'American Idol': Andrew Garcia and Katie Stevens discuss song choice, 'having fun,' and prom dates

katie-andrewImage Credit: Michael Becker/FoxDouble elimination! Double dose of sadness? Andrew Garcia and Katie Stevens aren’t crying. Instead, the latest set of American Idol evictees are talking about eyewear and prom dates. First up is Andrew, and after the jump, the Connecticut teenager…

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Andrew, talk to me. What’s your depression level?
ANDREW GARCIA: My depression level is none. I mean, you feel bad ’cause you’re leaving performing on that big stage, but you can’t forget how far you came. I didn’t expect to go far, and to go as far as I did I’m thankful. And I made the tour and I’m going to be able to go out and have a job. And then I get to see my son.

Was he too young to appreciate that you were on American Idol?
Yeah, he just knew when it came on TV. He’d say, “Idol! Idol! Idol!”

When you sang “Hound Dog” this week, did you know you were in trouble?
I went out and I had fun. The crowd was amazing. I had fun. I felt good singing, I loved the arrangement. I wouldn’t change it.

How much of the arrangement did you change after meeting with Adam Lambert?
I added drums and horns to it. I made it more flavorful. That’s what I think Adam wanted me to do. And it sounded good. I was like, man, that’s cool.

So what did the judges miss?
When they were negative I just put a smile on my face because I had a fun time out there. They are obviously seeing something that I’m not. As long as I’m freaking putting my stamp on it, I’m good.

You became known for saying how much “fun” you had. Aren’t you ever pissed?
All you can do is go out and do you. You can’t try to change yourself because the judges say what they say.

Do you regret having sung “Straight Up” during Hollywood week since you were compared to that moment every subsequent week?
I do not regret it one bit. I’m glad that I did it. When I sang it I was like, ‘Paula’s not here and I love this song.’ It created something out of this world and created the craziest buzz. As long as people are talking about it I did my job.

When the judges saved Michael Lynch last week, were you bummed that the following week two people had to go home?
No, the judges couldn’t have picked a better person. He performed that song like his life was on the line. It reminded me of why I was doing the show. He deserved to be saved.

So you and Lee got really close. Is it going to be tough not living with him?
Yeah, it’s rough. He’s my brother now. He’s like my family now. It was a little tough saying goodbye. We’ve been with each other every day going through the same thing. I know he’s going to rip it up. And I’m going to see him next week [at Idol Gives Back] and on the tour.

How did it feel seeing all those posters with your signature glasses on them?
I saw that. I never expected that.

But you realize you’ll have to wear glasses for the rest of your career?
I love glasses. They’re like an accessory. They add a lot of flavor to my style.

So you contact lenses coming for the tour?
Definitely not.


ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Katie, you sound pretty hoarse. Have you been up all night crying?
KATIE STEVENS: No, I’m good. Just talking about it all day. But I’m okay. I’m excited for what’s to come after this, so I’m just thinking positively about the whole thing.

Was it difficult being one of the two young people on the season?
It was hard, but everyone was so supportive. There was a little bit of added pressure since I was going up against people who were so much older. It was like racing against the big boys. But I always just tried to hold my own.

Did you ever regret not waiting a few years to audition?
I don’t regret not waiting. I wanted this for so long and I’m proud of where I ended up.

Why did you sing “Baby, What Do You Want Me to Do?” for Elvis week. It’s not exactly a well-known Elvis song.
I’ve sung that song before, so it was more comfortable with me. It was important to be able to do something I’m comfortable with and not go up there and be all awkward and not know what I’m doing.

Other than Simon’s critique, you actually got a lot of praise. Did that make you feel like you were going to be safe this week?
You never really know. I always go into it and think there’s a possibility that I could go. It’s very unpredictable. When I was sitting on the stage with Mike, I was like, ‘It’s gonna be me.’ I just prepared myself. And I did get emotional singing after that.

I thought that was really sweet that you got emotional singing “Let It Be.” Was it tough to make it to the end?
I just felt the words as I was singing. But I had to remind myself that it wasn’t the end. There is going to be life after Idol. I thought it was a perfect song to have gone out with. You gotta let it be and let life take its course.

A few weeks back you joked that whoever sent in proof that he text voted for you the most could take you to prom. Did anything come of that?
I didn’t get any proof in the mail, just offers for people to send them to me. I don’t even know if I’ll be able to go to my prom. I would love to but I’ll have tour rehearsals and I’d rather do that.

If you could take anyone — any celebrity even – to the prom this year, who would you take?
Big Mike really wants to go to prom so I told him I would take him.

