'Glee' star Lea Michele's new anti-fur PSA: Exclusive

petaGlee‘s Lea Michele has teamed up with PETA for a new anti-fur PSA called “If You Wouldn’t Wear Your Dog, Please Don’t Wear Any Fur.” Watch it, and PETA’s video Q&A with the actress — who first raised her voice with the animal rights organization during her Broadway days to end the abuse of horses used in New York’s carriage industry — after the jump.

In the PSA, shot in a faux school hallway, Michele says, “Everyone wants to fit in and feel like they belong. But sometimes you have to take a stand and step away from the crowd….With so many fashionable, cruelty-free options available, there’s really no excuse for joining a club that wears someone else’s coat.” (Is it wrong that we sort of wanted to see her throw a slushie on someone wearing fur?) Her video Q&A features stronger wording to go along with its harsher images: “When I see someone wearing a fur coat, the first thing that comes to my mind is why? Why do you need to have a fur coat? Why? You could be just as warm in any other kind of coat that hasn’t, you know, been made by killing animals. Why?” Then she adds, with a giggle, “And it’s ugly. You really look ugly. I don’t think you get it.”

She also talks about rescuing animals she found filming Glee on location and on the Paramount lot (one dog, named Charlie, now lives with a fellow cast member, and two cats, Sheila and Claude, came home with her) and about how the book Skinny Bitch enlightened her views on the meat and dairy industries. The vegetarian Michele also encourages people to find the issues they’re passionate about and get involved. All she did was go on the PETA website and post a comment asking how she could help.

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  • tex

    pretty, talented and pc? this girl…

    • Sam

      I could care less about PETA and any other PC movement.

      However, Lea Michele I’d bang like a screen door in a hurricane …

  • Leah

    “Michele also encourages people to find the issues their passionate about and get involved.” Should by “they’re passionate about…” :)

    • Juanitaville

      Who died and left you as Queen of English? Reread your message and find your own error. Have you nothing better to do with your time?

      • Melinda65

        Perhaps Leah is passionate about the correct usage of homophones, and she offered a friendly correction. Personally, I hold articles by professional writers to a higher standard than a remark left in the comments, and if I were in Mandi’s position, would appreciate someone correcting my mistake. What do you care what Leah spends her time doing?

      • Fiore

        Leah is correct. Don’t these people have proof readers and editors? There is no excuse for misusing their/there/they’re in 2010. You don’t have to be the Queen of English to know something is blatantly wrong. Just educated.

      • Mike

        A professional writer and the publication in which that writing appears should both have enough pride to want to present material correctly. It only takes a minute to have someone proofread. It is a tragic mistake?–of course not. But EW and its writers CONTINUALLY make these kinds of mistakes in all of their articles. It just reflects the ever-increasing, “don’t care” , “good enough”, and “fast is better than quality” attitude that sending this country down the education toilet. And actually, I think spending time caring about quality is a pretty good use of that time. At least it’s certainly a better use than defending mediocrity!

      • jj

        Hello, Pot? This is Kettle…

  • Janice

    I didn’t realize the DIARY industry was so controversial.

    • alia

      Oh, it is. There’s a huge dust-up over whether or not they should have those little combination locks on them.

  • Jack

    While I’m not a fan of PETA’s ways of doing things, I’m glad this ad doesn’t have her prancing around naked like so many others PETA ads do. It’s informative, and she has an influential voice, so good for her.

    • queue55

      ITA! Their ad with Joanna Krupa was the pits!! Taking away from a worthy cause.

  • lefty

    I don’t mind her so far, but it’s coming close to overexposure for me.

    • Be

      I guess the popularity of the show can feel that like she’s getting overexposed, like Hayden Panatierre(sp?)is with her animal activism but hayden seems a bit more militant.

  • Mary Q. Contrary

    Oh, dear lord, people, are typos really that fun to point out. Is that honestly where you get your shits and giggles. Seems kind of lame to me.

    • Sam

      These are supposed to be professional writers. It’s not being lame; it’s pointing out when they produce crap as their work.

  • Andrew

    I love leather and fur so i’m gonna say no thanks. but i love lea so i at least watched the ad and listened to what she has to say. that’s more then i’d give Pam Anderson or Stella McCartney any day of the week.

