'24' recap: Heady times for poor Hassan

24-Kiefer-7am-8amImage Credit: Greg Gayne/FoxFirst off, many thanks to those of you who participated in my exciting, translate-the-Arabic-exchange-between-Samir-and-Tarin contest that I launched last week. While I wanted to believe our winner studied Arabic at the International University and spent many years abroad, it turns out that all Margaret Winchell of Houston, TX had to do was log onto Fox.com and get the answer from its 24 recap. But hey, that’s showing some smarts, too! Margaret received a free, one-year subscription to EW for correctly submitting the answer: “The next world is the true life.” I almost gave it to a dude named Christopher Buck, whose email came from the Army so I naturally assumed he was stationed in Baghdad where he probably leaned out a window and asked some Iraqi kid who was kicking around a soccer ball. But the translation he gave was “May you have the blessings of the prophet upon you,” and as Margaret can attest, that ain’t on the Fox website. Still, Christopher’s working conditions probably suck whether he’s here or over there, where I’m sure the latest news about Glee and Twilight would brighten his day. So a subscription is on its way to you, too, soldier!

I love these special two-hour installments of 24; feels like Christmas in April. And there was lots to accomplish tonight, especially given how obvious it appeared last week that Fantastic Sam would surrender to the IRK in exchange for saving 58,000 New Yorkers from three agonizing, radiation-filled days. And sunlight finally arrived on the set of 24! Too bad it looked a helluva lot like the backlot of 20th Century Fox in Los Angeles. But hey — it’s not that easy to corral a bunch of innocent bystanders in the real Big Apple and have them stroll by at the exact time when Tarin was poised to blow them to smithereens.

Some posters took issue with how I failed to celebrate Anil Kapoor’s mad skillz in the gunfight last week, but that didn’t mean I’ve lost appreciation for his work. Kapoor was in fine form again tonight, starting with the heated argument he had with Dalia over her wanting to join him on his fateful mission. Crazy good stuff, even if I started to suspect that that it wouldn’t end well for her and Kayla. Something big was going to happen in this two-hour spectacular, and if didn’t involve an explosion in Manhattan then it would clearly include the impending neck-slashing of Hassan (and maybe I’ve watched too many installments of Saw so forgive me when I say that when Jack busted into that apartment and went to grab Hassan’s head, I half-expected it to fall to the ground). I won’t miss Samir — I always thought he looked like Jafar from Disney’s Aladdin – but it’s tough to bid farewell to Fantastic Sam. As I write this, I’m pretending to run my fingers through Kapoor’s hair in tribute to his great service to 24.

His wasn’t the only departure in tonight’s supersized episode. Rob and General Brucker got their just reward when Jack gave Taylor the 4-1-1 on their act of betrayal. That, in return, gave us another helping of Cherry (Jones) Jubilee, who got to read Rob the riot act for handing Hassan over to the terrorists. “The charge is treason,” she asserted after slapping him silly. “It carries the death penalty and so help me God I’ll throw the switch (ED NOTE: sorry for the typo, everyone!) myself… Damn you, Rob.” “Really, Madame President?”” He replied. “New York is safe.” Hey, the guy’s got a point!

Sadly, I’m not too sure we’ve said our last goodbye to Dana, who pretty much sealed her fate by tipping off Tarin to the ambush that awaited him and Hassan. Jack smelled a rat and dispatched Renee to CTU, where Dana was busy trying to plot a quick getaway by feigning a migraine (she needed some meds in her car!). It was probably a gas for Katee Sackhoff to shoot this episode; she got to take out several agents in the lobby before Freddie Prinze Jr. cut her off at the pass in yet another adrenaline-fueled fight scene.  Though she’s now in CTU’s clutches, it can’t be over for Dana, who’s undoubtedly a link to those risk-filled final episodes that exec producer Howard Gordon promised. With Samir and his team dead and gone, it’s time to reveal a new crop of bad guys — and Dana’s complaint about losing money when “the deal” went south means that we’ve yet to meet the real puppeteers behind the IRK. Hassan’s replacement back home, maybe?

