'American Idol' finalists talk about Ryan Seacrest's strange behavior: 'We were worried about Ryan a little'

Ryan-SeacrestImage Credit: Frank Micelotta/Getty ImagesAs I’ve already noted in mind-numbing detail in today’s American Idol on-the-scene recap, Ryan Seacrest’s behavior was all kinds of bizarre, both on- and off-camera last night. Well, after the show, I got a chance (along with a few other journalists) to ask some of the Idol contestants about Seacrest’s antics.

We started off with Tim Urban, who perhaps suffered the worst of Seacrest’s weirdness: the Idol host’s decision to start slow dancing with one of Lee DeWyze’s beefy buddies while Urban was performing “I Can’t Help Falling In Love.” “It was a little weird,” Urban said backstage after the show, “because people laughed at [Ryan] dancing in the middle of the song, so I had to zone it out. I could kind of catch it in the corner of my eye that he was dancing. I just tried not to think about it.”

Urban wasn’t completely taken off guard, however; turns out that Seacrest also danced during Urban’s dress rehearsal as well. “What he just did on [the live show] was nothing,” Urban said. “Dress rehearsal was nuts. We were in the back going, ‘All right?’ We did not know what was happening.” Fellow contestant Crystal Bowersox agreed. “We were worried about Ryan a little,” she said. “He was kooky, in a sweet Ryan kind of way.”

Leave it to young Katie Stevens, meanwhile, to sleuth out that sleep deprivation was to blame for Ryan’s tomfoolery. “I asked him, after dress rehearsal, ‘Ryan, what is up with you?'” said Stevens. “And he goes, ‘You know, I’m really, really tired right now, so I’m trying to fool myself into thinking that I’m awake.’ [He was] over-caffeinated.”

So case closed, Popwatchers. Do you think lack of sleep (and an apparent surfeit of caffeine) excuses Ryan’s behavior? Between his radio shows, E! News hosting duties, reality show production company, and American Idol, should the poor guy simply be finding more time to get some quality shut eye lest his work suffer any further?

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  • Ramo

    Ryan is making a fool out of himself. I’ve always liked and admired the job he’s done on this show, but he’s just making an a$$ out of himself lately. The absolute worst was his prodding of Didi a few weeks ago, trying to get her to talk about her dead friend. The show is not about you Ryan. Get over yourself and act like a professional.

    • Amelia

      Absolutely. Ryan: do NOT goof around & dance while a contestant is performing for votes. Don’t do it. It distracts them & distracts the audience. It is completely disrespectful. Take the show seriously at least for the 2 minutes that a contestant is performing. Those 2 minutes are 100% the contestants 2 minutes, not yours.

      • Brandon

        oh my gosh. THANK YOU RAMO! a bunch of article are coming out about how ryan is acting weird and not ONE has mentioned what i still feel is the worst: when he kept trying to get Didi Benami to say that she was singing her song to her dead friend. my gosh…ive never thought he was annoying until this season… and its awful.

      • Anoopfan

        Ryan should be fired and replaced. He is too corny and too gay.

        Tongue? with Lambert. UGH!

    • Char

      he’s slipping seriously down a slippery slope to obscurity. What he did to DiDi wasn’t even the beginning. How are any of the contestants supposed to maintain focus and control if the shows own host is out of control. Calling Tim the Turban was cruel, with Tim fighting so hard to prove himself, then Ryans boogieing in front aisle with another man. The tasteless that comment he blindsided Adam with was vulgar and tasteless ( the talent of his tongue.) He distracted Lee, and each one of the contestants at sometime and they all noticed was was rude and way out in left field. Drunk or high doesn’t matter. It’s time to bring back Brian Dunkleman and vote off the worst MC
      there it. Cause thats all Ryan is an M C. Time to get someone with talent who doesn’t think he’s the whole reason the show is on.

      • idiot’s advocate

        Look, these people want to be professional performers…
        what they’re going to experience out there in the real world is going to be far worse, believe me. They need to be able to handle it, or they’ll never make it. They can’t be coddled.

