Chelsea Handler has some choice words for Michelle 'Bombshell' McGee

Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, the first woman revealed as a Jesse James mistress, is engaged in a little war of words with E!’s Chelsea Handler. And I tell you what: The Bombshell has got her some chutzpah. I don’t think I would ever dare to fight the acid-tongued Handler. This is, after all, someone who told me a few months ago how hard it is for her to keep from telling some of her guests “how stupid they are” directly to their faces.

Apparently, McGee does not intimidate easily. Handler struck first blood with a joke on her blog about McGee: “I guess she doesn’t read magazines which makes sense, since she basically has one on her face.” Okay, it’s a funny line. And, quite honestly, a fairly tame one for Handler. But McGee fired back on her Facebook page: “Chelsea, here’s some free advice: Use some of that Botox from your forehead and put it in your flabby underarm skin. I’ve seen better wings in a bucket of KFC chicken.” (Mmm…KFC chicken.)

On her show last night, Handler hit back, first repeating the chicken wing line and wagging her underarms while making jokes about dipping them in blue cheese dressing. But that good humor took a dark turn when she lost her temper a bit and fired off, “First of all, look at my forehead, you dumb b—, okay? It moves….You have a tattoo on your forehead, so you have had a needle in your forehead — and probably Jesse James’ balls. So shut your face.” (See clip after the jump.)

Yet things aren’t quite over yet. McGee’s most recent post on her page reads: “In all seriousness, Im a big fan of Chelsea Lately…I was laughing my ass off…. feel so honored to have a transexual poke fun of me…” Alright, so declare yourself PopWatchers: Team Handler or Team McGee?

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  • Kimberly

    Team Handler for sure.

    • Will

      yeah seriously why would anyone be on Team McGee? That’s like being on Team Hitler. Team Handler all the way!

      • AthenLuna

        I thought that McGee was already on Team Hitler.

      • Brett

        I’m not on Team McGee, but I’m not on Team Handler, either – she’s just an unfunny loudmouth.

    • antone

      Ted Harbert’s wife had to come into his office and yelled at his secretary to “stop banging my husband.” So we all make bad choices.

    • Greg

      Both idiots throwing stones at each other.

    • Carla

      Team Handler. Not even a consideration!

    • McUgly

      McGee didn’t know that Jesse was married? Bull Shiit. She already lost by being dishonest, then she tries to use her warped version of honesty to win an argument? Such a dumb ass, first off, there is no comparison between getting botox and having your whole body tattooed. Millions of woman get botox, even those with low income levels, If done modestly, it looks normal and wonderful. As far as Chelsea’s arms, they look good for someone who is 35 and shows us, that unlike McGee, Chelsea isn’t spending her life away at a gym. On to – McGee, McGee is in the tiny minority of women who get cheap looking, trailer trash tattoos, it’s not normal looking at all, it’s hideous. When she gets older she’ll look even more hideous, has she even thought about this? Note to McGee, do something constructive with your life, rather than just hooking up with married men, spending hours at the gym and tattoo parlors. First and foremost, have the decency to be honest, because acting dumb is only reenforcing your bimbo image, and actually inviting a negative response because nobody is buying it.

  • cameobrooch

    Seriously? Poke fun of me? That is an 18K gold gift in a Tiffany box for Ms. Handler.

  • Annette

    Really EW your gonna defend a slut!
    Come on she’s telling the truth!

    • Art

      Which one do you mean? McGee, or Chelsea who banged the president of E! Networks for years so that he would keep putting her on specials and eventually gave her a show?

      • anony1

        What’s your point? He’s not married, same with Chelsea. Ever heard of the casting couch, it does exist. There’s no secret about that.

      • Natalie

        They were in a committed long-term relationship – what is your problem? two successful people cannot have a relationship? grow up.

      • Art

        Thanks Natalie. I feel shamed being told to grow up by someone using the term “McSkank” on a entertainment message board.

      • Mary

        Art, are you not getting any, baby? Such bitterness. tsk, tsk.

      • Brett

        “Committed long-term relationship”: i.e., she worked that guy for two whole years just to get a basic cable talk show.

      • Jennifer Litz

        BTW, Art, she had her show long before they started dating. And the show is a hit that’s helping to lift his network’s ratings. He’s old balls, and she’s a younger, funny, hot chick. So SHUT YOUR FACE.

  • LisaP

    chelsea’s arms are actually quite toned – she constantly wears sleeveless shirts. if you read her books, she is really into running and keeping fit. (maybe to balance all the belvedere binges). mcgee is just hideous and repulsive.

    • marcusbrooks

      you are so right


    • lolumad

      I think McGee is crazy hot. I think her body is an art canvas, and I think she’s far more intelligent than people give her credit for.

      • jojo

        I think you ARE Dumbbell McGee! Don’t try to come on here fakin’ like ur not and givin’ yourself props! LOL

      • jojo

        But you’re right, it takes a bit of intelligence to be really good at manipulating people and situations

      • she’s actually a mensa member

        Sure, because someone with such an “intelligence” level wouldn’t know that Jesse James was still married to SB. Even though a 3 year old could figure a way to find out that they were.

      • Jennifer Litz

        Jesse James?

  • Jae

    Team Handler!!!

    I hope Chelsea chews her up and spits what is left of her out!

  • single mom

    Team Handler! Can’t be on the side of anyone who knowingly slept with a married man. (And I’m not feeling favorable to Jesse James either!)

