Sawyer's Back! And who's fooling who? Start talking about tonight's 'Lost'!

Lost-Sawyer-ReconImage Credit: Mario Perez/ABCWhen Lost fans speak of “set-up” episodes, they’re usually trying to be kind about an hour wherein nothing really happened besides moving characters emotionally and placing them geographically so they are primed and positoned for more eventful episodes to come. This wasn’t that kind of “set-up” episode, even though it often played this part very well. “Recon” really worked for me, thanks to the riveting return of James “Sawyer” Ford to the story’s mainstage and clever, trickster storytelling where every line seemed to have double meaning and so many scenes seemed pregnant with possibilities for what’s really going on. Emphasis on pregnant. But I’ll get to that theory later. Spoilers below!!I liked how this “set-up” episode was all about set-ups, from its opening sequence fake-out that seemed to present Sideways James Ford as every bit the slutty, soul-numbed vengeance-questing criminal as his Island iteration, but then revealed himself to be a… slutty, soul-numbed vengeance-questing cop. There was no Juliet in his life, and we were made to ponder if that made all the difference. His partner seemed to think so. Miles! Detective Miles Straume, who tried to fill Jim’s lonely void by setting his buddy up with a blast from Lost’s freighter folk past, Sideways Charlotte Lewis. We got a provocative dark knight twist in the end: Just as Island James Ford used his lawless life as the means to hunt and kill the con man who destroyed his family, Det. Ford was using his law-keeping life as the means to the exact same end. We were left to debate the thin lines separating good and evil, justice and injustice, heroes and villains. (Theorize: “Recon” = The Departed, with Sawyer representing both the Leo and Damon parts. Does Fake Locke = Jack Nicholson? Dogen = Martin Sheen? Miles = Mark Wahlberg? Go!)

On the Island, Fake Locke was setting up someone by sending Sawyer over to Zoo Station — but it wasn’t just James. My whole take on Smokey’s strategy: send Sawyer away, isolate Kate, sick Psycho Claire on her like some rabid dog, then save Kate from said psycho, all in the name of setting up Kate for a risky bonding moment, one that saw him sharing more cryptic tidbits about his background — semi-redacted details from his dubious dossier of his life. Who is this abused smoke monster child? Who was his abusive smoke monster mother? And how exactly do smoke monsters make baby smoke monsters?

Despite the Smoke’s expert game-playing, I was left to wonder if Sawyer got the best of the Monster by the end, both by subverting his expectations of him (Sawyer, “the best liar” Smokey had ever seen, seemed to baffle his boss by — brilliant! — always telling him the truth) and proving himself anew to Kate by cutting her in on his submarine escape plan. Kate guessed the plane. Silly rabbit! Don’t you know Sawyer’s all about the Watership Down? But the main reason why I think Sawyer won the day is that he didn’t do what Fake Locke really wanted him to do. And what did Fake Locke really want Sawyer to do? To answer that question, consider again the title: “Recon.” We were meant to think “reconnassaince mission.” But it’s also a pun: “re-con.” As in: Sawyer was a con man. A trickster. If Smokey was the real con man in this episode, then what con was he running? Answer: a con we’ve seen before on the show. Which con was that? And wasn’t I going to tell tell you what I meant by “pregnant”? Tricked you! I’ll tell you in my recap in the morning, but I’ll give you a hint: It’s all Dilbert’s fault. And while you chew on that one, stuff your face with even more of my insanity: Totally Lost is here! Everybody cheer!

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  • queensgirl

    I know I’m not the only one who wants to see a Sawyer/Miles cop-buddy comedy. ;)

    • Jac

      Oh my gosh. Yes please. That and The Odd Couple staring Ben and Locke.

      • friend of phyllis


      • thwarted

        I could go for a Hurley/Sayid or Hurley/Miles cop-buddy comedy.

    • murley

      no that was my first immediate thought. miles is my favorite so i was stoked to see his sideways existence and it was totally perfect. i love the lefleur call back and that the con woman was the one calling people nicknames. dimples!

      • RCB

        Hurley, Ben, Miles… they are my top 3 favorites.

      • queensgirl

        Oh, yeah. Hurley definitely has to be in it, too.

    • minnie swirl

      I totally would watch the Sawyer and Miles buddy cop show. It would have THE best one liners evah.

    • amelia in portland

      I would SO watch the James and Miles cop show! SPINOFF PLEASE. I’m wondering, in the sideways world would those with special gifts like Hurley and Miles still posess them?

    • pop

      or even a drama! i loved it!

    • Anna L

      After the first sideways scene, I thought Miles and Sawyer were now actors in LA starring in an episode of Expose.

      • Laura Often

        I thought the same! Spinoff!

