Jeff Probst blogs 'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains' episode 7

survivor-jeff-probstImage Credit: Monty Brinton/CBSTHE VOICE OF BOSTON ROB IS HEARD OVER A BLACK SCREEN


The more and more I think about it, something doesn’t feel right. Something just doesn’t feel right.


The stadium lights shine onto the field filled with a large crowd of mourners, mostly dressed in red and blue.


…and as we gather to pay our last respects to Boston Rob, I’d like to take a moment of silence to remember the many things he brought to the game of Survivor. He was the Godfather who left too soon in Survivor: Marquesas. On Survivor: All-Stars, he took a different approach. He put his arm around the beautiful Amber on day three and became her “knight in shining armor” as he dragged her to the end giving her the opportunity to win the million dollars while being a two-faced betrayer to everybody else — and he did it all with an evil smile that made many of us fall in love with him in a brand new way. And finally on Survivor; Heroes vs. Villains, he transformed himself yet again — this time into a fairly likable, extremely hardworking and challenge-dominating player who took it upon himself to go up against Russell, the biggest villain of all-time.Some might say the karma of past betrayals finally caught up with B Rob and he went down hard. Probably for the last time. Rob… you will be missed.

There is silence in the stadium. Then… a shout from the cheap seats.


What about me??!!! Where’s the love for me? I’m the one took him down. I’m Russell Hantz, the greatest Survivor of allllll-time. I’m that good.

Russell hops down the steps toward the railing and without hesitating leaps from the 300 section. It is a long way down to the field, but miraculously he lands in the middle of center field and bounces up on his feet unharmed.
The crowd recognizes him as the man who took down Boston Rob. As expected, the Boston crowd quickly becomes a vigilante group and takes after the gap toothed troll. In a flash, he is gone for there is still more game to play on Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains.

My therapist says that time heals everything, but I’m not sure how much time it will take to heal this loss. I miss him already. I miss the battle. Russell vs. Boston Rob will go down as one of the greatest battles of all time. I want them back. Now. We should do an entire season centered around Boston Rob vs. Russell. Give them some war clubs, put them in a gladiator ring.

Amber could be the ring girl. She’s dressed the same way she was in Maxim (if you haven’t seen it go back and check it out) but instead of being the sexy ring girl, this time she’s a mom, carrying child. She represents hope for the world. Goodness.

Coach would be Rob’s consigliore, his right hand man.

At the other end of the arena, Russell would stand alone. No friends. No allies.

The promos are written, the audience would be there. Right? If I told you right now that next season we’d have Russell and Rob back again, wouldn’t you be intrigued?

Okay, enough of my clear favoritism!

Man, I’m so in sync with you guys I can hear your comments already. “Why don’t you ever talk about how awesome Candace is?” “Jeff, relax, Rob is already married!” “Why do you love all the villains and hate all the heroes?”

Maybe it’s time for me to do a quick recap of everybody left in the game:

J.T. Still like him even though he is clearly playing in a way that could easily earn him a spot on the villain tribe. A friend of mine just told me that J.T. is her favorite, and she feels like she has the best husband because he’s the perfect combination of “J.T., Tyson and Boston Rob.” Not really sure what it means, but in this time of mourning I believe it is best to just share everything.

COACH Hmm. How can I say it in a new way. I can’t. I love Coach. Always loved Coach. I still want to develop a show centered around “Tales of The Dragon Slayer.” But right now The Dragon Slayer is depressed. He’s lost his way. As much as he wants to live by a code, he finds himself trapped in a corner on a game called Survivor and there appears no way out. If this were a movie, this would be the end of Act II when all seems lost. Is it? Or can he rise up from the ashes and be reborn yet again?

CANDACE Ah, man… I just got bored doing this recap. Sorry. I promise next time to talk about how the awesomeness of Candace. And she is awesome. Seriously.

Does anybody else think Jerri and Coach might actually have a shot at making it as a couple? I do. Seriously, I do. No, really… I do. If they could each just open their arms, let down their guard, release judgments and simply accept the other, this could be something amazing. (Come to think of it, if I could do that in my own life it’d be pretty amazing.)

Coach and Jerri just look like they should be together. I can see them trekking across the Australian Outback with the sun beating down on their necks, sweat pouring off their bodies as they stop to take… their last… sip… of water. Stranded with no transportation, no food and now no water, they must rely on each other to provide shade, comfort, and love.

I can see the poster for the movie. Coach… his arms raised in a Dragon Slayer pose, a touch of blood dripping down his forearm hints at the epic battle we will witness. Jerri is dressed in a long flowing white cotton dress, slightly torn from her own battle or perhaps just their intense passion for one another. Her arms are wrapped around Coach’s thigh as she looks up adoringly at him.

For the sequel, I can see them paddling down the Amazon as Coach re enacts being captured by an indigenous tribe, only this time Jerri arrives just in time to save the day. Coach sweeps her up in his arms, flexing his tattoos and grabbing a quick feel. They’ll make made love in the jungle, which we won’t show because in this version we want the PG-13 crowd. They emerge from the jungle, disheveled and once again sweaty as Coach is declared the new king of the land.

In the third movie, Jerri surprises Coach picking him up in an old Buick as they drive across America to Burning Man where Jerri will perform a spoken word tribute to the love of her life while Ozzy — yes, Ozzy — plays bongos in the background.

This is one of the greatest “could be” love stories of all time. Coach? Jerri? Are you listening to your hearts? Let go of your fears. Open your arms and your bodies and accept the other for all they are… and all they will never be.

If you decide to marry, I will officiate and forego my normal $25 fee as my wedding gift to you both.

Russell continues to flabbergast me in the most enjoyable and entertaining of ways. Calling out Courtney or Sandra as the “next to go home” right in front of their faces was one of the boldest moves I’ve ever seen anybody make in any game at any time. Wow. Give this man a wide berth cause if you don’t, he will take it.

Let me tell you what I’m really learning from Russell — when you have nothing to fear, nothing at stake, you have all the power. Russell is truly only playing to win and it shows. He is so brazen. Russell is one helluva salesman. No, I am not going to stop talking about him because he’s absolutely fascinating.

What’s even more amazing is that he is still in the game! For all the people that want to hate on him, he’s still in the game and Rob is gone. Tom is gone. James is gone. Stephenie is gone. Cirie is gone. He’s not just a crazy person, he’s a very intimidating, cunning and powerful player in this game.

Can he win the game? Remains to be seen. He still lacks social grace. I doubt he has ever had it, probably never will. But that guy will empty your wallet before you ever know he had your hand in his pocket.

Rob: (to Coach) You’re a little man.

I love how Rob went out. He didn’t pretend it didn’t matter, he didn’t say “good luck”, he simply said what was on his mind, the subtext of which was clear: Coach, you suck.

Coach. Coach. Coach. I too am a bit dismayed. I will need time to sort through this emotionally. I will certainly need more therapy to help me understand and try to forgive. I may never see you the same way again. But I will still marry you and Jerri. Although at this point I’d feel more comfortable charging you the $25.

See ya next week.

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  • SurvivorFan

    Three things to remember.
    1) In the great “Rob – Russell showdown”, Rob always had a big target on his back. If Russell’s alliance did not take him down others surley would have!
    2) If Russell makes it to the Final 2 or Final 3, he will still face the same problem as last time – pissing off the jury members, which he would have a major hand in voting off.
    3) A big IF, but if somehow Russell wins this season, there will still have to be an asterisk by his name that he only won because he had a major advantage in that the other players this season never had a chance to see Russell “play” in Russell’s previous season.

    • I love ROB

      whatever dude. rob had never seen russel play. that’s the bottom line. The producers are idiots and have set this up so russel can sneak in viewers till the last tribal. its so obvious. I mean how can you let this rat have an unfair advatnage all along. its ridiculous. in survivor, everyone starts on the same playing field. this is not done.

      also parvati knew about russel – that’s not fair either

      • youngster

        arrgggh. I loved ROB. cant beleive this. he was the only one worth watching.


      • redriding

        Russel is a sickening rat. Im so sick of watching him. get him out of my TV set now. If anything I hate him for getting rob out

        and rob – gone :-(

        no one to root for.

        wtach out ppl – this is going to turn into micro****ing nesia.

      • I hate russel

        jefff – what do you mean ‘I will miss you for the last time’ to rob! noooo! you have to bring him back. this cannot be the last time. no!!!!! I need therapy now! :-(

      • Scott

        Lmao you people are ridiculous. So what if no one has ever seen Russel play. He’s had a target on his back pretty much since day 1. He’s worked his way out of a huge hole. Almost everyone on that tribe right away realized how sneaky he was, so it obviously wasn’t an easy thing to do.

        @redriding: How is this going to turn into micronesia? A lot of the micronesia people are gone already… Parvati and Amanda are all that are left unless I’m completely overlooking someone.

        Russel deserves the million. I like Boston Rob but he had to go. He was threatening King Russel. No one threatens a king and gets away with it.

