Jim Carrey criticizes Tiger Woods' wife, Elin Nordegren, on Twitter

carrey-woodsImage Credit: Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images; Hunter Martin/Getty ImagesJim Carrey, who announced his split from Jenny McCarthy this week on Twitter, has posted several Tweets defending Tiger Woods and criticizing Woods’ wife, Elin Nordegren. On Friday, Carrey wrote, “Tiger Woods owes nothing 2 anyone but himself. 2 please his father he gave up his childhood and his freedom in the world. That’s enough!” Then the actor continued: “No wife is blind enough to miss that much infidelity. Elin had 2 b a willing participant on the ride 4 whatever reason” and “No woman just stays at home with the kids anymore. Tiger was wrong and Elin was ignoring the obvious.” Carrey also commented on what he considered to be society’s unfair treatment of Woods these past few months: “Whenever we form a consensus about some1 we envy, who’s stumbling, our collective ego LOVES to flex its unified muscle! S’ugly!” Woods is playing Saturday in the third round of the Masters Tournament in Augusta, Ga.

Update: Since his initial controversial Tweets, Carrey has attempted to clarify his position. “I want 2 make it clear that I do not condone infidelity at all, but 2 some degree the responsibility 4 it is shared by both people,” the actor wrote on his account Saturday. He quickly followed that up with: “In any event, infidelity has never been an issue 4 me. If I tried to keep a secret like that, I would grow a tumor and devil horns!”

PopWatchers, what do you make of Carrey’s sudden interest in another couple’s struggles? Is Carrey right in saying that Woods has suffered enough punishment? Or should the actor be minding his own business?

See also on EW.com: Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy confirm split on Twitter

I want 2 make it CLEAR that I do not condone infidelity at all, but 2 some degree the responsibilty 4 it is shared by both people!

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  • Lori

    Just gross! Wow – this totally colors how I feel about Jim Carrey. He should shut his mouth (or his tweeting) except when he’s saying other people’s words from a script. Eeeww!

    • LibbyP

      My opinion of him was colored when he started dating Jenny McCarteny (sp) and support her anti-shot standpoint.

      • mocoohay

        He cheated on Jenny too, hence the support of Tiger and anger at Elin.

      • amanda

        oh, AMEN. Didn’t she also say a special diet “cured” her son’s autism? Riiiggghhhttt. She’s a whack-job.

      • Chris

        Shuo- I’m breaking up with you. I realized I have a desire now to watch the news at present. Also, that dating site is horrible; it was far easier just to cheat on you with your friends.

      • John

        Carey and Woods are such pathological narcissists

      • sara

        anti-vaccine people aren’t generally crazy, but the aren’t usually doing it for the same reasons as J.C. and J.M.

      • carli

        amanda, she’s a whack job just because she’s not under a cloud of disillusion of the drug companies. Well she had made progress with her son’s autism. What has the drug companies ever done for anyone except make them dependent zombies and pickpocket their wallets.

      • EzMad

        LibbyP and Amanda please keep your ignorant opinions of autisim to your self, the’re not helpful. Hopefully you will never have to experiance the heartache that comes with having an autistic child.

      • Jen

        Didn’t anyone read the story from a few weeks back in which McCarthy admitted that her child wasn’t autistic?

      • Adam

        nigrttydf – maybe you should go back to streetwalking.

      • DLB

        Amanda, she’s not a whack job (at least not due to what you mentioned). He probably wasn’t truly autistic in the first place. There are kids who show autistic tendencies due certain food allergies (milk proteins, for example). I don’t know how she altered his diet, but I do know that because of that diet changes can cure what appears to be autism in kids with that problem.

      • meg

        the whole shot, no shot thing with autism is so bs. I have a co-worker that has two (yea TWO) autistic children. The first got vaccinated, then she decided not to vaccinate the second… guess what? he’s autistic. The blame being on vaccines is WAY to fishy…..

      • Zoey

        “Autism-like symptoms” IS autism. Autism is diagnosed BY the symptoms. Jenny’s son was diagnosed with autism by reputable doctors and to imply that that is not true simply because he is better does a disservice to us all. Autism is a complex disorder that is affected by many variables, and, yes, one of those variables is vaccines. Just because someone knows ONE person who has one vaccinated autistic child and one unvaccinated autistic child does not mean that vaccines have nothing to do with it. Virtually all parents who do ANY research are aware that there are multiple pathways to autism.

      • Diet, autism

        Diet actually helps kids with autism, add, hyperactivity, bi-polar, etc. Jenny isn’t the only one questioning the effect of immunizations on children – there is a lot of mercury in those shots – more specifically kids who are not 100% should not be given the shots and this is not even considered – Jim Carrey needs to shut his pie hole and still to funny faces – Ilin did nothing wrong – Tiger had all the money and ability to do what he wanted and all under the it’s business honey umbrella – Women don’t suspect until they have to – she had no reason to feel as though she would be so betrayed – Jim Carrey, you’re not even that funny, now you just sound dumb

      • Mitch

        Zoey – That statement is not necessarily true. As with many diseases and illnesses, you can show signs and have symptoms that are not always the actual ailment. Many people suffer “flu-like” symptoms every year. A small percentage actually have the flu.

        As I understand it, Jenny’s son simply had some allergies that presented the same symptoms as autism. Though I am not a doctor, this is consistent with cases I have read about previously. My wife is a teacher that has specialized in working with autistic children. She has seen this scenario at least twice.

      • Bruce

        We should all stop vaccinating! Before vaccinations, infant mortality rate exceeded 50% and polio was rampant. This has lead to a leap in population that is killing the planet. While there is no scientific connection between autism and vaccinations, vaccinations are saving too many children from fatal diseases, now there are children everywhere.

      • Patriot

        He’s right, we all know it, but it is not “correct” to say it.

      • Mike

        John I completely agree with you when you say “Carey and Woods are such pathological narcissists”. That pretty much sums up both men. They have NO respect for their wives, kids, or families. Only for themselves. People like that are just pure trash regardless of how much money or fame they have.

      • Gene

        There is only one LibbyP and she is my daughter, the other is an imposter!

      • Steven Perkins

        Sara…as a physician and a researcher, I agree…anti-vaccine people aren’t crazy, just horribly misguided and relying on completely non-scientific data and/or others misinterpretation of scientific data. I don’t think that is crazy at all, just the way that the media operates today in a manner that can be very manipulative. I don’t blame those that ask about ‘alternative vaccination schedules’ as the enemy, not at all. Most of those individuals don’t have a background in medicine or medical research and aren’t really in a position to interpret true scientific, supported, reviewed medical studies. Instead, they rely on celebrities, authors, and the media for their superficial information and, thus, I tend to blame those sources as the true culprit, the true manipulators. I do agree…the anti-vaccine campaign is based on other reasons, although those reasons are equally unsupported and scientifically invalid. Damn celebs and media! More friggin’ misinformation than you can shake a stick at!

      • Daniel


        Funny you write “AMEN” in your comment about the diet and autism because Dr. Daniel Amen writes and researches the effects of diet on autistic symptoms and he is an international best seller with empirical evidence that supports his claims.

        Carrey points to things that Amanda confirms, that we, as Americans, would never be willing to question our habit of judging others compulsively, anymore than we are willing to re-evaluate the effects of what we feed our children/ourselves.

        It is, after all, silly to think that Elin was that unawares, even if it is in bad taste to be tweeting about it.

      • Steven Perkins

        EZMad…I agree, having worked with several autistic kids and having a nephew that is autistic. But I don’t think it helps to perpetuate paranoid ideas of a bogeyman that doesn’t exist, ie, the vaccine/autism link. There is just as much evidence that chocolate milk or oxygen or disposable diapers cause autism as there is actual, valid scientific data. I’m not talking on some case report sponsored by a pharm company or a power-limited retrospective cohort study full of bias…I’m talking about real, powered, reviewed studies, maybe even a meta-analysis, that shows even the first shred of evidence of a link between vaccinations and autism. It’s all hocus-pocus for the masses. Smoke and mirrors do nothing to help the cause, instead they raise unwarranted fear and put the lives and health of others unnecessarily in danger. That is the true harm and the ignorance.

