'American Idol' alum Alex Lambert sings 'Let Me Love You' on Ellen: What could have been!

Last week, after being cast off American Idol, contestant Alex Lambert told EW’s Archana Ram that he hadn’t intended to sing “Trouble” — the song that ultimately led to his ouster — on Top 16 week. No, instead he had hoped to sing Mario’s sweet love song “Let Me Love You,” but he’d changed his mind after a producer told him he’d get more votes if he sang “Trouble.” Guess said producer was wrong. But on yesterday’s episode of The Ellen Show we got a bittersweet taste of “What if…” as Lambert pulled out his guitar and sang “Let Me Love You.”

Nice, right? I don’t think there’s any doubt that Alex Lambert’s exit was much too soon, but this makes it that much worse. Just seeing bit of what else he could have done on stage (even if it is all sort of exactly the same vibe) puts a more salt in the already salty wound that is American Idol season 9.

Do you agree, PopWatchers? Are you impressed with Alex’s “Let Me Love You”? Taking last night’s on-the-upswing performances into account, do you think America made the right decision letting Alex go last week? Would “Let Me Love You” have saved Alex?

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  • jack hart

    better song choice but still NO PERSONALITY. He still would have NOT made the top 12

    • Sara

      Well not everyone oozes the personality and appeal of Aaron Kelly.

      • Z

        LOL Sara!!! Seriously, I cannot believe Alex didn’t get the top 12 & Aaron did…Alex had the most distinctive voice in the competition.

      • DW

        Or Tim Urban…or Paige Miles…or Katie Stevens…

      • Alley B.

        ewwww Aaron is NOT cute at all!!! Tim and Casey are sooo cute!! Alex is much hotter singing this song. I wish he would have sung this one, I would have sooooo voted for him!

      • Blake Hensel

        @Jack Hart, Actually As I was watching this, the judges criticism that everyone replayed the day after his elimination started running through my head. Didn’t Randy take issue with the song, saying he felt he could have done more with it. And then Kara made this big speech, saying something like, He was the only thing standing in way of him winning, that she wanted just an acoustic guitar and him singing, and being himself, vulnerability, or something like that?? & Randy chimed in yeah, that would have been better! Well, isn’t that exactly what he said he wanted to do, and what I just saw him do with the song he wanted to do? (a song he that was more him, did more with it, just an acoustic guitar and him singing, being himself?)So, it begs the question, who was really standing in the way of him winning? Himself or an Idol producer? The Judges own criticism of his performance is the strongest case that he would have advanced had this producer not persuaded him to do Trouble, as well as for his return.. It is pretty messed up! I think they should somehow make it right.

    • Allie

      um jack, he didn’t make the top 12.

      • to allie

        jack is saying that if alex sang this song, he still would have NOT made the top 12.

      • mishka

        That’s exactly what Jack meant. Maybe he was voted out too soon but he was not the next American Idol for sure.
        Btw, I don’t understand what Ellen is trying to do, I know she’s supposed to be the likeable judge, but come on! Hugging Tim Urban after another crappy rendition, Telling Andrew Garcia his performance yesterday was the best she ever heard from him, inviting Alex on her show…If she was so nice, she would be getting along with the other judges and Ryan, but that’s not the case till now.

    • Brett

      Yeah, because Katie’s pageant-like prissiness and Mike’s cockiness are so much better.

    • lwsd

      Personality, Huh? I am sick of seeing over the top people like Big Mike acting like a fool on stage. Its refreshing to be able to sit and listen to an artist and understand the lyrics. I would much rather have someone with some humility who can sing, then someone acting like a fool who cant. Alex doesn’t need American idol now, with their plastic, corny performances, all he needed was some exposure and now is is go to go.

      • Musica1

        I totally agree with you. I’ll take the wonderful, heartfelt performances from Alex Lambert over all the “personality” left on the show. I feel like Big Mike is seriously trying to sell me a used car or convince me to put money in the plate every time he sings.

