'Gossip Girl' recap: Chuck and Blair's indecent proposal proves disastrous

Ed-Westwick-Gossip-Girl_240.jpg  Image Credit: Giovanni Rufino/The CWIt’s been a rough couple of weeks for us Gossip Girl fans, but last night’s episode definitely had moments that felt like classic GG… except for the ridiculous Assassins subplot which I’ll get to later.

So I guess it’s safe to say Chuck and Blair never saw Indecent Proposal because otherwise they’d realize what a mistake it is to have significant other sleep with a creep. I remember it being quite difficult on Demi Moore and Woody Harrelson (although my main memory of that movie was Demi and Woody have sex in a bed full of money and just being concerned for both paper cuts and the cleanliness of those bills). Anyhoo, the big twist that Chuck actually was part of the act of getting Blair to sleep with Jack was quite surprising and Chuck-like at the same time. I liked that twist because it’s totally something Chuck would have done in his old days when he was such a fan favorite. I loved him with Blair but the whole thing did kind of neuter him into a rather boring character. As much as it’s sad that Chuck and Blair are no longer together, ultimately it’s probably best for the show. The pair were so fabulous when they were bickering/flirting and that’s what we all loved best. Also, I think this episode only further proved the talent of Leighton Meester. Such an underrated actress. The final scene between the pair was just fantastic. Really emotional and strong.

Now, I need to discuss Blair’s Matthew Williamson dress, the one which Jack gave to her. Holy couture. Sweet mercy. That was one of the best dresses anyone has ever worn on that show — amazing work, GG stylist Eric Daman. And the coat she paired with it was just phenomenal. It was hard to be sad for Blair when she was lookin’ so good. Also, I gotta give props for the leather dress Serena wore in the first half of the episode. Looooooved. So hot. She should have kept that on during the whole heinous Assassins game subplot and maybe I wouldn’t have noticed how ridiculous it was.

Okay, so we covered the best part of the episode (the Chuck/Blair stuff) but I have to mention this bizarro Nate/b-day plotline. What in the hell is Assassins? And am I the only person who found this completely weird? First of all, this does not seem like a game college kids would play… at least not without heavy doses of booze. Secondly, I have never seen folks running around NYC with Polaroids of themselves, basically playing a big game of tag. Um, no. That just did not feel like Gossip Girl at all, especially for a group of kids where image is so important. Can you imagine if Gossip Girl caught them all running around like 10-year olds, fake “assassinating” each other? That would not look good.

Also, Jenny and Nate basically just ran through that restaurant and then down into the office area without anyone stopping them? No. There is no way in hell that a New York restaurant manager would allow a bunch of rowdy kids to just have their way in his/her establishment. Maybe a Wendy’s, but a classy joint on the Upper East Side?

Another piece of good news is that Eric returned! But with really bad hair. I mean REEEAAAAAALLLLLLLLY bad hair. Like is he supposed to still be gay? Gays do not usually allow their hair to get that out of control. And yet he still managed to draw the interest of a new fella, Elliot. He was totes cute. And it’s about damn time — I never really liked Jonathan. But this new guy is very CW-esque; sort of a gay version of the Supernatural guys. Sidenote: I want some flashbacks to Eric’s evidently debauchery-filled trip to Japan.

Eric also got the chance to witness the engagement of Vanya and Dorota. Is Vanya pulling night duty at some other job? Because that was a helluva ring. In any case, it was awfully cute as was Dorota running around the Waldorf apartment with various weapons.

I don’t really even know what else to say about Dan and Vanessa. This week’s story about their respective writings was completely uninterestin. This relationship needs to be broken up immediately.

What did you think of last night’s Gossip Girl, PopWatchers? How do you feel about Chuck and Blair breaking up? Do you agree Dan/Vanessa are a snooze?

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  • Abby

    As a college student, I can say that assassins is a real game. We do play a version pretty different that doesn’t involve running around inside buildings or looking like an idiot but its does exist.

    • sheesh

      wish the recapper had actually told enough so that those of us who missed the episode would have some idea of what went on. all i know from this is that they played asssassisns and that blair slept with jack. Why? is what i want to know!

      • Amy Leigh

        Blair didn’t sleep with Jack but she was willing to in order to save The Empire for Chuck. It all turned out to be a deal between Jack & Chuck. Chuck knew that if he told Blair about the plan that Jack would know they were working together so he let Blair think that she was going to Jack on her own to help Chuck when Chuck knew all along what Blair would do for him even if it meant possibly sleeping with Jack. Jack signed over the hotel & I think his shares of Bass Industries Australia too. So when Blair found out that Chuck had duped her, she told him it was over. He asked about when she had said “the worst thing you’ve ever done” to him & that she loved him. She said that who would’ve thought that the worst thing that he’d ever do would be to her. So they’re broken up for now. Hope that helps!

      • Marilyn

        I agree. This was a very weak recap. It touched on some things, but didn’t really give good insight into the episode and what actually happened, including Jenny Hijacking Nate on his bday an planting a kiss on him. That’s big news! And yes, the fact that Blair did not sleep with Jack is also VERY important. I don’t usually criticize the recap writers, but this one seems totally incomplete!