      • Bill

        Mitch: “Many people suffer “flu-like” symptoms every year. A small percentage actually have the flu.” … No comparison to autism. We know what the flu is, and what causes it. We don’t know what causes autism, or what it is beyond the symptoms associated with it, which vary greatly. People with the symptoms of autism are, by definition, autistic.

      • Steven Perkins

        Daniel….always, always, ALWAYS look closely for the agenda when the site of a purported researcher contains links to nutritional supplements. Usually a purpose behind that vested interest. Similar to that of Dr. Wakefield in his landmark study of 10 patients self-referred for IBD/PDD/MMR associations…self-referring selection bias, Wakefield’s hospital being involved with patent pending production of an alternate measles vaccine, and the greatest cause and effect relationship ever drawn based on a temporal relationship involving 10 patients. The single worst study in the history of mankind and driven by underlying ulterior motivation. You have to skip these authors and books that promote nutritional change and, at the same time, peddle the same nutritional supplements on their online store. Instead, go to Ovid or PubMed and look up true scientific articles, look at the study design, the data, the power, the interpretation, the conclusions. That is the only way to reasonably gain an objective view of any perceived association between autism and MMR (none) and/or diet.

      • aspiecelia

        Part of autism is immune system dysfunction. This leads to infections and use of antibiotics which results in gastrointestinal problems. The diets are to help not only this problem, but the severe allergies autistics can have. The symptoms can become dramatically better. With the discovery of XMRV(a retrovirus)in some autistic children, a possible scenario is a child could deteriorate after a vaccination by the activation of the component of the immune system XMRV is hanging out in causing a bloom of virus which crosses into the brain in cells from the immune system. BTW, I am autistic and not heartbroken and neither are my parents.

      • Lori

        I am all for not vacinating my kid. What is sooooo wrong with that? would love to hear your response on why you think we should. I for one will not put animal dna and all this other poison in my kid. Please feel free to poison your kid.

      • Matt

        Zoey –
        Displaying Autism-like symptoms is not by rule Autism. It’s like saying those commercials, “Are you sad?” are actually all we need to diagnose someone as depressed. And the whole world would be on prozac.

      • Maggie

        “‘Autism-like symptoms’ IS autism. Autism is diagnosed BY the symptoms. Jenny’s son was diagnosed with autism by reputable doctors and to imply that that is not true simply because he is better does a disservice to us all.”

        ZOEY, you are incorrect. Jenny’s son was never “diagnosed with autism by reputable doctors.” Jenny brought her son to a doctor because he was feeling listless. Evan was stacking cups on top of each other while in the doctor’s office and the doctor made a comment that austistic children do that. That was the “diagnoses.” Jenny changed Evan’s diet, and now admits that he had food allergies, and was never autistic.

        Since Jenny herself has admitted that her son was never autistic, it is doing a “disservice to us all” for you to insist that he is autistic.

      • Daniel

        @Steve Parker,

        The research is not a front for selling nutritional supplements, but rather he sells his books. But thanks for the suggestion.

      • Brandy

        I agree that — “‘Autism-like symptoms’ IS autism.– Many medical issues can only be diagnosed by examination as there are no invasive tests.

      • ani

        Lori, regarding your ignorant post against vaccines: please learn about evidence based medicine. What’s so wrong about not vaccinating kids? Ok, so then no one should be vaccinated, and we should allow polio, mumps, rubella, etc to run rampant. great idea, and incredibly responsible for somebody who apparently wants to avoid putting toxic substances into their children (if that’s such a concern, stop feeding your children frozen/canned/processed/fast foods). do you even understand why people are vaccinated against a disease like rubella? please educate yourself before you preach your nonsense. even moreso, do you think pediatricians gain a significant financial benefit from administering vaccines? Theyre not trying to endorse anything other than promoting your child’s health. i just find some of these anti-vaccine statements to be so completely misguided. i dare you to find a doctor who is against vaccines. it is not because we are brainwashed, it’s because we have spent our entire lives learning about the science (versus the science fiction that others seem to so expertly spew). anyway, enjoy taking your children to those brainless chicken pox parties, and i’m sure they’ll thank you when they have a painful bout of shingles later in life. they’ll probably then be wanting the shingles vaccine.

      • Katinka

        “While there is no scientific connection between autism and vaccinations, vaccinations are saving too many children from fatal diseases, now there are children everywhere.” Genius. Bruce, you are my hero.

      • Sasha Grey

        No Dice! Why are we talking about autism?
        Way to go Jim Carrey, I have saying the same thing for months. We need more men like you to speak up! This is 2010, not 1950!

    • ali diagne

      Carrey is right. Envy and hypocrisy are driving this public clamor about woods. Woods should give account to his wife and only to her. The rest of the world should buzz off.

      • LibbyP

        But that’s not what Jim is saying.

      • ugh

        actually it is…

      • Renee

        I totally agree with Jim Carrey. Who are we to judge…

      • louise johnson


      • geri

        No its not what jim is saying. Hes saying Tiger doesn’t owe anyone an explaination and his father took his youth, BUT he is also saying Elin had to know what as going on and chose to ignore it, he slighted her being an at home mom. I think he’s projecting and showing his dislike of women right now. He should probably kick back and stay off his tweet until he’s had recovery time.

      • laogao

        GERI, thank you for being the voice of reason.

      • anonymous

        All you people who think Tiger owes nothing to the public keep forgetting that 90% of his take-home pay is the result of product endorsements. Guess what that means? He has an obligation to be an upstanding citizen or the public will not buy the products he endorses. Therefore he answers to the public if he wants all that extra money. Sure, he doesn’t have to say care what the public thinks about him and his personal shortcomings, but that means he will end up forfeiting most of his future income. He won’t be playing golf forever.

      • harry gultig

        i think everybody should mind their own busines he who is without sin cast the first stone and i bet no stones will be forth comming hope he wins the masters

      • charles

        “He has an obligation to be an upstanding citizen or the public will not buy the products he endorses” HAAA! Are you kidding? What planet do you live on dummy?

      • Pro Morgan

        What Tiger owes Elin and his kids is yet another story, but all he owes you and me is a good golf game, if you even care about that. Endorsers come and go, but consumers don’t.

      • boo

        exactly tired of the holier than thou we knew he was not a god he cheated so much either she didn’t care or was busy on her own

      • Johnny Drama

        @ Renee…you’re right who are we or anyone else to judge. That includes Jim Carey…he shouldn’t be judging Elin.

      • Margaret Toscano

        Jim is right….
        Tiger owes us NOTHING! He is a human not a god. His marital problems are just that… HIS marital problems (between himself and his wife) NOT THE WORLD. Did we live at that house? No. Does the world know exactly what it was that Elin knew? No. Who are we to judge? Nobody. Do I agree that what Tiger did was right? No. However – Tiger’s issues are not mine so – that’s where I leave it.
        This happens everyday and they world doesn’t judge on every other infidelity. Turn the mirror on yourself and pretend for 1 minute that reporters comment on your every move (BEFORE YOU JUDGE) and look at what the world would know about you. I wish him and his wife the best – I hope that IF THEY WANT TO they work things out – if not…so be it. If I were Jim Carey and had the status that he does – I would post the same type of message … no question!

      • Phil

        Jim is right! We seem so judgemental of everyone else. Why do you think Woods generated so much press. We are all more interested in judging him than ourselves.

      • Dewey, Cheathem & Howe

        anonymous…check your facts, 90% of his take home pay comes from the PGA tour, not endorsements. That’s why it was a moot point if all of his sponsors dropped him, because it didn’t affect his bottom line and with that said, Tiger doesn’t owe anyone nothing, and IF 90% of his take home pay DID come from endorsements, he still doesn’t owe anybody nothing. He’s a pro athlete not a demigod. He’s paid to swing a club, not to be the poster child for morality and what he does behind closed doors has nothing to do with what he does on the golf course. If Elin is still with him then that means she’s dealing with him in her own way.

      • chop

        He is the one holding the press conferences, he must think he owes something to the public. Or he should just keep his mouth shut about it.

