'Lost' Instant Reaction: 'Everybody Loves Hugo' -- but did everyone love this episode?

I’ll answer my own question: Emphatically, EXPLOSIVELY, yes! SPOILER ALERT! The following Popwatch item contains key plot points from tonight’s episode of Lost. If you don’t want to know stuff, stop reading right here and amuse yourself with my ruminations of progressive rock and and the film Up In The Air. If you want to know stuff, please, continue your heroic journey forward into my dark and stormy head. Please, bring a torch.

Chaos reigns. That’s the tagline from the controversial film Antichrist, the feel-bad love story of the decade, and it can just as easily be applied to last night’s episode of Lost, which despite being a charming feel-good love story about Sideways Hurley and his nutty gal-pal Libby left me feeling disturbed and unnerved. Taking its cue from those “highly unstable” sticks of Black Rock dynamite, “Everybody Loves Hugo” was another sweet-and-funny installment in the larger Hurley sub genre, but punctuated with massive, momentous WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!? outbreaks of explosive shocks, head-spinning twists, and narrative anarchy. Ilana blew up. The Black Rock got blown up. SatanaLocke threw Island Desmond down a well while Sideways Desmond ran down Sideways Locke with his car, leaving everyone’s favorite clone world substitute biology/PE teacher a bloody, convulsing bag of bones. Immediately after watching the episode, my colleague Adam B. Vary stumbled into my office, shaken by Sideways Desmond’s apparent demonic turn and even more by Sideways Locke’s life-threatening peril. Sideways Locke! Why does the cosmos hate this man? What remains of our beloved man of faith? Sleeping Beauty Hurley may have gotten a magical kiss of awakening from Princess Charming Libby, but all we got was Kiss’ “All Hell’s Breaking Loose.”

Of course, almost every single statement in that preceding paragraph is open for debate and interpretation, and I shall do my level best to mull all the provocative possibilities as I put together my recap tonight. (UPDATE: Click the link to see Doc Jensen’s full recap of this week’s Lost episode, “Everybody Loves Hugo.”) Don’t worry: I’ll make sure to cover the return of Michael, the revelation about The Whispers, and spend thousands of words pretentiously explicating the significance of that book Hurley found in Ilana’s things, a minor, shallow work of literature entitled Notes From The Underground by some dead Russian hack named Dostoevsky. In the meantime, you can watch some Totally Lost. Or you can use the message boards below to start blasting my pretentiousness and redeem it with insightful conversation. But hey: existentialism in action! My errors + your corrective notes from the (message board) underground = an riotous and disagreeable dialectic that produces consciousness and hopefully enlightenment! So come on, “You All Everybody!” It takes a village to figure out Lost, so start blathering already!

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  • vickdang

    holy car accident!

    • H Dawg

      Desmond was probably knocked out when Locke threw him down the well. Sohe was able to “flash” to the other reality where he remembered what Locke did. This is why he tried to kill Locke?


      • R

        That is exactly why what I thought when he ran Locke over. Maybe it will cause Locke to flash to the island world taking his body back over.

      • JasonInDFW

        No, I think he just takes different approaches to helping people remember their island world memories. Probably based upon what he knows about them from his own “memories.”

      • Lisa Simpson

        Jason, I think you may be right, though I wasn’t sure how to interpret Desmond’s little smile when he smacked into Locke.

      • Sharlin

        I think he’s jolting people. Hurley kisses Libby and remembers… Locke gets run over which means he will go to the hospital, jack will operate and be able to walk again and will remember, etc.

      • forrest

        Charlie’s near death experience is what got him in touch with his ‘other’ memories/life. Sideways “Locke” will have his moment of revelation after this accident.

      • Natalie M

        I think it is because he is trying to shock Locke into realizing the Island reality, similar to Desmond’s near death experience drowning in the car.

      • amy

        desmond needs jack to save car bashed locke in order for them both to have their island alternate life awakening!

      • Munz

        You are totally right. Sideways Desmond doesn’t have a son named Charlie, so Island Desmond’s consciousness is definitely in this body. Wow. This stuff gets better every week!

      • McFudge

        My husband’s theory, which I love, is that Sideways Locke will be taken to the (apparently only) hospital in LA, where he will be seen by a certain spinal surgeon we all know and love, who will…..fix him.

      • Dubious MindBomb

        My thought is that Sideways Locke is Smokey living the life that he never could on the Island.

      • JasonInDFW

        I don’t think that Island Desmond moves in and subsumes Sideways Desmond’s persona. I think Sideways Desmond has had flashes of Island Desmond and is aware of Charlie via those “memories.”

        I think Sideways Locke is just Locke, not Smokey. I think Desmond hit him to jog his Island “memories.” He is smiling, because it is one more person done, closer to his goal of bringing all passengers elightenment. I don’t think it was any sort of revenge for throwing him into the well.

      • Brendan Ryan

        Maybe the losties are remembering their island experiences the way they left the island, Charlie and Locke have near death experiences, yet desmond have their epiphonies from emotional experiences in the here and now, some people may argue that Desmond was a near death experience but if you think about it he was already out of the car and could have come up for air at any time, then again libby was dead when they left island time and had her flashes from a commercial so maybe I am just overthinking myself

      • XSEDrake

        A couple possibilities I would suggest: One, Desmond is trying to trigger something in SideLocke like was triggered in SideCharlie – a traumatic/near-death event to make him aware of the island reality. Two – If a character dies in the SideWays world, they are not long for the Island world either, and Desmond is hoping to kill IslandLocke, though he is of course not actually Locke. and Three – Desmond is trying to trigger SideLocke to visit SideJack to get all these people assembled. But mostly Four – I honestly have no idea.

      • Brendan Ryan

        Sorry “Desmond and Hurley have their….”

      • Sydney

        Yes, I agree! the scene reminded me of when Locke fell off the 8th floor when his father pushed him and how he got into a wheelchair in the island world. Also when Jacob touched him. I really wonder what each person’s island memory “trigger” is.

      • Anne

        I think he believes that he needs to cause a traumatic injury to John in order to “re-awaken” his island memories. I’ll be the first to admit I’m wrong, but the shot of Locke opening his eyes reminded me of him awakening on the island and realizing he could walk.

      • jw


        Desmond touched his “constant”, Penny, and integrated those two worlds. Using the flight manifest, he is connecting others with their constants…Hugo with Penny. And John will wind up in the hospital where Jack will save him…and they will both connect. Watch for Sawyer and Juliet to meet in Sideways wrold. As Doc hypothesized, Charlie’s constant was heroin. Of course, this breaks down when you get to Jin and Sun.

      • Brian

        I like the idea that MiB has more of Locke in him than he wants to admit. I’m thinking this happened because “it worked.” The creation of the Sideways-flash by Jughead recreated Locke and locked MiB into that form. Whether or not Sideways Desmond knew that when he ran him down is up for debate. So what if Sideways Jack fixes up Locke, but MiB wakes up in his place?

      • mcl

        Eh. I don’t think Desmond would have it in him to run someone over – basically trying to murder Locke. Unless Des didn’t care if he died. You definitely don’t decide to run someone over just “kinda” to try and jog their island memory. He wouldn’t have known if he was by chance accidentally going to kill him… killing him maybe wouldn’t have bothered him…Desmond was clearly being influenced with what happened on the island – MIB/Locke throwing him into the well. Maybe not necessarily revenge, but i do think it was because of what just happened on island… opinion..

      • John

        But here’s the thing- Island Desmond seemed to honestly believe he was dealing with John Locke, not MIB. Could this mean Sideways Desmond was making a huge mistake, killing John Locke because he thought Locke was evil due to getting thrown in the well?

      • mcl

        Thats exactly what i think. I think Desmond may have made a huge mistake. Just like Hugo walking the candidates right into Smokey’s hands… maybe.

      • jen L

        I too think that Desmond ran Locke down in sideways world as a result of Island Locke throwing him down the well.

