'Supernatural' 100th episode recap: Because you're still my big brother

Supernatural-PointImage Credit: David Gray/The CWThe little show that began as a road trip through the demon-filled American back-country is officially 100 episodes in — and oh, how things have changed since the beginning. [SPOILERS FROM HERE ON OUT.] Remember when Dean and Sam were two young demon-hunters, off in a sweet ride of a car to search for their father, who taught them all they know about the supernatural? Staring in the devilish face of a fight like they’ve never seen before, I imagine Dean and Sam are longing for the days when their biggest problem was following dad’s trail. Personally, I’m not. That’s not to say those days didn’t produce quality entertainment. Many of the episodes from what I’ll call ”the simpler days” made my list of Supernatural‘s 10 Best Episodes (a task that produced new levels of pain in my soul, which I’m not sure I’ve recovered from quite yet).

But take into consideration what they’re facing now: Lucifer and archangel Michael kind of make the Yellow-Eyed Demon look as threatening as a can of expired dollar store-brand condensed soup — a little scary in theory, but you’d face it in a life or death situation. And I’m happy to report that the subtle transformation of the show from a fun ride-a-long in the Impala into a mythology-packed roller coaster ride came to a head in ”Point of No Return.” It was the welcome mat to what I anticipate to be the grand finale of the show’s evolution and functioned just as a 100th episode should. It had a big twist (in the form of lovechild Adam Winchester’s return), a death (good riddance, Zachariah), an ass kicking (In Cas’ defense, Dean kind of deserved it), and guaranteed our attendance at episode 101 (Where did Castiel go?!). And I liked it. So let’s talk episode, specifically the 10 lines that deserve a closer look.

Dean: All you’ve ever done is run away.
Sam: And I was wrong every single time I did.
Sam was completely right, but didn’t it seem like this was something Dean should know already? He was there to see things go wrong, after all. On a related note, did you think for a second that Dean was going to kill himself? Admittedly, I did but just for a second. And it was the scariest second of my life.

“You’re not my father, and you ain’t in my shoes.” – Dean, to Bobby
Low blow, especially since Dean has on a few occasions told Bobby he is ”like a father.” Dean was kind of being painted as a bad guy throughout the episode for wanting to say yes to Michael, and that was reflected in his dialogue tonight (which at times seemed uncharacteristically harsh). The look that Sam gave Dean after he said this line indicated he was as disappointed in Dean as I was for his cruel words.

“Oh yeah, sounds like heaven. Did you get to third base?” – Dean, to Adam as the youngest Winchester explains his makeout session in heaven
Focus, Dean. Focus.

“Look, no way. After everything that’s happened, all that crap about destiny, suddenly the angels have a plan B? Does that smell right to anybody?” – Sam, re: the angel’s plan to use Adam as Michael’s vessel
No, Sam, it doesn’t. And Adam did turn out to be bait. But then the episode ended on a note of uncertainly. What’s going to happen to Adam? Is he Michael’s vessel instead, except with certain consequences? And if so, doesn’t this seem like an easier path than forcing Dean to say yes — a.k.a. the route the angels should have taken in the first place? Oy, this show. Share your theories below.

Sam: The one thing worst than seeing dad once a year was seeing him all year.
Adam: Do you know how full of crap you are?
As some of you pointed out last week, John is being badmouthed a lot more than usual and not all of it is deserved. He wasn’t exactly an active and involved father, but he wasn’t awful. Why would the brothers spend the entire first season looking for a man who was so terrible to them? I’m with Adam; I call bullcrap.

“Cas, not for nothing, but the last person that looked at me like that, I got laid.” – Dean
…and Cas/Dean ‘shippers’ heads exploded.

Sam: Well, you think maybe you could take a half second and stop trying to sacrifice yourself for a change? Maybe we could actually stick together.
Dean: I don’t think so
Sam: Why not? Dean, seriously, tell me. I want to know.
Dean: It’s just…I don’t believe
Sam: In what?
Dean: In you.
We saw this coming, but that doesn’t mean we were happy to finally see it happen. In fact, I wasn’t happy at all. In the face of the end of the world, these two needed to find a piece of common ground and be a team again. Thankfully, they did at the end of the episode (at least it seemed like it…). Things might not be perfect between them, but I’m hoping this is the end of the back and forth. Sam made the first move by showing confidence in Dean. That was refreshing. Now, boys, let’s put all this behind us. There are bigger things at hand…

Sam (when he sees a pulverized Dean): What happened to him?
Castiel: Me
…and Cas/Dean ‘shippers’ heads explode…again.

“You know Sam and Dean are psychotically, irrationally, erotically codependent on each other, right?”– Zachariah
He deserved to be made into a kabob.

”I don’t know if it’s being a big brother or what, but to me, you’ve always been this snot-nosed kid that I’ve had to keep on the straight and narrow. I think we both know that’s not you anymore. I mean, hell, if you’re grown up enough to find faith in me, the least I can do is return the favor. So screw destiny right in the face. I say we take the fight to them and do it our way.– Dean
The scene we’ve been waiting for, and it feels so good!

