'American Idol' exclusive: Executive Producer Ken Warwick on nixing the Swaybots and helping Adam Lambert

Good news for the Idoloonie nation: Over the next few weeks, you may be seeing a lot less of those “synchronized” swaying hands that pop up in the foreground of far too many American Idol performances. When I caught up with executive producer Ken Warwick via phone this afternoon to talk about the April 21 installment of Idol Gives Back — more on that later in the week — I managed to sneak in a brief question about this week’s guest mentor Adam Lambert, and to ask about putting an end to those pesky Swaybots. Warwick’s answers might surprise you. (And unfortunately, I ran out of time for asking follow-ups.) Read on…

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: The swaying people in the front rows. I noticed we’ve seen a little less of them in the last week or two. Will they continue to sway in front of the cameras?
KEN WARWICK: I don’t know why we haven’t seen them. I’ll have a word with the director. But they’re swaying away like good’uns every week.

Oh no, it’s good that we see less of them. They drive our readers crazy. They’re distracting and they block the view of the actual performances. Is there any chance that the swaying people will just go away?
No chance that the swaying people will go away. However, I will have a word with the director [about what] your readers said, and get them to raise the cameras higher so [the swaying] doesn’t impede their view.

Brilliant! Okay, so how are you feeling about the show overall? There’s obviously been criticism that season 9 got off to a sleepy start. Do you think having Adam Lambert come in this week is going to shake things up and infuse the show with that added bit of drama that he generally manages to bring to the screen?
I sincerely hope so. Because the guy is an incredible talent, and he had an incredible following. And it kind of upsets me that at the moment he’s not doing quite as well… [Pauses.] I don’t know what possessed him to do what he did at the AMAs, but he’s still struggling to live it down. And everybody says to me every week, ‘When are you gonna bring back Adam?’ They want to see him as he was. And hopefully we’re gonna do that for him this week, and we can start putting him back firmly where he belongs, as a major star. Because the guy is an incredible talent. He genuinely is. And it kind of breaks my heart to see someone with that much talent struggle a bit. So hopefully we can do back for him as he can do for us.

What do you think of Warwick’s promise to get the Swaybots off our screens? How about his comments about the show’s season 8 runner-up? Sound off in the comments below! (And for all my Idol scoop, follow me on Twitter @EWMichaelSlezak.)

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  • BA

    Is Adam struggling? I hadn’t noticed…

    • Kristyn

      I had. Most people had. I knew they were only bringing him back to try to sell his album, not because he deserves to mentor or has any credentials to do so. Maybe when he fails again he can become one of the swaybots.

      • Bonbon

        Lol, ita! Then he can go on to be a swaybot in Siobhan’s concert. Watch Siobhan outsell Adam people

      • Jill

        Adam has not failed and will never fail. He is being true to himself, and it bothers the f*uck out of people. Get over it. Adam is here to stay. He is the World Idol.

      • HatersToTheLeft

        Wow, why such bitterness Kristyn?? If you’d pull your eyes away from Fox News every once and ahile you’d know hhow well Adam is doing.

        He’s 2x platinum in Canada…a feat even Gene Simmons himself could not do…and his debut album is well over GOLD.

      • Emma

        I doubt Warwick actually gives a crap about Adam. He just wants to remind people that once upon a time there was actual talent on that show.

      • wino

        ohh, okay, so adam is not struggling because he’s doing okay in Canada? LOL do his crazy fans even think before they post? i highly doubt 19 cares that much about his success in canada, pakistan, bulgaria. they need him to sell in the US and thats the ONLY reason he is mentoring this week. its hot hating, its being realistic.

      • Sarah

        The use of the word struggling only applies to Idol, not to Adam. Idol is struggling, and they called in Adam for the ratings. Ken Warwick can try to act like this is help Adam, but this is all about helping Idol. Adam is ratings gold.

      • Markus

        Adam’s career is ‘jokey'; soon he will end up in drag queen contests. He definitely is not surrounding himself with smart people.

      • Sarah

        Of course, cue the homophobia and derision.

      • erik

        If a gold record in a struggling industry after only the second released single and that single is approaching a million downloads, is struggling, then you are right on! He’s doomed! Pay attention dummy! His concerts have been selling out in minutes and he’s getting a headlining tour…

      • Cheryl

        Where do you get the idea that Adam failed? He was on the Cover of Rolling Stone, had the theme song from the movie 2012 and has an album that’s selling very well.
        And for the person who thinks you can’t watch Fox News and still like Adam-you are very wrong! I watch Fox News all the time and also know what’s going on in the music world-guess I can multi-task.

        Adam will most likely be an excellent mentor -possibly bringing out different aspects of this year’s contestants. He knew how to give a performance. Last year I anxiously waited every week to see what he was going to do. This year I wait for Casey and Crystal.

      • fan

        Erik, what concerts? The guy has had one regular paying concert in the US. There’s got to be a reason why he’s not performing a lot in this country.

      • Re: HaterstotheLeft

        That may be true, but in the U.S. he hasn’t reached Platinum yet. Also his first 3 singles didn’t chart within the Top 40. His current single is at 20, which shows that idol could actually turn it into a big hit, which is probably what they are banking on.

      • Karel

        @fan – Well, let’s see, there was the Gridlock NYE concert in LA, the Highline Ballroom concert in NYC, the Fantasy Springs concert in Indio, CA, two concerts in different venues in Vancouver, multi-song performances for AOL Sessions, VH1 Unplugged, and I_Heart_Radio, performances on Letterman, Oprah, 2 on Leno, Chelsea Lately, CBS Early Show, The View, 2 on The Ellen Show, SYTYCD finale, Conan O’Brien Show, as well as international performances and an AI performance for a TV audience of 30 million or so this Wed. He has several concerts already scheduled for this summer in the US, with more to come. It is hardly accurate to say “he’s not performing a lot in this country”.

      • Marisa

        You don’t have to be a fan. But you do have to be completely obtuse to think the AMAs were a bad thing. Think big picture Idoloonies. Adam isn’t in Idolland (some weird Disney version of the music world) anymore.

      • Jenn

        He’s had 2 singles so far, not 3. “For Your Entertainment” peaked at #5 on the Dance/Club chart and WWFM is currently at #13 on the Pop Chart. “Time For Miracles” was a song for a movie soundtrack, not one of his singles. His 3rd single will be released this summer.

      • TK

        FAIL? If you want to talk about failing how about the so called Idol winner Kris Allen? OMG, I mean all you have to do is look at the freaking album sales to know who is failing……..and it ain’t Adam Lambert. Someone said Siobhan will outsell Adam? Really? The girl can’t even control her voice……yeah she will outsell maybe Kris. LOL Ken what you said disappoints me. This proves YOU are using Adam and I wonder if Simon Fuller who is managing Adam thinks about what YOU just said? If it were me YOU would NOT have a job. This is where Idol is missing Nigel. He was an awesome producer!

      • David

        If they call Adam struggling than what is happening with Kris? He must be drowning! Lol!!

      • Sally in Chicago

        Adam is failing, yes. Not so much his album, but he’s not getting the good spots on the tours and the TV shows. They can probably book Kris or David or anybody else better than they can Adam. People forget that 19R is also a management company, so they want to keep their people working, and so far Adam’s fame seems to translate better overseas than it does domestically.
        Could it be he’s too too OTT? Like a Liberace? And the youngsters/teenies don’t relate to him?

      • Paul

        I’m really tired of people who are fans of Adam assuming those of us that don’t like him are Fox news watching, Sarah Palin loving, homophobes. Guess what HatersTotheLeft, I’m a gay man who thinks Adam stinks. Should I make the broad generalization that all of Adams fans are only fans because they are gay?

      • Sue

        Uh, Sally ? Adam has already performed on all of the big TV shows, like Oprah, Letterman, twice on Leno, Conan, twice on the Ellen Show, the CBS Early Show, The View, SYTYCD finale, VH1 Unplugged, etc. There are several others. They were all beautiful, stunning performances, very well-received. And he will be HEADLINING his own tour this summer. I have personally seen him perform 4 live shows in the last 2 months, in NYC, southern California, and Vancouver.

      • Deb

        ADAM failing??? only to the people who are following ADAM’s career in Gossip Magazines!

        STAY “OUT OF THE BOX” ADAM!!! Make them squirm…you are NO CLONE!!!

        Love ya ADAM….

      • Lucky

        Adam is struggling, the man said it himself. They (Idol) have put a great deal of $$$ into Adam’s promotion and he has not achieved world domination like they anticipated. Face it, he does not appeal to everyone.

      • Dan

        Adam is also very big in the IRK

      • adamfan

        I thought that they were bringing him back to bust up their ratings and he can deliver. Yum

      • jon

        When and where did he say such a thing, Lucky ? Idol has not put $$$ into Adam’s promotion; that’s up to his record company. Adam’s success hardly requires “world domination”! Neither Adam nor his record co. (nor his fans, for that matter) ever believed Adam would or should appeal to everyone.

      • cathy

        He has as much credentials as anyone else who has mentored and hehas three times the personality of most of the winners of American Idol. And duh of course he is promoting his album.

      • ianaleah

        See the DVD The Ten Commnadments from stage musical and watch Adam’s maginficent performance. AI knows he is qualified,if you don’t think so,it is because you are uneducated and uninformed in talent qualifications.
        Adam helped other contests w their songs. He is a song writer, can sing any genre, can change a song from one genre to another and make several renditions of same song in the same genre. His singing and performances were praised evey week all season by the judges. And his talent was praised by the coaches, the guest singers, the mentore, the music critics. He has fans from successful artists across several decades, like Smokey Robinson to Lady Gaga and Justin Timberlake and bands from Queen to Muse. Slash and Brian Mays both want to do a project with him.
        Adam was picked to mentor by the creators of American Idol themselves so if anyone says he isn’t qualified, that person is makeing a fool of himself.

      • ianaleah

        Adam has been out of the country on a promotional tour for a month and that is what every former contestant has done. Now he is back and he is not the opening act for another famous artist. Adam is headling his own tour and the singer guitarist for Michael Jackson’t ‘This Is It’ the wonderful artist Orianthi will open for him. Adam is dealing with the bigotry in this country with great inner strength and he is becoming he rising international superstar icon the universe created him to become.xoxo

      • NETT

        Adam is nothing Special. He’ll be another Rueben (who was great last week)or Fantasia or Clay or Taylor.. An answer to a trivia question 10 yrs from now. If only the married old women would accept that…

      • BlackIrish4094

        @Karel. I live in NYC and never even heard of the Gridlock NYE concert. What did Glambert sell out, a small club / venue. Glad you love him but he is not doing well on a large basis but is beloved to his small army of fanatics such s yourself.

      • Kieran

        Adam has been performing all over the world to giant mobs of fans. If that qualifies as “not doing well,” sign me up.

      • Judy

        Let YOUR love flow!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Cars

        Nice stab in the back Ken Warwick. Stay classy. (You too, Slezak. You’re passive agreement to this type of commentary – you know what I’m talking about – is offensive.)

