Batman vs. Superman: As DC Comics turns 75, we try to settle the debate

batman-supermanImage Credit: DC ComicsDC Comics is celebrating its 75 anniversary this year. That’s a true milestone, and the iconic publisher deserves a round of applause. But we all know the truth: these first 75 years have been a resounding failure. A failure, I say! Because DC has never successfully answered the most important question of the century: Is Batman better than Superman?

PopWatchers, I think it’s time we resolve this, once and for all. Let’s look at the question in the most basic sense: Who would win in a fight? This is a no-brainer. Superman could feasibly defeat Batman using only the lame powers, like Super Freeze Breath and Super Memory. Once he turns on the Super Speed and the Heat Vision? Game over.

Batman’s only real hope is kryptonite, but Lex Luthor uses kryptonite all the time, and how’s that working out for him? And no matter what kind of crazy paranoid-genius counterattack you think Batman could come up with, Superman could always just punch Earth into a black hole and call it a day.

But Batman vs. Superman is also a cultural conflict. Who’s more interesting to read about? Who’s more capable of evolving with the times? Who has a better costume? This is also a no-brainer. Ever since Frank Miller’s 1986 The Dark Knight Returns, Bruce Wayne has dominated every media sphere: cartoons, video games, Halloween costumes, and movies. And such movies! Batman is the star of the best (The Dark Knight) and worst (Batman & Robin) superhero films ever. (He’s also the star of the best Christmas movie ever. Batman Returns. Seriously!)

So Superman wins in a fight, and Batman wins in the court of public opinion. That leaves us with… oh no, a tie! This won’t do at all. PopWatchers, did I miss something? Am I too dismissive of Batman’s ability to fight Superman? Is Clark Kent secretly cooler than Bruce Wayne? (Quentin Tarantino seems to think so.) Should Batman earn grade inflation because his villains are so, so, so much better than Superman’s? Sound off below!

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  • Diane

    Team Superman. Maybe the movies suck, but “Man of Iron, Woman of Kleenex” gives Superman the win.

    • OGRE


      • Diane

        And damn proud of it

      • I’ll second that.

        Damn proud of it.

      • Madd

        DAMN PROUD!

      • Peter

        You’re using the name “Ogre,” and calling these other folks nerds?

      • yodajones

        By making the reference to Ogre in Revenge of the Nerds, you sir or madam have proven yourself to be that which you espouse to despise, a nerd.


      • HK

        NERDS ARE THE BEST!!!!!!

      • HK

        Oh, and if batman got the drop on him he would win for sure, I would bet he even has faster than human counter measures just in case, maybe a double ko type of thing but superman would go down for sure

    • Aiden Potter

      Gold kryptonite permenatley removes Supermans powers, so if batman can get a chunk of that game over Batman wins. Also, in a episode of Super Friends, Darksied bought some at an auction , so how hard can it be?

      • Superman is awesome

        no batman would need to go to the planet krypton to get kryptonite stupid superman always wins

      • DaVonya

        It’s harder to find gold kryptonite than you think. When Darksied bought that gold K, he got lucky. Gold kryptonite is the rarest kryptonite of all kryptonite in the world

      • DaVonya

        And as a reply to what “Superman is Awesome” said, Krypton is gone, destroyed, there is no going to Krypton because there is no Krypton

    • Sup A man

      Here is a question?

      How come is batman so smart. What school did he go in?

      Sups is smarter he got info from his parents.
      Look at the people batman fights WTF. Only joker is good there only couse of H L .

      That Said bad is a nice hero for 40-50 years but supps is ultimate hero.

      And also superman can’t die as long as sun is there. Man of steel is wrong and it was made when people th steel was the strongest caloy

  • Madd

    Is Bruce Wayne darker? Yes. More interesting? Yes. But I think the true winner is who would win in a fight (since they are, uh, superheroes), and that’s definitely Superman.

    • Icon

      Unless Batman finds Kriptonite, Superman’s deadly weakness.

      • Brad

        Oh is that what Kryptonite is? I had no idea.
        And that’s addressed above.

