'Gossip Girl' recap: Chuck and Blair's indecent proposal proves disastrous

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for us Gossip Girl fans, but last night’s episode definitely had moments that felt like classic GG… except […] Read the full post.

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  • judy

    Did anyone notice that serena and nate are living at blairs house.. I don’t understand. What happend to nates apt? Blair needs to be queen B again. She can’t be waiting and following chuck around. That’s not blair. Serena and nate are so boring.. Maybe nate should be with jenny. Nobody cares about dan and vanessa they should be killed off the show. Blair and chuck are the only reason I watch..but gossip girl just isn’t the same anymore.

    • BLM

      I think Nate lived with Chuck and they were both thrown out of the Empire so Nate was living with Serena, which is apparenlty the Waldorf house, even though Serena has a perfectly nice home with Rufus.

    • Amy Leigh

      Nate lived with Chuck at the Empire so when Jack kicked Chuck out, Nate got the boot as well. Maybe they’ll be roomies again next week.

  • mscisluv

    I was confused by the Blair/Chuck plot last night. So…Chuck couldn’t just ask Blair to sleep with Jack because she would “seem too willing”? Huh? Wasn’t that what Jack wanted??

    • Anna

      Chuck couldn’t ask Blaire to sleep with Jack because Jack wanted Chuck to suffer (whether because of Blaire or because of the hotel, it didn’t matter to him). If Jack had found out that Chuck had asked Blaire to have sex with him, and that she had willingly done it, Chuck wouldn’t suffer and Jack would have to torture him some other way.

  • judy

    They did play assasins on Felicity. But Felicity was such a good show.wow I miss it. I miss ben. But back to gossip girl. The return of carter baizen should be good bc he is hot and an amazing actor. Chuck and blair need to act like teenagers and not adults. It was cute before and now its just super lame.

  • Angie

    Assassins is a very common ice-breaker game in the college dorms. Various forms, but we were given the name of the person to target and would ‘inherit’ their target upon killing them. Last man standing won.

  • Ramury

    Chuck using Blair like that was a low blow, but didn’t Blair do the same thing to him earlier this season when you got him to Kiss that nyu/lawyer guy so she could give the freshman speach? NOT on the same scale, but the same basic principle… Use someone to get what you want, even if the person would have helped you without the deception.

  • Kate

    I hate the Jenny/Nate subplot. I do not get how anyone would want to spend 1 minute around that girl. I hate her even more for making me root for Serena.

  • Lindsay

    Dan and Vanessa are a completely snooze-worthy couple. Since s1, I’ve been saying the only person I could stand to see V with is D. But now that they’re together, she’s still just as self-righteous and annoying as ever. Can she please just go off to Tisch alone? D will be appalled, and they’ll officially have no reason to continue following her storylines.

    I’ve been a hardcore B&C devotee since the beginning, but I see NO WAY to just brush Chuck’s betrayal aside. He may have just done the unforgivable. I’m SO curious to see where this storyline goes from here!

    And on a sidenote: Why did all of Nate’s “friends from Columbia” look like they were 10 years older than the rest of the gang?!?

  • aj

    Dan and Van are a complete and utter snooze fest, im almost at the stage where im cringing knowing that they’re going to pop up on screen ugh! serena and jenny, i dunno, i just want them to really get along as sisters, but thats obviously NOT going to happen, i mean jenny was never a bitch, at first so this whole bad girl streak is making me vom,
    chuck and blair’s relationship was getting sickly cute, so i’m glad things were twisted around. im glad there is absolutely NO WAY IN BATS HELL that those two will get back together, its so not possible, and ugh she is absolutely fabulosity central! she needs to be queen bitch again and trample over men. chuck can die in a lonely corner obviously,

  • Christina

    This was a great episode. Sorry, Tim. I normally agree with your dead-on sass, but I’m going rogue this time.