      • RT

        Carrey is making two arguments here, and everyone seems to be focusing on the first. One is that it’s no one’s business but Tiger and Elin’s, which is arguably true. I don’t expect more of Tiger than I do of anyone else – although I think it’s safe to assume no one should be having sex with a half dozen women other than their wives.

        The second argument is that Elin knew and was complicit in same way – that she ignored it. Carrey has no way of knowing this, and simply asserting it doesn’t make it true. It smacks of “blame the victim” misogyny, and is contemptible. We don’t know what Elin knew, and all the speculation in the world is worth nothing. Unless, of course, you’re omniscient.

      • amazed

        Jim Carrey is as full of crap as a Christmas turkey. Typical screwed up ideas of a Hollywood celeb. And any you you that could agree with the garbage he spews are screwed up too !

      • john winslow

        you would be right…if it was between a regular guy and his wife. but tigger makes his paycheck on his wholesome image. A check we write because of his wholesome image. Without that image, he loses millions. And rightfully so.

      • Suzanne

        I agree with all of the twitter quotes attributed to Jim Carrey in this article.

      • Faith Patterson

        Amen! A lot of people should mind
        their own business.

      • K. Bomb

        I love Jim as a actor, but when it comes to other persons’ struggles and relationships there is no need for his outside inputs.

      • Donna

        The problem is: He praised HOME and FAMILY whenever he spoke is public. His persona was a LIE. He is an elitist. People don’t like their idols to be found out — no longer credible.

      • Gee

        Tiger owes us nothing and Jim is correct in saying so. When I hear sports announcers saying things like “We need to hear from Elin.” I know it’s gone way to far. We don’t need to hear from Elin or Tiger. This is their business and no one elses. And to the moron who says we have a right to know, because we pay his salary. We the public pay the salaries of eveyone who lives in this country, so by your logic. We should have the right to know what you and every person is up to? Kind of silly thinking when you get down too it.

      • Jason

        Dewey get your facts straight.

        Tiger Words made just over $100 million last year. $10.5 million came from PGA Tour winnings. Which means 90% came from endorsement deals.

        Other than that, this whole story is none of our business. The only thing Tiger owes anyone outside of his family and very close friends is good golf.

      • Barney Fife

        That’s not what Carrey said is it? In his mind she bears some of the blame. Face it, in real life Carrey is not a very nice person. Dumped his own wife when he became rich and famous.

      • Mike

        Amen to the sane, intelligent folks who concur that Tiger is accountable to no one other than his wife. As for the writer inviting us to comment as to whether or not Jim should mind his own business, shouldn’t that question be posed to the public in general? What about directly to writer of the article? Tiger, you owe neither me nor anyone else (outside of, perhaps, your wife and children) ANYTHING. And, as to what you owe your wife, that’s really between the two of you – since I’m not, personally, involved in that marriage and would never presume to declare who owes what to whom.

      • Brett

        It cracks me up that some of you could be so naive to think that public figures shouldn’t be held accountable to the public, when private individuals are also scrutinized heavily when they falter.
        Normal people who cheat on their wives are often held accountable by friends, family and community. Whether or not it is actually anyone’s else business means very little. Public figures, who make money not only off of their physical or mental prowess(or hair extensions) as well as the image they pawn off to their fans, are bound to be scrutinized and criticized to a larger extent. What really is the difference?

        By the way, Infidelity(and its repercussions) affects a hell of a lot more people than just the husband and the wife. In Tiger’s case, the kids, his parents and her parents are going to suffer greatly. People will ask what Tiger’s parents did wrong to raise such a son or why Elin’s parents couldn’t get her to leave that sleezeball. Elin will be bashed and scrutinized no matter what decision she makes. To say Tiger’s transgressions are between him and Elin only is moronic.

      • Cristy

        This isn’t at all about envy. It’s about a man who betrayed his wife, his children, his family. That’s abhorrent.

      • jen

        He has a point, how could you not notice your Husband was up to all that? maybe as long as he didn’t let the world know what he was up to she was just letting it carry on so she & their children could have a wealthy life with both a mum & Dad living under the same roof, personally I could never do that & I think what tiger did was terrible & I would never stand for it but nobody knows what goes on in a relationship but the people in it and the media and public shouldn’t judge anyones relationship :)

      • Jean

        A wife who is “complicit” in her husband’s affairs does not come after him with a golf club when she finds him texting one of his mistresses.

      • Bunny

        “All you people who think Tiger owes nothing to the public keep forgetting that 90% of his take-home pay is the result of product endorsements. Guess what that means? He has an obligation to be an upstanding citizen or the public will not buy the products he endorses. Therefore he answers to the public if he wants all that extra money. Sure, he doesn’t have to say care what the public thinks about him and his personal shortcomings, but that means he will end up forfeiting most of his future income. He won’t be playing golf forever.”

        Actually, Anonymous, his obligation is to be the great golfer that made him so popular. Nike didn’t choose him for being a nice guy, they chose him for being the best golfer around. I know the image that was portrayed made the various companies feel better about their choice but, ultimately, it’s about the talent. While it would be wonderful if every athlete (or actor)was a great role model, that is not realistic nor is it fair to put those expectations on them. If you are blessed enough to have an amazing talent and you make your money as a direct result of that talent, you don’t owe your fans anything but being the best you are at whatever you are being paid to be – in Wood’s case a golfer. Yes, it is diappointing that he is in the public and that he isn’t what he was portrayed to be. But, perhaps now is the time to find truly good people in your OWN personal life to hold up as good examples and learn about expectations, forgiveness, and not assuming someone with extraordinary talent owes you anything (unless you are married to him or his kids).

      • AS

        @Jean “wife who is “complicit” in her husband’s affairs does not come after him with a golf club when she finds him texting one of his mistresses.”

        Thank you! Why give her hell? She has been through hell in her marriage, is going through hell having it break up so publicly, why not just leave her alone?
        Even if she did know, there are alot of reasons for staying in a bad relationship, I hope she has a better life now that she is rid of him. What a loser he is. Fair enough, everyone should be able to choose how they live their life – if they dont hurt anyone. But he is a weak fool who didn’t have the balls to stand up for who he really is and just be a player. Had to act like a loving family man. HEARTLESS.

      • Ray

        Who cares?????? I do and I think every single human being should have the RIGHT to do whatever he or she wants to do!!! Screw marriage!!!!

      • tina from texas

        LibbyP you just seem angry at life. Just let it go. Did Tigers cheating really effect your life? Does Jim Carrey’s Tweets keep you up at night. Just drop it!

      • Melissa

        About the autism topic…I was told my 4 year old son had a possible diagnoses of autism,ADD, or Bipolar. He was agressive, disruptive, tore my house apart, etc. Daycare was having an aweful time with him. I got the doctor to do an allergy test on him. Test results came back and he had a laundry list of allergies. Allergies as a build up in the molecules and cells in the body it will eventually go to your brain causing all the symptoms of these disorders and more. However I put my 4year old son and 2year old daughter on a gluten free diet and my son is back to his normal self with no symptoms of any behavior problems after just 2 weeks I have noticed a enormous difference. My 2 year old daughter was so hyper she couldn’t even sleep with any and all measurements taken. She was a literal bouncy ball and cranky all the time. She is now sleeping better. They are both calmer, happier,and it was a simple diet that performed a miracle for me as a single mother.
        As for everyones business Ive been through a whole lot in my little bit of almost 30 yrs old. If your not in that persons shoes I don’t feel we should be so quick to judge others.I do believe we all have to be heald accountable for our own stink. As it was mentioned about others mess. Lets face it we all have done something we regret or shouldn’t have done.We so often we focus on others we lose sight of ourselves.We need to learn to forgive as God forgave and its not easy! A sin is a sin no matter how big or small.I myself have been blindsighted and it happens. Not standing up for any man or woman that cheats but who are we to judge and say wether or not people are truly sorry or have an issue that only God himself can deal and heal.I can say this because Ive been seperated for 5 years and I didnt see it and I have a very high IQ and education.He actually only shared with me because his Mother was in denial that he could remember such an event as young as he was even though he did. He watched his Mother get abused by other men. He didn’t know how to love a woman.He turned to drugs ,sex and neglecting his kids from the pain.He cried begging me to leave him because I deserved better and he couldn’t figure out how to do right. Hes is seeking help however it’s a long road. We only hear bits and pieces.So how can we judge. Im sure you could judge me because you only heard a portion right? But just what if you knew the rest? We need to love and pray for one another because we don’t know!!! We dont know eachothers pain. Bashing people only causes further pain.A lot of women truly love their spouses and want to try to be the one to stand by them and support them and pray for a change. A lot of woman are very dedicated to their families.