      • Maria

        Desmond ( Island ) knew it was the MIB, and not Locke. He also knew, that MIB was going to try and kill him.
        This was the plan.

      • Atlantaseabreeze

        think he remembers both worlds and runs over Locke to help them merge more quickly and deal with MIB. Remember, MIB is having “cracks” of John Locke consciousness-this will help sideways Locke remember and integrate into MIB more.

      • popojijo

        Didn’t Jack and Locke already “connect” in the lost baggage office? Clearly the connection wasn’t complete, but I don’t think it has to be a traumatic event to spur a memory.

      • b.a.youngerman

        The look on Desmond’s face was one of revenge. He seemed hell-bent on inflicting damage on sideways Locke. If he just wanted to jolt Locke “awake,” he sure could have done it in a less life-threatening way. I do agree that Locke will have a vision, though.

      • myshepard

        i do agree that desmond was probably trying to jolt lockes memory, but have a feeling in my mind that he is aware now of whats going on in both worlds and even though he the locke he hit wasnt smokey, the sly smile suggested a sort or victory and since of satisfaction for what he had done rolling over our friend in the wheelchair. but seriously did it have to be a drive by, why not a nice game of backgammon to jog his memory

      • April C

        I thought Desmond hit Locke as a step towards gathering everyone at Jack’s hospital…

      • Keith

        Remeber, FLocke said that to leave the island they “all have to be together”. Just like how they GOT to the island. What if they all have to be together in the island world AND the sideways world. To leave the island world and enter the sideways world. What if Desmonds actions in both worlds are helping that?

      • Jason

        Sorry but I think you guys got it WRONG. Yes, Desmond can travel/live in both worlds so he helped Hurley. However, when Flocke asked if he knew him he said he was John Locke. I don’t think Des knows its MIB. So when FLocke pushed him into the well He wanted revenge on John Locke (running him down). I think his error will bring Locke to Jack. The BIG question of the night is who is that kid and what does he represent?

      • Weaziller

        Desmond’s making sure Jack performs surgery on Locke, because he was always meant to be able to walk again. I think Des is 100% aware of everything that’s going to happen and what needs to be done, including the well incident.

      • Deadheading

        Well, maybe the whole “Sideways” IS a result of MIB escaping, and Desmond in the sideways world now realizes this and tried to destry him. But the result may just be that Locke will get fixed by Jack – with a side order of both timelines merging making Island FLocke more of real John Locke in the process thereby giving the Candidates the upper hand in preventing the Sideways form happiening by preventing Flocke from escaping….of course there will be a heavy price in all of this.

      • Iggy

        It looks like the island is shaping up like season 1 in that all the original castaways (that are still alive) are mostly reunited now that Jack, Hurley and Sun have arrived. Desmond is back under the ground (like in the hatch in season 1). We just need Jin, Rose and Vincent back with the group. That just leaves Walt and Aaron missing.

      • MDS

        Locke’s trigger will be when he is in the hospital after jack has cured his paralysis and he looks down to see his toes wiggle.

      • MONIQUE


      • Laura G.

        This entire strain of thought, were all of the thoughts going through my mind on why Desmond ran down Locke last night. The only thing I can add, is it seems very risky to hit Locke that hard with a car just to trigger his memory. How do you know you won’t kill him? That’s what makes me lean to thinking that Desmond knows from his flashes that Locke is evil on the island. Perhaps he is trying to kill Locke so that MIB can not “pass over” to the sideways world and have an escape from the island.

      • Megan

        I thought the exact same thing. When UnLocke asked Desmond if he knows who he is and Desmond said “of course, John Locke”…I sat there and tried to remember if Desmond ever knew that John had died. When Smokey pushed him down the well, Desmond thought it was really Locke and therefore wanted to get some revenge in the Sideways World. I’m also thinking that Jack will be Locke’s surgeon and will go ahead and fix that spine for him!

      • L

        Desmond must be a candidate too because he could see the boy. MIB knew then that he was important and had to get rid of him. Also I think MIB’s plan is to get the candidates to kill each other since he is not allowed.

      • Kerrie

        Munz, I could be mistaken, but didn’t Desmond have a son with Penny, named Charlie, before Whitmore kidnapped him and brought him back to the island. Maybe he remembers his son.

      • Chris

        That was my first thought as well, something in Island land gets translated to Sideways land. Remember the scars on Jack and Sun that they noticed only after events took place on the island.

        What I REALLY want to know is what was in the little bag/sack that Hurley found!? He totally changed his tone after he saw whatever was in there!

      • seeweda

        Nope my thoughts are he ran Locke over knowing that he will be taken to Jack’s hospital. Jack will operate on him and save him and also cure Sideways Lockes paralysis.

      • KJ

        @McFudge: I had the same idea! John throwing away Jack’s offer for a surgical consult in the first ep of the season was him turning his back on faith; Des running him down will force him to have surgery, get healed, and get back on the “Man of Faith” path. And then he’s going to bring MIB down. Or something.

      • Sharnita

        to be fair, sideways Desmond could have chosen the name Charlie for his ficticious son in honor of his boss

      • Mike R

        I think that Desmond it actually trying to awaken two people. Locke, obviously, and Ben. Remember, Ben killed Locke. So for Locke to awaken his Island life, he will also awaken the memory of being killed by Ben. Sideways Ben, on the other hand actually has Island memories with his Dad, who is now in a wheelchair. Island Ben also killed his father. So there are a couple people being awakened by that single action.

      • Rachel

        Desmond has the capacity to see the future. I bet he knew that if he ran over Locke with the car he would live and Jack would be the one to work on him. The look of vengence on Desmond’s face could also account for the fact that he knows that Flocke just tossed him down a well and it felt good to run him over with a car.

      • ZzzzZ

        Jacob’s ashes are in the bag.

      • holly

        No he was in total control! Don’t get why but he wanted to do that. It will be interesting to see Locke’s recollection – will he remember bing killed by Ben?

      • Jam

        disagree, partially. In sideways world, it’s not Locke, that’s Smokey. Desmond ran down the man in black.

      • Chris

        I think that Desmond believes that if he kills sideways Locke, then Smokey will be unable to merge the two realities.

      • Bob

        If Des ran over Locke to “jolt” his memory, than that is just poor writing. Cars kill people. End of story.

      • Russ

        Desmond knows that Locke won’t die in the sideways world, because Locke is still alive (in 2004) in the island timeline. If one version of you lives, it is difficult for the other-world version to die. (And when one version of you dies – as Charlie will in the sideways world – the other one dies as well, which is what will cause Charlie’s death in the island timeline. Desmond is gathering candidates, bringing them together (like Jacob did) for a big event – the final decision in both worlds.

      • Dave

        I disagree. I’m betting when they leave the island they go to sideways world. If Desmond kills sideways Locke, then MIB can’t leave!

      • AGator

        I think Desmond jumps between realities. I thought that when right after the test, when he seemed sideways Desmond, rather than island reality Desmond. Now it went the other way, after he was dumped on the well.

      • melanie

        I cannot stand the preposterous comments here that Desmond was trying to make Locke have island memories BY RUNNING HIM OVER WITH A CAR!!!????

        That is just stupid. He tried to kill him and maybe did kill him,- not jog his memories.

        Obviously, we just saw that Desmond can see his island world, and he just experienced Locke throwing him down a well. At that point Desmond was the only one who did not know that Locke was Smokey. So he either did that thinking he was eliminating an evil Locke, OR…

        …we will find out that this sideways world time is after Smokey has escaped to the sideways world and Desmond has figured that out, and that Locke is Smokey in sideways world…OR…

        …as DAVE said in his post above, Desmond kills Locke knowing that then Smokey cannot leave the island.

      • Jeremy

        or he was trying to get him to the hospital, so he could have an MRI and remember everything just like everyone else.

      • melanie

        No, Jeremy, that is preposterous- HE HIT HIM WITH A CAR!! FOR ALL HE KNEW HE COULD HAVE KILLED HIM.

        If Locke survives being hit like that, then Desmond will know that he is Smokey because you can’t kill smokey.

