'Breaking Dawn' poll: Which Oscar-friendly director gets your vote?

Sources tell EW’s Nicole Sperling that Summit has reached out to at least three Oscar nominees about possibly helming the final installment of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series, Breaking Dawn, including Gus Van Sant (Milk, Good Will Hunting), Sofia Coppola (Lost in Translation), and Bill Condon (Dreamgirls).

My reaction:

• These aren’t the sort of directors you’d associate with the term “3D,” so fans who are against the technology being used for the final film(s) might have reason to breathe a little easier.

• I’m surprised how strongly I responded to Coppola’s name. Contrary to all my Robert Pattinson blog posts and Taylor Lautner Bicep Watches, it’d be nice to end this series with the focus on Bella (Kristen Stewart), and Coppola knows her way around complicated young women (see also: The Virgin Suicides, Marie Antoinette).

• Condon, who went from directing 1995’s Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh to winning an Oscar for writing 1998’s Gods and Monsters, is a clever thought.

• Van Sant has always taken the drama of young adulthood seriously, whether it be in Good Will Hunting, My Own Private Idaho, Finding Forrester, Elephant, or Paranoid Park.

Your pick?

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  • dee

    None. They’re all too good for this crap.

    • DJ

      Agreed. Given that even some hardcore Twilight fans I know try to disown this book, I think that almost any director they’d get would be too good for it.

      • RK

        I’m a TWI fan and love this book. But think it should be a woman director, definitely. This is very much about the relationship bet. Bella & Edward, especially in the beginning, wedding, honeymoon, etc. I can’t see ANY director other than Catherine Hardwicke. I loved TWILIGHT.

      • HC

        yea, I love the Twilight books, except for the CRAP that is Breaking Dawn. They would need directors such as these to even give it a chance of being watchable.

      • Catherine

        @RK I too think that Catherine Hardwicke was the best director and could have done even more wonderful things if only she had been given the same budget as Chris Weitz. BUT: after the interview she gave Times magazine, talking about the relationship between Rob and Kristen, I think she made a fool of herself and has lost the trust of Summit forever, not to mention the actor’s.

    • Shey

      I agree. I’d be disappointed if Sofia Coppola agreed to direct a movie about a girl who pretty much follows a controlling, abusive vampire around and really has no life of her own.

      • llevinso

        Nodding in agreement Shey.

      • K.

        Agreed. Coppola’s women are nothing if not independent, strong and in control of their own destinies (even if it means committing suicide). Going from those women to Bella Swan is giant step back.

      • Janet

        Shey – respectfully, you couldn’t be more wrong.
        Part of the brilliance of Twilight was Bella’s independence, kindness toward peers, and her courage to embrace a romantic love that was risky. Most teenage girls (and most movie viewers) are afraid of deep feelings. They want to mask them with substitutions – glitz, violence, callousness.
        And that’s what they got in New Moon, and problably Eclipse.
        If the world were a better place – Summit would hire Catherine Hardwicke to direct Breaking Dawn.

      • Morgaine

        And WHY isn’t Catherine Hardwicke on this list? [FUMES AS ONLY A REDHEAD CAN]

        As much as I love the Twilight books, after the first book, Bella really lost her own will. I really was disappointed in Eclipse…she was carried around so much by men, I thought she’d developed multiple sclerosis or something.

        Bella in Eclipse is nothing like the Bella we met in Twilight. It was very disappointing.

        Unfortunately, our favorite strong heroines are always going to be at the mercy of the author or director.

        But that also means that the right director could have saved Bella from a fate worse than death–becoming an arm decoration for whichever man she’s attracted to at the moment.

        The reason I really wanted Catherine Hardwicke to direct Eclipse and BD is because I think Catherine can tweak the movies enough so that Bella still has a spine in by the time the credits roll.

        I like Sophia Coppola’s work, but I don’t know if she’d be the right one for BD.

        But, let’s face it, anyone would be better than Weitz or Slade.

      • Lily

        Agree Morgaine. ANYBODY would be better than Weitz or Slade. But think it should be Catherine Hardwicke.

      • cat

        Really, she has no spine? You know how many times it’s been told of her that Bella should just leave, it was her decision to stay with this strange world and people she loves. She was about to sacrifice herself for people she cared about in the end of Eclipse! Have you ever met someone like Bella? Exactly she is quite a complicated character. I can’t believe Im even responding here to these people with no lives. If I was truly that offended by something, or disgusted by it, I wouldn’t be reading about it. (For example, i despise Miley Cyrus, and I would never click on a link talking about her). That’s a waste of time, so if you’re using your time to talk about Twilight even though u don’t like it…I only have to say that that is sad. And I couldn’t care less about your feelings, as proof I only read about four a page then click exit.

