'Eclipse' trailer is here: So is the new Victoria

The full trailer for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse has debuted online. Somehow, watching Jacob profess his love to Bella pales to seeing the leaping entrance of Bryce Dallas Howard as Victoria. (Perhaps because he’s got his shirt on.) Maybe it’s just the fact that her locks are more sleek and fiery than Rachelle Lefevre’s, but I already approve of Howard. She feels like a more worthy opponent for the more mature Edward (those new contacts are working), Jacob, and Bella.

What do you think? Do we need to start a Team Victoria? Is the darker tone of Eclipse playing like you thought it would?

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  • Jennifer

    I was pleased to see that some of the look and feel from the Twilight movie seems to have made a reappearance.

    • UGH

      How horrible. The acting is terrible. I can’t believe women fall for this garbage. Too bad it will make a truckload of money and we’ll be subjected to more of the same.

      • ^ ^ ^ ^

        I’m a woman and I have to agree. It’s pretty embarrassing.

      • Ambient Lite

        How in the world are you subjected to any of this?

      • :D

        You are right! It seems that these premature actors are using these films as a practicing project for High School. It is really sad to see that audiences are paying to see this awful acting work.

      • Insipid Americans

        More hollywood garbage from the country of junk!

      • Canada Rules!

        Sorry, the Chinese make your junk now. You just buy it with money they lend to you! Goodbye Dollars!!! RIP Corey Haim, your pure Canadian heart didn’t stand a chance in tinseltown.

      • syl

        Yes women fall for it…the same way men fall for that crap Transformers with that cow that can’t act Megan Fox. Did you ever think maybe we just like to look at sexy people too? who cares about the acting – look at Taylor’s abs!!!

      • Can’t Wait for June 30th!

        I hope they learned from New Moon (movie). It stayed really close to the book and I would love for this one to do the same! Looking forward to it!
        As for the negative replies here ….so, if you already think these movies are terrible and the acting is awful … why are you watching the trailer? I don’t watch trailers of movies I think will suck just so I can post that I think it will be a piece of junk. That’s a total waste of time and energy. Have you nothing better to do than spew your negativity? Well, I guess it’s good to know you won’t be there taking up limited theater space!

      • sam

        You are only subjected to it because you are looking for it. Why else would you choose to watch the clip and comment? If you dislike it so much, dont bother watching or commenting. Let those who are excited about it enjoy themselves.

      • ashley

        I know…it’s sad. Just pathetic. and the acting is AWFUL. and rob pattinson? so unattractive. it makes me sad how successful these films are. Bella is not a good role model for anyone.

      • UGH

        Women griping about negativity surrounding something like this are just proving the point about their stupidity. Syl’s comment sealed the deal.

      • jk queen

        JEALOUS MUCH??

      • UGH

        Jealous of what?
        Being completely inane and stupid?

      • Chris

        Ha ha ha ha.
        These women are so ridiculous.
        It’s like the dawning of the Boy Bands. Here today, gone tomorrow.

      • flower

        Who cares? It’s eye candy. It’s supposed to be ridiculous. I don’t watch it for the acting? Do you? Men have been watching stupid movies with stupid love interests (Transformers is a very good example). it’s our turn! Let us girls have fun too!

      • UGH

        Even Transformers is garbage.
        Isn’t the Lifetime movie channel and/or soap operas enough for you ladies?

      • Kfly

        If you don’t like Twilight or like hearing about it, don’t click on a link that says “Eclipse Trailier”

      • Ebonic Plague

        Since 3D broke out big recently, they should try to bring back another old gimmick for these women and have the tingler seats.

      • TR

        Wait a minute? Are you saying all we should be allowed have is Liftime movies? Why can’t we like a little bit of “action”? Why does it bother you so much? Its our opinion…WE go see it…we don’t ask anyone else to like it. Why is it wrong? So the acting sucks…OH WELL, WE ENJOY THE LITTLE TIME WE GET AWAY FROM OUR BUSY/HARD WORKING LIVES!!! You don’t have to see it…DONT open these links. You are so pathetic to come on here JUST to be negative.

      • UGH

        It’s called a reality check, honey.
        No wonder you probably don’t have a boyfriend or husband.

