Alex Lambert joins 'If I Can Dream'...will American Idol's loss be Web series' gain?

Look, I’m a crazy person. When it comes to American Idol, I bruise easily, and I never truly heal. People with clear-thinking brains and/or good therapists are no longer filled with RAGE thinking about how Aloha Mischeaux, Sabrina Sloan, and Ricky Braddy all got robbed from their respective top 12 slots in seasons 4, 6, and 8. I, on the other hand, continue to seethe…my only succor found by listening to Aloha’s bangin’ R&B tracks on her MySpace page, dreaming about Sabrina’s never-completed duets disc with Sundance Head, and following Mr. Braddy on Twitter.

For better or for worse, though, season 9 of Idol — or more specifically the heinous early ouster of shy, mullet-sporting Alex Lambert — has spread “semifinal fury syndrome (SFS)” to a much wider audience. Close to 19,000 Lambert fans signed a petition at to reinstate him on the show, a movement that caught the eye of Idol creator Simon Fuller, who happens to also be executive producer of If I Can Dream, an online series that follows a group of aspiring young artists (including Justin Gaston, Miley Cyrus’ ex-boyfriend) living together in a house and trying to make their dreams a reality. Alex’s stint in the IICD casa (which kicks off Thursday, April 1, at 8 p.m. EDT) will find him meeting with managers and record labels, gigging around the L.A. area, and writing and testing out new music from the If I Can Dream house — all while sporting a little less “party in the back” on his controversial signature hairstyle. (Ch-ch-check out our first-look photos for evidence!)

The question is, though, as someone whose DVR is so jam-packed that it sometimes cannibalizes its own programs — Gah! Now I’ll never know how Jamie Oliver finished that strawberry jam recipe! — will I be able to find time for a 24-7 Web stream (or more importantly, the 30 minute IICD episodes that look at the residents’ career “journeys” that post every Tuesday morning on Hulu)? Um, file under Hell Yeah! In fact, I would not object to an If I Can Dream spinoff. How about If I Can Dream About a Perfect World Where Singers With Top 5 Potential Outlast Fools Like Tim Urban? Too long? Perhaps. But anyway, as a sucker for everyday people with big dreams (cue Des’ree’s “You Gotta Be” here), I suspect it won’t take long for my Alex obsesh to carry over to one or more of his IICD housemates. In fact, this could be the start of big things for the doe-eyed singer — especially if he grow in confidence as a performer and musician, while hanging on to the gorgeous tone he displayed on “Wonderful World” and “Trouble” during the season 9 semifinals.

How about you? Are you a big enough Alex Lambert fan to tune into IICD? Or perhaps you’ve already been watching. Sound off in the comments section below, and for all my Idol-related ridiculata, follow me on Twitter @EWMichaelSlezak! Related: Check out’s exclusive Q&A with Lambert here!

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  • Vivi

    Alex is looking mmm mmm GOOD! Loved with the mullet, loving him without it. I just got love for the boy. There was so reason whatsoever for me start watching that online series…until now.

    • Jason

      saw his pic, and still can’t remember who he is. If you have a good voice, and a personality, you’ll make the Top 12. If you just have a good voice, you’ll make the top 24. I have to assume that this guy had no personality, and didn’t stand out above the rest. Otherwise, I think he would have made it. Good luck to him though.

      • Lillian Gish

        He didn’t stand out, because we hear dreamy voices like Van & James Morrison, and Sam Cooke everyday in today’s music.. Right. You can’t have half the nation crying with you if there’s no personality for people relate to! Trust me that kid had so much personality he could barely contain it. Unlike Archie, and Clay, we finally had a guy with some heart, that was shy, sweet, humble, raw, honest, and with a cool arty twist! He reeked personality and talent. And you can’t have half an ear for music and say he didn’t stand out above the rest. If you really wanna know why he didn’t make the top 12, head on over to the the LA Times And read the comments too while you’re there! Then Check out his last two vocals on Everybody Knows and Trouble, than come back and say he didn’t stand out…

      • Les

        Have you been in a cave? Alex Lambert made the the top 16. If you are commenting here you obviously have a computer. Go to you tube or even i-tunes. Just because he doesn’t stand out to you….. Barbara Walters said he was the one to watch on the View and he made an appearance on Ellen. Not to mention all the other news outlets that loved him.

      • kepiko

        Alex Lambert has no personality? Obviously you aren’t familiar with his story. If Alex Lambert has no personality, what does Tim Urban, Paige Miles, and a lot of the Top 12 have? Teflon Tim. You like that personality? Ugh.

        And it’s not just voice. Heck, Paige Miles can sing. It’s about TALENT. That’s what is worthy of a Top 12 appearance.

        Good thing he’s on If I Can Dream. He can do a lot better in that web series. I’d definitely watch now.

      • Katrina Ratjen

        It wasn’t his personality at all that was the problem… It was more because of this site called… They kept bad singers on while eliminating some of the good ones.

      • jj

        I think you are just trying to get a rise out of people…either that or yeah, you live in a cave…

    • Elizabeth

      Me too, I love him either way. But I do wish Fullers stylist hadn’t sucked all the arty style right out of his image. Now he just looks like everyone else, as if he stepped right off of 90210.. Had just headed more toward the Rob Thomas in “Smooth” or the Matchbox 20 days, it would’ve been happy middle ground for both he and Hollywood. Perhaps as his fanbase grows he’ll have enough leverage to tell the machines to back off…But hair or no hair, I’ll definitely be tuning in to see if can catch him singing!

