'American Idol' names its season 9 Top 12: Did voters get it right?*

Aaaaand we’re on to the finals! After tens of thousands of auditioners, 20 individual episodes, and a glory note from Jermayyy-eee-aay-eee-aay-eee-uhh-nnn-uh Sellers that lasted the entire month of February, American Idol‘s troubling ninth season is down to its Top 12 finalists. Tonight’s utterly horrific action-packed results show brought us a jaunty duet from dueling pianists Scott MacIntyre and #SignMattGiraud, a brutal rendition of Michael Buble’s “Haven’t Met You Yet” sung by 16 Pentium processors (and mouthed by the remaining season 9 semifinalists), and four eliminations that ranged from deeply infuriating to moderately infuriating. [WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD, west-coast readers!] Getting struck by the dull, painful blade of the pre-Top 12 axe tonight were Katelyn Epperly, Lilly Scott, Todrick Hall, and Alex Lambert.

Yes, I will pause so you can process the ridiculousness of that last sentence. And no need to go to your calendar, because we’re still a couple weeks away from April 1. Bottom line: America would prefer another week of Michael Jackson-inspired tremblewarbling** from Paige Miles than to get an outside chance of hearing another “Scientist”-esque performance from Katelyn. And apparently, the Idoloonie nation would prefer to spend its next 11 Tuesdays watching robot-child recitals over authentic acoustic-jazz delights. (Don’t even get me started on Aaron “destined for ninth place” Kelly over Alex “coulda been a contendah!” Lambert. This nonsense is Rated I…for I cahhhn’t!)

With those ousters completed, the six men and six women who’ll be tackling the Rolling Stones songbook next Tuesday night will be (not in order of current Slezak-based favoritism): Crystal Bowersox, Siobhan Magnus, Didi Benami, Lee Dewyze, Michael Lynche, Casey James, Andrew Garcia, Lacey Brown, Tim Urban, Aaron Kelly, Paige Miles, and Katie Stevens.

Anyhow, while I get started on my 2,500-word therapy journal full TV Watch recap (UPDATE: Click over now to read Michael Slezak’s full American Idol season 9 top 12 recap), why don’t y’all head on down to the comments and post your own strongly worded theories about how our nation just messed up its last chance at saving season 9. When you’re done, press play below to view our latest episode of Idolatry (featuring my awesome cohost Jessica Shaw), then sign up to follow me on Twitter @EWMichaelSlezak! (Related: ‘American Idol’ Top 8 Ladies recap: Octo Fuss; ‘American Idol’ Top 8 Men recap: Dudes, Where’s My Star?)

*To answer the question in the headline, that’d be “frak no.”
**New word alert!

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  • ericalina

    as beyonce would say, “this is a disastuh.”

    • April

      except it’s a disastuh BECAUSE she left her phone at home instead of voting for alex and lilly! … womp womp.

      • Amanda

        Yeah it’s a shame they were sent home. I’m pulling for Big Mike to go to the final show.

      • mike

        these two responses need to go into some kind of blog-comment hall of fame.

      • Steph

        Well, at least we can see Alex, Lily, and Katelyn on X-Factor next year (and Matt Giraud, if he doesn’t get signed by then!!!) LOL

      • LOL

        Fairway Frank craps on Idol!

      • Lance

        If everyone keeps voting like this you’ll get a Tim-Katie-Aaron finale! Oh the horror!

      • Namanh Hoang

        I think if next week we hear Andrew does another acoustic rendition of something (probably a song originally sung by a girl) American will know they’ve made a grave mistake, lets hope he surprises us.

        OMG what a travesty!!! Alex Lambert really had the most unique voice with real potential. An Lilly who came as a surprise to everyone. I can’t believe it but I think it wasn’t a surprise to me. He had some of the lowest online fan base which goes to show why people who lets be honest don’t still belong there like Tim Urban and sadly also Andrew Garcia who have a ridiculously huge fan base. Same with Lily who just didn’t have much of an online presence.

        Goes to show people should have been more active in spreading the world online to support their favorites. No one to blame but yourselves. Studies done by Baduku show that Baduku and Twitter fan base have been the most accurate when it comes to defining the top 12. http://www.baduku.com/americanidol9

      • Reality Tv

        Kris Allen would say, “Is It Over?”

        God, I miss Kris very much.
        Always enjoy your writing, Michael.

      • lori

        Mike, over the top, corny, i think i’m better then everyone Mike? EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW and NOOOOOOOOO. Sad , sad season.