      • TR

        You are too funny because this is reality, I have a husband…SO DO MOST ADULT TWILIGHT FANS! It’s sad that you keep coming on here to argue. I’m here to stand up for what I like, you are here to be a child and argue with people…HMMM so sad

      • UGH

        If you cannot take negativity against something of interest to you, then you have no reason to read comments on the internet.

      • Chris

        You can tell these movies are garbage by how quickly they churn out sequel after sequel so quickly.

      • Karl

        “I promise to love you every moment forever”
        That’s pretty bad.

      • TR

        I can take nagativity…did you notice that I wasn’t sticking up for the movie… I was sticking up for the fans…for women which you have demeaned to Lifetime movies!! Say what you want about the movie I don’t care. But don’t talk about the poeple who watch them, because you don’t know them, you don’t know what these movies mean to them. I guess you wouldn’t understand. But yea I can take negative and criticism towards a movie, its your opinion and you have a right to it. What is bothersome is how you guys demean women who watch them, and THAT I can’t take.

      • Sally

        Chris (SO NOT ARGUING) the sequels HAVE to be done fast because the vampires can’t age the way REAL humans do. just an fyi

      • UGH

        My Lifetime comment was a failed attempt at humor, TR. My bad.

      • Chris

        @ Sally.
        That’s sad.
        At least the producers of LOST didn’t rush the production of their show to catch up with the kid who played Walt aging.

      • Pissed off Girl

        if u dont like the f***ing movies or books, then shut up. this is comeing from a grown adult rather than a small child like you

      • UGH

        ha ha!
        Quit embarrassing your gender!

      • Debbie

        You don’t have to watch any of it but why would you deny it to those that do love it? That seems kind of selfish.

      • Mox

        How quickly they make a film has nothing to do with the quality. All three of the Lord of the Rings movies were made consecutively. If a studio has the budget to do it, it makes a better sequel, generally because it easier to have chemistry and continuity. Once again I find myself wondering why I am reading these comments because there is alway someone who isn’t fully informed that says something just to be a jerk, then the rest is arguing back and forth about ethics and attitudes than what anyone thinks about a story. If you don’t like it go away. But since you won’t, I’ve said my 2-cents and I’ll go away.

      • @Mox

        All three LOTR as well as the Pirates of the Caribbean films were shot at the same time. Continuous filming. Hardly any breaks. They were not making one film and then stopping for a film months (changing directors) and then making another one. I agree with you though, the quality has nothing to do with how fast the film is made. There are TONS of brilliant Indie films that only took 4 weeks to shoot. The quality in the twilight films is bad because Summit knows that the fans will go see it regardless. They don’t even have to try to make them good. The first two films were terrible, but the twilight fans rave about how they’re the best movies ever made.

      • Nicole

        Dear UGH,
        Misoginists are a dime a dozen out there. Please be a little more original.

      • hooiskellie

        LOL syl!!! that’s awesome. seriously, i just laughed so hard that i cried. especially at the megan fox is a cow part. i think you’ve made a great point. no one really cares if people go see stupid movies full of beautiful women. however, i actually do love these books and movies. i don’t think the acting is bad. and having something beautiful to look at the whole time only makes the movies that much better.

      • hooiskellie

        aww karl, don’t make fun of the “promise to love you every moment of forever” part! in the book, he says that to her when he is proposing. and that is one time in life when people get a free pass to say corny stuff like that.

      • In-Agreement

        Hey if you don’t like it then don’t watch it!!!!

      • karen

        So why did you watch the trailer?

      • vampcat

        hey chris!!! pay attentiion!!! while the producers are filming the main movie, they film the sequal at the same flippin time!!!

      • keaira

        i think you are rong twilight is a great movie i dont know eneone that dose not want to see it

    • steph

      TR I agree just becuse she cant find a romance that can open her mind to such love and passion,I am married also. Maybe she should spend less time on the internet an more time with people!!!!!

      • birdy

        but seriously.. all this criticism from men calling US stupid when all they do is watch porn with bad acting in it EVERY DAY. now THAT is pathetic. i will never, ever feel bad being called dumb for liking twilight by men whose most important things in life are sports and porn. talk about idiots. talk about stupid. yeah… go waste god’s time praying your team will win, crush a beer on your forehead, and whack off to girls gone wild. i will not be insulted by neaderthals.

