'Ugly Betty' Bites: 18 juicy lines from 'The Past Presents the Future'!

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Wasn’t last night’s second-to-last episode of Ugly Betty one of the most precious hours of television ever? Between Hilda’s wedding — she and Bobby are too cute together! — and, of course, Justin’s sweetly subtle coming out, I was bawling during most of the hour. Okay, I’m being a bit dramatic, of course, but I honestly couldn’t help but tear up with the Justin stuff. I simply loved that Justin didn’t ever say “I’m gay” — instead, he just walked on to the dance floor with his new boyfriend, Austin, and his family couldn’t have been happier. This kid is 16 years old, people! Wow, wow, wow. Warms my heart that this kind of thing is on network television! It’s for storylines like this — and, you know, everything else, like the fashion and whatnot — that will make Ugly Betty go down in television history.

Oh, and, of course, I was howling, too, when watching how the Suarez family wanted to deal with Justin’s sexuality, before trusty old Marc stepped in to stop them. Pride flags everywhere! A coming-out party! A “we’re okay with you being gay” saying that makes me just cringe! But it was hilarious. Marc’s advice for not pursing all of these things further  couldn’t have been more on-point. Actually, he’s been pretty on point lately in general! The whole show has been, indeed. Too sad that it has to go now. But at least it’s going out on a high point, right? Bryan Batt, Amanda and Betty moving on from Mode, Marc figuring out his relationship problems, etc. Lots going on!

And Betty seems like it will go out with a bang, too! Literally! Was Wilhelmina really shot? Don’t be fooled folks — the Ugly Betty producers wouldn’t kill of fan fave, Willy. But will the whole shooting thwart her plans to take over Meade via Tyler? Guess we’ll have to see in next week’s series finale. Can’t wait!

Until then, enjoy the Ugly Betty Bites I pulled out for you from last night’s episode. There were some doozies. I especially loved when Marc attempted to redirect Ignacio’s Justin-is-gay! energy by pushing him toward other family members at Hilda’s wedding with this little bon mot: “Hello, Aunt Spanish! You look bonita!” Hehe. My other favorites are here, all 18 of them:

“Yah, but I needed some pencils. Plus, how could I set up shop without my ‘Sleeping Betty’?” —Amanda, on her return to the Mode office to pick up a few things, including an unflattering photo of Betty where she’s sleeping

“Hey, Troy. Oh, wow, nice jeans—they really make your package pop!” —Marc, upon seeing his “ex-boyfriend” Troy

“Here are the earrings I promised Hilda for her wedding. And here are the diet pills. I want her as skinny as a beautiful corpse when your Papi helps her down the aisle.” —Amanda, dropping a few things off with Betty before Hilda’s wedding

“It sounds like he put on a few pounds.” —Amanda, upon hearing the voicemail Henry left for Betty

“Who knows why you do anything, lady. That’s why we love you—just as you are: brown and complicated.” —Amanda, to Betty

“I am getting married in three days. I swear to God if you upstage me, I will stab you in the heart!” —Hilda, after Betty mentions all that’s going on in her life

“I love shopping more than my own grandmother!” —Spencer, to his new stylist Amanda

“I can see that we need to stay away from anything in the salmon family. Mostly because I hate salmon.” —Amanda, to her new client Spencer

“Marc, just give Spencer a chance! You will love him. He’s like me—but with junk! He’s like me, but with big junk!” —Amanda, trying to convince Marc to go out with Spencer

“Oh, Claire, have you escaped from your handlers again? Or have they allowed you a senior outing?” —Willy, upon seeing Claire at a Mode photo shoot

“Isn’t that the pickled lush calling the kettle black?” —Willy, after Claire insults her

“I have some nail polish remover in the bathroom. I heard you can get a buzz off that?” —Willy, to Claire’s son Tyler, who’s ransacking her house looking for booze

“This is the happiest day of my life. Alright, let’s do this bitch!” —Hilda, before going into get married

“And we’re circulating and mingling. Hello, Aunt Spanish! You look bonita!” —Marc, while trying to distract Ignacio from embarrassing Justin at Hilda’s wedding

“Marc, here! Okay, Spencer, Marc—silver fox, purple ferret. See, you two are totally hitting it off already. Kiss!” —Amanda, trying to get Spencer and Marc to like each other at Hilda’s wedding

“Tyler, this is the third message I’ve left. Dick Cheney returns my calls after one. Call me!” —Willy, to Claire’s son Tyler, who she’s manipulating

“Don’t cry. It makes you look like a girl!” —Amanda, to Marc

“Has anyone ever told you that you have the mouth of a silent movie star? Sexy, yet cruel…” —Spencer, to Marc

What’d you think of last night’s episode? Are you satisfied with how producers finally dealt with Justin’s coming out? Are you worried that Willy is dead? Can you believe Betty is really going to London? What was your favorite line? Sound off in the comments below!

