Jon Stewart and Glenn Beck taste great together

Jon Stewart’s 14-minute-long impersonation of Glenn Beck on last night’s Daily Show was a dramatic performance of epic proportion. He had “TOTAL CONTROL!” of the role, breaking character only occasionally to act as the voice of reason with lines like, “In my America, nobody tells people when they can masturbate.” Press play below and follow him, America. Jon Stewart is gonna show you something that will BLOW YOUR MIND.

UPDATE: Glenn Beck’s reaction “It was hilarious. But even Jon Stewart can’t make fun of me as well as I can make fun of me,” Beck’s rep told EW.

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  • Q

    Taste great? Pshaw. They’re less filling!

  • rose

    Jon Stewart is amazing!

    • MeMe

      Why is that people who yell loudest are often times considered right?

      I hope this makes Beck’s followers begin to research his howlings.

      • Cyberpimp29

        Me too, so they can verify their accuracy. No one can go after Beck on content, NO ONE. Just this endless, ‘hes dumb’ ‘he lies’. Well, if he lies, THEN WHAT DID HE LIE ABOUT!

      • Skip182

        Nobody says Glenn Beck is a liar, they just say he’s insane, because he is. He is a classic example of a paranoid schizophrenic. The only difference between him and the guy standing on a street corner professing the end of the world is near is that Beck uses a chalkboard instead of a sign.

      • MERRY

        Beck isn’t a liar..his rants are of a madman and we would turn away politely if he was touting them on the street corner, wondering what had eaten away the poor man’s mind…the scary thing is, he shouts them are uninformed minions who swallow it like water and air

      • MERRY

        hey skip…we had the same thought: “Crazy man ranting on street conrner…”

    • Ted

      Cyberpimp why don’t you go read some books and get your answers. First of all he quotes Thomas Jefferson because of the way he wrote a date? if he did some research he would’ve known that Jefferson was an atheist. And secondly he compares Obamma to BOTH stalin and hitler??? you cant get more opposite than those two. One is EXTREME Left and the other is EXTREME right. if anything if Obama is a Socialist(left) than BECK is the Nazi (right)

      • extreme what?

        Ummm…. hitler and stalin were both socialists. they were both extreme left.

      • Mike

        Hitler wasn’t a socialist. The part was called the “National Socialist Party”, but the party was fascistic, not socialistic.

      • NT

        “extreme what?” I suggest you review your history. Hitler was a fascist (this is very well known and documented) which is an extreme right ideology. Seriously stop listening to Glenn Beck, he has no idea what he talking about.

      • JOE is Dead

        “Ummm…. hitler and stalin were both socialists. they were both extreme left.”

        This is why Glenn is so succesfull. There are a lot of Americans who don’t even have a 9th grade understanding of history.

      • JOE is Dead

        Another Fact for Fox News Robots: Communism only exist today in North Korea and maybe Cuba. China today is hardly communist or Maoist. Mao dreamt of making China an Industrialized country like England but through Communism. That’s why he moved most of china’s labor force from agriculture to iron and other industrialized industries. The result was one of the worst famines of world history that later resulted in the Cultural Revolution that killed many of Mao’s enemies and detractors. When Mao died he had failed. China was not a lot richer or industrialized as he wished. It was only after his death that his party scraped communism for a free market economy, which made the hyper industrialized American factory that is today.

      • JOE is Dead

        Another surprising fact for those who only understand the world through Glenn Beck’s distorted mind, is that universal health care don’t equals communism or socialism in any imaginable way. The only democratic, free market, first world country that doesn’t have universal health care today is the US. Saying Universal Health care is communist is like saying that a Public Police Department is communism.

  • Dory

    It’s pretty awesome. Glenn Beck is an idiot.

  • Mothra

    Jon Stewart is a GOD! I can’t believe that one of the only sane and rational voices in American politics is on a half hour cable network comedy show. Truly, the end is near!

    • Red

      I don’t like Beck, but when people are exclaiming that Stewart is “God” and that his parody was “a dramatic performance of epic proportions,” I’d say that between right and left, there’s plenty of demagoguery to go around.

      • Cyberpimp29

        True that!

      • Billiam

        Except that Stewart is a comedian. While he certainly has influence, it’s not the same influence as Glen Beck has.

      • Mothra

        Ok, maybe I should have written “Comedy God”. That bit is funny because it’s true, the bad logic, the silly outdated props, the hysteria. It’s a bang on parody of one of the most dangerous men in America. And I don’t think he’s dangerous because I don’t agree with him, he’s dangerous because he, like much of the “content” on Fox, plays fast and loose with facts. Beck and his ilk are entertainers masquerading as journalists. That’s dangerous in a free society. Stewart is brilliant because of his deft skewering of that. We need the court jester now more than ever.

  • Sam

    As much as I wish this wasn’t true… people actually listen to Glenn Beck. Can anyone tell me why? I’m so very confused by this.