    • Amused

      I haven’t seen the trailer, because I don’t care. But one thing that I find funny about the comments associated with anything twilight related is that the majority of them are negative. I just find that funny, considering it’s suppose to be so popular. A LOT of people HATE it. Lmfao.

      • Amy

        But don’t you think that whenever there is an astonishingly popular series and/or movies that there is almost always a boat load of negativity that walks along right beside it? It appears that way to me. And I don’t think it’s too funny, I just think it’s a shame. The series is wonderful, and the movies have been pretty decent as far as books-gone-movies are concerned. I understand that it seems childish to some that a lot of woman enjoy this series, but I think that mostly has to do with the majority of it’s young audience. The more negativity something gets, the more popular it is. People just can’t seem to agree to disagree, and this thread is my case in point.

    • HallieS

      to :D —– How exactly are they premature? That makes no sense. There are only three or four actors in the movie under the age of twenty. So I’m confused by your commment.

      • @Hallie S

        Premature is not the same thing as immature. It has nothing to with their age.
        They’re premature, because most of them have no real experience. With the exception of Dakota Fanning, all of them are pretty one-dimensional. They have no range and therefore no talent. All of their performances come off bland, emotionless, and fake. Terrible acting.

    • KatyCharles

      Boys and Bella aside,


      I’m so very enamored by her. And this is my favorite book in the series. (no worries, I’m not a super fan, haters) After the trailer, I’m really looking forward to what they’re going to do with it.

    • D

      WOW HATERS!!! It is just a movie. Stop making such a big deal about a love story. Don’t forget this is entertainment. There are many people that have connected with these characters. There are a lot of films that become cult favorite were the acting is viewed by many to be awful. (I will not name these films) I think you are kidding yourself if you think that every film you really enjoy is oscar worthy. I think all the haters need to take a strong look at the list of film they really like and realize that sometimes you just connect with a film regardless of the fact that it is not the best thing ever. Not every film is Citizen Kane. Relax and stop pooping on my parade. I like these films and i am OK with that. I do not need to defend them. I am not blind to their pits falls, but I don’t think it ruins them or makes me deficient in anyway. As for Louis I think “Thou doth protest to much.” . . . You might be a closeted Twihard.

      • In-Agreement

        Finally someone whos’s not a hater!!!!!
        Thanks-you said it so perfectly-couldn’t have said it better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • vampcat

        i’m not a hater… i love the saga!!! call me obsessed but i’ve read the saga 6th times!!! (going on my 7th)

  • justicesview

    I miss Rachelle….But what a awesome trailer…i’m excited. how long to June 30th????

    • philboy

      I agree, she doesn’t look menacing like Rachelle.

      • Lily

        Team Rachelle. She rocked as Victoria. Is Victoria still i my mind.

      • Kat

        Agree. Rachelle was amazing. Beautiful and menacing. She scared me! Why they replaced her I’ll never understand. She’ll always be Victoria to me.

      • JZ

        You saw her for, what, a second?

        You guys know nothing of her yet!

      • Duh

        They replaced her because she decided to break her contract.

      • veca32

        i want to see this movie bad!!!! i read the books and i wanna see how different the movie gonna be.

      • Amy

        I completely agree. I am terribly disappointed that they could not wait a merer (what was it 12 days or something? 15 days?) for her to resume filming with Summit. It’s a sacrifice really, for the movie. This new “Victoria” is not anywhere near her prior, as far as visual standards go at least. We have yet to see her speak or act, so I will wait, but as far as how she looks in comparison to the other one, not even close. Far too innocent. Only her voice was supposed to sound young and innocent. She doesn’t look nearly vicious enough. Oh well. What can we do, right?

    • syl

      Bryce will never live up to Rachelle!

      • Keri

        I thought that was Tori Amos for a second there.

      • TR

        Nope… Rachelle had that evil seeping out with just her glare! Bryce looks to nice.

      • Anne

        Well maybe Rachelle shouldn’t have been stupid and taken a part that would conflict with filming. It’s her own fault she got fired and I don’t blame them for replacing her.

      • JZ

        If U remember, Victoria was supposed to look ‘nice.’ That was what was so shocking.

