Adam Lambert exclusive: Confirmed as 'American Idol' mentor next week! What do you think?

Adam Lambert will serve as guest mentor on the April 13 episode of American Idol, a spokesperson for 19 Entertainment confirms exclusively to EW. Internet buzz began swirling this afternoon that Sony Music reps had contacted selected radio stations with the announcement that last year’s runner-up would advise season 9’s Top 8 contestants, and then perform his current single “Whattaya Want From Me” on the April 14 results-show telecast. There’s no official word yet on what theme the contestants will tackle during Lambert’s visit.

Lambert as mentor should provide a glittery adrenaline shot to an Idol season that’s struggled to find its water-cooler mojo. Adam, perhaps more than any former contestant, should be able to help Idol‘s low-key crop of current contenders add some much-needed drama to their performances. Plus, what better way to promote Adam’s single (currently lodged at No. 20 on Billboard’s Hot 100) and planned summer tour?

Of course, there will be some Idol fans who argue Adam is too inexperienced to don a mentor’s cap, seeing how only a year ago he ended every one of his performances with a critique from Paula Abdul. Point taken, but what Adam lacks in music-biz wisdom, he makes up for with his knowledge of the singularly grueling Idol experience. Just yesterday, while interviewing season 9’s latest ousted contestant, Didi Benami, talk turned to her struggles with last week’s R&B theme, and she didn’t seem to completely understand where I was coming from when I asked her if she’d studied previous Idol successes like Adam, Kris Allen, and David Cook — and the way they managed to sculpt a wide variety of genres to fit their artistic styles, and not the other way around. Surviving and thriving in the genre-a-week Idol rollercoaster is something that a Mick Jagger or a Dolly Parton or even a Beyoncé or a Kanye has never had to do. If Adam can help season 9’s Top 8 to better understand the mechanics of the show — and it results in improved performances — I don’t see how anyone loses.

After the jump, sound off in our PopWatch poll and tell us what you think of Adam Lambert as Idol mentor. (RELATED: This week’s American Idol Power List: Vote for your favorite!; And for all my Idol news and commentary, follow me on Twitter @EWMichaelSlezak.)

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  • J

    No offense to Adam, but I think this is crap, no other Idol has been given this opportunity, and I think a winner should have the chance before a runner up!! Just sayin!

    • V

      Yup this is as big of a joke as Miley mentoring.

      • David

        SUCK IT UP little buttercups!! Booooo Hooooo my favorite idol isn’t a mentor why is he a mentor boo hooo….mommy change my diapers I just peed in them.

      • SCat

        LOL David I think I love you.

      • wino

        Wow David, dude, take your meds. Anyhoo, agree, i think its too soon to have him give anyone pointers when he’s not exactly blazing the charts or headlined a tour (ie he’s not a successful artist yet). Oh well, i guess 19 really needs his career to take off, so this is not a bad gig.

      • V

        David is a bit of a wackjob eh? Making yourself look like a crazy Glambert with replies like that.

      • David sux

        Seriously, Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson are the only two past idols worthy of mentoring. But hey, this season has been a joke anyway, Miley Cirus?! After Lambert they should have Justin Beaber and Kesha mentor.

      • ianaleah

        All seats sold out for Adam’s gig at Fantasy Springs and it was all word of mouth-no advertising needed!! He is headling in Minn in June with Orianthi opening for him. He has gigs in Canada this month and is performing in London in April and he is still being scheduled. Adam’s team is still organizing and planning his tour, and having seen his live performance at his first gig-absolutely top quality shomanship performance and great music.Just FYI for those who question why he may have been asked to mentor. By the way, he had a gig in Stockholm, looking and sounding fantastic; he has fans around the globe already.

      • bobsacccamanna

        It always ridiculous when someone is mentoring another person who is more talented that the mentor..what could adam possibly offer crystal other then maybe some advice on how to handle not winning american idol even if you are the most talented much as I don’t like adam’s music he clearly was the most talented idol last year,just as crystal is this year.but like adam she will probably lose to a clearly inigerior singer like lee or siobhan

      • guido

        yeah – we need mentors, not cheerleaders. Even though he will help with the AI process, he is simply too inexperienced to be a true mentor. Who’s next, Justin Bieber, the Chipmunks?

      • Anna

        OH, I’m just soo excited!!! No matter what the haters say, this will bring in the highest ratings this lackluster season needs. Go, ADAM!!!

      • Jenn

        I think Adam is perfect for the role. He understands music, music selection, the preasure they are under and how to make the most of their moment. If they are smart they will drain his brain!!

      • Tracy

        Me too!

      • Glambert2550

        Just a note to those of you promoting Kelly Clarkson as a mentor..her relationship with Idol is rocky at best.If I am not mistaken, she isn’t even with 19 anymore. I think they are on speaking terms, but barely. Don’t expect to see her rubbing elbows with Simon and the gang this season though.

      • OMGq

        Sorry, but why is EVERYONE assuming that Kelly or Carrie or Daughtry or any other Idol contestant hasn’t been asked to come back? Maybe they have and it couldn’t be worked out for one reason or another. As for Adam – almost every interview I saw, read or listened to from last years crew all said that Adam was constantly helping them with song selection, so maybe the producers thought he could help here. Who knows. Who cares? He can’t be any worse than Mylie or Paul Anka.

      • xox

        Adam would be a great mentor! All you HATERS need to suck it up. Y’all are a bunch of babies. Go cry to someone who actually cares.

      • Angel

        Having ADAM as mentor on AI is the best and smartest move TPTB can do. Anyone else of idol winners may have all the good reasons to mentor but not as smart a move like the choice of ADAM.
        ADAM is the only one whose body of work on AI is stunningly incomparable, SECOND TO NONE, when it comes to the EXCITEMENT, the THRILL and the ELECTRICITY that exploded on that AI stage. It was riveting, compelling and sensational which has never happened before and will never happen ever again. And with this year’s lackluster season, who else has the command to bring high voltage to the screen again? And with the dropped in ratings, who else can give AI the explosive highest ratings they will ever get except ADAM?
        So, all haters may bash all they want, but there’s no one else who will create tsunami waves but ADAM. ADAM is simply phenomenal.

      • M

        Seriously! Adam knows nothing about the music industry. All he did is screech loudly and be flashy, he’s not a good artist. Neither is Miley. What are they thinking?!

      • M

        The only real artists who have come out of all nine years of Idol are Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. That’s it. Though I must say, I’m really liking Crystal Bowersox.

      • G-Mom

        I agree with “David sux”. Kelly or Carrie have a lot more cred than Adam! I also agree that 19 is bound and determined(!!!!!) that Adam becomes a star. Granted he has his RABID fans who will tune in , but I don’t think he can do a good job. Of course if Miley could do a not terrible job……..

      • terri

        Miley was a dumb Mentor, like she has alot of experience and knowledge. All she knows is how to be a pre-teen TV celebrity. She cannot sing, and should not have been a mentor. That was a joke.
        I hope and pray that Adam L. does not tell the Idol contestants to SCREAM and SQUEEL like he usually does when he sings.
        Idol is really dumb this year.

      • David sux

        I just Love Glambert Fans! Um most of the people saying Lambert shouldn’t be a mentor don’t say it because they are cry babies who don’t like him, they just don’ think he has the credibility or experience. Just like Miley. I like Lambert, but he isn’t right as a mentor, yet. I like lambert, HATE Lambert fans!

      • Applesauce

        of all people adam. this is one show i wont watch. but why dont they have someone who actually deserves it like kelly, carrie or DCook who can show them how to rearange and all. even someone like Melinda Doolittle who is the best singer or Bo Bice who is the best performer and presenter. this was probably simons idea to make people forget about Kris. what is the theme suppose to be? Songs Sung by Horrible Singers Night?

      • Shauna

        Thanks for the warnig. I’ll be sure and skip next week.

      • Paul, NJ

        Definitely just an attempt by 19 to promote Adam’s lagging career.

      • Judy

        So Paul NJ!!!! Who IS your favorite so far?? Don’t tell me your wanted Kris Allen to mentor LOL!!!! Now THAT is what I call LAGGING!

      • Celle


      • NES

        @bobsacccamanna Adam can tell Bowesox to please wash your hair and get rid of those dirty locks, clean your teeth, lose some weight, know how to dress up, and don’t hide your voice behind your guitar. He can tell Siobhan how to hit those falsettos so it won’t sound like Danny Gokey. Then tell Lee see a psychologist to get some self-esteem then maybe his voice can actually sound good and he can connect to the audiences at home and live. Are you F**king kidding us? If Adam wasn’t on AI8 last year this show could have been as bad as this season. Adam saved AI last year with his stage presence, chrisma, looks, and impeccable vocal abilities.

      • Carolelee

        WHY not critic his performance. Then, AND only then, can we say he was good, bad or worst than Miley! Oh my God I think she has a point!

      • Icharus

        I think Adam Lambert will be a good mentor. Remember that just being a good performer or good singer does not necessarily mean that you would be a good mentor. You also need to be able to impart that wisdom to someone else. Some of the past idols that were mentioned I just don’t see as having the ability or the desire to do that. (Some have purposely distanced themselves from AI.) Plus, my guess is that most of them are too busy now anyway. (We don’t know that others weren’t asked.) Adam is a very personable guy and genuinely enjoys helping others.
        And Adam actually DOES have ‘road’ experience, having been in traveling casts of musicals and working as a singer for years, and having sung many styles of music pre-Idol. While that may not be ‘major label pop star’ road experience, he DOES know how to work a performance. AI had NEVER garnered as much attention as it did with him on it… and he actually IS musically talented — anyone who does not recognize this must not be a singer or musician. Whether or not you like his PREFERRED style of music, that much is undeniable — he has a musical gift. And he knew how to make Idol work to his advantage, how to pick songs that suited him and perform them — for that reason, and his outgoing and loquacious personality and willingness to help others, he would seem to be the IDEAL mentor for this year’s crop of green performers. He wouldn’t be advising on industry or sales stuff… it would be about the IMMEDIATE task at hand for these contestants. I think he’ll do a good job, as long as he actually gives advice and doesn’t just play cheerleader as some past mentors have appeared to have done. I think he’ll do fine.
        And of course it looks like it will be a win-win all around — Adam will bring in ratings, plus he also gets to perform his single for a huge viewing audience, AND the contestants will get to benefit from his advice.

      • boulderpa

        He was a very successful contestant. He has a huge fan base within the idol audience. From that perspective, it makes for an intriguing idea. Some of the mentors in the past have been barely alive, so at least Adam might show that he has a pulse.

      • Rachael

        Hey, Adam might not be as wise about music-biz as some other mentors, but he sure as hell makes up for that with his theatrical and entertainment experiences. He is definitely what this years contestants need, they’re so boring this year! You can’t just sing a song, you need to entertain people, make it interesting! Adam will help them spice it up a bit.

    • charot

      agree! but the producers must have a good reason to do this. or maybe they just see adam’s potential star power. or maybe adam will just mentor on how to give an amazing, unbelievable performance since finalists this season are boring.

      • brenda

        Maybe they’re desperate…DWTS was the highest rated show last week.

      • JET

        This year’s contestants need to understand the value of picking the right song and how to show their musical charisma. Also they seem intimidated by AI in general. I think Adam can help them. I know last year all the contestants made comments about how much Adam helped them along the way. Good choice I think.

      • john stimh

        oh maybe lambert’s career is already enough in the toilet that they are trying anything possible to rescue him.

      • Nick

        Compared to the washed-up folks (Neil Diamond, Donna Summer), or disinterested (Gwen Stefani) they’ve had in the past, Adam Lambert is an improvement. It’s not like all other preceding mentors have come on the show with their careers having any current relevance. Barry Manilow is probably the best of the bunch but are his albums falling off the shelves anymore? Adam is not out of place with this history of pulling from the has-been stack–he’s an upgrade.

      • Kit

        I gotta go with Brenda. They’re desperate. When I read that he was going to mentor, I threw up in my mouth a little bit. Idol is really going down the toilet.

      • Adam Addict

        Adam is the shot in the arm that Idol needs! He’s charismatic, amazingly popular around the world, and he’s been through the process. He’s going to get millions of viewers. Love it!

      • Jim3434

        Kris is in the toilet – ..he sucks..Cook is on his way all you KA and Cook fans find somewhere else to drop your hate. Jealous much..

