'American Idol': Ryan completely loses his everlovin' mind on the scene of Top 9.2 performance night

Adam-Lambert-momImage Credit: Frank Micelotta/American Idol 2010/Getty ImagesSo I take off three weeks from collecting the best of American Idol behind-the-scenery, and what happens? Half of the ladies got the boot, Big “Stank Face” Mike got the save, and apparently, Ryan Seacrest completely lost his everloving mind. The best on-camera taste of Ryan’s spastic battiness was, of course, during Tim Urban’s dagblastit-the-kid’s-actually-getting-kinda-good performance of “I Can’t Help Falling In Love,” when Ryan randomly grabbed Michael Sarver a beefy member of Lee Dewyze’s official cheer squad and proceeded to dance with him through most of the song. (UPDATE: As that strikeout text indicates, and just to be abundantly clear, Seacrest was not dancing with former Idol contestant Michael Sarver, as Ryan joked on-air — it was with one of Dewyze’s buddies who looks vaguely Sarver-esque.) But dear readers, I promise you, that was merely a slice of the double-decker upside-down cake of crazy Ryan was baking during last night’s Top 9.2 performance show.

Ironically, the evening started out with an excess of order, as the CBS Television City pages calmly escorted the audience to their seats by lining them up outside in rows organized by section. (Usually, they kinda just swing open the doors and let everyone scatter.) I took my seat all the way stage right, and met the family seated next to me, including two daughters, the elder (Gabby) a Crystal and Siobhan fan, the younger (Sophie) a Big Mike and Siobhan fan. Just as Sophie’s father finished telling me me she’d also been excited to see Aaron Kelly peeking his head out from backstage, however, the chairperson of the Katie Stevens Booster Association swung by our section handing out extra pro-Katie signs. Wee Sophie got her adorable paws on one, and, just like that, Big Mike, Siobhan, and Aaron were plum forgotten — Sophie was Team Katie all the way. Fame, she is a fickle mistress.

After Cory the Warm-Up Comic had finished goading a grown woman to booty dance while smacking an invisible keister in front of her, the cast of Glee (sans Puck, Kurt, Quinn, Mercedes, and Rachel, but including Jacob Ben Israel) sauntered to their front-row seats with five minutes to go before air. Their presence proved so distracting — a young woman behind me literally began weeping with joy, and both sway pits pivoted in unison to stare at them — that Cory felt compelled to remind everyone that there was also a show happening on stage as well. Then Adam Lambert entered the room (with his mama behind him — that’s her pictured above next to Lambert), and the audience basically lost all control of their limbic systems.

Surprisingly, the feral enthusiasm carried over more-or-less to the Top 9 (part deux) as they entered the Idoldome, although it was not quite shared by Glambert himself — then again, the man’s delicate golf-clapping could’ve just been a byproduct of the five pounds of jewelry weighing down his hands. As the Idols took their place on the Thunderstairs, the sway pit shifted their conspicuous gawking from the Glee cast to Lambert. A dude from Casey’s official fan contingent enthusiastically waved at Casey, and Casey sheepishly waved back. Cory introduced Ryan with his usual dramatic wind-up, but Seacrest didn’t show, appearing instead with just seconds to go, swinging his arms like a champeen boxer. Because if there’s anything that looks natural on Ryan Seacrest’s frame, it’s boxing. And this…was the beginning of Ryan’s downward spiral into madness American Idol.

The Idols scampered off stage, the judges entered through the Thunderscreen, and Kara scampered over to Glambert so she could quickly envelop him in her arms. Then Simon shook his hand. When Ryan touted last week’s “dramatic reshults schow,” I could feel Smirkelstiltskin, my personal snark demon, begin to stir a bit from his Idol-boredom-induced coma. During the Elvis/Vegas/Glambert video package, Ellen and Randy chatted as Debbie the Stage Manager moved the bodyguard sitting next to Glambert away so Ryan to slip onto his seat instead. For the first half of their on-camera conversation, I noticed only Ellen bothered to physically watch at Ryan and Adam directly. After Ryan noted that Adam’s tongue was much more talented than his, however, all four judges turned their attention to the Idol host and season 8 runner-up. Simon and Randy playfully wagged their fingers at Ryan; Smirkelstiltskin, meanwhile, started softly wagging his scaly tail.