    • Elizabeth

      I TAKE IT BACK!!! I Just saw the pix on the If I Can Dream homepage! holy crap he’s hot! These pix’s just suck! It is a more Alternative look than 90210!! Wow he’s like, really is HOT! That shell came off fast! ooooh why can’t I live in LA!! I’m 21 ya think he dates older chicks?

      • Katrina Ratjen

        He probably would if he didn’t have a girlfriend.

    • Micaela

      I actually signed this petition a few weeks ago.. so glad it turned out on something!! why nobody did the same for Lily Scott???

  • Reese

    Loved his voice, and without the silly mullet he’s kind of cute!

  • Stephanie

    Hell yeah, I’ll be watching.

  • DaisyKary

    I LOVE this kid! Heck yeah I’ll try to watch!

  • Megan

    Reading this article of yours makes me love you more Michael. *blows kisses*

    Can’t wait to listen to Alex singing his own songs whether it’s in his room or living room ..or game room.. Oh yeah! I’ve checked that site out already.

  • sonja

    I hope something happens for him. I want to hear that voice on the radio!!!

  • Kassandra

    If you had asked me a week ago whether I’d watch a 24/7 reality show about a bunch of Hollywood wannabees, I would have said never in a million years! But with Alex on, you can bet I’ll be watching, every chance I get. I can’t wait to see him get signed and release his first album!!

    • Tracy

      I totally agree. He’s the ONLY reason I would watch If I Can Dream. I can’t wait for some new songs. The downside is all those ads for Pepsi on the website. And I though it was annoying with all those Ford and Coke commercials on American Idol! ;-)

      • Raj

        Maybe they purposely kicked him out of AI & took him in for If I can Dream so that people would actually watch this show.

    • Katrina Ratjen

      I feel the same way… I really hope I don’t get addicted to this show. But there’s a good chance I will.

  • Lilly

    First time I see him “Not reall good looking” Now “OMG HE’S SO HOT” Why didn’t he looked like this on the show?

    • Tracy

      Yes, he looks hotter and more “current” with the new haircut. This is going to be interesting!

    • Katrina Ratjen

      I think the new look is hot but I thought the old one was too. Maybe it’s just me.

  • Lisa

    This was the first season that I watched and got involved in AI and all because of Alex. When he left it was natural for me to stop watching it. Looks like I’ll be following this new show too just for Alex and see him perform more covers and his own songs. Best of luck Alex! I’ll always be a fan!

  • Sam

    Is this site actually interesting? I mean, they’re all sleeping right now, but when they’re awake, do things get hoppin’?

    This seems to be straddling the line between “awesome” and “stalker.”

    • Megan

      Sam, you can go to hulu ‘If I Can Dream’ to watch the episodes there.
      It’s at 5 episodes already, at 28min each episode.
      New episodes come out every Monday.

  • David

    Not a fan. I really don’t hear this great tone everyone keeps talking about. I think he seems like a really nice guy, and he’s far from being vocally incompetent, but there wasn’t anything really special about his performances to me. But I might watch IICD just to see if he’ll ever grow on me.

    Oh, and the sooner he loses the mullet, the more likely it will be that I’ll warm up to him.

    • David

      Oh, hey, I didn’t read closely enough. He already shed the dreaded mullet. Good for him. A point in his favor.

    • Tarc

      Yep, also never got the Lambert love. At all. OTOH, my fanaticism for Lee DeWyze was finally bourne out last night.

    • Ray

      Nothing wrong with the mullet. He should not be judged by that. I can understand why he changed his hair style, to please people like you.

      • CarterK

        Really? Nothing wrong with the mullet? I beg to differ. The kid woulda been blowing Usher away during rehearsals this week had he not sported the Tennessee Tophat.

      • Katrina Ratjen

        I agree with you Ray… I like the new look but he could rock the mullet… It was like a more modern type mullet. It suited him well.

    • Lillian Gish

      Come-on David, That just sounds absurd. you’d have to be completely tone deaf not to the the great tone their all talking about. Who else today, other than James Morrison, (which I still say isn’t as thick and raw as this guy) sounds like this?? And he’s only 19! Close your eyes and tell me he sounds 19!

      • kepiko

        The thick and raw part sent me giggling. YEAH, I think his voice is waaay more noticeable than James Morrison. I tried playing their versions of Wonderful World one after the other. Big difference. I love James Morrison but he doesn’t have the grit that Alex has.

  • c

    Loved him on AI, might actually tune into IICD now. Did his voice remind anyone of Brett Dennen’s a little? Also the new ‘do is much improved.

  • tennisfan

    Thank you for sharing this! My husband is still fuming over Alex Lambert’s outster, especially since some of the current top 10 have him falling asleep… I think we will definitely check out the hour re-cap and we will definitely be hoping that Alex gets the lucky breaks and makes the right decisions for his career, he has “mad talent”!

  • cmc

    I’m glad to see that someone listented to the outrage from Alex Lambert fans who had enough common sense to realize his potential. I totally agree that the thought of Tim Urban and others being on AI while Alex was ousted was infuriating. Hopefully this will do something for him. He was the only reason I watched Idol this year.

  • Stacy

    Having suffered through some time watching the IICD House when David Cook and Kris Allen made their visits, I can tell you I can’t stand any of those people enough to tune in 24/7, but yay, Alex! I’m so pleased he’s getting his shot. I’ll definitely watch the recaps for him, or at least keep up with his progress.

    • Megan

      You can just watch the 28 min episodes if you want. At hulu website.

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