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  • Elizabeth

    Looks like Daniel is going to tell Betty he loves her. Only AFTER she got her braces off. Curious. I really don’t think they’ll end up together I just think that Daniel doesn’t want her to leave because he realizes how much she means to him.

    • Dennis

      I think that he would probably tell her he loves her even if she hadn’t gotten her braces off. The show hasn’t just been about Betty’s growth, but Daniel’s as well. I think he realized during Hilda’s speech how much he cares about Betty. Whether or not it’s true love, we’ll find that out next week.

      • DA

        Let’s not forget Daniel’s gaze as Betty walked away down the hall at Mode. He was definitely checking her out.

      • Maya

        to DA, that was not a checking her out look, that was a concerned/scared kind of look. he has said so in the episode Henry would be a step backward for betty, and by the end of the episode she agreed with him. Daniel has seen betty grows alot in the last two years, in his mind betty going with Henry will mean that everything that happened to her in those two years meant nothing and in indirect way can mean he means nothing to her.

      • t.t

        i LOVEED the homage to destiny with willie and clairs pool fight

      • Alan

        t.t you mean Dynasty. But yes, it was a clear homage to Alexis and Krystal’s infamous pond fight on Dynasty.

      • dave

        that is exactly what I thought!!!! from the beginning I’ve always said “Ugly Betty is Will & Grace meets Dynasty, with a splash of Devil Wears Prada!” so i was sooooo glad to see this scene put in!

    • Jen

      It seems shallow, but I think when she got her braces off he realized that she is not the young girl she was when she first came to Mode. I think it’s more thank just physical appearance. It’s him seeing her in a new light.

      It still gives me the creepies, though.

    • Blame Leno

      I believe the braces are only one aspect of Betty’s transformation. She’s come into her own in so many ways and Daniel has grown too. It is not shocking for friends to become lovers. It actually makes sense. The thing that worries me is that it all seems to be one sided at the moment. Betty is ready for a new life and Daniel seems to want to explore a life with Betty. I just hope he doesn’t get his heart broken. :-(

      • Hmmm

        I don’t think it is one-sided – I think Betty feels the dame way -t here have been those little moments. I think it is more that Betty is so focused on what she wants that she isn’t looking to closely at all the things around her. I think it was very telling what Gio said in the last episode – “There has only ever been one guy in your life” he never said Henry…I think that if she takes the job in England and Daniel follows her to open a Mode branch – that would be a good end. This way Betty is getting her feet on the path that she has been waiting for and still get a guy who loves her for her. Who has seen her at her worst and her best. To me that would be a great end – though I am a romantic at heart so yeah…

      • Andrea

        Totally agree with you …posted the same thought on IMDB…

    • Ivan

      Betty and her boss ended up together in the original telenovela and, as far as I know, all versions around the world end up like that. That’s the beauty of the “Ugly”

    • fatimavh

      some ppl may not know this but this show is based on a series where Betty ended up with her boss, and yes, after she had her transformation from “ugly” to “beautiful”. I can’t wait to see this show’s finale! Was kinda hoping they would not end up together though….

    • Alan

      I never liked the idea of Betty and Daniel before, but now I do. Now I’m converted! I think obviously the finale will end with Daniel telling Betty he loves her. But the question is, will she return his love? And let’s be frank. There have been thousands of stories where the guy only truly notices the girl when she turns from an ugly duckling into a swan. It’s one of the oldest themes in storytelling history, so no need to get offended by it. Go BANIEL! Or is it DANBETTY?

      • bootsycolumbia


  • miss k

    What about the subtle glances Daniel was giving Betty during Hilda’s speech? My jaw dropped when I saw that. I really want to see them together. I can’t believe there’s only one episode left. SOOO SAD. But what a GREAT episode. Justin was so cute with Austin! Ugh, this is only making me feel worse about the series ending. Curse you ABC.

    • Fi

      Agreed, I would love to see Betty and Daniel together, but I want it to take more than an episode and a half for them to realize they love each other.