      • AcaseofGeo

        That producer should be fired. What a waste. Alex was too good to be dumped before Top 7.

    • OMG

      I was SO HOPING last night that the judges were going to announce a surprise WildCard episode and that Alex, Lilly and Katelyn were going to be back. This song was WAY better than the one he did on Idol.

    • Emmy

      You are a jerk!!! It is easy to be mean and judgmental hiding behind your computer!!!

    • Elizabeth

      No Personality?? When did bashful, humble, raw, and open, come to mean NO Personality? Do know how ridiculous you sound? Tell me who on this show right now spill over with personality? Big Mike and Siobhan (Kinda) This is a singing competition, NOT a personality contest, Nevertheless, his personality is freekin adorable! ….Hey Tanner did ya see the behind the scenes footage Ellen posted, of Alex singing a song he says he wrote to her. I doubt it ws really to her considering the lyrics about her body. Nevertheless – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUquMg2-EAQ So Freekin cute!! It woulda made this competition SO much more interesting with this voice in it!! It still pisses me off! I hate VFTW!

    • Frances

      I liked him. I would buy his songs.

      • flower

        I bought the three he sang so far on idol and they are good.

    • Beth

      R U Nuts? He most certainly would have made the top 12 with this song!! I’d like to take this producer for a scrape behind my Jag! Trouble was good song choice if your audience is over 35. This song fit his voice, and it showcases the type of artist he wants to be, and he changed it up and made his own, (better) and It’s much more relevant in today’s music, and with his voting demographic!!! Here you have this inexperienced 19 yr old kid, competing for votes, to win a record contract that could make his career and change his life, and he’s been preached to excessively to about the importance of song choice. He’s standing in front of someone, he believes is a very experienced producer, who knows what they are talking about, and she tells him that he’d get more votes if he performs 2nd song, rather than his 1st choice. (The truth was Trouble was likely cheaper to clear!) What the hell does he know? why would he do anything other than pick the song the producer says will get more votes! Here’s an idea! Just tell them what the song does, or doesn’t do, for their vocals or if they sound horrible, and then let them float or sink on their own gut feeling! Stop acting like you know what people like and what will get them votes! I wonder how many other contestants have been bitten in arse by this idiot producer! God and when think about heartbroken he looked! And the show is so boring this year! It’s so wrong! They should totally bring him back, seeing as they helped cheat him out the tween vote that could’ve save him from being a VFTW victim.

      • Kate

        I do think a good bit of swiping from both Tim and Aaron voters would have taken place with this song. How long he would have lasted after that is anyone guess. But would have been interesting to find out… You’ve inspired me to want to write Fox and call for this producers head on a plate.. That is a pretty heavy handed influencing of song choice, on the Producers part. Seems unfair that the contestants are criticized pretty harshly over song choice, knowing this is going on. Anyone got an email address? Tanner??

    • darclyte

      Agreed. He needed to go SOLELY because of his stage fright. He really has a nice voice, but he needs to get past his performance issues. He just wasn’t ready for AI.

      • Lillian Thomas

        Do you even understand what the show is about?? He the epitome of what AI is all about! It’s about finding that inexperienced diamond in the rough, and turning them into a polished season performer! He was growing out of that Stage Fright very fast!

    • Alley B.

      I voted for Casey and Tim, but Alex is soooo much cuter singing this song, than the other one!!!! Now I do wish he was still on the show! :(

    • Blake

      How is personality any worse than any other American high school kid? He’s little more like-able, IMO. I’m not head over heels about him, but he does come across as nice kid, who where’s his heart on his sleeve. As for the top 12, if one compares how what he’s the message he’s sending to tween girls about the type of artist he wants to be, with this song, and what Tim Urban did with Hallelujeh, this “image” of him would have taken allot of tween votes from Tim and he stayed in the competition. I think Alley B’s comment proves that point… Had he stayed that course, he’d have likely gone into the top 6. The producer should’ve kept his/ her mouth shut, and just helped him make the most out of the song he wanted to do. I Beth think is right, it’s always about the money, and Trouble being much older was likely cheaper, and they short changed him. Knowing what I know now I wouldn’t really have any objections to a wild card for him.