    • Mothra

      Because fearmongering is easier than thinking for yourself.

      • Elizabeth

        Cool points for Mothra for hitting the nail on the head!

      • Jerry

        Second the motion for cool points.

      • Elle

        And of course, there’s NO fearmongering going on when Obama and co. warn that it’ll be the END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT if we don’t bankrupt our kids and grandkids with his specific plan for health care! One political alarmist is as bad as the next.

      • couchgrouch

        I’ve never heard Obama say any such thing. he wants better, more affordable healthcare for more citizens. bankrupt generations?! end of the world?! put the kool-aid down, lady.

      • KWise

        @Elle: the difference is Obama and co have SCIENCE to back them up. Scientific fact published in academic journals suggesting that global warming is a big problem. What is Glen Beck’s evidence in his fear mongering: a freaking blackboard. And a total distrust of science and fact.

      • Katja

        Damn, Mothra. Well said.

      • Cyberpimp29

        Global Warming is BS. We have just experienced 10 years in a row of global cooling. If KWise did his homework, he would know that. The climate data was lied about, it was all over the news. Where were you on that one genius??

      • JB

        Elle: Catholic Nuns, the American Medical Association, and the CBO all come out in favor of HCR.

      • Henry

        @Cyberpimp29: 10 yrs of global cooling? First, where’s your proof? And second, where have you been? In the past few years, we’ve seen record-breaking temperatures. Our summer’s our getting hotter, our winters are becoming colder, the weather is become weirder. This is all part of it.

      • Ted

        The funny thing is he’s fear mongering does nothing but help his advertisers like Goldline who gain from people being afraid and buying commodities like gold because they think the country is about to crumble

      • Mothra

        No, Elle, Obama’s plan won’t bankrupt anybody in the future. Medicare and Medicaid have bankrupted exactly no one. Lack of health care have bankrupted and made homeless thousands of people. Something Fox should cover but doesn’t because it doesn’t fit in with their infotainment agenda. At least no one in Canada becomes homeless due to cancer and obscene medical bills.

      • James

        Henry, the global warming studies were proven wrong a few months back. They faked the numbers. I’m all for cutting emissions and cleaning up the environment because it’s the right thing to do.

    • martin

      Middle America is very large. His core audience.

      • Mike

        I live in Middle America, and I think the guy is a blowhard and don’t give a crap what he says. Love John Stewart’s impression, though :).

      • Elizabeth

        Yep, me too, stupid can’t think for ourselves middle americans – the folks who lost all the manufacturing jobs and our tax bases have disappeared. Yep, that’s us!

      • Fresh

        I live in Middle America, and I consider myself pretty conservative. I think Glenn Beck is a jerk, and Jon Stewart is a GENIUS! Please don’t assume that Middle America is nothing but Glenn Beck followers. I know there are some, but I think they are everywhere, not just one geographical area. Location does NOT equal intelligence!

      • LisaMama

        I was born in middle American, have lived on both coasts, and now am back in middle America. Please don’t assume you know who I am and what I believe based on where I live.

      • JRE

        Right here in the middle of America and I am not a Beck fan. Of course, I go to one of those “social justice” churches, so I might be brainwashed.

      • waya

        Beck caters to poor, uneducated, southern white trash, who can’t deal with an African American in the White House. That’s all it is. We shoulda let the South go when they wanted to.

      • RMB

        Middle America is not a place; it’s a state of mind. Approx. 50% of Americans identify with it, as well.

      • DeO

        Concerning Glen Beck followers: Its hard to communicate online when one can’t write, or type. So we don’t hear from them much online.

      • Chris

        True, there’s plenty of Middle America Mentality out here on the west coast as well. CA is full of it.

      • katy

        Oh that’s right, the only intelligent people in this country live on the coasts. Say wha??

      • c-fly

        waya, why in a thread saying that overgeneralizing a region of the US is wrong do you overgeneralize another region of the US? Not every southerner is racist white trash. The overwhelming majority of southerners (myself included) are fine with President Obama’s race; if we choose to disagree with his policies, it isn’t based on the fact that he is black, it’s because we disagree with his policies.

    • cndn610

      my son watches him all the time, but he watches it because he’s sees Beck as a train wreck!

    • harry

      Yes and a majority of Americans watch John Stewart’s show and consider it the “News”.

      So what is your point? That half of the people are misinformed from getting their news from a opinion show (beck) or a comedic show (stewart)?

      • Matt

        Harry, Jon Stewart isn’t any different than any other satirist and satirists have been around forever.

        The only people in this country that have had a voice in recent history and intelligently rationalize with audience that I’m aware of are Penn Jillette (libertarian), Dennis Miller (moderate), Jon Stewart (liberals), and George Carlin (who knows?) and they’re all comedians.

        All that you hear from pundits on places like AM radio, Fox News, MSNBC, and the ‘blogosphere’ are people who peddle fear and hatefulness and stupidity and dishonesty. They never say WHY they believe something, they just say that the people who disagree with them are evil and want to ruin your lives.