      • Scott

        I am so tired of people whining that Russel had an advantage because no one has seen him play. If you’re so worried about that, then vote him out the first time instead of Randy. If I remember correctly, Rob was bragging that Russel wasn’t playing with amateurs anymore and therefore underestimated him plain and simple. It stinks when someone you like gets voted off, but Rob wasn’t willing to vote off a weak player like Courtney or Sandra to keep the team strong because they were part of his alliance. (Isn’t this why Jeff scolded the Heroes.) Had he done this, he could’ve proven to Coach that he was in it for the team and things could’ve been different.

      • Root

        Aside from the fact that the villains seemed to have figured out pretty quickly that Russell is a snake, Russell isn’t playing with anyone he has ever played with before. Several of the survivors are playing with former tribe mates from previous seasons. I’d say it is a pretty even playing field.

      • terry

        Well, if it were reversed and no one saw Rob play, they probably would have voted him off already cause he would be too big a threat. Really, it doesn’t matter, Rob’s gone. Quit making excuses for him and crying about it. And I disagree with Jeff, it’s always a weenie thing to do making a snide comment after you get voted off. Makes you look like a bigger loser. Especially from someone who has been given the opportunity(with no special talent) to be on a top ten tv show 3 times, PLUS being on The Amazing Race, PLUS having his wedding televised(and I’m sure it was a nice one and CBS paid for it). He has been blessed by the reality tv gods and he should be grateful. Now get off my tv and give other people a chance.

      • John Debono

        Disagree with you Root, playing with people from previous seasons is in general a larger disadvantage for great players. People already have an idea in their heads about the players and it becomes almost impossible to survive that. (Just ask Rob.C, Yau-Man and Cirie for previous examples.)
        Russell on the other head gets the ability to go into the game free of his past actions haunting him. Even if it is more logical to vote out an unknown threat, bitterness is hard to override.
        BR underestimated Russell and that was a big mistake on his part but do you seriously think anyone would agree to join forces with Russell if they had the chance to see 5 minutes of Samoa beforehand?

      • kross

        I have to disagree with you John. He took Natalie all the way to the million dollars so Parvati would probably be right where she is right now even after knowing that. SHe’s obviously in a great position because when Russell is making enemies she is riding his coattails all the way to the top, just like Natalie did.

      • alex

        you are SO right, its all one sided, I mean how unfair for everyone else that they were rested and russ was 5 days off 2nd place….

        really? get over yourselves…he brings GREAT TV..In fact, JERRI said it PERFECTLY…ITS A GAME, if you cant get that, you are all niave like coach

      • villianheart

        Fair!… fair? Really? Now ive watched every survivor and I’ve never heard mention “FAIR”.
        Rob planned to bulldog Russell out of the game problem is Russell is the bigger dog!
        Sorry Rob you will be missed now run along and take care of that family.

      • John

        Didn’t Rupert have the same advantage in his second season?

      • Cowcharge

        Amanda also had the “advantage” of having just starved for 39 days to prepare for starving for 39 days.

      • zz


        2 Parvati
        3 RUSSHOLE

      • WildSpeculator

        Perhaps the reason that Russel got so upset in the finale of season 19 was that he knew he didn’t make the final 2/3 of season 20 and so wasn’t going to win either season. Perhaps that was the reason he wanted to buy the win:o)

        Whatever, still love the gameplay and hope he goes far.

        I’m also a big admirer of Parvati’s looks, so I hope she goes far too – I’m a guy, so it’s nice to look. Oh heck, keep all the girls around – they’re all cute in their own way.

      • Root

        I think that if people had seen last seasons survivor that people would want to team up with Russell. Think about it. He is a brilliant strategist, great at finding HII’s but has no social game. I’d team up with Russ and then become the nicest guy out there knowing that if we make it to the finals that nobody will want to give the $1 mill to him.

      • Kelly

        Hey, when players play in back-to-back seasons, that is what happens. Amanda, James…they did the same. I think Rob was also in the season before All-Stars. Rupert went back to back as well. Give credit where credit is due, Russel is (*^&^%*& AWESOME!

      • SuperDan

        Totally level playing field:

        1. Russell had no friends going in.
        2. Had seen others’ games only on TV, never been in the wild with them actually playing the game.
        3. Minimal recovery time after his first season.
        4. If he is a rookie and has been selected for All-Stars, you’d be a fool to not think the guy has some game.

        I though the same thing as WildSpeculator, though. Russell seemed too depressed at the Samoa finale and too desperate to buy the title of “Greatest Survivor” to have made it to the end of All Stars.

      • Sorry Jeff

        Sorry Jeff, I have loved your post for this season and last. Unfortunately, this has been your weakest post. I agree with you about Rob and Russell, but I would appreciate if you went back to writing your excellent recaps. I want to hear more about what happened behind the scenes. I think two lines (rather than 3 long paragraphs) would suffice for writing about Jerri and Coach.

      • JenR

        The other players have previously established relationships. Russell needed his advantage to combat that. I think it balances out.

      • NC

        Probst did an interview where the contestants were told that Russell is contractually unable to discuss S19 but that he is on the villains tribe for a reason.

        It would be nice if Jeff cleared this up in his next post.

      • Sue

        How did Pavertti know about Russell? I did not think anyone got a chance to see him play.

      • Dr Zechariah Zenith

        I reckon Russell vs Boston Rob will go down in Survivor history like Ali vs Frazier. The Thrilla in Samoa.

        Robfather – plays like a Mafia gangster.

        Russell the Hustler – plays like no one has ever played before. He does remind me of Puck from Alpha Flight.

        The scenes people forgot from this episode.

        Russell vs Rupert – pushing and showing after the match. Foreshadow of things to come?

      • Old School Survivor

        Hey Jeff, is it just me or are your blogs becoming as delusional as Coach? What’s up with all these wacko childish fantasies you’ve feeding us lately instead of the good behind-the-scenes scoop you were penning before?

        Sorry to break the news to you Probst, but Coach is really, really lame and America has become tired of him. You need to get of his ballsac and come back to “reality”. Maybe you’ll be able to write some good blogs again.

        P.S. BRob was/is the greatest Survivor player ever.

      • Desiree

        I totally agree with “Sorry Jeff”. Probst, go back to your great insights about the game and stop trying to be the witty writer. Please concentrate on the players that are still in the game and let us know what happened behind the scenes!!

      • Nihilistic

        Creativity is NOT your strong suit, Jeff. This was your most abysmal blog yet.

      • dori

        How did Harvati know about Russell?

      • tom b

        awww did russell hurt your feelings? Russell is the greatest player in Survivor history hands down. if you deny it then you are simply blinded by your hate. Everything he does has a reason and purpose and it shows. Long live Russell!

      • Lenny

        Russell is hardly the greatest player in survivor history, there is no one he can beat in a final tribal council. Rob isn’t either (though I would say he’s the best to never win.)

        Though I’m curious to hear your response to how Russell is here besides anything but luck, given if Tyson had been assigned to vote for Parvati and Courtney was assigned to vote Russell, then Russell would be gone. I don’t think the greatest player ever has to rely on purely luck to still be around. And if you deny that Russell isn’t the greatest player in Survivor history then you are blinded by the inside of Russell’s hairy ass.

      • The Mermaid

        Totally flawed logic. You’re assuming that all the other players consistently watch Survivor every season (or at least catch it on dvd or some other source) so are familiar w/every player’s game.

        We’ve watched most of the 20 seasons, but the 1st one in Africa was so lame & last season – the one w/Russell – we were on holiday for the 1st couple of weeks & just didn’t catch up. It happens. And then when the current cast was announced, some of the players we didn’t even remember!

        Probst – Coach & Jerri – ick. That’s just nasty.

      • supervivor

        To: I love ROBFri 04/02/10 9:11 AM


      • ALH

        As if Rob is some angel and Russ is the devil….my what short memories you have. Forget that Rob backstabbed a good friend (Lex) in All-stars after he didn’t need him anymore, and he thinks coach is a little man and has no loyalties……..Karma came a calling for Rob.

      • Ron

        Not every person on Survivor is a fan or has watched every season. i don’t think Russell has an advantage at all. It is just playing to win and it does show in how he approaches the game. Rob was and is as big a “Rat” as Russell, Just ask Lex, Big Tom or anyone else he gave his word to to keep Amber in All Stars

      • Boston Rob Sucks!

        I’m so glad Boston Rob is gone. Everyone goes on and on about how Russell is so arrogant, but – HELLO – have you guys being paying attention to what comes out of Rob’s mouth? I thought he was okay in Marquesas, HATED him in All Stars (even though I think he played a strong game and should’ve won over Amber) – but where I lost all respect for Rob Mariano was in The Amazing Race where he had a chance to put the race aside (when the brothers rolled their vehicle, injuring a cameraman) and be a decent human being by helping out like the other teams did. He failed at that, proving that he is the lowest form of human dirt on the face of the earth. I believe his past actions in Survivor caught up with him last week (as his Amazing Race actions did in the Amazing Race: All Stars). I think that Russell will also eventually be held accountable for his past sins, but lets face it: RUSSELL HANTZ IS FAR MORE ENTERTAINING THAN BOSTON ROB MARIANO EVER WILL BE!!!

