'Dancing With the Stars': Kate Gosselin and Tony to create 'Jon & Kate'-themed routine

Wow. ABC is wisely milking Kate Gosselin’s tabloid infamy for all it’s worth, plus a heap of mismatching rhinestones. According to E! Online, Kate and her professional partner, St. Tony Dovolani, will create a routine inspired by Kate’s marriage to Jon Gosselin for week 3 of Dancing With the Stars. Look at her. She’s thrilled. I’m sure DANCMSTR (head judge Len Goodman) will appreciate the “light and shade” of Jon and Kate’s tumultuous marriage personified.

Tony’s on his own for the choreography (Free Tony!), but I strongly recommend that he invest in some seafoam-colored contacts to truly achieve the essence of Jon. Are any of you more likely tune into this s—show on Monday?

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  • Katja

    Oh God. Save me (and Tony) from this nightmare. I don’t have any other words to express my horror upon reading this. My soul is leaning back with arms spread, wailing “Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?” to the heavens right now.

    • Allie

      just don’t watch it… it’s not that hard to change the channel

      • Baba

        Most watch the show for the dancing.
        It’s lost all its credibility – not about dancing anymore, but popularity.
        The dancing is coincidental. Who gets cut is already decided by management, for the next ten shows.

      • vmc

        Allie – You are a very Smart Lady!!

      • Katja

        When it’s an entire show that a person hates, I understand telling them “don’t watch it”. But I love Dancing With the Stars and have from the first season. If this non-star is going to be on, I’d at least like to see them do a nice dance, not a reenactment of her relationship. It’s gimmicky and given that this is a real-life tumultuous marriage and divorce, I really don’t see how it will be enjoyable to watch. I don’t care for people relying on their reputations as a gimmick to get more attention.

      • mary q contrary

        I am in awe of whoever’s idea this inevitable monstrosity was. I have never seen an episode of Dancing With The Stars, but I just have to see this. I mean, really.

      • renee

        i don’t. i use tivo now that i realize no inspiration can make her dance or change that b itch attitude.

    • vmc

      Well, I found a way to express my horror about this … Do you haters have anything good to say about Kate or anybody? It’s so disgusting to dump on someone when we have no idea who they really are or what that person is really like (even if they do a “reality” show). It’s TV, and if you don’t like it, guess what – TURN IT OFF!!

      For now, I plan on watching DWTS this season and for years to come because it’s great entertainment & it’s family friendly. To stay content though, I’ll try to read only happy posts!

      • Jennifer

        Unfortunately, for those who want to watch the other contestants, they’re stuck with watching Kate. They aren’t being unreasonable in expressing their opinions.

      • Baba

        I have great admiration for ALL the other contestants!
        Kate had her admission bought by TLC.

      • Katja

        I don’t like Kate (I’ll say she’s probably better than Jon if I had to pick), but that’s not my problem with this. My problem is their use of her personal life for a dance. When Kelly Osbourne and Louis imitated her parents, that was kiiind of a cute and harmless idea, but still a little gimmicky for me. When it comes to using someone’s unhappy relationship and divorce as a basis for their dance, then I don’t see myself enjoying it because it’s real, it’s not funny or cute, and it’s kind of a gross gimmick to use.

      • Tina

        OK, I’ll say something nice. Watching Kate try to dance is only slightly worse than contracting the bubonic plague. Watching her blame Tony for her own ineptitude and then dance like a drunken barmaid is hilarious.

      • Lisa

        OK, I’ll say something nice. Watching Kate try to dance is only slightly worse than contracting the bubonic plague. Watching her blame Tony for her own ineptitude and then dance like a drunken barmaid is hilarious.

      • vmc

        Here’s an idea – even though Kate is still in the limelight – it’s the Trashy Mags and Photogs that keep following her. So, that could be the concept for their routine…

        Tony plays a photographer following her and she’s trying to get away. Yeah, it’s a gimmick – but it could work and reflect a story – without putting Jon down or affecting the kids. And, if I remember correctly during the past two years – Kate hasn’t come out to say she hates Jon or disrespect him like he did on TV and interviews.

      • Babs

        When you have cameras in your home and you act like a snot and treat your husband like a dog, I think people get a really good idea of what kind of person she is!!
        If it walks and quacks like a duck it usually is a duck.
        Kate has created all of her problems herself. I guess you didn’t see one of her interviews talking horrible about the fans of their show. She absolutely turned my stomach and from that day forward I see her for the beotch “SHE” showed herself to be. No one EVER takes responsibility for their actions anymore and she owns this not anybody else!!
        I don’t see her with friends and that speaks volumes. She treats people like they’re beneath her and she needs to come down off of her high horse because she is NOT above anybody else….

      • Cheryl

        I agree with your comments to take it easy on poor Kate. At first it looked like she was being controlling again, but watch…Erin did it too, then one after the other, they all expressed their moments…we just pick on Kate.

