Robert Pattinson NOT in talks to play Kurt Cobain

rob-pattinson-as-kurtImage Credit: Janet Mayer/PR Photos; Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagicGo ahead and put those Lithium pills away, Nirvana fans. Universal has confirmed with EW that a report in The Sun — that had Robert Pattinson in talks with Courtney Love to play the Kurt Cobain in a biopic released by the studio — is false. What’s more, Love’s manager also told Spin: “That’s an amazing story, and the first I’ve heard of any of this…I’m not sure [Courtney] knows who R Patz is, but he sure is cute.”  Sorry, Twilight fans — even though Patticakes is a bit of a musician (plays guitar and piano), looks like this one’s a big Nevermind.

Anyone dying to see a 40-foot-tall version of this photo?

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  • crispy

    So we’re not gonna get to see Robert Pattinson shoot himself in the face? That’s too bad.

    • jayc4life

      I’d be more excited if the props guy swapped out the prop shotgun for a real one.

    • Lynny


    • JC

      That’s not funny. I know everybody hates Rpatz, but leave Kurt out of it. I love Rob and I love Kurt more (I have a tat of him) but this would have been a horrible idea.

      • ‘Rpatz’ sucks

        get over it. If someone with such bad taste can like a douche from twilight, i doubt that you like Nirvana.

    • Pam

      Crispy should burn for that comment, HA-HA now that was funny.

      • Brittany

        Why, should they make money on Cobain’s death? A little bit of fake blood won’t be too bad for Patterson… By the way, I hope Courtney will soon get what she deserves for killing her husband.

    • olivia


    • devvic

      damn streight lol he rp is just a little bithc vampire freak

    • Issa

      That was aweful to say, but quite hilarious.

    • KB

      Joe Anderson who played Max in Across the Universe would be an amazing fit for that role.

      • JKO


      • LittleBear

        All I could think of when I watched Across the universe – AGREED!!

    • Chloe

      oh man, I love you for that.

      • Henrique

        This inofomatirn is off the hizool!

    • Gwen

      Funny, because Kurt Cobain didn’t shoot himself in the face.

  • Emma

    I wish every crap movie and website that wanted to get attention would stop using Rob’s name. That’s my wish.

    • Sam

      Be sure, if Robert Pattinson was going to be Kurt in this film, it WOULD be a crap movie. Sinces he’s not, it’ll be infinately better just by him staying out of it.

      • misfit578

        gay man pattinson needs 2 stop ruining everything that is good in life. i wish he would crawl in a hole and die.he is ewwwness.

  • Bug

    Best news I have heard all day! I was all excited to see the trainwreck that this movie will inevitably be, but I wouldn’t see it even in that context if Robert Pattinson was involved.

  • petuniafromhell

    I’ll shotgun my face off just like Kurt did if they had this joke of an “actor” play him.

    • mostholymeat

      tell like it is man! ha! ha! ha!

  • Logistics

    no no no no no no no no no no no no non on on on on lk nsfbhaoeghoielsknp’




    • whatevs

      Relax, he’s not doing it.

  • courtney

    he doesnt look anything like kurt cobain. im not sure this is going to be a good idea…

    • Celia

      It says he’s NOT doing it.
      The perfect actor to play Kurt Cobain is CHARLIE HUNNAM.

      • JC

        The perfect actor to play Kurt to is… ready…nobody. Having a movie made about his life is something that Kurt would want to happen.

      • Hilary

        The best actor would be Joe Anderson. They look similar and he’s a good actor

    • Kingsley

      Not to mention seeing a fake Kurt with a horrible british accent D:

  • Elle

    Good. I couldn’t think of a worse choice to play Kurt. I mean, wow. Not only does he look nothing like him, he can barely do an American accent and doesn’t even sing that kind of music. But I really can’t think of anyone who could pull it off. Maybe they should go with an unknown.

  • Nirvanafrik

    Yeah! NOW I’M HAPPY.

    • Elielton

      This is what we need – an insight to make evnoerye think

  • kate

    thank God this is fake. i knew it. he’s wanted by every producer to star as anyone for the cash. 1st of all, he looks nothing as him and 2nd, cobain was 5’6..

    • liz

      “cobain was 5’6…”
      that was hilarious

  • Lala

    Oh, good. That would have been short of a disaster. I think he is an okay actor, but really?! Kurt Cobain?! If Michael Pitt is still around, he should be given the role.