    • jay

      Jim is right. Woods owes nothing to any of us. I’m personally tired of him apologizing to the world. The only one who he should be apologizing to and making amends with is his wife. But the reality of it is…she also turned a blind eye. There’s no way any woman in todays modern society could know nothing. Between camera, papparazzi, cell phones , text messages, etc…she knew in her heart what’s been going on..she just chose to ignore it. He’s still absolutely wrong in what he did..but he owes nothing to us…only his wife.

    • demos

      I do agree 100% with JIM. It is none of our business. If Tiger’s indiscretion reaches the public domain, so it has and people paying attention to it may make whatever they want from it.
      Tiger does not owe a damn thing to anyone specially to those zealous reporters who think that it is their job to hold people accountable.

      I don’t accept tiger’s behaviour but will be hard press to find anyone who has not transgressed in this life. Unless you have broken the law, who is coming after you? none. You have a 1,2, and many chances so tiger’s deserves his.

      As far as Elin is concerned, i am afraid to say that tiger’s obviously doesn’t get home what he is looking outside.
      If Elin doesn’t fill what’s missing, it is possible that in the long run, their marriage will just break lose.

      • Laura

        Men who cheat to the extent he has don’t do it because there’s anything missing at home. They do it because they want variety.

      • whatevs

        No man cheats because he’s missing something at home. That is a lame copout that men use to rationalize their douchebag behavior.

      • Zoey

        whatevs is right. Men are just pigs who can’t be satisfied with just one woman.

      • Lo

        I agree with Jim Carrey to a cetain extent. Most women know when their husband is cheating even if they don’t want to believe it. I believe it was an arranged marriage anyway. She just gets more money now. As far af these so called reporters who out to right the wrongs they are getting paid well to dig up other people’s dirt. I wonder what we would find if we looked in their closets?

      • Romad11

        Laura, whatevs and Zoey, While I agree that Tiger was wrong in what he did, you are showing some very one-sided tendencies when you lump all men as pigs and such. There are many of us husbands and life-partners that have never cheated on their wifes and other half’s. You also make it out tobe only men that ever cheat on their wives. There are plenty of wives that have cheated on their husbands as well. And many of them have used the same excuses as men use.

      • bubba

        i promoted my spouse to an EX. she wouldnt provide what men look for most…..intimacy in the bedrooom.

      • Antonio Parker

        Unless you got stock in those companies that endorse Tiger then you should stay quiet. Tiger really should have never gotten married. In fact, it seems to me that marriage confines, limits and restricts men and benefits women most. The marriage laws are old and outdated. Men should not get married until these biased laws are off the books. Women want security and men want variety. Marriage gives women all the security they need (and access to half the man’s loot). However, men are left living in a straight jacket, trying to go up a down escalator.

      • JAN


      • zach

        zoey, your response about men being pigs who cant be satisfied with just one woman makes you sound bitter and fat…i highly doubt i could be satisfied with just you

      • @Bubba

        And what did you provide for her? Judging by your comment on here, I can just imagine what kind of a husband you were. The name Bubba probably says it all.

    • ba’al

      totally uncalled for! wow-he should mind HIS own business. He has a few DV on his record!
      Tigar and Elin will work it out wither way. It’s their business.

      • jen

        @ Zach hahahahahaha you go man you go hahahahaha

    • Pete

      Lori, you certainly weren’t able to keep your mouth shut(of fingers from typing)He has as much of a right to voice his opinion as you do, don’t be so ignorant.

    • Person with a brain

      For months I’ve been wondering why the big fuss about a golfer’s sex life. Like – who the hell cares, and why should I? I mean, it doesn’t have anything to do with the guy’s game (which is what he’s famous for). And if I or anybody else is was looking to some overpaid douchebag celebrity as some kind of a role model then that’s just a snapshot of what a pathetic bunch of no-life losers the US public really is.

      BUT WAIT – let’s hear what Jim Carey has to say!!!!

      Get a life people

      • Doris J.Jackson


      • Jan

        Person with a brain…Yes! You have one! Gosh its such a rare commodity these days, totally agree with you on this. The only reason why the public is involved in this whole Tiger thing is that THE MEDIA PUTS IT IN OUR FACES wherever we go…morning news shows, evening news shows, CHECKOUT COUNTER AT THE STORES…radio… I don’t care about it… it would be great if everyone turned off their television sets when this stuff comes on. Give the ratings group something to talk about.

      • Frank

        Right on, who the heck cares! This sort of rubbish is just a distraction from what really matters. Wake up sheeple, get a life!

    • George

      Lori is so ignorant trying to talk crp about a good actor if u didn’t like this comment of a great star shut up and why don’t U mind ur own bussness ok go cook or clean ok……

      • Jim

        George, you are such a loser. You must feel really threatened by women to make a comment like that. Wait, you’re probably threatened by everyone. By the way, is Bin Laden in the same cave you crawled out of? Talk about ignorant!

      • MissMolly

        OMG George! Are you for real? No one can disagree with Jim Carrey or you say something like, “go cook or clean”??? Really? Really George? I’ll just bet you grew up in the 50’s! haha Why is it any of your business? Why is ANY OF THIS any of JC’s business??? Guilty concsious maybe? Come on in to the year 2010! The water is fine! hahaha

      • @George

        You’re seriously calling someone else ignorant? Telling them to mind “ur own bussness”. Telling them to “ok go cook or clean ok”. Ignorance, thy name is George!

    • liz

      I feel as if a lot of people on here are missing the point that Jim is tryin to make. I don’t believe or agree with cheating but a woman has to have some idea, gut feeling, or clue SOMETHING is going on. As far as it not being anyone’s business i think is bs. These people as in celebrities know that when they become famous every little thing they do the world will see. If they were not ok with that in the begining then they should have gotten a normal job. They would be quick to state obvious facts about other celebrities or anyone to make the news as well whether its on twitter or another way that’s not so public. I give Jim applause on having the balls to say the facts and how he feels. EVERYONE is entitled to his or her opinion.

      • capnobvious

        Yeah, she should have been wondering why he was out of town so much, claiming to be “playing golf”

      • Doyafeelme

        To tell ya the truth, why are we even having this conversation, Magic johnson cheated and got HIV,Michael jordan was reported to have girlfriend at one time in almost every city that he played ball in, and so and so on with all these other athletes. The only people who really benefit from put this crap out about athletes and and celebrities is the media, it makes people watch and then comment on crap like this everyday and brings ratings and sells papers and magazines. I dont understand why this athlete gets hungout to dry, and all the others that due this crap get passes. I think America is drinking the Koolaide of TMZ and everyone else in he media. Yes what he did was wrong but guess what you and I arent married to him, and I didnt buy a gatorade G tiger or whatever it was called because he was a role model, and I dont watch him golf for the same reason. I think this world has bigger issues then to worry about Tiger and Elin and everyone else that has cheated. Shouldn’t we worry about bigger issues like healthcare and Education, I mean my son and family isnt benefiting off any news about a celeb who cheats. we live a world of gossip and nosey people. If your going to judge him, judge him like every other athlete dont make him the exception, and lets worry about something more important.

      • sheesh

        the fact that you and many other people who have “normal jobs” don’t understand that not everyone who becomes famous was actively seeking fame. leave that to the paris hilton’s and reality folks of the world. these people seek fame, become infamous for a short time and i have no sympathy for anything they go through. tiger just wanted to play golf. i have never seen anything from him that made him seem like a fame whore. many actors and musicians just want to ply their craft- because they enjoy it and are good at it. sure they benefit from the fame, but they also lose a lot bc of it. implying that just because someone is a celebrity that they deserve to have no privacy seems awfully like sour grapes. and yes. i’m speaking from experience. i’m an actor, know many people who are struggling in the entertainment business and trust me, not for fame, but bc it’s what we love to do and have a talent for it.

