Stop the presses: Lindsay Lohan and George Lopez arguing on Twitter

Lindsay-Lohan-LopezImage Credit: Pixplanete/PR Photos; Albert L. Ortega/PR PhotosI still haven’t caught onto this whole Twitter thing. I have an account (KateWardEW), but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend checking it out. Especially since I’ve only posted ten times since August 2009, and my most recent tweet involved the fall season of So You Think You Can Dance. (I honestly can’t even remember who Channing is anymore.)

Yet I am endlessly entertained by Twitter fights. Pete vs. Perez. Demi vs. Kim. And now, George Lopez vs. Lindsay Lohan. And you know what? I don’t even care how this fight began in the first place. But since it is my responsibility to tell you, apparently, it had something to do with Lopez making a joke on his show about this photo of Lohan. “Thanks for the childish comment regarding baby powder in my shoes to loosen up the leather don’t you have kids?” Lohan tweeted. Lopez responded, “let’s take this off twitter .. Come on the show .. I’ve met you before and don’t have anything against you .”

The duo exchanged a couple more tweets, and yada yada yada, she’s reportedly poised to appear on his show. (UPDATE: A TBS rep tells EW: “We are talking to her and trying to work out a date in her schedule.”) And therefore, I’ll likely be tuning into George Lopez’s show for the first time. Will you? And what do you think the white powder is? I’ll go with coconut-flavored Pixie sticks.

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  • Amy

    Odor Eaters!

  • ashley

    wow, maybe she’s looking to sue him, too.

    • pop

      for 100 million dollars! milk-a-what?

  • Gabby

    I don’t think either of them warrant much ink – both always seem desperate for attention. The only difference is Lohan is more of a pitiful figure – she was almost destined to crash and burn with the parents and upbringing she had. The best thing that could ever happen to her would be if the paparazzi/media stopped covering her exploits. But as this post demonstrates, that doesn’t seem likely to happen.

    • Dylan

      Yeah, nothing ever seems to satiate the media’s obsession with young, troubled women spiraling out of control and making fools of themselves. People just eat that up.

      • Madox

        I hate myself for reading this “story”

  • Pam

    George Lopez has a show?

    • Miss M

      LOL! Exactly!

      • lindsay LOWhan

        Who’s George Lopez??

      • Trebol

        Why don’t you just Google it? Or maybe you don’t even know what Google is!

  • Momo

    I had always rooted for Lohan, she really started off promisingly, from The Parent Trap to Mean Girls, she had a great presence and talent. Her troubled daddy issues only fueled me cheering for her to do well. Unfortunately, she’s just squandered herself with drugs and Diva-itis that it makes it really hard to care for her anymore. Pretty sad.

    • Ashleigh

      My heart always goes out to young people with substance abuse problems, and I really don’t see why she deserves your condescension – she’s not hurting anyone…and she has two failures as parents as well as a microscope held up to her life constantly that explain the basis for her downward spiral and why she’s so effed up; in the end, she’ll be the one left with her life in shambles, when the snide, parasitic tabloid readers have long forgotten about her, so it seems stupid to bash her on top of it all when it doesn’t affect your life at all. If you’re sick of hearing about her, you’re paying too much attention to celebrities’ personal lives anyway. Drug addicts and drunks usually aren’t that sympathetic, especially when all their most unattractive moments are caught by the media, but that doesn’t mean they’re not worthwhile anymore just because you’re bored of hearing about their problems. I genuinely hope she gets better and learns that, no matter how lonely she is, the attention she gets from the media is fleeting and only feeds her destructive behavior.

      • Diane


        Like Momo I wanted to root for Lindsay- I liked her movies and I wanted her to do well. But honestly after the milk lawsuit I give up… the girl has all the resources in the world to help herself and instead is wasting time (and our legal system’s resources) suing over a funny E-trade ad. Unlikable.

  • Anna

    What was the joke George made?

