Anna Paquin: 'I'm bisexual'

True Blood star Anna Paquin came out as bisexual in a newly released PSA for the non-profit Give A Damn campaign. (Check out the video after the jump.) Paquin, who is engaged to her True Blood costar Stephen Moyer, joins gay and gay-friendly celebs Elton John, Cyndi Lauper, Cynthia Nixon, Clay Aiken, Whoopi Goldberg, and Wanda Sykes in the video, which promotes awareness for gay rights.

Of course, this doesn’t answer our real question: Does she prefer humans or vampires?

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  • TheObserver

    Is this an April’s fool thing?

    • DW

      Honey, if April Fool’s means people pretend to be bisexual for a day, I need to track down some straight men pronto.

      • GeeMoney

        Who cares.

      • Brian

        Hahahahahahahaha, I’m with DW.

      • Patrick

        Amen, DW!!!

      • John

        Too funny…and too true!!!

      • thetruth

        DW,As a completely straight American male I’ve always had a problem with any male claiming to be ” Bi ” Fact is my way of thinking( and the majority? of males you ask will say?) If a male willingly allows another male to place their organ in ANY ORIFICE of his body,front or rear, high or low,pitch or catch, he ain’t bisexual he’s GAY.

      • Sue

        I’m reminded of that old joke about how by being bisexual you’ve at least DOUBLED your chances for date on Saturday night.

      • crunchy

        @ thetruth but they still bang chicks. You can’t be a gay guy and bang chicks. You need a third term = bi.

      • Dntbstpd1

        @thetruth – be careful bro, ur ignorance is showing. Gay guys don’t dig the chicks AT ALL, we’re kinda repulsed by them for the most part. BI guys dig both.
        @crunchy – good explanation for the dumbass heteros.

      • @thetruth

        So are you then also saying that women cannot be bisexual?

      • topazbean

        @Dntbstpd1 – Repulsed by women? Wow. Way to sing it out for equality. How bout you just go sit on the hater bus with thetruth. Bisexuals, or gay people for that matter, don’t need defending by the likes of you.

      • @topazbean

        I believe meant physically repulsed. As in not attracted to in the least. Just to drive home the point about the difference between gay an bi. Something which should not need explaining for anyone older than, say, 10.

      • walter17

        @the truth. unless you are a woman then you are still str8?

    • Nshi

      Can’t be. Bieber was not on that list.

    • Gonzo64

      NO, it’s NOT an April Fool’s joke.

      I’m not laughing. Are you?

    • ryan

      ahahhhahaha well played sir

    • To The Observer

      April’s fool has a thing?…….er, what exactly are we talking about here? Here is a question for everyone, do gay men have relationships with females, I thought some do some don’t, doesn’t have to mean they are bi, does it? It is like hetero males who say they are straight but they have another man once in awhile.

    • So tell me, “The Truth” . . . .

      Was this conclusion drawn after extensive research into the subject?

  • beth

    Not that I care what her sexual preference is, but since the news came out today I has assumed it was an April Fool’s joke. If it’s true, good for her.

    • huh

      why good for her? I don’t care either way but I don’t think it is something great that she acheived. She just is.

      • Anna

        Unfortunately, we still live in a day in age where coming out can negatively affect your career, so it does show resolve and commitment to the GLBT community on her part.

  • Dana

    Good for her, that’s she’s coming out after getting engaged. That way she can’t be smeared by the typical “you’re just doing this for attention” dismissal most avowed bisexual women receive. (Yes, some women who are desperate for attention do play that up, but you can’t discredit the whole sexual orientation because of it!)
    Can’t wait for True Blood.

    • Woot

      Yeah I definitely don’t think she is doing it for the attention because honestly she doesn’t need it. She is the star of one of the most popular shows on tv right now. It’s not like her popularity is slipping. She did this for herself and good for her.

      • Mike

        I agree, she is just supporting something of interest. Not trying to get attention. Unfortunately, premium cable channels can never have one of the most popular shows on TV though, no matter how good they are. One of the best, sure, that is a different gauge. One simple fact, not enough people can afford premium channels like HBO, Showtime, Starz, etc.