      • Nathan

        I thought you were being completely serious up until I read the Brian Dunkleman part.

      • Gregory

        Say goodbye to Ryan and bring on Cat Deeley! No more snarky, self-indulgent behavior. Cat would be chipper, comforting and always interesting.

      • Niix Starkyller

        No way, Gregory! I do not want the charming, endearing, and utterly awesome Queen Deeley to get gobbled up by the Idoloony machine.

    • Dark Night

      Ryan was suffering from lack of sleep cause he is strung out on Crystal Met. what a frickin’ tweeker.

      • idiot’s advocate

        And what would YOU know about THAT, hmmm?

      • sombraviajera

        I agree with Ryan being high off something there is no excuse for this kind of behavior,the contestants don’t get a second chance why should Ryan,totally out of control Ryan!!!

    • Devon

      Couldn’t agree more. He seems to be especially full of himself lately. BIG turnoff.

      • Kim from Texas

        The same drug dealer that serviced Paula must have now gotten to Ryan. Paula used to be the loopy one, and now it is Ryan.

    • Calli

      As inappropriate as it may have been for Ryan to dance during a performance, the director of the show is entirely at fault for letting it become a disturbance. There was no reason for it to have been shown; no reason to put a camera on it and put it on air.

    • Sally in Chicago

      I think the man is tired. Look at what happened to Mariah Carey when she couldn’t sleep. He needs to take a vacation or get a co-host — Hello AI: Get a co-host. Even Tom Bergeron has a co-host.

      • TR

        Yeah I agree he was “tired” like Mariah Carey was ;)

        Probably took the same “caffeine” she did to combat it.

      • really?

        nobody told the ahole to have 1500 jobs. who does he think he is? One of those jamaicans from in living color? how greedy do you have to be to take on so many jobs that your health suffers? and yes, sleep deprivation is bad for your health. but he’s an ass regardless of whether he gets sleep or not.

      • Miss Talk

        Ryan needs a SERIOUS rest.

    • Phil

      I think he finally joined forces with Simon and realized what a joke this season has become and how American Idol in general is now on its last leg. I guess you have to do what you have to do to keep yourself “awake”. I do disagree with the dancing while Tim was singing though. That was unnecessary and unfair in all reality.

      • Amy

        I’d almost agree with you, but Ryan has been egging Simon on for the last few shows, trying to pick some serious fights with him.

    • dave

      it was pretty obvious to me that he hadn’t slept…… you could read it in his eyes…. he is close to pulling a mariah carey circa 2001……. he works like 4 or 5 different shows…. he is kinda crazy!

    • Jammy

      From what I saw…someone please check to see if he’s on any legal rx..Xanax..prozac..etc..makes people act a little loopy..if they are under duress..and sure with the ratings ..and headlines like “Dancing With the Stars Beats Idol !” ..there’s bound to be a little pressure..but bottom line Ryan ..though changes are ahead..keep the show the way it is – and do what comes natural because no one is clamoring for Brian Dunkleman

    • Em

      Agree 100%!

  • MyMy

    Take a nap Ryan.

    • darclyte

      I noticed that Ryan has been all sorts of odd this year. I wonder if it’s from too many irons in the fire, or because this season blows. Maybe both. Suffice to say, it is oddly entertaining even if somewhat unfair to the singers at times.

      • Jane

        Don’t you mean too many irons in his hair?

  • Dr. B

    Am I first?

    I thought Ryan was pretty funny last night, like an elfin anarchist taking a few swipes at the often-pretentious staging of AI. I say, let’s have more of this, and bring back Ryan’s Sex Pistols T-shirts from a few seasons ago as well!

    • Elfin Anarchist


      • Ryan’s Sex Pistol

        I miss Dunkleman.

      • Anoopfan

        Ryan Seacrest and Ellen should be fired from Idol.

        Ellen is too nonsense to be a judge.

        Ryan is too corny to be a host.

        Replace them both.