      • mad maggie

        I think Desmond has already seen the end. He hit and ran Locke to make him remember the island, knowing he wouldn’t kill him. The little smile may have been because the hatch blew up because of Locke. I don’t think Des ever really cared for him anyway.

      • voluptuousdate

        Desomond time traveled after falling into the well. The island was destroyed and he went into alternate universe, and now he is trying to fix things.

    • Mary Q. Contrary

      SO. EFFING. GOOD. Lost is my boyfriend, and we make love every Tuesday night. It’s the best sex I’ve ever had.

      • Casey

        rofl, I agree.

      • Katja

        This is one of the most amazing comments about Lost that I’ve ever read.

      • (the other) Amy

        Like like like like LIKE!

      • RyanK


      • Ne Oublie

        Ooh Wee!

      • BA


      • Tuzo

        Are we hoping for a happy ending? ugh. Why did I have to go there? ;)

      • rocu

        Do you have pictures?

      • KJ

        I hear ya-Desmond is in my highlight reel.

      • Anne

        Amen Mary!I will be one lonely frustrated lady when this show ends!

      • aleksa

        That. Is. Awesome!

      • Leesha


      • Brian C.

        You are all pathetic for thinking this is funny.

      • Professoretta

        Ohhh baybee!!!

      • Michael

        Very impressed by this comment.

      • Marcus Graham

        Brian C Griffin thinks we’re pathetic for finding humor in this comment. I’m still laughing.

      • Moonwvr7

        That is one of the most unique comments about “Lost” that I’ve ever heard. Creepy and funny at the same time. :)

      • Nicholas

        Now that, ladies and gentlemen…is a true fan

      • Keith

        I feel the same way Mary. The real kinky part is, my wife watches the whole time. :)

      • Kevin from Philly

        Just remember: come May 24th, don’t go calling Lost an a-hole to all your girlfriends on the Lifetime network.

      • Jason

        I’m worried what will happen to Mary when her boyfriend leaves her in May, never to return…

      • chattypatra

        Jason, once Lost is over, I imagine that Mary will turn to Tina Fey’s brownie boyfriend from SNL.

      • Chris

        LOL–that’s awesome.

      • Jean

        Aren’t you supposed to give us a website so we can find a great boyfriend, too? LOL!

      • MAC

        Does that mean the finale will be a two-hour orgasm? Better start eating oysters now…

      • Quagmire

        Giggity Giggity

      • Moe

        Quagmire, I didn’t know you check EW. Mary Q. Contrary i’m with you on this one. I make love to Lost every tuesday, I let it ride me HARD!!

      • Mary Q. Contrary

        I’m slightly perturbed with my Wednesday lover, D.J., right now. Wherethehellismyrecap Doc?! I think I’m losing it.

    • j ay

      he did any of you guys notice that Lockes eyes changed color after he was hit by desmond they where brown then flashed blue I think that is the MIB

      • Donknottz

        I didnt see the eye change but i think it is mib.

      • lostjunkie

        Hey, yeah I did catch that. I was actually thinking I was nuts…whew!

      • RyanK

        I don’t know. I went back over it and I’m just not seeing it.

      • barb

        Yeah, didn’t see it either and I played it on slow-mo on the DVR.

      • Maria

        Locke’s eye’s Are Blue.

      • boopstir

        Oh yeah baby, they changed, they definetly got all black and ‘smoky’

      • Darwin

        So MIB escapes the island and goes on to live in Southern Cali as a paralyzed box salesman. I don’t think that’s logical. Its just regular ol’ John Locke.

    • Donknottz

      Anyone think that that sideways Locke is still the smoke monster and Desmond did that because he knows that and he wanted revenge for the well toss?

      • crispy

        No. I don’t believe anyone thinks that.

      • mcl

        He may have wanted revenge for the well tossing, Debatable. But he didn’t think sideways Locke was Smokey.

      • jillpole

        That is exactly what I’ve thought since “The Substitute”, with Locke egging Ben on to take control. The only way for Man In Black to get off the island was to take Locke’s body… perhaps that was the only way for him to get into the Sideways World he so obviously controls. He doesn’t mind being in the wheelchair like the REAL John Locke did because to him, he is finally free of the island PERIOD.

      • Skip182

        MIB clearly DOESN’T control the sideways world because Ms. Hawking is a fan of the sideways world, which means it can’t be controlled by MIB.

      • kattykat246

        How do we know that Ms. Hawking isn’t actually working with MIB?

      • JasonInDFW

        Last week I threw out the idea that Sideways Hawking is really Smokey. I mostly don’t believe that, but she did seem a little Smokey last week.

      • Sharon Mia Opinionstein

        I think Des was trying to “help” John Locke remember the himself and transport back to his body in the island, thus evicting MIB. Des is sooooo hot.

    • bedc01

      I think Desmond is making sure everyone meets in the hospital. Sun and jin will most likely be there. So is jack and sayid because of his brother, and claire I think might still be there

      • GeeMoney

        Yes. But didn’t Charlie leave the hospital?

      • Cat

        Great idea! What about Hurley though? and Ben would go with Locke… I like it

      • JasonInDFW

        I disagree. I just think Desmond is trying to “awaken” people. I don’t think he is trying to get them anywhere, at least not yet.

        But I do think a hospital meeting might happen.

      • Darwin

        Desmond has no idea that Sun and Jin are going to the hospital. All he has is the manifest.

      • BryneCZ

        I like it as well. And I wonder if the girl that Island Daniel’s former girlfriend, the one that went comatose after a time experiment and Widmore had been taken care of, is there flashing between worlds. Remember he found her during his previous time travels and his newest realization has made him realize she is a key to the mystery.

      • mad maggie

        Is there only one hospital in Los Angeles?

      • me

        What if Hurley and Libby show up to get her checked up since they realize she isn’t really nuts? Just a thought

    • Trish

      Great episode! EW: please get rid of the damn rollover ad at the bottom of the page!! It’s interfered with every comment I’ve left, plus with watching ‘Totally Lost’.

      • Banshee

        Somebody needs to download Ad Block, stat!

    • DUSTIN

      Am I the only one stoked by the Willy Wonka Rowing Song used in the Promo for next week?

      • kitkat

        no – loved it!

      • amwsm

        I am glad you mention Wonka, Because of all the connections between Lost and Wonka. Both have canidates, and are being tested, and who makes in the end, Charlie. (Is Widmore still a canidate?)

      • Luddite

        Not the only one. I did not like it because it gave me the creeps, but I kind of loved it for the same reason.

      • Michelle

        Probably not since he was “banished” but there is another Charlie still alive…and maybe that’s the sacrifice Widmore is referring to…hmmm

      • Michelle

        That was to amwsm

      • MDS

        That was incredible, I had to watch it several times. It gave me goosebumps.

      • BensConstant

        YES! That rocked. I’d forgotten how manic Gene Wilder got at the end of that…and those lyrics. Yeek! No wonder that movie freaked me the heck out as a kid!

      • Alex

        In the Gene Wilder movie, Wonka is like Jacob, bringing candidates to the factory (island) to see which one is worthy, as unworthy candidates cross themselves off the list. And Slugworth is like MiB, manipulating the candidates by placing temptations before them. Thing is, we find out in the end that Slugworth works for Wonka. I could see Alpert as an Oompa-Loompa, too, but I digress. Hope Wilder makes a cameo in the next few episodes.

      • Randi

        I loved that. You couldn’t pick a more appropriate song.

      • Randi

        Alex,wouldn’t that be perfect if Gene Wilder made a Cameo? On Jorge Garcia’s blog ‘dispatches from the island’ he mentioned about a few months ago how excited he was about a special guest star making an appearance in episode 15…a few weeks away still. Here it is: http://dispatchesfromtheisland.blogspot.com/2010/02/just-read-episode-15.html

    • Penny

      Simple question, can someone tell me how Hugo Reyes = Hurley?