    • dru

      The only one looking for attention in that video clip is Clay Aiken. After treating his fans like crap for years and losing his record label he’s trying to make a “come back” with a new album and a tour with the Idol winner from his season, Ruben Studdard.

  • M. Stadler

    Who Cares!! And who is she??

    • Ashleigh

      A cool actress who is one of the youngest people to ever be nominated for an Oscar in a terrific film called “The Piano.” She was also in the X-men franchise and an awesome, sexy new HBO show called “True Blood.” I’m assuming you’re genuinely curious and not just trying to waste space in the comments section by being a jerk.

      • GoMe!

        actually she won the oscar!

      • Liz

        AND a Golden Globe for True Blood!

      • Woot

        Also not the youngest. 2nd youngest. Close enough though.

      • Ashleigh

        @Woot: I said ONE of the youngest.

      • Luke Sassypants

        MEOW Ashleigh, what a butch! You freaking gothy “New Moon/True Blood” people should get a life. All her admission means to me is that she wants a license to sleep around. Whether gay or straight, at least be monogamous. BTW, I didn’t mean butch either.

      • Ashleigh

        I corrected a simple misunderstanding – there was nothing catty about it. And you seem to be full of (intentional) misunderstandings, prejudices…and nastiness.

      • Woot

        Yes I read it wrong. I sensed no hostility in your response Ashleigh.

      • Ashleigh

        @Woot: Good. :-)

      • @Luke

        being bisexual has nothing to do with whether you are monogamous or sleep around. It means you could be with a guy or a girl, but doesn’t make you more or less likely to be with “just” one or need to be with many or one of each gender at all times. Just like the fact of being “Monosexual” doesn’t by itself make you more or less likely to be unfaithful. One can be bisexual and be monogamous or celibate or whatever. Orientation is separate from action.

      • Dibannerbze

        @Luke Sassypants

        Hey don’t group us True Blood fans with those Twilight fans!!

    • Youngblood

      You clowns who come on here and post “who cares” are hypocrites. You took the time to read the article and post a comment so apparently you must “care”.

      • lola


      • Garry

        I think it’s possible to read an article out of curiosity and then post an opinion without “caring” about the topic.
        But I wonder what the point was in her announcing that she’s bi. If she doesn’t intend to sleep with anyone other than her future husband, than why even mention that she’s bi? If she DOES intend to sleep with women, then why is she getting married?
        You know what? I just realized that I don’t care, either.

      • SLB

        Yes, we read the article, because we like her and the show. But i could really give a crap about her sexual orientation or anyone else on the show for that matter.

      • fyi

        Gary – She came out as bisexual to support an organization that supports her identity. It doesn’t matter at all that she’s engaged, and it certainly doesn’t matter who she plans to sleep with in the future. She’s bisexual. It doesn’t change, it’s not an opinion she’s stating, but part of her identity.

      • Brent

        Stole an Oscar from W. Rider.

  • Richard

    Increases her chances for a date on Friday night ;)

    • skiiboski

      Agree. I don’t see the big deal. Tiger was a bisexual as well. I mean, buysexual.

    • topazbean

      So bored of this joke.

  • Dysthymia83

    This is all very hot.

    • Kylla


    • A T

      All that should be written after reading the headline is… “Nice!”

  • Ceballos

    Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t.

    • ryan

      awesome comment!

    • Middento

      You got it!

    • Angelique

      Ok this is my favorite comment

    • amj

      First comment that made me laugh! ROTFL

      And personally, I agree the fact that she came out as bi does not mean she is looking to sleep around…just means she is bi.

  • Johnification

    Considering she’s already engaged to a (damn fine) man, there’s an extra degree of class to what she’s doing here. Now sure, she could’ve gone on and lived and no one would ever wonder a thing, but instead she chose to reveal that extra dimension just to help illuminate something. I doubt it’s an April Fools joke, since it’s not exactly something that people would joke about (or at least, not liberal Hollywood people). So I say, I’m happy she’s comfortable admitting it and hope it goes a way towards making others more comfortable, too.