      • TERRIBLE idea

        The ONLY things I have heard from Adam from ANY kind of entertainment forum is all the controversies he’s gotten involved in. Seriously… It’s not his “music” that sells or keeps him relevant. It’s what he says. Kris’s sales are just as good as his and the Judges literally refuse to say his name, but Adam is going to mentor?! And HELLO?!? Carrie Underwood has done EVERYTHING Idol has EVER asked of her in the 4+ years since she WON (key word… she actually WON!)yet she has never been asked to come back as the Country mentor?? This makes no sense and only shows that on American Idol favoritism never dies. The ONLY positive to all this is at least it’s not Gokey…

      • Preston

        Brenda, I agree with your comment about Dancing with the Stars winning over American Idol last week, that Idol needed a solid mentor for the contestants to get back to No. 1. Adam might give them one of their most watched shows this season. Even though it’s desperation, this is a very mediocre top 12 this season. Everybody knows it! The producers don’t want to admit it’s that bad!

      • Judy


      • Celle

        I haven’t watched season 9 at all, haha. I have a reason to watch it now!!! :P

        @TERRIBLE idea:
        Adam’s album is GOLD in the US, PLATINUM in CANADA, GOLD in SINGAPORE, and the rest I’m not sure yet, but FYE has been doing really well in Japan and Asia. I’d say he’s doing better than Kris, who’s album isn’t even selling as much as Adam’s. It’s just a fact, Mr. Butthurt… :)

      • Haha

        That AI producers want adamm lambert (aka American idol loser) to mentor these S9 kids is like asking a blind to lead blinds. Sorry for the kids. I wonder if they will listen to him or not. Anyway I smell a hot poo there next week.

      • karin

        Nooooooooooooooooo… I don’t think he is a good singer. He screams and it’s to flashy to be consider seriously right now.
        Yeah, I thought having Miley in the show was an awful idea. What are they thinking?

      • kevin

        im gay and i do not like his music he is ok but really his stuff sucks im not a hater just dont like his music…and to se him on stage ill pass ….

      • kaper

        bobsacccamanna “Adam can tell Bowesox to please wash your hair and get rid of those dirty locks, clean your teeth, lose some weight, know how to dress up,”
        Pot??? Here’s kettle. Adam had the greasiest face under all that makeup, his face is bloated/fat, and his wardrobe was beyond bizarre.

    • LT

      And let the sour grapes commence in 3,2,1….

      Suck it up buttercups! Maybe the US can get out of the dark ages now and realize what the rest of the WORLD has figured out already- American Idol has it’s first international superstar. GO ADAM!

      • Maserda

        Excuse me, but wasn’t Kelly Clarkson the first international superstar from AI? If anything, she deserves to be a mentor!

      • BlackIrish4094

        It already had that with Carrie Underwood. Lemme guess, you Adam share the same sexuality so anyone who doesn’t like him is sour grapes. He didn’t even win, no way should he a mentor.

      • EWsMom

        LOL that’s hilarious! International superstar? HA!
        His album DEBUTED at #87 on the UK charts before promptly sliding off.

        It came in at #18 in Australia, before falling below the top 50 in a blink of an eye.

        “Whataya Want from Me” – his international single – FAILED to crack the top 10 anywhere except Canada & New Zealand.

        Yeah, that’s the makings of an “international superstar”

        This is what happens when you spend too much time on drugs, kids.

      • Danny

        Sorry, Kelly was the first–and is still the only–real international Idol superstar.

      • LT

        Oops- should have said male. Gotta give Kelly her props. Daughtry did have some success overseas on his debut album too but I think Adam might have him beat on that since he is still selling. As far as the comment that i must be gay- you are an idiot blackirish.

      • Matt

        Awwww I see the HATERS are already out in full force! WTF? Why shouldn’t Idol jump on the Mega Star’s bandwagon and produce a hit in the ratings? They are trying new stuff this seaons and this is just another new idea so people STFU. There is nothing wrong with Adam being a mentor, hell he did that on his Season 8 so why not now? I think he was picked because he is such a new item and it will drive up the ratings, plus the guy is talented. Too bad you jerks here like to moan and groan about anything. It is an excellent idea and I can’t wait for it. Go ADAM!!

      • nadia

        Mr. Lambert is NOT a “superstar” by any definition. Period. He has not earned that title yet and no matter how much his glambot followers want it for him, the facts and figures AT THIS TIME do NOT support it. Right now, he’s simply a moderately successful recording artist. Truth hurts, doesn’t it? ; P

      • @EWsMom

        T he album hasn’t had its offical release, yet, I don’t think. Are you talking about the import?

      • Bijou

        Oh great, Adam hate. I haven’t seen this for a while.

      • To danny

        What do you mean kelly is the only real international superstar? Adm has gone gold, platinum, or double platinum in several countries. Kelly doesn’t own that market all by herself anymore, sorry

      • Stacey

        Er…you should probably get a reality check. Adam is hardly a “superstar”. LOL. His album sales have been merely OK and his first single (“For Your Entertainment”) was a big flop. I think he’ll go on to have a very successful career, but, he’s hardly ready to be “mentor” or labeled a “superstar”.

      • @EW’s mom

        Hey dumbass- Adam hasn’t even been officially launched in the UK yet.

      • Matt

        Nadia, for someone who probably doesn’t care for Adam you sure know alot about him. That is what makes me laugh at all you idiots that “claim” they do not like Adam but know so many facts about him. MMMMMMMMMMMM.

      • @@EWsMom

        No, Adam’s album has been available in the UK since November 23, 2009. It’s even featured on Amazon UK’s music page – and is currently #1,816 in the music section.

        There’s a separate UK version coming out in May though.

      • V

        Adam’s fans are so delusional it’s scary. They’re no better than the Claymates of yesteryear.

      • wino

        um David/LT/whatever name you like to be called, stop posting the same thign over and over again. people have a good reason to question his validity as a mentor. if anything, bring out carrie underwood, someone who has had a big post show success, was very wooden on the idol stage and learned to develop over the years.

      • Mall

        oh boo hoo, excuse me you whiney morons, Adam is the only Idol given an international tour promotion=, maybe the stupid US should wake up and realize what a star they have representing their country, the rest of the world knows Adam as the World Idol…. US doesn’t deserve him and besides all these idiots should be peeing themselves with this years contestants as they are all little carbon copies of the usual winners of this show. BORING!

      • nadia

        Matt, I happen to follow the progress of ALL of the Idols and unlike some, can cite verifiable facts. The facts speak for themselves. While Mr. Lambert may indeed become an “international superstar” one day (though I personally find this doubtful) he is nowhere near that status today by any stretch of the imagination (or, if we’re talking glambots, delusions). Mr. Lambert is an extremely gifted vocal technician, carefully crafted “celebrity” and moderately successful artist at this point … and that is all.

      • staciegirlie

        @EW’s Mom, You don’t have ALL your facts straight sweetie.

      • claudette

        to maserada
        I’m not american. who is Kelly clarkson? International star????

      • kell

        EWs MOM- your name says it all creep…. hahahahah…. you are so stupid…. poor old fat hag…. you just can’t stand Adams fame…. go back to your boring little world….

      • JLM

        Carrie Underwood is not an international super star. Huge in the US, but not so much around the world. Kelly is definately getting there. But honestly, not sure they would be able to give as much support and guidance as Adam is capable of. He really was able to take any genre and any song and make it his own.

      • Loralei

        To “To Danny”

        Platinum, Gold, Silver, etc. are all different numbers in different countries. I think in Canada Platinum or Gold is like 80,000 (not sure though, correct me if I’m wrong). So really your justification is wrong IMO. Adam is NOT an international superstar and has been mightily disappointing. They might as well have Susan Boyle mentor–she sold many more than any Idol in a long time.

      • Celimene

        Well, I’m an expat living abroad and the only former Idols who get played over here in Denmark are Kelly Clarkson, Adam Lambert and (rarely) Jordin Sparks. “Whaddya Want From Me” is in pretty heavy rotation at the moment, but I’d hardly call him a superstar. Kelly’s still the biggest international star AI’s had.

      • JLM

        @EWsMom – doesn’t have any of his/her facts right. Do your homework before you spout. Adam is absolutely not released in the UK yet and is doing extremely well in Canada (double platinum), Australia, Japan (#1), etc as he starts the release of his singles and albums.

      • Jurnee

        Many mentors were not international singing stars and some, like Quentin Tarantino, were not in the music biz AT ALL. What Adam brings is a decade of experience as a professional entertainer, experience as a successful former Idol, and knowledge of how to craft a “season” arc on the show.
        Kelly or Carrie could just as easily mentor and they might in the future. In any case, none would be worse than some of the useless mentors of the past – and that includes Miley.

      • Adam Addict

        Adam is a superstar. He is. I hate the trolls who trash Adam to get his devoted fans ire up. I know they do it just to get a rise out of us. But Adam is truly a superstar and anyone who follows his career knows this!

      • Maria re @JLM


        You wrote:
        “Adam is absolutely not released in the UK yet and is doing extremely well in Canada (double platinum), Australia, Japan (#1), etc as he starts the release of his singles and albums.”

        !) Correct, his album hasn’t been launched in the UK yet, but he’s begun promo. We’ll have to wait and see what happens.

        2) In Canada, his album is platinum, selling over 80,000. Not double platinum. Still good work.

        3)In Australia, his album really didn’t do well – bordered on flop, IMO. Debuted after his well-publicized promo tour there are #18 and fell off the top 50 in the third week. Disappointing.

        4) In Japan, it’s difficult to get accurate numbers, but the album hasn’t been certified either gold or platinum and doesn’t appear on the Oricon chart, which is the closest the country has to a standard.

        In the Scandanavian countries and New Zealand his WWFM is doing well, but hasn’t translated to album sales.

      • ray

        wrong about that

      • Mandy

        @Maria, Adam’s album is GOLD in both New Zealand and Singapore. Also, WWFM is double-platinum in Canada and FYE (the single) is platinum.

      • MACY

        I can’t wait to see Adam! I would rather see him than Carrie Underwood, she has a personality of a wet noodle! I like Kelly C. though!

    • lahvlahvlahv

      This is awesome!! This group is full of blah performers. Adam – love him or hate him – is never blah and could teach these contestants a thing or two about performing (and singing!). He also brings in ratings. Even the haters will tune in to watch. Great buzz all around.

      • kim

        You’re right, Adam will bring in the ratings cause he’s got that wholle show-off, attention grabbing thing going on. But I disagree on him being able to show them how to perform. Remember, he spent a life time honing his craft.

      • Matt

        @Kim, oh and the others haven’t? Many from Season 8 had a album or two (including dull Kris) under their belt before Idol sot stop trying to make it look like Adam was the only one. He honed his craft because it is a gift, but the best thing Adam has going for him is HE BELIEVED IN HIMSELF, and that is where this season is lacking. So get off your mighty high horse and go suck a duck.

      • kim

        @matt: my point, if you can stop hating, is that there is no way that Adam can show them how to perform the wayhe does. Do your homework, this guy has spent most of his life performing and pursuing the theater. His last job was as an understudy in Wicked. He is a professional performer. The others, like this group, are aspiring singers. No comparison.

      • DD

        Matt, did anyone tell you how much we love you!!!! All the haters can go suck a duck!!!! That’s funny!

      • John

        Why not choose Kris Allen?? He’s not that bad is he? I think Simon Fuller and Simon Cowell hate last year’s winner!!!

      • Celle

        I’m going to watch this season now because Adam is mentoring. So yeah!!! :D

        @John: Don’t ask stupid questions. Kris Allen won’t attract as many viewers as Adam Lambert. That’s just a fact. Furthermore, Simon Fuller is managing Adam, so it makes sense that he’d prioritize Adam. Simon Cowell DID say Adam should have won…(He said it on LENO). :P

      • Matt

        Thanks DD it is nice to feel the love!!!! ;)

    • BlackIrish4094

      This is crap and I least I know now so I can remove next weeks episode from my DVR.

      • Rebecca

        Yeah because the week with Miley was way better and needed to be preserved

      • David

        Mommy my butt hurts so bad!! Waaa waaa, waaaa, why they bringing back Adam!! Why didn’t they bring back my favorite idol!! Booo hooo, mommy, mommy why does my butt hurt so bad??

      • AliFran

        David, you are seriously sick. Since you do not have anything constructive or witty or even halfway coherent to say, why don’t you shut up? Or make an appointment with your therepist? Or lock yourself in your closet with your AL posters?

      • anon

        @David, if you’d pull your head out of your axx it would stop hurting.

      • Celle


    • The mentor of the mentor´s The Glambert of The Glamberts ;)

      Always the winner of AI is a joke!! Go Daughtry!! Go Adam!