    • Sarah D

      If you hate this crap why did you click on the link? Go away.

      • TB

        Have you ever heard of heckling? It’s fun and you should try it. BTW, M. Night Shyamalan wouldn’t even do this, and he’s adapting a @#$%ing Nickelodeon TV show.

      • steve

        I agree, TB… It must be terrible if someone who made “The Happening” turns down a script. Zing!

      • cat

        TB, no one wants M Night Shamalayan to do this so it doesn’t really matter

    • AnonyTwi

      On the contrary, none of these sub-par directors is qualified to be associated with the magnificence of this visionary literature.

      • Rich

        BWA HA HA HA HA HA….

        Seriously, watch Lost In Translation, Good Will Hunting, and The Virgin Suicides back to back. Then watch the film with the sparkly vampires and CGI werewolfs. Then try to make that statement again with a straight face.

        (Or else your wit is bone dry, in which case… Well played, sir.)

      • Charlie


        I’d also add My Own Private Idaho and Elephant to AnonyTwi’s queue consider before watching softcore porn for tweens.

    • TylerSG

      Breaking Dawn is the worst book in the series so I’m glad they’re reaching out to good directors who can (hopefully) make a better movie than the book. I think they should stay AS FAR AWAR AS POSSIBLE from Catherine Hardiwicke. Twilight is the perfect example of a movie doing injustice to the book. Not that Twilight was a literary revelation to start with, but Catherine made it worse – wooden, contrived and devoid of emotion. The only thing right she did was cast Kristen, Rob and Taylor. I hope Summit gets Gus Van Sant or Sophia Coppola.

    • Daphne

      I agree with dee. None of them should direct this. In fact this book shouldn’t even be made into a movie. I like Twilight but Breaking Dawn was a horrible book and should defiantly not be made.

  • step

    There is only one way to put this:


  • nykolus

    michael bay!!! uwe boll!!! brett ratner!!! james cameron!!!

    • Stacie

      Hahahahahaha. The rat for sure!

    • Mik

      I would love to see Quentin Tarantino’s interpretation of BD… ;)

      • strickens_girl

        Now that’s funny!

      • bma

        Yeah, this one’s gonna be gory, and who better than Tarantino? Maybe Robert Rodriquez? ;)

      • LP

        LOL! too funny. though i think tarantino would be too good for BD….worst book of the series.

    • sally

      YES! Michael BAY! This series is crap and he directs crap! Perfect MATCH! I smell a love connection! MMMMWAH!

  • Rahul

    There isn’t a “I don’t care” choice in the survey.

    • Ally

      Then why are you reading this blog then?!?

      • Claws

        MTE. People who don’t care don’t click on a Twilight story.

    • shawb

      sooooo! :)

    • Lily

      There’s only ONE director for B. Dawn – Catherine Hardwicke. She launched the franchise so beautifully and she should end it. THAT would be thrilling.

  • elr

    Bella and her transformation is a big part of this book and I think a female director would be able to get more out of Kristen than a man could.

    • Stacie


    • ann

      too bad CH did such a terrible job in the first one – pretty sure she didn’t “bring bella out” there.

    • sally

      You mean Stewart may do something other than bite her lip and look puzzled?

      • Krista

        haha agreed

    • Minnie

      Bring back Catherine Hardwicke!!!! BD opens with a wedding – honeymoon – pregnancy – birth – rebirth as a vampire. Catherine Hardwicke is the ONLY director I can possibly imagine doing this brilliantly.

      • Janet

        Agreed – stop the madness – bring back Catherine Hardwicke.
        She is the only one who can direct Breaking Dawn – and come close to the brilliance that was Twilight.
        You know, Twilight – the film that generated millions of fans around the world? Because of the interpretation of it’s director, Catherine Hardwicke?
        And you are going to argue with success? Because you know better?
        BRING BACK CATHERINE HARDWICKE!!! For God’s sake – and ours.

      • Krista

        brilliance of twilight??? i laughed my way through that movie and i loved the book

      • LP

        I agree with Krista. The movie was horrible! There was no brillance there and I couldn’t put the book (or series) down. Well until I got to BD – I could have put that one down.

      • CleverShrew

        I’m sorry, but Catherine Hardwicke wouldn’t understand romance if it bit her on the ass. Her version of the BD wedding would be Bella and Edward staring at each other broodingly

      • charissa

        CleverShrew, that comment made my night. Bahaha. I must say the first movie was atrocious and I can’t watch it without cringing. Though I think that had to do more with the awfulness of RPattz than anything.