Isn’t that kind of creepy?
Well, he’s like my big brother so he wants to fend off all the boys who are asking me to dance.

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  • lori

    I would take Big Mike to prom!

    • Brianna

      Katie and Siobhan are my favorites. Im very sad that Katie is off of the show now. Now the show is going to suck so much without her! Somebody give Katie a very wonderful career. She deserves to be a star. Please please please. Im twenty two with a lot of money. I will give you a ton of it record people. I promise!! Katies voice is very bold, strong, and lovely!!! Absolutely beautiful voice that brings so many emotions. I listen to her singing a zillion times a month. Katies singing voice is one of the most beautiful voices that I have ever heard. Best of luck Katie Stevens. You will be in a lot of my prayers. Love, Brianna-one of the greatest fans of your life!

      • Jessica shut up!

        Who the heck is this Jessica Shaw ew writer anyway?!?! Jessica you seem a bit rude to Katie. What do you have a thing against young people or something. You should think before you talk! I think you should have waited years before you got this writing job because you seem closed minded and fake! Katie just got eliminated, try to have some sympathy. You should stop with the humiliating questions!!!!

      • Serena

        Katie does have a awesome voice. She has a lot of star quality. I know she use to be a pageant girl so that probably helped her a lot. On youtube there is a video of her when she won a pageant and she is singing Somewhere over the rainbow. Its a very sweet performance. I hope she gets a lot of albums made. I would love listening to her albums a lot.

      • Will S

        Katie was my favorite. I’m done with Idol now.

      • Sweetness

        Andrew is very talented. He is as talented as he is interesting and fun and thats why he has made it this far. Ya he might of screwed up a lot, but no one is perfect. He was more special than a lot of others this season.

      • Ray

        There is nothing mean about the questions asked by Jessica. Your comments are totally ridiculous. There is no basis for your comments. Your comments are rude and mean. I think Jessica did a great job.

      • Jessica shut up!

        Dear Ray: Let me guess-you are not really Ray. Hmm…is that Jessica Shaw. I hope so because I wanted you to read it. HA HA HA Jessica shut up again-you are a lame entertainment weeekly writer. Hopefully Ray is Jessica. :) lol


        Katie is one of the most adorable people on earth! Her voice is one of the best ever. She is so charming with her talent. Im going to buy all her music for sure when she is more famous. She is leaving way to soon. I wish that she could of made it a while longer on the show.

      • @ Jessica shut up!

        Child, you need to GROW up!!

      • bruce

        katie was the best, it was the judges not the viewers that voted her out…big mike should have been out he needs to go get a real job and start supporting his family….he ruined the kings song ….

      • Cy

        @Jessica shut up — Dude, there was nothing unreasonable about Jessica’s questions. You must be a friend or relative of Katie’s to get so sensitive over it. Katie certainly didn’t seem to take offense.

        Anyway, Jessica Shaw rocks! In this sad Idolatry season without the infinite hilarity of Kristen Baldwin, Jessica is the only Idolatry co-host who is as insightful and funny. I love the Slezak-Kristen duo the best, but if it can’t be Kristen, Jessica is the only one who can even come close to filling her shoes!

      • Brianna

        Yes!!! I have the same taste in music as the band Lady Antebellum! Entertainment Weekly just wrote an article about Lady Antebellum giving Katie advice. When asked if they watch American Idol, they thought of Katie. They put that she is very good and said that she had a thing that when they watched her-they couldnt stop watching her sing. They put that she is incredible. Hillary Scott told the reporter: Keep going Katie. Hillary also said that she herself tried out for American Idol twice and didn’t get pass the first round. Thats how tough AI is! Lady Antebellum is awesome. I wish they were the judges for American Idol. I love their music. “I need you now” is one of the best songs ever!!!

      • lori

        Katie and Andrew SUCKED! Good riddance! Actually the entire show sucks this year! GO CRYSTAL!

      • Brianna

        Hey Katie fans-if you want to see another Katie performance then watch the Ellen Degeneres show this monday 4/19. Yes!!! We get to see the charming Katie on her lovely interview on tv!!!

      • Brianna

        Katie and Andrew will be on the David Letterman show monday night 4/19!!! Katie has a photo of her and Andrew on her twitter of them in New York eating lunch at a sushi restaurant together. Sounds like fun!! They are so cute in the picture. The two will be singing a DUET on The late show with Letterman!!! :)

    • Gerogineia

      take Big Mike to prom!

      • snarkle

        Hey Jessica, I don’t understand your last question for Andrew….”So you contact lenses coming for the tour”???? What the heck does that even mean?????