    • Ruby

      The very obvoius, oooo, it’s coke joke. Either way, the amount of so called baby powder on her shoes is unacceptable. So tacky. Man, she just looks terrible. Like she’s done 2 decades of drinking & drugs instead of the 5 years.

  • 4rocket

    There is just something about the internet that brings out the most childish aspects in people. It seems that a lot of grown people who usually have better things to do in real life end up fighting over the internet over incredibly trivial things. Probably only a very small percentage of those involved in cyber arguments are the stereotypical basement-dwellers with no lives. I mean if celebrities can find time to start feuds with their keyboards, then goes to show you that probably everyone has the capacity to be immature on the web. I mean, just go on any message board, including the ones here, you’ll find PLENTY of worthless and redundant fights, mainly caused by people who can’t detect trolls.

    • lindsay LOWhan


  • Scar

    I think this will be good for Ms.Lohan, if she doesn’t screw it up or drop out at the last minute. Many forget that this young woman is a extremely talented actress, much better than her modern-day replacements such as Cyrus, Stewart, or Seyfried even. I’m rooting for Lindsay to get her life back on track and make high-caliber movies again; she’s young, I believe she can make a comeback if she quits the drugs and excess partying.

    • Gina

      Better than Seyfried? Are you kidding? Lohsn’s a decent actress at best.

    • Dana

      No, I agree that Lohan was definitely promising, but I don’t think she’s quite on Seyfried’s level, who is talented as a comedic AND dramatic actor (Big Love, anyone?). And a lot of it is subjective, but I’m kind of sick of everyone dismissing Stewart’s work when ALL they’ve seen is “Twilight” (in which, even at her mopey, moody worst, she acts circles around Pattinson). She was simply fantastic in “Into the Wild,” chooses interesting projects when she’s not doing Twilight (“Adventureland”), and lots of feedback from her new indie with Dakota claims she carried the movie. So to unequivocally state that Lohan is (or was) a superior actress is stretching it. I like all three, though.

      • PA

        I agree Dana. Kristen Stewart not only has the raw talent, she’s worked for it. Whatever promise she showed as a young actor, Lohan seems to think the world owes her something. Stewart was a child actor as well, and has managed to make the transition beautifully. “Adventureland” and “Into the Wild” are amazing performances, and if “Twilight” is a paycheck film so she can do other quirky, interesting project, then good for her. Lohan is nowhere NEAR Stewart’s league.

  • crispy

    I don’t get the twitter thing either. But when I was attacked earlier today by a thousand grammar-challenged Justin Bieber fans who follow his tweets, it sorta started to make sense.

    • A

      Ooooh, don’t mess with the Bieberettes. Anyhoo…have y’all seen the picture of Lohan? It’s very, very strange. If I were any sort of reporter – legit right on down to the tabs – I would go cold turkey on any Lohan coverage, starting right after about the SECOND failed rehab attempt. That way, when she turns up dead one of these days soon, I wouldn’t have any of her blood on my hands. She is a very, very bad thing waiting to happen, and I feel bad for her.

  • lettergirl

    i don’t get twitter…if you update your FB status, why do you need to ‘tweet’ your every move? and these ‘tweet wars’ are sooo stupid. i mean, you don’t have anything better to do but fuss with someone you don’t even know over something so stupid as ‘baby powder’ in your shoes?? furthermore, the kim k./demi fight is so stupid i don’t even know what they are fighting about. someone wants a pimp? they are a pimp? who cares??!!

  • reeldeal

    Chris Cornell vs. Trent Reznor was a good tiff too.

  • Nicole_keewatin

    i hope her new song hits up its really good! like i was having some bad day being my miserable self and it was like i was happy “one good song she should sing on george it s a great song!

  • Gina

    First of all, George’s jokes suck. Secondly, everyone is joked about on late night shows. Lohan is acting like she’s the first one it happened to.

  • jared

    Lopez has a show?

  • bunker

    What is she going to talk about? How amazing her life is right now?

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