Crystal tore through “Saved,” and Lambert was the first to lead the audience in an enthusiastic standing ovation. Crystal herself couldn’t help but make an adorably corny raise-the-roof gesture. As MamaSox took in her critique, Ellen began a semi-regular habit of craning her neck to see Adam Lambert’s reactions.

We entered our first ad break. Simon zipped out immediately. Kara threw her arms once again over Lambert’s body. Ellen simply hugged him, and then took a photo op with him and Randy. Lambert then held court with Mezhgan Hussainy (i.e. Simon’s fiancée and an Idol make-up stylist), and associate music directors Michael Orland and Dorian Holley. Randy shook hands with the Glee cast. And over by the stage right silver stools, Ryan manically talked at Andrew Garcia while Andrew somnambulantly nodded.

We came back from the break, Andrew like wow-ed his way through his interview with Ryan, and Simon watched with his lower lip pushed out. Adam Lambert told Andrew he was boring, Ryan introduced Andrew’s song, and then the wheels officially exploded off the wagon. In seasons past, both your Aunt Whittlz and I have witnessed Ryan Seacrest’s attempts at dancing, which have always been akin to someone trying really hard to hide the fact that his muscles are randomly firing at will. But as the band began the opening bars of “Hound Dog,” nothing prepared me for Ryan launching into what I can only describe as a hybrid of the cha cha and Irish step-dancing as performed by an five-year-old who really, really, really has to pee. Suffice it to say, Smikelstiltskin sat bolt upright on my shoulder, and broke open his emergency lobster bib, ’cause this night was turning into one juicy meal.

As you saw, it got even juicier during Tim Urban’s performance, when Ryan grabbed a male Lee Dewyze fan and slow danced through a good two thirds of his performance, right on through to the end. What you couldn’t hear, however, was the audible audience laughter at the sight of Ryan’s waltzing; say what you will about Tim’s Idol journey, but not even Sanjaya was treated with that kind of disrespect while he was performing on live national television.

When the show went into an ad break, Randy worked his way back to the Glee cast, this time focusing his attention on Matthew Morrison and Jane Lynch. Kara and Ellen entered from their off stage break gabbing away like Sex and the City besties. There was nary a sign, in other words, that anyone seemed at all miffed over Ryan’s on-air prancing, and after he introduced Lee’s “A Little Less Conversation,” Seacrest continued the outré kookitude, prancing out of the studio while strumming an air guitar and thrusting his face just inches away from a grey-haired man in Siobhan’s official fan delegation. After the judge finished heaping their oh-sweet-jeebus-we’ve-got-to-make-this-some-kind-of-horse-race over-praise upon Lee’s performance, Ryan introduced Aaron Kelly’s mentor video package, and then dipped the mic stand as if it was his new dance partner.

After that, Ryan kept almost all his shenanigans on camera — the Dunkleman joke, the girlish squealing while introducing Casey, etc. — save the moment during the final ad break when he started chatting up the cast of Glee, which, like his earlier talk with Andrew, consistent mostly of Ryan nattering away and Jane Lynch and Matthew Morrison nodding with deliberately neutral expressions. Ryan became so preoccupied with his “conversation” that Debbie had to practically scream “SEACREST!” at him to get the man to his mark with barely seconds before we were back on the air.

Otherwise, the night’s behind-the-scenes highlights were few and far between:

1) Siobhan took her seat next to Glambert looking utterly, irretrievably smitten.
2) Randy brought Simon over to greet the Glee folks, and Simon shook their hands like a man politely meeting the friends of his in-laws. Later, when Ryan gave the show’s official “shout out to Glee,” all the judges turned their chairs to wave at the cast, except Simon, who cheerfully faced forward with a rueful smile.
3) Sweet little Sophie jumped up and down for something from Cory the Warm Up Comic’s bag of swag with such fervor that she started physically shaking the entire rafters. She never got a thing.
4) During the final two ad breaks, the stage left swaybots filed along the aisle in front of the Glee cast so the stagehands could move in Katie and Casey’s performance platforms. But the swaybots were apparently instructed to face the stage at all times, so twice over the Glee peeps were left with a view of everyone’s backsides.
5) After the Top 9 (redux) greeted Matthew Morrison, Jane Lynch, Cory Monteith, and Adam Lambert on stage during the performance recap package, Tim and Crystal did a spontaneously doofy dance together.

Finally, as the show’s PR reps pulled me backstage for the new post-show Idol press Q&As (more on that in a sec), I passed the aforementioned chairperson of the Katie Stevens Booster Association, who had returned to collect the signs she’d distributed at the start of the show. “I hope you guys all got on TV,” she sweetly chirped, as she plucked wee Sophie’s sign away from her.