      • Owen

        Wow, Jill. You sound a lot like some of those old Taylor Hicks fans who tried to justify Taylor’s descent. But, lets face it, Taylor did WAY better than Adam…wow….

      • QUESTION

        So if you people HATE Adam so much why on earth are you commenting on a story related to him? Seriously. I am honestly asking the question because I just do not understand. Every article that EW posts about Adam instantly becomes the most talked about post and it’s not because of the people who like Adam – it’s all of these weird people who feel the need to interact in a negative way – and I just don’t get it. If you don’t like Adam why waste your time? I mean seriously – way more than 50% of the posts are from haters – and if you truly do hate him why even go there? Sounds like some people have WAY too much time on their hands.

      • redtint

        Every AI performer has to start somewhere. I recall seeing Carrie Underwood’s name on the billboard for a local indian casino in So Cal just like Adam did in Indio. No one has started out in big stadiums selling out solo concerts!

      • Michael

        yeah, he is sooo struggling….#1 airplay in Japan and Aussy land. So, struggling. A shame that people here were so blinded by the AMA performance they are missing out on his album.

      • TJ

        @Michael – That’s just too funny. I’m surprised you didn’t bring up him dominating the Lichtenstein airwaves as proof he isn’t struggling.

      • Sally in Chicago

        to Jon: Whether you know it or not…his “record company” is AI/19R/E or whatever they call themselves. This is how it works. At the end of the show the top 2 winners get a record deal with 19E/R/Jive/RCA or whatever, but it’s still the AI producers. And in this climate there’s a lot of promo money going into Adam…so he has to “return” on the investment…I think what Warwick is saying when he states “struggling” is that he’s not “cross-over” like they thought he would be. He’s doing concerts, yeh, in Indian casinos, which seat about 1000 people. He’s not co-headlining behind big names like Rascal Flatts, or Carrie Underwood…Carrie is managed by 19R too, and he’s not on her bill…nor Kellys (not 19R)…or he’s not co-headlining with Kris…I could go on and on.

        His record sales are good…but America is not accepting him in the way of a “big star” … or what AI envisioned.

        They haven’t had a BIG star since Carrie….they’ve had middling stars, but no one who sells millions of records, does commercials, sells out stadiums, and now is into movies….that’s what 19R wants desperately…and they prob. thought that Adam was that star…NOT!

      • OMGq

        Sorry Sally – it’s only been 5 months so I wouldn’t write him off just yet. It took Gaga’s CD over a year to take off the way it did – and I am sure people wrote her off at every turn as well. Adam’s Cd has consistantly been in the Top 50 up until the past few weeks when it dropped to 60-something which is pretty good for a new artist. And let’s face it – Adam is still a new artist. Even though the AI viewers know him I hate to be the one to burst everyone’s bubble, but not everyone watches the show. So there is a huge audience out there that has no idea who he is. In this day and age it takes longer to break new artists. Every so often a Justin Bieber comes along but that is the exception and hardly the rule. And I am positive 19R knows this – I know an executive at 19R and he told me that they know it will be a long road ahead of them with all of their new artists.

      • Sally in Chicago

        Well, I guess what you are saying makes sense. I can sit here and spout off like I know what I am talking about but the truth is I don’t work in the industry so it’s hard to say.

      • QUESTION

        Nice, I figured there wouldn’t be a single soul that would be able to answer my question and I was right. It just goes to show that these boards are full of a bunch of people who have nothing better to do than to rip other people apart and diminish Adam’s success to make themselves feel better. Pathetic.

      • Dan

        HAAHAHAHAHAHAH Jill you ignorant tard

      • adam’s words

        “It’s like I have a target on my chest, but it comes with the territory,” Lambert tells Spinner about his conservative critics. “It’s like that high school mentality: If you’re looking and putting energy into it, something about it is fascinating you, whether you like to admit it or not. I got your attention, that’s why you’re spewing negative hate at me, so I’m doing something right.”

      • Jackson

        I love how people are quoting Timbuktu and other countries to validate Adam’s so-called success. Ha, David Hasselhoff is #1 in Germany. Great company Adam!
        Bunch of asshats to get all worked up over this article. Get a Life.

      • Brett

        @Paul. Thank you. I often get crucified on gay sites for voicing my distaste of Adam Lambert. I’ve never been one to hop on the bandwagon merely because I merely share sexuality in common with the artist/actor. I don’t doubt that he has appeal to people. I’m just not drinking that Koolaid.

      • Eolra

        To Wino: I just wanted to point out that you can have a very successful career in Canada, without ever breaking into the States. For example, The Tragically Hip literally sell out stadiums here, and have for years, although I doubt they could even sell out a bar in the States. Just because it isn’t popular in YOUR country doesn’t mean that it isn’t important, or profitable. It may be true that his record company wishes to expand his following in the States, however I wish you would avoid insulting all other countries as unimportant because in your narrow mind the US is the only one that “matters”. If that were true, why would producers even bother to release albums or tour in other countries? They’re not free to distribute y’know, so clearly there is still significant profit. I hope you never become a pop star – I would hate for you to snub all your international fans because they “don’t matter”.

      • Hella

        Never cared for Adam Lambert’s outrageous behavior, but tonight, he seemed very constructive with the 2010 contestants. He had flair, rhythm and humility. I actually liked him.

      • Mysti

        I know Carrie Underwood is supposed to be this huge success, (since OMGq used her as barometer of success above) but why is she playing the “The Orleans” Hotel off the strip in Vegas this spring? http://www.clickitticket.com/concerts/carrie-underwood/Carrie-Underwood-Las-Vegas-Tickets.asp

        Don’t headliners get stages at the MGM Grand or the other POPULAR hotels? I’ve never even heard of The Orleans! Gimme a break. What a huge star! Whooo!

      • Alybax

        @Mysti -Are you kidding me?! You’re questioning whether Carrie freaking Underwood is a big star?! She’s the biggest star to come from Idol, dear. She’s playing her 12 #1 songs at sold out concerts as the reigning ACM Entertainer of the Year. Then she gets to go home to her mansion, 5 Grammy Awards and HOT fiance. Meanwhile you are sitting behind a computer making a comment that in all seriousness is the definition of stupidity…

    • Marcus

      Only in the minds of uninformed people (like this exec) and mindless haters (like the retards in first replies to your comment).

      • Clay

        Geeze Marcus, did someone hit a nerve. Usually when someone gets so defensive it is only when the truth hurts. Unfortunately the press and the producers of AI “overhyped” Adam and as talented as he may be it backfired in ways. Calling people names like it is 3rd grade all over again doesn’t change the fact. Adam is very talented, but unless he finds a way to get back to the basics of what made him so impressive in the first place he will never reach his full potential in the US. Warwick is actually being very nice to Adam, you should praise him for assisting him…look at all the other former contestants that didn’t get this assistance (Taylor, Blake, etc). So smile, his goal is to help Adam, hopefully you don’t think helping Adam is retarded.

      • @Clay

        Nice spin. AI gains nothing from this? I can’t help think how much this reminds me of the whole thing with “Out”. Remember what happened next?

      • TV

        American Idol 9 is going downhill anyway. No body cares about them. adam is painting his nails at home, so bring him in to cut the show expenses. This was the AI producers thinking.

      • Boy

        The ONLY person who is “struggling” is Kris Allen!! Not Adam!!! He’s doing just fine!!

      • Ken Warwick LIES

        Then if Kris is “struggling” let him mentor, not Tranny Glambert.

      • Jane

        @Boy. Kris Allen’s single “Live Like We’re Dying” has gone platinum in the U.S. He’s doing fine.

      • H’ers

        Struggling? Just watched him unplagged. Top 40. He is doing exactly what he wnats to be doing. BTW, Kris Allen’s song is awful DWTS did it better.

      • cathy

        Ken…if they let Kris mentor he will put the audience to sleep. He is as boring as this years contestants

      • TheConstant

        Kris was so boring that he won the whole competition, right, Cathy? Oh, wait. I forgot that there was supposed to be this whole thing about AT&T and their vast conspiracy in Arkansas that resulted in Kris winning! ADAM WAS ROBBED!

    • The Virgin Carey

      I think 19E was expecting him to be the next artist with Daughtry-esque numbers, and he hasn’t delivered. That’s not saying that he’s not a success, because he is by most standards, just not the LEVEL of success 19E banked on him being. I think.

      • ianaleah

        They should have known when a mdiocre singer like Kris won the popularity contest over an outstanding singer like Adam, the show isn’t totally credible. Look at the success of of the winners, there are two-kelly and Carrie-and the rest are only equal to many contestants who were below then in standing number. It’s all okay though, it’s their lives and we have our own.

      • Beth S.

        I think Adam really hurt himself at the AMAs. It was like he betrayed fans from AI that saw a different Adam on the show. I don’t think his “coming out” did that – but the antics on the stage were too much. He alienated a lot of people. His talent is huge, and his inexperience got the best of him at that moment. He’ll bounce back. This is a great opportunity for him.

      • Joe

        Yes, 19 expected Adam to be huge and he hasn’t turned out to be the megastar they were hoping for. Personally I don’t think Adam’s performance on the AMAs hurt record sales that much, but it did hurt Adam’s image with a lot of viewers, especially the ones with children. Putting Adam on Idol helps make him look “respectable” to these people again. 19 wants to make a boatload of money on Adam without having to spend a boatload more money promoting him. This is an easy way for 19 to try to get the success they originally hoped Adam would bring them.

    • Sara

      No, he’s not struggling. The AMAs were actually fantastic for him. People outside the Idol bubble paid attention to him. The rest of the world paid attention to him. Pop stars ARE controversial, they aren’t vanilla Idol stars. I don’t know by what standard Ken is judging Adam’s career, but he’s SO wrong. Idol is not the be all, end all. It’s a joke that contestants have to overcome. Adam is doing that.

      • Maddy

        Thing is, I believe Ken is judging him by safe Idol standards. Notice the theme – He wants viewers to see the similarities between Adam and Elvis, when Bowie or Madonna would be much more accurate…but that doesn’t fit with the box he wants to put Adam in. Adam is super talented and Ken probably sees the fact that Adam didn’t want to go the safe middle america route as a negative. (which it may be #s wise, but there’s so much more to being an artist than #s)

      • Gina

        Actually you are wrong Sara. Many folks were on the bubble with Adam, recognizing his talent but reserved that he may go over the top. That performance was over the top, it wasn’t needful. It is his right to express himself as he wants, but he also has to realize that type of performance alienates a large portion of the audience. Please don’t retort with me being homophobiac, it isn’t that…it wasn’t a slight progression from his AI performances, it went from 0 to 100 in one shot. You may have loved it, but many were turned off.