    • angie

      I’m supposed to give creedence to someone who doesn’t know the difference between the numeral “2” and the word “to”?
      What a tool.

      • gato

        really Angie??

      • Angie

        Yes, really.

      • Matt

        wow, I guess you don’t know that there is a limit on how much you can type on twitter. He was obviously trying to take up less space by using some slang or whatever it’s called.

      • moz

        how do you feel about people, then, who misspell “credence” (word you seem to have been looking for) for “creedence” (name of band). just wondering.

      • Brett


      • Susan

        Sorry, but “2” instead of “to” is a CHOICE, not spelling error. Considering Carrey rambled on with his mental drivel through several tweets in a row, the excuse of only have so many characters is moot. The reason no pays any attention to tweeners is because they communicate like this. Carrey is an adult; he should communicate in an adult manner. But of course, in this case he had nothing worthwhile to say anyway. I agree with all the others that it’s probably a case of drunken tweeting at work here. Guess he’s a tad more bitter about his girlfriend dumping his tired ass than he previously tweeted. LOL…

    • MIke

      Wow, what a rambling mess. I thought Carrey had kicked that nasty drug habit but apparently not. Pretty soon he’s going to be in Lindsay Lohan land of stoned and drunken tweeting.

    • Katja

      Agreed, Lori. If he were simply saying “it’s none of our business, we should stay out of it” I would agree with Jim. BUT he’s putting blame on Elin for allowing it to happen by 1) being a stay-at-home-mom??? (WHAT?) and 2) not acting immediately to stop it…when he’s not factoring in how many women spend a long time hoping their suspicions are wrong because it’s too hard to face. I’m glad I never thought Jim Carrey was funny so that his idiocy can’t taint any fond feelings I might have had toward him. I don’t appreciate the blame-the-victim game.

    • Richard

      I agree! Jim mind your own business. You are an idiot!

      • gord

        I think everyone should mind their own business. That’s why the world is like it is. People spend more time worrying about this crap when they should be worrying about what else is going on in the world….

    • Deanna

      What a complete moron. Yes, women do stay at home and take care of kids nowadays. Not nearly enough do, primarily for financial reasons. If more moms were able to stay home and dedicate additional time to their kids, this country would not be nearly as screwed up as it is today.

      • deb

        Exactly!!! Why is he so angry about stay at home moms? He is a mess…

      • Shannon

        AGREE! I see it every day. We need MORE stay at home moms (or dads) in this country. Someone has to take care of the children!!

      • Kim

        If Tiger Wood’s wife can’t afford to stay home and raise her children instead of working outside the home, then, good grief, no one can! Besides, she was a nanny before she married him. Should she go out and take care of other peoples children just so she can have a paycheck of her own? It’s truly disgusting the way people treat stay-at-home moms. It’s a lot of work and people look down on you for your decision. Imagine what people would have to say about her if she was a career driven type when they already have so much money. Can’t win!

      • Abbey

        I am so glad you commented about this aspect of his comments. It really bugs me. I could care less what he thinks about Tiger and Elin, but please don’t bring all stay at home moms into the fray. He clearly is ingorant and has no idea what he is talking about. Yes – where families are able to financially, many moms or dads actually choose to stay home and raise their kids. Shocker. Alright – I am off to go burn my copy of Ace Ventura: Pet Detective :)

      • really?

        It’s only my opinion, but i don’t think there is a real added value to being a stay at home parent after your child is school aged. they are gone most of the day anyway. many people who work have kids that turn out fine. why? because it’s more about the quality of time that you spend with your child than the quantity. my friend’s neighbor is a “stay at home” mom, yet i always see the kids (too young and stupid to be playing outside unsupervised- hitting balls at people’s houses etc…) outside by themselves. so what good is it that she’s stay at home?

    • MontanaTrace

      Being an idiot, on screen made him rich. Now, he’s just an idiot. I won’t watch anything he’s in nor buy from his sponsors.

    • peacepipe

      Well spoken .AGREED we are co creators on the path every situation is a opportunity to look at our unhealed parts.Tiger should not have to account for us all.

    • Darlene

      Totally agree. I used to be a big fan of his, but his comment “No woman just stays at home with the kids anymore” and his comments cutting down Elin (especially that she had to have known) have totally changed my mind – Carey is a loser. No wonder he got dumped.

    • kennyfv

      totally agree! he is funny when he has a script, other than that he should mind his own business. he is just bitter from his break.

      • Jacop

        I’m glad you did, too.It’s more eye oeipnng than all the resaerch and “experts” can ever tell you.Well done! xoxoxox

    • carolae

      I totally agree. It’s one thing to “open mouth, insert foot” when he plays a character in one of his movies. This is totally different and he should have kept his comments to himself. I never read anywhere that they were friends. He must not have a movie role that he has to study for.

    • Ned

      Jim Carrey is,has been,and will always be a horses azz with horse teeth and face,he has no talent and I never “got it” Jim shut the f*ck up your opinion is as useless as you

    • Gigster

      so true….. he should keep his mouth shut… he IS NOT a know it all…. obviously

    • Lloyd

      I think Jim nailed it on the head. Tiger’s wrong for cheating and Elin is just as wrong (or ulterior motive) for sticking around. The only reason anything happened is because it hit the headlines.

      • Laurie

        It is NOT wrong to try and work on your marriage ESPECIALLY when children are involved!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • mel

      I agree!

    • Daniel

      Elin was ignoring the obvious because of the money. She was fully aware of Tiger Wood behavior; Unless she’s a complete blond. She can only blame herself for being so passif.

      • JoR

        That’s right blame the victim. All of the women he was cheating with thought they were the only ones. Why should his wife think any differently? Glad the guy’s a great golfer, because he really looks like a sociopath.

      • really?

        bs they thought they were the only ones. they are just saying that now for the pr machine. if they truly had any class or self respect they would never have come public in the first place. (of course, who knows, there might be some who haven’t). and why should his wife think differently than this trash that slept with him? idk.. bc she’s his wife? if you don’t know your supposed life partner better than some random chick, then you kinda gotta wonder why you married in the first place. that being said, i’m not taking sides in this personal case. none of our business. i’m just stating an opinion based on some of these stupid ass responses. regardless, i enjoy watching tiger golf and am emotionally and intellectually mature enough to see the difference bw someone’s job and their personal life. a lot of talented people have some effed up personal beliefs and/or lifestyles and i can hold it separate… to a certain extent at least.

    • chessyjames

      I think Jim is right, it’s all Elin’s fault. She should have known all about Tiger’s escapades, and even if she didn’t, maybe if Tiger was getting what he needed at home, he wouldn’t have had to spend all that money on hookers. Erin is a golddigger and was just setting Tiger up so she would get all the public sympathy and big divorce settlement. Tiger should have dumped her long ago.

      • AS

        Did your mommy abandon you when you were a child? You have some serious woman hating issues and have no common sense whatsoever. Thank you for your inane babble of a comment. Stay single and please, PLEASE dont procreate. Ta.

    • Barb

      Let those of us who are without sin cast the first stone.

      Jim Carrey is right, that we literally SLAUGHTER those in the public spotlight who make a mistake (intentional or otherwise). And he’s absolutely right about the other thing too! S’UGLY!!!

      • demigod

        Barb you are right most of these peope envious of these celebrities that they are blind to all that reaaly happening. so sad i feel sorry for some of the people no lives.

    • RAY

      Its all about some white bi*s who always planning to steal money from a famed men without futuring families,’Money Talks’. Yesterday Micheal Jackson, Today Tiger woods, Defenitely tomorrow sombody who is famed and single….

      It was all about why she is marring him…. then follows where it goes…..

