'Idol' exit Q&A: Lilly Scott on 'karaoke singers being molded into a big pop star' and her Coachella hopes

Lilly-Scott-IdolImage Credit: Patrick Ecclestein/FOX As one of this season’s most unique contestants, 20-year-old Lilly Scott had high hopes of making it far. But her hopes were dashed last night after a shocking vote, leaving her publicly puzzled. ”I don’t know what America wants to hear,” she said last night. Today, EW asked about her theories on the subject and more. 

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How are you doing?
LILLY SCOTT: Doing pretty good actually. I’m not devastated.

Yeah. Last night, I kind of felt like you weren’t ”devastated,” but maybe outraged.
I’m definitely not outraged or frustrated. I’m definitely disappointed that I didn’t make the top 12 just because I thought that I had done really well, listening to what the judges had said and how the producers had been treating me. But I don’t think my voting demographic was there.

What is that demographic in your opinion?
Definitely more of the indie, unsigned artist demographic that probably doesn’t even own a TV and is probably out riding their bikes or playing on a mountain. They’re not sitting inside watching American Idol. So I think that kind of affected me probably with votes.

You said you were kind of surprised by the vote because of the feedback you’ve been getting. What was it like off-stage after your performance on Tuesday?
Yeah. It just seemed like everything had gone swimmingly up to this point. I don’t know what really happened. I mean, every comment I would get when I performed was good, and everything off-stage was great. I don’t know, I guess the fans just weren’t there for whatever reason.

You said last night that you weren’t sure what America is looking for. What are they looking for in your opinion?
You know, I don’t know. Last night when I watched who made it into the Top 12, specific people were just bumming me out. It seemed like just another season of almost karaoke singers being molded into a big pop star. I don’t know. That was one of the reasons I tried out this season because I really wanted to break the mold and try to give some off-the-wall, different music for America to listen to. But I think staying true to myself and picking crazy songs…I don’t know. I don’t regret anything. I definitely don’t think the tween audience knows who Patsy Cline is, so that might have affected me.

What’s your next move from here?
Hopefully recording an album. I would love to get on the summer show circuit, things like Coachella and Bonnaroo. That’s definitely the market I want to be in. Hopefully, someday I’ll be able to open for people like Björk or Radiohead, major indie artists gone totally mainstream who are well recognized and respected. It’s just sort of the route I’m trying to go for. I don’t know if it was the earrings or what it was that people weren’t feeling. I don’t necessarily walk into the salon and ask for the Emmylou Harris hair. I love my hair, and I’m not going to change, maybe that’s what America didn’t want. I think American Idol every year is about turning someone into something else. And Kara came up to me after I was eliminated and said, ”Maybe America didn’t put you through because they almost think that you are almost ready as an artist and you are so sure of who you are as a person that there’s almost nothing to make of you. You’re almost ready to go.” I feel like I went out with a bang. I didn’t leave on a horrible night. I don’t know. I really wish I could have made it into the Top 12, that’s for sure.

Is that the vibe you were getting from the judges? Were they as shocked as everyone else?
You know, apparently Ellen is upset. I don’t know. I don’t know what happened. I know that the judges liked me and that the producers liked me. I was getting along with all the contestants. I was having a great time. I was being positive and cooperative and really having a great time on the show. I guess the fans didn’t get a chance to see that. I guess they’re looking for someone like Katie [Stevens] or someone like Lacey [Brown] this year. I don’t know what happened. It’s kind of a bummer.

When Katelyn got voted off – this was before you got voted off – you looked really upset. Were you two close?
Definitely. We were roommates the whole time, and she’s definitely a major thing I’ve gained from the competition. She’s a really close friend. Crystal as well, but Crystal’s doing great. But I mean, that was the thing. I was receiving just as good – if not better – comments than Crystal. They were saying I was a true artist. I don’t know, but Crystal was also playing a lot more mainstream songs.

Is there anything else you want to add about what you’ve been through or where you’re going?
Basically just that American Idol was a great stepping stone, and I’m looking forward to moving on with my career. I’m so thankful for everything I’ve gained from the show, and I’m really excited to have gained the fan base and audience from American Idol that will follow me through my career. I hope America doesn’t forget about me because I’m definitely going to pull out some crazy stuff that people will love to enjoy a lot more than cover songs.

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  • KC

    I’m glad I never voted for her. She should be grateful anyone watched her at all, even though we obviously weren’t cool enough not to. Sorry I wasn’t playing on a mountain at 8:00 PM like her awesome fans do.