      • SR

        @Maddy I agree. Also, Idol standards are not popular music standards. Who’s at the top of the pop heap right now? Kesha, Rihanna, etc. People who everyone agrees stunk on the Idol stage. Being a popstar is not about playing it safe. I’m sure Gaga has turned off as many people as she’s turned on – but that’s partly why people love her. Ken just hasn’t figured out that the Idol audience isn’t Adam’s audience. It will take more headline-catching AMA type performances to catch the eyes and ears of Adam’s audience – the 20/30 somethings who love music and appreciate risk takers and who make fun of Idol.

      • Susan

        Maddy and SR: Your words. I love them. Sense. You make it.

      • Mel

        I hope Adam repeats his AMA performance on Idol. Now THAT would be awesome. I bet Kenny would gobble up those ratings and all the ensuing publicity. Oh wait, crazy publicity is a bad thing. I forgot.

      • Brian

        It’s probably not a good thing that people anywhere “notice” you when you’re giving the performance equivalent of a gutter ball.

      • mad maggie

        Actually the AMA’s did hurt him. In the days following, there were multiple articles in major news columns about it, and reader comments ran about 8 to 1 AGAINST Adam for that display. Sorry, but it was a bad move on his part. America doesn’t want to see gay sex simulated on stage, particularly when their kids are watching. Call me names if you like. I’m no longer affected by the left’s use of name calling to shame me into submission to their agenda. Have at it.

      • Carrie

        @mad maggie The AMAs didn’t hurt Adam with his target audience. That obviously does not include you. (btw, conservative whining/pearl clutching does not equal hurting Adam’s career; it actually gives him cred.)

      • @Lynn

        @Carrie. I didn’t even watch the AMAs. I read about them in aforementioned articles. And many of the comments were from people who had been fans and supported him during his Idol run. Conservative whining and pearl clutching? I’m just stating facts. Why must you liberals always resort to ad hominem attacks when facts are given?

      • Luke

        I love how Adam’sFanBloggers know more about the business than Ken Warwick. Adam’s performance on the AMAs was sloppy and over-the-top.
        And will people stop with the “liberal/conservative” junk – I’m as liberal as you can get and I don’t think Adam is ‘all that’

      • Beth S.

        Idol stopped being a joke in the third season when Kelly Clarkson started making her own name for herself at the same time that AI found us Fantasia. When AI discovers people like Kelly Clarkson, Fantasia, Daughtry, Carrie Underwood, Adam Lambert, Oscar-winner Jennifer Hudson… it’s no joke. It’s now a calculated strategy for some artists. When they get the biggest stars in the music industry performing on their stage at the finale – it’s no joke.

      • Dee12

        There’s a little game of e-Espionage, in which rival fan group members, WBC and other radicals, etc., pose as fans or any other assumed identity in an attempt to incite opposition or manipulate the opinion of others. Some are highly skilled at this tactic and use inflammatory insults and labelling as bait to deflect attention from valid comments. Think before you believe.

      • Clem

        @@Lynn What you don’t seem to get is that people who were turned off by Adam’s performance on the AMAs were NEVER going to be long term fans. Losing those fans was inevitable. Branching out beyond the Idol fanbase is inevitable. Adam isn’t the type of artist to play it safe. Adam’s performances can be over-the-top, sexual and a bit in your face. He can also pull it back and give you something heartfelt and lovely. (Oh wait, Adam the artist isn’t defined by the AMAs? What?) Everyone knows that Adam will never be popular with a certain segment of the American population. Cool, he gets that. That doesn’t mean his career isn’t or won’t be successful here. Catering to that segment – some of whom may have liked him on Idol, but will never understand or appreciate his talents is a waste of time.

      • @Mad Maggie

        I guess it would have been so much better if he had simulated straight sex on stage? Kids see this on TV all the time and you’re not concerned about that? Double standard, so it seems.

    • Barry

      He has struggled. His sales aren’t very good. I mean, David Archuleta has sold more than Adam!

      • Lyssa

        Who’s David Archuleta? Never heard of him. But I have heard of Adam. How do you measure success?

      • Christina

        But that’s an unfair comparison, when Adam has had half the amount of time to sell albums that Archuleta has.

      • Abyss

        LOL, keep plucking that chicken, Christina.

      • Jill

        So what? When their albums released, Adam sold more than Rihanna. Does that mean he is more successful than her?

      • Chile

        Rhianna’s album was a flop.

      • Marisa

        @Chile Rihanna’s album was a flop? By 2002 standards maybe, but not 2009/10. She’s touring arenas this summer. I bet she sells them out.

      • TK

        @Abyss, your brain must be in “abyss” somewhere because it is true. All the Adam haters are trying to compare his album sales with those idols who have had a year or more on him. How can YOU compare him with those people? He has only been out with his album since November, that is 5 freaking months (if you don’t actually count November since it was relase late of that month). Lets see, if you want to compare David A. to Adam’s sales, well a year and a half sure is MORE time than 5 months. My gawd get a grip. Plus I think Adam has done quite well in this slacking economy. Hell it is a miracle that anyone could sell in this very depressing times where many don’t have jobs, homes, food. If you don’t like Adam, fine, but will all the damn haters stop comparing his sales with those who have had way more time and a better economy in which to sell?

      • Ken Warwick LIES


      • Tagrid

        @Barry – In addition to the comments above, consider the fact that David Archuleta’s primary fanbase is tweens, and secondary fanbase is younger teen girls. Adam’s fanbase runs the gamut from tweens through folks in their 70s-plus and men as well as women. To compare Adam’s sales to Davids one would have to only calculate David’s first album, and what the sales were from the date it dropped then run a timeline for David’s and Adam’s. There’s also no way to calculate into that the differences in the state of the economy. Heh – does anyone really care to do all that? Or more pertinent – DOES ANYONE REALLY CARE AT ALL who sells more and when? It’s just a stupid point to make.

      • Sammie

        David Cook’s album went platinum in 2 months (11/18/08 debut – certified platinum 01/22/09) so yes Adam is struggling. With all the hype he had he should have already been platinum. Funny how glambots know more about the business that Ken.

      • Jenn

        @Sammie – Your timescale for David Cook’s platinum status is wrong. His album passed 1 million sales in week 15 (nearly 4 months) after its release. This was the sales week ending 3/1/2009. Data is from http://www.DavidCookOfficial.com and Billboard Chart History. You may be reporting the date 1 mil albums had been shipped to stores, not when the sales occurred. Adam’s number (586,526 as of last week) refers to albums sold, not shipped.

      • Jenn

        Cook’s album went platinum in 4 months, not 2.

    • InWhatContext

      Struggling compared to other Idols, no.

      Not doing as well as he has the potential to do… sure. But, I believe he will gain momentum over time and will be around for a long time. He has an unlimited amount of potential.

      • Sammie

        Yes he is struggling. Hasn’t even gone platinum in the US. You can’t compare him to any other idol except maybe Kris (same season and all). Kris’s single hit platinum but JIVE is known for single sales not albums i.e. Jordon Sparks. Took her a year to get a platinum album. RCA is known for album sales so yes he is struggling. I.m sure Ken knows all the numbers and would not have said what he said if 19 wasn’t concerned about the money they have laid out with little return on their investment.

    • JD

      No. Adam is doing fine. Adam is never going to have a career that plays to middle America. He’s just not. It’s not who he is. Everyone who was going to get over the AMAS is over them. Everyone who isn’t over the AMAs was never going to be a long term fan to begin with. Adam shouldn’t cater to the Idol audience. Conservative old women are not and never were going to be Adam’s fanbase. If he’s “disappointed” them in some way, too bad. It’s their loss. Adam shouldn’t pretend to be something he’s not to please them.

      • xxYxx

        Middle America’s not the only portion of America that rejects him.

      • Mark

        Let’s keep it real, people. Adam is the first gay pop star to come out at the beginning of his career, and he gets the joy of having to do it in the incredibly homophobic US of A. He faces challenges and prejudices that no other Idol faces. Clay waited years to come out, well after he earned his millions and had pretty much lost his career anyway. Based on the ingrained prejudices and outright hate he faces in America, Adam is incredibly successful.

      • CB

        @xxYxx There’s a difference between those that were fans of Adam on Idol and were upset by his AMA performance and those who just don’t like him at all and never did. This comment is not addressing the latter group, which apparently includes you.

      • veronica

        re: “conservative women” and “middle america” – it was hilarious to watch all these middle-aged (mostly white) women on oprah go absolutely nuts over adam when he was on the show a few months ago! i think there is probably more variety to the demographics that like adam than folks imagine.

      • Pam

        I could care less about what Adam did at the AMA’s – the performance itself didn’t bother me. But my problem with Adam is that I can’t stand his music. I loved the rocker vibe he gave on AI, but I can’t stand dance/club-type of music.

      • Louanne

        “Conservative old women”??? I am 60 and my 11 year old granddaughter is now a fan because of me. She has seen his OTT performances on utube and loves his voice, performances and personality. If some think he is starting slowly, he will pick up because his fan base will be younger before long. BTW, I live in middle america. We are not all conservatives and are teaching our children and grandchildren to appreciation talent in whatever form it takes. And THAT is Adam.

      • Cagey

        Pam, you should listen to a few more songs on Adam’s album. Several of them remind me of ’80s hair band rock. The dude just missed his era. He should be the new Steve Perry. But rock stations won’t touch him.

      • ZZtop

        @JD – If Adam’s target audience isn’t middle America – why did he bother to audition for Idol? Isn’t that a epitome of not being true to himself? For the record, David A sold 600k by week 10 (if my math is correct that’s waaaay less than 5 months) – and the economy wasn’t any better at the end of 2008 as it was in 2009. And BTW Kris has been playing shows all year – he didn’t have to high-tail it out of the country to find an audience.

      • Sandra

        JD – WHAT YOU SAID! I think the AMA was a good thing in the long run. And I think what Warwick said is OLD news. Adam will be fine:-)

    • Zel

      wino, I did not know that Canadian money was worthless? Folks you have now have the facts. Adam can sell millions of albums world wide and he still will be a failure. RCA shreads that foreign money up for kitty litter.

    • Liev

      Funny those who say that Adam is struggling. He is the only Idol alumnus that became instantly famous all over the world. His album sales easily went gold in the US and platinum/gold status in Canada, Japan, Singapore and more. No Idol winner or alumnus has yet equalled Adam’s success and therefore, it’s fair to say that anyone who says the contrary is a mere hater. And I really pity them…

      • Jake

        Really? No other alumnus has yet equalled Adam’s success?

        I bet Kelly Clarkson is going to be mad that she’s been lied to for all these years.

      • TK

        What fat Kelly? Who can’t get along with anyone? Yeah I see alot of people waiting in line to work with her. She is a fantastic singer but her work ethic sucks.

      • @Jake & Liev

        Kelly’s international recognition was slow to develop. Adam’s appears to be happening much faster. Yet, on the whole, the music industry is in far worse shape now than it was in 2002 when Kelly became the 1st Idol winner. This is due mostly to illegal music downloading but also due to the economy. You cannot just directly compare sales #s in 2010 with those in 2002. You cannot compare album sales from 8 yrs of a career with a 4-month old career!