      • DGH

        Its just a nickname I would assume. I have heard many nicknames that don’t make sense with the persons real name. If you are asking who gave him the nickname then I don’t know.

      • Michelle

        We also found out that Libby is short for Elizabeth. Really not Lost mystery-quality stuff.

      • Chris

        We’ve known Libby’s real name since the moment she loaned des her sailboat, the “Elizabeth”, that her kate husband named after her.

      • Chris

        Obviously I meant “late” husband (although the “kate” typo was a nice coincidence.

      • DannyK

        If I remember correctly, he introduced himself as Hurley in the first season because he thought everyone else was using aliases, and the name just stuck.

      • Jean

        It’s a nickname…’hurl-y’

      • Ne Oublie

        Maybe it’s a Twin Peaks reference?

      • graciegal

        umm…Isn’t “libby” always short for “elizabeth”? Sort of?

      • Fran

        if I remember correctly in the pilot his answer was sheepish and I got the feeling Hurley was in reference to vomiting, hurling…

      • Michelle

        OMG…it was sarcasm people. I wasn’t saying it was anything really new, just that it was a pointless observation/question about Hurley’s nickname. Not to mention that DannyK is 100% correct.

      • Lostzilla

        The origin of Hugo’s nickname is still a mystery. He has been asked point blank and refused to explain. Also, we still don’t know why Hurley claimed to be ‘something of a warrior back home”. I had figured both would get answered last night, but no.

      • Not Lost

        hugo said his nickname was a secret.

    • BobbyG

      As we now find Desmond at the bottom of the well, obviously Lassie will come to the rescue.

      • Booyah

        If you mean Vincent, that would be a fantastic homage, and a way to bring him back in for season 6…

      • Laura G.

        That would be awesome!

      • Jean

        If by “Lassie” you mean Sayid, and by “rescue” you mean shoot Desmond in the bottom of the well, then yes that’s definitely what’s going to happen…

    • Essarby

      #23 on cave wall = Shephard
      Finale = May “23”

      • Michelle

        Reaching much?

      • kayd mon

        Jack being the chosen candidate is the only clearly predictable thing about the finale.

      • AGator

        James will be the chosen one, destined to live alone.

      • Michelle


    • MDS

      I want to be a Cluckateer!

    • Mothra

      Creepiest thing in the episode: the preview for next week with Gene Wilder’s raving performance from “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”… “There’s no earthly way of knowing/which direction we are going…” My goosebumps from last night are back and they brought friends. Can’t WAIT for next week!

      • Helen

        “The danger must be growing, ’cause the rowers are still rowing, and they’re definitely not showing, ANY SIGN OF SLOWING!” …. Loved it!

    • amy

      Someone’s going to need a spinal surgeon…

      • mad maggie

        Now I’m sure there’s only one of those in Los Angeles!!!!

    • Yelhsa

      Des hit Locke so that Locke will walk again. Car accident = plane accident. Locke will miraculously walk after the accident and go see Jack to get it explained!

    • Kelley

      Jeez, poor Locke’s been hit by a car twice in his life. First, when he was in his mommy’s belly and then when he’s in a wheelchair. Bad luck, dude!

      • Teresa

        Actually 3 times if you count Ben causing the crash when he is in LA

    • Emily

      Did you see Locke’s eyes at the end of the episode, though? It looked like he was remembering…

    • joshschr

      I don’t think that was an accident. Looked like Desmond knew exactly what he was doing. ;)

    • Alan Potts

      Desmond will bring balance to the force…er island. I believe that Desmond is trying to fix everything between the 2 timelines. He ran over Locke so that Locke would go to the hospital and Jack would than get the opportunity to perform the surgery that would end Locke’s paralalysis. He got Hurly and Libby together. Maybe he will find Juliette for Sawyer. It started with him meeting Penny.

      • Juilienne

        Jack already did Juliet… Sawyer will be angry.

  • Chad Whitley

    That was INSANE. I think I need a weekend at Santa Rosa.

  • Charles

    And BOOM goes the dynamite…

    Sorry to go all Doc Jensen, but this episode gave off a strong Celestine Prophecy vibe.


  • TJ


  • Ashley

    What was with that look on Jack’s face when he saw

    • Charlie

      My thoughts exactly! I can’t remember…was the last time Jack saw Locke when he put his dad’s shoes on Locke’s corpse?

      • matt

        and then he read Locke’s “I wish you had believed me” letter flying back to the island on ajira. maybe if they had never left real Locke wouldn’t need to die and be taken over by evil.

      • Susan Ballard Fulks

        No, the question is when was the last time Locke and Jack saw each other “alive?”

    • E.

      Pure fear! It was like he instantly knew!

      • Louise

        Yes! He looked scared sh**less. It gave me a real bad feeling. I mean he knows that Locke is walking around, right? Ilana and the others must have told him. Ohhh, I don’t like that look, Jack. I don’t like it one bit.

      • mad maggie

        He knew it, but it’s a whole other thing to actually see it, no?

    • Sommery

      That was the first time he saw him out of the coffin.

      • Ne Oublie

        And he’ll see Claire too.

    • O

      Initial thought, fear, he looked like he was going to wet himself.

    • jillpole

      And why did Locke only address Jack by name??

      • jen L

        He sees Jack as his main adversary, the one he needs to win over so that the others will follow.

      • Michelle

        What he doesn’t realize is that Hurley is the leader now

      • Pete

        Maybe Jack is the only one that s capable of killing MIB, and like we have heard in the past “you can’t let him speak to you” So I’m guessing MIB spoke to him right away to prevent that possibility

      • Lane

        Pete that’s a HUGE jump. “You can’t let him speak to you” is not a rule! It’s just a tip, because when he (MIB) speaks he has the power to convince (manipulate) you not to kill him (or do something else). Dogen said that to Sayid about MIB, and MIB said that same thing to Richard about Jacob! I think it’s just an expression they use to make sure their own recruits don’t go to the other side.

    • mags

      That look was, “Oh sh–. This is definitely not right!”

    • Tina

      what about the look on Locke’s face??? I think it all but confirms that Jack is the new Jacob, and his main advesary for geting off the island (and as a side, what the f*** is up with throwing Desmond down a well! You dont mess with a brotha! and the best character on the show!)

      • Exactly

        That is exactly what I thought! Jack is the new Jacob. He’s gotten all Zen like Jacob too.

      • larry

        Maybe Jack saw his father in FLocke

      • mad maggie

        I SO heart Des! <<<3

  • Tammy

    Best episode of the season?

    • RK


    • Kevin

      4th best, maybe. Any Hurley-centric episode is bound to have a fairly large suckage component.

      • Jackson

        What? This was a Hurley episode that didn’t have a “fairly large suckage component.” However, I’d also rank it 4th best, but that’s saying a lot because there have been a ton of awesome episodes.

      • RK


      • Jackson

        Ton = LA X, Lighthouse, Ab Aeterno, Dr. Linus, Sundown, The Substitute, Happily Ever After, and now this.

      • clair

        Kevin – trying my patience. Remember, we all love Hurley.

      • margot

        I love Hurley’s episodes. I can’t decide which Lost episodes are my favorite, there are so many.

      • Professoretta

        I am loving this soooooooooo much….it makes me want it to go on for another season!!! I just want to keep watching amazing episodes like this one.

        SOOOO EFFIN GOOD!!!!! I’m splattered.

      • JenR

        Hurley episodes are my favorite. I must enjoy suckage.

      • MDS

        The last few weeks have just been constantly topping each other and I don’t think its gonna stop now.

    • Amanda

      Desmond helped the episode a lot. It was not a bad episode, but Desmond is bringing everything together and making me create new theories about the show. Like, does anyone believe that there is now a strong love theme and that somehow, love will bring the two worlds together?

      • aleksa

        I’m kind of leaning toward that, too. I think some people are remembering what happened because they are meeting their “constants”.

      • amj

        Yes, I was thinking about the “constants” idea last week thinking that their partners are their constants. But, what does this mean for Kate, Sawyer and Jack?