      • Brianna

        Siobhan and Katie are my favorites. They are so much fun!!!!!! I am so happy that Katie got another chance. The judges really screwed with her head. They told her to pick a song using her age. That’s one of the worst advice suggestions that I have ever heard in my entire life. Its there fault that she screwed up during performances. Its like the judges want her to be Hannah Montana. Katie needs to rebel and follow her heart more on her next performance, instead of worrying too much about pleasing the judges. Remember Katie’s audition. That was so nice. Katie has a strong dark voice, I love it. Siobhan brings so many wonderful emotions, she is so awesome and fun. She has a wonderful and lovely voice!!!:)

    • HushCats


      • Kim from Texas

        While Lilly is very talented, she sang the most annoying song ever. Ryan Seacrest pointed this out to her and she denied that her song choice was instrumental in her being voted out. I am glad she is gone because she may have successfully found the second most annoying song to sing.

      • YB

        I have to agree with Kim from Texas. I like Lilly, but it was hard, very hard to listen to her this week and a few weeks back. No matter how talented someone is, you have to want to listen to them.

      • Sarah B.

        WOW!!! whatta hell happened?? WHY AMERICA WHYYYY??
        Seriously Paige, Lacey, Tim, Aaron should’ve been the ones to go..
        My favorites now are Lee, Siobhan, and Andrew. The thing about Andrew is that he is choosing the wrong song over and over. However if you seriously think about it he has a very interesting and beautiful voice, i’d buy his album for sure! Singing other people’s songs is not working out for him, but if he has his own i’m sure he’ll be GREAT!!
        Crystal..i like her, i just don’t like all that fuzz that’s why she’s not my favorite. Didi..how will she sing a Rolling Stones song?

      • meetpetlovers

        I love paula – meetpetlovers

    • Tim

      Yeah, “Worst Season Ever”. Has to be said.

      I like Crystal but she’s about the only one left to care about. Everyone else is too raw. No “Star power” yet.

      Lee D is nice but just isn’t Daughtry or Cook. Aaron is no Archie.

      I liked Alex a lot, not yet even a Kris Allen but he had potential. Todrick wasn’t Adam Lambert but he was interesting.

      instead we have Gokey-esque Anthony to rub. Eek.

      • Brett

        Crystal is the only one left that I can stomach. Alex was the only guy worth listening to. Good thing I have a DVR. I’ll listen to C and delete the rest.

      • JJ

        Anthony??? Who’s that??? And there’s no one who can sing half as good as Gokey on this year.

      • TylerSG

        I agree. What a snooze. It would be midly bearable to have an all-ladies top 3: Crystal, Didi and Siobhan. In fact, why don’t we just have these 3 ladies sing 3 songs every week until the Finale?

      • Deanna

        WTF AMERICA!!!!!! Are you all nuts?? Alex was the only guy left worth listening too and then to vote Katie over Lilly, that was just BS! I think we should just cut to the chase and make Crystal Bowersox the next American Idol, since she’s the only one left with any REAL talent!!!!

      • JBD

        This is HORRIBLE! ALEX and LILY were ten times better singers than Katie or Aaron or even Paige. This is nuts and makes me have little hope for the show. I swear, my favorite hasn’t gone home this early since Josiah Leming.

      • Josie

        okay seriously they should’ve just gotten rid of crystal and siobhan as well so I wouldn’t feel obliged to watch anymore! I miss Alex already! Ugh I’ve never gotten so worked up over AI before but I am f-ing livid right now. I DEMAND A REVOTE!

      • Allie

        kris and alex aren’t even the same type of performers tim. they’re both very different. and todrick isn’t like adam lambert at all. i just have to say that lilly go robbed!! so did alex!

      • Hannah86

        yup. I’m done with Idol this season. Mullet boy Alex was my favourite. I like Crystal but I’m going to just youtube her performances the next day. I didn’t like Lily or Toddrick, but I can admit that they’re much better than Katie and Aaron. Those two should hop into a time machine with their cheesy singing and tryout for Idol’s first few seasons. I wish I could have voted. REVOTE!

      • JBD


      • harley quinn

        Lilly? LILLY? Are you insane, America? And Alex? I’m with Brett. Give me Bowersox, or give me the remote. I’m so not watching live for one person. This season is teh suck.

      • Jan Gowan

        I’m really disappointed that Lily and Alex were eliminated…my favorite girls are Crystal, Lily, and Lacey…each one has a very unique style….but, alas no more Lily. As for the guys, my faves are Mike Lynche, Casey James, Aaron, and Alex..no more Alex…I’ve been a fan of AI from the start….hope this year gets better!