        But I disagree with “Family Friendly”??? The outfits and moves are NOT Family Friendly!

      • vmc

        Cheryl – I know that the costumes can be quite revealing. However, I said “family friendly” because it’s still a show you can all watch together. You can’t always sit down to watch some programs with your kids. So I understand your comments, but DWTS is still better than many, many others on the air today!

      • Joyce

        Kate Gosslin is a self centered —– she is not a star. She rode on the skirt tails of her children always claiming she is doing it for her children. That is a JOKE, the only person Kate does anything for is herself.

      • liz

        I`m all with you. I love Kate and admire her for all she does for herself and her family.!!!

      • Lawrie

        Dancing can be a truly joyous thing to watch or participate in; whether in a competition or on the grocery aisle. It can bring a freedom and sense of joy. Kate should be eliminated because of her inabilities. This is a competition. If she wants to learn to dance, close her mouth, stop whining and learn from and enjoy her pro, Tony. He is not her Psychologist,Divorce Attorney, or Social Worker; he should not have to endure her drama. I find the show great family entertainment and this continuous drama really brings it down. Kate is not the only contestant with “issues” so please just dance. I wish her well and encourage her to dance away the drama.

    • tanya

      Its nice to see real people on live tv rather than over rated actors. To many individauls waste their time reading tabloids. kate is doing her best, she is a mom, not an actress. Lets see you get up there and show your moves. I give her alot of credit I wouldn’t do it but I will continue to support her. Listen to the others change the channel.

      • Baba

        Tanya – you have a problem with your comprehension – it’s “Dancing with the STARS!”, not “real” people!
        Kate’s a real *something*, alright!

      • MrsB

        You are an idiot.

      • Sonali

        I agree with you……. its called Dancing with the STARS!!! She is the mother of eight kids and she sucks at dancing…..she should stay home and take care of her kids….

      • Lynne

        I agree 100% about the no friends comment. Did anyone notice that no one talks to her in the room after their performance? They dont even crack a smile at her stupid comments like, “eeek marriage?”. She tries to talk to Pam Anderson and smile and laugh like theyve been BBF’s all their lives. PA just looks annoyed. I hope she has to do the cha-cha next week. Now THAT would be entertainment.

    • John

      Save Tony? Isn’t he the one choreographing this thing?

      • Joyce

        Make sure to vote for everyone except Kate. Time for her to go now. Take care of your children Kate since you do so much for them.

    • Lynne

      We could look at the bright side; she has another week to make a complete and udder a$$ out of herself in front of millions of people. Hopefully she’ll stick around long enough to do the samba.

      • Alia

        It’s actually “utter,” but I think that typo was destiny. :-)

      • WendieK

        LOL what a destiny!

      • Lynne

        The only reason they have big ratings this year is that people are watching to see Kate gosselin fall on her face.

      • WendieK

        And it’s paying off, or it should have, she should have gone last night. Pay off might be next week, right? Hopefully? Has to be? Something to make it stop, and not a hammer!

  • coco

    Shameful, this wannabe-celebrity definitively sold her soul to TV exes for $$$$$$$

  • coco

    FTR, not watching!

  • Jenn

    I’m going to make Save Tony t-shirts…

    • sonja

      I’ll buy one from you. Save Tony!!!

      • Joyce

        I agree Save Tony. I wonder how many people Kate paid to vote for her. I don’t know how she ever stayed on this long. No class at all she was making faces and jumping up and down when Shannon was eliminated. That is why want to be’s should not be in public places.

    • Bonnie

      I’ll buy a “Save Tony” tee shirt also!!

    • Deborah

      Me too!

    • WendieK

      Jenn, I’m in, I’m totally Team Tony, Free Tony, Tony needs a helmet, or a dart gun….when do they go on sale!

    • Alia

      Yes! I can definitely spare fifteen bucks for this worthy cause! FREE TONY!!!

    • GGG

      Save Tony from what? Making a pile of money? Doing his job? Geez, get a life people! She’s just a person. A shrew, yes. But a person nonetheless. You don’t really know her. You don’t know her life. Ease up.

    • SLS

      I will buy one!! I feel sorry for Tony, he is such a nice guy.

  • coco

    FTR, not watching

  • Ceballos

    So, I guess this means Kate will reprise her spiky-mullet ‘do, and Tony is going to perform in a bedazzled Ed Hardy T-shirt, while she berates him for about 90 seconds.

    There, I just choreographed the routine.

    • Lynny


    • WendieK

      So, will the children to there to watch this train wreck. Talk about ratings and if this woman thinks this will look for her children to know and watch when they are older she is mistaken. You should never poke fun at your children’s father, it’s not something you do as a good mom. Holy cow, talk about milking for all it’s worth and I will tune out when she’s on, it’s totally shameful and degrading to everyone in her family. She should have stood up and said no way, it’s not something I want my kids to ever see, but she didn’t. She’s a media hog and the producers are too. Takes one to know one. Christ, what is the show coming too. Thought it was DWTS on JK+8 and a dancing partner.