    • Erik

      The 20 minutes we saw of the Sawyer/Miles cop show far surpassed any buddy cop show we’ve seen on TV in about the last 15 years (except maybe Southland, but I don’t count that because of the more ensemble cast it has).

    • harry

      hell yeah that would be an awesome TV show! the have an awesome dynamic!

    • Sean W

      I was thinking Sawyer/Miles buddy cop show too. That would be sweet. But did anyone else find it weird that with Sawyer as a cop in the sideways reality, that it seems REALLY inconsistent that he would have helped Kate escape back at the airport after seeing her running around in handcuffs?? Not really sure I buy that.

      • themothchase

        I thought the same thing – why would a cop let an obvious criminal go…just because she’s hot?! Doesn’t make any sense!

      • Deadheading

        I think that he didn’t bust Kate at the airport for, maybe, two reasons: 1) He’s is a detective that seems to be undercover most of the time, 2) He was in Austrailia instead PAlm Springs….

      • MB

        Or maybe it’s that sideways preternatural knowledge thing that keeps popping up.

      • phantomspots

        @Deadheading: You hit the nail on the head with the Australia/Palm Springs thing. Sawyer simply didn’t want to be found out, because we saw he went to great lengths to hide his secret mission. An arrest would derail that, so it shows a character trait of sideways Sawyer: looking out for number one, much like island Sawyer.

        And aside, I was really hoping Mile’s blind date “setup” was Juliet, but it was an interesting contrast that the sunflower didn’t work on Charlotte. Shows how special the bond was between Sawyer/Juliet. God, I miss them! *sob*

      • Sean W

        Good points. Makes sense that Sawyer wouldn’t want to draw attention to himself and his trip to Australia. Sold.

    • HR

      This show blows.

      • kgb

        You do too.

    • Jennifer

      Vote “Hell Yes” for Sawyer and Miles LAPD spinoff!

  • Thomas

    Weakest episode of the year for me, really was not into at all. At the very least it did set up a nice Lost spinoff for a buddy cop comedy: Miles & LaFleur

    • graeme

      Best episode of the season for me. It was compelling stuff. Sawyer is a fascinating character. Holloway plays him so well. You never know how Sawyer is going to play a situation and yet he’s always so sure of himself.


        I love Sawyer in general, but this episode SUCKED. It had to be the WORST episode of the season. The sideways universe was painful to watch as the acting was sub-par. Who else had trouble believing Miles as a detective and shoving Sawyer around? and more Kate melodrama, no thanks. BEST PART: Clip of Little House on the Prarie – reminded me what a great show it truly was. IF there ever were a show that should be remade it would be that. Anway, next week’s episode will hopefully be EPIC.

      • Annie

        I agree, my favorite episode thus far.

      • spk2629

        I don’t know… Any Kate-centric episode is the pits for me. Couple that with a Claire episode all wrapped into one (ala “What Kate Did”) and you have one of the worst episodes ever. When is she going to get knifed?

      • halfpint

        I totally agree about Little House. That 10 second clip from LHOTP moved me more than ANYTHING I’ve seen on Lost this season.

      • LMFAO

        It sucked a$$. Waste of an hour.

      • Amanda

        I 95% agree with spk2629. I am tired of Kate and ready for her to be killed off or something. I say it was the worst episode of the season by far, definitely. From here on out, I think the episodes are just going to get better and better. As far as tonight’s episode? Loved it!!! One of my favorites. Though island-Sawyer looks like he’s aged about ten years…

      • murley

        miles kicked ass as a cop. he is sardonic and no nonsense in all realities.

      • Lane

        I think it was a good (if not a great) episode, because it gave some new information.
        Do you remember when they (real locke, sawyer, juliette, and few others) were jumping in time in season 5 – episode 4 “The little Prince”-? and that they found a canoe on the beach and wanted to paddle to the other side of the main island (which was supposed to be quicker than walking)? When they paddled, they saw the smaller island and then someone started to shoot at them? Remember that? Today’s episode hinted what might have happened, and for that reason alone, I think it was a great episode.

      • Ames

        I liked the episode in general, but I’m tired of Sawyer’s wounded man-child routine. And really tired of kate. I was counting on a reunion with Juliet. When the mystery woman turned out to be kate I just groaned.

      • AEF

        couldn’t agree more! Loved every second of it! I don’t care what people call it (“set-up”) this episode was fantastic. How can you not cherish these last few episodes?

      • M.R. in L.A.

        Absolutely the best of the season. Never cared at all about Sawyer until Juliette humanized him. Now playing evey angle available to him to try to redeem himself for his failure to get Juliett off the island while still hunting the con-man who changed his life but from the other side of the law – Loved It! Great Episode.

    • GOB

      I could not disagree more. I thought it was the best one in weeks.