      • Liz

        I agree with this post totally! She will never! ever take Rachelle’s place! but you never know she MIGHT pull the part off! :s

    • birdy

      the perfect ringlet wig is cute in a juvenile way like shirley temple’s hair.. not fiery and wild the way it would look if she’d been running on vampire speeds and jumping in and out of water the way rachelle’s did.. the wig is all wrong. bryce as victoria looks ridiculous.. especially in that wig.

      • birdy

        victoria didn’t look “nice”. she looked wild.

      • Amy

        @ JZ – No she wasn’t. She was supposed to look fierce and fire-esque and cat-like. Her VOICE was supposed to sound nice, like blond curls and bubble gum.

  • Dennang

    I’m always on Team Bryce, so I kinda have to be on Team Victoria 2.0.

    • suzyquzy

      I agree she fits more to the
      discription in the book by Bella
      on seeing and hearing Victoria talk to Riley..baby voice.

  • Sarah

    That preview looks pretty good. I wonder if the one before “Remember Me” will be longer?

  • Heather2

    I like it, I don’t love it. I guess they are waiting to show the really good stuff for later on. I like it more then I thought I would after seeing the teaser yesterday, but I am not jumping out of my seat.

    • Alichat

      Yeah Heather2, I’m with you. I guess I expected more action, and less romantic triangle. And I find it funny that they have Bryce as Victoria flying through the air in this trailer, just as they had Rachelle as Victoria flying through the air in the NM trailer. And I disagree with you Mandi on Bryce’s hair. Her’s is a wig, Rachelle’s was natural…and I liked the NM hair better. The longer, natural hair was much more fitting for Victoria’s fiery, windswept, vengeful vampire…in my opinion.

      On the positives, I like the look so far. I was concerned because some released shots from Slade looked a little…um…oily. And I like the inclusion of the Volturi in the trailer.

      • Ambient Lite

        I think it would be difficult to show much action without giving too much away.
        I too think Rachelle did it better.

      • crispy

        The Volturi are my favorite thing about this series, but that scene did not look good to me. Everyone is standing around stiff as board … the mannequins in an Old Navy commercial have more charisma. Jane says “The Volturi don’t give second chances” like she’s reading from a Chinese takeout menu.

      • Valley Girl

        Alichat – agree with you re: Victoria. I liked Rachelle’s hair better than what Bryce’s.

      • Heather2

        Rachelle was definitely better. But I am biased, I have never been a fan of BDH.

      • Teresa77

        First of all it’s a movie, it’s entertaining. There are other trailers besides this one around. And the movie does have action in it. Intense of what I saw on other trailers for eclipse. I am ready to see this movie.

      • angel5

        i like it this way i know there are going to have lot more action in the movie they just dont want to give it all away like they did newmoon and you know the reason for victoria running is because emmet and the wolves wer chasing after are .which cause o fight or argument between emmet and the wovles causing victoria to escape again

      • @crispy

        Your mention of “Chinese takeout…” made me hungry.

    • TheObserver

      Agreed. I hope They allowed slade to put his stamp on the more confrontational scenes, such as the actual vampire battle and the tent scene…when they mentioned slade was directing I immediately thought of the tent scene and of Slades movie ‘Hard Candy’. If you haven’t seen this movie I highly recommend you do so. Immediately!

      • Heather2

        Hard Candy, brilliance. Love that film. I am just not in the right frame of mind to think about this logically right now. I have Remember Me and The Runaways on the brain. But yeah, it’s just ok. I am sick of the teenage/love triangle angst thing they have going on. Eclipse was a fun book. It was comical and had uplifting romantic parts. I feel like it is all woe is me the entire trailer.

      • TheObserver

        I wonder if anyone else, like me, feels like the fourth installment, ‘Breaking Dawn’ is what largely cotributes to the ire that so many people seem to draw from Twilight. I am totally open to a fifth book correcting this.

        P.S….some amazng fan ficiton out there

    • lynn

      what if that was “the good stuff”?

    • Ashley G.

      I really liked that they didn’t show a lot of the great scenes from the book. I think sometimes movie trailers give away too much of a movie. It will be nice to get a look at the tent scene and the newborns when we actually see the movie for the first time. Also, I thought the music was hauntingly beautiful. Even if you do not like the twilight franchise you will have to admit the scores are always beautiful.

      • Kate

        I agree the scores are good. Frankly when you look at the crew and cast list, the composers stick out like sore thumbs (because most of them are used to scoring better material).