      • Taylor

        i thought everything russel does wrong bites him in the back for the title. anyway so what for the ratings, the way this season will now turn out i cant predict who will win

    • RB

      1. And Russell always had Rob’s sights set on him with an alliance that out numbered Russell’s until literally, last night’s episode.

      2. This is a fair statement. It really boils down to whether the jury decides the social game outweighs all other aspects of Survivor. As is, Russell may not make it to the end. I suppose it all depends on the “Russell seeds” and the Villains emerging victorious after the merge.

      3. An asterisk? C’mon! It’s been obvious that everyone is aware of how dangerous Russell is and can be. Maybe Terri wouldn’t have flipped if she had seen last season, but that’s a big maybe. Russell was introduced as a big player and on the Villains, that isn’t enough of a warning? Regardless, we’re couple weeks in now and one would hope that they’ve had time to figure out Russell.

      Jeff, you’ll have to end Coach’s marriage first (remember Tocantins’ finale?), before overseeing the unholy union of Coach and Terri.

      What’s next? The Merge in the next couple weeks? Until then voting off the last remnants of Rob’s alliance to keep them from flipping against them at the merge?

      Can’t wait for the next episode!

      • Matty P

        Tyson and Coach on the Amazing Race. Make it happen CBS! Funniest team ever!

      • D

        That person at the finale was only introduced as a girlfriend.


        Sorry Jeff, I have NO love for Jerri and Coach and to think they ARE the reason Rob is not in the game just makes me hate them more. What makes Coach think he is so honerable? What a lying loser. And Gerri I never liked she would be with the troll if she thought she could get more air time.

      • bryan

        really, wildspeculator, you think sandra and courtney are cute? gross. you have issues, sir.

      • BILL

        Russell is and always will be a MORON. ROB will always be the man…..

      • Jimmy

        Ooh, carefull Bill. That means Rob got outright whooped by a moron.

      • Dr Zechariah Zenith

        I don’t mind Coach and Jerri in the AMAZING RACE.

        Jeff Probst’s blog now sounded like a page from Coach.

        Hoping for a Coach and Jerri romance.

      • Sweetpea

        Coach and Tyson on Amazing Race? I MIGHT ACTUALLY WATCH THE SHOW THEN!! Too funny! LOVE IT!

      • The truth

        Rob, what is that? The greatest player who will NEVER win? Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha,

      • Excalibur

        Coach+Tyson+Amazing Race=Gold!

      • Boston Rob Sucks!

        Come on Bill. Russell proved last week that he is anything but a moron. He thouroughly kicked Rob’s ass back to Boston.

      • Tammy

        I agree with Love Boston Rob! I always liked Coach, but I will never look at him the same way. He and Jerri are the reason Rob’s gone, and I don’t even want to watch the show tonight. I’ve been dreading it all week. Now that Thursday is here…I was reading these comments looking for a new insight…but, no. It just got me all sad again. I can’t stand the idea of no Boston Rob.

        Come on, Jeff…enough worrying about Coach and Jerri. They are dead to us. Find a way to create a show featuring Rob. That’s what we want to see!!! (and by the way, I’d be much more comfortable with you in Rob’s corner…not Coach!)

      • Patrick

        Boston Rob & Russel on Amazing Race. They won’t ignore a car wreck, they’ll cause one. Gleefully.

    • darclyte

      While Russell had somewhat of an “advantage” since nobody had seen his season, almost all of the Villain’s tribe very quickly didn’t trust (or like) him. So that negated any “advantage” quickly.

      • Soap On A Rope

        Once and for all time, is it true that Sugar during an interview stated that Pavarti had been allowed to view Survivor 19 by a casting director prior to the filming of Survivor 20? This would mean that she had an advantage over the rest. The truth will come out later.

      • wino

        having a hunch is NOT the same thing as knowning. thats the bottom line, russ has a clean slate, whereas cirie, rob, tom, even parvati didnt.

      • BILL

        the show is not even worth watching now that Rob is gone.And that’s the bottom line…….

      • Jimmy

        All the whinging about having an advantage going in! Get over it. It would hardly have been fair for all the contestants to watch Russell’s season right before this one. They would all have seen that Russell was by far the best player to ever compete; they would know that they are all amateurs next to him, and would have voted him out immediately. Moving on. The big showdown… well it was really only a big showdown because it was the Russell 3 against the Rob 6. That almost made it a fair fight. Almost. In this context the result was an absolute drubbing. Rob got flat out schooled. Fair play to him making fire and all that.. very cool, but as for gameplay I have to play back his own words: welcome to the big leagues Rob.

      • Dr Zechariah Zenith

        I agree that Russell didn’t have advantage. Sure people didn’t see him in his season.

        But clearly it is a disadvantage since you don’t have a prior advantage from day 1.

        Look at the Micronesia 4 – Amanda, James, Cirie and Parvati. They did go far compared to Randy or Sugar.

      • Lenny

        He probably would’ve been voted out simply because he goes around hiding important items.

        That doesn’t benefit the tribe and doesn’t really benefit his game. Russell just enjoy’s watching people fail, well I enjoy watching Russell fail to garner votes from the jury.

      • alex

        plus people overlook the 5 days inbetween…thats not an advantage in every sense…thats TOUGH…back to back? ouch

      • The truth

        It already has. The whole show is a sham, just like this blog.

      • Rick

        The amount of time the survivors are shown on TV, does not give enough insight into an individual. ALSO if Rob is the greatest of all, then Russell MUST BE GOD because he out play, out lasted and out witted ROB

    • Michelle

      Russell may have had a slight advantage because no one had seen him play before — but, I think it was negated by the fact that he has no one on the island from his season. He has no potential ally on his team or the other. It’s possible Parvati and Amanda team up after the merge. It’s possible Jerri and Colby reunite (okay, really really unlikely, but possible).

      Russell has nobody and yet he’s able to take down Rob.

      • Root

        I agree Michelle, being unknown is an advantage but it also made him a target. Last week the goal was to vote out Russ or Parv, this week the goal was to vote out Russ. Seems like Russ has a pretty big target on his back to me. I wouldn’t call that an advantage.

        I would say that the people who have an advantage are those who don’t have former tribe mates in Samoa.

      • bring rob back

        I almost cried when Rob left :( NOOOOO!
        Now this means I have to cheer for… *shudder*… Russell, the only worthwhile player left. Maybe JT.

      • debby

        Even if there had been someone from his season he would have had no one to align with. In fact he would have gone home already since they would have exposed him for who he was. The promos for next week give me hope that Russell goes home next week. I hated Boston Rob the first time, tolerated him the second time but I was rooting for him this time. The tribe made a bozo move.

      • DH

        “Russell may have had a slight advantage because no one had seen him play before — but, I think it was negated by the fact that he has no one on the island from his season. He has no potential ally on his team or the other.”

        That is not true, and actually has an opposite effect. Russell pissed of *lots* of people last season, so if any of them ended up in this season they wouldn’t have allied with Russell. In fact, if any of last season’s players showed up in this season, it would’ve been to Russell’s *disadvantage* because they would’ve have the inside information on Russell to call him out before he had a chance to manipulate the others. They might even align with Boston Rob to get rid of Russell.

      • Cowcharge

        Candace who?
        Russell’s only advantage is that he’s Russell (Amanda finished exactly the same as in her first finish when nobody got to see her play either). He is the greatest player ever, hands down. Remember, HE didn’t get to see himself play (and lose) either. So he’s got the same disadvantage as his opponents.
        After seeing Colby throw Jerri out of his way like a sack of rotten potatoes during the basketball challenge, I doubt they will align.
        If Rob had only been Rob, and taken Russell up on his offer to keep the tribe strong by voting off Courtney or Sandra, he’d still be there.
        The Villains’re doing the same thing now that the heroes did earlier, eating their own muscle mass, because they have so many players left and everyone’s paranoid. They got nervous, and they’re pulling the trigger too soon. Not as soon as the Heroes did, but still too soon.
        With Rob gone, and the heroes having momentum, I don’t think the Villains’ winning streak is going to reappear. Couple more weeks of losing and it could be even at the merge. And Rob WAS their winning streak. Maybe Coach will grow a set. Or maybe now Russell will feel comfortable coming to the forefront and leading. He ain’t bad at puzzles, and he’s a strong, fast lil’ hobbit. Must be the crack, like Rob said. In every challenge where there’s a wrestling match, you see Russell with some other guy down and his foot on their neck. Did you see the aftermath-of-a-rough-football-play-like shoving match between Russell and Rupert? Wish I coulda heard the mic feed.
        Jeff, sorry dude, but YOU blew that puzzle challenge for the Villains with your incessant chattering about the puzzle ability imbalance. We could see how you were distracting Rob. It was really annoying to listen to, were you channeling Billy Mays? Was that subliminal product placement for OxiClean? Was it embarrassing to watch?
        Candace who?

      • JenR

        That is what I keep saying too!

      • Dr Zechariah Zenith

        Who is Candace?

        I thought it was Candice Woodcock.

        Candace was from Tocantins.

      • bikini boy

        Lenny: At the beginning of Ruppert’s first season he stole everybody’s shoes and he seems to be well loved.

