Jon Gosselin sues Kate for custody. How will she interpret this into dance?

Gosselin-papersImage Credit: Adam Larkey/ABCLooks like Kate Gosselin should look forward to more papa-paparazzi: According to People, Jon Gosselin is suing the Dancing With the Stars competitor for primary custody of their eight children. The papers, filed in Pennsylvania, claim Kate has yet to document her child expenses. Of course, we all saw this coming — Just yesterday, Jon described Kate as an “absentee parent” while announcing his intent to sue for custody.

We all know what this means: More Jon-themed dances from Kate and Tony. Make your pitches and costume suggestions in comments after the jump. (I, for one, would love to hear a PG, senior citizen-friendly version of Ice Cube’s “Child Support.”)

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  • petuniafromhell

    I think Jon is expecting Kate to win and get her winnings as alimony.

    • TheObserver

      They win money?

      • Anna

        They win the mirror ball trophy and bragging rights. They get paid for their performances, the longer Kate stays on the more money she will make.

      • nunya

        I don’t know if they win money, but they do get paid a certain amount for every week they’re on, so if she makes it to the end she will get a big payday overall.

      • Brenda

        They get a guarantee for appearing on the show (around $100k), another $10k if they survive first few weeks, goes up on a sliding scale Last weeks pay $50k. You have to train at least 20 hrs a wk, make appearances. It came out in Shawn Johnson’s contract (filed with the court because she was a minor).

  • TomHunter

    Hey, maybe Jon actually gives a damn about the kids. You don’t see him pimpin himself to every tv show that comes callin like she does.

    Oh, that’s right – he’s busy TAKING CARE OF THE KIDS!!!!!

    • Anna

      He gives the same damn as Kate does. When it’s convienient. The rest of the time he’s lounge lizarding around, piddling around Europe and shtupping the hired help. Neither one of them is a fit parent, they’re equal opportunity disgraces.

      • AH

        You’re exactly right, Anna. “When it’s convenient,” indeed. They’re both disgusting, but this is a new low, even for “reality TV people.”

      • Mel

        AMEN, I totally agree with you Anna.

      • littlevoice

        shame on you anna how can you say she doesnt give a damn shes a SINGLE working mom, what if her job was the army and she went away then, is she an unfit mother then??? if you work away for a few weeks its ok many parents do she is not on welfare she is WORKING!

      • Joyce

        You are not right Anna, You must know Jon and Kate personally to know so much about Jon. I think it’s easy to cast the first stone. I say GO JON, get all you can from the money grubbing —–.

      • Anna

        @littlevoice – But Kate’s not in the army and she does have choices. Dancing With The Stars isn’t even the issue, the issue is two parents who consistently put their own needs for fame and fortune over and above the well being of their children.
        @Joyce – So what is it you would have me believe? That it was a carefully crafted body double of Jon that we saw gallivanting around Europe with Hailey Glassman? That it was the body double’s wee willie winkie the baby sitter got to know up close and personal in the hot tub? That it was the hard working body double slinking around bars and other women’s homes late at night? I don’t need to have intimate knowledge of horse manure to know a big steaming pile of one when I see one.

    • AH

      Oh, and he WAS pimping himself to every TV show that comes calling. Until TLC handily reminded him that that was a contractual no-no. Before the TLC legal smackdown, he had at least 3 different shows “in the works.” So spare me, please.

      • Joyce

        And what is Kate doing? Pimping herself to every TV show that she can ride the skirt tails of someone of importance. She can’t even dance. I wonder how many people she is paying to vote for her? Or might it be that TLC has paid someone for her to be on the show? Gee that would help promote her new show that is coming on TLC, now wouldn’t it? I won’t watch anything she is on.

      • AH

        I never said she wasn’t pursuing more TV projects, Joyce. I was responding to TomHunter’s contention “you don’t see him pimpin himself to every tv show that comes callin like she does.” – because it’s a load of crap, and everyone knows it.

    • Um…

      Maybe if he actually gives a damn, as you say Tom, he would have kept it in his pants and gone about ending his marriage the classy way – by not running around with the ‘flavor of the week’ girlfriend ands keeping his promises. Someone with eight kids who gives a damn about them does not relocate to a one bedroom apartment where they can’t even visit. He always wanted his cake, and to eat it too, and he’s finding out the hard way that they world doesn’t work like that. The one and only reason he’s doing this is so he can sue Kate for child support and alimony as the custodial parent. He’s vermin.

      • Juuuust a little outside

        Um… your comment is pathetic. You must be p-o’d at your world to have so much hate.
        Kate is a saint of course. I guess you think that being an abuser is much better than sowing wild oats after being in a relationship with such hate-filled control freak.