      • lucydog33

        loved this episode as well. sure, it’s not a locke or a ben episode, but i was loving every minute…

      • Amy

        ‘Course, it would’ve been better if his blind date was actually NELLIE OLESON instead of Indiana Ginger! ;-D

      • Amanda

        lucydogg33 and I are on the same page. Glad I’m not alone.

    • Give Me a Richard Flashback

      Agree with you completely. Worse than the Kate episode. Claire hates/Claire forgives/Sayid watches/Jin hobbles. No old mysteries touched except MIB had a crazy mom. Ho hum.

      • Tanya

        Good thing next week looks awesome. This episode was pretty boring and worst of all they gave Miles that much screen time and I still couldn’t get interested.

      • Brent G

        You people expect too much.

      • BPersinger

        Wow, did you miss the part when we found out that Widmore is back on the island to kill Smokey? Seemed like a big answer to me.

      • Widmore Schmidmore

        Yes, I heard that Widmore wanted to kill Smokey. Widmore wants to possess the island by any means necessary. We know this. So that means he probably has to kill Smokey. Not much of a reveal.

      • D

        Widmore never said he wanted to kill Smoky, Sawyer just assumed he did.

      • Sadie

        But the MIB crazy mom thing could be a clue as to why Claire had to raise Aaron. By taking Aaron off island, Kate set him up to have a life parallel to that of MIB and possibly be his successor. Just a thought.

      • leigh2

        Crazy Moms? Hhmmm is Fake Locke Aaron, all grown up? I think that was important in some way.

      • leigh2

        Another question is…. if Jacob is dead and MIB is leaving.. who is to decide who the “winner” is.. who decides which candidate takes over?

    • Ne Oublie

      I kind of agree with you-a little mellow. I like the way Miles’ eyebrows move though. Fascinating! He’s cool though! The Tina Fey Zoe creeped me out.

      • Matt

        YES! Thank you for pointing out ‘Tina Fey’ Zoe. I thought that as well. I will say I loved this episode. Better Kate and Jack’s episodes, but not as good as Locke, Sayid, and Ben’s. This season is awesome.

      • Snsetblaze

        OMG – that’s who Zoe looks like. My first thought was Mary McDonnell 15 years ago and my second was Anne Archer 20 years ago. But Tina Fey in 10 years, it is.

      • Ne Oublie

        I must say, after watching the episode again, the scenes of Kate & Locke were good. And The Little House… scene Sawyer was watching had some very important dialogue in it between Laura and her Pa (Charles).

        Also-poor little Zack! He was so scared and sad. He’s traumatized!

        Again, nice tip of the hat to the book Watership Down.

        And finally, what does Widmore have padlocked in the submarine?

      • KRibbons

        haha, yeah, everyone at my weekly Lost party saw her and was like “Tina Fey!” I can just see the promos: “See Tina Fey guest star this week on Lost”

      • Jason

        Our first reaction was also “Why is Tina Fey on the island!?”

      • Dan

        I thought Tina Fey, too, but it was actually Sheila Kelly — she of LA Law and the movie Singles. I never would have guessed that was her!

      • markinnyc

        IT was Debbie Hunt from Singles! Board me.

    • Chris

      Yep weakest episode of the year. Beats out What Kate Does by a nose.

    • Anthony

      Very good episode. Terry O’Quinn is a locke to win another emmy. Props to Emile de Ravin for her great performance tonight, that girl got skill. Sideways was predictable with the Sawyer fiasco and especially when Kate running from the cops. I have a feeling next week will be a jaw dropping episode when some much needed answers. I’m curious to see how they will show Richard in Sideways world.

      • Maserda

        I’m so excited about next week’s Richard episode! But this past week, it felt like the episode went by too fast… perhaps because not enough stuff happened in it?

      • Tom

        Emmy has to go to Micheal Emerson- that scene last week when he made the choice to go back to the camp instead of following lock was amazing.

    • Kenrif

      I thought exactly the same thing..Spin these two off into their own series

      • Snsetblaze

        With Jose Garcia as their funny buddy/person they go to on the streets for information.

      • deeannek

        Lol Like Starsky and Hutch? Hurley could be Huggy Bear!

      • Alison

        Or Crockett and Tubbs. LA Vice!

    • Doris

      I’ve never been a Sawyer fan, so this episode didn’t do it for me either, although I liked seeing Miles as his partner & Charlotte as his blind date. What class! Going to beg forgivenes with a sunflower & a 6-pack! Unbelievable. Richard, where are you when I need you?

    • Erik

      I liked this episode, but I will agree in the Kate bashing. LOST should have killed her off a while ago. She just really adds nothing to the equation. Kind of like Sun, but at least Sun only gets a few minutes of screentime here and there.