      • Sara

        Katie Stevens and Aron Kelly sing the Rolling Stones. My PVR just threw up at the thought. American Idol is now deleted from my PVR. buh bye Idol, it’s over.

      • mike

        The talent this season isn’t great, but, seriously, Seasons 1 and 6 were worse.

      • georgiapeaches

        this season sucks right now. I’m done. I’ll just read about the winner. The same crap happened to Michael John. The producers know they want Crystal to win so they get rid of any competition.

      • Lance

        Crystal should always get the first or the last slot so that I’ll know exactly where to find her. The only person I could look forward to although Siobhan’s pretty and she can sing, oh but the rest meh

      • wbtym

        I don’t think Bowersox wants to be there anymore. Obviously I have no insider information, but she doesn’t look happy. And I think she’s very talented which is why I’m not voting for her. I don’t want her to wind up in that awful AI contract. I hope she actually gets voted off before she’s forced to tour with those horrible people. I know this will not happen.

      • Kim from Texas

        I cannot believe that Alex is gone. He had the most distinctive voice ever. However, you really have to agree that he sings like a cartoon character or a person that has been breathing helium. He appeals to the same people that love the Chipmunks which includes myself.

      • flower

        Are you sure this was not rigged to make sure there are teenagers in this mix? The only male contestant I would want to listen to is gone. And Katie over Lily? You want to go to Katie’s concert and buy her album? Really? I think Lily said what I was thinking, “I don’t know what America wants to LISTEN to”. You want to listen to Tim, Aaron, and Katie!? Really?

      • KRibbons

        We just have to all come to terms with the fact that we’ll be watching Idol to see how bad the contestants s uck. At least if we watch it ironically we won’t get emotionally invested

      • Rebbeca

        yeah, I’m upset Alex got eliminated, but I only blame myself for not voting, was too busy to vote on Wed….he had the most unique sound of all of them..what a bummer!

      • Preston

        I skipped seeing the top 8 men sing on Wednesday. Just passed on them. They are nowhere as good as the girls this year. And nowhere as close as Crystal Bowersox.

      • Barbara

        Lee is a great singer his performance on 03/16/10 was great

      • Dee B

        I don’t see Lee as a contender, as noted, he is no David Cook. Big Mike, Crystal, Siobhan, maybe Didi in the last weeks…anything else is a mystery. Have no idea why Paige is there…think back to the season of Fantasia…she would not have made the top 50.

    • Stephanie

      Such bad choices toinght… I guess I can stop watching until the last few weeks so I see Crystal, Lee, and Siobhan fight it out for first.

      • Hannah

        IF they even make that far! I’m having my serious doubts about America’s taste right about now.

      • Heidi

        I still remember Katie’s audition solo and Hollywood singing and she is GOOD. She’s just young and confused about what the judges want. I think she still has some great performances ahead of her.

        That said I was shocked that Paige or even Lacey made it over Lily. Lacey did great last night but the other two performances were not in tune. I would say that Katie has always been in good tone and pitch, just choosing the wrong songs. I wish that the judges could help the young ones and confused ones actually choose the songs that suit their voice.

        Lily and Katelyn both did very boring performances last night. They did play it safe and seemed like they didn’t want to fight to get in there. Maybe a bit like they were entitled to be there and Paige and Katie just seemed to want it so bad. I think that’s what happened.

        As for the guys, I understand Aaron Kelley – he had two good performances – But Tim should have been out over Alex FOR SURE.

      • ryann

        yup i agree. alex and katelyn shouldn’t have been voted out. now i’ll just listen to 3 girls. crystal, didi and siobhan.

      • YB

        But Stephanie, we’re not voting people out, we’re voting for the people we like. The ones that were cut, just didn’t get enough votes. No intended hatred; just not enough love.

      • April C

        ANd I hate that Simon, who CLEARLY knew the results, made a giant butt of himself by saying that Paige had more potential! Buh bye judge credibility! Why do they INSIST on asking the judges crap on results night?

      • To Heidi

        Katie has never, not once, been GOOD. Unless you like robot pageant singing with no artistry. And Aaron is even worse, with his weird diva hand and poor man’s Clay Aiken routine.

      • A Woolsey

        Yes, I think that should be the top three as well.

      • Tony

        And big mike. Duh.