      • wakeforce

        they’re both vernin. There’s only one way to end this. The murder-suicide of Jon and Kate and the adoption of those poor kids.

      • Um…

        Whatever. I’m not “p-o’d” at the world and I don’t hate anybody. I must’ve blacked out when I posted that “Kate is a saint,” because I don’t remember doing it. Oh, wait. That might be because I NEVER SAID ANY SUCH THING. Jon doesn’t have a home and he doesn’t have a job. What judge in his or her right mind is going to give him primary custody? It’s all just so silly.

      • Sassy

        Does not sound like any of you watched Jon and Kate plus 8. If you did you would know that this woman would turn a straight man against woman for the rest of their life with the way that she belittled him and treated him on national TV. The woman was hateful to the man that she was to love and honor on national TV in front of their children. As for how they acted once they split up they were both in the wrond and are still in the wrong for making everything in their personal lives public knowledge. They do not realize that their children will watch these shows someday and be ashamed of both of them. It is one thing to make a living to provide for your children it is another to use your children to make that living… And by making a living I do not mean having enough money to galivant around Europe or have over $20,000.00 in alterations to your body, that is not part of the making a living. Come on now why should we all waste time arguing over 2 individuals that obviously have let the lifestyle over take their lives.

    • Trudi

      Well, what exactly does Jon boy do? Not much of anything, probably.

      • Juuuust a little outside

        Kind of like a typical parent who is at home with kids. It is not glamourous or exciting, but it is what almost every parent lives through.
        No one deserves to be in an abusive relationship (and Kate is an abuser, and a poor mom who pimps her kids fears an worries in a book for a extension to her 15 minutes.)

    • ohmy god!

      He is living in Utah-I am sure he drives to their house in PA everyday!

      • CJ

        I think his Utah GF dumped him, and he may just want primary custody so he could have place to live. He has his NY luxury apt for sale.


      Hello she has eight kids! She has to make a living. Did Jon all of the sudden grow a heart? Give her a break, she has been the one taking care of those kids, he just needs a way to meet Nanny’s!

      • Juuuust a little outside

        And KAte has a heart? SHe has been using the kis to keep the spotlight on her, but I wouldn’t expect you to see any flaws in Kate, based on your observations.

      • Yanaira

        Well they are both some what guilty. Especially Jon he is a complete dirtbag. Even though she wasn’t the nicest wife come on who would be with 8 kids. And she does need to support her kids.

      • Juuuust a little outside

        Wow, Jon is a complete dirtbag, but Kate “is not the nicest wife” (others call her behavior for what it is, abuse.) You defend a domestic abuser, someone who shamelessly pimps her kids private moments in a book, but Jon gets the “complete” qualifier because he had a sex life. Me thinks you need to look at that situation with a bit more awareness.

    • sandy

      Actually he did, until he was sued by TLC for breech of contract. Since then he’s been FORCED to stay on the down low and not allowed to make any television appearances. So I don’t think that’s it.

    • mindy

      Jon is just looking for a way to make a easy dolalr, just like the idiot Brittany had, He was making money on all his appearences before the law suit, now maybe nobody wants him, he is borrrinnng ! She is trying to make a living, what is Jon doin ???

    • littlevoice

      yeah thats right tom he is busy looking after the kids its just ashame they both dumped him!

    • MiKu

      Funny, when a man has to travel to make a living, no one says a word. If a single working Dad has to hire nannies and cooks to keep his household safe and secure, no one says a word. If a woman has to, everyone has an opinion, and it’s ususally bad. The double standard is alive and well.

    • Geri Cocozza

      Oh please she has to make a living. Agreed she has to make a living however did you ever hear of a job close to home? Don’t tell me she is doing it for the kids. Thats bull; she is doing it for herself. Sure seems funny how her whole appearance has changed. Personally I think she looks like a slut now. Thats for the kids. Oh look at mommy dressed like a slut in front of millions of americans. Both Jon and Kate need to grow up. It takes strong people to raise such a large family. You either want it or you don’t. Her dancing the other night and saying she chose that song because of the papperiazzi(sorry bout the spelling). Why did she choose it? For more publicity. Yes more people watched dancing with the stars; but… did anyone stop to think maybe it was viewed by so many was to see her make a fool out of herself. My God even in that show she had the guy walking off and leaving. And then poor Kate sits there and cries. I have no sympathy for that woman.

    • Hope

      And by kids do you mean 20 year old intoxicated co-eds???? Three months after the divorce is final he’s suing her because she WORKS! If they don’t throw this suit out of court for being frivolous its ridiculous!!!

      • Hope

        Oh – and yeah, that’s stable parenting, three months after the divorce he’s moved TWICE..into ONE BEDROOM apartments in different cities to be closer to his GIRLFRIENDS. How could his attorney even advise him he could get custody?