    I loved Assassins! That kiss between Serena and Nate at the end of the party was my favorite part of the episode. I’ve been rooting for NS since the pilot, so when Jenny played up the Agnes incident to steal him away, I wanted to vomit. But I’m not ready to ship her to boarding school because I loved her storyline with Damien. Jenny is much more interesting when she’s not clinging to her brother’s friends! As long as Little J gets what she deserves, preferably a smackdown by Serena and the Real Queen B, then I’ll be happy.

    The Chuck/Blair storyline was top-notch. I agree that Blair looked amaaazing, to the nth degree, in that dress. I’m sad they’ve broken up, but I’m mostly happy that Chair will be intense again. I’ll forgive Chuck in time, but I need to see him suffer without her for a while.

    And Dan and Vanessa? I really want this one to work, but can we please write a petition for Vanessa to back off the tribal and animal prints? Thankfully, V was not attacked by a zebra this episode, but in general, too much. Her wardrobe is taking away from her storyline with Dan, which needs to be less boring (I agree). The Tisch speedbump will hopefully make them stronger.

    I’m so glad Eric is back. Missed him!! But WTF is up with that hair?! Yay for Dorota! She was the cutest assassin.

    I missed Lily. I can’t wait for Billy Baldwin. GG is getting better!

  • MelP

    I think it would be great if Jack turned out to be Chuck’s biological father. Hey, he was sleeping with mommy dearest and had a “history” with her.

  • andee

    leighton meester was amazing! best actress on GG.

    i couldnt focus myself on the dan and vanessa scenes, sooo boring!

  • Danny

    Finally some chair drama! I think GG is back and is going strong. As for DV, they should die for their boringness. J is a bitch and I want her to be a good girl again. And assasin was an awesome subplot. Dorota getting engaged was very cute. I’m so happy that eric is back and hope he stays. SN are fine, but a little boring.

  • Linda

    I cried at the final scene with Chuck and Blair… I was loving them together. Although I agree they could have been more interesting as a couple but I still think they’re perfect for each other. They have unbelievable chemistry on scene! I’m so disappointed in Chuck! What he did has turned me off his character. So much for him being all disappointed when Blair tricked him into kissing a guy and lecturing her on using him in her manipulative ways, this is way worse! On the bright side, a girl on the rebound is the perfect excuse to cast some new hotties into the show, don’t you think?
    Also, I loved the Assassins game! Sure its not very realistic but it looked rather cool! A note for Nate – Jenny’s hot but Serena’s hotter! I don’t think he’s heading her way but I’m worried about Serena screwing up the relationship espesh since her next storyline is a secret meeting with Carter! I love Nate and Serena as a couple, they are totally fun together and have amazing chemistry too. (Currently wondering whether she has better chemistry with Nate or Dan?)
    Dan and Vanessa are a cute couple. Although Dan was more interesting when he was with Serena. Him and Vanessa just need more interesting story lines or they just need to be more fun as a couple in general, they’re always so serious and its just the beginning of their relationship!

  • Krissy

    I personally loved this episode. I did notice one thing tho, and nobody else commented on it. Dan was there to see little J win the game but he was nowhere to be seen when she was close to being raped at a party?? Great brother. Dorota was by far the cutest person this episode. I am so happy that they are finally going on with her subplot. Her playing around with the fire gun was really funny too.
    I have to admit, during season 1 I loved V but now she is so boring. Where is the girl who stood up for what she believe in? GG is definetly doing better on getting Chuck/Blair off the ground. I felt so bad for Blair, I just couldn’t believe that Chuck was so cruel. I hated him but loved him at the same time.
    As for Little J and Nate? I personally think that J should sleep with Nate and S should find out, or just break it up now. It gets old when GG does the same stuff over and over.
    The D/V relationship just sucks all around, they shouldn’t even be a couple anymore.

  • Christina

    I can’t believe that no one has commented on how hideous Dan’s hair is. Much worse then Eric’s. I always fast forward past any scene with Dan in it. It would have been more creative/fun storyline to like have Dan and Vanessa get arrested for having raucous sex in a public place or something. Rather then have then be so boring, have them be explosive together after years of friendship. I always liked Vanessa but she deserves better. Dan is a lame snoozer with bad hair.

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