it about her moving on and starting a new adventure. Yet they didn’t totally close the door a possible Daniel romance. It seemed to me like she was so excited about her new life she wouldn’t really be interested in a relationship, but I’m so glad they left that part open-ended.

      • Sydney

        I totally agree!! It was realistic but still hopeful for all those who want Daniel and Betty to go for it. Perfect perfect ending. The happy endings were so deserving, even for Willy. I will miss you Betty!

  • Allison

    I didn’t even watch the series from the beginning, and I teared up a bit while watching this episode.

    • Emma

      Me too. Intermittedly, a few eps here and there. I’m glad they didn’t kiss at the end. Would have ruined it.

      • mari

        I know, they left it open. Sure he had feelings for her and he just realized it but she is not aware of it or may not return it (yet). i was afraid that they were going to follow the telenovela and marry them off. i’m glad they didn’t do that. that ending, for daniel and betty, is more realistic.

      • nori ruoy

        And how about the book Wilhemina was reading in the hospital,’Better Healing Through Anger’???? LOL

  • Brin Londo

    Such a very sweet, poignant ending. Do wish they’d focused a little more La Familia Suarez, with Betty saying bye to Justin and Hilda right before Papi, instead of Austin and Bobby. And I wish the last word of the series hadn’t been “resume.” And a little more wicked Willie would have been nice. But oh boy did I get weepy. It’s such a loss to have this show gone–a sad absence in our popular culture.

    • Soya Greene

      Loved when Betty tells Hilda she hasn’t told Daniel she’s leaving yet and Hilda says, “Well don’t you think he’ll notice when you stop showing up for work in 3 weeks?” RIP Betty! I’ll guess I’ll have to purchase the DVDs and wear them out now.

  • Alec

    The show was truly unique and was different from all the other medical drama’s and cop shows. I will greatly miss this show for what it resembled, family, work, success, being an underdog, accepting who you are and more. This dramedy will never, ever be forgotten. All I can look forward now is to see Ugly Betty on the big screen, hopefully. It would greatly compliment the superb finale.

  • becky

    i luved the part where Marc
    acts like he doesnt need n e more drama then turns and asks Betty wat her problem is. I lol’ed so hard

  • Jen

    ….I’ll miss you, Betty & friends.

  • chattypatra

    One of the best endings ever to a television series. Congratulations to the cast and crew; you did a fantastic job wrapping up the story! I will truly miss this show. Loved that at the end, the graphics went from Ugly Betty to simply “Betty”. That was perfect!



    • Penny

      I loved it when they took the Ugly off and just left Betty. That was cool.

  • Olivia

    I really hate that it’s over =( but I think the ending was fitting Betty spreading her wings achieving her goals in what she wanted to do, Daniel growing up working to get a good thing (Betty) and Willy getting editor and chief deservingly. Just wasn’t too happy w/ Mark’s cheesy ending they just tied his ending in a lit’ bow but I loved Mark he deserved more although I guess he’s creative director? I hope. Aww, I’m sad that the show is over. =(

  • dee kay cee

    I don’t think it’s over. I think that either another network might have picked it up or that a feature-length movie is in the works. They left way to many things open. Who is Willy spying on? Daniel and Betty are on the brink on a love affair, and the very end when it faded from “Ugly Betty” to simply “Betty”. I think they will tie up the story neatly in movie or on another network…hopefully CW…then they won’t run against any of my fave shows…maybe “Betty” is taking over “One Tree Hill’s” time slot…one can wish.

    • Maya

      Willie spying on no one, her scheme is to try and get conner out of Jail, and we got a full scene telling how it will be done when she went to visit him.
      sadly the show is canceled and will not be coming back. but a movie is a possibility.

    • crispy

      Sigh. The fact that she’s no longer “Ugly” should be a pretty big clue that this show is 100% done. Stop wishing. Get on with your life.

      • pre++y be++y

        crispy, do you ALWAYS have to be such an annoying bonehead?????

      • miss k

        crispy sucks the happiness out of everything on this website. I thought that was common knowledge.

    • ewww

      the story was tied up.

  • ubfan21


  • Jesse

    I’m very happy with the way UGLY BETTY – excuse me, just BETTY – ended. I’m thankful that the show learned from its mistakes over the years and went out on top of its game. America Ferrara has always been fantastic in the lead role, and I’m excited to see where she ends up next. Vanessa Williams was absolute perfection as Wilhelmina, and I hope she finds more roles to capitalize on her divatastic fabulousness.

    One of my favorite things about shows ending is having a whole new set of actors to follow, and, aside from America, I can’t wait to see where Becki Newton, Ana Ortiz, and Michael Urie end up next; they’re all really excellent performers, and I hope they land projects worthy of their talents.

    Goodbye, Betty. It was nice knowing you.

    • JayNYC

      Agreed — I am a HUGE fan of Becki, Ana and Michael after this. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of them.