      • @ snarkle

        I’m assuming she meant to type “So NO contacts coming for the tour?”

  • amanda

    Big Mike’s wife looks like she would cut a beyotch…watch out Katie!

    • beth parent

      I never realized how much Katie looks like “bikini girl” from last season.

      • babey

        i agree to at hookup2night

      • Shana

        what? nahh she looks more like tatiana del toro

      • blork

        to beth parent – are you blind or what? Katie looks like that bikini skank??? What a dumb-ass thing to say!

  • Shari

    Katie was the cutest and the best singer, in my opinion…I’ll be waiting to hear about her upcoming releases!!

    • lac

      ABC Family Channel should offer Katie a tv show. She has the personality and talent to become a Miley Cyrus type.

      • silkrose

        Oh please! Katie would be so much better than Miley.
        Actually ANYONE would be so much better than Miley!!

    • Isabella

      Katie is very cute and talented. I hope she has a great future. I want to buy her music.

  • Quirky

    Andrew kept saying “I had fun” so many times this season that you could make a drinking game out of it. Which is good since the only way to tolerate this season would be with lots of booze.

    • AcaseofGeo

      Yeah, Andrew FORGOT that its his AUDIENCE that is supposed to have fun. A performer has to please the fans and since he’s got so few who enjoyed him, he’ll be playing to empty houses.

      • terry

        I think he also screwed up moving on the platform behind the judges. I’ve been on stage and it takes a lot of concentration. Andrew’s not the strongest singer, so he should’ve just focused on his vocal’s. I thought he was doing okay until he started to make his move to the platform. Then, instead of concentrating on the song, he’s gotta focus on not slipping or falling. His mistake was that while it may have been a good move for the audience, it’s the TV audience who’s gonna do the voting. Just sing well and play to the cameras. TGhe people at home don’t care if you’re on the platform, hell, usually you don’t get as good a shot if they’re on that. Stay on the stage.

  • Sarah

    Katie is so cute! I am glad they both have positive attitudes about their respective Idol runs.

  • Scar

    Andrew had a wonderful, positive attitude all the way through. What’s wrong with that?? I much prefer him over Robo-Katie (who never really impressed me, vocal-wise) and pompous Big Mike. Andrew is simply a nice, humble guy who had a wonderful time on Idol. Let it be, EW peeps.

    • dee

      I agree..

  • anthony

    compare the talent level between andrew and tim urban. what the hell does america want? i thought this is a talent competition, not a fashion show. just watch andrew’s videos on youtube, the ones before he made idol. even though he didn’t perform exceptional during idol, everyone could see his talent. even the judges saw it. i don’t understand what america wants.

    • Kevin C

      Alas, this was American Idol, not YouTube Idol. And there’s only so many times you can “didn’t perform exceptional” before people start thinking that maybe this is the wrong stage for him.

      • Ray

        Andrew was really bad on Idol. People vote on the bais of the performances on Idol. The judges were disappointed given the talent they thought he had.


      @Anthony…we want talented people who can sing well (ON KEY), and we want amazing exciting performers.

  • petra

    I didn’t like Katie, thinking she was about as phony and inauthentic as Big Mike – with similar good vocals sung without heart put in service of forgettable music.
    But I have to say a warmed a little the last three weeks as she sang better and less plastic-y and as I realized Kara in particular was gunning for any female not named Crystal.
    Andrew like Katie, I think left as winners. They made it to the Finals, each is on the tour, and each has some good moments on stage and great memories of many wild crazy weeks.
    Love Andrew’s voice.
    Why are Tim and Big Mike around when Andrew is not? Well, if it is any consolation – I believe Andrew may be a more respected artist and musician than either of those two in a few years.

    PS Siobhan – Kara has you in the cross hairs now! Kara’s bagged all the other females she sees as taking Crystal’s votes and you are the last “problem”. Sing well, Odd One! And stand your ground again if they slam you for stuff they let slide in other contestants.

    • Jona

      What is up with Kara anyway, telling Siobhan she is confusing her! Kara is the one that is confused having to pose nude just to prove something to herself!

      • elyn

        I too am very annoyed at Kara- enough I may have to take a break from watching. Siobhan is much more diverse and much more talented than Crustal who looks to me like a copy of mary chapin carpenter, bonnie raitt and Janis joplin (although she is just a mimic- not the real thing). Casey is talented and so is Siobhan and I’m really annoyed at Missy Kara. Kara- you my be talented but you use the exact same words over and over- its hard to see a truly original thought came out of your head. And what’s with with all the rubbing shoulders with Simon- he is engaged. LET IT BE, OH LET IT BE.