        This is a far cry from the greatest generation where the only thing we had to fear was fear itself. There may not be a group of people more afraid of their own shadows than the Fox News audience.

        Jon Stewart has more credibility, intelligence, honesty, and thoughtfulness than Glenn Beck does any day of the week.

    • MERRY

      Because thinking for yourself takes effort and a majority of America’s collective brain considers American Idol great TV or in other words, is brain dead. Beck and Clowns feed into this petrified mindset, making millions as they go….Barnum said it best: “There’s a sucker born every minute….”

  • Marj

    I hope America is just listening to Glenn Beck for entertainment, and not taking him seriously.

    • jon

      I hope you know that Jon Stewart is just entertainment…if you take him seriously in any way its just as bad as listening to Beck.

      • Lyn

        Good point, and one that my 20-something kids say most of their friends are oblivious to. Stewart’s bright and funny, but has his own set of biased views.

      • Katja

        I take Jon Stewart very seriously to a point. When he rips on these idiots for fearmongering and conclusions drawn from zero evidence, I think that’s very important for people to see. When he starts in on various conservatives for relatively minor issues and easy targets (“ha ha, Bush is stupid” – I’m no fan, but the man was not stupid), then it is worth remembering that JS, like all of us, has his own beliefs and biases and at that point you take what he says with a grain of salt and think it over for yourself.

      • Ana

        There’s really no such thing as an unbiased view.
        That said listening to Jon is not remotely the same thing as listening to Glenn. Jon bases most his opinions on actual data. So if you were to ask him why he feels the way he does about something he can tell you in a reasoned and informed manner. Glenn on the other hand, makes grandiose “liberals hate America” and “Obama hates white people” type statements that are pure conjecture. If any logic or reasoning goes into most of what Glenn Beck says, I’d be greatly suprised.

      • t3hdow

        Jon Stewart leans leftward of course, but even then, he still criticizes Obama and other Democrats when they make stupid choices. But unlike Beck and the other Fox News fear mongerers, as well as other mainstream news media, Stewart bases his opinions on critical objectivity. Even if you disagree, that’s a quality any politically minded citizen can appreciate.

      • James

        Yeah, Jon Stewart really hammers the liberals (sarcasm)…and thank god that he is the only one who, “bases his opinions on critical objectivity” because that would be crazy if the biggest news channel in America didn’t do that.

      • Skip182

        @James, you realize that when Fox replays segments from the daily show that they edit out his criticisms of the dems right? I’m not talking about just not showing a segment where he criticizes them, but in a segment where he criticizes both parties, they edit out his dem criticisms to make him seem like he is only anti-republican. And he does hammer liberals. You would know that if you ever watched the show.

  • Duderonomy Jones

    I can decide if this makes me cry because it’s funny or because it’s just so depressing accurate.

    • Duderonomy Jones

      The clip is almost as depressing as my grammar there. Oops.

      • Matt

        Heh heh…

        We get what you’re saying though. It really boggles the mind that Beck can have such a large audience.

        If we don’t do something about education in this country, his audience will only grow.

        We are better off not having a large part of our population so easily scared into believing such incredible nonsense.

  • Caitie F

    I watched it last night and thought it was brilliant. Jon is at the top of his game. He had a great thing on corporations earlier this week.

  • julie

    the snippets they have of glen beck are so hilarious! I don’t watch fox news. But, I love the daily show!

  • joesmom

    OMG, that was spot on!

  • madmenlost

    “Am I the only one saying that having facial hair necessarily makes you a bloodthirsty totalitarian theocrat? Am I?” By the Glenn Beck Chalkboard Rules of Ovals, it’s a matter of fact. Genius.

  • WayBeyondSoccerMom

    Jon Stewart was on fire last night. Thanks, EW, for promoting The Daily Show’s takedown of Beck. Colbert also took Beck down a bunch of notches with Beck’s attempt to link “social justice” and taking care of the poor as code words for facism.

  • Elizabeth

    You know Beck is against being progressive: he’s still using a chalkboard! The evil teachers in our country are using Smartboards! AAAGGGHHH!!!

    • JRE

      My kids are AMAZED at chalk boards (second grade and K) They think they’re from ages ago.

    • Mina

      Yes, but if Glen Beck used a smartboard, it would probably outsmart him.

  • tiebaojin

    Jon Stewart is fantastic! His is pretty much the only news I watch since he hits everything squarely on the head. And, by the way, I live in “middle America”.

  • Kenneth Ford

    they both have their uses…and neither are brilliant…

    • jon

      totally agree. Except only one is watched by the youth and hangs on his every word. Most of my friends love Stewart and font even know half the story.. and these people call themselves progressive when all they are doing is listening to a talking head…just liek beck..

      • Billiam

        A comedian pointing out hypocrisies among politics/pundits is not the same as a pundit telling his viewers that Obama is a socialist/communist and seriously comparing progressives to Nazis.

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