  • AH

    “…busy taking care of the kids.” Ha. Yer funny. How can you sue for primary custody of EIGHT children when you don’t even have a place to live? What lawyer would even take that case?

    • Nan

      No *reputable* lawyer would, you are right! This guy has no job. No home. And, last year when he was home with the kids, he was schupping their babysitter! He’s the father from hell. And he has the proverbial snowball’s chance in hell of taking these 8 kids away from their hardworking mom. This is so amusing, though. JG’s shenanigans are always good for a laugh. What a clown.

      • Juuuust a little outside

        Nan, you are a moron.
        Your shenaniganish comment would be funny if it wasn’t so moronic.
        “hardworking mom”, puhleeze! She has an army of staff to do her work for her so she can get $7000 extensions.
        Do you hate stay-at-home moms too?

      • Kayden

        I went to tons of links bofree this, what was I thinking?

  • dessertgirl

    Kate will interpret this lawsuit to another clumsy, transvestite dance. When Tony swings her around, it is like he is swinging a dead body.

    Stars are paid $200,000 to sign on and then after a few weeks, they get another $10,000 per show. The final three get $50,000 extra per week for the final shows.

    It isn’t as much as it seems because there are IRS, SS, PA State, Unemployment, Workers’ Comp and perhaps CA tax as well.

    I think J will be a better parent. The only time you see K out with the kids, she is either sitting in a chair or standing in stilettos, hardly play gear.

    • Jake

      Since when does what you’re photographed wearing have anything to do with what kind of parent you are? Shallow, much?

    • Nan

      Kate doesn’t phone the paparazzi to announce where and when she’s doing stuff with the kids, unlike douchetard Jon. He probably phones them every time he leaves his home (wherever that may be). Too bad for him that they don’t CARE anymore. Probably what this lawsuit’s really about :) Attention.

    • eli

      Jon is scum, and Kate maybe a little mean. But who the heck would want jon to have custody of the kids when he can’t even keep his girlfriends straight. At least kate is doing something to support the kids. what’s jon doing? And please don’t say he’s staying at home and watching the kids, he’s not even in the same state.

  • Katie Irene

    When the term seed money was coined I think they had these two in mind. These seeds are gonna make us rich It is my turn no it is my turn no it is mine. mine

  • Barb

    Aren’t this family’s 15 minutes of fame up yet?

  • Stephanie T.

    I think that she got the song choice wrong. If she hates him so much, then she should have chosen Barracuda by Heart. Still I said it before and I will say it again: BOTH ARE UNFIT PARENTS.

  • Laurie

    Okay, “know-it-alls”. Kids take money to raise. What method of making money to raise her kids would you “know-it-alls” Are you all going to pay Kate child support? Nah, I didn’t think so. So give the poor woman a break already. Jon did away with the only income they had to raise the kids. How smart was that? Kate was prepared to continue the program by herself, but Jon wouldn’t have it. I’ll betcha he’s not paying any support either.

    • Anna

      Pulling the plug on the show was the one honorable thing John accomplished in the debacle these two selfish, disgraceful individuals have created for their children. They like the idea and the concept of parenting, they just don’t like the reality. Well guess what? Real parenting isn’t running around doing whatever strikes your fancy at any given moment. It’s sacrifice, exhausting, messy, yelling, screaming, (for all those of you who don’t – just wait till little precious gets to be a teen, I haven’t shrieked that much since giving birth to the dratted little reprobates), day in, day out, slogging through the trenches. It’s also incredibly fulfilling. But you have to be able and willing to let it fulfill you. I don’t either one or them, Jon, nor Kate, is prepared for the sacrifice of setting themselves aside for the sake and true well being of their children. They just want to be able to do what they want to do when they want to do it. They can talk the talk all they want but until they start walking their talk nobody in their right mind who’s been there, done that, and wrote the book about it without the need to go on fancy book signing tours away from home, is going to take either one of them and their platitudes seriously.
      As to the question of making money. Somewhere in the world, at this very moment, a rerun of Jon and Kate Plus Eight is running. Multiple times on multiple days. And every time it does a little cash register goes “ping” and money gets filtered not only to the children but to their parents as well. Royalties from books already written make their way into the manicured and eagarly outstretched hand of Kate as well as advances for books yet to be written. And if all of that isn’t enough to keep Kate in hair extensions, Jon in sun glasses and the children in little crooked houses then perhaps they could endeavor to look for gainful employment closer to home so that they can sit down to supper with their priorities on a regular basis.

      • Beverly

        Well said, Anna!