    • embulbee


      • Siskel

        America sucks.

      • jenn

        But she’s right. She didn’t say anything untrue. She didn’t say she was better, just different than the average contestant. And she is.

      • MultiPass

        That’s a lame response, KC. WTF? She was a million times more interesting and talented than 75% of the people who made it on. And her remarks are dead on – trying to turn some karaoke singer into a star. It’s mostly true. The good ones usually get out early. Hopefully she’ll get some mileage out of this and have a career.

    • Jason S

      Don’t be a D-bag. Deep down you know you’re not cool enough. Just stick with your pageanty robots and wind up dolls who do everything the judges say to the point where they don’t know who they are anymore or cry at every littlre thing the judges say

      You’ll see. THis girl will have a longer career then everyone on this season of Idol. She is the real deal! And you’d be pissed too if you and your best friend on the show got cut in favor of three performers who have had nothing but brutal critism the whole time. Real musicians know real music and they can also know crap or amateurs.

      ANd maybe KAra is right this show wants to see amatuers either succeed or fail and Lilly was not an amatuer.

      • Dr. Zaius

        I really hope you’re joking with the “pageanty robots” and “wind up dolls.”

        She’s not going to have a long career, unfortunately. Since she’s ended up on Idol, most of her core audience will despise her (God knows how the hipsters dislike popular shows and music). It’s the tween fans that she will need to buy her CDs.

        Since she’s already stated that they won’t bother with her, where’s the career going to go?

        I’ll be interested in seeing what she does, though.

      • KC

        Haha, I think you have the wrong impression of me. My 2 least favorites are Aaron and Katie. I really hate the generic pop ones that are adding nothing new what-so-ever. I just thought her attitude was crappy, and it was. She shouldn’t bite the hand that feeds you. Everyone knows what Idol is. It’s not a surprise that mainstream artists get put through. She shouldn’t insult the people who watched her and who will ultimately help her career. Period.

      • KC

        bite the hand that feeds her*

      • Jason S

        By wind up doll I’m referring to LAcey. The judges say play Sixpence None the Richer so she plays it the next week. As for Pageantry robot that was actually stolen from MR. Slezak who refers to Katie that way.

        Actually I think getting cut early will be enough to keep the American Idol stench away from her. And indie fans are not all close minded. Some are for sure but they will recognize the talent. And by long career I am not saying she will sell millions of albums. I am saying she will be able to make a living off being a musician. THink PJ Harvey, Ani DiFranco

      • Jason S

        See that’s where we depart. Why should she be greatful? What did anybody do for her? She’s only talking to people who didn’t vote for her based on the judges.

        She’s not the lie back and take it for the queen type.

        I love love love this girl. The moment she played Fixing A Hole (which is notoriously a song about heroin) as her first song I knew this girl was my favorite performer on American Idol ever!!! I also knew she would get eliminated too soon. I didn’t think this soon. I figured sixth or seventh. I really really hope she gets on the Lilith Fair tour this year to make up for not being on the Idol tour

      • KC

        They put her on a show watched by millions and millions of people…

      • z

        To Jason S.- “Fixing A Hole” is about weed according to Paul, who was the main writer. Either way I was pleasantly surprised when she picked it.

      • Snsetblaze

        I am suprised the powers that be let her sing the song since so many of the other songs that are sing are of the “I’ll be there for you” or “you are my hero” or “you inspire me” stuff.

      • ed

        Why don’t we call the show “I wannabe an Idol” though I can’t sing very well but I am very nice
        and can handle critcism ok. And for two hours every week we will have a crying session, vote for me pllllzzzzz………

    • mike

      @KC: Taht was rather negative. You’re glad you didn’t vote for her? Nonsense. She’s talented and deserved the votes. What did you expect her to say? At least she’s not a hypocrite trying to say the “right things.”

      • KC

        I think her answers were rather negative. I am glad I didn’t vote for her because of her attitude. She thinks people that who like her aren’t watching Idol, so I think she should go preform for them instead of people she doesn’t care about.

      • psychoanalyzer

        You can’t fault her for trying to break the mold though. I usually zipped through her performances on my DVR but I did respect the fact that she was different and confident in who she is. And she’s right — she got lots of positive feedback. What she’s not saying is that the judges pegged her as a poor man’s Crystal…and unfortunately she didn’t get enough votes, I think, because of it.