      • Joyce

        I think everyone should not watch Dancing with the stars until Kate is gone. TLC wants her on there so her show that is coming up will rate higher and they can make more money. I think Kate is washed up and the more she shows up on TV showing her ignorance the more people are getting sick of her. That is my opinion of her. I would rather see Jon on there then Kate. He is the victim in all of this. I will not watch a show that Kate is making fun of her x she has already destroyed him.

    • Silv

      Throw in some eye rolls and sour looks for facial expressions and you’re done!

      • Baba

        …and if you forget your dance move, just keep bouncing! ha ha haa! Love the judges’comments! They are honest!

  • heej

    It starts with them at each end of the floor. He holds a fan, she holds a coupon.

    • Jenn


    • WendieK

      heej, a fan, as in an actual fan or fan as in a person that’s a fan?!! Just thought I could use a laugh after the disgusting guise for next week’s dance!

      • courtney

        Oh haha wow that’s priceless.

    • ericalina

      i hope she mimics washing her hands over and over again too.

  • Nerwen Aldarion

    Oh God, why ABC WHY???? You did so well with renewing Castle, why are you subjecting the good people to this horrible woman???

    • Allie

      again, all you have to do is just change the channel, it’s really simple.

      • Greg

        If your only input to the message board is telling people to change the channel, then here’s a suggestion for you. It’s really simple, find another message board.

      • sonja

        Allie are you the one voting for this iritating, miserable fame-whore?

      • Baba

        Predictably, your buddy Shopping Cart Kate is doing the next dance about herself.
        How many times will she work her eight little paycheques into the routine, is the question.
        Kate is making a fool of herself, and it is so funny to watch!

      • Jennifer

        Some people enjoy the other contestants, and want to continue to watch them dance. They are allowed to express their opinion of Kate Gosselin. If you don’t like it, maybe you shouldn’t read this comment section.

      • vmc

        Allie – I said it before & saying it again… YOU ARE SMART!

        Don’t listen to the negative nellies –
        POSITIVE, INTELLIGENT PEOPLE have as much right to post and read posts as they do!!

      • Elizabeth

        Change the channel? I thought laughter was good for the soul.

      • vmc

        Elizabeth – You’re right! Laughter (& Entertainment) is the main reason I watch the show. DWTS is a show to enjoy! Not everyone on the show is a dancer and I think it’s great that people get on the dance floor and try to do it!
        Changing the channel is for those who have nothing nice to say to posters or don’t like the fact that certain people (stars, celebs, reality and sports personalities) are on the show!

      • rush

        watching has nothing to do with her…she’s just a joke…unfortunately people think Pam is trash…BUT SHE CAN DANCE. and she really deserves to be there

      • Suzie

        Allie please shut up!!! We love DWTS but we HATE Kate. So Kate GO HOME!!! And maybe you should leave this blog alone.

      • WendieK

        Thank you Susie

      • vmc

        Suzie and WendieK…

        Not going for Congeniality points, I see.

        Just like you have a right to your opinion so does Allie, me and everyone else. If you don’t agree – fine, but you don’t have to be rude.

      • Sue1

        “Change the channel” is not an opinion, it’s criticizing another person’s right to state an opinion.

      • vmc

        Whether opinion or right – People still don’t have to be inconsiderate!

    • Deborah

      Agreed-I am not going watch the show as long as Gosselin is on the show-

      • Baba

        “Not watching”won’t accomplish anything.
        Blog your contempt of Kate with ninety-five percent of the popular vote.

  • KWo

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! For the love of all that is good and holy, MAKE IT STOP!

  • Julie

    Well I guess that is one way of saying that they are going to let Kate control the entire dance & take the lead and then at the immasculate Tony.

    • rush

      she can’t get so its all Tony’s fault for not teaching right

  • michael

    Snow fixed? She should have been booted off…she can’t dance and has an attitude problem.

  • Goober

    She does have a nice rack.

    • redeye

      She is a big boob. Not quite the same thing.

    • Baba

      They’re not hers.

      • Alia

        I was going to say that she bought ‘em fair and square… but, actually, I think TLC footed the bill.

  • Madison

    m’kay…so, she’s going to incorporate her 8 kids to bounce around the stage?

    • WendieK

      Madison, she bounces remember, those kids can probably dance! :o)

  • Judy

    This is horrible. I was actually really sorry that she did not get the boot last night. Clearly, this is ratings-driven. I’m afraid it will backfire on them because NO ONE wants to see more of this horrible woman.

  • talkin’

    Just tacky…but isn’t that what you love about DWTS, Annie?

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