A few other thoughts about tonight: nice product-placement by Honda, though it seemed a little ironic that a terrorist who was in on a plan to wipe out the environment with a dirty bomb was trying to save it at the same time by driving an Insight hybrid. I continue to be fascinated by the rehabilitation of Renee Walker, who got an attaboy from the President for protecting the Hassan family. I don’t know what to make of that occasional vacant look in her eyes — that is, when she’s not getting all moony whenever Jack tells her what to do. And I felt poor Arlo got gypped out of the privilege of exposing Dana as the mole; he was clearly on to her duplicity when she was tinkering with that pesky trunk line but he got called away to do more grunt work in the CTU pit. Let somebody else be the hero for a change, Chloe!

So who do you think is the villain now?

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  • Vic

    WHOO Jack and Renee makin’ out in the preview

    • LOL

      This show is dead. Where is the CHUCK recap?

      • SaveCHUCK

        Made me laugh out loud…

      • Joel

        RIIIIIIIIIIGHT. Don’t get me wrong, Chuck was awesome last night, but while this show may be in its last season, it is so NOT dead!

      • t3hdow

        To LOL:
        Don’t be arrogant. At the rate Chuck’s ratings have been going lately, it’ll be lucky to see a fifth season, let alone a fourth. Despite 24’s more uneven recent seasons, it has managed to thrill audiences for eight seasons. Also, despite never being a huge ratings powerhouse, 24 at least received a decent 13-16 mil a season until the noticeable dip after the writer’s strike (but that wasn’t the show’s fault).
        If you’re going to have the temerity to bash a show because of its irrelevancy, try not to pick one that needed a Subway movement to keep it on the air.

      • CP

        I agree. I want both a 24 recap and a Chuck recap, stat! (yes, I said stat!)

      • EFF CHUCK!

        Chuck sux bawlz! Big hair monkey bawlz and so do you.

    • Linda

      Jack and Renee… OMG!!! I’m wondering when was this episode shot? Was that before or after the final word on the fate of 24???

      • BruceMpls

        Now that we know 24 will be over, it’s time for Jack and Renee to fall madly in love, get married (optional) and have two children; Reynold, a red-headed boy and Jacklyn, a blond girl. They will form a team and have a new television show called 12.

      • Ajay C.

        @ Linda
        This episode was shot in January. They were so secretive during filming that they did not allow the extras to be present.

    • Elizabeth

      No, please, noooooooo!!!

    • hope

      I admit it I squeed when I saw Jack/Renee making out :D

      • BruceMpls

        That sounds painful. My sympathy to you and hope you feel better soon. :)

    • miss k

      Soooo excited to finally see those two together!

    • Live Free or Die

      Hassan made me proud; sacrificing himself to save millions…somehow the Russkies are involved as the “bad guys” towards the end…Jack and Renee will end up “retiring” to Australia to make babies while 24 runs off into the sunset of one of the best TV series in history…thanks 24!

      • harry

        here here!!!

      • Ajay C.

        Hasan was great!
        I don’t know about the whole babies thing, but 24 will will go down as the best tv show ever!!!

      • Debbie

        One of the best, next to NYPD Blue!

  • Jasen

    Great episode, great season, Jb Rules!!! (you to lynette)

    • Tony

      I just Love it when Bad Guys ACTUALLY deliver promises!

      • harry

        hell yess these bad guys are awesome!!!

    • Lily

      JackB totally rules. AMAZING episode. Was on the edge of my seat as always with 24. Delighted Dana will get her well deserved comeuppance, she drives me crazy. Ending was sad, but episode was swell. Cherry Jones rocks. I hope she’s the President in the movie. Kiefer is the best. LOVE 24.

      • Cristine

        I also love, love, love this show, but the end of the 2nd episode last night was just too dumb. The CTU boss tells Jack that he has to hurry up since Samir is going to kill Hassan after reading his list of grievances. So then Jack takes the time to give his crew a pep talk AND have a one on one with Renee, THEN he flies into action and then it’s too late. DUMB.

    • Ajay C.

      I agree Jack Bauer does rule…but not so much Lynette…sorry

    • Nihilistic

      Forget about the HONDA. It was Jack’s HYUNDAI that was the real star of the episode. That thing was buttah for a Hyundai.

      • Sienna

        Hyundai like Sunday!

      • Genesisowner

        He was driving MY car — he he!! Jack in my car….