      • Monty

        I think you guys just “need something to hate”

      • Coyote

        Monty, you nailed it. I think Kate’s going to be a big player in the end and I love that the Kate-haters are going to be pi$$ed when that happens.

      • Shannon

        Oh, don’t get me started on the lines they give to Sun. If she asks one more time “Do you know where my husband is” and “I need to find Jin”….UGH….
        I think they are setting up for a big reunion like with Bernard and Rose but gimme a break already, can she say something else?!?!?

  • wildecat

    LOVED this episode! Loved that James and Miles are partners in Sideways World. Loved James and his sunflower (again). Loved him watching “Little House” (can’t wait to hear Doc’s crazy theories about THAT – love ya, Doc!). Loved Miles mentioning his father at the museum (will we see Dr. Chang before the end of the season?). Heck, I just LOVE SAWYER (can you tell?)

    The Island stuff was also great – Sayid just sitting there as Claire tried to kill Kate, Flocke talking about his mother – what’s up with that?!? – Sawyer playing both sides against each other.

    My guess as to what’s behind that locked door on the sub? DESMOND!!

    • queensgirl

      I didn’t even think about James and the Giant Sunflower (again)!

      And Doc’s wondering how baby smoke monsters are ‘born’ raises a question that somehow never occurred to me before: how did M.I.B. become Smokey?

      • Actually, I’m pretty sure he was lying . . .

        When “Locke” told Sawyer that he had lost someone special, Sawyer had recently lost Juliette. Locke then told Kate that he had had a difficult relationship with his mom. She’s had one with her mother also. I think he’s tailor-making these “origins” to endear himself to whoever he’s talking to.

    • Mel

      the reason he watches Little House is because that’s what he watched when he was stuck at home with mono for a month and his trailer didn’t get cable

      • wildecat

        Really? I came on board the Lost train a little late, so I haven’t seen a lot of seasons 2 & 3 (watched Season 1 on DVD). If so, another great nod to past seasons by the creators! They don’t miss a trick, so they?

    • amelia in portland

      Interesting how Flocke said his mother was crazy, just like Locke’s mother. I’m wondering if there is a connection.

    • Katiebaby

      I totally agree with you on all points. This episode rocked, and I just love Sawyer.

  • Chris

    Who would’ve thunk Sawyer’s most important con wasjust telling the truth.

    Also, anyone think it significant that Kate did not let Locke help her up? I don’t think he’s touched her yet. Come to think of it, did he touch Sawyer in the cave? I don’t think so. Significant?

    • C Love

      Great theory i was thinkin the same thing

    • NHS

      Chris…If memory serves me right FLocke helped Sawyer going down the rope ladder when his broke (The Substitute). So he did touch him. Does it matter? What I think… Kate by not letting him help her up showed him that she doesn’t trust him and he needs to do more than just extand his hand to help to earn her trust.

    • Sam

      well, he definitely touched Claire.

      • NHS

        Claire was already touched (in the head…gone the smokey way)before we met her this season. I don’t think it matters who smokey touche. Don’t think its the same as Jacob touching people.
        What I think is that who ever Jacob touches can’t die until thye have fullfilled their purpose (example Richard), and who ever Smokey touches becomes alil crazy/scary (example Claire).

      • murley

        so do you think smokey’s touch doesn’t matter or do you think smokey’s touch makes people crazy?

      • NHS

        I think we are taking this “touch” very literarlly. I belive Smokey/MIB can only influence those whose minds are susceptible to his (mind)games/charms. And Jacob don’t have to physically touch but just have to be in contact with the person to twine their destiny/fate what ever he wants them for. Makes sense?
        Thats why I think Sawyer is not under MIB/Smokeys influence cuz I think he has a strong personality. And I don’t think Smikeys “touch” makes people crazy really. different people have different responses to his “touch”, hence Claire crazy others might be volatile, or silver tongued. IMO.

      • AEF

        and by touched you mean threw her to the ground like a rag doll! loved that part!

      • i like candy

        AEF, i agree…that was awesome!

    • murley

      great point. he did touch sawyer. if jacob’s touch is important why wouldn’t the man in black’s be? i think that kate didn’t take the hand just cause she doesn’t trust him but i bet he was trying to touch her like the others (there is no way to say that without it seeming dirty).

      • Coyote

        I think the man formerly known as Locke was trying to gain her trust. If she had taken his hand, that would have been a signal that he’d won that trust.

    • Mike

      UnLocke sure touched Sawyer a lot when Sawyer was about to fall off the rope ladder en route to the cave.

  • Charles

    No way, Thomas. Sawyer as a cop, Flocke’s pimp hand, Little House, and Evil Tina Fey! Now that is a solid Lost episode!

    • Lisa Simpson

      Evil Tina Fay – love it! And I loved the episode. Man, I loved the way it played out as a companion piece to ‘The Long Con’.