Well, that’s all for now, PopWatchers. One hundred gone and many more to go. Are you excited? Join me below in a happy dance but not before weighing in with your thoughts about the episode.

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  • Jackie

    Now THAT is what I call a 100th episode! :) On the edge of my seat the whole time with bated breath. I laughed, I cried, the whole range of emotions in one fabulous package. At the end, when Dean said what he did to Sam about having faith in him, I almost expected Sam to pull Dean’s necklace out of his pocket and hand it over.

    • Jackie

      P.S. I totally agree that Dean deserved to have Cas beat the snot out of him.

      • maia

        So we’ve seen Sam beat the crap out of Dean (severa times) and now Castiel. Dean better get to return the favor some day otherwise I’m going to start thinking Kripke kinda secretly hates Dean. ;)

    • Mariah

      That necklace is being saved for a bigger – and by bigger I mean more action packed/high stakes – moment. But you so know it’s coming back.

      • Jackie

        I hope so! I almost expect Sam to be wearing it under his shirt or keeping it in his pocket, and one day soon, he and Dean will be in the middle of something big, and it’ll start burning because God will be near.

  • tvgirl48

    It was nice to hear Sam admit he was wrong every time he ran away. I’m assuming Adam is going to be his vessel the same way Mark Pellegrino is Lucifer’s vessel. They can stay there for a while, but it’s not their chosen vessel. I feel awful for Castiel. Dean owes him a HUGE apology. Cas gave up everything for him, and this is how Dean repays him? I kinda hate that next week’s preview was “back to normal, monster of the week” when Adam is missing, Cas is missing, Dean had his mini-breakdown, huge game changers happened.

    • Jessica

      Except he wasn’t wrong to go to Stanford, and he wouldn’t have had to run away that time if John hadn’t been a crazy person. And yes, Sandra Gonzales, John was awful.

      • Kalie

        That’s your opinion. We’ve been shown what a good guy John was before he became a hunter. He was so in love w/ his wife that he spent his life chasing down the thing that killed her, he saved hundreds of people along the way, kept Adam out of the hunter’s life and tried to protect him, gave his life for Dean, and spent a hundred years being tortured in hell, refusing to save his own bacon by becoming the torturer. Sounds like a pretty heroic guy to me.

      • Jessica

        What a good guy he was _before_ he was a hunter. Except that’s not the guy who raised Dean and Sam, is it? They got the hunter, who veered between endangering them and neglecting them. He _did_ keep Adam out of that life, safe and at a distance, which is why Adam was able to have a relatively happy, healthy, normal childhood, unlike his brothers. I agree that he protected Adam, which is why Adam, who barely knew him, is able to say such things. The sons who did know him, whom he didn’t protect that way, know better.

        I would never deny that John loved Sam and Dean. But his love wasn’t good for them.

      • Jackie

        Also keep in mind that Sam had more reason to have negative feelings toward John. Finding out at the age of nine that your dad’s been lying to you your entire life and then getting kicked out by the same father after getting a full ride to Stanford would tend to build some resentment. And as far as why the brothers would spend the entire first season looking for a man who was so terrible to them goes, Sam was looking for John because he knew John was on the trail of the thing that killed Jess, and Dean wanted to stay with Sam.

    • DawninDenver

      Jared had something to do this episode. I’ve been thinking that Sam’s character has been a little under-written this season (compared to past seasons) and tonight we got to see Sam acting the way we love him to be (reaching out to his half-brother, reasoning, logical) and we also got to see Sam the way we want him to be: loyal, fearless, and brave. When Sam tells Dean he has faith in him not to say “yes” to Michael it was so great- both actors were amazing. And when Dean tells Sam “I don’t believe in you” the wound is deep, but Sam doesn’t sulk or pout he sucks it up and moves on. Overall I LOVED Sam in this episode. Our site does recaps for Bones, Supernatural and Happy town if you want to stop by at Mile High Horrors. http://www.milehighhorror.com/wp02/?p=2053

  • Madelyn

    Great episode, I squealed when Dean winked at Sam before he stuck Zachariah.

    • ani

      i hate to admit it…my heart fluttered a little bit, as if he were winking at me. but i was also excited that it meant he had a trick up his sleeves :) solid episode, fantastic final scene. bring it on!

      • maia

        Dean can wink at me anytime. He can also accuse me of wanting to of gazing at him in a way that means he’s gonna get laid. Guh! He’s a hotass!

      • Zoey

        Oh don’t worry ani, your heart was not the only one doing some fluttering. I swear, that man is too beautiful for his own good…

  • Vilya

    I admit it, my shippy little head did explode just a wee bit. :D What an episode!!

  • Brian

    Great episode! Good to see Sam be an equal part of the focus again, because it’s been the Dean show for about a season and a half now. I do think Dean’s the more interesting one, but it’s nice to have a balance. I hope it sticks.

    So is Adam dead again, or is he Michael?

