'The Last Airbender' videogame: An EW exclusive

last-airbender-AangThe Last Airbender started as an acclaimed and beloved cartoon, became a series of so-so games, found its way as an M. Night Shyamalan feature, and is now heading back to the console as another video game. The Last Airbender, for Nintendo DSi and Wii, will be available June 29.

The game includes the voices of the film’s Dev Patel, Noah Ringer, and Aasif Mandvi, and you can play as Prince Zuko, Aang, or the Blue Spirit. Check out our exclusive teaser trailer:

Are you excited for The Last Airbender game and movie, PopWatchers? After months of anticipation, are you ready to see it and play it anew?

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  • Maserda

    Why doesn’t Zuko have his facial burn that his animation character has?

    • jmo

      Disappointed it’s based on the film based on the TV show.

      • ghost

        eh? But its supporting the movie – what did you expect?

    • JimmyBOyjimJIm

      He does. But his face is not as severely burnt as it was it cartoon

    • Ghost

      Frack! Sick of people moaning…
      I think this game looks great and yeah its Wii only so no 360 I think or they wuld tell us already. The Wii isnt the best machine – but out of all games of its type, I think this is up there with some of the best Wii Games TBH. I think the characters look good and like the film, I think the city looks like the trailer. I even think that the aang player can move things like Force Unleashed. AND I think that the camera is swinging all over the place – it looks good. Looking forward to it – and fergawds sake stop crying and moaning…. And the last thing – India is asian too… check out a map people.

    • Gary

      There are going to be 3 movies: Water, Earth, and Fire. Just like in the cartoons, Zuko dosn’t have his scar right away. His father gives him the scar after loosing the Avatar. I am assuming he will get his scar at the end of the first movie.

      • Sam

        Uhhh…. No. I don’t know if you’re familiar with the show, but it sounds like you aren’t. Zuko had his scar throughout the while series. Even book one, which is what this movie is based on. The only time in the whole show when Zuko didn’t have his scar was during the short flashbacks in two or three episodes.

        By the way, Zuko does have his scar. Just because you can’t see it in these few poorly lighted/poor quality photos doesn’t mean it’s not there. Let’s all calm down people.

      • kory

        he does have his scar he got his scar when he was a little kid if u people remember anything from the mvoie or the series, when he has to fight his father as a boy!!!

      • James

        not true in the first episode of the cartoon he already has his scar. and in the movie he also has it, its just not that noticable.

  • @Maserda

    I was wondering that too. Considering that it’s a big part of the character’s motivation. It’s the physical manifestation of his shame.

  • JamesTKirk

    they can’t even get the race right what makes you think they’re gonna get the burn right.F**K M. NIGHT, F**K THIS MOVIE AND THE GAME!

    • colee

      your so ignorant you dont even know what your talking about.

      • nyuu

        This is like watching a blind man call a deaf man fat.

      • kitkat1327


        You’re so ignorant you don’t even know how to use capitalization or punctuation.

      • Gazza

        or spell “you’re” properly

    • James

      your an idiot. only an ignorant close-minded a**hole would even begin to care about the race

  • paige

    the games visuals are not impressive but the gameplay may be… btw- Zuko Does have the scar but you can barely see it… especially in a video game

    • ghost

      Sorry – but this is on a Wii – this looks great for a Wii…

      • Dark M

        This looks awesome for the Wii!

  • Greco

    Apparently we can bend races too.

    • Sam

      Please shut up dramatic idiot.

  • Anonymous

    When the world of Aang has changed, one thing remains the same. We took Into the Inferno and set it to the movie.

  • Bleh.

    Between the racebending, visuals, and the fan-balking lack of Zuko-scar, I’m not interested.

  • animegirl2410

    All M.Night has done with Zuko’s scar is made it more realistic. Cartoons are always more extreme and emphasised then real-life. Gives it a sense of realisim. Also something else people are constantly forgetting. Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino the original co-creators of Avatar the Last Airbender are executive producers for the film – so they are playing an active role in creating the live action world of Airbender.

    • erikonil

      Considering his burn in the cartoon was much more severe to the point where he had actual damage to his eye (no working tear ducts, it wouldn’t open all the way), the movie scar looks far less real. Not to mention that being a producer on a film like this doesn’t equal creative input.

    • Red

      Uh, I’ve seen photos of real burns. Trust me… the one Patel’s sporting is a little boo-boo.

      And Mike and Bryan have ZERO control. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Just because they’ve got pretty titles doesn’t mean they have a say. Nick and Paramount own the series and M. Night bought the rights. Nike and Bryan, while the creators of the story, own NOTHING. They were hired to create the series, but they don’t own it. The only active role they played was storyboarding. Everything else is M. Night.

      • slayer

        i hear you man but you gotta understand this, mike and bryan have control , do your homework before posting , mike and bryan are creative producers, they correct m. night, and keep the integrity of the original vision. and please stop making avatar fans upset. you are intitled to your own opinion but please don’t badmouth the movie.

      • slayer

        oh, and Red, my girlfriends house burned down and she had some nasty scars. when someone gets burned, their skin detaches from the muscle and droops down. the skin also becomes pinkish red , so in all actuality , Dev’s scar is as realistic as my girlfriends burns. and she didn’t even have plastic surgery when i saw her.

      • Red

        @slayer, maybe YOU should do your homework in how Hollywood and contractual work-for-hire projects work. Mike and Bryan do not own the series. They were hired by Nick Studios to make the series and Paramount owns the rights as well as M. Night. Therefore they have no creative control. This not like Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings, where either the author or their estate had control over what was done. Having the titles of ‘executive producers’ means nothing. If they were really okay with this, they would be supporting (as in, promoting) the movie at every chance. But so far, they’ve said nothing. All indications show they were cut out of the creative process early on. If you can somehow prove that I’m wrong, go right ahead. But they are not going to say anything negative or that could be viewed as such because they’re under contract; they cannot say anything bad because doing so would end their careers. I will badmouth this movie because there is NOTHING good to say about it.