    • Annie

      Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh BRING HIM BACK NOW! I have never had such a visceral response to Survivor being voted off. I am literally depressed that Rob is gone. It’s wrong in so many ways.

      Rob is now and has always been the GREATEST PLAYER TO EVER PLAY THE GAME! Got that TROLL?

      Anyhoodles…I am wishing I was a “techie” who could create a you-tube video of all the dishonest,backstabbing,back peddling,non-heroic, lying things Coach-the-greatest-Douche-to-ever-play-Survivor has done.

      On behalf of all the viewers who think Coach is the biggest sociopath, well, ever….please Jeff, in the final show please please please make a video of Coach making pacts and then immediately breaking his word to those people so he can see how delusional he really is. Please?

      • Liz

        I second that about the Coach-breaking-his-word tribute video. And the obnoxious thing about last night, was he made his word with Boston Rob to vote Russell and with Russell to vote Rob and he ended up voting Courtney.

      • BruceMpls

        You will never see that happen at the finale. Jeff has such a hard on for Coach I bet he is actually jealous of Jerri. What he was really thinking was: Coach and Jeff, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G.

      • d4nie1

        Haha Rob got pwned. He is not nor ever has been the greatest Survivor or else he would not have been so easily defeated despite having all the numbers on his side.

      • labrat

        How is Rob the greatest ever? He never won the game. Same as Russell last season; he couldn’t be called the best player because he didn’t win. Rob got played, that’s it. He lost the battle. I do think that Russell has some sort of hypnosis power that makes people go with his ideas even when they know it’s not the right choice.

      • D

        @BruceMpls-you are correct. He can’t even put a sentence together about Candice, not one single sentence, but is able to write a whole treatment for Coach;s movie career? The insanity is contagious.

      • Annie

        Labrat- You’re right. Rob never won. Rob should have won. But,I think what makes Rob the GTEPS in my mind is he makes for SUCH great viewing. I’ve throughly enjoyed watching him play the game. He makes me laugh and root for him, even though he is brutal.

        But I’ll concede that no player who hasn’t won deserves the title.

      • Annie

        Oh…and not to belabor a point. I do think that of all the people who really outwit, outsmarted, outplayed, who never won….Rob certainly is the most gracious loser. Unlike THE TROLL WHO IS THE POOREST SPORT IN THE HISTORY OF THE GAME!

      • CP

        What makes Rob better than Russell (IMO) is that Rob does better in physical challenges, dominates mental challenges, does more in camp, and plays a better social game. Russell has the sneakiness advantage, and in a game of “outlast” that may be enough, but I think Rob is the better player all around.

      • Jimmy

        Yeah Annie, I’m having a hard time accepting that Rob is the best player ever because, well, you know, that hobbit troll fella just wiped the floor with him.

      • Ian

        Let’s not forget that Rob came in 2nd place in the first All-Stars. That’s not too shabby.

      • Jules

        Nor should we forget that this is the second time Russell has been on the wrong side of the numbers game and managed to come out on top. (Rob 6, Russell 3) Not to mention he single handedly picked apart the other tribe after the merge in Somoa…

        Russell is the only player I have ever seen who tells people they are on the block to their face (Sandra and Courtney); GIVES AWAY A HIO and does not get voted off (James, Eric etc..); AND WEARING a HIO to tribal counsel – begging to be voted out – NOT PLAYING IT – and not getting one single vote. He is either an extremely lukcy player – or a freaking genius!

      • Dr Zechariah Zenith

        Boston Rob has like 5 stints of Reality TV.

        3 Survivors
        1. Marquesas – started as a bonehead guy from Boston. Voting off Hunter the military guy and keep the big breated Queen of the Nile – Sarah. He ended up 10th.

        2. All Stars – he aligned with Rob Cesternino from Amazon and voted him off later. This was his best season by placing 2nd overall. But his biggest price was Amber. They lived happily ever after. :)

        3. Heroes vs Villains – led his team to victory over and over. But when they lose Tyson, he crumbled rather than regroup. He could have temporarily joined forces with Russell and wait for the merge. Who knows? He could have switch the tables once again.

        Russell knows he is a threat and out of respect he was voted off.

      • John

        Rob saw in russell something strange and clearly untrustworthy. He wouldn’t align with russell for any reason. Russell is the cockiest survivor ever. Rob doesn’t need to tell everyone how great he is. Russell can’t stop stroking himself. I agree with annie — did you ever see such a viceral response to a survivor being voted off. Only Boston Rob – The greatest Survivor of all time – could elicit such a response,

        Jeff I loved your blog and Rob deserves it.

      • Amie

        Get off the Rob bandwagon. His time came and went quite awhile ago. He just expected that he would be received with open arms but maybe the other players finally saw through his mirage of kindness and wit. SO SO tired of hearing about Boston Rob and that other half ‘Amber’. RIP

      • Lenny

        Jules he is extremely lucky. If Tyson was assigned to Parvati, Russell goes home, end of story. The fact that he is still around because of that has nothing to do with genius, not to mention the numerous other examples of luck.

        The hobbit didn’t outsmart Rob, he may be still around but he never outsmarted Rob and will never be considered the best survivor player ever.

    • CJ

      An asterisk is stupid. When Rupert came back a second time, no one had seen him play and no one cared. Yet all of a sudden because Russell can be polarizing and yes, evil, people are making a big deal about how no one has seen him play. Even Boston Rob admitted in a previous ep that they all knew about Russell. C’mon people. Pull your skirts up and deal.

      • Mary

        Yes, but Rupert is nothing like Russell and was brought back because he is likable. The villains should have instantly not trusted Russell because he did one season where they didn’t see his play and he became one of the greatest villains of the game – come on! A child could figure that out, why not them? Russell is a jerk, no excuse for his creating chaos by burning socks and burying the machete and did no one notice that HE didn’t help them win challenges. Even hating Boston Rob (which I don’t I was rooting for him) he was the best they had at challenges so it was way too early to dump him. Russell won’t win, he is evil just to be evil and I wonder how his wife and kids feel about him snuggling up to Parvati?

      • UM

        No he didn’t

    • MS

      Rob was Robbed. For 2 reasons…
      Nobody knows Russell, unfair advantage,although Rob saw thru that but the other didn’t. Rupert previously in All Stars had the same advantage but his game play was different and seeing him play or not previously was not an advantage. Rob had a target on his back because everyone knew him and were afraid of him, if everyone truly knew Russell like they did Boston Rob he would have been gone the first week.
      Secondly, some of the most stupid moves in survivor history lead to Rob’s downfall especially Tyson’s. Rob can only do so much.

      • Jimmy

        This advantage and that advantage and it’s not fair and boo freakin hoo. Rob got schooled. Goodnight and good-bye.

      • Jules

        AND Russell came into heroes v. villians WITHOUT knowing if his prevcious strategy worked.. (something the other vilians did know).

    • Alan

      As big an advantage Russell had, he had at least an equally as big disadvantage by not coming into this with strong pre-existing relationships and alliances like most of the others did. I don’t get why people can’t like both Rob and Russell, they are clearly the two best (and most entertaining) competitors to have played this game, and it’s a shame that Boston Rob didn’t put his tribe ahead of his alliance and go with Russell’s suggestion of getting rid of Courtney or Sandra. It was a pleasure watching these two, and its too bad one of them had to leave so early.

      • Chip H

        Exactly, both were great players, and both were entertaining. They chose to compete against each other instead of pool their strategic minds and manipulative ways to waltz to the final TC. Once they clashed, someone was going to go home first. Me, I’m just glad it was entertaining, some of the best personal competition we’ve seen on Survivor in ages.

      • Laura

        Yes, I am sick of the Russell has the Advantage excuses. Russell has been the underdog from the very beginning. Every season contestants want Russell out but in the end, anyone who takes on Russell loses. Besides, it should have been a BIG clue to those on the idiotic Villain Team that there was a REASON why Russell was picked and not a hero.

      • D

        @Laura-you are right. Look what happened to Marissa when she went gunning after Russell in the very first episode of Somoa. He got rid of her very quickly.

      • Cowcharge

        Starving for 39 days right before starving for 39 days didn’t help Amanda OR Rupert, did it? No advantage. Jeff even made a point within 2 minutes of their landing on the beach to point out that Russell was “one of the most notorious villains” in Survivor history. And Russell answered that he was just glad to be able to play with people who appreciated the GAME. So no one should be surprised at how he plays. He’s got it tattooed on his friggin’ forehead, and he renews the ink every day.

      • JenR

        I like them both, but I have to admit I was rooting for Russell a little bit more. It was just too much fun to see someone pull something over on
        Rob, because that’s not something you ever get to see.

    • kross

      You Rob lovers need to get over it. Russell plays the game to win. Rob stated that Russell wasn’t playing with amateurs He’s not playing with you anymore Rob! byebye

      • Celimene

        If Russell played the game to win it, he would approach people with a bit more tact. He plays the game to lose the final tribal council – not to win. Mark my words. He’s not winning. I would not be at all surprised if he makes the final two or three, but he will have poisoned the jury so much that he – and likely Parvarti by association – won’t win.