      • Mary

        Carrie Underwood would be mad too. I mean how many awards has she won compared to Adam? Too many to count.

      • DD

        So Mary, how do YOU know Carrie will be upset??? Did you speak to her, eh, maybe she’s happy that Adam has been given this incredible chance. Wake up woman!!

      • Mary

        @DD. Get over yourself. I was referring to the comment Jake made about Kelly Clarkson being mad, since Liev made the idiotic comment of “No idol winner or alumnus as equalled Adam’s success.” Don’t take things so literally.

      • Jenn

        @Mary – And did she win them in the first 4 months after her debut album was released ? Don’t think so.

      • Jake

        @Jenn Her album was released in November 2005. She had won three Billboard Music Awards by the end of that year. So yes, she won them within the first months that her debut was released.

      • ShesLealy

        HAHA. ITS FUNNY HOW THEY COMPARE ADAM TO KELLY AND CARRIE. i’ve known kelly for maybe just a year, and i admit she’s good. while carrie.. eh. point is, adam is instantly popular, he captivated others who arent even a idol-fan just like me. i’ve known him when he admitted he was gay, he’s all over. and why would he even release the REMIX EP while FYE is struggling?

      • Jake

        @ShesLealy I’m not comparing Adam to Kelly and Carrie. I’m just pointing out that to say that “No Idol winner or alumnus has yet equalled Adam’s success” is a ridiculous claim, when there has been a few AI alums that have done so. Will Adam surpass them? Perhaps, but perhaps not. However, declaring him the most successful ever is way too premature.

      • Jenn

        @Jake – Then she had 3.5 YEARS after her Idol win (in May 2002) to work on her album. Adam had less than 3 months after the Idol tour ended. He was required in his contract to release his album that fast. His album is amazingly good, especially given how little time he was given to produce it.

      • db

        No other Idol has reached Lambert’s success??? What planet do you live on? Kelly, Carrie, Daughtry, Cook, and Aiken were far more successful right out of the gate than Lambert, and didn’t get anywhere near the hysterical publicity push Lambert did. He’ll be in a nursing home before he pays back that debt!!

      • Suzanne

        @Liev–Clay Aiken was also instantly famous and on the cover of Rolling Stone. (Not comparing them as artists–just saying that Idolmania may not carry the artist in the long haul.

      • Jake

        @Jenn I wasn’t talking about Kelly debut when I mentioned the BB awards. I was talking about Carrie, who won the show in May 2005 and released her album in November 2005. So, she had just as long as Adam.

        I wasn’t talking about Kelly. Kelly’s album came out in the same time frame too, if I’m not mistaken.

      • ZZtop

        Well, lets see – to go “platinum” in Canada is 80k in sales. That’s impressive! NOT.

      • min

        @db, Adam Lmabert made his own publicity. He went out of his way to EW to be their grammy correspondent, he made his own headlines with the AMAs, Rolling Stone. :/ E19 did none of that. The man is a strategist.

        @Suzanne, what state of the music industry at the end of 2009 could you compare with 2003?

        @Jake, Carrie is country. America loves country, and she is likable. Adam came out gay, his music is not for everyone. Pure rock stations doesnt wanna play him. :/ What other route is he suppose to go? And it’s just his debut album. He wanna showcase his diversity. Let it be. His next ablum will be more ‘leather’ and more him, more ‘heartfelt’.

    • Liz

      I have no interest in the AI-approved version of Adam thank you very much.

      • Amy

        I couldn’t agree more!

      • Kev

        I totally agree.

      • Kieran

        Very good point. Some AI execs actually freaked out when Adam didn’t censor “Whole Lotta Love” (“Gonna give you every inch of my love”), even though the LedZep version gets played on radio stations all over the world practically every day without being censored. Warwick is a wuss.

      • Angela

        I’m with you guys! Adam rocks just the way he is!

      • Clem

        Me neither.

    • realityhurts

      I bought Adam’s debut CD for 99 cents during the first week release…I think that was Ken referring to “adam has not being doing well”
      btw the gold status was “inflated.”

      • Amy

        C’mon now why make sh*t up? If you have some facts then state them. No need to be a liar.

      • TK

        Actually I bought Kris Allen’s CD for a penny. Really……..at a garage sale……the lady didn’t even open it. Still in its plastic coating wrap. I use it to put my cousin to sleep. Har Har.

      • lacey

        LOL! Nearly every artist puts their album on sale at Amazon for cheap for a day or so after it comes out. It’s called MARKETING! It’s a great way to introduce music to a new audience. Most people won’t splurge $9.99 or more on an artist whose music they aren’t familiar with.

      • Kevin

        @TK- how old are you? Your derogatory remarks reflects your immaturity. Amazon did have a sale for Adam’s CD for 3.99 and for a coupon you could get for .99. We all get you don’t like Kris, but this article is about Adam. I think both are doing okay.

    • Ken Warwick LIES

      I knew that 19E has been helping out Adam…this PROVES IT.

      • Kev

        Considering 19E is Adam’s management company (along with Kris’, Carrie’s, Gokey’s, Cook’s, Daughtry’s, etc.), I would hope they’re helping him out.

      • TheConstant

        The better question is: If Adam is an international superstar who is doing tremendously well, why help him out as opposed to say, Kris Allen, you know, the guy who actually won the thing and who is supposedly doing “worse” than Adam, if Adam’s fans are to believed? If American Idol and its producers don’t care about people’s votes, and decide who they think should have won the competition anyway, what is the point in tuning in and voting for a favorite? People tune in for the competition, and when producers continue to pimp someone who America didn’t choose, that just makes the already crappy season lose more credibility. It’s not even about bringing a winner on board to help their sales. When has Idol ever brought on a previous Idol finalist to help their sales? Never. What does that say about their favoritism of Adam? Clearly they really just want to make him happen. It’s like that quote from Mean Girls. Stop trying to make Adam Lambert happen. He’s not going to happen. This feverish scrambling to make him THE SECOND COMING OF ELVIS PRESLEY is bordering on the embarrassing.

      • min

        @TheConstant, obviously because the 19E producers love Adam and see that he has the potential to be great, not because he’s doing worst than Kris Allen. And Kris. As Much as I love him, would be boring as a mentor, really boring.
        And the whole Kris is better thing. Seriously, he’s not gonna be as marketable as a worldwide artist as Adam Lambert. And it’s true, just every other places you see glamberts worldwide in huge groups.
        And why Kris won? Because he got talent, he’s goodlooking, (so was Adam), but he’s more likable. Easier for people to digest. And if we dont count the flawed system where people could vote 50+ times, I really would like to know who’d be the winner.
        Adam Lambert is very special. He got that voice that not making ppl have nowaday, he got that innate musical ability, stage presence, showmanship, but Kris… Kris is great. He’s good as a singer-songwriter. In a few years he might make huge hits, but there’s a lot of other talents with Kris’ voice or his talents. What makes Kris differently is his personality which I adore.

    • Glamberts are stinky and sweaty

      More proof that Madame Glambert is a POS.

    • Adam is struggling

      His reputation. His image as the sweet non threating singer, post AMA.

    • Elizabeth

      “Struggling” = “not as commercially popular as Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood” in Idol speak… or at least that’s what I got out of that tidbit.

      I’m sure the fact that it takes quite a bit of time between the finale and the actual debut album to come out doesn’t help either… but again, just my opinion.

    • Kiki

      IF Adam is struggling, THEN Kris Allen must be going down for the count given that Adam’s album has outsold Kris by 2:1. But Ken’s commnt doesn’t surprise me. Just like Randy Jackson and Gene Simmons, AI is all about trying to maximize profit by limiting risk. Going out and giving super safe performances is not what Adam wants to do. Then again, going out and giving super safe performances hasn’t done Kris Allen much good, has it?

      • Mary

        Kris is doing just fine. With illegal downloading, records sales are not the only way to judge how well an artist is doing. Most artist make their money on concerts, not record sales. Kris has had several appearances and is booked for the summer. He is doing exactly what he wanted, making music. I love Adam’s voice, but I only downloaded a couple of songs – dance music is not my thing. I also do not like his OTT performances. That’s just me. I just don’t think he had lived up to the hype AI and the media claim he would be. Exposure doesn’t necessarily means success.

      • Kiki

        I’m glad Kris is doing what he wants. Great. So is Adam. But there is no way you can say Kris’ success has equaled Adam’s either in terms of total sales or in terms of concert tickets sold.

      • Ashtrash

        Okay, Kiki, you go ahead and post some real, verifiable numbers and we’ll see how much better Adam is doing than Kris. Until then, it’s just Adam fans spouting off as usual…

      • TheConstant

        If Ken Warwick is so concerned about Adam’s struggles, why isn’t he so concerned about Kris’s, since according to you, Kiki, he needs SO much help? Either Warwick doesn’t think Kris needs to be helped out because he’s exceeding expectations (especially for a winner the show doesn’t like to talk about) or Warwick didn’t think Kris should’ve won in the first place, which, if this was the case, only defeats the purpose in having a competition to begin with. If the show is not going to support any of its winners, what is the point in tuning in to vote for anybody? Hey, why not stop voting for American Idol season 9 altogether, considering it doesn’t matter who wins anyway, the show will just choose whoever they want to make “happen”, just like they are trying to do with Adam

    • Sela

      Of course you had, that’s why you bother to post.

    • Gwen

      Guess they expected him to be at least platinum by now…or something.

    • My Thoughts

      Considering Entertainment 19 probably spent more money promoting Adam than all of the other Idol winners combined, he’s not as “huge” as his fans would like to believe. I think the term “struggling” is used because he is not the International Super Star people insisted he was going to be.

      He’s not a failure, but maybe he has to earn his way to the top, just like most new artists. You can’t force everyone to like him or his music, and sometimes the more you try to force it, the more it turns people off. Throwing the homophobe accusation around at everyone who doesn’t LOVE him certainly doesn’t help to make him more appealing. For the record, his music (Glam Pop) doesn’t appeal to me. What happened to him being a rocker?

      • lacey

        His fans don’t believe he’s “huge.” They simply don’t believe he’s struggling. Because, you’re right – every artist has to earn his way to the top. It’s not instantaneous. And he’s doing it. His album came out in November. It’s a little too soon to be calling his career one thing or another. It’s ridiculous.

      • min

        E19 did not promote Adam as much as people would like to think. If you would name me all the monetary promotions he gets in comparison to Kris Allen, I would shut up right now.
        The only reason Ken is saying that Adam is struggling is the effect of the AMA performance that got him. He got several shows cancelled and I’m his E19 put some effort into getting him on those shows, but not monetary.
        People who’ve come in contact with Adam just have ‘such high expectations’ for him and expect him to be an instant platinum hit b/c they see the potential and talent in him. When he doesnt deliver, they label him as ‘failed’ and that is not fair. Adam’s not for everyone, but he is doing well in this music industry which is struggling itself as a whole, not only its artists and Idol doesnt have the influence it once had back in the days.
        And he did got nominated for a Grammy up against big names like MJ, Bruno, Buble, and John Mayer in the category of best Pop Male Vocal and none other AI alum achieve that. None.