      • Qbanner

        @Amy leigh and Marilyn Omg you just spoiled it for her!!! lol you should have just told her it was worth watching lol

    • Ariel

      Yeah, we played Assassins in college. Fully sober!

  • noel

    Agreed. We play epic games of assassins!

  • Lete

    Assassins is indeed a game played by college students, though probably not ones as stylish as Nate and Serena. Also, Eric’s Japan excuse was lame. How has he not gone to school for several months?!

  • KPW

    Assassins is a legit game. WE played it in high school back in teh day.

  • noam

    assassins is, like others have said, a real game. but we played it out our mid-west high school, and i just cannot imagine any of the gossip girl-ers playing it at all. it’s something for, as blair would say, suburban high schools and the lame teen comedies set at them.

  • Mel

    We played Assassins in college too, it was community-wide (well nerdy indie kids) but it lasted a few weeks. It was so fun!
    Glad for the return of Eric! And there was just enough Dorota (LOVE HER!) where she’s still cute and charming and not a bad caricature.

  • Christie

    Serena said that Assassins was Nate’s favorite game and they’ve been playing it for years. She also said something about confining the game to a one-block radius of the penthouse (maybe she warned the businesses what was going on as well). Loved Dorota coordinating all the arrangements and Blair mentioning her minions (as perfect murder fodder). Oh, do I want to see Serena smack down Jenny even though Nate is trying to fend her off with the ‘just friends’ comment.

    You were absolutely right about Blair’s dress and how fabulous she looked (and how good Meester was in those scenes). Getting tired of Chuck’s daddy issues and using Bart’s image of him as soft to act like as SOB although it’s given a definite oomph to the Chuck/Blair scenes.

    I never trust any of the guys Eric comes in contact with and this new one is no different. How come Rufus was being so reasonable about Eric’s obviously sordid sojourn in Japan?

    • seattleellen

      I agree – it was very fun seeing more of Dorota and I remember reading about the game Assassins in a book called Prep. I also want Serena to put Jenny in her place as Jenny really deserves it after this. I can’t stand her. And yes, Eric needs to do something with that hair-his time in Japan sounded like a lame plot device. Only thing interesting about Vanessa & Dan is wonder if she’ll get into Tisch & he won’t.

  • Sarah

    Dan and Vanessa equal *BIG YAWN*. The most boring relationship on the show yet. Liking the Jenny subplot tho. Serena and Nate and reaching boring status very fast as well

    • Christie

      The only thing I found remotely interesting about Dan and Vanessa last night is that their inevitable comepetition-for Tisch subplot is pointless b/c apparently they both suck at writing compared to each other!

      • Marilyn

        That’s very funny and true! They are competing, but both of their stories suck (at least in each other’s opinions). Very duplictious of Vanessa. She needs a smack down (don’t care who gives it!).

  • AN

    I liked the version of Assassins in “Greek” better than GG.

    • Maggie

      me too! with the KT’s huge collection of nerf guns, so funny! i’ve played assassins at college, and we definitely use nerf guns, not pics of ourselves, but w/e

  • Karen

    So, no mention of Vanessa’s debauchery of lying to Dan about which script to submit to Tish School of Journalism, when she’s applying herself and trying to get rid of the competition? This plot device doesn’t fly by the way – very un-V like. Lame.

  • BLM

    I thought the Assasins game was cute–it reminded me that the characters are only 19 year olds! It was nice to see them act like it. I was getting teary-eyed when Blair was crying. Maybe the break-up will make Chair more interesting. So, was Eric in Japan for school or something? Weird that no one ever mentioned him when he was gone. And I knew Stack would rip on Eric’s hair–it is heinous!

    • allie

      exactly. I was so glad to see them doing something normal. I myself have played many, many times. It’s totes legit. That means “really realistic” old guy Tim…

  • Jonathan

    It was definitely nice to see Dorota back with some great one liners; I found myself laughing out loud at times. Also I loved seeing Jenny getting her inner Blair on even if Blair hasn’t gotten a chance to lately; it was disheartening to not see her get Nate. And I’m extremely sick of seeing DanVanessa; them being together totally cancels out any redeeming feature of either one’s personality. Regardless, this was a great episode; hopefully this will keep up the rest of the season.

  • GeeMoney

    I thought that this episode was much better than the last few we’ve seen so far this season. Thank goodness. Dan and Vanessa = completely boring, Blair and Chuck need to break up and get back to playing games with each other and Nate and Jenny need to have an affair, stat! Can’t wait until Billy Baldwin shows up as Serena’s dad!

  • Zoe

    “Assassins” also showed up in the first season of Felicity, way back in spring 1999. So it’s hardly a new game or new thing for college kids to do. As I recall, Felicity’s dorm floor played it. I think even the episode title was “Assassins.”

    • Katie

      that was a good episode- it’s immediately what I thought of when GG brought it up last night.

    • Lindsay

      Yay Felicity shoutout! That was such a funny episode. I miss all the Felicity/Ben/Noel drama. I wonder if any of GG’s writers were Felicity fans back in the day?

  • Melanie

    Personally I fast-forward through the Dan and Vanessa scenes – couldn’t care less about them!

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