      • Jim

        90% of the time the winners are the most successful, like Carrie, Kelly, Cook and Jordin.

      • Alexis

        I don’t know Jim, 90% seems a little high

      • ianaleah

        Jennifer Hudson, Daughtry.
        The season 8 contestants said Adam helped them and that he was a big help-so-he has already ‘mentored’.

      • bobsacccamanna

        I loved Jordin,but please..her records have sucked..they are unlistenable

      • staciegirlie

        @Jim Are you sure? Lets do the math. 8 seasons. 4 winners doing well (in my book 3) but whatever, 4 is half of 8 which would make 50%.

      • Jenn

        If I had to pick someone I thought could help me, I would pick the person all the others said really helped them – everyone said Adam really helped them so much through the process. That is what I would want, the person that understands music, the process, and how they can shine.

      • Jim

        It doesn’t matter if Jordin’s records sucked. She outsold everyone else her season. And I think in record sales alone, Tasia outsold JHud, even if JHud does have the Oscar.

      • John

        Listen!! I love Jordin and Kellie and I also loved Katherine McPhee until she chopped off her hair!!! Stupid woman!!!! Adam is one of the best to hit that stage, there is NO denying that!!!

      • Dar

        YES Adam is back, and as for Kris what a waste. Adam can do this, so everyone that does not like Adam Just shut your mouth and turn off the show.

    • Steph

      Agreed. I like Adam but this is just total stupidity. Why not a past winner, like Kelly or Carrie, who have had a career for a while? You know..someone who actually won the contest and became successful? Adam, quite frankly, has not lived up to the judge’s hype.

      • Ella

        We don’t know why. Maybe others are busy, on tours or whatever. And other “proven celebrities” maybe just don’t want to go there after Miley freaking Cyrus!

      • brenda

        Exactly. Or, for that matter, why not Kris Allen, who can tell the contestants how to win without being polarizing?

      • Alexis

        Is it possible though that maybe Kelly and Carrie have been asked before and simply don’t want to do it?

      • Kiki

        Well, yes, Brenda, because being a “nice” non-polarizing singer has done so much for Kris Allen’s sales. And maybe Kris can also explain what it’s like to be the winner and sell less than half the number of albums as the runner up in the US. Or what it’s like to be the winner and have no plans for an international release while the runner up’s singles have gone platinum and double platinum in Canada and his album has gone gold in other countries. Or explain what it’s like to be the winner and yet have so many butthurt and jealous fans?

      • Kate

        I think a lot of you are missing the point. Not only has he proved he has star quality (I’m from the UK , and apart from Kelly, no one has made his impact ) but he is articulate, listen to his radio interviews when he was in Europe. Not many Idols can hold your attention and has that amount of intelligence in spades. I think he will be a wonderful, insightful, mentor.

      • K

        This! I don’t mind Adam being a mentor, I just wish that the first Idol they invited back to mentor the kids was Kelly!

      • OMGq

        Sorry, but why is EVERYONE assuming that Kelly or Carrie or Daughtry or any other Idol contestant hasn’t been asked to come back? Maybe they have and it couldn’t be worked out for one reason or another. As for Adam – almost every interview I saw, rwad or listened to from last years crew all said that Adam was constantly helping them with song selection, so maybe the producers thought he could help here. Who knows. Who cares? He can’t be any worse than Mylie or Paul Anka.

      • CATHY

        Brenda they didn’t ask Kris because these people already have boring down to an art

      • Elise

        I love when the Glambots show their hate for Kris everywhere they post. Way to show that you aren’t still bitter and arrogant, LOL!

      • Preston

        Carrie Underwood is touring right now, so she wasn’t available. Kelly Clarkson is also touring and doing shows at this moment as well. Perhaps in 2011 or 2012 they might consider snatching a mentor spot for one of the theme weeks.

      • anon

        @CATHY LOL!!!

      • Celle

        I think the point IS to get someone fresh from Idol. People like Kelly, Carrie, Daughtry are from seasons long past…I think the thing on this is that, since Adam is a fresh NEW artist, well-versed with performances in theater and vocally proficient, he would bring, not in-depth industry experience, but a perspective from someone who is STILL in that process of reaching success.. you get what I mean? It’s new, and frankly, interesting. I’d watch it, even if I weren’t a fan. :)

      • Kev

        Kris Allen is the best artist ever to come out of American Idol! Har Har Har…..oh hell thought this was April fool’s day…….

        Adam Lambert rocks and he will be a great mentor…..believe that!

      • claudia

        They dont need somebody who have had a career sometime , they need somebody who is on the wave now and that’s it ADAM. Is not a givin back show , is a contest and a tv show in a struggle for rating . The producers have had theier lessons . Take the trend from google , Adam is by far the most spoted ,the most searched , the most trafficate name just write his name and generate thousend of search , look at that post is by far the most talked from the world for 2-3 days , allready has over 2200 comentaries , that means traffic on internet , means money from advertising etc , that’s all about the money . When the other names that you love so much will be capable for such ratings , be sure they will be ask , or when that is no importent so much , but i doubt , always is about the money. Is more that simple , you America say you are the champions of capitalism.

    • David

      I agree SUCK IT UP little buttercups!! Booooo Hooooo my favorite idol isn’t a mentor why is he a mentor boo hooo….mommy change my diapers I just peed in them.

      • Angelraj

        You are soo funny, and quite right. What a bunch of whiners!

      • Hilary

        It wasn’t funny the first time you posted it, and it’s not funny this time. Loser.

      • Matt


      • luke

        I bet this David is actually lori – the obnoxious, childish thing is her m.o.

      • Steph

        Attempt to use English correctly. Adjust “diapers” to “diaper” & “them” to “it” (well, unless you wear more than one diaper. Then plural away!).
        Use some commas, and maybe- just maybe, that post might not look so…how do I put this?

        Oh yeah…


      • lisa

        No matter that Adam didn’t win…the bottom line is that he performed…key word: PERFORMED on every show. This season is by far the worst and I think Adam is just the shot of adrenaline Idol needs now.

      • Dan

        you gay piece of glambert loving crap

      • MarySueBob

        Oh Dan, poor poor poor you. Stooping so low as to call people names. Obviously Adam has caused a stirring in you that you don’t know how to handle. It’s OK honey – maybe someday you’ll find a mentor on how to play the skin flute. Until then why not just relax and accept that Adam will be on your TV again next week and you will have more images for your spank bank. Trust dear, it’s not that long to wait.

      • jerri

        I am so excited. Adam’s perfect, finally some excitement with the show. Good for him..YEA! YEA!!

      • Ellen

        I don’t think any Idol contestant should mentor. In fact, the whole mentoring this is stupid. How much do they really learn?

    • Ree

      I’ve got my popcorn ready and I’m already enjoying watching the outrage from all the predictable quarters. Waaa waaa waaa!!! Go ADAM!

      • srsly

        Me too. This is fun.

      • Castorella

        You are me. Mind if we share the popcorn? :D

      • Entertained!

        I’M LOVING THIS!

      • Angelraj

        for our entertainment :)!

      • karen

        Go Adam, you’re the best!!!

      • nottoospicy

        Adam will be a great mentor. He “unofficially” mentored a lot of the idols last season anyway. The man has mad talent and performance skills and yes, is polarizing but that is SO much better than boring.

      • kimber


      • claudette

        please somebody tape the show and put it on web.

      • Jannie

        I’m with you all- this is the best freaking moment in Idol history to date!! WTG Simon Fuller and WTG Adam!!!!!

      • Debbie

        ADAM fans rejoyce….I am just going to sit back and actually watch both Tuesday and Wednesday nights performances in full for the first time this year. YEAH….

      • G

        I’m waiting for a melt down…laughing on the floor.

      • neetsie2000

        I’ve got the beer…

    • Ditto

      I dunno, and this is just me, but wouldn’t it be nice if they asked someone who actually managed to WIN, like Kelly, Carrie or Cook? And I say this even though I am an Adam fan and bought his album. LAME, American Idol. Very LAME!

      • Sally in Chicago

        Yes, but you see he has management that’s determined to make him a superstar.

      • srsly

        What if they brought in Daughtry? Would you be annoyed then? He came in fourth.

      • nottoospicy

        Don’t talk about Adam not winning. Seriously, as an Adam fan you shouldn’t go there. Between the crazy Arkansas megavoting and homophobic tendencies in flyover U.S., it shouldn’t be held against Lambert that he didn’t “win”.

      • Jerry

        Well Kelly and Carrie haven’t really helped their ratings much – LOL! Seriously who was the one person most harolded by all the AI contestants for helping the other contestants throughout the process? ADAM. Maybe he isn’t as big yet as the others, but maybe he knows more about helping the other succeed.

      • CATHY

        Why do Dave C and Kris fans start out I was an Adam fan. No you weren’t.

      • adamsluvjnes

        I think that Adam will make a great mentor and will add ratings to a falling down AI. I think the PTB know what to do to aid their show and Adam will provide the shot in the arm that they need. Go Adam!!!

    • ianaleah

      By voting w their wallets, the REAL vote has been cast and Adam is the winner, therefore, he is best choice for mentor.This season is the worst ever contestants; Adam will be a great boost for the show.

      • Tommy

        Who voted with their wallets? Adam’s debut album hasn’t even gone platinum, while Carrie’s first disk sold 7 million copies. So yeah, by the “voting-with-their-wallets” argument, Adam would be the loser…

    • Sally in Chicago

      This sucks, but it also shows how powerful 19R/E is as far as management. They’re trying their hardest to make him a superstar. It would have made more sense for Carrie or Jennifer to mentor, since they’re at the top of their game.

      • Lucy

        Carrie and Jennifer are far removed from the Idol game. If the point is to bring in someone who can bring a former contestant’s POV (and spice things up with some showmanship), who better than someone who knows how to play the game well and did it recently?

      • Kiki

        19E also manages Kris.

      • nottoospicy

        Carrie and Jennifer may be good singers but Adam’s performance skills clearly eclipses theirs. Besides Carrie is BORING!

      • Jerry

        Jive (a sub of RCA) manages Kris and not Simon Fuller. Kris use to get advice from Adam. He just isn’t articulate enough to be helpful to this unexciting group this year.

      • Pete

        Sally in Chicago, you are an idiot. You should be thankful 19R/E recognizes talent because you certainly don’t. These contests will benefit more from someone who just went through this experience.

      • Bernie

        Carrie is BORING as hell. Kellie rules!!!! I hope Kellie and Adam gets to do a duet one of these days!!! They are both incredible!!

    • Diane

      Adam may not have won last season, however he has been performing on stage, etc. for the past 10 years! Sounds like experience to me!

      • bobsacccamanna

        why all this focus on international success..what does that mean..people in France think Jerry Lewis is what..

      • claudette

        people in europe think you’re stupid… so what..

      • bobsacccamanna

        wow ..really intelligent response long did it take you to come up with that witty go back iin your trailer and see if you can actually string another sentence together…and don’t forget to brush your tooth after dinner

    • Dawn

      Let’s look at some facts RE: Adam

      Been doing musical theatre since he was ten. Took voice lessons until eighteen, if I remember correctly – or close to it! Has been a regular in stage shows after high school until Idol season 8. Has written songs with Monte, his guitarist, and recording music pre-idol. Was part of a band. He understands production, staging, make-up, working with others, putting on a show, song selection and…. Well you get the idea.

      So to my thinking, he has 18 years of experience in his own right. He just came form a successful international promo tour in Canada, Australia, Singapore, Japan, Scotland, UK, Germany and Sweden. His album has gone platinum in Canada, Gold in US, New Zealand and I think Singapore, is charting in so many countries I can’t even keep track – well ahead of what is happening in the US and on it goes…

      Those that don’t know about Adam’s skilled background or his rising international successes need to educate yourselves. He would make an EXCELLENT mentor. My only question is how, or when, would he have the time to do this! There is a first for everything and I hope this rumor turns out to be true…

      • jon

        @Dawn: this was exactly the point I tried to make when I agrued that he shouldn’t have even been considered for AI in the first place. He’s a professional performer and it was obvious (and unfair) when he was on the show. And going gold in the U.S. is nothing to brag about. Doing well in other countries doesn’t say very much since the U.S. is the true benchmark of a superstar.

      • Kiki

        I’m glad going gold in the US is nothing to brag about. That way the winner Kris Allen shouldn’t feel so bad about not achieving gold status for his album.