      • Lisa

        Jon didn’t do the honorable thing – it was a petty way to get back at TLC for kicking him off the show. Jon is worthless and is only trying to get custody to get back in the spotlight. I don’t like Kate all that much, but the hate people spew at her is ridiculous. Those kids have had a pretty good lifestyle so far and if she wants to do Dancing with the Stars to keep that lifestyle, then so be it. Yeah, she could be pretty mean to Jon, but who wouldn’t be? It’s not up to anyone else to judge her anyway.

      • Ann

        Did anyone notice that she can’t dance. She is too controlling to let any guy LEAD. These children would be better off is someone adopted them and gave them some genuine love.

      • Sassy

        Finally someone who said this right :) SO TRUE!

      • Judy

        Bingo. That’s what I was thinking this whole time. These people a millionaires! By the way Kate talked to all the reporters it sounds like they are practically out on the street! Yes, she has eight kids, and yes you need money to raise kids but you would think that they would have a good enough accountant to put some of those millions of dollars in a rainy day fund. You know for it something unexpected comes up, like the show being canceled.

    • dessertgirl

      I thought that both parents were to pay equally into an account. What does Kate contribute? What is she spending Jon’s $21,000 a month child support on. The kids go to school and then they come home to their locked compound with their Cambodian nannies. They don’t go out, do anything, take lessons or have friends over. They are like prisoners.

  • Laurie

    To finish my question:

    Just what method of making money to raise her kids would you “know-it-alls” approve of. My guess is you have no ideas whatsoever. So let the woman raise her kids however she is able to do it. She’s not on welfare and the government isn’t supporting her and her kids. Or is that what you want to beat her down to?

    • Steph

      I’ll answer your question. Kate was a nurse before the sextuplets and before the show. She should go back to that, and give her children a truly normal life that is not spent in the tabloids.

      Good enough I idea for ya? Hmm?

      • Lisa

        You think working as a nurse is going to support 8 kids? Think again.

    • dessertgirl

      Kate could work four 12-hour shifts as a nurse and still be around for her kids. As it is now, she is away from them from Sat. noon until Wed morning and then when she is home she is in the basement practicing. She is out of town for at least 96 hours straight. Who helps the kids with their homework?

  • ohmy god!

    He is living in Utah with yet another of his way too young for him girlfriends- ewe! so yes, I am sure he just hops right in the car everyday and drives to their house in PA!

    • who cares

      he is living with a female sheep? i think that’s illegal, even in Utah.


  • pako cruz

    we create these pathetic monsters by viewing their antics; if we didn’t follow them they would cease to exist.

  • tracy

    Both unfit….both are the parents…both should suck it up and work it out because of the kids they BOTH brought into this world…who owes them nothing…I still like JON MUCH BETTER!!

  • Lee Chen

    I agree with pako, we create these monsters, (gag me jersey shore! and all VH1/Mtv reality shows.)
    People with no talent who get famous for absolutely nothing.
    This is what they turn out like.

  • Jennie

    Kate can;t dance but she is the better of the two parents, I am 68 and watched faithfully and I KNOW Kate was controling but she was trying to get Jon Wan to step
    up and do without being told and he
    NEVER Did. !!!!! Let her dance
    write and sing if necessary to keep her kids all together and hire whatever she needs and MAKE JON WAN get a JOB!!!!

    • Leslie

      How you can say Katie is a “better” parent really baffles me? She constantly berated her children’s father in front of her children. That won’t take more than 10 or 20 years of therapy to work thru.

      • eli

        please, im sure with eight kids running through the house will get on anyones nerves. stop acting like its a walk in the park to take care of so many kids the same age. Don’t get me wrong, it was their choice as a couple to have so many kids, but im pretty sure she hoped her husband would help. but hes not and she is doing what she can to pull in the money, without his help. and now he wants her to pay him!!! R u kidding, he needs to go find someone that wants to work with him.

      • Steph

        And she’s incredibly domineering to the kids too. She’s an abuser, plain and simple.

    • dessertgirl

      Jennie, obviously we watched different J&K+8 shows. I saw Jon getting up in the morning, changing the kids, feeding them breakfast, taking coffee up to K who was still in bed before going to work. She would get up at NINE and spend two hours with the kids feed them lunch and then lock them in their bedrooms with a video for FOUR hours. She made dinner and then Jon took all 8 up and gave them their baths and put them to bed.

      K had volunteers who folded her laundry, ironed it and put it away. She had a cleaning woman and other help. Kate is lazy and simply manufactured these kids to be her meal ticket.

  • Laura

    It’s obvious he is doing it for the money! He doesn’t want to pay child support and probably wants her to have to pay him. If he was so concerned for their welfare where was he when they split up. He moved to another state. There is nothing wrong with a working mother. She has to earn a living so why do so many people want to hang her for it. The fact is overall she probably has more time with her kids than most working parents!

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