    • Kelsey

      Agreed. Technically it was fine. It LOOKED polished and the score was good. The acting still seems wooden and awful but I guess that’s just how it’s going to be.
      My biggest beef is, there’s nothing in it that is uniquely Eclipse-like. No serious action, only Victoria, no other newborn vamps. It’s like they picked the most monotonous footage they had and used it.
      Also, there was NOTHING in that trailer that couldn’t have been released two or three months ago. If you’re going to wait that long to release a trailer, it had better be a GOOD damn trailer.

      • Liz

        I totally agree! I feel like you could have shown that to me as the trailer before New Moon and it would have fit just as well. But yes, the score is great.

      • HallieS

        Yes there is more action in the books, but I think with this trailer they were trying to bring across the emotional turmoil that’s present throughout eclipse. And I honestly wish that in the first New Moon trrailer they hadn’t shown Jacob shifting. I would have loved for the first time I saw that to be on the big screen. You don’t wanna show the entire movie in the first trailer, they’re supposed to make you wanna see the movie to see what happens.

      • Amy

        I couldn’t have said it better myself, Hallie S. You are exactly right about that. I was sitting here, stewing about what I did not like about this particular trailer, and I just couldn’t quite figure out what was making me so frustrated. But there you have it! It is just like they look out a bunch of clips from the other two movies and called it a trailer. It certainly did not show anything Eclipse related! I just hope it was because of their time crunch and that the next, more full, trailer will be better. Hopefully this was just your average teaser trailer.

      • Casi

        Because that wasn’t a real trailer.. It is a “teaser” trailer. Designed to get you talking and make you want to see the full trailer. Oh and it is conveniently timed with the release of the New Moon DVD release. Which does have alot of Eclipse behind the scene footage!!!

  • Ambient Lite

    So hoping my beloved Eclipse is just as excellent as in this clip – it’s SUPPOSED to be dark, I am relieved that it doesn’t appear to be tweened into submission.
    SO. SUPER. EXCITED. 110 days to go…

    • ash

      Ur mistaken if you think it won’t be tweened. The tweens are the reason that the books and movies have made billions. No way is Summit gonna risk losing that demographic.

      • Ambient Lite

        That demographic is only responsible for HALF of their success.

      • @ash

        98% of twilight fans are 10-16 year old girls.

      • Amy

        I would say half are tweens. The other half are a mish-mosh of woman (and yes, some men) 18 years and older. Truly, the tweens make the most noise and make the movie into a household name, but as far as the actual percentage of fans, I believe it is a fairly even divide.

      • Casi

        Hmmm.. I’m not a tween and I’ve bought all four booke, TWilight, and New Moon DVD, and watched it theatres.

    • Kate

      Well, before you breathe a sigh of relief about tweening, just remember that they changed editors for a reason, and that this trailer was likely cut BEFORE the editor switch.

      • Amy

        I did not know that. Very interesting. I hope that is the case.

    • birdy

      the movies won’t get superdark not because of the fans.. stephenie meyer will not allow her books to be turned into movies with ratings above pg13 as she doesn’t watch R movies herself. frankly, im happy this franchise doesn’t have to be graphic. we love them just the way they are. we’re sick of the other trash that’s been out there in the movie theaters. i’m tired of all the soft porn, stuff exploding, and graphic violence. twilight series has some without being gross. i’m 31 and married. when i saw these at the movies, half the audience was women well into their 20’s and early 30’s.

      • Houstonlyn

        I agree with your comments. These books were written for young adults and as such meet their goal. You would think that Hollywood would learn from their success as well as Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Disney, and Harry Potter that the paying public want movies that they can enjoy as a family. The writers, actors, directors, and producers laugh all the way to the bank. People who act too superior to enjoy these movies need to stay home and watch their “real” depressing movies. I believe that movies should be for enjoyment and escapism not to make you so depressed that you want to kill someone.

  • Bella

    OMG!!! <3<3<3

  • Mary Q. Contrary

    It definitely looks better than the other two, which were trash. I mean, the source material isn’t the best, either, but they really kind of dropped the ball both times. And I must have been the only person who was glad when they replaced LeFevre with Bryce Dallas Howard. I adore her, and she looks like a bad ass. And the darker they make these, the better. It’ll counterbalance the cheese factor.