      • Julia


        Jeez, spoken like a true American. “Only those who make it big in America are considered superstars.” Ever heard of Mika? Muse? Huge in Europe. Not so much in USA (probably because USA is too restricting in what they consider popular). That doesn’t mean that they aren’t huge music stars.

      • nottoospicy

        Dawn, thanks for bringing the FACTS to the discussion. Facts can’t be disputed. All these people are just spouting opinions based on their own prejudices, whatever they may be.

      • nottoospicy

        Jon, your opinion is worthless because being on Idol doesn’t mean you can’t be professional. You just can’t have an active record contract. Going Gold in this economy is nothing to sneeze at. You clearly just want to dismiss any of Adam’s successes. I’d prefer to be entertained by a musician who’s worked his whole life to get where he is than someone that decided he just wanted to enter a contest on a whim.

      • jon

        @Julia: correction, an American star who isn’t platinum plus in the U.S. cannot call himself a superstar. No offense to artists outside of the U.S., but I’m sure that they also see the prestige of making it big in the States. Just as the Beatles, Stones, Elton John, etc.

      • claudette

        ok jon, but it’s difficult to become platinum with an album made in two month. But he can be an example about how to perform on stage. Maybe he doesn’t have experience in reconding, but he knows to deliver on stage. And this is what the AI contestants need right now.

      • Tom

        @jon – Gee did you know Aerosmith’s “Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” isn’t platimum. Or Janis Joplin’s “Bobbie McGee” is barely gold. Making an album Gold is huge by any standard and Platinum is not anywhere near as common as you think for some of the really big stars in the US. AI has made everyone think it is easy to go platinum and it isn’t. Yes Gaga is doing great, but Ke$ha album sales suck and she has #1 singles. Study the business – it isn’t easy to go Gold and outside of AI – many artist don’t go platinum for 2 years or longer.

      • ing

        Yeah Dawn, go Dawn, I agree whole hardheartedly with you ,and you are correct..!! And he has done some awesome shows and Musicals in the States: As far as I’m concerned he is more credible and talented at what he does and is capable of then what the judges do at theirs respective jobs.

      • fabulousfilly

        Dawn, I agree with everything you said so I won’t repeat, but I would like to add that Adam is an extremely good communicator, he’s always positive even with the presence of so much hate as we are seeing here. He has a great sense of humor and is a very sweet person. Yes, his 18 years of experience as a singer and performer make him an excellent choice as a mentor. As for Jon’s comment about it being unfair for Adam to compete, the AI rule is the contestant can’t be signed to a record label. Experience is helpful in a singing contest. Sorry you fans of others are jealous of Adam and keep following him around, article to article, just so you can spew your hate. It’s a shame you have so much hate inside. If I may quote Michael Slezak, “to hate Adam Lambert is to hate sunshine”. Nuf said.

      • Denton

        @jon — regarding your statement that Adam should not even have been allowed on AI, I believe the criteria there is that they can’t be under a recording contract, or been formerly under a contract and released product (I think). There have been a lot of past contestants who had recording contracts but that fell through (including Kelly Clarkson, I believe). I’m not sure what kind of criteria you would be looking for — if someone had ever earned money singing then they should be ineligible for AI? That would eliminate most of the contestants except those too young to sing in bars and those who are just there to dress up in a chicken suit for auditions. There would be others who have legitimate talent, but my guess is that much like the opinion of this year’s contestants, they would be written off as untalented by the uninformed masses who don’t understand that performing is a skill that must be practiced and honed and doesn’t just magically “happen” just because you have talent (contrary to what some movies portray). So if you eliminate everyone who has worked as a musician for money, you probably eliminate most of those who have actual performing skills…
        I also disagree that someone must be a “superstar” (read “sold a lot of product” by jon’s standards) in order to be a mentor. Sales and promotion is a whole different animal than singing ability and performance, which is what Adam would be mentoring about. And the “Idol” experience is probably still pretty fresh in his mind too, so I think he would be a great choice from that perspective as well. Plus he is good at expressing himself to others, so I think he would be good at getting his point across to the contestants without causing them to get discouraged, and will probably put them at ease so they won’t be too intimidated. I really think he will do a good job.

      • Chris Ford

        Dawn, that was a monster-good post!
        I don’t fond Adam my cup of tea, but I am very excited about what Adam brings to the table. It could be a small stage tweak that Crystal likes and keeps that shows off her warmth just a little more and ultimately translates out to 50,000 more records sold.
        For Lee it could be that little spark that shows fans he is not only the most talented man, but is an interesting and engaging Lee. AI is not a “vocal critique contest” this far into Finals. It is a “who you like?” based on total package.
        And Siobhan? Maybe the most benefit of all. NOT because she is a Lambert wannabe. She isn’t. But she was just a teen with great potential when she started AI, 7-8 years behind Adam in training, experience, learning curve. And if she just gets from Adam some stage tips, how Adam wrestled with fulfilling his powerful voice and range without over-reaching because he too at times was impatient and rushing – Siobhan makes out like a champ from it.

        “Big Mike” might also benefit from Adam about how to be larger than life on stage without becoming an exaggerated, cheesy, phony in the process. Somewhere Mike Lynche is authentic…he needs to find that space.
        Andrew, Aaron, Katie/Tim (whichever survives) may also like Lee get a spark from Lambert to improve not their singing but overall performance.
        I think Casey is Casey and will not be helped or hurt by Lambert, just stay the same. 10 years pro – Casey is “finished” as to who he is….

    • Moxy

      Do not agreee, cannot wait! This year sucks so maybe, just maybe, Adam can help these kids get a clue how to entertain us!!!! God knows, Adam sure does!

      • tim

        @Moxy: What Adam does takes years of practice. Your comment is pointless.

      • DUH

        @tim Well isn’t that what mentoring is all about, using years of practice & experience to help others

      • Ellen

        I think Adam is too theatrical to give this year’s very subdued contestants any help. I don’t care for Adam as an entertainer (not my cup of tea) or as a human being. I will not be watching because of those reasons, though. I don’t want to be a part of whatever ratings the show gets. Their extreme promotion of him is ridiculous.

      • michelle

        Just look at all the attention Adam is getting. I know for sure I finnally have something to watch this season. It has been lackluster to say the least. Whether you love him or hate him, people want to see Adam.

    • brandy

      Seriously! And why not someone that’s been out in the industry a little longer and has proven major success, like Kelly or Carrie?

      • nottoospicy

        Maybe Kelly is busy. And Carrie is boring.

      • OMGq

        Sorry, but why is EVERYONE assuming that Kelly or Carrie or Daughtry or any other Idol contestant hasn’t been asked to come back? Maybe they have and it couldn’t be worked out for one reason or another. As for Adam – almost every interview I saw, rwad or listened to from last years crew all said that Adam was constantly helping them with song selection, so maybe the producers thought he could help here. Who knows. Who cares? He can’t be any worse than Mylie or Paul Anka.

      • jaded

        Is “theatrical” your new code you lovely homophobes? And it’s not that you can’t dislike him and not be a homophobe. If you don’t think he’s talented fine. But you only use the code word “theatrical” for one reason. So just say, you hate him because he’s gay and move on. I think it’s a great idea, if nothing else, to teach Season 9 how to choose better songs for themselves and how to have stage presence. If you can’t understand that, it’s your loss.

    • Kristyn

      I completely agree. This is crap. AI is a joke now.

      • @Kristyn

        AI is a joke NOW??? Where have YOU been??

    • luke

      As one who thought Adam was extremely overrated – I think this fits this season because this season is the worst one yet – so, perfect.

      • nottoospicy

        Luke, Adam is the best singer to have ever stepped on that stage. Before him, I never bothered watching this overrated pageantry crapfest that is geared towards bringing in viewers for singers which appeal to the most common denominators, which doesn’t mean true artistry at all (Bieber, Miley anyone?). They were lucky they found Adam so the corporate shillers could really benefit!

      • Scott

        I agree with Luke. He missed his era of the late 70s.

    • Lock

      Adam will be a perfect first former idol contestant guest mentor.

      • Entertained!

        I agree. No one is better suited for the job imo. We know he helped the other contestants last season.

    • Cindy

      I approve. I will finally tune in to watch Adam. This show has been dragging its ass this year and who better than to spice it up than Adam? He may just started as a recording artist, but he’s been musically trained and performed for many years and I think he has better knowledge in music and this show than many seasoned recording artists. His honesty and articulation will help the contestants and his charisma will brighten up the screen for this very lagging show. And his fans will be back to the show at least for that week—win/win.

    • Kiki

      Ah, a Krisbert gets here first. How unsurprising. Also unsurprising — the sense of entitlement. Newsflash: An AI winner gets the AI winner’s package and THAT’S IT. Kris got the winner’s package and he’s entitled to nothing else.

      • Ash

        Especially when his management is still bitter that America chose a who it actually felt was the winner and didn’t let AI producers force-feed and manipulate it into picking their obvious choice.

      • Tom

        America made a bad choice. Kris is a nice person, but his album isn’t selling well and Adam’s is outselling it 2 to 1. Adam is also going international. America goofed.

      • Kevin

        @Tom:American didn’t goofed, Everyone has different styles and Adam’s wasn’t what the majority liked. I don’t care if Adam is the mentor, maybe he can help the contestants. The obvious choice would be someone that is an established artist, but so be it.

      • Melanie

        America didn’t pick the winner last year. Arkansas and AT&T did.

      • Patty

        That’s exactly it. Kris got the winner’s package and that’s what he’s entitled to. But I feel that even though he is a an okay singer, Kris does not have stage presence or the “entertainer” capabilities in him that Adam has. Also I feel a lot of the reason Kris won is because of the ignorance/fear of the American voters who didn’t want such a flamboyantly gay Adam Lambert representing our American Idol, even though he was the one who had better control of his vocals and could command every genre of music. And if you people don’t agree, just go back over these comments and read all the homophobic comments posted here. It’s disgusting and I’m ashamed of you. Why don’t you put on your white hoods and get it over with? God wants us to treat others as we would ourselves, and not to judge lest we be judged. So I have nothing against Kris & his wife – I wish them the best. I also wish Adam the best and look forward to his being on the show. Look how much controversy it’s getting already? It’s sure to boost the ratings, and that’s what AI needs. And that’s exactly what the producers want. So love Adam or hate him, he’s going to be great for the show.

      • LousyVotingSystem

        @Kevin — you said that Adam “isn’t what the majority liked”. The fact of the matter is that we actually don’t KNOW what the “majority” liked — we only know who got the majority of the votes. AI votes don’t translate into actual individual humans. Take as an example: one tweener voting 1000 times for contestant A, vs. 100 adults voting once for contestant B… the “majority” voted for contestant B (100 times as many), even though contestant A got the majority of the votes (10 times as many).
        For this reason, I really wish AI would limit the votes from a given phone number so that we get a more accurate picture of what the MAJORITY likes. Otherwise, it’s a case of who has the time and the technical backup to make the most votes per minute, rather than how many ACTUAL PEOPLE like one contestant more than another. So the bottom line is that we really don’t know who was more popular (favored by more people). We only know whose fans were able to cram more votes in. That’s not the same thing.

    • Jill

      I agree. I think it seems sort of contrived, just to promote his album and not because he’s the best mentor they could get.

      • staciegirlie

        I think you’re forgetting that Adam used to mentor his fellow contestants against the advisment of the producers and vocal coaches.

      • Kevin

        @Staciegirlie: If you listen to the interviews from last year, everyone helped each other. Adam was not the only one. Where did you get the information that the producers and vocal coaches objected? I think this is what you call exaggerating. Heck, Kara gave Kris credit for helping everyone with Michael Jackson week. So maybe you should get your story straight.

      • Steph

        You’re right it feels incredibly contrived (and also kinda like Simon Fuller throwing his weight around). But name one person this season who has mentored who hasn’t been selling something? Or last? Or the one before that? Hell, even Tarantino was pushing Inglourious Basterds to some extent. People mentor on Idol cause they’ve got a product to pimp. Oh look, Usher has a new album out, there’s a surprise!

        But in Adam’s favour, a lot of the contestants have really stuggled to find their footing and make the show work for them this year so Adam might actually be quite good for them. After all, he always knew how to be who he was while still fitting the show.

        Yes he wouldn’t be much use helping them AFTER Idol, as in that respect he is inexperienced, but at the moment the producers need to get them working within the context of the show which a lot just aren’t. Adam should be able to maybe give them some pointers on not losing their personality to the theme of the week.

      • adamaniac85

        @Kevin Adam is the one who said that the vocal coached advised against it. He said it in an interview some time last year.