      • Blake

        Sorry at lunch, have to type fast, so my fingers were going faster than head. That was just suppose to read- “if one compares the message he’s sending to tween girls about the type of artist he wants to be,”

  • monicabang

    he reminds me of matt saracen… and thats why i love him.

    • polly17

      omg….totally thought the same thing..he reminds me of matt saracen

    • Kim

      LMAO I thought I was the only one who “got” the Saracen likeness. Love it!

    • sheesh

      matt who?

      • Daniel

        Wikipedia is your friend.

      • Pamishere

        OMG yes! Matt Saracen indeed. His shy and awkward demeanor. Spot on.

    • alia

      Oh, you’re so right. I don’t watch Idol (it bugs me), but this kid’s got a fairly unique sound and potential to be really great in a singer-songwriter-type market. And he definitely has a very marketable Saracen-esque quality… sort of a good-hearted normality thing. I’d like to see him come back to the music scene in a few years, once he’s had a chance to get some more performance experience under his belt.

    • What Could Have Been

      Alex does have a Matt Saracen vibe…but is more of a mulleted man-child. Plus he can really sing. Watching him on Ellen made me bitter all over again. He looked adorable and sounded great!

    • Alina

      Hehe… Alex of Saracen and Siobahn of Devin (the bass player from Landry’s band).
      Too bad there’s no Tim Riggins on Idol :P.

  • Stephanie

    I disagree about his personality. I think he has a sweet personality and he is not a slick, over-coached, over-packaged brat with a stage mom…like some of the other youngsters that are left on AI. He’s a real guy and I for one am looking forward to watching his progress. I liked both songs choices but the Ray Lamontagne song really showed that he could do more than just straight R&B. I love Alex and will continue to support him! Best of luck Alex!!

    • sarainitaly

      I agree! He is a cutie patootie and should not have been kicked off. He comes across so humble and adorable.

    • nunnya

      Agreed. Elliott Yamin was never Kellie Pickler on Idol, but it worked out just fine for him. He just needed a couple of more weeks to get folks more invested.

    • PinBox

      Well said! I agree 100%! Can’t wait to be able to buy his CD.

    • Terry

      He was wonderful on Ellen’s show. He has all the potential to make a great CD. And yes, he reminded me of Matt Saracen and Elliott Yamin, too. I like his low-key personality. :)

  • SJB

    He is very talented but would not have won idol even if he made it to the top 12. Nice to see him relaxed and enjoying himself in this clip.

    • bittercakes

      He wouldn’t have won, but that’s not the point. It was about the potential, the growth. Idol would have been a unique opportunity where his talent could be nutured and his performance skills coached by the best. And we could have watched that transformation. Now we can’t. It sucks.

      His natural tone is gorgeous with more effortless soul than Tim Osmond could ever dream of having. Also, he looked adorable in the t-shirt & jeans. Wish he would’ve worked that look on the show to pick up more of the evil tweeners.

      • Ma

        I totally agree. I mean he is the cuttest thing ever and sings great.I’d love to see his song choices on theme weeks and his impovement toward the season. It is a shame that america vote him out when he picked such a great song, was fighting against his nerves and sang well. The judges liked his perfomace and they din’t like the andrew show for example…Seriouslly america they are the judges for one reason:THEY KNOW ABOUT MUSIC,listen them for once in a while…they understand the business and Stop voting the wrong people out!!!

      • liz

        Loved Alex and will miss him, but it’s really bugging me to read all of these “America shouldn’t vote him off” posts. America didn’t vote him off, they voted for other people. If anything the anger should be directed at anyone who clams to be a fan of Alex, but didn’t bother to vote for him that night. They are the ones responsible for his ouster, not Aaron or Tim’s fans. There was no conspiracy, just lazy fans.