      • ed

        @kc, oh c’mon think about it. for the past weeks, the judges placed her and Crystal as the front runners,her style is refreshing, she has a real fine voice and she broke away from the stagnated karaoke style of most of them, then
        all of sudden she is eliminated. What would you say if that was you??She didn’t cry, she took it well actually, and yes she was p….d o.f, and rightfully so.

      • KC

        Fine, then if the producers or judges interviewed her it would be perfectly acceptable for her to be rude to them, but this interview was for an entertainment website for her fans to read. What’s she’s saying is if you care about this show, then you’re not one of my fans. That’s lame in my opinion.

      • alan of montreal

        I don’t think that’s the message she’s saying at all. She saying that most of the people who vote are not looking for artists such as her. She’s not dissing her fans, she’s dissing the taste of mainstream America (which if you look at the charts these days, is pretty poor)

    • JenD

      i think her candor is pretty refreshing actually. and while i doubt i’ll buy her albums, i like her attitude and would rather watch her than most of the other contestants. you just sound really bitter. she’s probably right that the people who would buy her albums don’t watch american idol. so what.

      • Snsetblaze

        I agree with the candor comment. I will buy her albums. Its interesting that this year the contestants are actually saying something and being a little critical in their exit interview with EW.

      • mari

        i love candor. i abhor false modesty. but to many she will come off as being a sore loser with this interview. i was actually fine with her ‘karaoke’ comment i was more offended with her ‘hipsters don’t own TVs’ comment.

    • Ally

      Tell her to ask Tyson and Coach – LOSE THE FEATHERS! RIDIC!

      • Applesauce

        awesome. you are right. even coach can pull off feathers better than she can.

    • Ally

      UGH, and she needs to lose those FEATHERS! – NOT A GOOD LOOK!

    • Hannah86

      She came off a little bit cocky in this interview. “if not better” than Crystal? She is not better than Crystal. Crystal sings way better than her everytime.

      This girl needs to realize that INDIE isn’t a sound and stop using it so liberally. She tries out for American Idol, she is no longer headed for indie status. I was surprised someone people like Katie and Paige made it over her, but she needs to get over herself.

  • Dean

    Good for her for calling out Katie and Lacey. What a joke that they got thru and Lilly didn’t. Nice to finally read one of these ousted contestants not pull any punches.

    • JenD

      totally agree. her exit interview is one of the most interesting i’ve ever read for that reason.

  • Jed

    Folks, this show is becoming more about the judges and less about the talent, as I am hopoing this show will see its demise very soon.

    • D


  • embulbee

    i think she didn’t make it because she is arrogant and rude.. i never looked forward to her singing because she isn’t as original as she thinks she is..

    • ernie

      Yeah, she sounds like any “indie” artist, and she’s acting like she invented it.

    • Janiqueuoa

      And Katie and Tim are original???

      • @Janiqueuoa

        Contestants don’t need to be original. They need to sound good, display stage presence, and NOT COME ACROSS AS A SMUG POSEUR.

    • marty

      Where are you getting arrogant or rude? Fact: Lilly had a good grasp on her artistic identity. Fact: Katie did not. Fact: Lilly is creative and fun to watch. Fact: Katie is not. She’s just stating the facts, man.

      • Kari

        I’d say arrogant because she thinks she got better comments than Crystal “it’s yours to lose” Bowersox.

      • BFair

        You know, the first week I heard her and said “wow, you know, I kinda liked her.” The second week I thought well that was pretty cool. Then on the third week I said..”seems to me every week she takes a song and changes it up to sound exactly like the song from the week before.” If that’s what you mean by she knows who she is as an artist then ok. She likes to basically sing one song with different words.
        In her interview she basically dissed her fellow contestants along with the viewing public. I think it was quite rude.

      • Zach

        I agree with BFair. It’s the same thing that’s happening to Andrew Garcia, and something that even Didi needs to watch out for. You can’t sound the same on every song. Lilly has a very interesting cadence, but the regular voice is not strong enough for your typical vote-winning Idol performance. The judges were raving about her the last few weeks when the only time her performance really worked for me was “Lullaby of Birdland” during Hollywood Week. So I did think she was overrated and that she wouldn’t last as long as the judges would have her. (Though I thought she would make the tour.) Song choice is also key, judging by her and Katelyn’s eliminations this week.

      • @BFair

        I agree w BFair.