    • Gen of Montreal

      I’m with you on this. I think Ryan realizes that this season is crap and he’s getting as bored as the audience is. Plus, I think he was giddy for having Adam back on the show and acted like a school girl with a crush. I loved it.

      • HannaB

        I agree wholeheartedly!!

      • Cherry

        soooo true. so very true.

      • Louann

        I agree also!

      • Tommy

        The show has lost:

        Rickey Minor

        Randy’s all that’s left.

        This is more than likely the last year of AI……they just haven’t told us yet. Ryan’s just lettin’ it loose because the end is nigh.

      • liz

        It’s not Ryan’s place/role/job as host to goof off/disrespect/make his own rules regardless of whether the season is crap or not. I don’t care if he was high or sleepy or just being a jerk. The behavior is inexcusable.

    • Eric

      I agree, these guys are going to have to face all kinds of idiots in real life, so I don’t think Ryan is doing them any harm. Besides, from a viewer perspective, I think it’s hilarious to see Ryan goofing off and being a bit more personable. Whatever the reason, it’s entertaining and that is more than can be said for many of the performances – especially Tim’s!

  • RH

    No way all of that was sleep deprivation plus over caffeination. Dude was hopped up on something a little stronger.

    • Dolly

      Sleep deprivation? Really? Bull$h!+. Dude was on something stronger than coffee.

    • Elena

      Yeah, “over-caffeinated” is the excuse Ryan gave to Katie. I think it’s got to be something more like pills, not that we have actual proof. He was way too hyper and obnoxious. Since the producers have to find a new judge to replace Simon, maybe they should find a new host as well. Tim was probably pissed at Ryan for disrupting his performance, but I thought Tim handled the questions diplomatically.

    • psyche

      I’ve just come off a period of 3 months where I was working 10-15 hour days and weekends straight, with a couple of near all-nighters for good measure (which is why i’m slacking now). after a while, you do get… squirelly.

      i’ve been watching AI for awhile and i’ll give Seacrest the benefit of the doubt, because whatever else he may be, he seems savvy and self-interested enough to not get into drugs simply because he would not want anything to interfere with his quest to take over the world.

    • Kat

      Perhaps too much radiation from tanning and it’s finally affecting his brain? I mean…look at that man’s skin. Look at him next to Jane Lynch in that picture. It ain’t RIGHT!

      • Adam


  • Andre

    Unfortunately it seems that Ryan has morphed himself from host to featured entertainer. Anything that distracts from the Idol contestants performances is not helping them, but hindering them.

    His role is to connect the segments, fill time and keep things moving, not to draw attention to himself. The contestants have been graded, so why not start grading Ryan after each show? For last night I’d give him a C.

    • ehWell

      For last night Ryan receives an F for fool, fail, flop, flunk…

      Adam didn’t need to be blindsided w a tasteless joke RE the talent of his tongue. Doubt that Leila Lambert, who was sitting next to him, enjoyed the joke at her son’s expense.

      • jenny

        i agree…..what a dooooofas

      • bhg

        u got nothing better to do than to jump on people?

      • Blech… Adamsmadam

        Really? After that performance Adam did on the one awards show and stated he was “in the moment” you’re all going to berate Ryan… Get off your fricken high horses… This year has been the worst in talent and in mentorships… The show has lost viewership (DWTS has beaten AI the past few weeks) so if Ryan’s goofy, good… because the show needs something to keep it alive.

  • whatevs

    Ryan has been every kind of inappropriate this season. Take a cue from Cat Deely.

    • RK

      He needs a crooked nose? How will that help?

      • ryanblow$hardandfa$t

        Lay off Cat… she’s got more personality and class in her little toe than Ryan could ever dream of having.

  • Kristi

    It was actually the first time in FOREVER that I actually didn’t mind listening/watching him…more sleep deprived & caffeine fueled Seacrest PUH-LEAZE!

  • Derek

    I think that Ryan is trying to out-Simon Simon, attempting to get Simon’s job next year as a judge.