  • Louise

    Once again, Robert Pattinson looks like a powdered doughnut.

    • Louis

      Once again, Kristen Stewart looks like a stoned mannequin.

      • Lou

        Once again, women moviegoers look like complete idiots for buying into this garbage.

      • Madd

        I completely agree, even though you posted under three different names.

      • Lo

        Actually, only the last two.

      • klv

        it’s cause she’s wearing a wig…her hair was black for the filming of the runaways

      • L

        A big wig is no excuse for terrible acting.

      • ^

        I meant BAD wig.

      • ME

        I agree with all of the above:
        bad acting
        terrible wig
        Stone Mannequin
        Powered doughnut
        Shirtless Butterface

      • UGH

        Lol @ shirtless butterface

      • birdy

        once again, louis’s date canceled on him because she’d prefer to watch twilight. once again, louis had a date with his hand and is mad.

      • @birdy

        So, is Louis male or female in your attempt at comedy?

    • dizzy

      Sadly, that poor guy, Rob, tends to look constipated in these movies. I guess he’s trying to look angry and intense, but it isn’t working.

  • Twilightie

    loved the trailer, which it was longer … actually i wish the movie was out already but i know that cant happen so ill wait until june 30th for it… but as for the new victoria… i dont like it..and i know its not her fault that about this whole thing…i loved the shot of “victoria” jumping it was bad ass but when they did a face shot of her.. i kept picture Rachelle Lefevre… i dont think im going to be able to accept Bryce chick the one that will always be Victoria in my book is Rachelle Lefevre .. but aside from that i loved a few lines from the trailer already :) jakes line ill keep fighting until your heart stops beating… and edward saying he will love bella for every moment of forever :)

    • Ambient Lite

      Bryce DOES seem to be a much better jumper than Rachelle. heh

      • Minnie

        Nope. Love Rachelle. Remember how cool she was in TWILIGHT? She’s the best Victoria, no matter what.

      • Morgaine

        This is why Rachelle rocked the Victoria character. Rachelle’s face is really very Boticelli-daVinci-cherubic, with an innocense that is quite bequiling. This shows exactly what Edward explained to Bella about vampires: they are made to draw victims in. When Rachelle’s Victoria goes from placid, cherubic, innocense to rock-and-role uber-violent-vampire, she does it in a split-second, and it is shocking. It actually scared the bejesus out of me the first time I saw it. You realize that a victim would have no chance with her.

        Howard doesn’t have that range in the Victoria character. Also, from the trailer, the way thick gray streaks of “accenting” on her face are awful. It’s like an actor playing MacBeth on stage, the kind of makeup they wear so that people WAAAAY in the back can get the effect. I also think Howard’s “look” is like something from a 1960s TV show like the Big Valley. It’s retro, but not in a good way.

  • Jp

    I was happy with the tailer, it looks like David did a good job with the film. I hope the trailers get better though and show more than the Bella/Edward/Jacob romance. I did not think that Bryce looked better than Rachelle, but we only got a glimpse. I wasnt happy with the replacement two movies in, but it will be interesting to see how she does in the movie.

    • MooMo

      I totally agree. I was soo pissed when they changed from Rachelle to Bryce. I don’t like her already in this trailer. BTW, women fall for the story b/c it’s hot and romantic. Plus, the New Moon trailer seemed more exciting than this. Which is strange b/c New Moon is more of a depressing book than Eclipse is. But, I’m excited none the less!!!! =]

    • Melissa

      I too hope that the next trailer shows more with Victoria and less about the love triangle.

  • Scott

    Bryce is super hot. Not a fan of the Twilight movies at all but maybe I’ll actually see this one at some point for her.

  • Elizabeth

    Cool beans… I guess my only critique is the same one I had with New Moon: the Cullens are a little too pasty/golden eyed then they were in Twilight. I could buy that no one had an inkling that something was up, but whatever.
    I may have to start re-reading this one sooner than I had planned.

  • star

    I approve of the new Victoria. She has the look and its not as odd it seems to have a change after 2 movies. The trailer did exactly what it needed to do stirred excitement and makes me eager for the next 111 days to fly by to see how they edited my favorite book in the series into a movie.

  • kittymiriam

    heyy i saw ittt

    • vampcat

      did u like it?

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