  • boss

    Very bad REVIEW! Seriously, this may have been one of the best 2 hours of 24 in its history and you spend half of your recap talking about nothing related to the episode?

    • WhoMe

      You’re retarded

      • boss

        And my comment still stands.

      • WhoMe

        Doesn’t change the fact.

      • boss

        that the comment still stands.

      • WhoMe

        “that the comment still stand” makes no sense, retard.

      • boss

        Very BAD review. I miss the person who did season 7’s. Do you remember her name whome/rice?

      • t3hdow

        Sure, Lynette’s not perfect, but at least she wrote everything quick enough, so we could DISCUSS the episode without waiting until 8 AM. At least give her credit on that.
        Besides, Lynette didn’t miss too much crucial info, except maybe that car chase that looks odd in closer inspection (i.e., the trade-off, even in 24’s ridiculous standards, looked pretty unbelievable to me). Otherwise, the recap’s fine, if a little on the short side.

      • P.

        I agree, bad recap. This was a great 2 hour episode and deserved more effort by the recapper

    • Peter

      I couldn’t agree with BOSS enough. I think this was the best 2 hours of 24 season possibly season 3. Just two great hours with the spotlight on everyone at one time or another. I think Freddie Prinze Jr. just might shoot Dana in the head before to much longer.

      • miss k

        Yeah, he seems to have gotten over her really quickly. I don’t think they kiss and make up.

    • labrat

      All I have to say is who reviews this episode without mentioning the rarely used silent clock at the end?

    • Mary

      I totally agree. Compared to other recaps, it just comes across as though she doesn’t care. Sorry Lynette. For a 2 hour episode, especially since so much happened, the recap should have been better.

      • Ajay C.

        I agree 100% ….

        Lynette….how could you leave out the silient clock tribute from your recap. That should have been number one. The last time we had the silent clock was last year when Bill died in the White House. (I can’t remember if the had the silent clock tribute for Moss). The saddest was when Edgar died in season 5.

  • Andy

    it’s obviously the Ruskies. What’s with popular culture’s obsession with making the Russians the bad guys again?

    • Behrooz

      It seems pretty obvious that they hinted pretty heavily that it would be the Russians.. (Kinda odd that they were the only foreign government shown to be inquiring about the situation, and odder that the Prez would share that much info on the situation until it was resolved…) anyways, my guess for the shadowy bad guys are the same cabal of baddies who, at the end of S2(?) were seen on a yacht and gave the order for the hot assassin to give Prez David Palmer the poison handshake of Doom…. Unless I missed something over the last 8 seasons, they’ve never been seen/hinted at and are one of the unresolved threads (like my namesake) – perhaps they are the Illuminatti, or something like that….. I’m guessing that they will form the adversary element for the feature film as well….. And a silent clock salute for Prez Fantastic Sam… a noble sacrifice… too bad Tarin got off easy

      • Bauerette

        Couldn’t agree more. I was kind of looking forward to the possibility of a Jack/Tarin showdown.

    • Christian

      Did you miss the first several eps? The russkies are why they had the dirty bomb to begin with.

    • Ajay C.

      @ Andy..

      Why not? Ruskies make terrific antagonists with their Ivan Drago “I must break you” attitude. Besides, the Muslim/Arab plot is overly used, and at times, just too silly.

    • HanSo(lo) Foundation

      I agree it has to be the Russians. It would explain how the nuclear rods got out of Russia in the first place. I’d love to see it explained how the terrorists had such an elaborate plan staged to kidnap the president when the original plan was to take the nukes back to their native land…

  • CM

    Logan is the mastermind. At least that is the only twist that will do the series justice in this final season. ’24’ excels when it is personal for Jack and the viewers, and what more personal way to make it than Logan behind the whole thing? That not only gives the season closure, but Jack, the ’24’ universe, and the series itself.

    • joblo

      Interesting theory! I hadn’t really thought that through but it does make sense. +1 for you. And +100 to the producers for getting this season back on track in a seriously great way.

    • Kim’s Cougar

      Wow, that *would* be a great twist!

    • TMB

      How about Tony Almeida involved with Logan and/or the Russians? Or Jack’s brother Graham? Or the guy from last season that killed Tony’s wife and that Renee was going to take down in the interrogation room before the day went to black?

      • EF

        Didn’t Jack’s brother die?