        She not only dissed this years contestants, but contestants in every year – “…just another season of almost karaoke singers…”
        So Carrie, Kelly, David C., and Adam were merely karaoke singers who(m?) E19 molded into pop stars?

        Her voice was OK but not great. I’ve heard better amateurs. The only thing SOMEWHAT unusual about Lilly was her hair. Her manner is affected and smug.

    • Sue

      Why is she rude? Because she speaks her mind? There is nothing that she said that wasn’t true. She didn’t diss the judges. We live in a time of Justin Bieber being the be all end all for Ryan Seacrest and Mily Cyrus and her reed thin voice being the mainstream. Double ick.

      • Mrs M

        Agree with Sue! It’s actually pretty refreshing to hear a contestant actually speak what’s on her mind, rather than the “It was a great experience, blah blah blah” canned comments that they are “supposed” to make after they get kicked off. Good for her!

      • Jennifer

        And she did say it was a great experience and that she’s grateful for it. But what else would people like her to say? That Paige and Katie and Lacey deserve to be there more than her and Katelyn? Because they don’t. She just spoke the truth, and I actually think she was fairly tactful about it.

      • Snsetblaze

        Agree with these comments. It is really going to be hard to watch this season because 3 of the girls do not deserve to be in the top six (Page, Katie and Lacey.) Neither do most of the guys. If there ever was a year that AI needed to unbalance the genders, its this one (and to also raise the audition age to 18.)

      • Juliet

        She didn’t call out Katie and Lacey because they were “robots”. That is really taking it out of context. The paragraph starts with her telling us she is a “nice” person and she is puzzled that while it seemed obvious for the two it wasn;t for her.

    • Terrier

      Guys, please don’t be so hard on her or the show, after all it’s just a show. Being in the Top 12 doesn’t guarantee success so don’t be so bummed about it. She didn’t make it because people think she is bad or America is bad at choosing artist. She just peaked too soon and people thought she was safe and DIDN’T VOTE FOR HER. Don’t blame others for the mistakes her fans did!!!

      • @Terrier

        I only vote for contestants who give a performance that I like AND appear to be intelligent AND likeable.

        Lilly’s performances were ok. She was NOT likable.

    • Tasha

      Exactly. She sounds like any number of indie singer wannabes out there (including some that are her fellow top 24-ers). She’s not as original as she thinks she is. And she needs to at least fake a little humility if she wants some fans.

  • ernie

    KC, maybe it’s snooty of her to say, but come on, it’s kind of true. Anyone who watches that show is a mainstream-loving lame-o with no life and no taste in music. Kelly was the only one who could really sing anyway.

    • Jason S

      I think there are people that loved her that watch the show. It’s just not the type of person who is going to spend two hours voting for a contestant or super text voting or whatever. I have never seen this much outrage over an elimination. It must mean something.

      • Danny

        Jason S, I agree with you. I voted for her. Once. I did not sit there for two hours voting or setting up some kind of program so that I could register 1,000 votes. I don’t think that she attracted that kind of fan. Tim Urban attracts that kind of fan.

    • Jeremy

      Don’t get offended because you fit into the American Idol demographic and she called you on it. Everyone knows the majority of people with the motivation to vote look at this as more of a popularity contest, which is why tim urban is still in. If the show were truly about vocal talent why is Lilly going home? Answer these questions before you get upset with her because she lightly says it like it is. Who won American Idol last year? Adam Lambert? No its that nobody who makes the tween’s get all wet and the fat stay at home losers who stopped voting for vocal talent once they learned of his lifestyle.

      • KC

        Lilly wasn’t the best singer, and she wasn’t that original. She’s going home because she thought she was too cool for American Idol. If she wanted to, she could have sung songs that would motivate people to vote for her. Most Americans don’t like Patsy Kline and it’s not because they aren’t cool enough. So what if it’s partially a popularity contest? It’s American Idol! There’s always going to be an element of personality and likability. It would be dreadfully boring if there wasn’t.

        For the record, I don’t think I actually fit into the American Idol demographic. I’ve probably voted 3 times ever on American Idol and last night all my 15-20 votes went to Alex Lambert.

      • Niix Starkyller

        Outside of Tracy Chapman, Nina Simone, and Bjork, what female singer is really ‘that original’? You want technically perfect vocalist, go to the opera. They’re ridiculously talented there. AI isn’t just a singing competition. It’s (supposedly) about finding a unique performing artist (see: judges refrain about artistry). It’s a confectionery salve in the pop culture onslaught. Lighten up and cheer for the ones you like.

