This week's cover: Summer movie preview!

EW-1099-cover The stars and directors of summer’s most anticipated films share what it was like to create them. A sample:

Angelina Jolie stars in Salt as CIA agent accused of being a Russian sleeper spy. The role, originally written for a man (Tom Cruise was previously attached to star), called for a lot of butt-kicking action. “I had just had two babies, and the push to be physically strong was very welcomed at the time,” says Jolie. Stunt work is something the actress has taken pride in doing herself since the beginning of her career. It turns out, motherhood hadn’t scared her straight. “The funny thing about having children is that now I am twice as motivated to do a cool stunt because my kids will like it,” she says.

Iron Man 2 director Jon Favreau says he made it a priority to establish a proper foundation for the sequel: “We didn’t want to have just another armored suit for Tony to bounce off, because we’d already done that. Secret identities are pretty well picked over, so we went the other way: What happens to a guy who’s already bigger-than-life who then becomes exponentially more famous? That was our starting point.”

Sex and the City 2 star Sarah Jessica Parker hints at her character Carrie’s state of mind in the sequel, in which she and her friends vacation in the Middle East (where she encounters her former beau, Aidan): “She’s tried to settle into married life and what that’s supposed to mean. She keeps questioning tradition.”

For Kristen Stewart, who reprises her role as Bella in Twilight: Eclipse, locking lips with costar Taylor Lautner (who plays her pal Jacob) felt odd—not just because she thinks of Lautner as a kid brother, but because Bella’s heart truly belongs to vampire hottie Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson). “It felt really weird kissing someone else as Bella,” says Stewart. “I was like, ‘What the hell are you doing?’ It was a really strange experience—as it should have been.”

Inception, a new thriller from Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan, concerns a group of freelance dream thieves who steal people’s ideas for corporate gain by inserting themselves into strangers’ subconscious while they are sleeping. Trippy plot description aside, “It’s not a rug-pulling, twisty, turny sort of film. It’s not a film that confuses people,” says Nolan, who’s keeping further details guarded. Ellen Page, who stars alongside Leonardo Di Caprio, says that “the stuff he does is going to blow people’s minds. It definitely blew mine.” Page won’t elaborate beyond saying that the movie had her doing “the craziest s— I’ve ever done.”

Julia Roberts, who headlines the screen adaptation of the bestseller Eat Pray Love, had some interesting thoughts on an early script. “I remember in the first draft I read, there was, like, one dinner,” says the actress. “So, much to my ultimate chagrin, I said to [director Ryan Murphy], ‘There’s just not enough eating! It is called EAT Pray Love.’ Of course, there I am stuffing my face in Rome every other day. I gained seven pounds in Italy.”

For more behind-the-scenes scoop on 98 upcoming films, including new installments of Shrek and Toy Story, pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on stands 4/16.

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  • Ambient Lite

    75 Days Until Eclipse! Yay!

    • aa

      I Just threw up a little in my mouth, uggggggggh

      • @ Crispy & Ambient Life

        Get a life or get a room.

      • crispy

        LOL at pressing the wrong “Reply” link! What a loser.

      • Ambient Lite

        Dork didn’t even get my name right.
        Hater. Fail.

      • Nshi

        You guys alawys starting stuff!

      • ^^^^

        I’ll tell you what: Most of us would probably agree with the first guy there that the two of you are overkill on this site.
        Why not give it a rest?

      • Ambient Lite

        ^^^^ Maybe if you’d work harder at contributing something worthwhile, we could finally sit back and rest.

      • Celia

        Why all the crispy and Ambient hate? They’re two of the most intelligent and entertaining posters on this site. Don’t hate!

      • ^^^^

        Looks like a couple f losers to me with waaaaay too much time on their hands. Maybe you do yourself if you’re that easily entertained.

    • Dav

      I just threw up a LOT!

    • crispy

      Hey Ambie, it would be redundant to keep hating on Twilight at this point. But it irks me that of all the things they could write about Eclipse, they focus on how the actors feel about a dang kiss. Argh. That gossipy crap just feeds into the Twilight hatred.

      • Ambient Lite

        I agree. I’m loony for all things Twilight, but I don’t really care how Kristen felt about the kiss, nor do I care who’s humping off the set. I just want to see my favorite story of the series on the big screen, and I’m crossing my fingers that they don’t completely eff it up.

      • Celia

        What else would they write about? Those movies are so devoid of plot, they have no choice.

      • Michael

        Can you really “eff up” one of Stephenie Meyer’s novels? How? By achieving some semblance of literary merit?

    • James

      I’m dying to throw some salt at Angelina.

      • Silv

        Seems to me most movies with the wicked stunts you love to do wouldn’t be the kind your very young children should be watching, Ange.