    • bobbybue

      After only 4 mos since its release and it just released last week in UK, this doesn’t really look like struggling to me:

      For Your Entertainment Album
      US – Gold: January 2010
      Canada – Gold: January 2010, Platinum: March 2010
      Singapore – Gold: March 2010
      New Zealand – Gold: March 2010

      Whataya Want From Me Single:
      US – Gold: February 2010 and nearing Platinum
      Canada – Double Platinum: March 2010

      For Your Entertainment Single
      Canada – Platinum: March 2010
      New Zealand – Gold: March 2010

      • ZZtop

        Canada – Platinum = 80,000 * Singapore – Gold = 6,000 *
        New Zealand – Gold = 7,500 *

        The certification numbers internationally aren’t the same as US sales, so don’t try to make it look like he’s sold hundreds of thousands worldwide.

      • Kaz

        Adam’s Album has been available in the UK from the date it was released in the US last year …… it has been *RE-released* this month …. not *just release*. It was never an import in the UK, and therefore released at the same time as the US. For some reason they’ve just decided to ‘re-release’ it, I’d assume for him being over here, but it’s ALWAYS been available in the UK!

      • Jenn

        No, his album was NOT just released last week in the UK. It won’t be released in the UK until May 3.

      • min

        @ZZtop, at least he’s doing it worldwide, while many artists out there hasn’t. And he was still very new at that moment. Something is wrong with your head if you expect Adam to be an instant hit. If you had such high expectations for him, that’s saying a lot about his talent and reputation. :/ Which I doubt you do.

    • Kiley

      Sorry folks but it’s American Idol that is struggling.

      For the 2nd week in a row, DWTS beat AI in the weekly ratings. Warwick is bringing Adam Lambert back to Help boost Idol’s ratings, and have Adam mentor the Top 9 in Performance. This year’s group has perfectly good singers, but they’re Boring to watch!

      I’m sure Warwick is hoping Adam can inject some Performance Life into them and bring the show back to #1 in the weekly ratings.

    • C

      Am I the only who thinks it is too early to decide whether Adam is – or is not – a failure? At least give the guy a full year after his album comes out!

      • Jenny K

        Sadly, it doesn’t work that way. Unless of course, you’re talking about people who AREN’T Adam Lambert. In which case, this judgment totally applies to them. If someone says that Adam’s album sales aren’t what they should be, his fans rush to his defense and say “WELL, album sales don’t really matter!” but when you talk about other artists, like Kris Allen, the Adam Lambert fans are quick to say “Just look at Kris Allen’s pathetic album sales! Adam has outsold him! Clearly he should have won!” The double standard is quite amusing.

      • Alybax


      • min

        @Jenny K, Kris had the advantage of the Idol winner. Most alums other than the winner, never got much sponsorships or promotionals as the winner and that’s a given fact. He was the Idol winner, the radios will give him the courtesy of playing his songs, hit hits. While Adam has to work a lil harder for his and he gets paid less for the same works in sponsorship b/c he’s not the winner.
        Anyways I love both guys and I think they’re doing okay. Not amazing, but okay and great.

    • Sam

      If Adam is “struggling” where is Kris Allen then???
      How would you call his record sales? He’s the winner, after all!

      • Sammie

        Well he did get a platinum single before Adam. Jive pushes singles.

    • Dee12

      Oh, Adam definitely has been challenged, and Warwick and Idol PTB’s know exactly what prompted Adam’s AMA performance, despite any proclamations of ignorance. As thanks for Adam’s substantial contribution to the success of S8, Idol threw Adam under the bus when they failed to investigate reports of, or may even have participated in, manipulation of the flawed voting system. The reported voting results sent the false message to the world that America refused to embrace him because of his orientation. Sensationalized by the media vultures, even his fans bought into the premise that this was the determining factor in the vote outcome and became overly defensive.

      Given all other indicators of his overwhelmingly unsurpassed popularity in America and acceptance by the music industry before the AMA’s, does anyone with an IQ above 20 seriously believe Adam did not eventually figure out what had been done to him and realize it created a recurring obstacle?

      So he stepped out the box and is blazing his own trail. It’s not a cake walk. And Idol now seeks his assistance, once again under the disguise of throwing him a lifeline.

      Peering down from the high road he accepts the invitation, graciously and with kindness.

      • Adam Fans

        Do Adams fans have anything but voting conspiracy theories and the “homophobe” card to argue for his defense? Do ANY of you ever, for a single moment, consider that some people simply do not like Adam’s style of singing?

        Adam should not yet be considered a “failure”, but his fans do him no service with their over-the-top defensiveness/accusations, and their tendency to swarm every time Adam is mentioned on-line. It does him no service that you accuse every non-Adam fan of being homophobic. Considering I am not quite a fan, but am not the least bit homophobic, his fans baseless accusations make me even less inclined to become interested in Adam and his music. In my opinion, Adam’s “problem” is his own fan base which turns people off more than Adam’s style of music and performance. He is fairly talented, but imo, his current fans stand in the way of him reach true stardom.

      • Joe

        Do you think Adam could have refused their “invitation” to be a mentor? He HAD to do what they said. Adam may have done them a favor but I don’t think he had a choice. All the current successful Idols are slaves to 19E

      • Kris Fans

        Perhaps if you spent ONE minute of your day reading what Adam is constantly subjected to, you’d be less ignorant and arrogant. The Gokey and Cook fans are the most homophobic of all I’ve noticed but Kris fans are the ones that TWEET Adam homophobic words. He can READ these. Imagine if Adam fans tweeted Kris about how disgusting him and his wife are, and that they will burn in Hell. Not a single one of you have an ounce of class or respect Kris and Adam have.

      • min

        @Adam Fans, then you are a very shallow person.
        If you’re talking about his fans being defensive, then talk about his equally hateful haters who are even more aggressive.

    • KARENx3


      • LOL!

        Get more naive, biased and illiterate, I dare you.

    • shar

      theres a reason why he didnt win american idol and i wonder why cant they just accept the fact that hes not as great as they think he is…
      they really should stop pushing it

      • keep whining

        Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha DREAM ON shar

    • Dark Night

      I heard that his wiener is huge in Japan!

      • Luton

        Awwwwwwwww don’t be mad Kris Allen’s album was the “worst-selling Winner’s album in Idol History”! :”'[ That no one outside of Arkansas and Middle America has a flying f–k who he is whilst every Country Lambo steps foot in, there’s mass hysteria, mad excitement from interviwers and fans both. That everyone has already forgetten your Idol; that he will forever be stuck in the little Idol bubble; that he has failed to grab the attention of merely ONE respected Icon/Legend/Musician whilst over 50 have BEFRIENDED Adam. Poor wittle Kwistopher with below average voice, trollface clingy wife, balding head and gorrilla feet, and his TEEENY fanbase. Poor baby. Seriously, keep crying.

    • Twitter.com/AdamLambert

      Hahahahaha YOU WISH, you Kris fans are so see-through. KW has his own personal issues about Adam should showcase himself and Adam disagrees with him so LMAO.

      Lambert has half a million fans – JUST on his Tw.itter alone. He’s been the most successful Idol from last Season – his album did better than the WINNER’S debuting at #3 on the Billboards Chart then going Gold, Double Platinum & is STIL constantly rising. He is the most popular male contestant in the Show’s History – & he’s only at the start of his career. He has friends and fans in Queen, Slash, Spielberg, Zeppelin, Paul McCartney, Gaga, STyler, Burton, Demi Moore, JMcHale, RMarshall, Muse, Madonna, Cuomo, Selena Williams, LPerry, Stephen Fry………………not even Carrie & Kelly managed all the above. Only Kelly and Lambert are known, successful, AND popular Globally. Sucks for everyone else. CRY MORE TROLLS.

      • Twitter.com/AdamLambert

        *about HOW

    • Kathryn

      The show put the memo out there that Adam Lambert was going to “blow up” and “skyrocket” and go “stratosphere” once he graduated from Idol. Considering his first single flopped, Time For Miracles didn’t land him a performance at the Oscars (or a nomination *eyeroll*) and he’s still only managed to sell less than 600k copies of his “much-anticipated” debut album (whereas even Taylor Frickin’ Hicks sold a million right out the gate), then yeah I’d say Adam is definitely struggling.

      Just because you see him on tabloid TV does not make him a musical success. Even the winner, Kris Allen, who Idol has so blatantly forgotten this season, has outsold Adam on his one single. Sure Adam has sold more albums but that’s to be expected when you have a larger core fanbase.

      Idol asked Adam to mentor to help Adam, not to help the show. Especially since the show is probably going to fade out in the next couple of years.

      • marcie

        Kathryn, dear, “Time For Miracles” was not ELIGIBLE for an Oscar nomination. The song was not written explicitly for the movie 2012, so it was not eligible. No nomination, no performance at Oscars. Secondly, Taylor Hicks did NOT “sell a million copies right out the gate”. By the end of 2009, total sales of Hick’s debut album were 704,000. Oh, and Adam has sold more albums than Kris because he has a “larger core fanbase” ? Fewer fans –> less success. I get it. That explains everything.

      • mani

        Time for Miracles was not a single. And you are comparing Hicks to Adam? Hicks was season 5, Adam was season 8. The music industry as a whole dipped a record low that year. Look it up if you haven’t follow news that year.
        And Adam single has sold as much as Kris Allen’s. The only reason For Your Entertainment did not sell as well as it should is because of the whole backlash from the AMAs. No radio station was willing to play that song. Kris Allen indeed got a lot of radio plays for his single.

  • Logistics

    Preach, Ken Warwick. Preach.

    *cue defensive Adam fans*

    • wino

      ha, truth hurts. watch the sparklecows go kookoo crazy over his honest, straightforward remark.

      • Mel

        Wino, you’re clueless. Adam has an incredibly diverse fanbase. He has a ton of young fans and loads of international fans. A lot of his fans don’t even like or watch Idol. In fact, they’re pretty appalled they even like a contestant that came from Idol. Adam has a bigger fanbase outside of the “Idol fanbase” than any other contestant that has come off that show except for Kelly Clarkson. Stick with your “sparklecow” theory if it makes you feel better, but it wouldn’t hurt to venture outside of the Idol bubble every now and then.

      • Greg

        Mel, you must have never heard of Chris Daughtry. Two platinum albums and over 6 million albums sold worldwide (or 10x the amount of Lambert). I’d guess he has a larger “Idol” and “outside-Idol” fanbase than Adam. But if it makes you feel better to throw out ridiculous statements, go ahead.

      • Logistics

        LOL @ sparklecows. Perfect name

      • Hey wino

        when in doubt, call people names…right!

      • Sue

        @Greg – Daughtry’s sales were accomplished in ~10x the amount of time since Adam’s album was released.
        LOL at the comparison!