Check back on Popwatch later today for highlights from the backstage press interviews with the Top 9 (version two), including what they think real culprit was for Ryan’s bizarre behavior, and why Casey James chose such an obscure Elvis song. You can click here, meanwhile, for Adam Lambert’s response to Idol exec producer Ken Warwick’s recent comments to EW that Lambert’s career is “struggling.”

In the meantime, what do you make, P-Dubs, of Ryan’s outbreak of oddness? Do you think Tim Urban deserves an apology from him?

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  • Jean Guy Levesque

    Teflon Tim will win the whole thing and join Marky Mark, Vanilla Ice and Snow as the greatest white losers in music history. Vive la Quebec!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • gigi

      You mentioned Snow…I heart you!!

    • Scooter

      Tim totally deserves an on-air apology from Ryan. If not, Ryan officially moves from dbag to mega-dbag status.

  • Elizabeth

    It was hard to pay attention to the performances over Ryan’s ever-increasing “misbehavior” (and I cleaned that up… I have a few, NSFW terms I could also use). Between the reference to Tim Urban as “Turbin”, dancing through Tim’s performance with Michael Sarver from last season (who should have been asking himself, ‘would I have wanted someone to mock me during my potentially-last performance like this?’) and the Dunkleman joke (Really Ryan, a Dunkleman joke? That was about funny as it was timely.), our fair-haired, minty-freshed-breath host has reached new levels of ego. I’d say he’s teetering on sociopath at this point, but I’ll wait a couple months till we hit the summer doldrums, and breaking on E!News is that he’s entered rehab for whatever reason. (the reason being a last-gasp attempt at being relevant.)

    • wakeforce

      Sociopath is such a strong word. Ryan hasn’t murdered anyone and other people have called Tim Turban. (I don’t think smiley Tim is having a fit over any of it.)

      • Elizabeth

        I did hedge my bet and say “teetering” ;)

      • JMB

        BTW, and I’m not trying to be a troll, but “sociopath” does not mean “murderer.” I think Ryan was on something last night–he was manic!

      • *cringes*

        Um. Sociopath =/= murderer.

      • Hendryx

        Sociopath is lingo for ‘antisocial personality disorder.’ It has to do with possessing a pathological lack of empathy with others. Makes people into liars and conmen, that sort of thing. Nothing to do with doing Irish Jigs on TV *OR* murdering anyone.

      • t

        look up the definition of sociopath. it doesn’t mean murderer.

    • Barbara

      Wow no sense of humor.. this is what Ryan gets paid for….. Simon needs to put in his place and Ryan does a great job.

      • Elizabeth

        Everyone, raise your hand if you think Ryan is being “funny”?

        Looking around….

      • Gina

        *sits on hands*

      • coco

        I thought he was amusing, he made a fool out of himself but it was entertaining. The tongue joke may have been a little out of line but it was hilarious. And actually made it sound as if RYAN knew where Adam’s tongue had been (lmaaaaaaaao, sorry for the image). With Adam’s reaction, it was the best little candid moment of the Season. Whether Ryan was just high on energy trying to spice up the show or high on something else I don’t care, the show was the most entertaining this Season, awkward moments and all.

      • Amelia

        If “funny” is as disrespectful as dancing & making the audience laugh distractedly at you during a contestants weekly 2-minutes of fame, NO Ryan was not funny but way out of line. American Idol is first & formost about the singing. Even terrible auditioners this season were treated to more respect than Tim was last night. Save the schoolboy jokes & attention-seeking behaviour until AFTER Tim’s two minutes of singing, Ryan!

      • Go Gina Go

        I love you, Gina! LOL

      • Deb

        Gosh so serious..This season is horrible, it needs some laughs.

    • sonja

      I think Ryan having so many jobs is catching up to him, and he has to take something to keep going. Ryan is the new Paula!!!

      • surya

        But Paula was charming and funny when she was out of control; Seacrest is just nasty.

      • Lisa

        Shows what a bunch of dullards we have this year (with two or three exceptions) that most of the comments today are about Ryan. Despite what Big Mike thinks about his ability to put on a show, Ryan’s become the most entertaining one onstage.

      • D

        I stopped watching this season because Paula is gone. I tuned in a few mins early for Glee and see Ryan acting like a schoolgirl. Guess the show thinks crazy might help the ratings or something.