    • Rick

      Carrey’s opinions outside of the profession he is in is meaningless. I take my car to a mechanic because that is his/her’s profession. I take their thoughts on life,love and politics with a grain of salt. Does Carrey really think anybody cares what he thinks? Act stupid on screen not off. Best to be quiet Jim.

    • Mika

      It’s ironic that you should state that Carrey shouldn’t be criticizing others, and yet you are doing the very same thing.

    • Kathleen

      I think it’s a comment by one cheater to another cheater. When your spouse travels constantly you can miss tons of signs. AND yes, there are many women that would love to stay home and raise the children and have her husband support her and the children!!!! I do wish Tiger & Elin the best and hope things work out for them and the children. But there are problems in their relationship. AND opbiously there are problems in the relationships of Jim Carry!!

    • John

      Everyone has a right to their opinion. Let him speak it!

    • kardo5

      Twitter, is for imbeciles, who actually have time to talk to the world about nothing

    • someone

      Why do americans worry about this crap? Their gov’y blew up a kyscraper with 3000 people in it and these same americans just shrugged it off!

    • your_right

      You are so right about americans in their inorance about 9/11. Did they find the spot on lewinskys dress yet?

    • Kay

      I agree, this really changed my perception of Carrey. Plus, women do stay home with the kids if they have a man who wants to take care of his family and support them. Women who work are usually there because it is a necessity. Most women want to be with their kids, not have strangers take care of them while they are at work.

      • really?

        speak for yourself and don’t claim to be the speaker for all womankind. yes, many PEOPLE (not just women) enjoy staying home with their kids. many people also find having a job (that they enjoy, not one they have just to pay the bills)fulfilling as well. i can’t imagine just sitting at home with kids all day. i think my brain would atrophy. but to each his own.

      • koko

        @really? then please don’t have children..if it would be too far beneath you and not fulfil your intellectual needs to have to stay home and take care of them. It is demanding, it is hard…especially when they’re very young and close together…but I still manage to feel like I’m using my brain too. Thank you though.


      I hate Jim Carrey and have longed to slap his smug face since I first saw him on In Living Colour. Ugh.

    • Elle

      I completely agree. To blame a woman when her husband is a gross, cheating bast*d who can’t even get out of Augusta without a 69 (his score Sunday), is TERRIBLE. Shut the hell up, Jim. You have no business getting involved.

    • Greg

      I don’t care.

    • G. Mitchell

      You’re an idiot!

    • Dan

      Jim Carrey–talking out of his butt again.

    • James

      Dumb and Dumber is the best movie ever. Nuff said.

  • josephine.amadeo

    I agree with Jim, but it’s not really his place to be tweeting. Especially while using numbers in place of words.

    • Tom Strong

      Jim Carrey is a total doucher.

    • Joe Blow

      Well, there is a character limit for tweets, so number instead of words seems logical.

  • chattypatra

    “No woman just stays at home with the kids anymore.”

    Wow, Jim Carrey, what is your problem? Half my friends have chosen to stay home and raise their kids, and they are beautiful and educated women. They chose to leave careers because they have been blessed with the financial ability to do so and they’d rather be with their children. That choice is as valid as the one of working outside the home and having a career. What the heck is the matter with you? Grow up!

    • LibbyP

      I’m at home with my kids. As they go to school longer and longer hours, I fill most of those hours with a job that I’m underpaid for but allows me great flexibility to be with the kids if they are sick or have a school program.

      • olivia

        I stand with you Libby when it comes to Morgan. Morgan – that is such BS. FYI, I am a working Neurosurgeon who took time off to raise my kids and am now working full time again. Raising children with dedication and responsibility and providing them with a safe, stable home life is the hardest non-paying job there is. I get paid for performing brain surgery and you are dealing with one organ much easier than a child who you need to raise to become a responsible, contributing member of society. If you think keeping a clean house and your kids fed is the extent of it, you clearly are as clueless as Jim Carrey. My hats off to stay at home moms and working mothers. Seems to me you are obviously the nitwit.

      • Crashlv08

        Libby, you have decided you know everything about everyone. What you do in your private life has nothing to do with what Jim Carrey is talking about. NO WAY she was in the dark on this. Celebrity wives and plain old folks like you and me are two different things. The basic point of his statement is that with young children and her lifestyle, she doesnt have to just stay at home and take care of the kids. But you continue to use your own life experiences as comparison to what wealthy celebrities do if that makes you feel superior.

    • Jill

      That’s the comment that bothered me most too! Taking care of my kids, husband, house, etc. is the hardest job I’ve ever had and the most rewarding.

      • Morgan Fania

        This is such hogwash. Takign care of a house and kids is the easiest non-job ever. Try coal mining or performing brain surgery or managing industrial waste if you want a really hard job. Any nitwit can keep a house clean and kids fed.

      • LibbyP

        Morgan, if that’s your understanding “keep a house clean and kids fed” then you’re right. However, that’s not what it takes to be home with the kids. Please read up on childrearing before having any children. Thanks.

      • olivia

        You go Jill! Both you and Libby understand the sacrifice, dedication and commitment it takes to run a household and raise children. The hardest, least lauded job there is and so many women do it selflessly every day.

      • demos

        The hardest job ever!? It is usually the hardest job when someone brings the beacon home. Then the wife may think that she is dealt a bad hand. Like he said, try coal mining or surgery?
        I agree with Carey here. Elin needs to be warmer and listen to the want of her man. I do not accept infidelity but it happens for a reason.
        Tiger is looking outside from what he doesn’t get home. Women, be wise. Don’t think that once we put a ring on it, your job is done. Cleaning the house and having kids are not all.

        “Listen to your men women!!!!!!!!!”

      • jules

        Hey Morgan. GO F U C K yourself.

      • jstin

        Demos, that’s an idiotic comment. What Tiger wanted Elin could not have supplied===he wanted many different women. His porn star mistress wasn’t enough for him, he was hitting on the neighbors daughters, tramps etc. Sometimes the reason infidelity happens is the person has his own issues that he needs to resolve. Call it sex addiction or something else, either way like being married to an alcoholic or a drug addict, there was very little she could do that would have kept him from his drug of choice.

      • Marri

        Demos, I am so sick and tired of the stand by you man mentality. If Tiger had issues, he should have brought them up with his wife. And to Jim, when you decide to be in the public eye, you open yourself to public opinion. Tiger didn’t have to be who he is, he could have choosen to walk away. Plus, you can’t blame your parents for everything.

      • Pro Morgan

        Ahem, Moms…remember, these are the choices you make. No one held a gun over your head when YOU chose to have children and in the process saddled yourself with the responsibility of taking care of them. Don’t whine about it being the hardest job you’ve ever had, Okay?

      • ger

        Bit how good a job are you doing running a household if your husband’s out effing everyone he sees?

      • JL

        No one is whining about staying at home being the hardest job ever and wishing they hadn’t made that choice and wanting sympathy. They are saying that what Carrey said is ridiculous. Woman do stay at home, because it is important. Just like managing industrial waste is important. That is all. Anyone who judges someone for a choice they make to better their family is closed minded, and I think people are surprised that Carrey would be that way. I thought actors were supposed to be liberal and all for choices (generalizaton). That right to choose applies to everyone right. If it doesn’t, then you become a hypocrite.

      • Ric

        Morgan..I baby sat my sisters children for two months while unemployed and I have to say it was the hardest job I ever had. No lunch break , no bathroom break(I had to wait till they took a nap. Baby spit up all over me ,diapers and feeding the baby every 3 hours..I have a new respect for stay at home moms (I am a male) and I went running towards a job as soon as that stint was over..To assume that it is easy , tells me that you have no experience and if you do have children, you probably the type that would sit them in front of a video game or the TV all day and feed them junk food.

      • B

        Raising kids is a very hard job, the extremely hard stuff happens between when they are born and when they start school. Once they are in school all day it’s a lot easier.

    • bh

      I stay home with my kids. I wouldn’t want someone else raising them.

      • Deb

        Pro Morgan and demos, if you take a coal miner, brainsurgeon, or someone from ANY other profession and put them in a house for one week with children and household duties, by the end of the week they would run screaming back to their tough jobs and consider the return to their normal daily grind a VACATION.
        There’s a lot more to childrearing than just cleaning and feeding, and there’s a lot more to being the provider than just bringing a paycheck home. Most women know the former,unfortunately most men DON’T realize the latter.