  • Arijana

    he really actually is a good actor. so quit hating. so ummm I’d like to see you guys attempt to act. lemme know how that works for yall. not.

    • petuniafromhell

      Exactly, that’s why we are NOT actors. By the way, EW stands for Entertainment Weekly, not Edward Weekly. Regardless, he’s still a terrible one.

    • Catherine

      Oh, god, you’re such a dork. Every time someone doesn’t like something you like, you and people like you just HAVE to retort with the absolutely useless “I’d like to see YOU try it~!” argument. Look, acting is not hard. That’s why there are and have been millions, yes, MILLIONS of actors dating back to the days of Greek theatre, and perhaps even before that. Robert Pattinson is an actor among actors, many of which better than he is, and that is why an actor whose biggest claim to fame is emoting nausea for two hours in Twilight is NOT fit to play a man who many people hold in a much, much higher regard.

    • Amy

      Actually I HAVE tried acting. And frankly everyone in my drama school is way better than RPatz. He’s not terrible, but he sure as hell ain’t anywhere near amazing enough to play Cobain.
      Oh, and Cathertine, acting itself isn’t hard, but performance sure as hell is.

  • Rafhkat

    Johnny Depp!! He looks like Kurt!! And he is also a musician!!

    • duffrosin

      you are absolutely right! johnny depp does play guitar, he actually wanted to be a musician, not an actor, and got turned down by iggy pop, and johnny depp does cool characters, just do what they did to him in charlie and the chocolate factory, make his skin color a little bit more white, and wa! la! we got kurt cobain. forst off on one knows how he died, some say suicide, some say murder, so technically they shouldn’t make the movie, cuz they’ll mention his death, either way it’ll piss some people off, then what’s the point of the movie, but if to make it, johnny depp should do it, he does rock long hair really well

  • Elle

    I am a trained actress and I will admit he is a decent actor. But there’s no way you can even attempt to compare him to Ryan Gosling, Ben Foster, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Michael Pitt (as mentioned above) or any of his peers really. He’s better than Zac Efron but that’s not saying much. The point is he can’t play Kurt. If Johnny Depp were maybe 15 years younger, I’d suggest him. But as it stands, I think Ryan Gosling would be awesome as he’s a musician and knows the genre. Also, he’s a phenomenal actor who can tackle the subject matter with ease. He was great in The Believer.

    • Celia

      I actually prefer Zac Efron over this guy and that’s saying a lot.
      CHARLIE HUNNAM should play Kurt, but I would settle for Ben Foster.
      Ryan Gosling and the others you named would be completely wrong.

    • Pe

      Have you actually seen Zac Efron in anything outside High School Musical? The kid has proven that he has range and screen presence, Robert Pattinson has neither. Saying you’re a “trained actress” on the internet doesn’t give your opinion any more weight either.

      • Jennifer Elizabeth

        I was responding to the previous poster who said we were not actors so our opinion matters naught. That is why I prefaced it that way. I’m not saying that my opinion matters more, just that I can see the talent but he has a long way to go. The guy is still very young. And I heard Zac was pretty good in Me and Orson Welles. But that still doesn’t qualify him to play iconic grunge pioneer. What the Hell is grungy about Zac? I mean, he’s pop, which is great. It works for him. But he can’t delve into this role and he’s a little young to anyway. We need someone in their late twenties-early thirties. And let’s be honest, his singing range is not that good. Can he passionately infuse that crazy aggression on the chorus to Smells Like Teen Spirit. NO. He can’t. That’s all I’m saying.

    • duffrosin

      ahh, agree, but they were both born in the 60’s kurt-feb, 20, 1967, johnny-june, 9, 1963. just saying, so it’s pretty close. closer than ryan

  • Tanner

    Jesse Spencer, (Chase from the show HOUSE) should play Kurt in a movie.

  • Sara

    Wow EW, I am happy now that I cancelled your subscription. I think Rob would have been great for the role but anything tied to Courtney Love will be a disaster so glad that Rob won’t me caught in that mess!

    • Kristy

      And I’m sure you also thought Twilight was a stroke of cinimatic genius. Are you even a Nirvana fan? Because I wouldn’t believe you if you said you were. No self-respecting Nirvana fan would think Rob was a good choice for this role.

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