      • alfred

        I think Kate and Sawyer should be killed off. Once the island is done with Jack, he should be killed off too. That love triangle is one of the most irritating things about the show! It’s what made me stop following Lost during season 3 (or whenever it was that they were kept in those bear cages).

      • Ellie May

        The creators actually stated that when alls said and done LOST is actually a love story.

      • Booyah

        If the constant idea is followed through (which I’m not sure it will be), I think Locke is Jack’s constant (not romantic love, but incredible connection) – they will meet again in the hospital in a more life-and-death scenario than the airport.
        Juliette is Sawyer’s (obviously) and Aaron is Kate’s (parental love) – somehow Claire will be able to bring Aaron to Kate, and it will all click for her.

      • Lynn

        Kate’s Constant = Jack
        Sawyer’s Constant = Juliet or Kate
        Jack’s Constant = Kate

      • Love Story in Purgatory

        I think that all of the candidates will need to understand that in order to survive they must all give up on what they think is important in their lives – Jack needs to fix things, now realizes he cannot fix everything – and give up the ultimate (lives?) for the greater good, ala Desmond, willing to sacrifice everything he has for that ultimate Love Story he has been desperatly seeking all these seasons.

      • Dartagnan Pluck

        Love= the universal constant and gravitational force. All are drawn to it, in both life and death. Those that dies on the island, but are alive in the sideways world are particularly keen on it (Libby, Charlie) Ben running over Locke to kill him will snap his consciousness to his Island doppelganger, forcing MIB out of his body and replacing it with Real Locke consciousness.

    • Pantagathus


    • Chris

      No, that was last week, but this one was really good too!

    • Lane

      I love Hurley, but I don’t like everything about his centric episodes. There’s usually a good underlying story (i.e. Illana and Black Rock being blown up, Desmond’s actions) in the context that has to do with all the characters, but I don’t contribute that to Hurley’s centricity necessarily. It could have happened on someone else’s centric episode. Having said that I liked seeing Hurley with Libby, but there was also a little bit exaduration like him eating chicken, which took away from the episode.


      Tammy Gillis

  • Hal

    I love how they’re building so much suspense up. This was an amaaaaaazing episode

    • Ne Oublie

      Richard is unhinged!

      • crispy

        Isn’t everyone unhinged at this point?

      • guesty

        Richard and Ben both haven’t let go of their bitterness towards Jacob. So I suspect that they aren’t exactly full of great ideas either. I fear for Miles… Wonder if they will really make it to the Island… But it will be interesting to see what Widmore makes of all of this…

      • jillpole

        I don’t know… Ilana was told explicitly by Jacob to follow Richard. Hurley was making his stuff up from the ghost of Michael, playing on his ego of newfound leadership. Ben even addressed the fact that the island seems to do away with you (as with Ilana) once it’s had it’s use of you, and he still followed Richard anyway. Can’t believe I’m saying this, but at this point, I think Richard, Ben and Miles are the three smartest thinkers on the island.

      • Lynn

        I think Ben will end up being the replacement after all. Maybe Jacob knew that if he’d said it to MIB, he would get rid of Ben, so in order to keep him alive, he had to play it down like he’d been playing Ben the whole time. Jacob knew he was going to have to die, but all of this seems like it’s all part of his plan…

    • Michelle

      Why hasn’t Jacob been making any appearances to Hurley? I mean, if he was on the wrong path, wouldn’t he show up to “right” it? Especially if they should be following Richard.

  • Erica

    Sideways Desmond might be trying to jog Locke’s memory like Charlie did with Desmond. Still kind of extreme. Right?

    • Brenda Barrett

      I have a feeling that Sideways Des knows what is happening in both realities, and therefore knows that on the island something evil is inhabiting Locke’s body. Since these two worlds are connected, I think smashing Locke’s body with his car was a way for Des to disrupt the equilibrium of Locke’s island body, i.e. Smokey.

      • plum

        yes! agreed!

      • Edz

        Yes, but was Demond being straight and good when he followed Hurley and Libby, or was that twisted, too?

      • berniesmom

        I think you are right!

      • Rozette

        Or running over Locke insures a visit to the hospital. Paging Dr. Jack……

      • Brenda Barrett

        @Edz and Rozette — I think Des wants everyone who was on flight 815 to make the connection between the two worlds. His crashing into Sideways Locke I believe was to disrupt Flocke, but I agree that it will have the effect of bringing Locke to Jack — we’ll see more and more of the island gang gather together in the Sideways world.

      • bobby

        Its all coming together. Flocke will use his persuasive ways to get everyone to work together. Then when he has their trust, he will try to wipe them all out at once. Not sure how though. I dont think he can personally harm a candidate but he will find a way to try to get the job done. Remember when trying to figure out how a Polar Bear could get on the island was a big deal? Thats nothing compared to the questions that we all have now. My brain hurts, must rest.

      • NYTeach

        It almost feels like Desmond is channeling Jacob and ‘interfering’ with the other 815’ers in the sideways world, much as Jacob did previously. I have had a few cocktails, so I’m not sure if I’m expressing this clearly though.

      • Dharma Dame

        “I think smashing Locke’s body with his car was a way for Des to disrupt the equilibrium of Locke’s island body”

        When Smocke asked Island Des who he was, Des smiled and said ‘John Locke’. Does Smocke have more of Locke in him than he would like to admit?

      • mark

        Brenda, are you related to Annie Barrett of EW.com?

      • aleksa

        I think the hospital is becoming the sideways-world version of the island. Everyone is ending up there.

      • Lady P

        NY Teach…I said the exact same thing and I did not have a cocktail…Desmond is like Jacob or is Jacob in sideways Desmond….I thought this season was supposed to give us answers and I just have more questions

      • arian

        I also agree that Desmond is trying to reconnect the two worlds–I was suspicious when he showed up at Mr Cluck’s–and then at the beach, and then to run down Locke–whether it’s to jolt John or the MIB–it will be very interesting to see what Desmond is like next week

      • jen

        Agree with NYTeach. I was thinking that Desmond appears to be playing the Jacob role.

      • susan

        just like desmond is leading others to their constants/true loves….he wanted Locke to “see” his time on the island and how he was out of his wheelchair.

    • BLash

      I agree with this! The only way Sideways Locke can connect with his past Island self is by a near death experience like Charlie had. Desmond knew he would have to cause this to happen. How appropriate that Ben was there for this death as well!

      • Mary Q. Contrary

        OR, what if: Smokey wants to get off the Island. Plain and simple. What if Desmond knows something we don’t, like the fact that the Sideways Locke is, in fact, still an imposter? What if Sideways Locke is Smokey, after having escaped the Island?

      • Ceballos

        It makes sense.

        When Ilana said that Smokey was stuck looking like Locke, I think we all assumed she meant only on the Island…what if this also extended to the Sideways world or wherever Smokey went once he escaped the Island.

      • Skip182

        I like this idea.

      • Kevin from Philly

        Speaking of Ben, I wonder why Desmond didn’t do anything to get him to remember the island. After all, he talked to Ben first before running down Locke. Dez is only getting the candidates, not the entire complement of flight 815? Guess that makes sense given the number of episodes left.

      • marlowe32

        @Kevin – because Ben was not on Oceanic 815

      • Ames

        Kevin, Ben wasn’t on flight 815 from Sydney. He was only on the Ajira flight.

      • Swan4815162342

        @ Kevin from Philly-Ben was on the island as a child with his dad. (It was on this season’s Ben-centric episode-during Sideways World.) He doesn’t need his memory jogged. :)

    • kattykat246

      What did everyone think when Desmond took Flocke’s hand????

      • Lost Fan

        I thought he was now ‘infected’.

      • kattykat246

        But if he was infected, why throw him down the well? I just knew he wasn’t going to touch his hand, and then he did it!

  • Steph

    There was a weird look on Jack’s face when he saw Locke, but there was also something weird in sideways Locke’s face after sideways Desmond hit him…like he had been transported or something.