      • seattle_girl

        Yep, bittercakes gets it. That’s how I like my idol season to play out too.

      • Lauren

        Couldn’t have said it better myself! I didnt want him in the top 12 because I cared about him winning, I just wanted to see him learn and grow for as long as possible. I didn’t necessarily think he would or could win.

      • Megan

        With his very likable personality and performance growth rate compared with the sub par bunch of singers (mostly) .. there’s definitely a possibility he can win this thing this season ..
        Alas ..

      • Megan

        Alex could definitely be the ‘Kris Allen’ to Siobhan’s ‘Adam Lambert’this season..

    • Elizabeth

      Wait wait, if your gonna say that, then back it up with a reason? Why wouldn’t he have won? I think the reason most of us in the industry had him pegged for the top 5 is because once he conquered those nerves, with that velvety voice, he could have gone toe to toe with any other front runner on that stage, and he proved that with the dead on vocals in Trouble and Everybody Knows!

      And I liked the way he changed up this song also! He actually made a better!

    • Blake

      The Saint’s won the Superbowl, why couldn’t he have one American Idol? Good looking kid, with an incredible recording vocal. I don’t think he even realizes just yet what he can push that tone to do… Kris Allen won last year, this kid has a better voice.

  • Hanna

    Love Alex’s unique voice!!! Sure he probably wouldn’t have won, but our top 12 is certainly less interesting without him. Great cover!

  • vanessa

    he is so talented!! love him!

  • Sam Magsam

    Love Love Love Alex Lambert, he had probably the best voice in the whole competition. Hopefully his ousting will help his career. I for one will be following for sure!

  • laura

    so alex is AMAZING and he totally should have made the top 12. look at the petition it just shows you that american idol was afraid that alex would beat crystal bowersox so they voted him off. it is rigged

    • seattle_girl

      wellll… I wouldn’t go to that knollish level. I don’t think he was really a contender for the crown – at least not at this point. He could have had the arc that would have made him a contender though.

      • Cipo

        to Seattle Girl,
        No one thought Kris Allen was a contender for the crown this early in the competition either. It’s called getting better and better each week and gaining confiedence and fans. I think he was top 5 calliber. I’m just proud of myself for not watching last week because of my anger over his ousting

  • Shana

    love him! He definitely would of made the top 12 with this song.. it’s a teen favorite

    • lln

      Well said, Shana.

  • Georgie

    Love you, Alex! Stay true to yourself.

  • anon

    Oh, how I wish he had sang this song on his last night–those tween girls would have texted like cra-a-a-zy!

  • Rocky

    This is the first time he’s worn something that made him a touch of sex appeal….for a frightened kitten that is.

    • Vivi

      I don’t know about the whole “frightened kitten” thingy but he sure looked damn good in that white t-shirt. Mmm mmm mmmm. Damn! Now, look what we’re relegated to on Tues nights. LOOK!!!

  • pauline sabea

    totally love Alex. I am not watching Idol anymore that he is gone. For him to make the tour would have done so much for him. I hope hope he makes it, I will be waiting to buy his cd!

    • Callie

      I refuse to watch AI without Alex. He deserved to be in the top 12 and go on the tour. I don’t know if VFTW actually had a hand in Alex’s elimination, but Idol’s voting system is flawed anyway. There should be a limit on how many votes you have per phone line. This season is B-O-R-I-N-G with out Alex. :(

  • Liz79

    Love him! I’m gonna support this kid because this voice deserves to be heard and enjoyed.

  • dc

    Totally dig Alex’s voice – and as Ellen said he hasn’t reached is full potential, but who’s to say that if he reached that full appeal and confidence he wouldn’t become annoying like some of the other AI contestant.But i think he was let go too soon. I think Alex’s appeal was that he was real, he was honest and although half the times he looked scared singing, there was still soul in his song. I for one hope he gets a record deal and would purchase it in a heartbeat. Good luck Alex, ps love his interpretation of this song!

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