      • ali

        TOTALLY!!! i’m most sad over alex’s ouster. granted his stage presence wasn’t great, his voice was the best, imo, of all the guys. i actually screamed at the tv…

    • darclyte

      Completely and utterly. Paige & Katie over Lilly & Katelyn? Seriously? Todrick was correct, and Alex is an ok choice as his stage fright was hard to watch, but I’d have rather seen more of him than Aaron. If there’s any justice in AI, Paige & either Katie, Tim or Aaron will be the first 2 to go and miss the tour. But that STILL means that 2 of those 4 WILL make the tour over Lilly and Katelyn. Ugh.

      • Tay

        Todrick was 10 times better than Tim OR Aaron! Hell no. None of the ones who were cut this week should have been cut. Out should have gone Paige, Katie, Tim, and Aaron. That they’re in the top 12 is a freakin tragedy.

      • Andre

        Gotta agree here……Todrick should have stayed. He finally gets it RIGHT and is eliminated?? Paige (as much as I LOVE her) should have definitely been gone…..She has been nothing short of horrible since the top 24…Hope the last three is Crystal (lock), Siobhan and Michael. But I doubt it…They need to have the judges have some say over who stays. Should’ve done what they did last year….One save….

      • I hate Todrick

        Todrick is an abomination of a person. Let’s not kid ourselves about AI being 100% singing competition. It’s obvious this is more of a personality contest and Todrick is disgusting for how he scammed all those kids on his Oz musical production. Glad he’s gone.

    • Mc Prophet

      The faces on the judges, the contestants, and the audience said it all. Everyone KNEW these results were wrong. Paige and Katie benefitted from the Minority and Tween votes respectively, the same for Aaron and Tim who only coasted through because JoBro fans need some eye-candy this season. This season is a total bomb.

      • Cammase

        unm NO! Paige DID NOT benefit from minority votes…being black does not give her a pass…she can NOT sing.

      • Chad

        Hold on MC “Racist”..The “minority” vote went to Paige??? If that is the case then why did Todrick and Jermaine both kiss the Idol stage goodbye?? Thanks for foolishly making the racist implication that ALL minorities robotically think and act the same you twit!

      • Mc Prophet

        1) It’s not racism, but an observation. 2) You can’t put Jermaine “I know God” Sellers was universally loathed by all races, and 3) Think about it. The producers were not gonna have an all-white, young 20’s Top 6 which is what it would have been if Katelyn and Lilly made it.

      • John

        MC I completely agree. This would have been the first year without a black diva in the top 12 and they were not going to let that happen. It’s not racist, it’s a fact.

      • Trykeshia

        haha….uhm…I don’t think black folks were voting for Paige…we all know she’s not good…I think both Paige and Katie got the young votes while better artist were also…the older artist…Now I’m done with the show….only Idolatry for me…and reading these posts of course

      • DiMi

        MC Racist, You just hate black women.

        The voters have sent almost all of the non-white contestants home so your argument makes no sense. The majority of mediocre singers who stayed are WHITE. Think about it before you keep spouting racist nonsense.

      • Wisconsin Kevin

        MC- I agree with your comments about there being no way all 6 women who advanced being white. After Paige bombed last night I thought to myself that it would be an all-white final 6 women- then I told a friend “nah, the producers won’t let that happen” I was right ! I would have liked to see Katie , Paige, Todrick and Tim Urban go home.

      • Tay

        Believe me, my friends and I (who voted) did NOT vote for page. People want to be represented by talent, not by people who warble and use MJ as an excuse.

      • You’re welcome

        VFTW victory.

      • Lyssa

        I was walking with a co-worker the other night and she said she voted a lot for Paige the night before because she was the only black girl left. I countered with, “But she was awful.” The co-worker agreed, but still said she had to vote for the last black girl left so that she could feel represented. Not everyone thinks that way, but it does happen.

        I just want to know how the two worst vocals of the week (Paige and Aaron) made it through.

      • Chad

        Thank you MC for “clarifying” your previously racist statement! Your response to me was that the “Producers” put Paige through. though your orginal post implied that all black folks in America voted for her to feel represented. Thanks for writing a less racist clarification.

      • Independent

        McProphet, your comments about minorities voting for Paige are outrageous. Just plain stupid.

      • K.K.KASEY


      • Alissa

        they should make voting 18yrs and over only and 1 vole per phone. Damn you teens! Ruining the music business with more JoeBro clones, DAMN YOUUUUUU!

    • Sara

      That sound you hear is American Idol officially DONE. Good night kids, it’s been a blast but it is now nothing more than a pitiful heap of limp insipid off-key drek (other than Crystal who will most likely be sent packing next week because she can actually sing and is therefore not what America is interested in voting for)

      • Dee

        Elvis has left the building … shaking his head. The fat lady sang … and she was a bit pitchy dawg.