    • brandy

      Clearly they gave Ryan whatever Paula used to take backstage.

      • Ryan’s Pharmacist

        I told him not to take more than one of those. They never listen.

      • Jean


    • brent

      he’s ridin’ that train
      of cocaine!

      • swthompson

        and he’s not even casey jones!

    • 2t2tag

      that and WAY too much botox. numbs the brain.

    • Kat

      *word, not work!

  • Elizabeth

    PS: Mama Lambert could play Cuddy’s sister on “House”.

    • Karlover

      I thought she looked like Megan Mullally. But I like the Cuddy comparison too.

      • Big Dave

        See, I thought she looked like Monica Lewinsky.

      • Ben

        Pls. Lambert’s mom is a MILF. Way cuter than Monica.

      • Tracy

        I think she looks like Megan Mullally, too.

    • Kevin

      Yeah you’re right. Adam’s mother does look like she could be Cuddy’s sister on House. I kept wondering who she looked like. She seems to travel a lot with her son.

    • pinkdog

      totally thought she was jillian from the bachelorette. had no idea til i read the recaps this morning!

      • cc

        And she always reminded me of Marlo Thomas….

  • wakeforce

    This is NOT the first time I have been disgusted by Ryan’s antics. Getting all up in Simon’s face, making stupid jokes. I guess the struggle to stay in the closet has proven too much for him. Someone on another board says that Ryan is trying to usurp Kara’s role of Idol fool.
    Also, am I the only one who is getting a bit tired of Simon’s contrary attitude with Kara, who is actually been spot-on with some of her critiques,(I know, hard to believe!)unlike Ellen, who is afraid to say anything useful.

    • DC

      Re. Kara, I couldn’t agree more. Last year I found her incredibly annoying, but this year she seems to be the voice of reason. Almost every one of her critiques is constructive and valid.

      • Deb

        I totally disagree with your take on Kara this year…if anything she is obnoxious, falling all over Mike Lynch and Casey…and her outright jealousy (confusion) of Siobhan Magnus is papable, the singer that was on last week that she has mentored or supported was absolutly horrible, in fact I can’t remember his name and don’t want too. I was so mad at her last nite I felt like giving up on Idol for the year. All Simon and Kara do is confuse the poor contestants that are singing their hearts out so they don’t know what to do too please them. One thing is for sure Kara is just plain jealous of Siobhans versitality and talent. Her confusion comes because she is too involved with money making to recognize true talent.

      • Shady Lady

        I find Kara annoying this year. She goes on and on, likes to hear herself talk. I think she totally confuses the contestants. And what with her head sliding side to side when she talks? Creepy!

      • stacey

        Very well said Deb! I normally don’t and haven’t watched American Idol until one evening I had it tuned in as background noise, when I heard Siobahn sing “Paint it Black”, she caught my attention. Last night Kara was all over the place. You are correct to say she does confuse the contestants and “her” performer last week was terrible! I was shocked to see she didn’t like Casey’s performance. It didn’t move me either but it’s noticable she judges him for his looks not his talent. I’m confused by the whole American Idol thing.. they give advice and when the performer listens they ridicle them the next week for what they did (following the advice). Case in pin point- Siobahn, she has this amazing voice. When she would sing the high notes they tell her to tame it and try to do something different. She tames it, does something different and then they come back as they did last night and tell her they miss her high note capabilities. Crazy, poor girl can’t imagine her confusion but she does hold her own even towards Simon.

      • @Deb

        You are wrong. Kara was spot on right about Siobhan last night – in fact, she was downright polite about it, the truth is, Siobhan sucks and Kara scould have said that, but she was honestly trying to stear her into a direction that might actually help her. To say that Kara is jealous of a freaky twit like Siobhan is just laughable!LOLLOLOLOL!

      • Aunt Blabby

        Kara’s continued inability to “get” Siobhan just makes her look dumb. I would conclude that’s because she IS dumb, but I don’t think she’s being sincere. She just wants to torpedo Siobahn.

      • anonymous

        Lot of bitter Siobhan fans on here. Your girl is good but Kara’s paid to give construction criticism, and you know what? Sometimes Siobhan needs it. Learn to deal with it, fanboys/girls.

      • randomfan

        Dear @Deb, Siobhan is not a freaky twit, and she probably sings a hell of a lot better than you can. If you don’t like Siobhan, that’s okay. Insulting her so blatantly, however, is downright sad. Get a life.