    If you’ve seen spoilers, next week isn’t exactly a monster of the week episode…

    • tvgirl48

      Oh, I don’t read spoilers. It was just really jarring to see that preview after this episode

      • KS

        I think this is one of those situations where we should trust that there’s more to next week’s ep than just the preview… remember the valentine’s day episode? I know I thought it was just going to be a MotW, and then…

    • Christie

      I thought Adam had a little awed expression on his face at the end when he was trapped in the room and the light was glowing, presumably signaling Michael’s appearance. It would certainly be a good twist and shake the brothers up to realize that Michael is using Adam as a skin suit.

  • elena

    When Dean looked at Adam and Sam, with that teary and brave look, I almost lost it. Jensen Ackles, where is your Emmy? And Sam! Sam was brave and trusting and kind of a better brother in this episode. I loved it, and I loved badass Cas, and I just love this SHOW! Zigging when I think it will zag, always.

    • elena

      When they were all in the room with Zachariah and the brothers were bleeding…(that’s what I meant about the look)

      • KS

        Trust me, we all know what “look” you’re talking about. :)

    • maia

      Ackles definitely deserves that Emmy. The man and his chemistry with everything that moves on the show, is why I’m still here after five years.

  • Anna

    Sandra Gonzalez, it’s official, I love you! Your whole Cas/Dean shipper heads exploding bit made me laugh so hard! I love your other quote analyzes too! Great episode!

    • Christie

      Zachariah’s comment to Adam about the brothers being ‘erotically’ codependent on each other–I think the ‘Wincest’ fans heads’ probably exploded too. This ep. certainly had a lot of great lines.

  • TVAddict

    Wow… some of those Dean/Cas moments there… lol. Those writers are so sneaky, They fully know just what fans are out there!

    • Keri

      I’m surprised no one has mentioned it but when Dean says “oh blow me Cas” or something like that, I was really surprised it was in there, but a very accurate response someone would have there.

      Also when Dean winked at Cas too.

      Great episode tonight. Badass Cas was awesome and Dean did deserve and I am a full on Dean Girl. I also loved Cas ripping his shirt open to reveal the angel banishing sigil on his chest.

      • Jai

        When Dean says “Cas, please!” and Cas was just relentless my heart skipped a beat. Then when he stood over him after tapping him out I just let out a gasp… Sweet 100th!

  • Danielle

    OMG I love Cas. SO much. He is so badass and Dean totally deserved to be beaten and good.
    Also, that homo-erotic undertones had a field day; they could give a talk at a convention about those just in this episode.

    • Jo

      Castiel Girl, definately.

  • Rachel

    It’s truly the only show where I unplug my phone, shut off the lights to get a theater feel, and tell everyone if anyone annoys me there will be hell to pay.

    • Via

      I remember right before the pilot episode premiered, a disclaimer appeared and recommended that we turn off all our lights to fully enjoy the show we were about to see. From that moment on I knew this was the show for me, and 100 episodes later it still manages to blow me away.


    HUMAN TARGET is a better show, and so is FRINGE.

    • Christie

      How can you possilbe compare the shows? “Human Target” is a completely different genre of television (and I love me some Mark Valley so I’m a big fan) and “Fringe” is more sci-fi than anything else. The acting, storytelling, and action on “Supernatural” is certainly just as good (if not better) and they’ve been doing it for five years–let’s see how either of those other shows hold up (if they even last that long).

      • GimplyGump ☺

        Christie, don’t buy into it. There is *always* someone who comes into a blog about a show they supposedly don’t like in order to disparage it in some way. :)

    • JimC

      Human Target?…yeah, OK. You best be enjoying it while you can, it wont be back. But you’re dead on about Fringe. Supernatural, Lost and Fringe are the 3 best shows on TV.

  • Mikaylah

    Supernatural seriously gets better and better. For a bit there, I totally thought Dean was going to say yes. And I guess he WAS going to. The writer’s and actors blow my mind with how amazing they are.

    I love Cas and Dean, though not in the way some shippers out there do. :P They have a great relationship though, and I hated seeing them both hurt. Side note, Cas is crazy. Like bat-sh*t crazy. He is such a bada*s, carving the sigil on his chest. :)

    I know it is maybe nice for the boys, but I don’t want Adam sticking around. He just doesn’t meld in well, I don’t think.

  • L

    Great episode Cas is so freaking awesome…the creepy look he gets on his face when he kills is just great. I honestly thought Dean’s body was getting jacked by Micheal this time.

  • snerk

    So happy that the 100th episode is giving the show some brief attention, which it deserves so very much!

  • Heather

    Another top notch episode. I loved that we finally got to end on a hopeful note. That didn’t stop them from ripping out our hearts at the beginning though…poor poor Bobby. Not only was he put down by someone he holds in high esteem (Dean) it was also heartbreaking to hear about the bullet. I was glad to see the roles reversed between Dean and Sam, especially how specifically the dialogue mirrored previous episodes, but the best part was the boys finding faith in each other. Plus that wink was just heart-meltingly adorable!

    • jacks

      If Bobby can dish it out, which he does annoyingly often, he can suck it up. Afterall, family is supposed to make you miserable, right Bobby?

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