    • MSR

      I’m laughing at Kristen Stewart’s comment about kissing Lautner as Bella. What does she think acting is? Says a lot about her (lack of) acting ability.

      • Rochelle

        or maybe she’s just being honest. acting is just that, acting. it doesn’t mean you actually become the person (you’re portraying), and obviously you have better chemistry w/ some costars than others.
        sorry, but i fail to see how her comment says anything about her acting. you sound a bit biased.

      • LOL

        And, Rochelle, your support for Stewart and her franchise DOESN’T make you biased?

      • Gazza

        Actually, MSR, that comment doesn’t say much about her acting skills at all. While you’re at perfect liberty to say whatever you want regarding Kirsten Stewart’s thespian talents, the fact remains that you’re misrepresenting her comment.

        (and no, I’m not a Twihard, though I was a fan- until I read Breaking Dawn, the mother of bitter aftertastes. Seriously, worse than brussel sprouts).

      • ann


    • anna


    • James

      I also eagerly await Eclipse’s release. The sooner it opens, the sooner it can make its money, drop 70% its second weekend and fade into obscurity.
      Of course there’s still Breaking Dawn after that, but that film at least has boundless comedic potential. ;-)

      • Severine

        I’m dying to see the vampire baby birth! That’s gonna be so awesome


    • Tim

      Can someone please explain to me what Eclipse is about? Is it a sequel? Prequel? And, to what movie franchise?

      • Hope

        I can answer that Tim. The Franchise: Twilight . And Eclipse is the third book in the series.

      • @Tim

        If you don’t know what Eclipse is by now, it’s nothing you’d be interested in. Most people who were meant to be Twihards have already arrived.

      • Gazza

        I have to admit I’m actually quite jealous of you…

    • trashytvlover

      double yay! Can’t Wait!

  • Jill

    Iron Man 2 is the only one I want to see.

    • Stephen


    • laurin

      And Shrek 4

      • Celia

        Shrek 4 looks hilarious.

  • Belle

    I am dying to see “Salt” this summer.

    • Hope

      I;m looking forward to Letter to Juliet. Though not on my must see list.It does look pretty sweet.

  • Totes Magotes

    3 weeks until Iron Man 2. So pumped! Also can’t wait for Toy Story 3.

    • Lily

      Only 7 more months until Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows!!! Sorry. . . . it’s the only movie I’m really looking forward to.

      • Stacie

        Where is the trailer for this by the way?

      • Celia

        Me too!! I’m not even excited about Iron Man 2 (that’s right I said it) even though I will still see it. I just want to see Deathly Hallows.
        @Stacie: A teaser trailer was released in December last year. It’s on the HBP dvd and on youtube. It’s pretty awesome.

      • Person Who Talks

        Holy f***ing s***!!!!! Deathly Hallows looks so AWESOME! This one might actually do justice to the book! It’ll give me something to look forward to after the end of LOST :(

  • bunker

    ‘Salt’ looks terrible.

    • davey

      I think SALT looks good actually! Can’t wait :)

  • Miss Talk

    Jennifer Anniston will throw that one in the trash lol
    Who the h*ll compared Megan Fox to Angelina??? Even of glazed paper it’s obvious that they’re not playing on the same team.

  • jillyro

    Angelina is one of a kind, there is no other actress like her in Hollywood. She is so exotic and doesn’t play the typical romcom cutesie girl roles. Like that about her.

    • Celia

      I completely agree. I love this cover! Angelina Jolie is amazing and very versatile. I think she could do a rom-com if she wanted to (Life or Something Like it was pretty close to a rom-com) she just gets offered much better roles.

      • Caroline W

        yeah…cool actress for the industry…but she’s wacked out her mind..

      • Xena

        When I saw this cover, the first thing I thought was that it was 2008 and we were waiting for Wanted. Same over-the-shoulder with an insane amount of tattoos pic. Did she not pose for a new foto, or is this just what EW had in the vault? Funny thing is: I would so dislike this movie from the start if it HAD starred Tom Cruise. AJ is just the female version: nutso. Really not interested either way.

      • whatevs

        Whenever she does play someone that isn’t an action star, no one sees the movies. It’s not because she gets better roles, it’s because she can only do the one role.

      • @Caroline W

        Correction: She WAS whacked out of her mind. She’s grown up now. She’s a mother and a human right’s activist. People do a lot of crazy things when they’re young. Plus, compared to some celebs, Angelina was never really that wild. Most of it was just media speculation.

    • lol

      Shes anorexic and a stunt double is doing most of the work in this movie

    • KXB

      Charlize Theron is a much BETTER and HOTTER actress than Angelina Smuglie! Not that media Nazis like Missy Schwartz would ever cop to that…

    • ani

      oh yeah, angelina is sooo exotic. scary pale skin and big fat lips does not equal exotic. there are many women in hollywood who do not do romantic comedies, and there are others who only do them. angelina almost exclusively does (bad) action movies. how versatile. to be honest, i would be more turned on by a big metal suit on the cover…or scarlett johansson.