    • Reymond

      Love the “pimp hand” comment. I watched HUSTLE & FLOW last night…thought I was getting a similar vibe. :) That should be FLocke’s theme: “It’s hard out here for a…”

    • J

      I was SOOO distracted by Tina Fey. It was hilarious.

  • Tyler

    Not worse than What Kate Did, decent episode, this season should have been 8-12 episodes.

    • KS

      Why do you want fewer episodes? Even if the episode is “decent,” it still provides more info than if it had never been made… I’ll take whatever episodes they give us. Just as long as they eventually explain who Adam and Eve are. :)

      • I am Adam

        Adam and Eve? Really? A short mention in a season one episode – and this is what you need to know? Maybe you’re kidding. I hope you’re kidding. Really? Freakin’ Adam and freakin’ Eve?

      • Casey

        Uh, Adam and Eve are a big deal, even executive producers/writers said so. Yeah, we want to know who they are.

      • BD

        They weren’t just a short mention in season one episode–they have already been brought into this season. Remember Hurley saying to Jack “what if they are us…” etc
        I am not sure of many things, but I am sure the Adam & Eve reveal is going to be big.

      • halfpint

        i would rather have fewer shows if the season continues on the track it’s on. dangling carrots until the finale is a big eff you to the fans that have stuck with this show.

      • Dman

        Adam and Eve=Bernard and Rose.

      • Robin

        Someone really ought to take Miles over to Adam & Eve so he can tell everyone who they are!

      • leigh2

        Adam and Eve.. how about Aaron and Sun and Jins baby girl?

    • April

      I liked the episode…it wasn’t fantastic like the last three were, it wasn’t God-awful like Kate’s. It left me satisfied. You really can’t complain since something did happen. Tge way Lost is I didn’t think we’d see Widmore again until tge end of the month

      • spk2629

        LOL! great point on real life timeline for the show’s creaky developments

      • April

        Yeesh! For some reason my predictor text on my iPhone does not fix “tge” to “the”

  • graeme

    And what was Charlotte’s game in the sideways world? Obviously she knew who James was.

    • spk2629

      Nope. Friend of Dr. Chang’s @ the Museuem (Miles Dad), ala blind date set up by Miles.

    • allie08

      I kind of felt she was a plant by Miles – she was clearly looking for more than a t-shirt.

      • BD

        agree w/ allie08. Miles’s interest in Sideways Sawyer’s secrets seem to be more than just a concerned friend. There is something going on there.

      • Edz

        Maybe she was helping Miles get info like credit card ##’s??

      • look at the scene again when she’s looking through the drawer. you will see her surprise when the picture falls out, and you will see that she sincerely meant to put it back without being nosy. But she saw the same pic again, and that struck her. She really was looking for a shirt, and damn! There wasn’t one!

      • Dman

        Why is Miles looking through Sawyer’s credit card statements? What is he, a jealous girlfriend? Even if he felt Sawyer was hiding something, this seemed a little out of left field. And why come up with a Palm Springs excuse? Seems like a lot of work when you could’ve just said I went to Australia…for a vacation.

    • halfpint

      stop trying to read into character motivations in the ‘writers killing time’ section of the show.

    • Nerd

      She was on the island as a child so she and her parents know Dr. Chang from Dharma.

  • Thomas

    Haha, evil Tina Fey indeed but I had a similar feeling to the Temple stuff, I just thought “ugh more characters” and the Little House stuff was just a little too thick for me to appreciate it – I prefer subtlety but I’m willing to hold judgment and reassess this episode tomorrow. I do agree about Kate not being helped up by Kate though – that struck me, as well as Zombie Sayid’s performance

    • DearDairy

      True — Zombie Sayid was uber-creepy!

  • Tyler

    Charles, how does Little House and “Evil Tina Fey” make a solid episode, just curious.

  • Cassandra Elise

    I think I’ve only said this once or twice before about a LOST episode: BORING!!!! The flash sideway was simply a rehash of season one.Which is a shame, because I’ve been enjoying the parallel world up to this point. As for the island time . . . Sawyer conned some people again, UnLocke manipulated some people again and Kate cried again.

    • Need More Richard

      I was bored too, Cassandra. I can only hope that next week will kick ass with a long overdue Richard flashback.

      • Ne Oublie

        Hell yeah!

      • LIz79

        Jeez. You missed a lot huh? Alright, let me give you this. Flocke talks about his mother. Very interesting. What’s the oldest thing on the island? Other than Jacob and Flocke? Well, it’s Taweret. Now, I’ll let you go look it up on wikipedia but that was a MAJOR clue. Especially with Richard’s episode coming up. Sure, it wasn’t slapping you in the face with ANSWERS! or ACTION! or whatever it is you like but it was a solid episode with great development in terms of Sawyer’s role, What Flocke’s looking for and just why Widmore is there.