      • Pro Morgan

        Deb, it doesn’t matter. Some of those coal miners and brain surgeons elected not to saddle themselves with children. Why give them that scenario you chose for yourself when they chose to avoid it in the first place?

        The trouble with some of these stay at home moms is that the longer they stay at home, the more close minded they become. Makes me wonder if this is what happened to Elin.

      • amanda

        what a ra-tarded comment.

      • olivia

        I agree JL. Pro Morgan and Morgan don’t have kids and by the sounds of it should never have them. No one is whining – it is THE most important job you will ever have and if you don’t see it as such you need to have your head checked.

      • Pro Morgan

        Some of the moms in this thread come with their self-entitled and self-important attitudes. They like to bash others opinions because they think theirs is the only one that matters, and start advising other posters they shouldn’t have kids. I wonder who are the real retards here?

      • Noneofyourbusiness

        Anyone complaining that stay at home mothers’ work is easy, and that they CHOSE not To “saddle” themselves with children likely can’t have any at all, which is why the heffers are complaining in the first place. Misdirect elsewhere morons.

      • JA

        Deb, you don’t really know much about men, or at least “good men”. Perhaps the man you have is not a “good man”.

        My wife and I are both full time workers (times being what they are) and we both end up traveling several times a year. Normally we split all duties of childrearing, which is how childrearing should be. During these trips we each assume the full responsibilities of childrearing alone for up to a week or longer.

        Speaking from a man’s point of view, I have not found this to be an exceptional hardship. Oh and I know you shall criticize and say that I don’t: clean, wash clothes, wash dishes, spend quality time with the kids etc. You are wrong on all points. My wife and I even shop for fresh food ingredients on a daily basis and cook a quality dinner every night. There is enough time in the day to accomplish all things.

        Everyone keeps talking about the “woman’s choice and commitment” but then fails to recognize that the man made the same choice and commitment. Women, if your man comes home from a hard say at work and goes and hides in his “man cave” and doesn’t spend time helping with the family, you *do not* have a man committed to your relationship and family.

      • Lee

        I agree with Pro Morgan about the sense of entitlement these women have. Put up or shut up, stay-at-home-moms. Log off from these Internet boards and raise your kids properly.

    • LM

      I guess Elin should have gotten a part time job to help make ends meet. It’s not like Tiger can keep the family out of the poor house on a golfers salary. I read in the paper that last year he got a 60 cent an hour bump in pay. That’s good, but in this economy, it’s really selfish of her to let him slave away 8 hours a day and not lift a finger to help out.

      • olivia

        Pro Morgan: Retard. Morgan: Retard.

      • Pro Morgan

        olivia, takes one to know one.

      • AS

        A very atp saying Pro Morgan. ARE YOU A STAY AT HOME MUM??? No? Then shut the f u c k up.

      • Pro Morgan

        AS, are you Tiger Woods, Elin Nordegren, or Jim Carrey? No? then YOU STFU.

    • liz

      women do this all the time including myself. We pick and choose what we want when men say things. Jim is not making this just about staying home the whole point of what he’s saying is the his wife was not completely clueless she atleast had a gut feeling or something.

    • bbg

      Face it. This guy is delusional.

    • DDA

      I think Carey was trying to say (without actually saying the words) that Elin is a gold digger whose love of $$$$ supersedes her pride. And that she was so busy being a kept housewife that she chose to overlook warning signs of her husband’s infidelity. None of us can know this for a fact, obv. But I find it strange that she apparently didn’t know her husband enough to tell that he was avidly cheating. What kind of marriage is that? I’ve been with the same man for 4 years and I would know if things weren’t right. It just sounds like these two have a very superficial relationship. None of my business, but it kind of makes me sick to my stomach. People can be so incredibly empty.

    • Kay

      You said it chatty. Indeed, most women WANT to stay home with their children. What mom wants to miss that first word, first crawl, first step, etc.! All the women I know that work, do so because they have to.

      • bh

        I don’t believe “most women” want to stay home with their children. I know plenty of working mothers who don’t need the money but they want to work. Staying home isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

      • really?

        agreed. should i choose to have children, i have no desire to stay at home for an extended period of time. not every woman gets all gooey stupid over kids. and i don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. if i have a job i enjoy, i would want to keep it and feel fulfilled. doing something that any other woman on the planet can do (ie having and raising a child) doesn’t make me feel special. and i want to feel special in this world. if having a kid is enough for you, fine. but don’t make others feel bad because they want more.

      • Pro Morgan

        Exactly. I’m sure raising kids may be rewarding, but to some women it’s not the only thing that’s fulfilling. I’ve met enough stay-at-home moms like the ones here who seem to think their choice is the only one that matters, and try to subtly make other moms feel guilty for choosing to have a career. To them, raising your child should be your one and only career, no exceptions allowed. Their narrow-mindedness sometimes makes me believe that these women don’t get out much — or that there must be some underlying insecurity about the choices they made.

      • koko

        it’s actually not that being a stay-at-mom is the ONLY job that’s important. All we’re saying is that it IS just as important..and can be as fulfilling as any other job. I was a career woman, actually in the military before I had kids and took a break to raise them. Yes, I do want to go back to work eventually, but I feel it’s important to stay home with them while they’re still this young. I just don’t know why everyone has to judge everyone else’s choices all the time. And @really, you can say how being a mom wouldn’t make you feel special enough because clearly you don’t have kids yet. That is not a slam, I’m just saying once you do, if you choose to, I doubt you’ll still feel that way. I never thought I’d be a stay-at-home mom for any period of time…but once you’re faced with entrusting your children to a stranger, you’ll better understand the sacrifices we all must make.

    • Luke

      on tetitwr ‘once you’ve met one person with Autism, you’ve met one person with Autism.’I thought that was quite freaking awesome.thankyou for letting us meet your boy. He sounds absolutely fabulous.MWAH

  • jen_s

    I was okay with everything he said until he had to start judging Tiger’s wife. That was very douchey, Jim Carrey. What is that comment about no wife just stays home anymore supposed to mean, anyway? What a jerk.

    • terry

      I think he’s just mad at hot blonde women this week.

      • Navigator

        HA HA! Good one.

      • Tim

        Jim Carrey is clearly projecting some anger at his own relationship falling apart onto Elin.

        A guy who has how many marriages end and a LTR end now blaming the women for it all? Classic douche.

  • Carmen

    I think that is a hideous and beastly thing to say!!! Only an insensitive man like Jim Carey can put the blame on Elin Nordegren and his sympathy on a man like Tiger Woods. The entire world knows that Tiger Woods took advantage of his decent, loyal wife, Elin Nordegreen, savagely betraying her trust and love. We all know that Tiger has accepted publicly his guilt and has repeatedly apologized to his wife, saying that Elin deserves praise not blame. It seems that Jim Carey assessment of the situation is very, very wrong.

    • mom

      Tiger needs to be left alone.He has been raked over the coals enough. Let him have his privitcy. Thats his business to deal with.

  • Pale Horse

    Jim Carey is absolutely right. 30 plus women and she hasn’t left yet because she already knew something. The media is lying to us about how surprised they where as well. The man was said to have had 30 plus women following him, Jordan and Barkley around Vegas. That doesn’t sound like hiding or sneaking around if you ask me. The man grew up as a golf player its not like he was a football or baseball Jock. He was probably making up for lost time in high school. And now they have him going to sex rehab. He’s not an addict. Tiger really didn’t think that the media would do him like that because everybody else was doing it. He was an Uncle Tom (and safe) before he did that HBO special about Barack after that I guess he became prey. Tiger wasn’t going to break the law so the media did the best they could do.

    • Dyan D.

      Whether or not Elan knew, it hardly excuses Tiger’s behavior. Out of his own mouth he admitted that he thought he was ‘entitled’ to what he did. What you’re saying is that he was definitely entitled to behave exactly as he pleased, no matter who he hurt (and by the way, he does have children who will someday wonder why Daddy could do as he pleased and people loved him for it). How you or Jim Carrey have any right to judge other people escapes me. Are you trying to justify a cheating spouse?