    • KS

      Locke had the same look as when he was pushed out of the building

      • RyanK

        Exactly KS. I really want somebody to do a side by side. That’s exactly the look I remember from when he was tossed out of the building. My thought is that Sideways Locke was never tossed out of the building. He can’t walk due to some other reason. So getting hit by Desomond will make him “flash” on the time dead island version of Locke fell out the window. Or won’t he Flash since he died?….sort of. Argh!

      • clair

        Yes, I thought the same thing. Locke looked very much the same as when he landed after falling eight stories. Even tho we’re not sure if he’s Flocke or not, still very upsetting to see beloved Locke fly in the air to land twitching on the ground…

      • LR

        totally KS that’s the first thing i thought of too

      • Alex

        I think Locke had a look on his face like he was in excruciating pain and was thinking “Why the Flocke did someone just run me over with a car?” Which might be similar to the look you’d have after someone pushed you out the window of a tall building. Having said that, I do think it triggered some kind of island memory. I also think there’s a little bit of Smokey in Sideways Locke.

  • Thomas

    The last 5 minutes were good, the first 55 not so much

    • DS9Sisko

      So you were choking a chicken for 55 minutes?

      • Thomas

        The whole whispers answers and Libby’s realization of the sideways world was just so forced – I feel like the writers phone it in for periods at a time. What made last episode great was phoned in this week and it showed.

      • RK

        Yeah, they really hit us over the head with that explanation…George Lucas-like writing.

      • sharsie


      • Renee

        I get the feeling that was the writers catering to the fans out there that complain about not getting answers. Sort of a “There…you happy? Nice and conclusive, so we can get back to telling our story now”. Me, I love the slow burn of realization and revelation that the writers have built up this season, and throughout the series for that matter. I can’t wait to rewatch the entire show from Season 1.

      • Careless Whispers

        I agree with you, Renee. But I still said “thank you” out loud when Michael explained it. With only 6 hours left, I kind of want a bit of both now.

      • Rams

        The whispers explanation was too little too late. I mean, they waited 5 episodes before it all ends to give it to us?

        Libby/Hurley did seem forced and too fairy-tale like.

        Overall, I thought the epi was pretty awesome, though. Poor Ilana…

      • RyanK

        Yeah the whispers seemed like a blatant attempt by the writers to make sure people complaining about answers get an answer without any questions left over. It felt forced, but I’m wondering if that was partially intentional.

      • Russ

        Michael could have been lying about the whispers, for whatever reason. (Michael could have actually been Smokey!) Just because someone says something – living or dead – doesn’t mean it’s true. See: Widmore, Hawking, Faraday, Linus, Juliet, etc, etc, etc. Maybe the whispers aren’t ghosts, but Michael/Smokey/the Island wants Hurley to think they are.

        Since when do you guys believe anything anyone says on this show?

    • Totally Lost

      I agree completely!!!

      • Erik

        Yeah, the explanation of the whispers was totally unnecessarily, especially given that everyone hears them, yet Hurley is the only one who can actually communicate with them.

      • Snortwood

        The issue of the whispers, the point the writers were making, was that this was Purgatory. Can’t move on. Michael, among others, stuck. All the dead who have appeared were stuck. And Richard is stuck in a living purgatory that he is desperate to escape from, and yet here he is doing whatever he can think of to make it impossible for anyone to move on. And why does Smokey have to leave on a jet plane? is he a John Denver fan? or maybe he’s like the witch, and water melts him. more questions. always, more questions.

      • KJ

        You need to explain the whispers because the dead people stuck on the island are part of the bigger picture about what the island is and the goals of MIB and Jacob. Remember that MIB has said he is stuck on the island. Perhaps he died at some point and just needs to move on like those that are whispering.

      • Svetlana

        Michael coming back was a bit of a shock, I forgot he died? I remember in the beginning it was alluded to that Walt was a key figure in everything and he knew what the island meant but it seems like that storyline was abandoned. Does anyone think he will be back?

      • Lady P

        I am so over Michael…never did like the character. How will they bring Walt back and will he release the whispers?

      • Skip182

        This was the least annoying Michael has ever been. And personally I felt his explanation of the whispers was well done.

      • Scraps

        “Michael” wasn’t explaining the whispers. Hurley offered an explanation, and Smokey jumped on it, agreeing with Hurley because he knew that it’d make Hurley more likely to bring the other candidates to his (Smokey’s) camp.

      • Cindi

        The writers have expressly said that the island isn’t Purgatory so for Michael to explain it away as Purgatory irritates me to no end.

      • marlowe32

        @ Scraps – Smokey can no longer appear as anyone other than Locke. Michael was dead Michael – it was not Smokey.

      • Grrr

        What Cindy said.
        I call “red herring.” Michael’s explanation conflicts with what Darlton said about the island not being purgatory. I think that’s why it came out all forced and simplistic. I can’t believe they’d wow us w/Ilana, Black Rock, and sideways Des, and then slap the whispers into the script like an afterthought. After 5.5 seasons, Hurley’s suddenly all, “Oh, wait. I know what that is.” Really? I have more faith in Darlton that this. Will await podcast confirmation.

      • Monty

        Its not a purgatory. They aren’t the collective bad souls but not bad enough for hell, they are not able to LEAVE the island, having died there. Its not purgatory for everyone. They are just stuck. Purgatory is like the penalty box. you do get to leave. it looks like these people wont get to leave unless someone lets them go…

  • Erica

    Oh, yeah thoughts on the look Jack gave when he saw FakeLocke.

  • daniel larusso

    wtf!!?!?!?! i’m not sure i hated it but it was DEFINITELY not what I was expecting.

    What a lame way to bring back Michael…

    They try to kill off Desmond in the most unheroic of ways. Yet, the episode suggests that Desmond isn’t dead (since Locke didn’t apparently die). We also don’t really have a sense of why Desmond decided to go ‘hitcher’ on Locke.

    And Iliana’s death would be comical if not for being so tragic at this point in the game. Artz blowing up is funny in season 2. For the ‘protector’ is go BOOM at such a pivotal moment makes little sense, other than to say that she was merely a side show.

    The only saving grace was Hurly with Libby.

    ugh. what a let down from last week.

    • daniel larusso

      btw, notes from the underground focuses on how meaningless life is without love.

    • DS9Sisko

      I guess you’re another one doesn’t understand the dual nature of what’s going on. When did u start watching? 3 episodes ago?

      • daniel larusso

        given that you’ve taken such a harsh tone I’m just gonna call you an idiot. been watching since season 1. the episode was contrived.

        seriously, capt sisko? and you mock me?

      • DS9Sisko

        Yes, calling me an “idiot” certainly proves your point. ::insert eye roll::

      • daniel larusso

        what about the ‘dual’ nature don’t i get? what point would you like to discuss?

        i’m comfortable discussing plot points. remember, i didn’t start off with the snide comment. i just expressed my disapproval.

      • Skip182

        The Captain is correct. You made a laundry list of complaints, but they were all opinion, and the one assumption you made about Desmond being alive because Locke didn’t die is more than a head-scratcher, because it makes no sense. Also, to say Ilana dying makes her a side-show is innacurate. It all goes back to the fact that the island has a use for you, and when that use is over, you can die. You should know that by now. You could even argue that it shows that Jacob may not care as much as everyone thinks, and maybe he’s not such a good guy. Then to say that Michael was brought back in a lame way? Did you not see his turn in season 4? Now THAT was lame. The biggest problem with your “critique” is that you preface it with “didn’t hate it, but wasn’t what i was expecting.” So what? Who cares if it’s not what you expected? Just because you expected something different doesn’t mean that it’s a bad episode.

    • Kaitlin Konecke

      Wasn’t that the first time Jack saw Locke since he’s been on the Island? I thought it as just a shocked look because he’s seeing “Locke” alive. However, the look struck me as weird because it was almost like they were being jolted with a realization that they have other lives in the Sideways world. Hm, strange! So good!