    • Jeneva

      I think that Daniel will tell Betty he loves her, those looks he was sending her were definitely interest. And that speech by Hilda was awesome when she was like I have found my best friend who knows everything about me, Daniel and Betty know everything about each other and very much care about each other. I hope they end up together, it would be a perfect ending! :D

    • Justin K

      at that moment- I could see it working. not until Hilda’s Speech.

      I can see that they were setting up

  • brynna

    Up until last night I was totally against Betty and Daniel, but wow, that look he was giving her. Now I’ve got all my hopes up that somehow they’ll end up together. But I agree, amazing amazing episode. The Justin parts were so fantastic. And so glad Betty and Henry are just done done done.

    • Dana

      I was too, then after the way he looked at her I now kinda do want them to end up together

      • Betsy

        Me three! i have been against them from the beginning because i so enjoy their friendship and how they depend on each other. But Hilda’s remark about marrying your best friend…. I dont’ know! I think now i do want them together! I also cried through the whole ep and am so pleased with how mark has grown up too – he made it so much easier for Justin to feel his way. bye Betty!

    • Jenne

      I was also against Betty and Daniel until last night. But, the way he looked at her totally convinced me. Now, I think I might be upset if they don’t get together lol

    • SirLizard

      brynna, I agree with you. I wasn’t completely against a Betty/Daniel pairing, but I certainly didn’t think that it could be done very well in only two episodes. As for the Henry situation, although many people were against having him come back, I think that it was VERY important for him and Betty to FINALLY get real closure.

  • Snsetblaze

    I am wondering though if we will see Matt. We saw Gio and Henry. Also, will we see Alexis?

    • Sophie Ann

      Who cares asbout those characters now? There is enough that is going to be going on next week and we don’t need fillers with those characters taking up precious space.

      • SirLizard

        Um, Sophie Ann, many of us really liked Betty’s relationship with Matt. Even if she doesn’t end up with him, how would it hurt for Matt fans to see him one last time?

    • liz

      I care about Matt! I want him to come back! He was great for Betty!

    • tek

      I care,too. I still hate Detty ending.
      It’s not fair, every guy loves Betty, “ugly” Betty.
      So sad for Amanda, too.
      Save Daniel for Amanda. She also deserves some happiness.
      Matt is perfect for Betty, if she is going to persue her career, her real dream.
      And they are sooooo cute together.
      Daniel is not fresh.

  • A.Tom

    Daniel never said anything to Betty about his feelings for her because he didn’t realize his feelings for her. the fact that he recognizes his feelings for betty post braces has nothing to do with her suddenly becoming more attractive. he is just finally acknowledging his feelings because their relationship was threatened by Henry and Hilda’s speech made him realize.

    • Maya

      I agree. there are plenty of moments from the first two seasons showing how much he cares and appreciates her. season 3 was definitely the beginning of what we are now finally seeing which is them slowly starting to fall inlove with one another. all the proof for that are in episode 1+2 of season 3, especially when Daniel was angry at her after she talked to willie and when they patched things up at the party.

  • A.Tom

    I do think your point about Daniel simply not wanting Betty go because he realizes how much she means to him may be valid. My hope is that Daniel realizes he can’t live without Betty because he loves her. It would be nice for the show to end with a hint of a Daniel Betty relationship. I don’t even need a kiss. Just some hope.

    • msw

      You may not need a kiss, but I sure as heck do! I would love to see some serious smooching between Daniel & Betty! I was squealing with joy when it appeared that Daniel finally had his epiphany and realized Betty is his true love! Sigh! I don’t know if they will end up together though…I am definitely a Detty shipper! I think it makes total wonderful sense for them to be together. Friends first, them something more=great relationship! Now Betty get with the program! Love this show!!! They really do seem to be ending it all in spectacular fashion.

  • Hudson

    I liked the line from the British publisher to Betty: “Yes, I love your shrill American enthusiasm.”

    I thought it was great how Justin came out. Everything about Justin in this episode was handled brilliantly, sweetly. And it was interesting to see this on ABC after they fired the cute gay couple on One Life to Live.
    I also think they did a very good job of Daniel and Betty. Daniel got Henry fired because he was jealous. And then the looks he gave her during the wedding. But Betty didn’t give any vibes in the same vein.
    I liked how they handled Henry coming back. Three years is a long time and it was nice that they way off.
    What I didn’t like is the fact that Bobby’s parents were so conspicuously absent from the wedding. I know it would have been hard write in those characters with their outsized personalities without taking too much screen time away from what was really important, but I would have liked to have seen them in the background in a couple of shots during the wedding/reception. It felt flat without them (but probably too expensive to hire them for another episode).
    And I also liked Claire and Willy fighting in the pool… a great take off of that scene from Dynasty with Krystal and Alexis. All in a a very good show and it makes me even more sorry that the show is ending.