    As for Stephen Moyer, good luck on getting that threesome, dude.

    • Ashleigh

      “As for Stephen Moyer, good luck on getting that threesome, dude.”

      Ah, the age old stereotype. Just because you’re bisexual doesn’t mean you’re not monogamous. God, that one’s annoying.

      • Jason

        Don’t spoil it for the rest of us.

      • David

        Ashleigh, Give me a call sometime.

      • Dave

        But when you’re bisexual AND a Hollywood star it probably does mean you’re not going to be monogamous. And speaking as a bisexual non-Hollywood type in a relationship, I’m up for a 3some any time the stars align for it. Monogamy is SO overrated, no reason a couple can’t have a fling with an extra body (or three) tossed into the mix if everyone is agreeable to it.

      • petuniafromhell

        You can be monogamous and still have a threesome.

      • dru

        petnuniafromhell, “monogamous” doesn’t mean what you think it means. What it really means: “the practice or state of having a sexual relationship with only one partner.”

  • paige

    does it still count as bisexual when you are in a monogamous relationship with 1 person of 1 gender?

    • DW


    • Holly


    • z

      but then every time you enter a relationship, you would have to say “I”m straight now” or “I”m gay now”. That would mean bisexuals would only be bi when they are single.

      • Woot

        No. If you are a bisexual woman and you start a relationship with a man you would not have to say “I’m straight now” because your not. You would say “I’m bisexual and dating a man”. Who you are with doesn’t change who you are

      • ummm

        they might have an open relationship and involve other women. wouldn’t be such an odd thing, esp. in hollywood.

      • Jeremy

        Now Anna and Ellen Paige can FINALLY star in the long-awaited Lesbian Were Wolf movie! (both were in X3 too!)

      • paige

        something tells me Anna Paquin’s and vampire Bill’s bedroom just got That more interesting lol…

    • Ashleigh

      …I don’t understand why this is so difficult for some people to wrap their head around. If you, as a man, marry a woman, are you incapable of being attracted to any other woman ever again? Of course not! It’s the same thing – if you’re bisexual women married to a man, that doesn’t mean you’re incapable of being sexually attracted to and noticing other men or women. That’s definitely been my experience.

      • Katja

        Sorry, Ashleigh. I’ve been reading through just this first page of comments and I wanted you to know that there are some of us straight people who can understand how this works! I’m also kind of annoyed by all the assumption that because she finds people of both sexes attractive, she WILL therefore cheat on her fiance. I’m a woman who likes men. I’m very happily married. I can see an attractive man who is not my husband, think, “hey, he’s attractive”, and yet NOT want to have sex with him. There’s no reason that anyone of ANY orientation can’t choose a monogamous lifestyle.

      • mari

        @Ashleigh – some people have really really narrow minds.
        @Katja – I agree. Heck, I sometimes point out a good-looking woman to my hubby. It doesn’t mean though that I’m into 3somes. I’m just pointing out a beautiful woman or man.

    • Jeannie

      I am bisexual, monogamous, and happily married to a man. I just happen to be attracted to women as well. Being bisexual doesn’t automatically mean you are going to cheat. It is ignorant to think that way!

      • ryan


      • jj

        No way. You are still a heterosexual Jeannie. Acting on that attraction is where you turn the corner in to Bi-ville.

      • Anna

        jj: …you obviously have very little understanding of what sexual orientation is. Orientation is separate from acting on your attraction.

  • Bug

    I thought I already knew this. I have read other interviews where she has talked about how she doesn’t subscribe to common ideals about things like nudity and sexual orientation. Maybe I read into that that she then also was bisexual?

