Uma Thurman movie has $130 opening weekend in the UK: What should she do next?

uma-thurmanBy now, you may have heard the news that the Uma Thurman film Motherhood opened earlier this month in the UK in one theater and was seen by approximately 12 people in the first 72 hours. That’s an opening weekend gross of £88, or roughly $130. When contacted by The Guardian, producer Jana Edelbaum said, “Think how much crap succeeds at the cinema. Motherhood is not bad. It’s a very decent movie. I’ve seen movies that are not half as good.” Metrodome, the company that marketed the movie, told the paper, “Inevitably some films will work better on some platforms than others. In this particular case the DVD was stronger than the theatrical result.” (Yes, apparently, it’s already out of…theater, and on DVD.)

It’d be easy to blame the reviews. EW’s Owen Gleiberman gave it one of the kinder ones, a B-, when the film was released domestically last fall. (It grossed about $50,000 in its opening weekend in 48 theaters, according to Box Office Mojo.) But I think this film’s theatrical fate was written long before that.

1. Thurman’s red hair. Anything that reminds an audience of Batman & Robin = not good.

2. It’s about a woman who tries to hold onto her “creative” side while being a mother who, in Owen’s words, “turns every task — shopping for a birthday party, retaining a parking space — into an operatic fit of neurosis.” Moms who would relate to her probably don’t have time to see a movie on the weekend, and in no way does a working girl want to spend her Saturday being told this is what awaits her.

3. The trailer (after the jump) makes it so clear that this is a movie you buy off of On Demand on a rainy Saturday when you know your money would be better spent on The Hurt Locker, but you just can’t handle the intensity at the moment, and you’ve already ordered Renée Zellweger’s New in Town. There are some chick flicks that just aren’t meant to play on the big screen. One of the tip-offs: The male lead. No offense to Anthony Edwards, because I love him, but he’s not a movie star. He’s the kind of guy you’d invite into your home for an intimate conversation (on your TV).

What should Uma Thurman do next? (She’s currently filming the saucy film Bel Ami with Robert Pattinson, which could make her relevant again.) I’d like to see her find a supporting role like she had in 1996’s The Truth About Cats & Dogs and get the female fanbase behind her. A mainstream role where she’s put-together on the outside (otherwise, we don’t buy it) and insecure on the inside. Something with subtlety — not a caricature. What do you think?

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  • Sarah D

    I very rarely like Uma in movies. I’m still pissed that she was the ‘pretty’ girl in Truth About C&D, she’s not head and shoulders cute above JG.

    • Dan

      I agree. Just look at the poster above–JG’s the pretty one.

    • Brett

      Uma would be now – JG’s turned into a scary lookin’ tatted up shrew. She’ll probably get a part in the film version of Jesse James’ life story.

    • Celia

      I’ve never really liked her. For some reason she annoys me. The only time she hasn’t annoyed me was in Kill Bill.

    • Rock Golf

      Every major actor or actress has had their share of bombs. Usually on films like this which are under-marketing and not ever expected to be blockbusters in the first place. So why is Uma’s bomb being targeted? I’ll bet outside a poster in that theatre, there wasn’t a single piece of marketing done on the film.

      • llevinso

        Um, making only $130 in a weekend release is more than just a bomb. It’s HORRIBLE. I think I heard there is only one movie that made less than that it’s opening weekend in the UK and it was some small little Polish film. She’s not being targeted. This film failing is just a harsh reality.

  • chewy

    Uma’s got bills to pay. I’d never say Uma is not relevant to her face, she’s surgical with a sword.

    • Nshi

      Isn’t she engaged to a billionaire? Or maybe they’re done….

  • oscar evans

    Whoops. Thought this went to the reporter privately.

  • Elizabeth

    I’m surprised this is in theaters as it’s been offered on Netflix for awhile. I guess it’s because of the country. But, even on Netflix, it has a horrible rating.

  • pie thrower


    Go back to Quentin Tarantino. He is your savior.

    • maiv

      I was thinking the same exact thing

  • Tomm

    “Batman & Robin” was 12 years ago, an eternity to younger moviegoers. I think it’s time to stop refering to it as if it was last year.

    Uma is more remebered for ‘Kill Bill’, and that is what some want to see, instead of her with a ‘binky’ [pacifier].

  • Gitano

    This movie fits into a category that I like to call “airplane movies,” as in, I would only watch it if I were stuck in an airplane for several hours with nothing else to do. (Of course, now that I have an IPod on which to watch movies and TV this category is becoming less relevant). But somehow I have a feeling that even then I probably would drop out by halfway through and browse the SkyMall catalog instead.

  • Ambient Lite

    I’m glad it failed. I think the entire premise is insulting to mothers.
    The messy hair, pacifier in her mouth image they marketed this piece of crap encompasses the most exaggerated stereotype of a modern day mother, and it’s gross. Reminds me of the crappy sitcom ‘In the Motherhood’ – similar premise, similar failure.
    I, along with every mother I know (and apparently the viewing public), vote to officially retire this outrageously insulting and belittling stereotype.

    • flower

      Thank you Ambient Lite for saying what I wanted to say. I, as a Mom, love to shop for my kids’ BD presents, etc. I even loved changing diapers! Sorry we are not all neurotic and unhappy!

    • JMB

      Not only is it insulting, but it’s a TIRED story premise. Didn’t we see this over 20 years ago with Diane Keaton? Working Mom or something like that? I mean, I knew Hollywood has become bankrupted for new ideas, but this storyline was worn out 15 years ago.

  • Pastafarian

    I misread Anthony Edwards as Anthony Anderson.. and that woulda made a 100% better movie.

    • Steve

      Anthony Edwards is a good actor. Haven’t senn him much but, just watch ER if you are not sure. Which you are. Anthony Anderson would have made the movie worse I’m sure. I will not not this but, you should watch ER before you open your mouth!

      • Steve

        My post made no sense, sorry. The keyboard is on the verge of failing altogether. Anyway Pastafarian. you are wrong about Dr. Greene!!!!!!!!haha

  • Conor

    it’s says on IMDB that Kill Bill 3 is in the works! I will defo spend money on that, lets hope it’s as good as the other 2!

    • Joel

      Quentin has been talking about Kill Bill 3 for a while now, and has even said that if it’s made it won’t be for several more years. The idea would be to base it on the daughter of Vivica Fox’s character in Kill Bill 1 seeking out revenge on the bride for killing her mother. Interesting idea, but I doubt whether it will ever actually happen.

  • LOL

    We “heart” Uma.

  • Maggie25

    I like Uma Thurman, but it seems like she’s in a lot of movies that don’t appeal to me… or anyone, I guess. Maybe she’s like how Owen or Lisa (I forget) described Hilary Swank… she doesn’t necessarily fit easily into a lot of roles.

  • shawshank

    Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Uma Thurman has a freakin’ pacifier in her mouth in the movie poster! Woman! You are the effing Bride! Seriously, I saw this at the Redbox and it looks like the poster for an 80s comedy. Didn’t Diane Keaton star in a similar premise 2 decades ago? How cutting edge.

  • walrusgajoob

    Kill Bill III, The Sequel to The (kind-of) Sequel! That’s what!

  • yup

    all i got out of this was that movies are now more than 10 bucks. also, i don’t recall there being ANY press/advertisement for this film.

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