      • Debbie

        yes, at the hands of his sinister father; after Jack had the plastic bag over his head.

  • fyi

    also, the term “gypped” is racist…it is a slight to gypsy culture and invokes negative stereotypes. You would not use other racist terms to describe the action, so…just sayin’

    • joblo

      You have got to be kidding me… *roll eyes*

      • poopman

        gypped is a racist term derived from gypsy. the expression implies that gypsies are no good thieving buggers.

        but don’t let the truth keep you from rolling those eyes.

      • Christian

        ‘gypped’ *was* a racist term that through decades of unconscious use has entered the mainstream vernacular. Calling it racist implies intent, and there was no intent beyond the statement. Stop looking for a fight that isn’t there.

      • fyi

        I hear you all. So we can use the “N word” or other disparaging terms as long as they have been used before, and we don’t really mean it. I think the hurt is in the percetion, not the intent. I simply find this interesting; not looking for a “fight” at all.

      • Niix Starkyller

        To ascribe a negative connotation based solely on origin is, by definition, racist. ‘Common usage’ does not remove the inherent prejudice of the word. If you said ‘gypped’ to a person of Romani descent and they took offense to it, how frail would your response of “Oh, I didn’t mean it that way,” sound?

    • Chad

      Who cares about gypsy’s? Stop being so PC.

      • TMB

        Guess this means Cher was a racist back in the 70’s. That song probably wouldn’t have been the hit it was back in the day if the title had been ‘Hobos, tramps and thieves’.

  • Charles

    I’m not one who is constantly complaining about the recapper, but this one was a little scattershot and glib, especially with such a big episode. By the way, I’m pretty sure the phrase is “Throw the SWITCH”, not shift. But that’s a minor quibble (except to the guys on the Green Mile).
    Unlike many I’ve really enjoyed this season and felt genuinely sad when it shown that president was dead, it was pretty poignant particularly because of his courage at the end. Now that’s it’s the last season officially I’m savoring Jack even more. The show seems to be finishing on a strong note.

    • WhoMe

      I agree with your second point, your first point just paints you as a douche.

      • boss

        Eh, Rice, oh sorry whome, name calling won’t get you anywhere.

      • apd09

        Why does it paint them as a douche when the writer is being paid to write, editors are being paid to proof read, and this site is supposed to be from a reputable source and not some internet blog? Throw the shift has never, and will never be a phrase when discussing the death penalty so it is not hard to get it right.

      • Charles

        Hey, it’s not like I was trying to be one of those spelling/grammar police. Just pointing out that recap seemed to be dashed off too quickly to do justice to such an exciting and poignant episode. Mistaking a phrase as well known as “Throw the switch” for shift was an example of that haste. That makes me a douche, WhoMe? Sorry, I just don’t see it that way.

    • Ariel

      I agree that the comment was throw the switch not shift.

      • TMB

        Let’s be realistic here. Doc Jensen sets the bar so d@mn high with the Lost recaps that any other EW writer fails in comparison.

        Just like the hokey pokey, that’s what it’s all about.

      • Jacob

        To TMB below me, Jensen is harmless but his rants are filled with nonsensical garbage and his posts are FAR too long.

      • WhoMe

        TMB said it best

  • t3hdow

    “Something big was going to happen in this two-hour spectacular, and if didn’t involve an explosion in Manhattan then it would clearly include the impending neck slashing of Hassan (and maybe I’ve watched too many installments of Saw so forgive me when I say that when Jack busted into that apartment and went to grab Hassan’s head, I half-expected it to fall to the ground).”

    HAHAHA wow, I thought the same thing. But this is Fox, not HBO, so I imagine that would be a huge no-no. But thanks for making me (and a few others) feel less evil.

  • Obvious1

    As soon as Dana/Jenny demanded to speak to Jack, I flashed on who her secret boss who managed to plant her as a mole in CTU is:

    Nina Myers, who Jack somehow did not kill in Mexico.

    And CTU doesn’t even have the brains to lock down a parking garage? Dana wasn’t kidding about all the screwups in that organization…

    • WhoMe

      Nina wasn’t killed in Mexico, but she was killed, so I highly doubt it.

      • 24addict

        Even though it obviously was not Nina who is paying Dana, it could very well be the same organization that funded Nina. That is a thread that was never addressed during the series.

