Conrad Murray legal team denies defense strategy reports in Jackson death case

UPDATE: CNN reports that Murray’s case was assigned to a new judge at today’s procedural hearing. The hearing which was to decide whether Murray’s medical license would be suspended has been postponed.

A representative for Dr. Conrad Murray’s legal team categorically denies’s report over the weekend that the physician plans to argue that Michael Jackson injected himself with a fatal dose of Propofol. “That is in no way indicative of what we are going to be presenting in court,” Miranda Sevcik, a spokesperson for Murray and his attorney Edward Chernoff, tells EW. “I don’t know who [TMZ’s] sources are. They did not name them.” (TMZ cited “multiple sources familiar with the strategy” for its report.)

Murray has pleaded not guilty to manslaughter charges resulting from Jackson’s death. “What we are saying at this point is that it’s premature to announce what our defense strategy is going to be when we haven’t even gotten to the preliminary hearing yet,” Sevcik added, noting that Murray’s legal strategy will be based on the evidence presented by the prosecution. A brief procedural hearing in the case is expected this afternoon, at which a date will likely be set for a preliminary hearing.

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  • Jake

    OMG, only an idiot would check out ANY website promoted by any spammer, but especially those who can’t even write in English. Duh.

  • Agustin

    We all loved MJ. That said, he was a drug addict, he had a disease. Irresponsible the doctor? Totally. But MJ was asking for the drugs, he was no better than a junkie on the streets. Let’s keep this real: he was in a suicide mode.

    • Corey Feldman

      That’s it! I’m calling a press conference! Michael was my brother.

    • Amber

      According to that logic a drug dealer on the streets should not be prosecuted for dealing drugs either.

      I’m not saying MJ was totally blameless but that is not the issue of this trial. Dr. Murray violated his oath as doctor and because of that a man died.

      Unfortunately Dr. Murray was more interested in money than safely treating MJ’s chronic insominia, instead he just helped to enable MJ to become dependendent on propopol. A doctor with integrity would have referred MJ to a sleep medicine specialist or a neurologist that specialized in sleep problems. I don’t think anyone should ignore that regardless of MJ’s problems whether they be anxiety/insomnia or being an addict it doesn’t excuse Dr. Murray’s behavior. Propofol is not approved home use. No Doctor should ever behave the way Dr. Murray did and get away with it.

  • missy grl

    I understand that MJ was addicted and your right that’s no excuse, but as a doctor you take an oath, and this idiot doctor along with the other ones that feed into the greed are responsible. They can say no. but they don’t. and that’s sad.

    • Agustin


      • jilly

        I DISAGREE! I don’t believe Michael didn’t start out as a druggie. I believe that he was taking prescription drugs for severe injuries from that horrible PEPSI commercial,which were given to him by a doctor. When he switched doctors at some point,I think he was then given more than necessary so he would become addicted and the doctor would have a full time job for $$$$$ a month. I feel this because Michael was anti-drug and anti- alcohol and a devout J.W. who would never have become addicted knowingly.

      • jilly

        I DISAGREE! I don’t believe Michael started out as a druggie. I believe that he was taking prescription drugs for severe injuries from that horrible PEPSI commercial,which were given to him by a doctor. When he switched doctors at some point,I think he was then given more than necessary so he would become addicted and the doctor would have a full time job for $$$$$ a month. I feel this because Michael was anti-drug and anti- alcohol and a devout J.W. who would never have become addicted knowingly.

  • jilly

    OOPS SORRY , second post is the right one. I had a double negative in the first sentence and didn’t know how to correct it.

  • shell12

    Michael Jackson was not a drug addict he simply wanted to sleep.

    • Shawnygirl

      I agree Michael just wanted to sleep


    MICHAEL JACKSON DID NOT ASK CONRAD MURRAY TO KILL HIM…his children was his life,he wanted to grow old with them,not commit suicide..

  • b.mclane

    As MJ said over and over and over. He was in to creating magic.While you are lookin gover here….the real stuff is going on over there.Check for yourselves.Google Mj’s passports. WHAT IS MJ’S LEGAL NAME WHICH HAS TO BE ON ALL LEGAL DOCUMENTS AFTER 6/25/10.See? they are not the same…….The Man is a Genius.He’s made a ton of money , saved his Neverland from a bad loan, freed his kid’s of his fame, had the very media that invented the kid molestation charges actually restore his image and is now been talked about nearly everyday for a year in the media. From FREAK to FABULOUS in 9 months.