  • ui

    Cannot wait for Salt.

  • crispy

    96 upcoming films, and you put one with ZERO buzz on your cover? Makes perfect sense.

    • Fisher

      The put the one that would allow them so show off a half-naked sexy woman on the cover. No contest.

      • AJ

        Really! Let’s see…big suit of metal or female skin? DUH!!

      • crispy

        You guys make a good point. But that picture is not remotely sexy. It looks like she has no arms. I suppose all the amputee fetishists will by clamoring to pick up this issue.

      • lol

        Anorexia Salt is no Milla Jovovich – spending that much on photoshopping to make the anorexia all go away, on a movie that has almost no buzz, due to its unbelievability – wonder how much her publicist paid for this article

      • Ambient Lite

        Leave it to Angelina to make a woman’s back un-sexy. Another face-down issue on my coffee table. Blech.

      • Silv

        THANK YOU, Ambient Lite!

      • Ruby

        I have to disagree, I think it’s a way hot cover. But I have a soft spot for Angie, even though she kinda crazy. I just find her so beautiful.

      • Hope

        And people say she’s the most beautiful woman alive? Uh no. I’ve seen a lot of lovely women in my time and while Angie Jolie is beautiful, she doesn’t match up.

      • Orange Glass

        Completely agree. She is, hands down, THE most overrated actress when it comes to looks. She was once quite pretty, but has since steadily gone downhill. Now she just looks like a skeleton with big lips. That is NOT attractive, IMO.

    • tipsy

      ha,ha, right on! Iron Man 2, Inception, Twilight Saga:Eclipse and SATC 2 have the most buzz of summer movies. Granted, I`d rather have Angelina on the cover than trully ugly dead horse face SJP who I hope won`t make the cover ever again.

      • mystify me

        OMG! you are sooo right! have you seen SJP without make up? she looks super ugly, I mean she is not even that beautiful even with make up on what more without it? and the wrinkles? OMG! Angie is beauuuuutiful…

  • Hannah

    I can’t wait to see Salt, but this should have been Iron Man 2’s cover. I am so excited for it to come out!

    • Totes Magotes

      It really should have been. Iron Man 2 is probably going to be one of the biggest films of the year.

      • Bianca

        Only annecdotal, but my jontis notice the difference and my body searches out soft places to run.. Definitely agree you have to be more vigilant not to turn an ankle but my knees ache less after a soft surface run than one on pavement.

    • andrea d

      I’m guessing Iron Man 2 will have its own cover story coming up before the opening.

      • Totes Magotes

        Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the next issue.

    • Dawn

      Hasn’t Iron Man 2 already have a cover? Or maybe it is going to be on a cover closer to its release date.

  • Yay

    I love how she does her own stunts. I think that’s really cool. I can’t wait to see salt.

  • mary

    did Kristen Stewart even read the books and if yes is she able to even comprehend what was going on? probably no for both those questions.

    Look forward to watch Salt.

    • Ambient Lite

      I found her comment to be a little strange too…though that kiss was supposed to be sort of awkward, it didn’t end that way – and she WAS in love with Jacob too. Then again, most of what Kristen Stewart burps up in interviews is equally nonsensical.

    • Lilly

      That kiss is not suppose to be awkward, it’s suppose to be hot! Come on Kristen S.!
      I hope Taylor L. did that kiss justice.

    • ann

      Agree with u all…Kirsten Stewart was Rude…and there is one scene when she actually DOES kiss him passionately…can’t wait to see that! Now that should be some BAD ACTING!!!!!dumb thing to say

      • Keisuke

        Run: 1.16km, 1.32km, 1.45kmGoats: Better running form, coteplme Disney coast-to-coast challenge with my wife, not only coteplme but have fun doing a half ironman in July and a full one in Nov of next year. Be a better father and husband.

  • Butters

    I love you Angie!!!!

  • Lily

    I cancelled my EW subscription years ago and have not bought a copy but I am definitely buying this issue because of Jolie.
    In a city filled with cookie cutter actresses, it is wonderful to see an actress who to be different and has such strong constitution that her will cannot be bent. I cannot wait for Salt to come out, I will be there on opening weekend supporting the movie.

  • Maha

    I can’t wait to see SALT i miss my Angie

    • Baby Gorilla

      I’m looking MORE forward to Dinner For Schmucks, coming out the same day (July 23)…

      • lac

        I saw a sneak peak of Dinner For Schmucks last week. I did not laugh once. Steve Carrell overacts more than he normally does and it looks like he is trying to mimic Jerry Lewis.

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