      • Adam

        Oh yeah, we really learned about Flocke’s mother. She’s crazy. Now the whole plot of this season makes sense. What made the other seasons so good is that the plot made sense and there was direction to the show. Now I really have no idea whats going on. Why waste my time on making me wonder if Sawyer is helping Widmore or Locke? I don’t care cause I don’t know what’s going on..

      • CarolAnne

        Well I’m sorry you have no idea where the direction of the show is going but Liz makes a good point with bringing up Tawaret. The statues foot was shown underwater, Jacob lives/lived in the foot of the statue, and during the course of the show we’ve seen multiple references to motherhood and fertility. You could read that scene as Flocke manipulating Kate what with her own mother issues both with her mom and with her relationship with AaRon. Or you could get the reference to Tawaret and what the overall symbolism means.

    • minnie swirl

      I’ve liked all of the episodes–even the Kate one. They all give me more time with these characters and this world. It’s interesting see how disappointed so many people seem each week with the episodes. LOST has always been more than solely a plot driven show that wraps everything up in an hour, so why people criticize it because it isn’t just that, I don’t understand.

      • murley

        could not agree more. on everything you said.

      • Steve from Canada

        Right On! LOST is great, no matter what’s going on. This episode was great and so has the whole season been so far. Everyone stop complaining and relax and enjoy the ride. Trust Darlton. If all you’re going to do is complain, then don’t watch and don’t come here to comment.

      • nicole

        I agree as well… we will get to the end, and I trust the story will give us enough answers to make us happy. For now I’m just enjoying every moment because it’s almost over. I won’t judge it until it’s over, though I will spend each week wondering about clues and where it could be going. That is what lost is about.

      • cloud

        Yes. Yes. All I can think is how I don’t want LOST to end. I am savoring every episode. Why are so many people second guessing everything? From the beginning I’ve just trusted the writers and enjoyed the ride. The worst episodes for me were the tailies saga and when Kate, Jack and Sawyer were stuck at the hydra station forever and I missed Sayid, Locke, Sun and all the others.

      • judith

        It seems to me, very humbly I might add, that those who come here to complain are just a wee bit desperate to claim superiority to a show that we agree is very smart. If the notion of story is beyond you and you chose to stay mired in episode, please spare us the weekly complaints and move on.

      • krista

        I think expectations are too high from this final season and alot of fans are watching the episodes too critically. I am just happy to have a new episode every week that fills in a few more pieces of the puzzle and gives us more time with these amazing characters.

      • Adam

        What’s worrying me is the creators have gotten caught up in this idea that the show is based on questions and answers and it seems like they are too concerned with creating as many questions as possible instead of just making a great show like in the other seasons. I do, however, have complete faith that it will come together in the end. I have a feeling its gonna start to take off next week.

      • Nellie

        I totally agree with you! I loved all the episodes and wish there was more! I don’t want this show to end!

  • jen

    Loved this episode too even though was very creeped out by the thought of all those cops watching and waiting for them to finish having s&x. Eww. Anyway, love Sawyer and even like Kate a little, but CANNOT stand the idea of them being together. Didn’t Juliet just die a few days ago??? He can’t just grab Kate and escape with her on the sub. He just can’t. I’m sure that won’t happen, but just the thought of it has me extremely bent out of shape. Also was laughing at how totally non-bada$$ Widmore’s team of goons was.

    • Jenna

      I agree. COMPLETELY. I was sooo frustrated with the writers for thinking that we would buy Sawyer picking up Kate’s dress in the cage and reminiscing over the time they hooked up (when the woman he LOVED for 3 years and was about to marry JUST DIED!!). Are u kidding me? And the lame FORCED lovey looks Sawyer and Kate exchanged…SERIOUSLY? Wasn’t he JUST devastated by Juliet’s death…and Kate…she was w/ Jack for 3 years too…guess neither of them care. SERIOUSLY!? I don’t buy it for a second and it frustrated me to no end. I know theres no chance they leave the island together, but I REALLY hope Kate turns him down.

      • Coyote

        Kate and Sawyer didn’t just “hook up.” He loved her.

      • murley

        i think that another reason we were shown the cages and kate’s top was that so when in the sideways reality sawyer slams kate up against the “cage” door in the alley we make a connection to their history on the island. it was drawing the parallel. i agree that sawyer loved kate but more recently he loved juliet and i don’t think they would ignore that. but they also won’t ignore the fact that sawyer loved kate at one time too.

      • or maybe you should just shut up and see it this way. He ain’t asking her to come and live with him after they escape the island. They are FRIENDS! They’ve been through alot of crap, and he just wants her to be safe. So stop being jealous little girls, and stop hating on Kate cuz you ain’t her. He wants to save her cuz she means alot to him. I wouldn’t leave her even if my Juliet just died. I’d hope you wouldn’t either. Then again, jealous girls do the darndest things.