  • Irene

    Im all for the movie and everything related to it but why is this game rated T and not E? The games for the shows weren’t rated T or up. Is the movie also going to be rated more maturely than the show?

    • Irene

      and also, before bashing me for liking the movie, please read my comment carefully and find out WHY i released it in the first place -_- I dont want to start a fan war

  • deshawn

    Why is everyone being ignorant? look no one’s seen it and it isn’t racist either everyone think’s it’s unfair they’re are asains whites and indians when that’s really fair.Stop getting mad because he changed the races if anything i ask you this if they traveled the wold why did they only meet asains? was that not racist?.

    • animegirl2410

      I agree – I mean if it were like Harry Potter or Narnia where the main characters had an real nationality like ‘british'(don’t like the word race, we’re all human, therefore the same race) then I’d get where they are coming from. But the fact is the only nationalities in Airbender technically don’t exist anyway so I don’t get whats the big deal. They should be celebrating we got a live adaption so soon after the finale and yet all they have done since day one is whine.

      • erikonil

        That’s a straw man argument which shows willful disregard for the source. Everything in “Avatar” is Asian based. Just like everything in “Lord of the Rings” is European (British specifically) based. It makes no sense to cast Frodo or Aragorn with non white actors because it’s based on a European world. In the same way, it makes no sense to cast all white leads (Zuko was originally cast as a white actor remember) for a world based entirely on Asian and East Asian cultures. I would be curious to know why in a world where the art, the writing, the martial arts, the music, the clothing, the traditions, the names and the architecture are all taken from China/Korea/Japan/other eastern cultures, you see them as white. Also, look at it from the perspective of a young person of colour. Who do you see on the big screen as heroes? White people. They see “Avatar” as the first time they’ve really seen someone who looks like them as a hero and when it gets made into a live action adaption, that’s taken away from them. Take a moment and actually listen why people are upset at this and you’ll see why it’s a big deal.

  • Asian

    This movie was based on Asian culture and the Asian/Inuit culture. White people just need to die already.

    • animegirl2410

      Well you’d be hard pressed finding someone who is a ‘pure white’ person these days. People are not black or white – they are human – plain and simple.

      • Rob Grizzly

        I appreciate your idealism, but I think you’re confusing people’s complaints as a form of reverse racism. It isn’t a matter of “why are they white?” It’s a matter of why aren’t they what they’re supposed to be?” One of the defining characteristics of the show was that its heroes were specifically minorities. I’d be pissed if a Boondocks movie starred Freddy Highmore, you know?
        Btw, your statement is a bit naive. It would leave no sense of cultural history in the world at all.

  • Charles

    This game looks like an Intro the Inferno ripoff set to the movie’s universe.

    • ghost

      I think its gonna be great.

  • Hebridean

    Of course they don’t bother to have Katara waterbending…

  • animegirl2410

    It appears I may have offended some people with my opinion (erikonil)- I apologize it wasn’t my intent – the written word can be taken in many different perspectives. Its just as long as people keep refering to the people of this world as those of seperate groups and races (and this includes everyone…even those who are trying to make a change for the better) then its not going to improve. Its why I don’t see for example Katara as an inuit. I see her as a confident and compassionate 14 year old girl. I have never focused on outwardly apperences and I’m sorry if people can’t understand that or if it offends people for some reason.

    • Red

      The fact is, Katara’s race IS Inuit. Even if you didn’t see her as such, it’s a part of her and therefore a part of her character. Therefore, it should have be reflected in the casting. Ignoring out racial differences will not make things better. pretending to be ‘colorblind’ is pretty in theory, but in practice it doesn’t work. if race really didn’t matter, then the casting directors wouldn’t have requested ‘Caucasian or any other ethnicity’. Why place such a preference for Caucasians and lump everyone else as ‘other’?

    • Rob Grizzly

      I get what you’re saying, animegirl. I, too see Katara more as a spirited young girl, than a spirited young Brown girl. One of the strengths of Avatar is it’s ambiguity. But another one of its strengths was its attention to detail. Katara and her brother are specifically Inuit, and this is one of the few shows I’ve ever seen where the characters were mostly minority based. When the source material already lays that out for you, why change that for the movie? I am certain it has a little to do with appealing to a broader audience, and that is a shame. For a show so strongly based in CULTURE the matter of race is a huge deal. (Prince of Persia is another example) Hollywood movies are ‘white-washed’ enough.


    Say what you want people but the movie is going to be amazing.I hope M.Night makes a come back with this movie,also the casting may have been a decision taken by many people and not only night ,we dont know the complete back story, but since he is the director he is forced to take the blame,what is done is done,please dont spoil the fun for those who want to watch it.

    • John

      @SRIKIRAN Yes, as an Avatar fan and apparently an M. Night fan, you desperately hope for this movie succeed. Sadly the current facts seem to strangely indicate this movie is going to be generic childrens’ fantasy trash. Good thing too. This movie deserved to fail for its lack of respect to Asians and the original show.

      • Dave

        “Deserved to fail” … Why thank you God & judge of all things film.

      • Ajay C.

        @ John

        Technically, there are Asians in the movie, so I suggest you be specific in your point. You don’t have to be a “zipperhead” to be an Asian – just remember that. If you are upset that there aren’t too many “Chinese looking” actors (I say that with respect), then you should say that.

        I think when the movie comes out, it will some protest, but it will also draw a huge crowd.

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