  • Juanitaville

    People have to realize that minks, for example, are raised to produce luxurious coats. What they don’t know is that these little animals are killed in a most cruel way. So, it’s not the wearing of the mink, but rather how they’re killed that is objectionable.

    Lea – I’m with you 100%!

    • dee dee

      You are absolutely right Juanitaville. That’s the fur industry’s dirty little secret. Unbelievable cruelty to preserve the fur

  • Hershey

    Its so frustrating. I love meat and leather. I am not going to stop eating meat/ dairy or wearing leather. I just want to the animals to be treated live and, yes eventually, be slaughtered in a humane fashion. How perverse that so much of our meat and dairy is coming from caged factory animals instead of local farms.

    • Holly

      “I love meat and leather…” LOL. Thanks for the laugh.

  • The Truth

    There are animals I view as friends and allies. There are animals I view as breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, clothes and gear. Same goes in nature, should a lion stop eating other animals? I bet how we slaughter animals for our use is a lot more “humane” then being mauled by a pack of wolves.

    • Bibi

      And other people eat cats, snakes and bugs. You’re no lion and can exist without exploiting other species. We’re supposedly smarter and maybe could even be enlightened.

  • Lovey

    I only wear fur that comes from minks that have died of natural causes, like a spike to the cranium.

    • Wiseguy

      That’s why my fur coat has tire tracks on it.

  • Thunder

    While I like Lea and think the psa is tasteful, I disagree. I would wear dog fur. Minks would be extinct if it wasn’t for the fur industry.
    Animals are not self aware folks. (well maybe dolphins, gorillas and whales) Dog and cats are biological robots. Sometimes this just wants to make me scream. I lived on a farm. I have seen cows slaughtered and I love steak. You want to be vegan good. Don’t make me one.

    • Sean C

      While I agree about not trying to convert someone to vegan/ vegetarian or omnivore, I disagree with you on whether animals are self aware or not. They are, and my own experiences with pets past and present proves to me that they are very much self aware, they are not automatons. I also grew up on a farm, saw animals being killed for consumption, or other problems (disease, animals unwilling to get up due to injury) and know that each animal has an identity.

      By the way, you forgot elephants in your list. They are known to stop to caress bones of dead elephants, and mourn their passing.
      I don’t like the idea of wearing fur, as I feel it is wasteful. I wear leather, and other materials derived from animals, but with leather the cow is eaten afterwards. With wool, the sheep gets up and walks away after being shorn. With fur, the remains are dumped, and I find it incredibly wasteful.
      Our ancestors would make use of the entire animal, not just the skin. Leather uses the entire animal. I want to see humane treatment of animals also, as we treat death row prisoners with greater kindness, while animals, which we consume, are treated lousily. Also, the better the animal is treated, the better the final product. Compare freerange eggs or chicken to caged or battery raised, and the quality is infinitely better, there is literally no comparison. This goes for vegetables also. Those that are fed chemicals in order to grow quicker are considerably less tasty when compared to vegetables allowed to grow at their own rate.

    • May S

      Lovely how you contradicted yourself there – animals, aren’t self aware, except for the ones that are! Animals are self aware – and saying cats and dogs are ‘biological robots’ is a ridiculous statements that makes no sense. I’m no hardcore vegan or anything like that, but don’t pretend it’s okay to kill animals without a care because they’re not ‘self aware’. And the only reasons minks would be extinct is because people kill them for their coats.

    • crueladaville

      You suck if you wear fur!

  • Lily

    Bravo, Lea. Thank you for taking a public stand for animal rights. I’m with you 1000%.

  • me here

    I’m sure her dog will look great as a hat!

  • Madd

    GO LEA! I usually don’t like PETA ads, but I am against animal cruelty. I love her responses about fur- she’s right, it is ugly! I miss her on Broadway but she’s amazing on Glee. I guess this means the cats live with Dianna Agron also, since I read that they’re room mates.

    • Jane

      “room mates”? is that what they’re calling it these days? THEY ARE LOVERS.

      • LongBalls

        Oh no! Just the thought of what they would do together made me mess my pants!

      • Colt

        OMG – I just wet my pants too! What a HOT COUPLE!

      • Colt

        I could consider becoming a lesbitarian :-)

      • LongBalls

        Lea munching Dianna’s carpet = cinematic gold!

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