    • TJ

      lol….. Adam is the only one worthy of this from last year – or any year! just sayin!!

    • blackkitten

      Adam shouldn’t have been the runner up. That’s because this show is a big joke anyway.

      • nottoospicy

        So true! Adam should’ve won. And he would have if they used legitimate methodology like DWTS does.

      • stormy

        Right! Adam should have won and so should Clay in S2. Clearly the people with the most time on their hands and the strongest prejudices are not the ones who buy music.

    • Lynn

      You gotta realize Adam was singing/acting in Hollywood years before he hit the AI stage. He’s worked Cruise ships, toured Nationally with “Wicked”, along with a bunch of other things. He knows how to reach an audience. Unlike the other AI winners and runners-up, Adam isn’t just a great singer, he is also a great performer. No other contestant/winner has ever been a real performer–they had to grow into it. There’s a difference between a great singer and a great performer. Adam is both and that’s why I think the PTB wanted him for the job.

      • freddy

        ohhh cruise ships -now that’s entertainment…

      • bobsacccamanna

        didn’t bruce springsteen start out on a cruise ship too…all the great “international” artists cut their teeth in front of a bunch of drunk overweight seasick slobs..didn’t they?.

    • Tar

      Haha Adam is perfection even if the voting system is screwed. Hahaha

    • revcat

      I don’t think the other Idol contestants are going to stay up all night worrying about it. They get to come back and guest to help sell records and Adam being a mentor is just an embellishment on guesting. I don’t really think the mentors are that helpful, Adam can help as much as anyone.

    • My Thoughts

      I think Adam mentoring will sum up this season perfectly! They could have chosen a mentor from their established Idol alumni, but considering how bad this season is, it’s kinda fitting to have Adam Lambert.

      • nottoospicy

        Yes, fitting that they bring someone exciting to balance out this boring flock of deer-in-the headlights contestants (except Siohban and Crystal of course).

      • Lady Grey

        Adam’s a brilliant choice – get a life all you haters. What nastiness there is…actually, it’s probably homophobia!

      • terri

        Yes, Adam Lambert as a Mentor is a joke. But you know… this season is a joke too.
        Kara flirting with Simon, Ellen not knowing anything about music, all Randy knows how to say is “Dog”, and Ryan being his silly self.
        Bring back crazy Paula, we miss her. this is a bad season.

      • @terri

        THINK TWICE before you say anything bad. Karma hits back at ya!!! Believe me!!!! One day you may be begging Adam for a job LOL!!

    • KelBen

      Totally agree…are they deliberately throwing this season under the bus?

      • My Thoughts

        Things are pretty bad this season. The judges don’t want to be there, and the contestants seem hand-picked to be awful. Then we had Miley Cyrus as a mentor…followed by Adam Lambert. Interesting choices across the board this season.

    • Maire C

      J, This is the real world and not a popularity contest anymore. Adam has the chops and years of music performance experience to draw on. I bet if you asked last years winner mentoring is the last thing he would want to do. Not Chris’ thing.

      • Tom

        He isn’t mentoring them on how to seek a music career. He is mentoring them on how to perform. Who better for that???

    • Sam

      How does one who does not yet have a music career mentor others seeking a music career?

      • Pete

        The mentors are not there to advise the contestants about a career in music. They are there to help contestants improve their performance. Since Adam just went through the same process last season he should be able to offer these finalists a lot of insight.

    • Hilda

      Idol is going down the drain. Who in this world would have picked him to be a mentor? Should have his/her head examined
      Canadian used to be fan

    • Sen

      Well the contestants don’t listen to the more experienced mentors anyway, so maybe having someone they can relate to will make them listen to what’s good for them. I’m sorry but I don’t think Usher offered any advice that Adam couldn’t think to offer.

    • john stimh

      this is absolutely one of the worst ideas AI has ever done. If they are going to have a former Idol as mentor, have a successful winner like Kelly or Carrie, not a wannabe who half of the viewers either love or hate.

      • Carl

        Kelly is still by far the most established Idol artist from all perspectives. I also like her a lot. But not mentoring on Idol doesn’t mean she’s not a superstar, just like not winning wouldn’t hamper Daughtry’s success.
        Nobody could be liked by everyone. Remember all the chaos MJ suffered? BUT just imagine having MJ as a mentor~~!!!!!!
        Last year, I tuned in every night to watch Adam – how he would change up the song, what show he was about to deliver. For the first time This year, I feel like I’m looking forward to the show, assuming and expecting what’s to become.

    • CATHY

      Phooey,,,,Adam will be wonderful. They didn’t ask Kris because these people already know how to stand behind a guitar and sing. Adam generates interest.

      • Elise

        I doubt the ratings will go up like the Glambots keep touting…

    • Debbie

      Adam brings drama and charisma to music and we have yet to see any of that this year. Adam would be a great mentor because the contestants already know how to sing, they just need to know how to present the song.

    • bigvig

      i couldn’t agree more…he’s doing it to sell more records…duhhh.

      • neetsie2000

        And Usher, Miley and the others before him didn’t do it to sell their records? Methinks you’re full of crap.

    • sumwhut

      good lord, adam has so much more experience than he is getting credit for. He has been in the biz for a big chunk of his life. clawing and struggling and putting in the time to get where he is. plus he has the idol experience and perspective. been there done that thing. He is such an inspiring human being who seems to want everyone around him to succeed also- share the love.

      • Ellen

        …while being rude to people at the same time. How professional is it to bash another artist’s work on live radio? He’s said some things that sure don’t inspire me. Gotta go take my LSD now. Adam said everybody should.

    • Chuck

      Nice to see everyone promoting their favorite past Idol performers. Wow, whether positive or negative, people are feeling intense about Adam Lambert and that, in itself, is the marker for a star! None of the other contestants have been so unique–though I have enjoyed several of them. This isn’t Little League so not every team member gets to play. Watch for ratings to really be high for these two shows.

    • JRM

      Yeahhh. If they’re gonna have a previous Idol contestant mentor, it should at least be a WINNER and someone who’s been in the business for years — I’m thinkin’ Kelly or Carrie. I don’t think Adam’s album has even hit Platinum status here in the states.

      • WhyBusiness

        What does the “business” have to do with it? For the record, Adam actually HAS been in the “business” for years; just not well known. And in regard to record sales… so are you saying that if his album HAD gone platinum already, that suddenly he would have been more qualified to mentor? Even though he’s still the same performer as he was the day before it went platinum? Why do record sales matter? He would be mentoring on PERFORMANCE skills, not sales and promotion.

    • beachn

      There are so many of us casual Idol watchers that only tuned in for Adam Lambert last year. This year we tried, but so far no one stands out like he did. If they had some other winner etc, it would NEVER So this makes soooooo

    • Pete

      Finally…this season just got interesting!!

    • Ghost of Kelly Clarkson

      I’m no fan of Adam Lambert, but I think his influence on the contestant’s showmanship and stage presence might actually improve this horrible season. Can’t hurt…

    • Gina

      I agree with J. He didn’t even win the competition. Maybe he can teach them how to scream at the end of the song.

      • Mary

        Maybe he can help Siobhan.

      • Ellen

        He and Siobhan can scream a duet!

    • MrsGIMO

      GREAT news! REALLY looking forward to seeing him. There’s finally a reason to watch Idol this season. Adam has been in the music business for over 10 years and is one of the most talented artists in the world!

    • Wiley

      I vote for Jason Mraz as a mentor!!!!!!

      • Gale


    • Alan

      Big deal. Miley Cyrus was also a “mentor”. Does anyone really care? I mean, how many contestants seriously paid attention to her “advice”? SNOOZE!

    • Tom

      Clear and simple – look at the number of comments just saying Adam Lambert will mentor has caused. Love him or hate him – you can’t resist him. The guy brings viewers.

    • col

      Hey America You may not have had the sense to see the true winner of American Idol season 8 but thankfully the rest of the world did. For those that have commented that he isn’t setting the charys alight can I remind you that there is more to the world then the US of A.Adam Lambert is huge in Europe,Canada,New Zealand,Australia and Asia his album and singles have gone platinum.The UK is about to welcome him with open arms he has as much experience in the business then Miley Cyrus and more where AI is concerned. Mentoring is not about album sales and this current crop need mentoring on stage presence that is something Adam is expert in.He is articulate and has empathy I cant wait for him to be on the show. To quote Adam “if you dont like it then tough”

    • Amy

      I can just hear it now. Adam: “So this is how you rub your crotch and this is how you stick your tongue down your back-up singer’s throat. Oh yeah and you should try to sing well too.” I love Adam but I’m with the rest. Miley and now this? It’s officially ovah, people.

      • Mack

        Actually Amy your comment is so over. That was disgusting what you wrote and you should be ashamed. Let it go girl just let it go. You couldn’t love Adam if you can insult the man the disgusting way you did.

      • @Mack

        Mack, let it go… people have different opinions. Deal with it.

      • Matt

        That was funny how you used Mack’s “let it go” Amy. I agree with Mack, how can you like a person and yet insult them?

      • TT

        @ Amy: YOU are DISGUSTING!! Tell mommy to wash out your filthy mouth with lye soap!!

    • Allie

      i agree with j. at least get kelly, carrie or j hud for a mentor. they’ve had more success in the music industry. and i think most of you are jealous of miley because she’s had a lot of success in the industry, and you all just think she should be on disney forever and not do grown-up movies. maybe you all need to grow up. adam shouldn’t be a mentor because he’s only had one album out and not enough music industry expericence. j-hud, kelly clarkson, miley cyrus and carrie underwood have.

    • Denton

      We don’t know that others weren’t asked… also we don’t know that those others wouldn’t prefer to just perform on the show rather than try to educate on performing/singing. Keep in mind that not everyone wants to or likes to “teach”.

    • beast

      i totally agree. throughout the whole show last year, all they did was pimp up adam, when he wasnt even as good as they said! now this is just ridiculous, there are many other idol contestants that would have been better at mentoring… it should have definitely been a winner first also… i say adam lambert is b.s. and way overhyped

      • Martin

        @beast – Adam wasn’t even as good as “they” said ? Huh? Actually he’s even better. You need to listen and watch for yourself, not just take what anyone else says. Have you seen Adam perform LIVE? If not, you should do so before you express such strong opinions that he’s “way overhyped”. I’ve seen him live 4 times and will see him at 2 more concerts in Canada this week. He’s WAY, WAY better than any “hype” about him. He’s the best singer and performer I’ve seen in my life, and I’ve seen many. And, by the way, he placed 2nd last year mainly due to voting irregularities in Arkansas (38 million votes!). A book has recently been published giving the details. Adam is second to none…. He’ll be an excellent mentor, but I think most of this season’s contestants need more help than ANYONE, alive or dead, can give them. It’s the worst season ever.

      • Teeth

        Kerry Kolsch is that one of your many online fake personalities? Have you dropped around TopIdol lately? LAME!

    • cookiegirl

      These contestants will benefit greatly from someone who can teach them how to be better contestants. I’m sure the decision is less about Adam’s years of experience in the industry and more about how to navigate the competition while staying yourself and developing artistry. A lot of these contestants don’t even understand idol history or song choices made by past contestants and how they are compared to them. This will be a breath of fresh air both audience and current Idols alike, especially because Adam will be friendly and helpful and not intimidating. Can people please be a little more positive and not so bitter?

      • dd

        David Cook would have been better, COOKIE Girl.

    • IreneRose

      Adam is a Winner.

      • Sammie

        And yet he couldn’t win American Idol.

    • Glambert is on…hehe!

      This article just made my night! Now I can sleep happy and keep dreaming about next week.Bring it on Lambert! we are all eyes and ears…MUAHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    • Cookie

      In response to the first comment on the page, I would like to say that this is now real life, and things just arent fair. Such as the most popular and talented singer/performer from season 8 lost the competition. Just like at times the best team doesnt win. Just like some AI winners dont outsell everyone else and go on to be huge successes. I find it strange that in the world of American Idol an entitlement of the elementary school mentality exists. I.E. “No one should walk out on the winner before he performs because he is the winner and to do so it would be rude.” Entitlement beliefs like this just dont exist in real life. Adam is going to mentor and perform, so what? I am grateful to idol for giving Adam his shot, but frankly, I wish he would disassociate from this sinking ship as soon as possible.

    • Coco Cabrera

      Winner or runner up doesn’t matter. This is about Adam’s skills. None else has them.