      • Chile

        At the same point in Daughtry’s career he was outselling Adam by a lot. So was Archuleta. His single and album had outsold Adam’s by much more 5 months in. Warrick said Adam was struggling because he is. He got tremendous promo opportunities and cannot keep pace with those who came before him.

      • SW

        People, when are you all going to get it through your skulls that album sales =/= talent?

        Oh, so, Daughtry has sold a bunch of albums! *gasp* Guess it helps that his music is carbon copy of Nickelback’s? Which, really, who in their right minds would want their music compared to Nickelback’s anyway? UGH! Also, Carrie may be famous in the US but she’s NOTHING worldwide.

        I will take my Adam anyway he wants to be, safe for AI, grinding his crotch against a pretty dancer’s face, pulling a Jim-Morrison-meets-Robert-Plant to utter perfection. It’s Adam, I’ll then gimme.

      • ZZtop

        @Sue – uh, no. Daughtry’s first CD sold Platinum in 5 weeks, and 2X Platinum in the US in 18 weeks. That’s about how long Adam’s CD has been out in the US. I’ll give you that the economy was better in 2006, but 4 times better? I don’t think so.

      • JPeter, London

        Daughtry?? I can not name ONE person in real life who admits to listening to Daughtry lmfao. He makes douchy butt-rock ‘music’ like Cook, Creed, Nickleback. Not one person our age – people who mock Idol and listen to REAL music, will be seen dead with his album. He’s not even played on the TV. You really need to get out of your Idol Bubble because in the real world only 3 Idols matter: Kelly, Adam, and Carrie although she’s only huge in the Country market whilst the other 2 are huge Globally. Musically stunted people are the worst. Get out of your Idol bubbles STAT.

    • TK

      Hey Log, you know it isn’t just Adam fans who are defensive as you put it…..Kris Allen fans are worse…..I get “beat up” everytime I try to put some sense into their heads…..fans are fans…..they protect who they love…..last time I looked it wasn’t a crime……..better than the haters……and yeah I can be one of Kris so……..I dish it out and I take it too…….STFU!

      • Cari

        You are really comparing Daughtry, Kelly,and Carrie who have been out in the music industry for years to Adam who has been out for months? Let’s talk again about sales in YEARS when Adam has the amount of time to build his fanbase and sales. Do you people think before you type? Let’s remember, he has only had an album out since November 2009. IT would be nice if people spoke with facts rather than opinions.

      • @Cari

        I believe Chile was comparing Daughtry’s sales with Adam’s at the same number of months after their cds were released, not Adam’s current sales with Daughtry’s. So the comparison is valid. People are free to draw whatever conclusions they wish.

      • ohdear

        What are initial sales when you have actual legends on your side and are as popular as Adam is? He gets 30 dozen new opportunities a day. His Tw.itter followers grow every second. Technically, he’ll have a million way before the end of this year. He’s on the TV, on the readio, always in the press, sites are still relying on him to get Hits, he’s adored to death worldwide, where is Daughtry these days??

  • Aimzee

    I would like to see Anoop Desai and Jason Castro. Both have music currently out.

    • Lisbeth

      Anoop and Jason are two most recent contestants who have, basically, zero on camera presence. I lvo the both of them, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t know what motivated you to think this was a good idea.

      • Stacy

        Castro had some great moments on Idol. I’d love to see him finally return.

      • flower

        I loved Jason Castro. How could anyone finish fourth with zero on-camera presence? I would rather listen to his music than Adam’s (sorry Adam fans, it’s just an opinion which everyone is entitled to, and no I am not anti-gay which you all wish I was).

      • earthshine

        Sorry, guys, but I never could understand Jason Castro’s appeal. On Idol I found his singing to be mediocre at best, and basically boring and trite. No on-stage appeal whatsoever. Seems like a nice guy, just minimal talent and charisma.

      • mad maggie

        Jason has a lot of charisma. Not the greatest PERFORMER in the world, nor the best singer. But charisma, yes.

      • AliFran

        Anoop? Really? Who would pay money for a CD he recorded? His appearence on Idol was purely luck – or politics – or temporary insanity. I was so glad to see him go, and certainly not soon enough!

    • Disgusting

      Ew, you have terrible taste. Especially Castro who snorts his own flem back up, gross gross gross.

  • Lisbeth

    popcorn.gif for glamberts

    • Barry


    • .

      cry more

  • Barbara

    I honestly don’t know where Ken Warwick is coming from. Struggling? With a record that has gone gold in several countries? Adam also has a gold single in the US, two platinum singles in Canada as well as a platinum album there.

    I don’t think that qualifies as struggling. I seriously don’t understand his comments.

    • TJ

      A lot of those countries don’t require nearly the amount of units sold to go gold or platinum as the US does. What were the actual sale numbers to go along with those certifications?

      And he’s struggling in the sense that no other contestant, not even Carrie Underwood, has ever received so much hype an attention without having released a debut album. However you want to spin it, and I already see people appearing to do just that, the sales don’t match the extreme hype. He’s also appeared on every TV show possible and is still out of the top 50 in album sales after five months. I’m glad Ken Warwick was honest enough to admit that this was more about salvaging Adam’s album sales than anything else.

      • MsWrite

        So, that’s completely irrelevant. The calculations are relative to that country’s album sales. The album went gold in three months and is still making steady gains. It took Jordin’s album two years to go platinum. The music industry is a completely different animal than it was even two years ago, but apparently, you don’t read the papers.

      • follow the sun

        The numbers required to go gold are relative to the population of the country. Eg. Canada requires 40K for gold, but has a population equal to that of California. Expecting half a million would be ridiculous.

      • ShesLealy

        hmm. base on whats happening now, adam just release the REMIX EP. and non-remix fans liked it. so, if he’s struggling, they would not sell the remix and will wait for the first album be sold out everywhere.

      • cathy

        Considering Canada has a population of approximately 35 million and the Us has approximately 307 million, anyone who has haLF a brain would realize it is just as hard to sell 80K in Canada as it is to sell 1 million in the USA

      • HYPE?

        The hype comment is so OLD. It’s only hype when there are no fans. He has more fans than everyone from Last Season and he creates excitement – all by himself. Even all the doubters who were whining about their faves not being chosen to mentor instead, admitted he made a great mentor. Hype is empty, there’s nothing to support it. I don’t think you get the fact that Adam has fans – a LOT of them, who want to see and hear him daily. Just because you don’t share that point of view, doesn’t mean you can disregard the fact that he is exciting to many, many people – legends included. He brings in ratings, Hits, the lot.

      • mani

        He got on shows and TV because he was controversial. Do you honestly think e19 spend any money to dish him appearances?
        Everyone wants Adam’s “coming out” story and when it hit the market, every talk shows want him on their show. HE DID HIS OWN publicity and even if he was overhype, it doesnt equal that ppl will be willing to buy his music. Just not yet. People just want to pry into other’s personal life and Adam gave just that. And also the AMAs created a lot of buzz for him, whether it was bad or good, and it was his own doings, not e19. Buzz doesnt mean he’ll sell millions, although in my standards I think he’s doing fine. I was not a fan of his til after Idols, after his first album. I’ve only recently known about him. And I dont watch Idols.

    • Shane

      I think he was trying to express that the majority of his major success has been outside of the US and they had expected (and wanted) him to take America by storm. I am sure they are happy with his sales in other countries, but remember after all this is “American” Idol so he hasn’t been overwhelmingly successful here. And before anyone bashes me, I am not trashing him nor am I homophobic – Adam is extremely talented, but the AMA moment probably wasn’t the wisest decision to really kick off his post Idol career.

      • umm

        He’s talked about the AMAs a billion times. I LOVED the performance – the only thing that was off were his vocals and he agreed. He stands by his performance and I’m glad, it was HOTTTTTT, he interprets his lyrics to the core – that’s what makes him so dynamic and unpredictable. It was pure adrenaline dirty dominance. His fans that GET IT, loved it. Anyone who didn’t, or was offended, confused, put-off should have disappeared right then because they’re def. not following the right peformer for them. They’d be better off following Gokey, because all that, is a part of who Adam is. He is a sexual person and a sexual performer. He is also a sweet person and an emotional performer. It is seriously only America with the problem. No one outside was outraged one bit, we took it for what it was. We laughed just like his bassist did as they got off the stage. You should hear some of the International interviewers he’s done, they laugh so hard at the US.

    • marsbar

      Gold certification in Canada is something like 40,000 units only. In Singapore, even less. So really while those gold and platinum certifications sound impressive, they really don’t translate to so many albums sold.

      Compare that to Kelly’s worldwide album sales and it’s even more glaring. Especially considering Kelly never received the press and hype that Adam has.

      • Jill

        WTF why are you even comparing Kelly, a seasoned performer with years of album sales under her belt to Adam, who just released his first album? Stupid.

      • @Jill


        Sense. You have it.

      • Serious

        Hey Marsbar! Are you serious? Kelly didn’t have the hype and press? They put her in a f*cking movie for god sakes. You stupid idot. Don’t tell me she had no hype or press.

      • @serious

        Are YOU REALLY serious???? Calm down, before your mommy comes down to the basement and makes you turn your computer off !

      • DD

        OMG you people are TOO funny!!! Bwahhahahahahah!!!! Don’t you people HAVE anything else to do with your lives???

      • led

        Our lives are just about as exciting as yours DD.

      • Oggie

        @Jill I don’t understand your argument. Adam’s fans tout his experience in theater and exposure to Hollywood as good enough to be an Idol mentor, and yet here you are, saying that he can’t be compared to Kelly Clarkson, as SEASONED performer? Make up your minds! The truth is, the majority of Adam’s fans, like Adam himself, like to use certain arguments whenever it’s convenient with them. Adam flashes the gay card when he thinks he’s being attacked, but turns around and says he doesn’t want to be the spokesperson for gay rights. Similarly, his fans tout his experience and that he has worked hard all his life in Hollywood Theater to earn the title of “mentor”, but once compared to someone who has the same life experience, you backtrack and say it’s a bad comparison? Whatever helps you sleep at night, Jill!

      • umm

        Oggie, can you get ANY more ignorant? When has Adam EVER flashed the gay card? EVER? He was on ABC and they sat there talking about the “double standards” then right in front of his face BLURRED his kiss but showed the F/F/F, does that ring ANY bells at all? That IS the Double Standards he was talking about, they PROVED his point without him even saying anything. Adam is a f-n entertainer, he is in the ENTERTAINMENT field NOT the Political Field – he wanted to act out his lyrics just like women have been doing all these years but backwards America wouldn’t allow it. Don’t even PRETEND that you care about Gay Rights you troll. Adam has been in the Industry for over a DECADE, working in The Zodiac Show, fronting a band. It’s not even about that is it, it’s about what you say, and he gave one of the best constructive criticisms all Season, all the reviews has been positive. Why are you STILL whininga about the mentor session?