      • Louise

        Nah, he looked jolted by fear. Like he realized in that moment that they had made a HUGE mistake. Fake Locke looked like pleased. This is baaaaad news.

      • Brenda Barrett

        Agreed. Going to Locke was a huge mistake (as Lapidus alluded to Sun) and I think Jack realized it. Richard, Ben and Miles actually made the right choice, although I fear at least two of them will die in their efforts.

      • forrest

        Hurley is having his ‘candidate’ moment as leader. Jack has stepped aside for the moment as a matter of trust. I think the expression Jack has in seeing Locke is not only surprise, but dread as well, as he realizes this meeting is a bad idea.

      • Love Story in Purgatory

        I think that Hurley, don’t flame me, is leaning towrd the Sideways world – he now has the best luck, money, the love (Everybody Loves Hurley) of all the people AND now has Libby. His look, usually when confronted, he would always kinda look away as in being embarrassed and not sue of himself, to me it now looks like he is shifty eyed and not wanting people to know what he is up to. I think he does realize what is going on and WANTS his Sideways world!!!!! Ba Ba bummmmmmmm

      • Helen

        I actually believe that going to Locke’s camp was NOT the wrong thing to do. In the non-island world, both pre-plane crash and in Sideways-world, everyone has serious avoidance issues. Dealing with problems by binge-drinking, over-eating, becoming a criminal and running from the authorities, etc., etc. By going to Locke’s camp, they are prepared to actually face a problem straight on and deal with it, rather than running away. I think it will turn out to be exactly what they SHOULD do, even if it doesn’t necessarily work out to be the most pleasant experience for everyone involved.

    • Katja

      Wow, some of the things you didn’t like are things I particularly liked. I always love seeing Michael again (and I really miss Walt or even Taller Ghost Walt), and I liked how Hurley figured out the whispers and how Michael sent his apologies to Libby. And as for Desmond…I like how he was just so cool and relaxed during the Island part of the show and then Fake Locke suddenly heaved him into the well…not necessarily to kill him though. It made me think of when Locke fell into the well and broke his leg, that’s all. And no, we have NO IDEA why Sideways Desmond mowed down Sideways Locke – that’s why it was so powerful and interesting. During the whole Sideways part, Desmond was facilitating love and the reconnection of two people and their discovery of the existence of another reality of which they were a part…so he seems to be such a good guy, and then BAM, he smashes into Locke. The visual of a nice older man in a wheelchair (aka an already vulnerable harmless person) being so brutally smashed was so disturbing, and I was absolutely chilled by Desmond’s smile as he was hitting Locke. I just love when Lost brings the “WTF” moments. I will say, I was disappointed for Ilana because I really like that character, but the way she was swinging around that dynamite, something wasn’t going to end well. But was it just an accident? Was it somehow a manipulation of Jacob or MIB to send some sort of message, maybe to Hurley? That’s what I find interesting about it…but yeah, I do kind of wish that if she had to die, it might have been a bit more noble and badass than careless handling of known unstable explosives.

      • Louise

        The only thing that concerns me about Locke throwing Desmond down that well like that is what he says to Sayid. That they don’t have to bother with him anymore.

      • Louise

        Excuse me…worry about him anymore.

      • daniel larusso

        i agree with you. the confusion, particularly with respect to Desmond, definitely opens up bigger questions.

      • Brenda Barrett

        We all know that Smokey *does* have to worry about Desmond, because he’s special…it’s surprising to me that Smokey/MIB doesn’t seem to realize this. If MIB thinks Des will just turn that donkey wheel and be gone from the island, he’s sadly mistaken.

      • Renee

        I found it ironic that she was talking about training for this her entire life, yet treated the dynamite so carelessly. Very Doc Artz Season 1.

      • Lisa Simpson

        I’m with you, Katja. I loved the episode. I think that the adorable island sprite was reminding Flocke that he couldn’t kill Desmond, which is why he had to imprison him in the well. Imprisonment has always been a major theme of the show, and Flocke obviously didn’t believe Desmond when he said that he had nowhere else to go.

      • Louise

        Let’s remember guys that there are many wells on the island. Probably markers for all the electromagnetic hotspots. The same ones Zoe wants Jin to help her find. The donkey wheel well is located at one of the stations.

      • Irish Chip

        Would Ilana’s incident with the dynamite explain why she is so heavily damaged when Jacob asks her to come to the island in her flashback? What if her flashback wasn’t a flashback at all but rather a flash sideways?

      • guesty

        Well, Illana *was* in the hospital, all bandaged up, when we first met her… sounds like maybe she was a tad accident prone… and she did do what she needed to do – let the Losties in on the fact that they are ‘candidates.’

      • Pantagathus

        Folks, that is not the Donkey Wheel well… MIB said their were more of them and regardless, the Orchid is built on top of the Donkey Wheel at this time…

      • FlaAl

        This is a good place to plug in my 2 cents… As for Michael/whispers/ghosts… I like the idea that Michaels is stuck there because of something he did and I’m guessing that was killing Libby. The whispers=ghosts (also stuck for doing wrong) was a quick reveal that will pay back in hours of fun re-watching all the episodes with the whispers and the speculation about who they were and what were they trying to communicate. Overlay Hurley’s new ability on those scenes and have fun. Island Desmond is following a script that I feel is part predestination/part destiny. I can’t tell if he’s given in to his fate or has just accepted his “something important” status and is confident that he’ll know what to do when the time comes. Sideways Desmond has been led to the holy grail by Charlie. Recall he asked for a passenger list of 815? He’s now intent on giving everyone on that flight their “wakeup call.” I’m not sure what that means for sideways world, but I’m operating on the belief that it’s ”Hell on Earth” and it’s very existence is dependent on the events unfolding on the island. I find MIB/Locke disturbing because he acts so confident, like he has done this before, then wham! a flash of doubt crosses his face and I get the impression he’s struggling with something impossible, then wham! that absolute assuredness comes back and usually something “bad” happens. I think Ilana’s “carelessness” with the dynamite was because she thought that she had a “purpose” and that “the island won’t let you die” when you have a purpose. She found out she was wrong about the same time we did. Subtext: The island will soon be done with most if not all of its pawns. The only problem I had was how inane Ben got reciting “you die when the island is done with you”. Finally, I don’t think Richard and his band of (not so) merry men are wrong and I don’t think Hurley was wrong either. For the end game to play out well, there has to be an attempt on the airplane while MIB/Locke thinks he has the candidates right where he wants them. That will give him another Wham! Confused moment in which, hopefully, all will end well. Jack’s flash of fear when he met MIB/Locke leads me to believe he’s not yet the man of faith he’s pretending to be and does not bode well for Jack=New Jacob. I’m thinking each of our beloved characters get one more moment of glory before being snuffed out and we’re left with an eternity of “What just happened?”

      • RC

        Ilana went out like Rousseau. Too bad*ss, survivalist women get elminated in a split second.

      • Frankie

        About Des and the well – remember from a couple of episodes when Kate and Claire jumped into that pit at the temple to escape Smokey’s kill sweep. What do we all think about Flocke throwing him in there in order to avoid his final kill sweep of who’s left?

    • Matt

      As far as Iliana blowing up, Ben summed it up pretty well; the island was done with her. She let the candidates know they were candidates, and so she went boom.

      • Alicia

        Ilana blowing herself up was a very credible scene, because it would be very easy for an agitated person to forget what they held in her backpack. Ilana go boom. I was actually starting to like her character, but I know she’s only the first of many deaths. It’s too bad, now there is no chance for Ilana to be Ben’s love interest, at least not on the Island.

      • NYTeach

        I agree.

      • Snortwood

        Here’s how it ends, folks. Remember the wine bottle, Jacob hands it to Smokey. In the end, we’re going to have Jack as Jacob2 and Locke a la continua as Smokey, and the chess game between the Fixer and the Breaker will continue. My 2¢. Which means, all the others, except for Richard, who don’t get off the island, die. Maybe Richard dies, if he’s lucky, and heroic, and does so for the benefit of others, which is definitely the case so far. And there’s a one-time general pardon, allowing everyone in the position Michael is in to move on. And we start fresh, except that Smokey is much more experienced, and Jack as Jacob Jr. has to learn the Rules of the Game before he can play Smokey straight up.