      • JenR

        I just kept wondering how long a sundress would hold up left out in the elements in a tropical climate.

      • jen

        well since it’s JUST A SHOW, I think I can safely say that I am not “jealous” of Kate or anyone else. what bothered me is not that he wants to help Kate leave, it’s that his plan seems to suggest (although he didn’t state it outright) that it would be just the two of them and I think that would really suck. plus if they’re just FRIENDS as you say, then they can tone down the lovey dovey looks because it just seems really contrived.

      • Shane

        I disagree utterly.
        Juliet dumped Sawyer because she knew he would be staying with her only out of loyalty.
        Sawyer asked her to stay because he did not want to be alone.
        Both of them spoke these words.
        Its not conjecture nor is it implication.
        Quite simply, they were a rebound, right place right time fling and while he had accepted never seeing his soul mate again and decided to cope with that by marrying Juliet, once he realized the girl he had loved all along came back, Juliet was just a loyalty thing.
        Its not contrived nor is it all that hard to see a reflection of real life. If any of us had a friend like James about to marry someone in his circumstance we would ask him, are you crazy- because he would be settling. What IS contrived is the one thousand and one death scenes of Juliet, all played with her usual flair for wooden acting. The best day ever on Lost was when Dr Burke finally bit the dust.

      • Alex

        Thank you. My thoughts exactly. I’m not a shipper of any type, but some character continuity, please. Juliet JUST died. One look at an old dress and he’s forgotten that fact?

      • Coyote

        When Kate arrived at the Flocke camp, Sawyer was extremely cold to her, saying he was just out for himself. When he saw Kate’s dress, he thawed out enough to trust her and let her back in because he cares for her, which does not mean he’s suddenly head over heels for her again. But he is not willing, at this point, to go traipsing around looking for the rest of the Losties. Kate, however, will not leave without the rest, and that includes crazy Claire. Sawyer will reluctantly (at first) help Kate “rescue” the 815ers (plus Lapidus).

  • Casey

    I liked it but I want to know how these flash sideways are going to relate or connect to the current story.

  • Too much sitting around

    “Who will fly the plane?” “No, we’re taking the sub.” Yeah? Who can drive a sub? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

    • RyanK

      Yeah since when was a sub that you don’t know how to operate a good alternative option to a plane that you don’t know how to operate? Either way ends in you dying. It’s just a question of slow and wet or quick and exploding.

      • Lisa Simpson

        At least with the sub, they can hi-jack (or water-jack it). They don’t know where the pilot of the plane is, but there’s a good chance that the pilot of the sub will stay with it.

      • Snsetblaze

        And they don’t know Lapidus is still there.

      • Shane

        Its better than waiting around the island to be killed by the smoke monster. In S1, Kate did say that she had crewed a boat (shrimping maybe?) for a summer and between the two of them they are smart and resourceful. I would try it too.

    • Jeffrey C

      If I had to steal something to get off the island, it would be The Elizabeth (Desmond’s sailboat). I don’t know how to sail, but it has to be easier than driving a submarine.

    • Steve from Canada

      DAMMIT CHLOE! We’re not taking the plane, we’re taking the sub! Oh, sorry, wrong show…

      • Diane

        too funny!

  • Angie

    This was one of my favorite episodes of the season, besides “The Substitute.” I loved seeing Sawyer again! He was gone for too long. The cop reveal was great. I can’t wait to hear Doc’s theories on the crazy mom/child thing. As for his pregnancy comment, no idea.

    • Angie

      I know everyone will bash this, but I like Kate and am really liking her and Sawyer reconnecting. It was very sweet to see him remembering their time together at the cages. I appreciate his relationship with Juliet, but I’ve always thought they suited each other better. Just my opinion. Don’t hate.

      • NHS

        Yea Angie I always thought and saw Sawyer with Kate. They go together nicely. Jack is tooo whinny for her.

      • Dress

        Oh, I thought at first that was Juliet’s, but I could not recall her wearing it. The dress being Kate’s makes much more sense–thanks!

      • LIz79

        I’m actually with you Angie and actually I know a lot of folks who feel the same way. I really appreciate his relationship with Juliet but Sawyer would never have been able to be with Juliet if there was no Kate. I go back to that “I love you” in the cages. When did Sawyer ever say that to someone before Kate and since his parents died. I’m not taking anything away from Juliet but I always thought that Juliet reaped the benefits of Sawyer’s growth with Kate. JMHO.

      • Danielle

        I have always really liked Kate and Sawyer together so you’re not alone! They have great chemistry in my opinion. I really enjoyed tonight’s episode!