      You’re still stuck in Winner/Runner up’ mode? LOL? NEWSFLASH the music Industry does NOT give a CHICKEN about what place you made on a reality Show. They don’t CARE. It’s about your TALENT, Sales, precense, your executive realness, and so forth. Why are you still stuck in the Idol bubble? These contestants all moved on to the real world, yet SOME fans are still stuck? They’re not connected to each other no matter how often you fans bring up the other one. They are alone in the music industry. They are their own recording artists. Business is business. If they had sent Adam to Africa instead of Kris would you still be crying? Adam has been the most successful male Contestant ever, and the most Successful Alumn from Last Season, AND is always In Demand and met with crazy excitement from both interviwers and fans in every Continent he has stepped in so far. Most importantly, he was Last Season’s Group Counsellor. Lambo has worked in the Industry for over a Decade, and was Last Season’s Group Counsellor.

      When the Idol House were asked who they all went to for ADVICE, they all said, “Adam”. About music, life, anything.

      Kris Allen said: “He’s just so easy to talk to, and gives amazing advice. He has so many words of wisdom, real genuine ones. He’s just an all round great guy. He always makes you feel comfortable, and confident. The best you can be.”

      This Season is dire, I’ll be tuning in properly for the first time next week. Good Luck Lambo.


        NOT to mention the fact that he has been in the business for over a DECADE.

      • Matt

        Lalola you suck. Adam is busy, but let me see, he was scheduled to already be on the results show so how one more day is all it would take to have him there as mentor. So, dear, how is that not busy? You are a crock of crap.

      • Sammie

        “Adam has been the most successful male Contestant ever,”. Right.

        Not even platinum in his own country. Yeah real successful.

    • Laurie J

      If Adam was selected to be a mentor, then what does that tell you? That he was obviously the best singer last year. That his career has sky rocketed in less than a year. His talent has surpassed anyone else’s this decade. Record labels, and the music industry knows that they will make millions from this truly talented artist, and he is in demand everywhere in the universe. Adam has been singing and performing since he was 10. I think he comes with a pretty good resume’…besides that, he is a kind, intelligent, humble, fun guy.
      This was a very smart, strategic choice on behalf of 19 Entertainment, and they know it.

      • LaLoLa

        actually it probably only tells he’s not that busy compare to other idol alums

      • Sammie

        “If Adam was selected to be a mentor, then what does that tell you? That he was obviously the best singer last year.”

        Actually it tells me that he hasn’t lived up to the hype and is not becoming the “rawk god” that TPTB wanted. Time to push him one more time. Got to try and recoup the money they spent on him. Nothing more than that.

    • Sher

      Not enough experience are you kidding me?
      Adam has been struggling since he was 18 to be successful in the music industry. No one before him or since last season has as much experience period. Add that up he has 10 years of REAL tough times and some successes. All Adam wanted to do was get some exposure and AI gave him that. Some of the people posting here really don’t know what he has been through to get to this point in his life. I do get a hint of jealousy from some people. Adam will be able to help these kids improve I guarantee.

    • Martin

      It’s not an award for the AI “winner”. The producers choose who they think will do the best job for the contestants and for the show’s slipping ratings. They chose Adam, so deal with it.

    • Ted

      I AGREE — how can he mentor, he didn’t win and it hasn’t even been a year yet since, what a slap in the face to kris allen and actually to all idol winners. Nothing against Adam — but all of you up in arms over Miley — should be a million times more angry about this one.

      • Cookie

        Fans of AI have to get over the idea of winning and entitlement. As another poster said, it is now about the effect that person has in the real world. I am not saying that Kelly or Carrie or even David Cook wouldnt do a great job, but this is about getting ratings for a sagging show and promoting Adam at the same time. All other mentors who come on this show usually do have somethig to promote. Let’s get real. The amount of attention and comments this news has gotten proves that the Powers that be understand who will bring in the ratings. I am an Adam fan who is grateful to AI for giving him his shot, but I hope from here on out Adam removes himself as far as possible from this sinking ship. Personally, I like the edgier, controversial Adam as a performer; I dont care if he doesnt sell a million records in the US. He’ll do well enough around the world to maintain longevity.

    • AdamIsAbigPOS

      What is Adam going to teach the contestants not to slip and call your fanbase “SMELLY AND SWEATY” until you can get their money? Or not to FART on the tour bus?

      • Mandy

        @AdamIsAbigPOS, for someone who hates Adam, you sure follow him a lot. Adam only said a few of his fans were smelly and sweaty, not his entire fan base. You need to listen to the REAL interview again. Adam tweeted that the “FART” story was a joke the other idols played on him. It never happened. Why don’t you get your facts straight before you start spewing lies. That is the problem with a lot of the haters, they are lying. @TERRIBLE even said that Kris is selling the same number of albums as Adam when in fact, Adam has sold twice the number Kris has. Kris only won because of cheating and his low sales proves it.

    • Amelia

      I’m surprised Kelly Clarkson hasn’t been given this opportunity. Despite not (yet) being a superstar, I think Adam could bring a lot to the contestants because he does know how to play the ‘idol game’ really well. He is an excellent performer, and each week on Idol last year Adam brought something different & exciting to the stage. Adam’s strength is more in performing than in singing (IMO), but as a performer he has a lot to offer the contestants. So why not have him as Idol? This season is pretty dull, so it should at least rope in more viewers for one night.

    • Ray

      What an insult to every idol winner. He has not had enough experience. Better to have no one as mentor.

      • DD

        Sor Ray, why is it an insult?? It was an insult when Adam lost the damn show last year. That’s the INSULT!! He’s got lots of experience, go check him out before you comment!

      • TT

        Right! Ray … Better to have no one as mentor .. why don’t YOU apply for the position? YOU’RE NO ONE!!!

    • nana

      I agree!!!! I’m not Cook fan, but Cook supposed to be the mentor not Adam. AI is losing it’s sense. Miley as a mentor, while she doesn’t even know how to sing. Picked Bieber to perform. It seems to me that AI is so desperate trying to get more viewers. Sigh!!!

    • heelfane2301

      Actually we have no way of knowing if no other Idol has been given this opportunity. It is very possible that the invitation has been extended and until now no one accepted.

    • DD

      Well ask the contestants if they prefer Adam Lambert or Kris Allen?? Oh wait, why don’t you just ask the whole damn world instead!!!

    • Tahaa

      That is why he has this HONOR BESTOWED ON HIM!! HE DESERVES ALL OF THE ADORATION, RESPECT, and PRIVILEGE, because ADAM LAMBERT EARNED IT through years of hard work!!! That is why NO ONE CAN “TOP”, “MATCH”, “COMPETE” “COMPARE” TO ADAM!!

      • Ellen

        That’s just it. An “honor”, just like the Rolling Stone’s cover right after the show was over. They are force feeding us Adam Lambert. So he worked hard for a long time. Does that mean the others didn’t? Cook worked with a ban who put out 3 CDs and one of his own after that. Is that not work?

    • DD

      Look at this first before you haters say anything else!!

      • Judy

        Wow, the legendary Slash saying all the right things LOL. There you go you bunch of haters!!

    • Tommy

      LOL In spite of all the hype and mega-pushing that AI still does for him, Adam still hasn’t developed an actual music career that justifies all the brouhaha. Three singles released, and all have tanked, an album that only spent 1 week in the top ten, and still hasn’t even gone platinum, and silly controversies that went nowhere…

      • Jamie

        Adam’s single Whataya Want From Me has gone gold and is on the way to platinum. His album has gone gold in the US.

    • kansas

      This is real life kiddies. Just because your brother gets a cookie doesn’t mean you SHOULD…perhaps you didn’t deserve one. … and if you are lucky enough to GET a cookie, quit comparing the size of it to the one your brother got. Be glad for what you have, not pissed off because you perceive injustice. Life is not fair…we all don’t get the same things….deal with it. shheeesh…children!….

      IF Idol asks Adam before Kris, it’s because they think Adam can handle it from an entertainment standpoint…., and the ratings will go up more than Kris could take them.

    • Melanie

      Adam will be fantastic. Just think they could have asked Kris. Imagine what a dull night that would have been

    • PolarizedPosts


      Adam Lambert definitely creates a buzz judging by the number and intensity of the comments on here.

      The massive amounts of lovers AND haters that seem to follow his career would lead me to believe that AI made a wise choice.

      Based on his Idol run last year, mad vocals, performance abilities, and communication skills in interviews, I believe he will be a perfect mentor to the contestants.

      I will be tuning in just to see if he can liven up the show a bit.

    • Melanie

      So many big babies. If you are not happy then don’t watch it. We all know you will because even though you are haters you cannot resist Adam.

      • Ellen

        I won’t watch it and help them get their ratings up. Nope. Will not watch.

      • Sammie

        I won’t.

    • Cookie

      Idol fans seem to have an elementary school mentality of entitlement. I’m not disagreeing, but just like in the real world the best people dont always win, and what’s “right” doesnt always happen.

    • Steve

      Adam!!!!!!!! Here is a straight 50 yr old man who loves your artistry and your incredible vocals. You will be huge!!!! Well done dude!

    • anaiya

      Actually, you can’t even say “no other idol” has had this opportunity, because Adam didn’t even win the title.

      He is NOT the American Idol.

    • libraglam

      Oh be REAL, ADAM is a real talent artist that the WORLD (Australia, all over Asia Japan, Singapore, HongKong, China, Malaysia,UK England, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Canada have his album ranked Top 10 and some was #1 last month in Billboard. Your “only” taste compared to MILLIONS of people ON EARTH is kind of odd !! Be Real. Don’t say things that YOU HAVE NOT RESEARCH. That is not cool at all.

    • Valerie

      I’m a Glambert and really excited to see Adam mentor next week, but this does seem like a thinly-veiled plot to get more ratings. Even though he didn’t win last year, he probably brought in a barrage of viewers every night, which is what this season desperately needs.
      However, I agree that Kelly and Carrie would be better suited as mentors since they’re the only idols to reach such a high level of success after the show. It also seems very disrespectful that the producers constantly ignore Kris Allen.

    • dp

      I agree. It should not be Adam-it should be Kris promoting a new single off his album. This makes me sick. Should be the winner not the runner up. Kris has much more ability to help contestants rearrange their songs. This is a pub stunt pure and simple to entise viewers to the show to see if he lip smacks another guy or worse on stage. Enough is enough!!!

      • TT

        @ DP … Since you feel so vehemently opposed to ADAM’s appearance .. I suggest you take a chill pill & WATCH SOMETHING ELSE!!!

    • claudia

      who’s the winner?
      ka? you make me lough as whole the world is loughing of you , litle minds. The real winner is ADAM , Allen is a carricature as whole you are . Why dont you supply his cd if you represent America and you are a lott as you say? he saled 5 time less ADAM . ADAM is a star , we in Europe we love him and i see all over the world is loved. You haters , homophobes, closeminds you are still in middle eve , get hide under rocks , you pull down the proud America.

      • Sammie

        Just because I don’t like Adam’s music doesn’t mean I homophobic. What a narrow mind Glamberts have. NOT EVERYONE LIKES HIS MUSIC AND IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH HOMOPHOBIA.

    • Marge


    • sweetvoice


      I am with you on this one with respect to the winner, they should be given the chance to be a mentor before the runner up however, I also believe the reason why they have chosen Adam is because of the high ratings of season 8.. this gives them more money of course! Also, I also believe season 9 has something to talk about and keep making the show alive because it starts to bore the audiences as compared to season 8.

    • MNCyn

      Kris and Adam were an amazing team on last years show. Adam knew performance and Kris knew music! I daresay they influenced the other contestants — and we *know* they mentored Allison. This years contestants need help with both performance and music!

    • mimem

      It’s because Kris is nothing..and definately wouldn’t have won if it wasn’t for the cell phone company showing all those people how to send multiple text…. otherwise Adam would have been the RIGHTFUL WINNER LIKE HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN! THAT WAS A REAL TRAVESTY THAT Kris got voted in..because he was not the winner!

      • jan

        Adan has been the most individual singer since the show started. he is talented and can sing better than any other singer of season 8 or this season 9.Adam as a mentor can only boost your ratings!!!!! it’s about time idol woke up!

    • stormy

      Maybe because this year’s crop will listen to him. They sure aren’t listening to the judges. And if they do listen to him, maybe the remainder of this season will be less of a train wreck than it has been so far.

    • Peggy Sue

      The reason they are letting Adam do it is because he 1) is completely amazing 2) knows how to change up a song which the contestants need help with and 3) he will bring in the ratings – watch and see- it will be the most-watched Idol show this season!