      • D

        Um, if he and Parvarti are final two then one of them will have to win.

      • zz

        russhole 0 votes


      • Jimmy

        Can you imagine if sandra wins? Why is she even on the show? Excellent point though Kross. Welcome to the big leagues Rob!

      • Sue

        I have to agree with other posts Jeff – usually I read EVERY word yo write. This time I skipped most of it – it was boring! You talking about another show not even in existence when a good one is what we want to hear about! Get back on track please.

      • The truth

        You skanky son of a b**tch. The original puppy dog hates Russhole, and is rejoicing in the fact that Sandra is going to kick his ass. F-off you creepy sick stupid troll

      • The truth

        D. It will be a final 3, and Sandra will win. OK? Mark my word.

      • Chris

        If it is true that Sandra wins, then she better bring something to the table soon to merit that because so far she has done nothing and I was actually happy for her the season she won, but this time around there has been no Sandra flair at all.

    • Mary Ann

      Russell had a much bigger target on his back than Rob did but he’s still here. Russell would have been the first person I voted off just because he’s the only unknown quantity in the game. The only thing they knew about him when he walked in was that he had done something in the last Survivor to be classed as a villain all-star… dead man walking.

      I’m sad to see Rob go and I would have loved to have seen him and Russell team up.. that would have been a force.. but if it had to be one of them, I’d rather have Russell. I couldn’t stand him until the very end of the last cycle but now, I respect him as a player and I’m rooting for him. He’s played the most daring game I’ve ever seen.. and, like Russell, I’m a real fan of the show and don’t mind admitting it.

      I could have done without the Coach/Jerri fantasy Jeff has going though.. that might keep me up nights. (and not in a good way)

      • D

        That C/J fantasy was nothing short of bizarre. Very lengthy too.

      • Did You Climb In From Space

        Loved the blog. Laughed thru the whole fantasy. I needed a good laugh. Yesterday sucked. My kid came in 2nd place in his soccer championships ( other team was older) and then to lose B- Rob. I almost couldn’t read the blod today. I’m glad I did. Thanks Jeff. Maybe I can be at peace.

      • Alex

        What I dont understand is if everyone knows how Parveti flirts with anyone and anything, how can they keep falling for the same crap????

    • Rosalie

      I was sad to see Rob go. However, as much credit as people want to give Russell, it was Jerri who got rid of him at the end. Courtney is next to go, followed by coach. You know that Russell likes to see his team suffer. The deleted scene where Courtney talks about Danielle’s socks gone stray makes me wonder. If Danielle knew that it was Russell who did it, would she still be aligned with him? Russell does have a huge advantage by being an unknown. The only reason why he got a target on his back was because he went to look for the hidden idol after they all had agreed to not do so. Before that, no one had a problem with him. Russell and Parv will make it to the final 3, but neither will win. Neither Russell nor Boston Rob are the greatest survivors; if they were, they would have won before. I must say however, Jerri and Boston Rob have grown the most since their first go at this game.

      • D

        Agree with your last sentence 100%.

      • terry

        Are you talking about their bellies?

      • Maris

        lol Terry!!! That was very funny!! hahahahahaha!!

    • zz

      SANDRA WINS !!!!!!!!!!!

      2 Parvati
      3 RUSSHOLE

      • RAIDERN

        good job… and you’re socially awkward, insecure and ugly :)

      • Steven

        @zz how can you possibly know who wins. Only Jeff knows. Your an idiot. Stop trying to ruin it for every one.

      • JfromCanada

        CANDICE WINS!!! JT comes in second, Amanda 3rd…

      • JfromCanada

        No wait…. Danielle wins! Rupert 2nd, Coach 3rd… I just love spoiling the endings for people because it makes me look so smart!

    • Bob

      Russell is hated because he controls the simple minds. They do whatever he wants, and can’t wrap their minds around the fact that everything he tells them to bring them to his side is the exact same thing he is telling everyone else. You cannot trust someone that is going around telling everyone the same thing. By the way, no one has mentioned the now dominant Heroes, and the fact that Superman Colby is back!!! Just like in the Outback, when he is on his game he is unstopable. Time for everyone to be worried. COLBY to the end(even though Jeff hates him now for some reason, as shown in the episode where Jeff basically told Colby to shut up…)

    • Mark

      Jeff, I’ve been reading your blog since you’ve started and man, keep it up. I know this isn’t episode 7 related but, there’d be no Survivor without you. Your comments on everything are great. Keep it up man!

    • luvmichaeljohns

      good point, it would be interesting to know if Rob’s strategy would of been different if he had seen Russell’s season before coming to Heroes v. Villians In my book Bos. Rob is the best ever.

    • wino

      Russ has the advantage of being the unknown. if jerry and coach had seen his season, now way would he have received their (semi)trust. same with tyson. bottom line, rob was the one who sniffed him out and wanted him gone. i have to give it up to both of those guys from making this season so entertaining.

      • Chris

        But they played with Rob in All Stars and saw how he betrayed Lex why wouldn’t they think he would do the same to them. So what does that matter. I think Rob did more damage to people who trusted him and made very little apologies. Yet no one was thinking of voting him out week 1. Get over it!

    • Andrew

      Russell has both an advantage and disadvantage going into this game because no one has seen him before. Obviously by not seeing his gameplay no one can know what to expect from him. At the same time, Russell lost the game due to a poor social game, but didn’t know that until AFTER playing season 20. The way I see it, Russell has no chance at winning because he will not be able to get jury votes, and if Samoa had ended before this all stars he would have learned from that and played a completely different social game. The fact of the matter is, no one got to learn about Russell’s game because it did not air beforehand, and this is including Russell. He is the only one with the DISADVANTAGE of not being able to watch his season and learn from his mistakes.

      • suzie

        I agree with your comment that Russell didn’t have the advantage going into Allstars of knowing how his social game effected his end game, He went into this season not knowing that the way he played last time may have lost him the game, in fact he probably thought he had won the game. I do think if he had known his social game would have hurt him he may have change it up a bit.

    • AlysabethInAustin

      Mourning,indeed. I can’t think of a time when anyone’s exit brought tears to my eyes. Rob is the ultimate Survivor of all time. Russell is dead to me now-and I LOVED him last season. I’m so disappointed. Rob would not be proud of me. I ordered everyone out of the room. My kids know this is a very grave moment in our household. They looked down and scurried away. “I wonder how long Mom’s gonna be like this? Is the weekend cancelled?” ……sigh, I don’t even have a second favorite…except for you,Jeff. I think I’m gonna have a shot of Herradura Silver and take my dogs to the creek….Rob would like that, I I believe. Sniff,sniff.

      • kaye

        Hilarious post! I agree. Dalton calls Russel riviting. Not in my book. Rob was MUCH more entertaining and LIKABLE.

    • Russell Rocks

      Russell is the ultimate Survivor player. Although the other players have not seen Russell play, Russell was also at a big disadvantage. He had to play Heroes VS Villains two weeks after his initial season wrapped. He nearly had no time to recuperate from the first one. The other cast members also figured out that he wouldn’t be in the game, if he was just a rookie with no game. Parvati figured this out the first few days at camp. I believe the others did too, as no one trusted him. Also something to remember, Rob had the numbers, and Russell was pretty much an outcast. Simply put, Rob just got outplayed! Russell was able to turn things around to his advantage when his back was against the wall. He really has a way of figuring people out. He knows when to work them hard (as in Jerry), and he knows when to simply drop the bait (as in Tyson). Russell has a big chance of winning if he gets to the final 2 or 3. This is a cast that respects the game. I don’t believe they are as petty as the last season.

      • Pyrenze

        Why do you say the the last jury was petty? Obviously Russell lost because he played a horrible social game and the jury voted accordingly. Nothing petty about that. It is ALL part of the game.

        And if Sandra wins as some people predict, then she would be a two-time winner and that would make HER the best player ever.

      • Brandy

        Sandra is one of the worst Survivor winners IMO in all history. Her win was like Natalie’s win. If Sandra does win again, it’s because of a jury being bitter. I hate Sandra. No respect for her at all.

      • Chris

        Sorry Brandy but Sandra played the game well at the end when her back was against the wall. At some point she knew she was alone and her back was against the wall and yet she made it to that final 2 and won that. Now, I agree her winning this season would be because everyone is bitter because she hasn’t done one thing to make me think she deserves the money this time around.

    • Argonut

      While Rob did not see him play it was more a factor that the others did not see him play. Rob seemed to have figured him out but Russell totally mind controlled the weaker players with smart game play.
      You reverse the roles and have it where nobody saw Rob play before and it’s Russell who goes home.

      • Chris

        Sorry but Rob had three chances already. People saw how he played the game and still kept him in. He would have been my number one target. If he could back stab his friend (in the game) then I know as just an ally I would not be safe with him. Buh-bye!

    • greenjenny

      love the show, it was great last nigh, Jeff is the best

    • Rob

      Can this website set up some sort of comment security, where you guys monitor what is being said. Cuz i have found out the finalists from like the last three seasons through spoiler comments on this website and im sick of it, this is the last season Im gonna read Jeffs blog because I dont want the end to be ruined anymore!!!