      • Niix Starkyller

        As for ‘too cool for American idol’ I’d wager Crystal has very little regard for the ‘importance’ of American Idol. I respect Lilly for getting up in front of those millions of people you seem preoccupied with and daring to be herself. Takes more than just a pair of feather earrings to do that.

      • nancy

        What do you mean Most Americans don’t like likes Patsy Cline? You are ridiculous. She was one of the most influential American female singers of all time.

      • ed

        @KC, when you say most americans don’t like Patsy Cline in what little tiny island in the pacific were you born?? speak for yourself
        or at least research it a little more before you speak on our behalf.

      • KC

        OK, let me amend my comment: Most Americans who are under the age of 35 don’t like Patsy Cline. They proved it by not voting for her. And, Hawaii.

      • Zach

        Niix, if Idol was really about what you think it’s about, then Adam would have won last year. It’s first and foremost a popularity contest and a Cinderella story. Not about thinking outside the box.

      • Zach

        And honestly, you can love Patsy Cline but not dig Lilly’s pitchy, awkward performance of “I Fall to Pieces,” a song that only works on the Idol stage if you have a consistently bluesy or country voice.

      • @Jeremy

        Hey! I “stay at home” (in the Midwest!) and I’m neither fat or a loser. Also, we did vote for Adam.

        I don’t think Kris won because of the tween vote (those that I know voted for Adam). I think Adam didn’t win because (1) practically the whole state of Arkansas got really motivated to vote multiple times and (2) homophobia. Homophobia not only lost Adam votes but increased Kris’ votes. Usually people only vote FOR a contestant they like, so if you don’t like the top 2 or 3 you don’t vote. However, last year there were many churches/organizations that organized voting “parties” to vote for anyone but Adam. I’m sure homophobic INDIVIDUALS also voted for Kris as a vote against Adam.

      • Suzanne

        i honestly have no problem with Adam’s lifestyle. i just really like Kris Allen’s voice, performance and look, more, all those things are what make people choose an”American Idol.” You should not judge everyone who did not prefer Adam as a hater.

  • D

    Well, the one good thing about these results is that I will now have lots more time to do other things since I won’t be concerned with what’s gong on on Idol!

  • Nix

    Well, I don’t watch Idol until the final 5 or so, but I note how she name-dropped Emmylou Harris.

    • mel

      I know I don’t vote until top 12 but I so wish I had voted for her for that exact reason. Emmylou is the coolest.

  • Kathryn

    I don’t have a mountain bike, but I do have a few Patsy Cline records. I muted the sound on her destruction of this song once again last night.

    • Jason S

      Yeah you were probably around when the album was originally released in the 50s. You should sell your original copy on ebay. You’ll make a bundle. She’s talking about the voting block of 8-12 year olds.

      • Meanster

        Shut up snotbag.

      • Niix Starkyller

        I’ve got Robert Johnson cassettes and an original Alan Parson’s Project LP. Wanna guess my name?

      • Niix Starkyller

        Hah, fail. I meant, wanna guess my age.

      • Mrs M

        It is possible to be young and enjoy Patsy Cline. I’m 25 and love her. Lilly had a different take and it was interesting, but the people that actually knew the song beforehand probably didn’t like her version, and young tweens just didn’t know the song and it wasn’t as interesting a song as some of the others. It’s all about the song choice.

  • Dr. Zaius

    “I mean, that was the thing. I was receiving just as good – if not better – comments than Crystal. they were saying I was a true artist. I don’t know, but Crystal was also playing a lot more mainstream songs.”

    Other than Crystal, Lilly was definitely my favorite. But seeing as how she just insulted Crystal and proclaimed herself to be better, I’m starting to like her a heck of a lot less.

    It’s one thing to boost your own confidence by talking about judges’ feedback and whatnot, but to bash another contestant? Another contestant whose voice and artistry have been spotlighted and praised for weeks?

    That’s just a little arrogant of Mrs. Scott. To me, she’s coming off as slightly pretentious in this interview.

    Bash if you want, but it’s just an opinion. I’m getting the “indie hipster” vibe from her.

    • ger

      She didn’t insult Crystal, she just answered a question. God, we all read way too much into things. Honesty is not arrogance.