  • Ashley

    @deekaycee I hate to burst your bubble but the show is done the cast members are already in new projects no other network is picking the show up because if they were it would have already happened. As for a movie I really doubt it we couldn’t even get organized enough to save the show it was cancelled because low raitings if there ever was a movie it would be a box office disaster. Let’s be real. I love this show so much but I’m starting to relize it’s over and i’ll admit I cried hard when I found out the show wasn’t coming back for season 5 and I cried tonight this show has inspired me so much and I honestly feel like a part of me has died on the inside I have never been this connected to anything and truthfully anyone. When I found this show season 1 I thought “omg someone I can
    connect with”. I loved how “Betty” was normal she
    wasn’t over glamorized she was a normal girl from queens who didn’t live up to the worlds standards of beauty but she had so much heart and nothing got her down. I was 16 when I started watching this show and it made me want to love myself it made me feel like I was valuable In a world that I just wanted to leave. I know it’s just a show but I feel like this show saved my life nothing has ever made me feel like I was capable of anything but when I watch Betty triumph I feel like I’m right there with her suddenly I’m not so worthless…nothing has
    ever gave me as much hope and will to live. I don’t mean to get cheesy but I want to pour my heart out and say how much the past four years have meant to me and how talented the cast is and thank you to Silvio Horta for writing such a fitting ending to a series ahead of it’s time. (please excuse the lack of structure in this whole mess I’ve written I’m typing this from an iPhone)

    • janascal

      ashley: i’m sure that Silvio and the rest of the creators would be very touched by your response. how this show really helped you to see more value in yourself and raised your self-esteem. don’t worry about the cheese factor! there is an ugly betty in all of us

  • caliban821

    As a loyal viewer from day 1, I think they ended things almost perfectly. That montage of Betty looking sophisticated, glamorous and empowered was wonderful. Being at Mode may not have been her dream path but it had a positive influence on her growth. The only flaw is I think they should have Mark run into his old boyfriend Cliff instead of getting back with Troy

  • xtine0476

    I loved when Wilhelmina Slater started doing the right thing, thats when suddenly, her dream of becoming Editor In Chief, lands on her lap with blessings from the Meade Family. (I love the Big Balls Comment)
    I loved they way they developed the relationship of Betty and Daniel and how they left it open. (The Daniel comment of Letting her Go, broke my heart :( ) And before the “I need you moment” How the scene was edited between conversations of Claire and Daniel and Betty and Mark, that was great.

    I just wished Papi got a better ending too.

    I’ll miss these characters and the lessons they bring.

    • cf

      Agree with everything, esp. about Papi. But what about Hilda’s salon? No mention of that. What’s she going to do in Manhattan?

      • seattleellen

        I agree – as you see I wrote below, I can’t imagine Hilda and Bobby in Manhattan. I definitely had the tears during the episode, but some mixed feelings about how they ended it.And what is Claire going to be doing?

    • seattleellen

      I agree – I wished there had been more with Papi &there was a part of me that didn’t want Betty to go to London-not sure why. I think because one of the aspects that I loved about the show was not only its heart, but the family dynamics. I can’t imagine Hilda & Bobby in Manhattan.I’m at least glad Daniel showed up in London, which we knew after he gave over his job to Willy. Funniest comments were from Suzuki, the reporter(remember when we found out he wasn’t gay & has a family in the burbs!

  • Brynna

    I know it’s silly, but I seriously just wanted a kiss between Betty and Daniel. I still loved the end and it was practically perfect, but this little voice in my head keeps saying, why bring up the whole thing and then not let it play out? In my head they live happily ever after though.

    • Maire

      i kinda agree with you. and it’s strange since i was against it for the longest time, but after seeing the way Daniel looked at her at Hilda’s wedding, i wanted it to happen.
      another thing that i wonder about was in London, when Gio told Betty that there was only one guy she ever really loved, well….who was it? i wanted Betty to figure out that she loved Daniel just like Daniel was beginning to realize his feelings, but that didn’t happen. which made things all the more easy for her to leave.
      i love how Betty left to go after her dreams (and the outfits she wore in London were so cute!), but I can’t help feeling like the Betty/Daniel thing didn’t have the resolution it deserved.Especially since it was the series finale. All the other cast members had great resolutions and i wish ABC hadn’t cancelled the show.
      so in my mind, i’ll have to create a happiliy ever after for them, but i really wanted to see it happen though.
      love the show, will miss it dearly.

      • Tiffany

        I agree with you 100%. Ever since they announced that Ugly Betty was going off the air, there have been hints that Daniel and Betty were gonna get together. I was completely against it because I always viewed them as being just platonic friends and I thought it would be forced. But since it was already out there in the universe, I kinda wanted at least a kiss as well. So I was kinda disappointed on that respect but I really did enjoy how they ended it. Everyone had their happy ending and I’m really hoping that they’ll have a two hour movie or something to explore that Detty relationship. Watched this show since episode one and truly sad that its gone. Bye Betty.

      • Jen

        I wonder if any of it has to do with ABC shorting the season 4 episodes or however many. I wonder if that left the writers with too little time to develop the Betty/Daniel relationship.

    • msw

      I agree also. Maybe I didn’t need an actual kiss, since it seemed like Betty wasn’t there yet. But the end between Daniel & Betty was almost too ambiguous. I mean, the way Betty reacted to Daniel’s presence in London and asking her out to dinner –not clear if she is simply happy that her good friend is there? Or is she excited to have a first date with Daniel? I just wish we could’ve gotten a stronger hint from Betty. (A lingering glance at Daniel? A meaningful comment?) She even hugged him with one hand. Terrific show but I felt a little dissatisfied in this one aspect! Intellectually I respect the open ended finish, but emotionally I felt like I wanted more! Esp if it meant more assurance that these two were headed towards one another…Oh well! Guess just shows you how good Ugly Betty was and how much it made me care ab the characters!

      • Amy Leigh

        Actually, while Daniel was staring at Betty as she walked away she did stop and turn back to smile at him again. A small lingering glance.

      • Tanisha

        I completely agree. I wanted just a little more. I’ve been a daniel and betty fan for two years so i just wish they could have confirmed whether they were starting a romantic relationship or not. I am praying for a movie now. I thought that Daniel went through more character development in this one episode than he did over the past two seasons, so i’m kinda upset that we don’t get to see what happens to his future. Please, Please TPTB let there be a movie!

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