      Do Something About it EW!

      • kaye

        How do these people actually KNOW this?

      • Rob

        Well it always ends up as they say it will..

        There needs to be some moderation on here, who cares if its delayed by a couple of hours.

      • Brandy

        I agree. Someone is spilling the beans. Either cast members or crew. CBS should withhold all pay for everyone until after the season airs. Any spoilers that CBS finds and no one gets paid until the rat is figured out.

      • Lilymax

        I agree. Every week some idiot puts on who will be voted out next week and it’s always correct so I have no choice but to believe that the final three they continually post week after week are correct too. It’s ruined the Survivor experience.

      • Wake Up

        Freedom of Speech beeatch.

      • Rob

        I’ll kill you Wake Up.

    • Ian

      You know, I don’t have a problem with the others not knowing anything about Russell. What bothers me is that the producers only picked him to be on All-Stars. Why didn’t they pick 1 or 2 other players from Samoa, such as Erik or the Chinese girl (who hated Russell). I mean, the producers picked 2 players (Amanda & James) from China to be on Fans vs. Favorites. Sure they can form a partnership but they can also “gossip” to the other players about eachother. There’s no one to gossip about Russell. That’s the clear advantage that Russell has.

      • Chris

        He also had the disadvantage of not knowing anyone so therefore had no allies and yet now he sits in the majority in the Villains tribe.

    • Steve

      People who think Russell had an advantage (because no one had seen him) should remember his big DISadvantage – going from one season of Survivor straight into another. Survivor is very physically draining, people lose all kinds of weight and lose all kinds of sleep. Doing that twice in a row can’t be easy, even if (as I assume happened) they made sure he had plenty to eat between shows.

    • Dr Zechariah Zenith

      Is it me or the show dwells more on the Villains camp more than the Heroes?

      Only 2 past winners remain – JT and Sandra.

      • Rob


      • Chris

        And that is why she could end up winning or getting to top three cause people forget about Parvati.

    • Bongwe

      I like both Rob and Russell as characters in Survivor, but, compared to Russell, Rob is like Vanilla Ice among rappers. Russell is the true badass, playing the game dirty and harder than anyone else. In regard to this season I had my doubts about Russell’s chances against these hardened survivors, but he really did pull through with the odds stacked against him. As a person I consider him to be unlikable, arrogant, annoying and despicable. But in the context of this game I’m rooting for him :)

      • JfromCanada

        Russell is playing this game like he thinks he already won his first season and so has nothing to lose. Remember he filmed Heroes vs Villians before the finale of Samoa. His so-called “advanteges” or “disadvantages” have no real bearing in this game. That said, if it weren’t for the stupidity of Tyson and now Jerry (and especially Coach), Russell would be gone… Rob is still the better player overall and ranks in the top 5 all time best players of Survivor.

    • Dimitri

      Rob is probably the best player ever in the game. No one is as well balanced a player as Rob, his performance in Survivor All-Stars was especially epic.Everyone there was so in awe they were all just clutching on to the hope that he would pick them to go to the finals with him. He is one of the most dominant players in both physical and mental challenges. He’s got a great social game and is a natural leader and is hilarious in his assessment of other players. He can instantly spot someone who is bs’ing him and he keeps a close eye on everything that happens in camp. He and Amber were two of the best Amazing Race competitors too. They looked for creative ways to get an edge on everyone else and they never got hostile to each other like most of the other teams do.

      As for Russell… he can find hidden immunity idols. woohoo. Russell is a gimmick, a flash in the pan. He’s probably great for rating for survivor these last two seasons because he makes a good villain, but he will NEVER win. He’s weak at challenges and pisses too many people off trying to claw his way to the end. No jury will give him the million. He think he is king, but he’s really one dimensional. He never would have lasted in earlier seasons before HII came in to play.

      • maxamillion

        Russhole is a one trick Troll. Now he thinks he singlehandedly got rid of Boston Rob, and therefore he thinks he is the best player of all-time. NOT! Not even close.

      • Barb

        Right on, you are sooo bang on in your assessment of Rob. I agree with you, 100%. Boston Rob should STILL be there! Arrrghh!!

      • Tina

        But he’s not and that’s all that matters right now!

    • Erich Win

      what ever you think about Russell he is a master strategist and outmanipulated Rob. He is the best i’ve see on survivor and if a new ‘hidden Idol” is put back into play he will find it and be in total control of the villians… if he isn’t already. I suspect though he doesn’t make it to the final based on the reunion show and his behavior there. Why else would he want to pay for “title” if he didn’t win here. Bad programming… Comment on that Jeff.

      • alex

        you forget that it was live

      • JfromCanada

        yes it was live, but this season was actually filmed before the finale of Samoa, so he already knew how well he did and whether he had a chance to win this season

    • Samantha Gowdy

      I liked Russell until the end of last season. I agreed he was the best player ever but now I really don’t like him. He was such a baby at the finale!!! Now I think what would be the best outcome…..Russell makes the final 2 and still doesn’t win!!!

    • Caleb J

      would you still want the asterisk if Rob was voted out on the first episode? Odd we only here this unfair advantage talk when Rob loses. And he lost BIG time! He lost three votes from his alliance! He let Russel find the HI Idol! He even encouraged him to get it!!! Rob should have been righ by Russell’s side looking for that idol once he knew Russel was going for it. It’s like a baseball player waiting on first base when the catcher misses the pitch. Rob struck out while Russell stole all the bases! What was Rob’s big strategy in this game? No one goes to get the Idol or we vote them out. DUMB!

    • James Davis

      1. Certainly Rob was the better known player but I’m not sure your theory holds water. As the better player and known threat you’d think quite a bit more than the minority alliance would have wanted to target him.

      2. I disagree. This cast of survivors will respect his gameplay where as his original cast were all sore losers.

      3. Bah, in other All star seasons there were unknowns. All the Fans were unknown as well as the China cast members, and in the first all stars Rupert was unknown. It’s nothing new to have an unknown on an all stars season so quit yer bitchin’ about Russell.

      The man is a crazy little devil that is playing this game at a level very few others (Boston Rob not included) ever have.

      • naughty grin

        Boston Rob played at the same level as Russell? You people are delusional. Russell hasn’t even started playing yet. Boston Rob is incapable of abstract thought and thus unable to strategise in a sophisticated way. Russell is quite skilled at this.
        I actually think you will find that Russell in real life would be a very loyal and genuine person, and probably a lot of fun. He just doesn’t suffer trolls gladly!!

    • innerjuju

      I’m convinced that Survivor producers gave Russell this unfair advantage as make-up sex for their opinion he was screwed on Samao. They could have allowed the other players to see that series before taping of HvV began but chose not. They wanted Russell to win last time and they want him to win this time. Russell is good television- and that’s all that matters to them.

      For me, now that Rob has gone, I don’t really care any longer and I have my Thursday nights back. No more Survivor for me. It’s rigged.

      • Tina

        If it were rigged as you say and they want Russell to win, then he would have won last season.

      • Wake Up

        It’s rigged. But not for him to win. Just for him to last a long time and pull in ratings. That’s what he’s paid to do. That’s why he’s there to play the game. That’s why he does things like steal machetes and burn socks. Sorry to burst everyone’s bubble of naivete but yes, television is all about ratings/money. Honesty isn’t a part of the picture.

    • EPZ

      Russell had the advantage of the fact that noone had seen him play, they did not know his MO. True. HOWEVER< he also had the very distinct DISadvantage of not personally knowing any of the other players before the game. All of the others had previous relationships and alliances, Russell had none. Sounds like an even balance to me.

    • tyler

      you may be a fan but your theory is fool of holes

    • The truth

      Not only Russhole will piss them off, but also Purverty. Sandra, who plays the game the BEST ever by “pretending” not to be a threat, and just a free vote will suck them all in. Including the jury vote. GO SANDRA! You will be the ULTIMATE SURVIVOR! Winning twice……No one else has ever done it.

    • The J Dog

      Bring back Johnny Fairplay to go against Russell.

    • Tired of the testosterone

      Am I the only one who is sick of the producers, and Jeff’s, slightly homoerotic fascination with the men? Coach is a deluded moron. Colby is a bore. Ruseell and Rob are fun characters, but enough already with them. Despite the producers’ relentless shoving these four men down our throats (and Jeff’s thinly veiled desire to sleep with them), there are actually ARE other interesting people on the show this year. Jerri, Courtney and our dearly-missed Cirie are GREAT characters. Give them some screen time!
      And Saundra? — well, she is the reason I tuned in to the show this season, after not watching it in a long time. She was HILARIOUS in her season, and this year, she is being shunted to the sidelines by producers with their heads up the butts of the men.
      I have to stop reading Jeff’s blog, because (aside from the occasional sexist comment about one of the women) his obsession with the men is embarassing and boring. And if the producers continue to neglect the women, I may have to quit watching the show too.

    • survivorman7

      didnt coach and debbie write blogs for samoa. so coach did see russell “play” part of his game. and because he started the “you go when i say so” game early coach saw it.

  • xFx

    Damn i was shocked at TC
    man i was cheering russell and that but then when robs goes ,i felt terrible something its missing now

    Next showdown “russell vs parv” to see who is the most powerful,maybe.