      • Debby

        Who is Kara anyway? I’d never even heard her name when she took Paula’s place. I miss Paula. I thought it very immature of Kara when she so rudely interupted Bikini girls performance last season and came out on stage half naked. I have no respect for her and this season it seems obvious that she is sleeping with Simon. I love all the singers that remain and was very sad to see Katie go, but I know she has a career ahead of her. As for Andrew,
        Lacy should have still been in it,not him. This is not just a singing contest. An idol is someone that is genuinely admired because of personality and talent and appearance.Don’t feel sad for Katie, she has it all. As far as judges go, they should replace Kara. Her being on it almost made me stop watching all together. She has an additude problem, like she is better than everyone else.
        Idol should definitely bring Paula back. Ellen is a very nice addition to the show. Her humor is refreshing and sweet.

  • Eva

    I don’t know why some people are so critical of big Mike. Please don’t mistake true confidence for arrogance. Mike is very talented and has incredible vocals. He deserves to stick around and I hope he outlasts all the other guys. Best wishes to Mike.

    • davey

      I think the irritating thing about Mike for some people (including myself) is that even though he hits his notes and has a nice voice – his facial expressions and stage performing is RIDICULOUS and over the top! Some people like it – and some don’t. It’s a difference of opinion. He was definitely more talented than Katie who I never understood the love for her – to each his/her own obviously :)

      • cybersurfer

        Mike may sing in key but there is nothing distinctive about his overall sound. He brings nothing new to the table.

  • mesuda

    While not exactly bad rubbish, good riddance to Andrew and Katie. Both should have been gone weeks ago when they took the spots in the top 12 that should have gone to Alex Lambert and Katlyn Epperly instead.

    • Ellen & RIO

      I think also that Katelyn Epperlywas ‘very special'(gifted) and should have made it!!Alex Lambert is also a ‘diamond in the rough’!! (Katie Stevens has a definite talent and strong pure vocals!!)

  • Alex hernandez

    Hey Andrew I you make some albums your the best singer

  • KMD

    im forever a devoted andrew fan :)


    im a little pissed off that they chose alicia keys to mentor next, cause i think she would do a wonderful job with andrew and katie.

  • wjm

    If Disney doesn’t at least talk to Katie, they’re out of their mouse-lovin’ minds. She’s cute as a button.

  • tomm

    Sorry, YouTube stars can’t cut it on the bigger screen.

    • Nav

      wow, tomm i wish i knew as much as you! wait, i actually don’t cos ur completely wrong. lets see why shall we? crystal bowersox had a youtube channel before she went on the show (crystalsox was the name of it) and she’s a fave to win it!! and she was a star on the site as well so yeh i just owned you! oh and does the name justin bieber ring a bell? im pretty sure he’s like famouse now? andrew garcia was the only reason I watched the show and the only person ive ever voted for in my life. now that he’s left, i’ve lost all interest in the show and so have many many other people as well. So…..sorry, youtube stars can cut it on the bigger screen and just because he didn’t win, doesn’t mean he didn’t do well. let’s not forget he was top 9 out of over 1000! so yeh, ur wrong. ha!

      • Gerogineia

        Um, tomm merely meant that just because someone is a youtube star doesn’t mean its going to translate well onto the big stage. some people on youtube like Crystal are great but others just don’t do well on the big stage. And anyway, Justin Bieber isnt going to last long in the music industry – after all what happens after his voice breaks? Andrew didnt do well either, his performances were dorky and cheesy and he peaked at hollywood round where nobody votes anyway. That Straight up thing he did wasnt nearly as good as some of the other people who were eliminated before him. he ruined quite a few perfectly good songs. since he did “I heard it through the grape vine” and ruined it I havent listened to it once.

        Katie didn’t deserve to go home. Teflon Tim should not be there. He should have been eliminated during R and B week.

  • mike

    Katie gave a great performance, Andrew also was better than Mike or Siobhan. I think those two will be out next…

    • LTW

      Mike, Katie did improve over the last few weeks and should not have left before teflon Tim or Aaron. But Andrew being better than Mike or Siobhan? No way – Andrew had that great moment in Hollywood, then it was one shaky performance after another, last week was not very good. Sorry but everyone thought he needed to go.

    • Ellen & RIO

      OUT NEXT based on talent:
      1- TIM URBAN

      Big Mike and SIOBAHN are among the most talented and BEST singers.
      IMO- Casey and Siobahn are the BEST!
      followed by Lee and Big Mike & Crystal.

      • Margie

        Aaron’s out next, IMO. He’d better bring it.

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