    • MJ Fan

      Michael didn’t save Neverland by himself. Remember the mysterious Mr. Tohme Tohme?? He brokered the deal for Michael. Michael would have lost Neverland and perhaps the Encino home too, if it weren’t for Tohme. Tohme was then fired last May due to issues unrelated to the Neverland deal. Michael was a musical genius but rarely a financial genius. With all due respect to Michael, who never liked discussing his finances in public (who does), he was severly in debt at the time of his death. If you’re implying that he faked his death and this has all been some big “magical” charade, I say you’re sadly mistaken. Too many people have been involved in investigating or attempting to prevent his death: paramedics, hospital staff, police, mortuary staff, coroner (2 seperate autopsies were conducted by 2 seperate individuals, don’t forget), and most tragically, his children. Why would he intentionally break their hearts??

  • J

    I do not believe that Michael killed himself. I dont believe it because the iv was being administered through his leg. SO I would thing the iv drip would of been at the end of his bed not next to him. Why did the doctor hide the drugs if he would innocent? Why would he not tell the paramedics and the UCLA doctor that he had given MJ Propfol? So many questions. I think this doctor is an idiot and I can not wait until he is placed in jail. He is a liar!!

  • Stella

    I read another report recently saying that Dr. Murray has become a scapegoat for the police. I wonder if that’s true. And I wonder if that’s the conspiracy theory Ian Halperin will run with in the “Gone Too Soon” movie.

    • sc341

      Don’t go see this movie or buy the dvd when it comes out, Ian Halperin the author of “The Man Behind the Mask” is a discredited MJ biographer. His book is filled with lies.

  • Fawn

    Stella, or is that Mr Halperin?

    Haven’t you made enough money out of MJ yet?

    • sc341

      Ian Halperin is spamming every MJ article promoting his stupid documentary about MJ’s life. Why would I believe anything this guy puts out when he wrote in his book that MJ got a sperm sample from R. Reagan when he visited the W.H.?? Ian Halperin is sick.

  • sc341

    I don’t understand people who are blaming the victim (Michael) here. Doctors are held to a HIGHER STANDARD THAN ORDINARY CITIZENS. Michael Jackson did not have the medical degree/medical license. I don’t feel sorry for Murray at all he is getting off easy in my view. Four years maximum sentence for his egregious use of propofol for a sleep disorder is not enough in my opinion. I hope the doctor is so deep in debt he never gets out and his life is destroyed. How is he paying his legal bills btw?? Who would want him for their doctor?? There is more to this story imo.


    Murray’s 1st claimed was MJ wasn’t breathing when he came back into the room so I’ll bet that Murray opened MJ’s eyes to see if they were dilated since he was not breathing and then proceded to do that half baked CPR on the bed(although as a cardiologist he should have known better)instead of on the floor or a hard surface. This is BASIC CPR 101. If Murray couldn’t get this basic move right and save his patient then of course he is changing his story about MJ’s eyes being opened. This man is trying to save his butt and his reputation. This story stinks and any judge or jury that believes this garbage is just as bad as Murray and need thier license yanked.This man was going to be getting paid a lot of money and all he had to do was take care of 1 patient and look at what happened.His other patients had better get another healthcare provider.

  • Dreamweaver

    Murray is a dirt bag as well as profiteer pure and simple.
    He made the choice to do the things he did,…no one forced him to rent out his services as some sort of Dr. Feelgood for hire,..he made those choices,..all of them,.. of his own free will and volition ,..he knew the risks involved yet chose to involve himself none the less,..I have no pity to spare for him or his situation.
    He is a shmuck,…the sooner they get to trial the better.
    God Bless Michael & all of his family and friends.

  • MJFan

    AMEN!!! Dreamweaver, you said it better than I possibly could have.

  • MJFan

    This alleged health care professional was supposed to HELP his patient. He was supposed to do NO harm to his patient. He was supposed to say NO to his patient when needed (in this case it WAS needed). God bless you Michael, but this alledged doctor could never have helped you, as we all have very painfully “witnessed” early last summer.

    This man, with his deceptively smooth talking and likable demeanor, wouldn’t know medical ethics if it reached out and slapped him on the face. $150,000/mnth to put someone in a medically induced coma every night for weeks!?! Absolute insanity!! Michael desperately needed help but not this kind of help. Despite Michael’s problems, and yes we know he had problems, he will ALWAYS be the victim in this case. It doesn’t matter how badly he wanted this drug. Murray was professionally obligated to say NO when the suggestion was first put to him earlier last year…BEFORE he ever stepped foot into Michael’s rented house!!

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