        Sincerly, randomfan

        P.S.: Ryan was pretty crazy. He’s a strange guy…

      • @Deb

        now@randomfan, You are right, Siobhan sings much better than I ever could, but I am not competing.If I were I would try to grow from critiques from people who are in the business. She obviously would rather pout and hope all the people who see her as some kind of hero for self-expression will keep voting for her.Would that be you? Keep deluding yourself, sweetie.

      • Aunt Blabby

        Hey, anonymous

        Making a face and saying “Duh, I just don’t get it” isn’t constructive criticism. It’s an admission of cluelessness and of being unqualified to be a judge.

      • ann Cohen

        Personally I think the judges’ comments have been mainly helpful this year. I like what Ellen brings to the conversation. She admittedly is not in the music industry, but rather comments from a fellow entertainer’s perspective. Plus, she offers somewhat of an “average viewer’s” perspective. Each judge seems to be looking from a little bit different angle.
        Regarding Siobhan; that girl’s got a voice, but I really want to see the girl we get glimpses of during rehearsals. I sense she’s simply performing; putting on an act when she’s on stage. Compared to Adam Lambert; with Adam, what you see is what you get, on stage or off. I’d like to see that kind of authenticity with Siobhan. Dress up the girl we see in rehearsal a little bit and I think she’d be [come across the t.v. screen] GREAT! There’s somewhat of a mismatch for me when I see her perform.

      • tessie

        I get the feeling that Kara is becoming Simon’s female counterpart & has her eye on his chair when he vacates it next year. She’s too mean to Siobhan & Katie … IMO

      • mark

        to @deb. I agree with you for some points, but calling a teenager a freaky twit is so out of line. Criticize her singing, but I think attacking her personality and style (both of which have been mostly quirky and endearing) so cold hearted. No, you won’t be winning a singing contest and you definitely aren’t in the running for miss congeniality either.

      • chris ford

        I like Siobhan, so I’ll weigh in too. Kara’s problem is not just with Siobhan, but any girl not named Crystal that started this competition.
        They always say the worst enemy young women have in the workplace is that older worker that takes on a personal female pet while openly or deceitfully working and hoping for each other younger woman to fail.
        Kara is like that.
        Look at who was most negative about Lily, Lacey, Paige, Didi, Katie, and now Siobhan. While in 8 weeks, if she has said a single negative thing about a Crystal performance, I missed it.
        My “backlash” is I now add an additional text vote for Siobhan that I think of as my “so there, Kara!” vote..which is also made with how brutal she was towards Paige and Didi in mind. And for her deliberately conflicting advice she threw at Katie to confuse her and sap Katie’s confidence.
        I also don’t get her slavish adulation of Big Mike. This woman is supposed to be a record producer?? And doesn’t have a clue of Big Mikes cheesy phoniness or his good vocals pushing unmarketable music???

  • talkin’

    Haven’t watched this season at all; only tuned in for Adam. Who did a great job.
    Yes, Seacrest will likely appear tonight apologizing, “explaining” without explaining his dopey behaviour. Dopey. As in: dopey.
    The whole show reeks of faded glory. And egomania. Producer (director?) Warwick’s comments about Lambert yesterday were so off the mark they too were: dopey. The show needed Lambert more than he needs them. So glad he is out of there.
    The shark was jumped last season. Bye bye Miss American Pie.

  • dctoronto

    Does anyone know whose voice we are hearing at the beginning of the show when the judges and ryan are introduced?

    • BG

      Not sure if someone in a later post responded, but the guy is Mark Thompson from LA’s FOX station – does the weather on the 10:00pm newscast.

  • Caramia

    I swear Ryan was comletely high last night. Not sure on what, but maybe he was nervous his mother was there. He’s never acted that crazy. But honestly, stoned Ryan was pretty fun to watch.
    And, was I the only one disappointed that Dunkleman isn’t REALLY co-hosting next week?

    • JenR

      I would love to see Dunkleman! He’s just what we need this season. He never took the show seriously, and I am sure having trouble taking it seriously this season. I think he would say what we are all thinking.

      • Al

        Simon should invite him on X-Factor.

    • pot

      People are overreacting, Ryan just wanted to spice up the show. Sometimes you’re in one of those naturally high moods.

      • swthompson

        you don’t mean chronically high?

    • ann Cohen

      I’m so glad to read these posts. I thought it was just me, but now I understand, Ryan was actually a little wacko last night. I agree. How rude to be DANCING during Tim’s performance. Good grief!