      • Ziaix

        Batman just happens to be the only man Superma trusts with Kryptonite (just in case he goes evil).

        So Superman admits he could be beaten.

      • Peter

        Brad: Ha! Your reply gave me a chuckle. Thanks for that!

      • asdf

        batman can just make kryptonite bullets and he automatically gets two points

      • lalala

        batman keeps kryptonite in his utility belt and he always carries it around. so, whenever, wherever its batman over superman

      • dccomicsman

        Actually, Batman did have kryptonite. Superman knew that Batman thinks more than him so he gave batman a chunk of kryptonite in case he ever turned evil. So, Superman knew that Batman could take him out if he wanted to.

      • sokieb55

        for all that you dont know batman has always kept a ring laced with kyptonite ever since the league of justice only in case superman ever went rogue so batman would win lol

      • Chadlious


        Amateurs. Kryptonite is not Superman’s “deadly” weakness. Think about that for a second. If Kryptonite was deadly to Kryptonians, they wouldn’t have even been able to set foot on Krypton–a whole planet made up of the junk–it would have killed them all instantly…instead of imploding in a vortex several centuries later. No, my fellow nerds, Kryptonite is not deadly to Superman; it is merely extremely weakening. As it has been proven time after time, comic after comic, episode after episode…Superman is indestructible. He cannot die. As long as the yellow Sun still burns, he can be regenerated. All Kryptonite does is weaken him to the physical state of a human. He can then he “killed” like a human.

        That being said, Batman cannot take him out. Even if Batman somehow caught rogue Superman AND defied all of Supes’ powers AND trapped him AND had the permission and balls to kill Superman, Batman would still lose. After Superman was “dead”, Batman would go on living his normal life and would die of old age. After Bruce’s funeral, all someone would have to do is take the Kryptonite out of Supes’ corpse and put him in the Sun. Guess what! He’s good as new again; Batman is long gone, and Superman still stands.

        Sorry, Bruce, but unless you find a way to live forever, you are eternally pwnd.

      • Know it all

        Rookies Superman can like said blow up the whole planet killing everyone!!. Superman can get his lead suit. There kryptonite wont affect him at all. Superman can move at speeds faster than light in which he can snap B mans neck before he can blink. Plus superman know B man got kryptonite so obviously he wont come at him unprepared! Think about it supes knows B man knows how to stop him but if it came down to it superman can blow up the entire planet with a punch

    • Temp

      I dont think superman has ever beaten batman in a fight. Go read “Dark Knight Returns” (Frank Millers comic) for a goddamn graduate class in how to take superman apart.

      Also: Kingdome Come, and the “Tower of Babel” trade from Morrison’s JLA run also showcase Batman being far superior to superman and outdoing him with cunning and wit.

      • Greg

        Don’t forget their altercation in Jeph Loeb’s “Hush” series or their run-in in John Byrne’s “Man of Steel” both of which ended inconclusively but on Batman’s terms.

        You can’t just look at it like a math problem and say Supes is stronger therefore WIN. You have to take into account the universe they live in and the terms that would cause them to fight each other in the first place.

      • Caped Crusader42

        I agree. Batman could’ve killed Superman, without a doubt, but decided to fake a heart attack instead. Batman>Superman.

    • Adam

      1) in the old comics they already proved that batman can defeat superman even without the kriptomite 2) even the joker beat superman but he cant beat batman

    • None Of Your Business

      umm…just to let, Batman keeps Kryptonite in his utility belt so if Superman got within 10 ft. of Batman, Superman would become powerless, DUH?!?

      • Chadlious

        Not true. If that were true, Superman would never be able to carry Batman when he flies in the JLA. It’s encased in lead.

    • The fett

      He went to an Ivy Leauge school, I think Princeton.

    • Patrick

      Even Superman has admitted numerous times that Batman could beat him. Batman’s whole thing is being able to beat anybody. He already has precautions set in case he does have to fight Superman and let me tell you Superman is screwed. Batman is always prepared Superman doesn’t have a chance.