      • liz

        Your saying how can they judge anyone but you are judging them for speaking there opinion. Something to think about.

      • Kay

        There is no justification for a cheating spouse. It hurts everyone, especially the kids in the end.

    • hartatak

      If you had a brain you would be dangerous!

    • Thoughts of a woman

      I fully agree with Pale Horse. I mean, 20 mistresses? Either she’s in for the lifestyle, either she didn’t care that much of her husband and his out and abouts.
      No matter what, there was something wrong in their sexlife. I’ve heard that they haven’t shared any intimacy since Thanksgiving. Knowing that her man is a sexooholic, that must be pretty harsh. And I’ve also heard she is planning vacation for the children and her only. Why doesn’t she sign those damn papers already?

    • Marty

      Has anyone once yet mentioned that muff-luvin president Clinton who even as we post runs around in the highest levels of world leadership grinning his face off? Tiger Woods? Jim Carey? Golf? I shake my head and go holy S**T

  • Nerwen Aldarion

    Jim Carrey, go away you really sound just cruel!

  • And this is why I don’t follow Jim Carrey on twitter…

    • Anon

      This is why I don’t follow ANYONE on twitter.

      • shane


      • Madd

        I barely use Twitter at all, but the only celebrity I follow is Aziz Ansari (sp?) from Parks and Rec and Human Giant, because he is absolutley hilarious, and his “tweets” (God I hate that word) are as well.

      • Crashlv08

        But you feel the need to read gossip and other people reporting what other’s twitter. Then tell us all you dont follow twitter like it makes you better.

    • Marty

      And he REALLY is hurt about that? The pet detective won’t abandon you though, so don’t worry!~

  • rachael weiss

    Jim Carrey is right…….

    • Nshi

      ………..and rachel weiss is wrong…….

      • And I Am…


    • SuzJol

      Isn’t the celebrity population a convenient way to deny, disregard and ignore some of the issues, problems and tragedies in our own lives. Without celebrities and the media, who stick their nose in where nthey don’t belong, we might actually have to focus on ourselves and our own short-comings. God Forbid!!! I hope Tiger plays the best golf of his life!!

      • NunyaBidness

        …says the person on the gossip website.

      • suliame

        Ha Ha Ha Ha…..Love ya Nunya!

      • sby

        What a gruoegos shot and a wonderful daddy moment to go along with it. I agree, it’s what I love about being so close to the ocean,too. The sunsets have been fantastic the last few days! I haven’t wanted to change the picture in my Out the Kitchen Window” project because of that! Today was another one only my camera battery died. Thanks for sharing the beauty.

    • Hone

      Elin has to learn from her parents mistake. Tiger should divorce Elin if she still the same.

  • Sherri

    I’ve found that people whe defend wrong-doers and shift the blame to the naivete of the victims tend to have the same sort of evil in their own hearts. Jim Carrey goes through parters like water and has no credibility on the subject.

    • Anna

      Which is why I’ve always considered him to be a D-Bag to begin with.

    • MissAmande

      I always wondered why the victim gets blamed in these circumstances. I think Sherri might have a point. Jim Carrey just seems to be bitter over his break up with Jenny McCarthy.

    • liz

      So what do you have to say to the women who have been cheated on like myself who say that its wrong but there are always signs that something is not right and his wife should have seen them.

    • Amarantha

      I have my suspicions about someone who defends a cheater and blames the person who was cheated on. I think Jim Carrey sympathizes so much with Tiger and criticizes his wife because he indulges in the same kind of behaviour himself. And I don’t think that Tiger cheated because of “sex addiction” (a made-up disease). He did it because indulging his every whim meant more to him than his marriage or his family.

  • James Gallagher

    What a moron! Where was this defense of Tiger 3 months ago? Seriously, what a schmuck. His relationship falls apart, and NOW he’s feeling like taking shots?

    • diondi

      Heh heh heh….schmuck!

  • renee

    i agree with jim carey and Pale Horse Tiger is not a sex addict he is someone that never had a life. when his father past away he made up for lost time of being a being a boy and not having fun. I dont think that we have the right to judge him because there are people out here everyday that have affairs and there is no way that his wife did not know.

    • dawnselya

      then don’t get married, have kids, and break your vows! be single, fool around, use condoms, and pay for sex. it’s that simple!

      • terry

        He could’ve, but advertisers like family men more than playboys, Tiger gotta eat!

      • JA

        Um, you think Tiger was paying for sex with those women?

      • JRS

        He wasn’t payong at the time but he is now…nothing is free

    • Jill

      I’m so tired of hearing “it happens all the time” so that makes it right? I guess because people murder people all the time, it makes it right .. what a failed statement to make. It never makes it right to do something because others might do it …

    • JoR

      I am so sick of this ‘my childhood was robbed from me!’. Many people’s childhoods were filled with bullies and abuse and lonliness and pain. Many people with these kinds of childhoods try to assure that the next generation doesn’t go through it. They are kind, attentive and loving to their families and friends. Having “no” childhood or a bad one is no excuse for boinking everything that moves. His behavior is not one of a lost boy, it’s the behavior of a guy who could shag anything and did. Don’t insult people who really had to grow up fast.

  • annie

    Jim Carrey is now a terrible Canadian to make such a comment. Elin should not be criticized. Tiger did the wrong thing, and I am no longer a Tiger fan for what he did. Further, I am no longer Jim Carrey’s fan either!

    • oltorf32@hotmail.com

      Hey Annie,
      If you had any sense you would see that Carey has a point abt how society views Men. If you are single as I assume you are and you saw Tiger/Carey in a club you would certainly make advances and not solely b/c you like them but b/c they were famous. So before you pass judgment please think abt the fact that Jim is making comments because men must protect themselves from overly aggressive women like YOU.

      • Noneofyourbusiness

        DBAG ALERT – that’s a warped sense of reality to think that even married people would hit on a celebrity simply due to their fame. Maybe YOU are that shallow, but come on!

    • jennifer

      Annie – I do believe that Jim Carrey gave up his Canadian Citizenship… He is a super D-bag

      • Juanita

        I sure hope so. As a Canadian citizen myself I am embarressed he ever said he was Canadian!

      • Albert D.

        Actually, he’s a dual-citizen now, so he is still Canadian.

    • ryan bell

      ok the bottom line is it’s none of my or your business what tiger did. It’s his and his familys business. and all you people who say “i’m no longer a tiger woods fan” were never fans to begin with. and i highly doubt it makes a bit of difference to one of the greatest golfers in the world. Oh yeah can you honestly say that you have not done something in your life that other people would look at you and say your a bad person. Jim carrey was just stating his opinion just like you guys are doing so lay off.all you people who say he is a role model lay off. You know who are my role models my parents teachers and pastor not a guy who i don’t know personally, never met and the only thing i know about him is he swings a glf club really well.And did anybody in this blog by a buick just becuase tiger was endorsing the product? hell no becuase we all know he probably drives a Maybach S62. Tiger up untill this point has been a standup guy. But all of a sudden he makes a PERSONAL mistake it’s”off with his head” please people. Next up is elin. To all you real stay at home moms, I give you guys mad respect. but when your husband brings home a 100 million dollar check every year you don’t qualify to be labeled as one.I don’t know for sure but let us assume she probably has maids, chef, and a garderner. And her mom lives with her so she has help with the kids her life is a f**king dream up untill the scandol of course. (I do feel sorry for her becuase no deserves to be cheated on) And Jim Carrey has a point she had to know why else would she look in his phone. Obviously she had a feeling either or her mom tipped her off to the warning signs. As for the kids not such a big deal. Why? there like 3 and 2 years old so they don’t know what the hell is going on and by the time they figure it out this story will be long forgotten.

  • J. Davis

    If Tiger and his wife had an open relationship that is one thing, but what it really comes down to is lying to her if they didn’t. To me it depends on if he was honest with her or not whether I judge if he did something wrong and Carey is right.

  • Mamie

    What a narcissistic douche

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