  • Jenn

    I seriously thought Ryan was on some sort of medication. He was even more incoherent than usual. His dancing through Tim Urban’s song was extremely rude and disrespectful. I can’t believe the producers didn’t shut him down.

    • Shady Lady

      I totally agree, Jenn. He was rude, childish and out in space somewhere. If he is trying to get Idol ratings up, he is going down the wrong road. He was pathetic!!

    • Dolly

      He slurred his words at the end of the show, too.

    • JESUS

      It’s clear the producers told Ryan to spice up the show a bit. Simon was so in on the whole thing otherwise he wouldn’t have called the dancing during Urban’s perf “beautiful”, he’d have mocked Ryan all “wth was that Seacrest???” The judges all knew.

    • jessanjll

      Ryan reminds me of me……But I had a stroke last year and sometimes my words come out wrong. What is his excuse unless he is on drugs.. I used to like him, but he is just downright obnoxious now. Guess the big raise went to his pointed little head.

  • Bob Frapples

    As soon as I heard the guy slur out the phrase “reshults schow,” I knew it was going to be a bumpy night. This season is a hot mess.

    • brent

      hilarious! i heard the same thing and thought – – oh s-h–t – – here we gooooooo!

    • Dallas

      And he followed “reshults’ with, “…one of music’s biggest icons! Take a look at th-th-this, friends.”
      It only stood out because Seacrest is practically perfect in his speech delivery.

      • WhatWasThat

        See, now I had thought that the “th-th-this” was an attempt to immitate Elvis.

  • mandy

    What about when Ryan rubbed his hands through some dudes afro then rubbing the cooties off his hands vigourously before shaking hands on with Lambert. Nice!

    • Janizzle

      Yes! How ridiculous! But I guess that guy is on Glee? Better than a random stranger, but still bizarre!

      • D

        If it was the glee club coach, then there is an ongoing joke on Glee about how he puts too much product in his hair.

    • Laura

      I know right? What the heck was that??

  • Sally in Chicago

    Could it be his behavior is due to overwork and lack of sleep?

    • Cat

      Poor Ryan, he is so self absorbed in his 16 hour days of all ryan all the time, he is delusional as to his greatness as the host with the most! I see Julianna Ransic interact with him on the E shows and there is a disconnect there, something is up with Mr. Ryan i think so sad

  • Rachel K

    Was he on drugs or drunk? Or perhaps he lost a bet of some kind? The whole thing was utterly bizarre.

    • Jen

      Based on the fact that he used to be professional and respectful, I would guess it’s drugs, maybe because he’s trying to keep himself going all the time. He’s unrecognizable anymore. It’s painful to watch.

      • Dolly

        Maybe he had a mental breakdown.

      • D

        I don’t think that he was always respectful, but he could at least articulate very well.

    • Tracy

      I think Ryan’s exhausted from trying to keep all of his 74,432 jobs at once. I think he’s starting to crack under the pressure. I hate to accuse someone of drug abuse, but how can he explain his bizarre behavior and hyperactivity over the past few weeks? He needs to take a real vacation after this season!

  • Lin

    Ryan’s dancing with a male through most of Tim’s performance was not only disrespectful, but completely unprofessional and immature. He acted like an idiot. Too bad Tim just couldn’t have stopped singing and told Ryan to take a frickin’ seat.

  • Me

    Don’t blame Ryan.
    This is the result of surpressing his excitement of meeting Adam for a week. When he finally sees Adam, it is no wonder his inner self is revealed.

    • lol

      He’s totally surpressing his gay flag.

  • Carolyn

    Ryan is losing it! It even sounds more bazaar when I read this recap! I believe he is on something.. and does anyone else thing he has put on some weight-in the face- or is it my TV? Yes, he owes an apology to Tim, and you forgot to mention his little conversation in the audience with Mommy Connie. She must be proud! Ugh.

    • AliFran

      When the show began and Ryan put his face up to the camera and said”This Is American Idol!” I thought his face looked very puffy, like a cartoon, but I thought it might have been the camera angle. He was really over the top last night,very inappropriate.

      • Jordan

        I thought his eyes looked glittery, like maybe he was sick and took too much cold medicine?

      • Lisa

        Maybe he’s in love and really happy?

    • in love

      LOL like Tom Cruise….shudder.

      • Lisa

        Yeah, exactly like Tom Cruise…oh…

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