    • D

      Not yet, but maybe after the merge?

  • anonymous

    Jeff….. you’re a nut!!!! ;)

    • Maserda

      I had to cover my mouth so I would disturb my coworkers, I was laughing that hard over Coach+Jerri “union movies”

      • Liz

        I would totally watch those movies because they wouldn’t need to be movies they could be real life! I love Coach and I have been rooting for a Coach and Jerri romance since he first declared his admiration for her back in the first week. YEA COACH AND JERRI!

      • ice13

        If you don’t like his entries, stop reading them. The rest of us think he’s hilarious.

      • Mark

        If we want to get the Coach and Jerri movie into production, let’s start the casting. During his first season, everyone seemed to agree that only Steven Seagal could play Coach (age inappropriate, IMO. Isn’t Seagal about sixty?) but I won’t argue with the will of the people. Does anyone like Tilda Swinton as Jerri?
        Jeff would have to play himself – no actor could possibly capture his unique personality (and dimples). And Ossie, who must have received extensive thespian training for his Playboy Channel appearances, can cameo as himself.

      • The truth

        ice13, you might think he’s hilarious, but “the rest of us” don’t. Speak for yourself. PLEASE!

    • darclyte

      I dunno, I like when he talks more about the episode that movies he’s writing in his head…or wet cushions.

      • darclyte

        Opps, that should have read “than movies” d’oh!

      • Ashley

        I agree, I didn’t care much for this blog entry.

        There’s nothing to like about Coach except his entertainment value, and I’m also starting to think that Jeff is a little sexist.

      • benkarkis

        Agreed this blog entry was pretty dull.

        sorry Jeff, your humour doesn’t do it for me.

      • Marina

        Agreed. Less of the stupid, fake movie scenes & more insights & prespectives, please.

      • D

        @ Marina-YES. What about the inside baseball notes on production, etc? This blog was really self-indulgent of Jeff.

      • wino

        LOL at jeff being self indulgent in his own blog. the point of the blog is to have jeff releft on the episode and give his honest opinion of what went down. ummm, is he now required to write in a certain style? this aint the AP people! just relax and enjoy the fun ride.

      • David

        Jeff, your a great host, but this week’s blog I have to agree with others that it was a little too much out there

      • snowdogsurvivor

        Not liking Jeff’s Fantasy blog. Weird. Rather he stick to comments & actions related to the actual “real” episode. Keep it real Jeff, & your Fantasy dreams to yourself. Just saying…

    • jslost

      Jeff, you crack me up. I always love your recaps, but this week ya’ sorta’ leave me speechless.

  • Lori

    We had a preview last week with Rob comparing Russell to a suicide bomber … what happened to that in this episode?!! I give Russell his due, but I sure wish the vote had gone the other way last night. Tom & Rob are both gone … now who am I going to root for?!!

    • RusselIsTheKing

      I noticed that too with the suicide bomber… Very weird.

      • sean

        probably with the russian subway bombings they decided to edit it out.

      • darclyte

        They probably decided to edit that comment out after what happened in Russia recently, and perhaps because of events here in America like the nuts who threatened and/or have attacked politician’s offices, and those nutters here in Michigan.

  • RusselIsTheKing

    I’m definitely on team Russel, and I can’t wait to see more. Coach is hilarious, and I loved Rob saying that to him.

    I don’t think the episode was so great itself though. Rob-Russel would have been more interesting if instead of mostly seeing Russel going after Rob, there was more Rob going after Russel.

    • KEH

      Russell is The Producers Pet Troll. We know know why Jeff Schills for him. I just learned that no one on “Heros vs Villians” had seen the last season!!!
      In an all-start format that hands Russel a giant MANUFACTURED Advantage. You think these women would give the TROLL the time of day if they saw the last season. He knows all of thier play styles they know nothing about him and since that to my knowledge was never told to the audience, its almost as bad as giving one player in a game the answers before the show. totally tarnishes the season for me.. Maybe next survivor they can choose a favorite to watch the diary segments during the game.
      I am really made that this entire show has been skewed to one pet Player …

      • alex

        so if they don’t know him then everything he does is no longer good?

        I just dont understand arguing with good unscripted TV…who cares if they don’t know him, its the same as if someone was on a DIFFERENT reality show and 2 contestants knew that, but the others didnt…and those that did saw things that would help them…that can and DOES happen…so get over it…all these players have played the game before…most have lied before..russ is a scary looking troll…but hes a heck of a strategist.

      • maxamillion

        It is called a “plant” Russhole is a “plant” of the producers. He is given certain advantages to insure his place in the game. Survivor’s ratings depend on this “plant” and the producers will do everything possible to keep him around. However, would Burnett and company do “ANYTHING” TO KEEP HIM AROUND? That my friends, is “THE $64,000 DOLLAR QUESTION” If you catch my drift.

  • rms

    I thought Rob’s “your a little man” was directed at Russell????

    • Janna

      Rob said it just as Coach was trying to hug goodbye. The clear indication of what a liar and creep Rob is. He told Jeri to vote him off, but he was so pissed at Coach that he said his childish comment when the results were against him.

      • Rosie

        How did Rob lie? Coach shook his hand & gave his word? Then he didn’t have the guts to own his defection & wimped out to vote for Courtney. Coach IS a little man!

      • andrew

        why is he a liar, coach shook his hand and didn’t stick by rob — so i would say the same thing, actually what i would say to coach would be very tame.

      • Beck

        Not sure why Rob thought it was ok to call Coach a little man, when all Rob did in the past was lie to peoples face. That’s why everyone was scared of Rob in the first place. I don’t like Russell but he is actually playing the game at all costs and that’s how you play survivor. Gooooooooo Colby!

    • Dex

      So did I originally…but I re-watched it and he’s definitely saying it to Coach.

      I’m glad it wasn’t directed as Russell…both Rob and Russell were playing exactly the same strategy at that moment, so criticism of each other’s play would have been in bad taste.

      But the noble Coach backing away from any of the opposing promises he made and letting Jerri take the risk by herself…that was little.

      • Dee

        I agree -I think if Coach had voted for Rob, Rob would have taken it better -but by voting for Courtney – Rob knew coach was ducking out on this one.

      • andre

        P R E C I S E L Y. that’s what Rob meant i think

    • Alan

      I thought the same thing, but I rewatched the episode and he clearly said it to Coach as he tried to say goodbye to Rob.

  • sean

    although i’m a huge russell fan, it’s too bad rob had to go this soon. those 2 made for great tv. but rob had to go before the merge, and you just don’t know for sure that you’ll get the chance again

  • Laura

    This cracked me up reading this this morning. :) Although I wonder if the Villians have made a bad move, by voting out Rob, I still loved it!

    • Tiffany

      Oh, I think they DEFINITELY made a bad move voting out Rob. Is Coach going to carry them through the rest of the challenges now? It looks to me like last week they won their very last challenge. Poor move, villians!

      • I’mNotHereToMakeFriends

        Coach kept pushing to vote off Courtney so I imagine he rationalized his vote as “honest” as opposed to strategic. That way he didn’t actually vote against Rob, or for Russell.
        We have to forgive Coach – he’s just a fool in love.

      • orville

        Nah, with as miserable as he looked all through tribal council and the vote, Coach knew what he was doing.

      • david

        I don’t know if it really matters. Clearly the merge is imminent, and really, it wouldn’t hurt for the RUSSELL/PAVARTI/JERRY/COACH/DANIELLE alliance to lose Courtney or Sandra so they won’t have the opportunity to flip. Why not get rid of a bigger threat at this time? For the record, I am fans of both Russell and Boston Rob: loved both their similar gameplays in their seasons. In this season, it is clear Rob was outwitted by Russell – sometimes it happens…. Rob should have kept the target on Pavarti, someone both Jerry and Coach obviously wanted gone. By insisting on Russell, he made his game life more difficult to save.

      • I’mNotHereToMakeFriends

        David wrote: Rob should have kept the target on Pavarti, someone both Jerry and Coach obviously wanted gone. By insisting on Russell, he made his game life more difficult to save.”
        You said it brutha

      • Lenny

        Russell never outwitted Rob. In this episode Rob’s game never really recovered from the Tyson debacle. I’ll say it again (and Probst agrees with me) Rob is smarter than Russell and should’ve by all accounts had him gone (if only Tyson was designated to Parvati). He knew Jerri wanted him gone and didn’t appear to have his same game that he usually brings this week. It’s a shame, he dominated the start of this season and got his alliance (and tribe) in a position to run this game right to the end, but they (Tyson) ruined it for him (and them). You will be missed Bawston Rawb.

  • Jim

    Jeff, a little less of the Harlequin romance next time. Coach and Jerri? Ugh. But thanks for turning me on to Amber in Maxim. That Rob is one lucky bastard.

    • frank

      jeff- i feel that was also a lame attempt of getting us to see your girl in Maxim. we get it. Sheetal is hot. Whew. Those eyes..those lips…

      • tyson3


      • rex

        yeah, that girl’s got it going on.
        in your words Jeff- ‘booty’!
        that’s some body on her.