    • Sue

      She spoke the truth. The one week everyone except Simon said she was the best that week. That’s not arrogance; that’s truth. She spoke her mind after being booted…so what? She said exactly what so many think American Idol is about.

      • jazzyScar

        I think i would only care about what Simon comments on rather than listening to a comedian, a useless black judge and a bimbotic idiot. And Simon NEVER gave her BETTER comments than Crystal.

    • atozinco

      Yeah, Lilly was my second favourite too – but does she really think that she was “receiving just as good – if not better – comments than Crystal?” At the most, Lilly was the second strongest contestant in the competition, but no one was saying she was as strong – or stronger – than Crystal! I like Lilly’s honesty & brashness, but every now & then it crosses the line into arrogance. She manages to insult her fellow contestants (sometimes deservedly), AND her fans. She dissed the entire American Idol audience – some of us have heard of Patsy Cline, thank you.

      • psychoanalyzer

        Well – you know never know what the producers were telling her offstage. We hear 5-sec blips about the contestants while they’re on TV, but when they’re not singing, it sounds like the producers are definitely talking it up with the contestants.

      • Snsetblaze

        I think she was just saying tweens or teens have not heard Patsy Cline and she’s probably right about most.

      • mari

        of course tweens or teens have not heard of patsy cline. they don’t play her on mtv or whatever video channel they watch now (i’m more of an 80s child myself). if patsy cline was featured on guitar hero or rockband then maybe the tweens/teens would know who she is.

      • Hannah86

        It doesn’t matter if tweens haven’t heard of Patsy Cline. If the song sucks, the song SUCKS. She did not do a good job of it. As Randy (and now Ellen) likes to say, she was pitchy! Not that many tweens know Tracey Chapman (yes, I know – it’s atleast played on their parents radio still). I just think Katie and Paige just had more friends and family members who had nothing more to do than vote all night.

  • Salome Arsinoe

    She was my favorite and I had to go all the way down a mountain just to watch her get eliminated.. oh well, at least I had my bike.

    • Violet

      Hahaha! Too bad the rest of the indie, hip crowd who doesn’t own TV’s didn’t vote. Such a huge “demographic.” ;)

  • melissa

    I love her. Stay strong, Lilly!

  • robert j

    Lily spoke her mind. Good for her. I see nothing wrong with her comments. She didn’t fluff it up one bit. Good luck to you Lily.

  • Jeremy

    Don’t get offended because you fit into the American Idol demographic and she called you on it. Everyone knows the majority of people with the motivation to vote look at this as more of a popularity contest, which is why tim urban is still in. If the show were truly about vocal talent why is Lilly going home? Answer these questions before you get upset with her because she lightly says it like it is. Who won American Idol last year? Adam Lambert? No its that nobody who makes the tween’s get all wet and the fat stay at home losers who stopped voting for vocal talent once they learned of his lifestyle.

    • KC

      If people didn’t figured out Adam Lambert’s lifestyle till the last episode then they obviously aren’t too bright. Kris won because he peaked at the end of the season rather than the middle.

    • Janellionaire

      If she is so far above the demographic that watches AI, what was she doing on the show? It’s too late now to look down on the system that you signed up for. The fact is, she is off-putting and weird, and simply doesn’t have the talent to overcome it. I think that’s going to be Lacey’s downfall too. Now Crystal and Siobhan, also very strange, but they compensate for it by singing well, and creating memorable performances. I cannot remember one thing this girl sang. Not one. All I remember is her looking like a body washed up on a beach somewhere. If the mountain people want her, they can have her.

  • maryaminx

    She’s kind of obnoxious with the “my fans are on a mountain” comment, but everything else is completely true.

    • Mrs M

      I live in Colorado where Lilly is from and in Colorado it is a huge stereotype that people who listen to “her kind of music” also mountain bike/hike/don’t watch TV as well as eat only organic food, don’t wear deodorant, etc etc. Not that I put all my faith in stereotypes but I do know quite a few people who fit that description around here and I get the comment.

      • Anony

        I totally “get” the comment, but I think it’s insulting. You don’t have to be a hipster to enjoy her sound. I really liked her voice…she was one of my two favorite girls…but hipsters annoy the @#$% out of me (imo, the “I’m too cool to be mainstream” is more fake than those who view themselves as mainstream). She’s doing herself a disservice by making that sort of comment because she’s limiting her audience before she even has one.

  • llevinso

    Yeah, some of her comments here might sound bitchy, but they’re pretty much all completely true.

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