    • SirLizard

      Hudson, I would have loved to have seen Bobby’s parents too, but I think that it would probably have cost too much. And who knows if Lainie Kazan was even available? I’m sure the producers preferred to spend their money on the wedding itself, as well as the London location scenes in the finale.

  • David

    I hope to god that Betty and Daniel don’t end up together!
    Itll be like Gizze from greys anatomy, yuck!!!!

  • Robert

    Tanner! What about Ignacio explaining the Gay Flag by saying, “The gays don’t have a favorite color — they love them all!”

    • Ceballos

      I also learned from Ignacio that gays love making entrances AND exits.

      • crispy

        That scene was killing me. I was laughing so hard. The rainbow flag cookies… it was so over the top! And the email invite: SURPRISE COMING OUT PARTY!

      • Madd

        I was seriously dying from laughing! They had pamphlets!

      • Dee

        loved the “starter kit”

      • Emily

        Strawberry lip gloss!!!

      • Nicole

        Everything about that scene was priceless! It was so sweet how the family was really trying to do the right thing and be supportive, but going about it in COMPLETELY the wrong way!

    • Lorie

      This was the best scene! I loved it.

  • Dennis

    I’m planning a lawsuit against this show for emotional distress. I seriously have not been able to watch the last five episodes without bursting into tears! I loved everything about this episode, from Hilda’s wedding to Justin’s coming out party to Daniel’s revelation to Wilhemina’s sacrifice, and most surprisingly, revisiting the mystery of Amanda’s father! The show seems to be on track to a great ending, but only one thing can make it perfect…bring back Cliff for Marc’s happy ending!!!

    • Kayla

      With all the returning cast members, this is what I have been waiting for! I love Cliff!

      • Kate

        The guy who plays Cliff, I think, is on Stargate Universe, so while I think that would be the best ending for Mark…I wonder if they can get him from Vancouver or wherever they film that show.

    • Sue

      Dennis, I agree with everything that you said! I am so sad about this show leaving. It still had one good season left, and this season has been amazing. What I think that I love the most is how Marc has found a second family with the Suarez’s. When Hilda told hime he’s a really good guy, I just started crying. I “heart” Betty!!!

      • shonna

        that was the part that made me cry.

    • aleksa

      Thank you!! The revelation about Amanda’s father wasn’t even mentioned in the synopsis, but that was huge! I like that they’re working to get all those loose ends taken care of. And I’d like to see Marc get his happily ever after, too. He deserves it.

  • Dennis

    Also, Ignacio’s lines during the coming out party were my favorites! “That’s the gay flag. Gays do not have a favorite color. They like them all!”

  • Valery

    Does anyone know what the song was that was playing during the wedding? It totally completed it. Sigh, oh Ugly Betty, how I’ll miss you.

    • Ams

      Renee Olstead. A love that will last.

    • Mels

      FM Radio “Be My Only”. I’ve been searching in vain for a download though. It’s not even on iTunes! Such a great song! It was perfect.

      • alia

        Really? It’s not on iTunes? Dang it! It’s a great song! I love their harmonies.

    • bkwurm1

      The albumn came out in 2004 and has been one of my favorites, mostly a bunch of old standards sung by a young. I got so excited to hear it used. It was perfect for everyone.

  • Stan

    Tonight’s episode was fantastic! I discovered this show too late. The gay flag cookies were hilarious and I got all kinds of choked up at the reception.
    There was another funny line from Willy: “Put your hearing aid in…”
    This show is a gem

  • RGM

    The second I saw Henry holding his kid, Nate, in last week’s promo, I knew that it was the nail in the coffin for any possible future that Betty and Henry might have had. I was rooting for Henry all along (since season 1) but after today I may switch to being a fan of Daniel.

    • April

      I once rooted for Betty/Henry, but during Charlie’s pregnancy, I was completely turned off. I know it was his pregnant ex, but it was still his ex. Charlie was totally using the pregnancy to keep Henry and he fell for it; and by doing that, he was totally leading Betty on. So totally not a Henry fan, lol.

  • DB

    one of the funniest episodes, and they handled the coming out very very well. i’m feeling all warm and fuzzy, but also so sad that next week is the finale. it’s been such a phenomenal season.

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