    • starry

      Adam does deserve it, each of the Idol performers are unique, and Adam has the “long years” of training in, a one of a kind talent, and he has the ability to communicate – also, the other idols on season 8 always said that Adam was a big help to them, and that they went to him for advice. Also, his experience kind of takes it all in – from many angles – so, I say “yea” will definitely be watching, and can’t wait for him to perform once again on the idol stage on results night! I don’t think that all of the winners would necessarily be able to mentor or want to.

    • neetsie2000

      Are you kidding? Kris Allen would be worse than Miley Cyris. Just sayin’.

    • LeeLoo

      Oh please, Adam is far more talented than Kris Allen. He didn’t win because middle america can’t deal with his sexuality. He’s obviously the more sucessful one, like Clay Aiken in season 2.

      Also Lambert has incredible stage presence, something many of this season’s contestant’s lack such as, Casey James, Aaron Kelly, Katie Stevens, Tim Urban…basically everyone besides Bowersox.

    • jessanjill

      OH BARF! Thought I had seen the last of him when I went to the American Idol tour. He definitely exploited his sexuality when he had kept it secret on the voting nights. I can’t stand him and there are far more better idols who could definitely do a good job of mentoring. He has not had the experience for that. I hope the contestants don’t plan on taking his advice seriously.

    • 8sourcandy

      Who said this show was fair? After all, it is billed as a SINGING competition, yet the best singers rarely win. It’s suppose to represent AMERICA’S choice, yet that choice is usurped by block-tech-savvy teens. It’s suppose launch careers, yet it stymies its winners with lame coronation ballads. If offers prestigious records deals to its finalists, only to undermine their opportunity by saddling them with formulaic tracks, synth-happy producers and THREE months to produce their debut album. All-in-all, “fair” is the last thing American Idol is.

    • Liev

      We should stick to the fact that ADAM LAMBERT is the best ever finalist to grace American Idol. Those who are against him are simply haters and that is the only reason why they cannot accept the truth. Mind you, all of them would be watching the show!!!

  • Ed

    Though he’s only been around for a year, I’m for this. I didn’t always love his performances, but I always looked forward to them. Maybe he can add some spice to season 9’s boring group of singers (minus Crystal).

    • DirtyDiana

      I didn’t watch AI more than occassionally until last year when I happened upon Adam Lambert’s Ring Of Fire performance. From that point forward, I would make sure to tune in to AI every week because I wanted to see his performances.

      I tried to watch this year and have been bored overall, so I totally agree with you… he might be the ‘spice’ these contestants need so they start to up the ante.

  • anonymous

    Wouldn’t Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood be more qualified at this point? They’ve proved themselves through good album sales and longevity. Adam hasn’t reached that level yet.

    • J


      • UGH

        This might be more ridiculous than Miley Cyrus a couple of weeks ago.
        Shouldn’t a PROVEN artist be mentoring?
        It’s insulting.

      • juju

        At least Miley has had #1 hits. And sold-out concerts. Her own TV show. Movies. Her fans may be kids, but she has made Disney boatloads of money in a bunch of different areas. I don’t see Adan doing any of that, do you?

      • gagirl265

        Excuse me but no Miley hasn’t had a #1 hit, check the facts before posting. And the fact that their vocal range do not even exist on the same planet, makes him a much better choice. I can hardly wait.

      • Jill

        gagirl265: She’s had #1 hit albums.

      • staciegirlie

        @JuJu, Check your facts, jack. Adam sold out his first solo concert. He’s also sold out 2 of his upcoming concerts in Canada. The tickets sold out in 10 minutes. Who’s not mentor material?

      • Sam

        Stacygirlie, you are an idiot. Miley Cyrus is a terrible singer but to compare her credentials to Lambert’s is ridiculous. She’s sold out arenas and your trying to compare one or two sold out shows to Sparkle Cows? Bwah.

      • Tom

        Do you want a mentor with creds or a mentor that can really offer sound advice?? I would rather have Adam. He helped everyone else succeed last year.

      • DD

        OK guys, let’s bring Kris Allen back to be a mentor OK!!! Everyone happy now???

    • del

      Agree, but they have to want to do it. Neither of them need the publicity.

      • BlueEyedMonster

        Hanna Montana sold out concerts she was a Disney creation and little girls loved her

    • Firecat

      What if Kelly Clarkson decides to eat Aaron Kelly?

      • sigtot

        No, to much bone, not enough meat.

      • Rebecca

        you mean “too” much bone?

      • Riley

        Rebecca, thanks for your correct spelling, to vs too is a major pet peeve of mine.

    • Ree

      LOL Boohoo

    • Kat

      agreed!! Kelly was fantastic on CI and I’m really saddened that she hasn’t yet mentored the American Idol kids. I’m feeling whine-y that Kelly or Carrie hasn’t yet mentored yet and don’t really wanna see Adam being the first one to do so.

      • David

        Booooo hooooooooo, boooo hooooo waaaaaahhhh *stamps feet* I want Kelly

      • juju

        Kelly, Carrie, Ruben, Clay, Fantasia, J-Hud, Daughtry, Elliott, Cook, Archie, Jordin — there’s about a million people who should be mentor before Adan.

      • AL

        maybe they didn’t want to mentor tho

      • Martin

        juju – Exactly WHY should those people mentor before Adam ? Some of them might do a good job, but Adam will also do a good job and I expect an excellent job. No one has a “right” to be a mentor. The producers get to choose who they want and who they think will increase the show’s ratings and help the contestants. They’ve chosen ADAM. Get over it.

      • LaLoLa

        DC is busy in Africa. Not available.

      • nottoospicy

        Carrie was BORING when she was on Idol and boring on the tour also.

    • Mace

      Both Kelly and Carrie are on tour, no?

    • Suzanne

      Yes. Also, I feel bitter for other idols, like David Archuleta and David Cook who couldn’t sing their own songs on the show.

      • Martin

        Both Davids have sung on the results shows before. I believe David A. is on tomorrow night. There’s no reason for you to feel bitter.

    • Maserda

      So agree! Bring on the AI (successful) WINNERS!

      • Rebecca

        Yes, like Kris Allen, who has difficulty putting together a coherent sentence while face-to-face with another person. That would be fun!

      • TK

        I am loving me some Adam Lambert and this is the best idea ever! Oh let the ignorant haters have their day in the sun, it’s all good. I love Kris Allen as well but I agree with REBECCA, the boy can’t put two sentences together. No, he is NOT dumb, he just seems like a shy and quiet guy. Nothing wrong with that but it may be a problem if you are out in the public eye, YOU have to learn to deal with the media. That is Lee’s problem this season, I love that guy, and he could win, but he has to start believing in himself and go with the flow. Adam has the “IT” factor and you can like it or hate it but you can’t deny it!!!

      • Shirley

        Yeah. Maybe Kris can teach them how to become the lowest selling Idol winner ever.

      • nottoospicy

        Adam would have won except for the Arkansas powervoters and homophobic flyover people. They should have methodology similar to DWTS. Adam would’ve been the WINNER then. Shut up about winners. This show has no credibility when it comes to actual votes.

      • @Elena

        Shirley, if Adam won, then he would also be the lowest selling Idol winner ever…

        Glambots are typically low on common sense and facts

      • AdamIsAbigPOS

        Adam sold less cds than TAYLOR HICKS.

      • DD

        I wonder what people would say if they got Kris Allen to come back? That would be the biggest joke of the YEAR!!!

      • Teeth

        Nottospicy–KERRY KOLSCH! HI!

    • Huh?

      Underwood and Daughtry (I know he hasn’t been mentioned, but it’s only a matter of time). Clarkson(Hudson, too). may have already been asked, who knows?

      • Huh?

        Anyway Underwood and Daughtry are on tour.

    • maryaminx

      I agree that they would be more suitable, but I’m not ~upset at the possibility.

    • mike

      I don’t think it’s a matter of who’s “qualified.” Adam was attention grabbing, and good for ratings. I think they’re just trying to liven things up. As great as Kelly and Carrie are, they’re vocalists, not circus performers like Adam.

      • TK

        Awww MIke you are such a lovely guy. If you think for ONE minute Adam is not a vocalist then you need to go back and research. How does being able to go as high as an Octave 5 do it for you? How about being able to sing every chord there is on a guitar? Yeah I thought so!

      • nottoospicy

        Yeah, I guess some of history’s most iconic performers were “circus performers” like MJ and Elvis, Adam is in good company. The point is to entertain, not put people to sleep.

      • TT

        Sorry Mike: ADAM is ranked #2 most Technically Skilled Rock Vocalist in the WORLD (Living or Dead) by a panel of EXPERTS!! YOU LOSE!!

    • melissa

      Yep, Kelly Clarkson should be a mentor. Not Adam Lambert… jeez.

      • Martin

        Obviously the producers disagree with you, Melissa. So do I and so do many others. You’re entitled to your opinion, but the producers get to make the choice – they’re the ones with the most at stake and the most experience in the music industry. They chose Adam.

    • Terry

      The bottom line is–Adam has the power to boost AI ratings. It isn’t about being “fair” to past Idols.

      • Sammie

        Maybe, maybe not.

    • nottoospicy

      Yeah, but they are almost as boring as performers as the current crop although they can sing much better.

    • Snug

      Remember that these two girls isn’t huge names outsite USA… Adam is…. the only Idol who has taken a world tour and done amazing performances everywhere he came… he took us with storm and I hope he will move to LONDON, BERLIN or AMSTERDAM… cause Europe respect him and we are free enough to have a gay amazing guy like Adam to live with us. I agree with some people who say you Americans don’t deserves him at all. He is outstanding and no one can take that away from him. If people don’t like him then close your mouth and find other things to do. I don’t spend my time at Kris’s or other artist’s pages or what ever to kick their ass… oh can I say that …. yes I can cause I live in a free country and we can say what we want – also in the tv… NO BEEP SOUNDS….
      From Denmark and the rest of Europe.

      • Ellen

        Some of us Americans don’t want him. Maybe you all in Europe haven’t heard some of the awful comments he’s made. I can’t support an artist who says the things that he does.

      • TT

        @ Ellen: Have you heard with your own ears the horrible things that ADAM has said? WHY are you allowed to say such horrific things about ADAM but he is not allowed to state his honest OPINIONS? When did GOD make you JUDGE & JURY?

  • Generation Gossip

    This is a great choice. I can’t wait to see him

    Check Out

  • TorontoTom

    I’ll be tuning in! Best news I’ve heard all season.

  • AC

    Nothing against Adam, but there are a lot of other idol alums that would be better choices.

    • gagirl265

      No, not really………

    • KelBen

      Totally agree…someone who has actual music portfolio? Hmmm…. Kelly, Carrie, or even Daughtry.

    • Martin

      KelBen – “Actual music portfolio”? Adam certainly does! Check out his albums, including 2 albums of pre-Idol performances, his recent CD (For Your Entertainment), and thousands of performance videos of all kinds on YouTube. There are recordings of almost every kind of song imaginable. He’s fronted a band, sung in clubs, sung in musicals, toured the country – and abroad — sung solo (a capella), sung with full band and stripped down band, sung for a movie soundtrack, sung at sold-out concerts, brought arenas of 20,000 people to screaming hysteria, sung on a variety of TV shows, sung recently in Australia, Singapore, Japan, the UK, Scotland, Germany, Sweden. Yeah, he has a very impressive music portfolio. He’s been performing onstage since he was 10.

    • DD

      Who cares!!! The producers and the judges loves Adam so be it!!! So does millions of fans!!

  • Katie

    YES!! Love Adam!! He knows his stuff! Will be kind and most helpful to the contestants!! Hope this is true!

    • Jennifer

      I’d have no problem with Adam performing on the results show – that problem would be a great show since he’s definitely a showman.
      But as a mentor, he’d have about as much credibility as Miley Cyrus given that he’s hardly a superstar with a proven track record yet.

      • lahvlahvlahv

        First, Idol has no credibility. Second, he’s coming in from the perspective of someone who’s been on the show and knows how it works. He played the show last year beautifully. He molded the themes to him. These contestants can learn more from him than a superstar going “that sounds pretty good. i like it.”

      • @lahvlahvlahv

        Then someone who is famous only because he was on Idol would have less credibility by this logic. As to your second point, there is some logic to that, but it depends on these contestants having the ability to mold the themes to their individual styles, and I think that those who can do it already have.

      • AvaC

        I agree 100%!