    • topazbean

      I’m assuming she was saying that it would be better if people weren’t required to identify themselves one way or the other. But then I feel that way – that I hate that I have to define myself by my sexuality – but I recognise that non-heterosexual people are discriminated against and am in favour of gay rights. The society we live in necessitates that anyone who is not allowed to have the adult sexual relationship that they want on equal footing with others is forced to define themselves. I don’t define myself by my sexuality in my personal life and so don’t feel the need to “figure out” whether I an attracted to one gender or another. However, in that context, if I had to “come out” as part of a campaign, I would call myself bisexual. Then again, I’m not sure of the usefulness of requiring anyone who participates to announce their sexuality, for just the reason that these things aren’t always entirely fixed.

  • mishka

    Misleading title…

    • mishka

      Or is she really bi? Now that’s a scoop!

  • Liz

    WOW, do you think it’s true? Or did she do that just to give publicity for the campaign…
    Seems real though. And it’s a serious issue, and if it’s true, it’s very brave of her to do that. Most celebrities are “outted” before the say it.
    I wonder what Stephen thinks of that… I really hope she told him she would do that beforehand. They will be followed even MORE by paparazzi now….

    • carol

      Who knows? He should have made some type of statement in support of her … cause I am sure he knows that her “mind” is attracted to both men and women. Guess that is why she said it was a surprise that she fell in love with him.

  • Bob

    Startling, groundbreaking and revolutionary news. Especially considering the current global economic crisis. Is this relevant? So bizarre…

    • you do realize you’re on ENTERTAINMENT weekly’s website, right?

      • Yes but since why is someone’s personel life . . . .

        considered entertainment for the masses?

      • court

        really? are you new here?
        Tiger Woods, Michael Jackson, Britney Spears… were there personal lives not considered entertainment news?

    • johnny

      Yes, there is a global economic crisis, so we can’t talk about anything else ever.

      • ger

        Except Haiti

      • Charlie

        Yeah, the Haiti thing is gettin old. Too bad we can’t raise millions of dollars for the people in our OWN country who desperately need it.

      • topazbean

        Yeah, cos people in other countries are like, another species or something. Let’s stick to people under one nation, because they’re the only ones who are exactly the same as us and therefore deserving of our attention and concern.

    • Nate

      Bob, if you’re looking for news on the current global economic crisis, maybe check CNN or a similar news website, and not entertainment weekly.

  • Rosa

    I’m not sure I believe the article as it is written. For someone to come out and say they are bisexual, while in a monogamous relationship with someone seems a bit fishy. To have those tendencies, that I can believe her saying.

    • JB

      Not really. You can be in a monogamous and seemingly hetero relationship but also like the same team. I know a lot of women who are married but still are capable of loving and being attracted to women. And there are also married women whose husbands let them explore that side within the marriage as long as they come back to him. That’s why she’s BI not gay.

  • devlin

    Wonder what her husband thinks of her infidelity?

    • Liz

      She did not have an affair, stupid!

    • Sam

      1) She’s not married, she’s engaged.

      2) Bisexual does not equal cheater any more than straight (or gay) does.

    • l.d.

      That threesomes are awesome…?

      • UGH


    • aleksa

      First of all, it’s fiance, not husband. And heterosexual people can be attracted to members of the opposite sex without acting upon it. What’s the difference?

      • Ashleigh

        The difference is people are still grossly ignorant about bisexuality and like to force their own sexual fantasies and prejudices on those of us that identify that way, instead of treating our relationships as equally sincere, committed, beautiful things. They say they’re cool with it, but then they automatically bring up threesomes, which shows how ignorant they really are.

      • S

        Ashleigh, for the most part (and I have traveled all over the world, different cultures, what not) I see the gay community forcing itself upon the world. I don’t run down the street screaming “I’m straight, I’m straight!” For the longest time I sat back and never said a word about it. I am sick of hearing it. I don’t care what your sexual orientation is. Just do your thing and shut the f#@% up!

        Also, why is it that on shows like Amazing Race and others, they take the absolute worst people they can find to represent the gay community. This year is classic.

      • aleksa

        Thanks, Ashleigh, for reiterating the point that I was trying to make. Defensive much?

      • Ashleigh

        @aleksa: I was just frustrated with the ignorance I saw on this thread. It was meant as a continuation of your point, not an attack on it.

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