      • mani

        Kelly never hit it right off the bat. Her sophomore album have so much amazing producers helping her out, do you not think she’ll be successful? Everyone would expect it to be.
        Carrie Underwood was good b/c she’s one of the best in country. Kelly Clarkson made a smart move by moving the rock side as in comparison to her more diverse first ablum.

    • Marcela

      Struggling, if you take in consideration the masive, crazy insane and high budget promotion they put on him, like someone said already, others contestants are doing a lot better on sales and world recognizion, without be the winners and with a 10% of the invest made for Adam. Any way nothing new here, most of us knew that this mentor thing from the producers it was just to continue the pimp in order to try (again ) to create the WorldStar he should become, but my advise is that even the Superestars started their careers working and showing their music and talents , not only feeding the gossip with old news. So Mr lambert start to work music !!

      • Sarah

        I see an attempt at words here, but they make no sense. Hence, not bothering to read your drivel.

      • @Sarah

        How do you know it’s “drivel” if you didn’t bother to read it????????????

      • BK

        Marcela’s obviously speaking drivel with comments like “so Mr lambert start to work music!!” Having just come from 2 extraordinary Adam Lambert concerts in Vancouver last weekend, and also listening to Adam perform on VH1 Unplugged, I know that Adam is entirely absorbed in “working his music” and is doing it beautifully. It seems that it is Marcela who is absorbed in the gossip. Adam is not responsible for what gossip writers choose to write about him. He’s way too busy with his music.

      • mani

        Where is the crazy insane high budget promotion. Please put your facts right.
        Adam made his own headlines, news and that’s what so buzz about him, not like he had as much promotionals from his management as other alums or winners have.
        People just love to talk about Adam b/c he’s controversial. He creates buzz whether it’s good or not.

    • Christy

      I for one am happy someone finally stated the obvious. Yes Adam is doing alright, but yes he is struggling to meet the early expectations.

      With all the media adoration, everyone expected him to go platinum well faster than the Davids did last season. But he’s STILL not even sold 600,000 albums in the most important world market.

      It’s not just the AMAs, though. He’s made his career about outrageous comments & actions unrelated to his music or talent – Kesha comments, Susan Boyle criticism… huh?

      I hope this does help him -the media’s been propping him up -maybe they won’t need to anymore.

      • gagirl265


        Those “comments” about Susan Boyle, were way inflated. Unless you can show me where those words are coming out of Adam’s mouth so I can actually see and hear them, then they are rubbish. So don’t go posting comments you can’t back up. I did hear Adam say that his words were taken out of context. He doesn’t have to like Susan’s work, he can like who he chooses, just like the rest of us.

      • Christy

        In what context is “The CD made me fall over with laughter” appropriate? Until Adam says “I didn’t say it made me laugh,” I see no reason to doubt the quote, which was in a respected mag.

      • Linddar

        I heard the comments about Susan Boyle come out of his mouth on a video on the internet. It was at some radio station. He may have said the same thing somewhere else too.

      • Max

        @Christy – A gay British tabloid is a “respected mag” ? If it was before this shameful fabrication about Adam, it certainly is not now!

      • Max

        @Linddar – You are a liar! All he said was that he did not care for SuBo’s album. If you want to be taken seriously, I suggest you produce a YouTube link in support of your claim and publish it here. You can’t.

      • Ed

        I just LOVE how everyone is treating Adam like the winner, completely forgetting about how badly the actual winner is doing lmfao

  • Stacy

    oh no he just pissed off a lot of Adam fans I guarantee it lol I’m looking forward to seeing him again tomorrow night :) .. and I love that Slezak asked about the swaybots. That’s hilarious. it’s like a crusade!

  • marsbar

    That Ken Warwick response angers me so. Have they not done enough to help Adam out already? Do they not care about the other people who are struggling even more than Adam is?

    • Justified

      Hey, they spent a lot money promoting him. Gotta recoup those dollars any way you can.

      • RealityCheck

        Where exactly did they spend alot of money “promoting Adam”? Certainly not to radio stations to get them to play his music! Radio play, supported by payola, is the single most important factor in promoting sales, yet DJs in many parts of the country still refuse to play Adam’s music. It’s slowly getting better, but it’s been a huge struggle and RCA has not been pushing it. Where was the radio play for “Time For Miracles”, a really great song with fabulous vocals from Adam ? How many times have you heard “For Your Entertainment” on the radio ? Right, never. So where’s all that expensive promo you speak of ?

      • Like

        Are you talking about the promo tour when Adam went to Australia, Singapore, Japan, Great Britain, Germany and Sweden in the last few months ?

      • Mary

        @realty check: His music video cost money. The realty is Adam’s music is not radio friendly. Very few stations where I live do not play dance tunes; however his single now is played often. TFM was never a single, it was a movie song.


        Just one example: Radio stations in America won’t play his song FEVER because it contains a MALE pronoun, if that doesn’t sicken you, I don’t even want to hear what you have to spew. They put more money into Kris and he got NOWHERE, he got paid more than EVERYone last Season – and what happened? He’s noneistant in the Music Industry outside of Idol, and outside America too.

      • mani

        @Mary, Times For Miracle music video was paid by the 2012 crew not Adam. As much as Adam has a budget on his MVs, so did Kris, or other winners of Idols. There is a budget. Any it’s not like it’s anything spectacular.
        Adam has to pay his band with the profit he makes, not his label or management and that is a fact. Adam has stated that fact.

    • Sarah

      No, because everyone else is boring.

      • Matt B.

        Thank you.

    • Kevin

      @Sarah: that is your opinion. I prefer others to Adam. But that is why there is a variety of music offered.

  • Better Living Thru Television

    I really hope that Adam’s coaching helps light some fires under some behinds this week and ups the Entertainment Factor. He really brought Zow to his season. Hope he can pass it along.

  • Erin

    Why should Adam fans be upset with that it is the truth, Adam is considered a flop, and the fact of the matter is having him on as a mentor is stupid just for that fact, have him on to perform but not as a mentor!! what are they using Adam as a cautionary tale of what not to do? This season is so desperate it is pathetic. I know Adam has a lot of fans but to have him be the mentor is silly.

    • Marcus

      Nobody cares about your opinion. :)

      • Kristyn

        Ditto about yours Marcus.

      • whatevs

        I’m sure a lot of people care about yours.

    • Krista

      he gave that show entertainment value, which this season is sorely lacking

      • HatersToTheLeft

        Why waste so much time on an artist you supposedly dislike??

        For Adam to be such ‘flop’ as some of you ‘arm chair experts’ have assessed, he surely generates a lot of buzz. More of the haters break their thin spines to post comments to article related to Adam than the fans.

    • TJ

      They should have dialed the hype back by about 9000%. I think there were a lot of potential buyers who were burned out on him before he even released his album.

      • lana

        You hit the nail on the head. As one of those people who kind of enjoyed Adam during his season and was later completely disgusted and turn off by his fans and the unnecessary hype from the media (best thng to happen to music ever?) I totally understand how some people would be turned off enough and consider it not worth their money. Like me : )

      • hal

        I liked him okay on the show but could never understand why they raved about him. It was overblown and it backfired on them when the viewers chose who they wanted. They still don’t get it. Hyping Adam will not make people like him. He has to go out and do shows and work hard for his success, just like anyone else. If he gets to start over as a normal-sized entertainer, not a “superstar”, he may have a good career and win over the fans.

      • Jenn

        Ridiculous comments. Adam has been working his ass off for years. He is extremely grateful for each and every opportunity he’s been given. He takes nothing for granted. He took nearly a decade of vocal lessons to hone his skills and has been performing on the stage since he was 10. He’s worked extremely hard to get to the position he is in today. Iana, I don’t know where you heard hype claiming he was the “best thing to happen to music ever”. Hype or no hype, why do you let the such things determine what you will or won’t listen to ? Can’t you listen and decide for yourself if something is good and worth buying? Seems completely stupid to me to be “turned off” by a few fanatic fans or media hype. You’re missing out on some excellent music.

      • Suzanne

        @TJ and @Iana–really agree. He’s very talented and I bought a couple of his performances on AI (black and white and mad world–both excellent), but it was all just too much when the CD came out. And that cover?! Accessible to such a small sliver of the market.

      • Lucy


      • mani

        I dont get you people.

        Nobody hypes about Adam. Adam makes hype himself. It’s not like anyone would want to bag on a openly gay singer from the get-go. Adam has said it himself that he wouldnt have be signed if not for Idols b/c people have told him he’s not going to get anywhere ‘looking like that’ or more subtly than outrageously calling him fugly and gay.

    • Stacy M

      Um, you say he’s a flop and then turn around and say he has a lot of fans. Logic ftw?

    • MsWrite

      LOL haters!! According to whom, exactly? Not according to Sony Music Global. Not according to the print, broadcast, international media. Not according to the major-market radio stations that are having him headline their summer festivals. Not according to the critics. Not according to the ticket buyers and brokers that have sold out every venue he’s been booked at. Not according to the venues that are lobbying to have Adam perform there. Not according to the giants in the music industry. Not according to oh, Simon Fuller, who owns all the other idols. I’m sorry, did you ever have a point?

      • Shane

        Then why so defensive? Warwick is only wanting to help Adam. If he is doing so great, smile and be happy for him…others are just not seeing him as doing as well as expected. It doesn’t mean we hate him, it just means he simply isn’t doing as well as expected. You would think that some of you have to pay a $100 fine everytime anyone says the least little thing about Adam. If he is so great, why freak out…now call me names, curse me…

      • TK

        Hey Shane, why is it called being defensive when someone states fact? That is all most of the fans here are doing. The haters come with their “fact”, so fans come back with real facts that are fact based and can be proven and yet they are labled “defensive”? Adam has a whole year to do well. Considering the economy that way it is and many out of jobs, don’t you think he is doing well? If Adam had come out maybe 2 years ago he would have done far better I am sure. You have to take in effect the economy, the illegal downloads, and that noone really buys CD’s much like they use too. Why when you can go digital? Ever concert Adam has performed he has sold out. His last one in BC he was only scheduled for 2, but did 4 because the ticket sales were that high. Give Adam a chance….if at the end of this year he hasn’t done what they said he would THEN come back with your drivel………but until then give the guy a break…….

      • Michelle

        Oh dear….Ms. White..you need to go back on your meds. And..you need a reality check. Or..at least check out Billboard magazine or something. Then you’ll know that practically nothing you wrote is even true. LOL. Adam is struggling. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it. I’m a fan and have the FYE CD, but, even I can face the truth. The first single was a huge flop/disaster. “Whatya Want From Me” has done much better and could even be considered a hit, but, still, he’s no Daughtry (or David Archuleta for that matter).

      • Oggie

        @TK so if “haters” post something they are considered “facts”, but if it is an Adam fan posting they are considered “real facts” (talk about a redundancy there). It’s amazing how much garbage you Sparkle Cows will come up with in defense of your Glam God.