    They should bring back Brian Dunkleman back as a judge…..just to piss Seacrest off. LOL

    • jen

      i love you for suggesting Dunkleman as a judge. brilliant

  • Sally

    I’m not falling for it. Ryan’s been working this schedule for a long time now. He knows how to handle it better.

    Agree with Ramo – Ryan’s prodding of Didi was ridiculous. He would have considered doing something similar to David Cook during his Idol year and his very ill brother.

    • Sally

      Woops – I mean he would have NEVER considering doing something similar to DC.

      Could be Ryan is trying to add a little life to this season (and news buzz). This cast is pretty darn dull when it comes to personality, so that is very possible.

      • Blech… Adamsmadam

        David Cook’s brother was at the show and Ryan met him. He had a different relationship with David than with Didi… Unlike other seasons in which the contestants open up ALOT, this season’s crop not so much. He was trying to get her to open up more so the audience would relate better to her.

      • Qtpii

        Ryan did prode David after he sang “Always Be My Baby”. David had tears in his eyes and Ryan kept pestering him as to why. David never answered or say why; but those of us who followed David knew.

    • Sally in Chicago

      Nah, he needs sleep or a good f**ck! Actually he needs a co-host. I nominate Kim Caldwell.

      • Gale


      • Taylor

        Kim Caldwell co-hosting would be enough to get me to stop watching for good.

  • Craig

    You say caffeine… I say cocaine err Is Paula back?

  • Ed

    I used to think Ryan was a good host, but now he’s annoying. I don’t know, maybe with his fame a bigger ego has been produced. From his comments that seem to promote his own heterosexuality (his discussion with Adam and almost every interaction he’s had with Simon), to his dancing, to him taking the hat off of the head of that guy from Glee, he’s just irritating.

  • bh

    Maybe he was drunk.

    • MurphyO

      He seemed drunk to me. Especially at the end, he was kind of slurring his words and fumbling for things to say. Being overcaffeinated and sleep-deprived wouldn’t make you do that. He seemed to be fighting to appear sober.

    • Niix Starkyller

      I’m supporting the booze suspicion. Plus, anyone else notice he muffed the corporate shout-out and called it “Exxon Immobile”?

  • Mike

    Whatever was going on today extended into this morning. I was listening to his radio show on the way to work and his behavior just seemed a bit “off.” He kept whispering into the microphone when his guests were speaking and was just being kind of rude to his guests. What gives?

    • Mike

      I’m surprised a guy was listening to his radio show. Kind of geared to the teeny bopper girl demo.

  • Jones

    It just seems so disrespectful to the contestants. I’m not the biggest fan of this lackluster season, but Ryan just seems to be making a joke of it altogether. We know you’ve made it, Ryan, but this is the only chance some of these contestants will ever have to make it in the industry. In all your attempts to be funny, you’re just coming off as mean.

    • Jaded

      He’s also been a disrespectful ass to people in the audience. It was horrible last week when he said to that guy in a T shirt and shorts “glad you dressed up for the occasion, sir.” The guy was with his kid…I thought it was pretty douchy of him. It’s American Idol, not the Oscars…do you really have to dress up?

      • susan

        I caught that too… real jerk

      • anon

        I don’t think Ryan’s comment was all that bad. American fashion has deteriorated so badly that we all tend to look like we just came from Walmart or are on our way to a baseball game. We’ve become a nation of slobs.

  • Jesse

    It kills me that someone as idiotic and awkward as Ryan Seacrest is out there making a ton of money while the rest of us are all struggling.

    • Jan

      I had the same thought… we’re suppose to feel for him because he doesn’t get enough sleep because he works too many jobs? Please, there are plenty of talented people out there to take a couple of them off your hands…We need more diversity in the biz anyway!!

      • Like

        Yeah… Do like Simon.. get a life, befriend a make up artist and get engaged…

      • Vee Nesh

        Finnally that guy got engaged ..oooooooooooooopss

    • jenny

      he really needs to be replaced. he is not funny and in fact nauseating. all he does is take up time. as much as i hate t,v,commercials i;d rather waTCH THEM THAN RYAN SEACREAST

      • bhg

        and u need to get a life!

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