      • lahvlahvlahv

        @@ Adam shot to fame because of Idol. But he’s maintained unprecedented popularity because of his music and because of who he is as a personality. He’s succeeding overseas in markets that barely pay attention to Idol. A good chunk of his fanbase is not composed of Idol fans and only tuned in last year to see him or didn’t watch the show at all (me!). Kelly Clarkson has also found credibility post-Idol. You know, as well as I do, that it’s a very tough road if you come from Idol. Kelly may be a mentor down the road, and she’d be a good one, but let’s face it – she’s not going to bring in the same ratings or create the same buzz right now. But again, she’d be coming at it from a different angle – not as a recent contestant, but as a music industry veteran.

      • Katie

        Although he’s only been in the music industry for the past year, he has been singing in musical theatre (big productions like Wicked) for 10+ years now. I think if you can sing, you can sing, and Adam can sing!

      • Katie

        So excited!! Love Adam!! Those complaining that he isn’t “established” enough… well first of all, this is a singing competition and I’m pretty sure we all can agree Adam can sing. Second, although Adam has only been in the recording artist scene for not even a year now, he has had 10+ years of stage and singing experience on the big stage, like Wicked. And finally, If Miley Cyrus is goo enough to mentor, well hell, then so is Adam!!

  • llevinso

    I agree with others that are saying this is ridiculous. No offense to Adam, he is talented, but he is no where near ready to mentor yet. No other AI alums have done so yet and the first one should probably be a winner and one with more industry experience than Adam Lambert…you know like Kelly or Carrie, someone like that. He has not been in the business long AT ALL. This is ridiculous.

    • B

      Yes but right now, he’s not mentoring them on industry experience, he’s mentoring them on how to deliver a good onstage performance.

      • Lisa

        I’ve also read that he more or less mentored other Season 8 contestants even as he was competing against them, offering advice on performances (such as encouraging Kris to do “Heartless”).

      • juju

        Actually, Lisa, you have that backwards. Was it Kara or Paula who pointed out that KRIS helped the other contestants Michael Jackson week? Kris didn’t need “mentoring” from Adan. And if Adan was so great at playing the Idol game, why didn’t he win?

      • TK

        @JuJu you are one stupid person. Adam (spell the name right ok douchbag) did mentor Season 8 contestants. He DID suggest to Kris that he do Heartless. If you had any braincells in that head of yours YOU would know this. It has been said and written about. Even Kris admitted to this. WE all know why Adam didn’t win Idol but who the freak cares now? WHO is doing better in sales? Yeah I thought so!

      • kell

        hey ju ju… you are wrong wrong…Adam mentored them all ….. he had stage experience sweetie, get your facts right…. just go to Kris’s website…honey…. Adam is so far superior ,he is asked to mentor because he is outselling the winner over and over again.

      • Dave

        You are all in fantasy land. They made it clear last year that during Michael Jackson week, Kris helped a lot of the other contestants. And Adam did not suggest to Kris to do Heartless. Kris came up with that himself.

      • Denton

        I agree with B. Just because Adam doesn’t have as much “industry” experience (with a major label anyway) does not necessarily mean that he would not make a good mentor or that he is unqualified to do so. A good mentor is someone who has singing skills, performing skills, critiquing skills AND can COMMUNICATE those things to the person being mentored. Adam looks to fit the bill all around, regardless of how much his album has or has not sold. Sales is all about promotion and exposure and isn’t necessarily a measure of quality anyway. And as for the complaint that he doesn’t have enough experience… actually, Adam has A TON of experience in singing and performing — acting/singing for MANY years. This year’s contestants ARE talented but what they lack is performing skills. Adam has that in spades. Are there other past idol contestants who might also be good mentors? Probably. But I’m sure there are scheduling and availability issues that come into play as well there. Plus, Adam is still fresh in people’s minds, which is an added bonus for the show, and was arguably the biggest ratings draw for the show in season 8. I’m sure it was looked at as a win-win all around.

        Do I love everything that Adam does? No. But you can’t argue with the fact that he is a gifted singer and charismatic performer, and able communicator… and if some of that can rub off on this years crop of contestants, it can only help them, even if they are not aspiring to the same genre as Adam. There are performance skills that are applicable to anyone and transcend genre.

    • Kay

      Mentoring the show, not working the industry.

    • Emma

      So why couldn’t AI change the rules? So far the mentors have been big starts with billboard hits. But that doesn’t have to be the requirement if we don’t want to. AI can change the rules as it go to fir the situation, and bringing an interesting character from previous season to create buzz and offer some spark to the lackluster season? Everyone wins.

      • Kiki

        Quentin Tarintino is a big music star with Billboard hits?

  • sue w

    I like the idea of the former idols mentoring – personal experience in the idol world can be worth much more than advice from say, Miley Cyrus. Bring back David Cook, Carrie & Kelly Clarkson too!

  • GoMe!

    Shouldn’t an atual winner be the mentor. Like Kris Allen? I think (as someone who was a huge fan of Adam) this is an insult to Kris.

    They should’ve just done Kelly Clarkson…

    • Huh?

      Sigh. So Kris should be on more than David Cook during Idol 8, right? Kris Allen is hardly being busssseed over. His Ford Commercial is showing every week both in and out of the Idol Bubble, he’s already been on Idol once, will be on again for the finale, ect. The man is talented, very much so, but everything Adam Lambert does or does not do is not a deliberate slight against every other Idol contestant and/or winner come before or after.

    • Sophie

      LMAO Butthurt much?

    • Idle

      Give Kris credit for one thing; he DID navigate the whole mixed message b*s* from the judges and knew how to – make it your own, stay in your zone, work outside of your zone, too unfamiliar a choice, too overdone. His ability to clear the rights for FALLING SLOWLY is why he’d be the perfect mentor.

      • Huh?

        Very true.

      • Jam

        Kris didn’t have the performance skills of Adam he won b/c he was middle of the road/conservative American’s choice. I like Kris but he doesn’t have the people/conversational skills. Oh and he hasn’t sold many records…a lot less than Mr. Lambert too.

      • joliee

        Problem with Kris is that they actually had to give him vocal lessons AFTER he won. Not that impeccable vocal skills are necessary for success, look at the Disney kids, but I would think it would be rather important if you are going to mentor a singer, lol. Adam Lambert, like him or not, does has perfect pitch… meaning there is not a note he can’t hit.

      • Ergomar

        @joliee — Well, Adam most certainly does NOT have perfect pitch, but he is a darned fine singer. He is also a good communicator and a talented performer. Seems like those are good qualifications for being a mentor. Last I checked, there was no hierarchy for how mentors should be picked or in what order people should be asked to be mentors. And we don’t even know who else might have been asked before but turned it down for one reason or another.

    • Melanie

      Kris has a mediocre voice and boring stage presence. These people already know how to stand behind a guitar.

  • allie

    …before Kelly Clarkson? Or Carrie Underwood? Right.

    Their pimping of Lambert is embarrassing at this point. If I was an Idol (you know, one with Grammys and millions of albums sold and many hits under my belt), I’d be PISSED.

    • Eva

      Hasn’t Underwood already mentored? Not being a smart ass, just asking.

      • Jason Scott

        nope, she hasn’t unfortunately…but she should be

      • allie

        No. No former Idol contestant has mentored before.

    • Jim

      Yup, it should be Kelly, then Carrie, then Cook. Adam should not even be a remote possibility at this point.

    • Glam


    • Denton

      Kelly, Carrie, sure they might also be good mentors. But are they or should they be ‘pissed’ about Adam being a mentor?
      First off, we don’t know that they were never asked.
      Secondly, they are both huge now and have nonstop schedules — how do we know they could even fit that in?
      Third, they are years removed from idol now — do we know that they would even have an interest in this at this point? Or that they feel that they have that kind of educational ability? (Just because someone does something well doesn’t necessarily mean they are comfortable with or have the teaching skills to teach it to someone else.)
      Fourth, even if they wanted to, there would likely be all sorts of contract issues to work out since I believe they are both now with competing labels.
      I’m sure that booking someone as a mentor is not nearly as simple a matter as people seem to be thinking.

      • Kevin

        Maybe your right, Adam is probably the only one with free time on his hands.

  • sean

    Absolutely concur with those above…Adam Lambert has not earned the right to mentor…they have NEVER had an Idol Alum mentor, and yet they are going to ask someone who not only has yet to prove his stock in being able to go the distance…but he DIDN’T WIN…KRIS ALLEN DID. Like the above said, Kelly or Carrie should mentor..and if not winners, then Daughtry would be great…they just cannot stop pimping Glambert, even when he is long gone.

    • David

      Booo hoooo……..Waaa waaaa I don’t like Adam. I like my favorite idol….waaaaa waaaaaaa..Mommy…..mommmmy!!

    • Idol Fanatics Are Easy to Read

      First time for everything. Whomever is/was chosen to go first would cause problems. Every preditible faction will get riled. Adam is perfect. An easy target. Lokk at the responses, here. My point is made fore me. Scapegoat on Parade!

    • Emma

      “has not earned the right” Excately what rule book are you citing? As you said, there never has been an Idol Alumn mentor, so there isn’t a tradition, either.

      There are no rules that say that an AI Alumn mentor should be a winner, or have multiple records under their belts. Simple as that.

    • nottoospicy

      Adam, by his entire background, has earned the right to be a mentor.

      Kris “won” only because of Arkanasas powervoting and homophobic flyer dwellers. This show has NO credibility where the actual voting is concerned. They should do voting like DWTS then it would have more credibility. And the winner’s powervoters should’ve bought their guys album so it wasn’t so obvious.

      • Scott

        Arkansas power voting is a bit ridiculous, as Arkansas is one of the smallest states in population. Several sites were instructing how to power vote, both for Kris and Adam. Next, quit blaming Adam’s loss on homophobia. I am gay and I was in full support of Kris (and oh yeah I am not from Arkansas). Adam is talented, but the producers and judges were never fair to Kris, they always wanted Gokey/Lambert in the end. They even had Gokey set up with more songs in the finale than Kris. Yes Kris has returned this season to sing a song not even on his CD. As a fan it’s frustrating to support someone that comes from a program and see producers say “no, don’t support him, support this guy instead”.

    • Maire C

      Sean this is not about earning the right. This is about AI hiring someone they feel will boost their ratings and sell the show.There are no politics involved in this it is just about getting more people to tune in to the show. they don’t hate Kris, Chris, Carrie or Kelly, they just want better ratings. Adam Lambert has High marketablility right now and will bring in the viewers that the show badly needs. I’m not taking away from Adam’s ability to mentor, I think he will do a wonderful job, but he is what the show needs right now.

  • kim rawls

    I think Adam will do great. Maybe the point of him being on is to mentor them from the standpoint of being a former contestant rather than telling them how to sell records. I don’t know. Either way, I think it’s great.

    • susan g

      Maybe the week’s theme is related to one of Adam’s specializations — e.g., glam rock. During a group interview on Reality TV, the Season 8 finalists spoke about how Adam was the one contestant that they all went to for advice and how much help he was to everyone (Kris has said that it was Adam who encouraged him to do Heartless).

  • Kim

    I think I’ll actually watch if this is true.

    • kelly

      oops, i guess 9th

  • Ree

    Right on! First episode of Idol worth watching this season. Adam Lambert was the only contestant last season I tuned in anyway.

    As for the moaning about how no other Idol having been given this opportunity… LOL. Your outrage is delicious to me!

    • Maire


      • Taylor


      • Jam


      • Castorella


      • Em


      • no

        the ratings won’t go up, and the Glambots faces will be red when they realize their touted predictions were all wrong, lol

    • jb

      or to quote Sue exactly
      “your resentment is delicious”

      Maybe Adam will teach them how to “swish it up a bit”

      • cc

        I think I love you!!!

    • lily


      • Sofia


    • kelly


    • Debbie


      • C

        Adam had so much experience before entering Idol which is why his showmanship added so much to last season. If he could impart a little of that showmanship to this year’s contestants it would certainly spice up the show!

    • rita

      Some of these comments are borderline hilarious to me. Adam will be a perfect mentor because he truly does care about people. He has mad vocal skills, his recorded music is only surpassed by his live performances. He is good looking, sexy, articulate and smart. I am so glad I am not intimidated by his attibutes and can appreciate them instead. I can’t wait to see Adam back on the stage that introduced me to him a little over a year ago.

      • chelle

        Exactly while I will be watching for the first time this season !!!

      • Sammie

        He cares about Adam. Nothing more.

      • @Sammie

        @Sammie, so you know him personally and that’s why you know this about him? Didn’t think so…

    • Carl

      Ree… I couldn’t have said it better myself so I won’t even try!!! LOL GO ADAM!!!!!

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