    • lolumad

      My understanding was that McGee thought they were separated, that Jesse had led her to believe that. It was seeing them together at the Oscar’s that let McGee know they were together and why she came out. She didn’t -think- they were together.

      Anyway, I’m Team McGee.

      • djse

        So YOU’RE the one.

      • Meghan

        If that’s what she thought, obviously she didn’t watch any of the award shows before the Oscars because Jesse James was with her at all of them.

        She knew he was married and just didn’t care.

      • g

        Of course she is going to say she thought they were separated. I’m sure Jesse lied to her, but she is really stupid for not checking up on that. You call her intelligent? She didn’t check because she didn’t care.

      • jojo

        Right!! She DIDN’T THINK! What planet was she living on to not know those two were still very much married to each other? Anyways, you’d think a single mother of two would be a lot more careful about really getting to know a guy before getting involved with them – y’know, considering she does have two kids whose welfare she has to look out for

      • Lamplight

        Yah, okay. I’m not buying it. It’s not like Sandra Bullock is an unknown. She’s everywhere these days….with Jesse James on her arm. Frankly, even if it were true…she’d probably still have banged him!

      • Shannon

        I think honestly that McGee is a slut who slept with a married man.. and seriously? She didnt know she was together? BS! My 4 year old sister even knows that! Of course she calls her Sandra Bullet but… I’m TEAM HANDLER 1500000%! GO CHELSEA!

      • haha

        Did it ever occur to the mcgee chick to google it? Your on the dumb side.

      • jane

        lolumad you dumbass she came out about it because it got her 30 grand…idiot.

  • Amy

    Team Handler all the way…That skanky home-wreaking piece of tattooed herpes infested crap got paid 30K to tell all.What she thought everyone was gonna applaud her for what she did? You make money off of breaking up a family and late night talk show host have a DUTY to make fun of you!

    • Jan

      Way to go Amy! Never seen such an ugly woman in my life. Just think what she is going to look like when she gets old with all those hideous tatoos!

      • CK

        I have to agree with you Jan –
        I like how the walking comic book is not realizing yet just how quickly the petals fall from the rose. When her arms start looking older along with the rest of her body, that “artwork” is going to look like someone hit the back of a dutchboy paint truck with a freight train at full speed in a rain storm!

      • DS

        @CK – Ha! Good one!

    • Deb N

      Right on, Amy!!!

    • laurie

      Just goes to show, she is apparently as ugly on the inside as she is on the outside. I like body art, but she clearly has issues and now the whole world knows cause it is literally written across her face.

    • rkdorr

      Nah…she won’t get old. an overdose of heroin or syphilis will probably get her.

  • Dyana

    Team Handler all the way. Although I hope this ends soon. How anyone could care about what McGee has to say is beyond me.

  • Joel V.

    Team Handler. The only beef I have with Chelsea is that she is giving this woman more airtime. I am glad that she called her out since it seems that the media loves to try and legitimize people like McGee in order to pimp them out and make more money.

    • Natalie

      I agree – chelsea shouldnt give her anymore time – that’s what mcskank is looking for.

      • Brett

        Best way to accomplish that – take Handler off the air. Reruns of ANYTHING would be more entertaining.

  • Robin Sparkles

    Team Handler!

    why would anyone honestly be on Team McGee?!

    • Nancy

      Anyone who belongs to the “Skanks and Famewhores” fanclub!

  • Lewy

    Team Handler all the way. At least her statements are funny. McGee’s remarks are flat out nasty.

  • sparky

    I believe Chelsea will butcher her for another day or two and then ban her name from her show, like Herpes Simplex 1 and 2.

    • sparky

      Sorry, I’m on Team Lately!

      • AER

        Why be sorry?

  • brandy

    Team Chelsea all the way. Seriously, who would side with McGee?

  • WJF

    Neither team for me. Team McGee I need not say anything, we already know what she is all about. Team Handler, she uses peoples weaknesses and flaws to taunt them and belittle them, famous or not. To justify this she calls it comedy. She is as sick as McGee.

    • Q

      In general yes, but in this instance, I’d say Handler found a deserving target.

    • me2

      You may be right, but she is actually one of the most honest late night comedians out there. Shes not afraid to voice her opinion on the truly stupid and pathetic people trying to get their 15 minutes of fame like this famewh0re or the Jersey Shore kids. I love Chelsea for not bowing down to these ridiculous people like everyone else does.

      • Brett

        “Most honest” is a wonderful superlative. If you’re simply not funny, though, like Handler, then the label “comedian” becomes less and less applicable.

      • @Brett: why are you trolling so hard on a chelsea handler story? get a life…

      • jojo

        because Brett is actually Dumbbell McGee incognito lol

    • LaVerne Wheeler

      you are obviously unaware of Chelsea Handler other than on her E! show. Chelsea has been doing standup for many years, and her show is simply her act televised. The sarcasm and wit served with dirty sauce is her stock in trade.

  • suitenectar

    Chelsea Handler has single-handedly restored respectability to the name “Chelsea”. It’s about time someone tells it like it is. She rocks. Oh, and Jo Koy is hysterical. I’ve heard several comedians say that Michelle McGee looks like she’s wearing a permanent Ed Hardy t-shirt! Love it!

    • Pastafarian

      How many other famous Chelseas are there?

      Chelsea Grammar
      Kenny Chelsea
      Chelsea and the Sunshine Band

      I guess there’s more.

      • Lizzie

        It’s “Kelsey Grammer”

        I think they MIGHT be talking aobut Chelsea Clinton….

      • Nancy

        Pastafarian – I guess some people don’t understand your humor…

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