      • tanz

        Oddly enough, I’ve noticed that Kate has told all her previous lovers/husband that she loves them, with the exception of Jack. Jack has said it to her, but she has never said it to him. I think Kate actually loves Jack. I thought that the writers paired them up well. Jack always made Kate strive to be a better person. Juliet did the same for Sawyer.

      • Elinor

        Kate had never told Sawyer she loves him. He’s told her but she never responded.

      • jodipo

        I agree with you. Well, except I though Juliet was a very flat character. I have never seen such passionless kissing scenes as hers. Now Kate and Sawyer… at least when they kissed it was steamy

      • tanz

        Kate told Sawyer she loved him when they were beating the crap out of him at the cages. Sure it was coerced, but she said it.

      • Jenna

        I understand you have your opinion, but I don’t agree. I have always felt Jack and Kate were the IT couple of the show. Sawyer always felt more like a fun, flirtatious relationship, but she and Jack have something DEEPER. She has great chemistry w/ both of them…but Sawyer and Juliet were a beautiful compliment to each other, which is exactly how I feel about Jack and Kate. The way Sawyer was with Juliet was just BEAUTIFUL. I don’t believe for a second he and Kate have a connection even close to that one.

      • Jenna

        And also…Kate has never told Jack she loved him (on the show)…but she was about to marry him and looked pretty damn happy about it so I think it was implied pretty heavily that she HAD told him that she loved him in their 3 years together. I think they’re saving a dramatic “I love you” for somewhere towards the end.

    • tanz

      I think Kate’s pregnant. I’ve thought that since they came back. Kate spent the night before they left with Jack. The woman from the Dharma Initiative told them that the best way to get back to the Island was to recreate conditions as closely as possible to the original flight. On the original flight Claire was pregnant. I think Kate this time round was a pregnant proxy for Claire. That could be why she’s not one of the obvious candidates.

      • spk2629

        great point and very probable. I didn’t think of that one.

      • Jenna

        I have thought this too. We shall see. I have wondered if the Shephard on the wall is baby shephard…which is why Kate IS important despite not being on the cave wall etc. So LOST!

      • Coyote

        This is to Jenna: Kate’s not on the cave wall (MIB) but her name is on the lighthouse wheel, and it wasn’t crossed off.

      • murley

        i have been wondering if kate is pregnant as well for two reasons 1. the importance of the proxy and needing to have a dead body on the plane. it seems to make sense they would need a pregnant woman. 2. kate’s importance in aaron’s story. there must be SOME reason that kate was at his birth and took aaron and raised him. the question of who raises aaron has been important since season 1 and motherhood is obviously important to kate and her destiny.

      • to Coyote… Kate’s name IS on the cave wall. Do some research before you write anything. Lindelof said that they had to edit out the scene where the camera focuses on “Austen” on the wall, and that they didn’t realize till after. But he said that it was important cuz they wanted people to know she was a candidate. WAS. Her name was crossed out. Here’s the proof.

      • jo

        could Flock be Aaron

      • Fidgeting Gidget

        I’m with you. I’ve thought Kate was pregnant for a while now. Remember that she and Jack spent the night together before they left on the Ajira flight?

      • cloud

        Darlton said that Kate’s name was in the cave. It was crossed out, possibly to trick MIB.

      • Jenn

        yeah that’s always been my thought. she possibly served as the Claire-proxy on Aljira 316. but who knows!

      • Alex

        Yes!!! Me too. I’ve always thought this, and then thought maybe they dropped this potential storyline, but now with so much being about people’s mothers and fathers, seems it could come up again. Maybe MIB is done with Claire and has moved onto Kate because he knows she’s pregnant? Maybe he needs a mother.

      • Coyote

        Hey …, I knew that, but being crossed out in the cave might mean MIB doesn’t think she’s important. But you see Chester, what’s significant is that her name is in the lighthouse and it has not been crossed out. So Jacob still sees her as a candidate. A$$.

      • elizabeth

        Interesting that Austen is crossed out on the wall, when 51-Austen was NOT crossed out on the lighthouse mirror compass. (Yet another number to ponder.)

      • elizabeth

        Oh, and while pondering 51, consider that Sawyer is 15. Hmmmm…..

  • tripnip28

    So widmore plans on trapping locke. That’s a great idea using the sensor like in dharmaville fence. But my question was always, why can’t the smoke monster just go up and over or underneath it? any help here?

    • Ne Oublie

      We have to go back to how Smokey was created. If Smokey was originally a man, how was he “turned” into this monstrosity? Who or what, did this to him? Was he punished with some sort of scientific experiment gone bad or something paranormal? If Smokey is composed of electromagnetism, maybe the fence acts like a magnet where like poles repel (the fence would repel Smokey like a force field).

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