      • mani

        Michelle and Oggie, are you people retarded?
        Could you not take into the consideration why his first single flopped? Seriously, the AMAs and no radio-plays.
        I dont even know about Adam Lambert b/c I dont care for Idols until I heard he got nominated for Grammys and my fellow friends started to talk about him. Seriously. He is growing very steadily. His twitters have close to 880,000 followers. I myself regretted that I miss the opportunity to know him on Idol or buy his first ablum when it came out. And to let you know. A lot of my friends dont want Idols.

    • seerock

      Adam considered a flop? by whom? Can you prove it? Because all his concerts have sold out in a matter of minutes.

      • Sammie

        All 2 of them. Ha ha. Just how many paying concerts has he had. Not many.

    • michelle


      • Maya


      • TK

        LOL Maya gott laugh at your comment.

      • BrookieMonster

        That is freakin hilarious and your so right!

    • Sarah

      Erin, this is article about Adam, honey. Your comments on being a flop belong on an article about Kris. If you can find one.

      • Kate

        You say this like Kris fans aren’t aware that he’s the lowest selling Idol winner of all time. We KNOW and we don’t care…we don’t try and pretend he’s the biggest thing in the world and that everyone cares about him…it’s enough for us that we enjoy his music and personality.

        Why isn’t that enough for Adam fans?

      • Susan

        Awww, sorry some ignorant person had to bring Kris into this. He is doing his thing, just like Adam is. I wish much success for them both.

      • hal

        Kris has a little hit called Live Like We’re Dying, and he sells tickets when he performs live. He’s on his way.

      • Mike

        I think the difference is Kris fans are happy with just one copy of the CD and don’t have to buy 100 like the Glamberts. So he might be low selling, but he probably reaches more US people.

      • Suzanne

        too bad that people are still comparing with Kris. Kris is the kind of artist that will be around for a long time, like Jack Johnson. You won’t see Kris surrounded by stage fog and naked dancers fake humping. And that’s okay–because Kris and Adam entertain differently.

      • Dee12

        Jack who?

      • Gemma L.

        Poor Kris! “Live Like We’re Dying” only went platinum! Can you believe that? 1.3 million copies of that single sold, all for nothing! He’s a flop! How sad! “Whataya Want From Me” is…wait…less than platinum…so…what does that make Adam? Does…not…compute.

    • Sarah

      If it was so stupid, why were the Idols tweeting about how fantastic and incredible Adam was? Hmmm…

    • mad maggie

      No, they’re trying to restore his “safe” Idol persona by going back to square one for a shiny new coat of paint. Attempting to recapture a bit of the “idol magic” to make people forget his gaffe at the AMAs.

      Sad thing is, it will probably work.

      It makes one wonder if this lackluster season wasn’t purposely designed for just this event.

      • Suzanne

        Yes Mad Maggie. That is exactly it. 19 is doing an “erase” and do over. I don’t think it’s sad though. He’s talented. Let people be reminded of that.

    • cathy

      When it was announced that Adam would be a mentor I googled “Adam Lambert mentoring AI”. 90 articles came up on this topic. This was two hours after Adam tweeted the news. If any of the
      others had been mentoring how many articles would have been written? Certainly no 90

      • ZZtop

        Really? You don’t think that if the original American Idol, Kelly Clarkson, was going to mentor that the exact same media outlets wouldn’t have picked that story up? If you believe that, I’ve got some swamp land in Arizona to sell you.

      • cookiecutter

        Kelly does not generate even half as much press as Adam does despite the fact that she is more established. These 2 Alumns are the only 2 with any Global success and popularity, btw. Go them.

      • mani

        @ZZtop, I love both of these people dearly. Kelly is international, but she does not have the innate musical, stage ability Adam has. She has built hers for years but she is more of a singer than an adviser or showperson, while Adam is a natural critique. He has good PR and he is much more ‘verbal’ with his opinions (which sometimes is a turnoff). He’s been doing it before Kelly, before any of the Idols alums. 10 yrs of professional vocal coaching at 10 yrs of age, 8 more years of professional theater, fronting an indie band, working at a record company, performing at small venues and the zodiac shows after he decided that vocal coaching was needed no more. That is 18 years in the making.
        He has more advices to give and the personality to match than any other alums. The guy knew what he was doing and he’s not afraid to tell you just as it is, while still having a smiley face whether he means nice or not.
        He’s not the biggest star you guys, but what he did on his run in AI was amazing and whether you liked it or not, you were talking about it, and AI needs that in s9 which I also did watch b/c my brother was a fan. He was the right person to bring ‘energy’. I mean, I loved Cook, Carried, but they wouldnt have been able to bring what Adam brought. They’d be like “you’re good” and that will be it.

    • CRY MORE

      Your resentment is DELICIOUS. I love that Adam was the most Successful Idol from Last Season, the most successful and popular male ever, has the largest fanbase, is having Global success, and yet you still attempt to bash him to build your fave. up. Don’t be sad none of your ‘idols’ have the globa love and respect he has in fans AND legends, that’s life. He was born for this.

  • Frank Anderson

    Hmmm. I hoped for more from this. You kinda caved and didn’t push on the swaybots or how poor this season has been. I mean, I understand this is your job and don’t expect you to get too fussy with him, but damn man. You just laid down and let him run you over.

    • fan

      I don’t care about the swaybots. At all. Never bothered me at all.

    • Maddy

      I’m sorry that Michael didn’t hammer the producer more about what an the irritant to the viewer the Swaybots are. It can’t be any clearer: Most viewers hate the Swaybots, the PERFORMERS hate the Swaybots, the live audience in the theater hates the Swaybots. How can the producer be so out of touch that he actually doesn’t know? Seriously dude, check the internet once in a while or have your assistant do it. The show is already fake enough without having this embarrassing swaybot fakeness distracting from what little genuine performance is left on the show each week.

  • The Virgin Carey

    I kinda love that Ken Warwick basically admitted to bringing Adam Lambert back to boost ratings. Love him or hate him (I’m mostly of the DNW variety, but I digress) he’ll bring viewers in. It’s a win for him and for Idol. It was an obvious PR stunt that I think will pay off.

    • Avery

      Yep, this is all about ratings. Ken doesn’t give a crap about helping Adam, he is looking out for Idol.

    • Kiki

      Yeah, I love how Warwick admits to bringing back Adam for ratings, while trashtalking his success. Warwick: If Adam were such a failure, you wouldn’t be bringing him back to boost ratings for this craptastic season which everyone and his brother compares unfavorably to last season asking, “Where’s the Adam Lambert this season?”

      • db

        Got to admit the ratings thing is funny, considering the season 8 ratings were the lowest in the history of the show, including season 1, which was a summer replacement! For all the blather about Lambert being great for ratings, he couldn’t ever get the ratings up for his own season!

      • ZZtop

        Yep….and won’t all the Glambots be crying if the ratings for this week go down??? BWAH!!!!

  • Marcus

    That guy’s living proof that Idol execs don’t actually know what’s going on in the recording industry.

    • liz

      Truer words have never been written! and this entire board is freaking LOL hi-larious. Adam fans are koo-koo bananas. It’s your own freaking fault for killing his career by spamming message boards and radio stations and stalking him around like some sort of zombie herd. There were plenty of us who liked what he did before but want nothing to do with the train wreck that is Mr. Lambert because of your crazy a$$es. LOL greatest talent evah, my toe.

      • Hahahahaha

        koo-koo bananas? Damn how old are you? So you’re one of those people who hate Michael Jackson because he has rabid fans? Still LOLing at killing his career when his Single is rising on the charts as I type, his Followers increasing per second…when are you going to get over the fact that Kris Allen had the worst selling Winner album in Idol History. That’s not Adam’s fault LOL. You trolls are so invested and obsessed for ‘non-fans’ it’s questionable.

    • Jenn

      @liz – So let me get this straight. When people who don’t like Lambert write posts on message boards, they are just expressing their opinions. But if a fan of Mr. Lambert writes a post, they are “spamming” the message board ?? Somehow it is wrong or crazy to support an artist you like ? Nah, I don’t get it. And don’t you think it’s a little “koo-koo bananas” to use terms like “zombie herd” ?

  • Katja

    Three cheers for Slezak! My first preference would be to de-activate the Swaybots entirely, but if they won’t put a stop to it, I can live with the cameras shooting from higher up so as to keep those damn hands out of my TV face. I just don’t want to see it. It only detracts from the performances, but I feel like the production crew think visible robotic clapping and swaying adds an energy and concert-like mood to a song. FALSE. It would be so much better if they just allowed the audience to rock out spontaneously and naturally, and clap below head level if they so choose.

    • Chris

      I totally agree! The least they can do is fix their camera work so the Swaybots’ hands aren’t constantly blocking our view of the contestants.

  • Isis

    Michael, is Ken’s assessment true? That Adam is struggling?

  • chessguy99

    I think the comment about Adam was a jab at 19E. They sort of botched that first single with that AMA performance. Good thing RCA reacted quickly and got another single out.

    • Kelsey

      “For Your Entertainment” is such a better song than “Whataya Want From Me.” One is edgy and cool. The other is vanilla and pretty. Radio programmers dropped the ball and balked in fear. So sad. Oh well, America’s loss is Japan’s/UK’s gain. They get an awesome single.

      • Kayla

        We loooove the FYE single and video over here in the UK, so hot <3 It's always playing on The Hits and random people keep requesting it, you can't spam 4Music which is cool. It keeps making the #1 video Countdown, I like WWFM too. His album's the 2nd best album of the Year. So fkn good and his interviews are HILARIOUS and ADORABLE. Most of my Uni love him, half of them didn't even know he came from Idol lmao. Needless to say they don't know who Kris is at all, I don't hate Kris but he bores me to tears. And I DESPISED his comments on the War, and the fact that all he talks about in his interviews are peeing and farting. Charming.

    • Jay-Zee

      That single was flopping at radio before that AMA performance, it was just a poor choice. There was also that Time for Miracles that EW kept going on and on about, and then nothing seemed to happen with that either.

      • Christina

        Time for Miracles was never meant to be a single and was never released to radio. It was just a soundtrack song, so it’s unfair to attribute any of that to Adam himself

      • Jay-Zee

        How is it unfair? Don’t try to play it off now, it was hyped like the second coming, and then after the Itunes sales flopped both 19E and his fans tried to act like it never existed.

      • Lana

        Time for Miracles was never released as a single and did not have any radio play. It is, however, an excellent song, and is a major hit overseas. Keep grasping at straws, bitter little man.

      • Kiki

        TFM was never released as a single. In large part because the market is so small for rock these days and because rock radio programmers will not play a gay rock singer’s music. Rock music and rock radio has gone from being about rebellion and pushing boundaries to fearful conservatism and Nickelback clones.

      • @Kiki

        Seriously? Rock radio pushing Conservatism? What are you smokin’ cause it must be some good sh*&?
        Too bad it’s making you so retarded and paranoid.

      • 2012

        Honey, TFM was a side-project. It wasn’t Adam’s music.

      • LOL

        Time For Miracles? That’s the only Adam song I hate. Thankfully it wasn’t the direction he took, just a side project for a huge movie.

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