    • Jeff Fan

      Jeff – you’ve been on the islands too long – you need to interact with different people!! Love you love the show – when are you taking over Regis’ job?

  • Kim from Texas

    My guess is that Russell will get voted out next week. I think that Jerry is smart enough to get rid of him. I would like to see both Russell and Rob competing against each other on the Amazing race.

    • I’mNotHereToMakeFriends

      “I would like to see both Russell and Rob competing against each other on the Amazing race.”
      Now THAT would be awesome.

      • terry

        No, I’m tired of Rob and others from other reality shows popping up on The Amazing Race and others. Y’know, strip it all away, and Survivor is a game show. I like how things used to be on game show. At the end, the winners and losers would go back to their lives and give others the opportunity to play. They didn’t pop up on other shows and constantly get promoted. I’ve enjoyed this season, but time for these people to go back to real life. If they want to do another all star edition, how about picking on people who’ve only had one chance(think how many good players we may have missed cause for one reason or another they got voted off first or second and never were invited back, I mean, there must have been something in their audition tape that made the producers want them, we coulda been missing some tv gold)

      • Brandy

        I’d like to see a season of 1st & 2nd players voted out (excluding any of the “special season players”). That would be worth watching as you wouldn’t know any of their game styles really.

      • alex

        russ is basically done unless they create some strategy show because he can’t come back to survivor and do well…his target would be….so so large…no one would believe a word he says..anything at camp that goes wrong he would be blamed.

        as for the amazing race, thats not really his specialty…hes good at reading people and attacking their weakness’…unless he had unlimited u-turns, there isn’t much he can do on that show

    • The truth

      Boy, Kim from Texas, you are truly dilusional. I’d love to have seen Russhole voted out ep 1, but the troll is going to vex the season until the final 3. CRAP!

  • jack hart

    great recap jeff … boston rob should had a frenemie alliance with russell. it would have took him farther in the game

    • Erik

      YES!!! I was thinking the same thing… if the two of them had made an alliance, no one else would have had a chance.

  • russel is a rat

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Rob cant leave. No way!!!!!! jeff how can this happen :-( Im so depressed. not wathching anymore. so depressed

    • Grace A

      Yea. I’ve lost all the excitement now… Buuuuuuuuuuu

      • Ashtrash

        Me too. I can’t watch that troll anymore. I loved Boston Rob! I’m gonna have to netflix the All-Stars DVDs to get me my Boston Rob fix for the rest of the season…

      • Ashtrash

        Oh, and I don’t think Russell is as good as he thinks he is. I blame Boston Rob’s demise on 1) Tyson making the most bone-headed move in Survivor history. (You know he’s approaching everybody with the “I’m voting out Parvati” bait, Tyson just out-thought himself.) and 2) Jerri ultimately had the power, not Russell. she still held a grudge, couldn’t get over it, and went with the UNKNOWN evil Russell (again, unfair advantage, but that’s old news.) She did it, NOT Russell. Russell benefited from lucky guesswork and stupid people.

      • Jimmy

        Oh such sour grapes! Russell played Tyson like a fiddle and then made Jerry dance like a puppet on a string. Russell took on on Rob, outgunned 2-to-1, and absolutely wiped the floor with him. You can deny him all credit but the fact is this is the Russell show.

      • Lenny

        God you Russell fans are delusional. Played Tyson like a fiddle, made Jerri dance. Um he had very little to do with them changing their votes, but you believe what you want. This isn’t the Russell show because he’ll never win he doesn’t have the skills to win.

        And say Tyson would’ve been assigned to Parvati and Courtney to Russell. Who would’ve he played like a fiddle to still be around?

      • Barb

        oooh, Ashtrash, now THERE’S a good idea!! And yeah, totally bummed. I love Boston Rob too! Grr.

    • stevefromoz

      I am devastated!!…and we dont get to see it until a week after you guys! (I cheated)…you have to bring back Rob…pleeeease!!

  • Questioner

    I wish Jeff would address the topic – Did this seasons cast ever get a chance to see videos of Russell playing the previous season (since both seasons were filmed back-to-back)?

    Talk of a HUGE advantage for Russell!

    • ac

      No. This has been addressed time, and time, and time, and time, and time again . . .

    • jack

      Look folks, “Lil Evil” aka Russell wasn’t put on the Villians tribe for nothing! The other tribe members should have realized that. They are just now starting to realize that they are playing with/against the greatest to ever play the game.

      GO Lil Evil! Use em up and throw em away like a piece of trash!!!!!

      • VickiH

        Rupert had the same advantage in the first All Stars, however, knowing that someone is put on from a season not yet aired should give you a big clue that they are someone to be reckoned with.

      • The truth

        What jack? The greatest player who will NEVER win? Yea, that’s great.

    • Soap On A Rope

      I have heard that during an interview, Sugar said that a casting director allowed Pavarti to view Survivor 19. When Russell found out, he immediately formed an alliance with her. Russell is always playing the game.

      • alex

        yeah that RUMOR IS LAME..I am sure a producer took aside ONLY pavrati and watch the ENTIRE s19….


      • UM

        they didn’t have any part of the season ready to view at that time…stupid fools

      • kaye

        Isn’t the whole thing rigged?

      • The truth

        alex, it wasn’t a producer who took Purverti aside, and clued her in to the way Russhole played. It was a friend on the staff. Do you not think the contestants make friends with the staff? Get a grip. That’s why she teamed up with him, and knew that he was a snake at the beginning of the season. Her great plot will come back to bite her, and Russhole in the ars. Making it to final three will certainly give them more money, but not the million. Sandra will walk away for the second time with the big prize. Well deserved, I might add. SHE is the greatest player of SURVIVOR, EVER!

      • Soap On A Rope

        From what I know, the staff member was the same casting director that originally recruited Pavarti for her first appearance on survivor. There seems to be a lot of competion between casting directors to get their recruits on the show. Also it is said that Russell and Parvarti met each other in person several days before filming of Survivor 20 began. Russell is so far ahead of the game curve, it would only made sense for the two to for an aliance. Also Sugar was not the only Survivor contestant to raise fact about Parvarti viewing the rushes of Survivor 19.

      • Jessica Rabbit

        Parvati watched while she blew the casting director – HO!!!

    • Sprtsnut

      I think its rediculous to suggest there is any material advantage to seeing Russell play. Was he cast on the Hero’s side? No. Why were these players cast on the Villan’s side? Because they’re honest? Because they didn’t backstab? C’mon people…

      • Ashtrash

        But wasn’t one of Jerri’s reasons for voting out Rob was that she still held a grudge against him from six years ago? Explain to me how that history is not a disadvantage for Rob, and not an advantage for Russell?

      • Rola

        @Ash – how would seeing Russell play last season have had any effect Jerri’s feelings toward Rob? It wouldn’t.

      • Soap On A Rope

        Jessica: The casting director was a woman. The two casting directors I refered to were both women.

      • shellbell

        Exactly! This isn’t their first picnic, they should have the common sense to realize Russell was cast as a villain for a reason. B-Rob is good at mental challenges, but Russell is SMART.

  • Matt

    I think if all of these players had a chance to watch Russell’s original season, he would have been the first to go.

    • srw

      I agree 100%. It was a huge disadvantage to everyone else. See y’all next season. I’m not hanging around to watch that cocky little d!ck troll gloat.

    • Jimmy

      Of course he would. Every player going in would have known that Russell is, by a country mile, the best player in the field and would have voted him out. He’s the Tiger Woods of Survivor. If you show up for a golf tourney and it’s you and a bunch of weekend hacks playing for a million dollars, and oh, Tiger Woods is also playing but you can vote one person out, who do you vote out? Of course.

      • Lenny

        Lol. Ridiculous comparison. You can’t beat Tiger Woods at golf. And you can never lose to Russell at a final vote of Survivor.

    • Ian

      If Russell is the Tiger Woods of Survivor, then why hasn’t he won yet? Because he has lousy social skills and doesn’t know how to win the jury votes. He is NO Tiger Woods.

      • Bongwe

        No Tiger Woods??? Then why does he keep hooking up and make alliances with all these women???

  • henry

    Is it true that your filming back to back locations from now on?

    If that’s true *vomits all over screen*

    • toughone

      yeah, i love this show but its going to be tough. at least this time, we had an all star cast.

      • Steven

        I think Jeff should write a tell all book about survivor. I know I would read it. In my opinion there may be an advantage for Russell in that others have not seen him in action, however its evened out by the fact that he played back to back seasons with very little down time and he had no alliances from prior seasons. The fact that he is on the villian tribe should have been a huge clue to the other “All Stars” that he was someone to be leery of.
        Would like to see a season where they have only returning players that never made it to the jury. There were a lot of would be great players that were vited off too soon based on being a strong player.
        Lastly if Coach had voted for Russell, it would have been 4-4 in votes. They probably would have done a build fire tiebreaker but I would have loved to have seen a physical endurance challenge between the 2.

      • alex

        steven voting for russ would have been a suicide move if russ had stayed…bad move if coach had done it…he made a numbers decision and tried to make it look differently…plain and simple

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