      • Lennep

        Yep. 2 in the chest from Jacko. My favorite 24 scene.

  • t3hdow

    And the moment Pres Hassan started getting ‘likable’, I knew he was about to get killed somewhere down the road. Every 24 character who has a leadership and initially comes off as an arrogant d|ck eventually dies in some heroic sacrifice. It happened to George Mason (season 2), Ryan Chappelle (3) and most recently, Larry Moss (7). RIP Hassan. Damn…just when I started to like you…
    Two other things bothered me in an otherwise great episode:
    1) The car trade. Logic’s not always required in 24’s world, but didn’t switching Hassan in two different vehicles in the middle of a car chase without Jack seeing it seem a little TOO far fetched?
    2) Jack criticizing agents/gov. officials for committing treason to prevent a bomb from exploding. I know it’s been some years but um…Chappelle’s execution? Same stakes, different day/leader. I hate to say it, but it’s a tad hypocritical coming from Bauer. I understand why it’s a bad idea to commit treason, but this is coming from the master of making morally gray decisions.

    • Peter

      No, the car trade was very possible, cause remember the van went in and then was coming out when Jack pulled up to the garage and saw him leaving. We never saw Hassan during the Jack car chase up the parking garage because Hassan was already out.

      • Reena

        Thank You i thought I was the only one who noticed that

      • t3hdow

        I assumed that too, but the sequence (and speed) of the car chase would make the trade an extremely tight one, if not flat out impossible to pull off.
        Maybe I need to watch that part again, because it looked odd to me. But in any case, it didn’t bother me hugely (unlike a lot of other stuff during the earlier half of this season), so meh…

    • Joel

      Yeah, Chappelle’s execution has always bothered me. I’ve never looked at Jack the same since he murdered the man at the demands of terrorist. Then, last night he acts as if it would have been ok for the bomb to go off just so long as he protects the one man because “the pres told him to”….he’s lost it.

      • Katie

        I agree with the whole Chappelle execution thing. But it’s been a long time since season three; Jack has definitely changed a lot. I’m not holding the lack of continuity against anyone.

  • Trenton

    It’s Ethan…he sooooo faked the heart attack. Sure he plays it loose and fast with the needing of pills and being true to the Potus…well played sir. The Russians seem like a red hearing especially since they dropped that obvious line. Plus the Russians were already involved at the beginning…if they go there again that is just double dipping in the Baskin Robbin’s of 24’s evil-doer flavors. Lazy. It be cool if it was Ethan, who seems the heart attack guy coming?

  • joblo

    Great episode. Silent clock finish. It was one of the few times that Jack was not able to successfully save the day, and I was genuinely moved at the end. For all the mediocre moments that the first half of this season had, the show is in high gear again and I’m *loving* these final hours and the ride to the finish.

  • Anil

    I will bet that the new villain is Omar’s wife.

    • Trenton

      Cold heart-ed mamma…sacrificing her own daughter. I get the hubby, woman scorned and all…but 86 the daughter. I think the big baddie is gonna be someone from 24’s past…just to tie it in a knot.

      • poopman

        the mastermind will be the secretary of state.

    • Christian

      Based on the preview, it looks like she’s going back to IRK to (attempt to) become the new leader.

    • Ajay C.

      @ Anil

      You are absolutely right. Dhalia Hasan is the person who hired Dana. This make perfect sense. What was that famous line, “Hell hath no fury like a women scorned”? She was aware of her husband’s affair.

      • deb

        I’m not buying it. It’s the Russians. Dalia wants to take over her husband’s legacy and pursue the peace process.

  • poopman

    taylor’s gonna get shot next week.

  • Trenton

    Haha…David Palmer is the mastermind. He became fed up doing car insurance commercials and decided to overthrow the country.

    • BaurPower

      …and he has all those shady foreign connections from his time leading “The Unit”. One of his old team was the leader of the mercs that attacked Hassan & Jack for pete’s sake.

    • Joel


    • poopman

      Well, they brought Tony back from the dead, so why not.

    • Jay

      Wayne Palmer will be the baddie.

    • Katie

      in a surprise twist, David Palmer will be back from the dead, fresh off Mandy’s assassin training camp.

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