    • Krishna

      Agree eir. A woman director DEFINITELY for Breaking Dawn. What I don’t understand is why Summit is looking for ANYONE other than Catherine Hardwicke?

      • Janet

        Your right, Krishna.
        Catherine Hardwicke used music brilliantly, moment by moment, to support the emotional content. Her timing, the color, mood – everything was perfect – a couple of CG flaws that are easy fixes didn’t distract at all.
        It’s amazing how many people are afraid of sentiment, and real feeling . . .

  • Kelly

    If you are not a fan of the Twilight series, then we don’t need to hear your negative opinions. Thanks -


      I agree. This drives my crazy! I scroll down to read comments and see what other fans of BD think and all I get is this crap. I LOVED BD!

      • Mary Q. Contrary

        >_< Fail

    • Tarc

      The title of the article clearly indicated that they were inviting responses – and not just from fans.

    • ocnlvr83

      You don’t have to be a non-Twilight fan to critique KStew’s lack of artistry in playing Bella. She does seem to bite her lip and stutter a lot in the movies.

      • ice13

        Not to mention play with her hair & flip it back & forth from side to side. Love the books, hate KStew as Bella. She hasn’t captured her spirit at all.

      • Andrew

        Bella’s spirit? Bella has no soul. She is a desperate empty shell.

  • Kelly

    If you don’t care, then why are you checking out this article?

    • Janet

      I think some people are just jealous of KStew’s phenomenal beauty.

      • CleverShrew

        Janet, if you are serious then you need glasses. But if that was a joke, then well played!

  • Jenn

    I’m not a Twilight fan, but I am a fan of these directors. Which is why I hope they stay far away from this crap.

    • Madd

      I’m with Jenn.

      • sally


  • Charlotte

    All of them are too good for this book. Sophia Coppola I think would be be the best person to salvage something from it and explore the heart of a teenage girl based on the Virgin Suicides.

    I liked what someone else suggested in the other thread – David Cronenburg! Think of Dead Ringers and that birthing scene. Classic.

  • Michelle

    Any director who has remotely sniffed an Academy Award should RUN FAR AWAY from that travesty of a book. Breaking Dawn was terrible. And I say that has Twilight fan. It reads like fanfiction. Really, really BAD fanfiction.


      I guess that is a matter of opinion.

    • Mary Q. Contrary

      Michelle, I don’t agree that they can’t make them into decent movies, albeit with A LOT of effort, but I love your fanfiction comparison. It’s spot on, a perfect description.

    • Beth R.

      Apt analogy with the fanfic. This book was borderline unreadable, and I’m also a Twilight fan who actually enjoyed the first two movies. Instead of an Oscar-calibre director, they need to focus on getting an Oscar-winning screenwriter to make something watchable out of the mess that was BD. Too, they’d be better off with a horror film specialist to direct given the level of gore this movie will probably contain. Coppola, Van Sand and Condon, run. Run away. Far far away.

    • ice13

      Agreed. I’m a die-hard fan of the first three books. SMeyers phoned it in on BD.

  • tessa

    Sofia Coppola should TOTALLY direct this movie. She’ll make it more meaningful and less of just a franchise movie. She’ll breathe new life in the series than Ctherine Hardwicke ever could!!! Dud, do I even need to mention The Virgin Suicides or Lost In Translation? I think not. if Summit knows anything they’ll get Sofia right away!!

    • Stacie

      The soundtrack would be pretty awesome.

      • Valley Girl

        I was thinking the same thing!

    • Janet

      There is no one on that list, or any list, that can interpret any of the Twilight series better than Catherine Hardwicke. She is the one for the job – period.

  • tracy

    I can’t really pick between, all seem good, but wish they would change the script writer. Haven’t really liked her from day one, or I should say, movie 1.

  • Mary Q. Contrary

    Sofia Coppola gets my vote, too, Mandi, and I’m glad to see I’m not alone. I think she could work wonders with the story (which obviously needs some wonders worked), and I think she and Kristen Stewart would end up working really well together. I would love to see someone finally attempt to give Bella a real voice. No one ever really did it right, including the author….. What the hell am I saying? The story is poo, and I’ll be happy if they can just make it watchable.

    • Kat

      CATHERINE HARDWICKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Janet


  • Jefner

    I don’t know that I like any of these director for the 4th & hopefully 5th movie. Don’t get me wrong I think Sophia would be a wonderful choice but she can sometimes go off the deep end at times. And that may cause more harm then good to the final chapters of this story. That I love!! What about Drew Barrymore?? And please please I beg, no 3-D!!

  • Katy

    Out of those three, I pick Coppola. But I think it would be hilarious to see Wes Anderson’s take on it : P

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