  • The Truth

    Why is there even a debate? They are so completely different you don’t have to play favorites.

  • Pennyworth

    Batman all the way!!

    • Celia

      Agreed. BATMAN BABY!

      • Turtle

        I agree Batman all the way

  • Bethann

    Team Superman. I’m sorry, but he can *shoot fire from his eyes*. That automatically trumps everything else! *g*

    • Dilz

      Cyclops can too and he sucks lol, Batman all the way. Too clever , Never gives up and dirty tactics will win,

      • Sinch

        Cyclops blasts are focused and are controlled by a visor. Superman can heat vision an entire football field like napalm. Just watch superman batman Apocalypse when he destroys all the Doomsday clones.

    • Tyler

      And batman has a suit that can resist extream heat

  • John

    Superman would beat Batman in a battle….but Batman would destroy Superman in a war.

    • Ragna

      Oooh, I like that sentiment.

      • jaburke

        Well played, but I think you have to had that Superman would never want to hurt The Batman, but The Batman would hurt Superman and in fact has dozens of plans in place to do so.


      That was literally the most dumbest thing ive heard….evar

    • phil

      great statement,brilliant

  • anonymous

    Batman is way better than Superman.

  • crispy

    Batman wins this easily. All he has to do is knock Superman off a horse.

    • Kevin

      That is wrong on so many levels… the worst offense being that it made me laugh out loud.

    • Ceballos

      You weren’t kidding – that’s f—ed up!

      (Almost as f—ed up as the fact that I laughed.)

      I think we have a new #1.

    • strawberry lumps

      debate’s over, crispy won.

    • Peter

      Ohhh, man. That is bad. And shame on me more for laughing.

      Yeah, no one can beat that.


      woah batman fan, you;ve proven your lameness

    • Jerry

      Total win. Game over man.

  • Snarf

    Batman/Bruce Wayne. He’s not a particularly pleasant character but he’s the guy you’d want to have your back (which is why DC keeps pairing him with Supes).

  • Rod Steel


  • Konfide-N-Me


    • chattypatra

      Hahaha! The thing is, she is Batman’s girlfriend in the Justice League animated films, so then Superman would get double tagged.

  • Kat

    Gambit! Oh, wait…

  • Kevin

    I look at it like this: Superman is Tom Brady; Batman is Ben Roethlisberger. Like Brady, Superman is a pretty-boy fancy lad with genuine superpowers… but there is an obvious weakness in each (Superman = kryptonite; Brady = the all-out blitz + a bum knee). Both are dull, whiny individuals that you wouldn’t want to know personally. Batman is like Roethlisberger: he’s scrappy, resourceful, takes HUGE risks but always seems to land on his feet. Neither have an exploitable weakness but both are deeply troubled, morally questionable, and prone to bad decisions. Despite their many flaws, Batman and Big Ben are easily the more interesting and the ones I would want on my side in a fight.

    • Sara

      Superman. Hands down. Though I do love Batman, Superman just trumps.

    • Ceballos

      So, if I’m following your comparison, when will women start accusing Batman of sexual assault?

      • strawberry lumps

        next tuesday, about 3:00… didn’t you get the memo?

      • Chadlious

        So, I work in a huge lobby for a retirement home, and I work nights. I’m pretty sure the echo from the explosive laughter that was caused by me reading your comment could be heard a few wings down.

    • jeff

      nice to see an nfl comment. I don’t agree 100% with it, but it was interesting

    • Bruce L

      Your argument kind of falls apart at the implication there are any less-than-flawless qualities whatsoever to Tom Brady, the Cadillac of men, the paragon of human achievement, the closest thing to a superhero we will likely ever have in real life.

      Also, Batman’s not a rapist.

  • N. Ominous

    Team Aquaman!

    • City Hunter

      Have Batman drop chicken of the Sea Aquaman in the middle of the Gobi Desert. Let him try his fishie mind control out there.

  • Peggy

    Batman is way cooler. But Superman would win in a fight. Thank goodness, they are friends.

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