      • clair

        Irish chip – interesting to think that Iliana heavily bandaged when Jacob visits her came from the dynamite explosion, but why would she be in Russia? And I think the dynamite pretty much blew her into tiny bits.

      • Tina

        I think it also proves that Jacob never touched her…

      • Swan4815162342

        @Snortwood-How does Des fit into the equation then? If it was Jack vs. FLocke then Des wouldn’t need to be there. I was thinking it has to be Des vs. FLocke-remember the whole “sacrifice/help all of us” lecture from Widmore?

      • Grrr


        If you buy the Loop Theory (that the events are all repeating, but with slight variations and outcomes), then it’s possible that some version of the same accident happened before. She’s definitely dead this time, though.

      • lost with lost

        the best part of the show was when illana blew up i was super happy did’nt like her chariter anyway i’m still happt i know i’m not the only one?????

      • Snortwood

        Swan asked: How does Des fit into the equation then?
        I see Desmond as an = on the island. The deep magnetism or whatever it is that rules the island and Desmond are linked. He can’t be harmed, but he can’t rule, either. He’s safe, unless he makes an effort to sacrifice. That is, he’s at home on the island, the twist on his role as Penelope’s long lost love.

    • Jamie

      Artz was blown up in season 1…not season 2…

    • Rams

      What a lame team the statue ppl were. So, she trained all her life to blow up like this? Jacob clearly didn’t teach her to handle dynamite with care. I think the writers were unfair to her character.

      • Pantagathus

        I’d be pissed if I was Zuleikha Robinson

    • Rebecca

      With the amount of explosives Ilana had they could have blown up the plane. The well looked like a bad piece of set design and if Desmond was not afraid why scream? That scene was too obvious. How come Sawyer or someone didn’t sneak out to spy on Syed and Flocke?

      • Maria

        Would you take the chance of spying on Smokey? On the other hand, at this point, what did they have to lose. They must know, that Smokey needs them.

  • etm

    I knew Llana was going to blow herself up the way she was shoving the water bottles into her bag!! I loved the scene with Hurley and Libby at the Mexican restaurant.

    • Snortwood

      The Mexican restaurant, Spanish Johnny’s. The blind date, Rosalita. Anyone else hear echoes of the Wild, the Innocent, and the E Street Shuffle? “Spanish Johnny drove in/From the underworld last night/with bruised arms and broken rhythm and a beat up old Buick/but dressed just like diamond lights” or something like that, and that song segues into Rosalita! Where’s Bruce? Desmond looks sort of like Bruce, but, well, that would be waaaaaaaaay too sideways.

      • Iggy

        Ha, Nice connection. That’s probably my fave Bruce album!

      • Kevin from Philly

        Good catch – I thought that stuff sounded familliar, but couldn’t place it. One thing, it’s “dressed just like dynamite” (an Ilana reference?).

      • tonyd

        And later in the song (“Incident of 57th St.”): “Well the pimps swung their axes and said, ‘Johnny, you’re a liar.” Didn’t Richard call Hurley a liar last night?

      • Brandon

        Awesome. Doc’s gonna jump all over that, I bet.

    • Zoey

      Haha, my brother and I were like “She’s totally gonna blow up like Arzt, isn’t she?” And what do ya know, she blows up a minute later. Personally, I was happy. She didn’t really add much and was really annoying.

      • jen

        Ditto. I don’t know if was the actress or the lines they gave her, but she was terrible and added absolutely nothing to the show. Thank god we don’t have to see her the last few episodes.

      • Lane

        It’s true, Illana and her team have not added enough positive to the show. they were supposed to be important, yet they shot at MIB only to be killed, Illana provided too few answers (only that they are candidates and that she has to protect them and that Richard would kno what to do, yet she’s not able to protect anyone, she doesn’t even know how, and her guns don’t work on MIB).

        I have to say the same thing for Dogen and Lennon. And the temple did not seem to be a place that truely offered protection, and that their “jungle-wilde-theatre” clothing didn’t offer any consistency or reason at the end. There was just no purpose for that. It would make sense if it was explained more, if there was more story behind this. I doubt it will be explained because no one goes to the temple anymore. How did the temple help over the years? Was the Temple providing protection from the civilizations (like Dharma Initiative) comming to the island to use it? We didn’t get enough explanation, I think

      • Grrr

        The same goes for Ilana’s whole crew (Cesar, Bram). All pointless. Dogen and Lennon too, but last night made up for about 1.5 of the silly temple episodes.

        @ Lane: I never understood the clothing, either. Back when the Others were playing mind games on the castaways, it made sense. But at the temple in Season 6? I didn’t get the need for costumes.

  • JB

    Doc, to answer your question. Hell yes I liked that episode.

  • dan

    did hurley stare at himself in a mirror this episode?
    i’m sure he didnt, could that be significant?

    • Mary

      I didn’t notice a Hurley mirror moment, either. Could have missed it, but not sure. What I *DID* catch was a quick glimpse of ELOSIE WIDMORE at the museum dinner honoring Hurley (panned shot right before they put the spotlight on Hurley). I wonder how many more shots she’s been in that were so subtle?

      • (the other) Amy

        OMG so I’m not going crazy! I saw that too!

      • Barb

        Oh, crap. I have to watch that again to catch Eloise. – On another note, I wouldn’t worry about island Desmond b/c “the rules don’t apply to him.”

      • margot

        No Hurley mirror moment, I didn’t think about that until you mentioned it. Thank you. I thought I saw Eloise too, but wasn’t sure until now.

      • Snortwood

        i agree 100% about Island Desmond and the rules not applying to him. the interchange with Smokey, “nowhere to run to” and the island not being through with him — and The Well as a source of weird magnetism, but that’s something Island Des is, immune to? Part of? Hard to say, but if that’s what is in the well, then it’s like throwing Br’er (Brutha, in another parlance) Rabbit into the briar patch. Of course Des survives! The island, as Ben notes, doesn’t get rid of what it isn’t through with. Des is the link between the two worlds. He survives the fall, and is probably part of the re-birth. TBD, but my guess is, he lives on.

      • LOL

        How did people get in the habit of using “b/c” for “because?” Is it due to texting? Twitter?

      • Tony

        I just watched that scene again and I do not think it’s Eloise Widmore, just an old lady that has a resemblance to her. I really don’t think it’s her, but I suppose I could be wrong.

      • JenR

        To LOL: People having been using b/c for because for many years. I saw it when I was a kid. It’s been around for at least as long as w/ for with. It predates texting and Twitter.

      • nightowl1231

        There wasn’t a mirror moment, but what about Hurley watching himself in the video sequence at the tribute?

      • Kevin from Philly

        Oh, forget that – how about Pierre Chang as the MC for Hurley’s testamonial?

      • Love Story in Purgatory

        No mirror incident for Hurley portends that he really has not reflected upon himself and may only want what is in the Sideways world – where he has everything, just the opposite of the Island world where he still believes that he has nothing and no one.

    • RyanK

      OMG you’re right. Why didn’t Hurley have a mirror scene?! That’s huge. I mean, this is the first one of the season. What does that mean?!

      • love it

        Hurley didn’t need a “mirror-moment” – he watched himself in the video at the award ceremony AND saw himself plastered on the advertisements for (and in) the Cluck-U restaurant (funny, they were for something Outback)

      • ewww

        how was desmond driving the almost same exact bmw when he had just crashed it into the ocean hours earlier?

      • gigi

        @ewww… He has Geico.

    • FlaAl

      How ’bout the mirrors things being… smoke and mirrors… a clever contrivance to foreshadow the “connection” between the two realities. Now that we have Charlie/Desmond’s story, we don’t need any more foreshadowing. All good things come to and end.

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