      • EWsMom

        Yet you’ll still be watching next week…

      • TLC in Texas

        Nope…just deleted AI off my DVR. I can’t believe they booted Alex & Lily. I’m EMBARRASSED for America’s ignorance & lack of taste.

      • Bdubcub

        Nope, not me…I made a conscious decision tonight to not watch AI for the remainder of the season. I just cannot stomach to watch this group, save one or two…These are not just words, I honestly cannot invest my time and energy in something that I no longer believe in or trust…and trust me, I’ve got ALOT better things to do than rubberneck this train wreck of a season. Nope, not me…for me, season 9 is DONE.

      • Dee

        Hell, I didn’t even really watch THIS week. I watched the girls and voted, but skipped the guys and just checked in at the end of the results show.

      • amanda

        It is pretty ridiculous…if a reality show can jump the shark, this is it. Kara has been talking about herself constantly, and the majority of the remaining contestants aren’t as captivating. It’s a shame.

      • Hrfe

        This was my first season of Idol. Before I was mostly a casual viewer and I watched, like, Idolatry but not really the show. I really liked it and I’ve watched every episode this season, live, but I can’t deal with the fact that America wants ridiculous, off-pitch elves (Aaron) or one trick ponies with gross neck tattoos (Andrew) over the beautiful and unique grit that is Alex Lambert’s voice. I gave this show a try, but now its Over.

      • Randy

        I’m sorry, but it just didn’t work for me.

      • Rain

        Sorry to say, but this happened last year. I could not stand listening to Adam Lambert but the judges loved him. Yes, he was different but he screamed songs. And what about Michael Johns? I could not get over his elimination! I was furious last night! How is the world did Katie and Paige make it over Lily and Kaitlyn?!?! I will only watch for Didi and Siobhan now

    • WTF

      America got it horribly, terribly, shockingly wrong. Bring on X Factor already. AI is done.

      • Amanda

        At this rate Tim Urban is gonna be the winner. -.-

      • Josie

        @Amanda, that would be hilarious. A great way to cap off the worst season ever!

      • MBS

        america could not POSSIBLY have gotten it THIS wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        mr. genie in a bottle SHOULD be outta there…as well as paige and katie! IT’S ABSURD

      • James (Kansas City)

        Disagree. I couldn’t stand Alex. Katelyn was the sad one to see go, but that was about it. Wasn’t a big fan of Lily, either…especially after Tuesday’s performance. Surprised at how much this crowd is “what have you done for me lately” this year.

      • ryann

        yeah i’m waiting for X factor too. the guys left all sucks. i’ll be watching just 3 girls – crystl, didi and siobhan

      • YB

        I’m not usually one for conspiracy theories, but could Simon have purposely chosen mediocre talent? This way we’ll be more likely to like X-factor over AI? I’ve watched every season and I don’t remember ever feeling as disheartened about the talent as I have in the past few weeks. I hope I change my mind, but I’m the only one in my family who watches it anymore. Everyone else stopped watching in Hollywood week when it became clear there are no real stars.

      • Pam

        I know I’m in the minority, but I actually thought that Katelyn needed to go. She has no stage presence and fakes emotion with her singing. Todrick definitely needed to go. Andrew and Katie have been falling downhill fast and should have been the other 2 eliminated.

    • todd

      I LOVED KATELYN AND ALEX — I thought Lily scott and todrick were good choices but to keep Andrew Garcia — who I think stole the spot from Alex, not the great aaron kelly and keeping paige. Dialidol might be proving to be helpful in finding out who is in trouble and voting for them as only todrick was in last place.

      • Kisha

        I agree with you Andrew really isn’t that great .He is lucky to still be there the judges keep proping him up .He stole Alex’s spot.I don’t think Aaron is great but he has a good voice and was sort of like Alex in my mind .He was only able to better control his nerves .

      • Ann

        It’s really funny that people are blaming Katie over Lily and Andrew over Alex. It’s NOT the bottom two yet, people. Blame Ryan’s elimination strategy. The blame should on Paige over Lily and Tim over Alex.

    • Gina Atsaves

      … Can’t believe Lilly was sent home!!! America definitely got that WRONG WRONG WRONG!!!!! :(

      • greg

        Agreed! !!!!SLEZAK!!!! I pray you’ll obsess over Alex, Lilly and Katelyn until they each release CDs free from the Idol machine!!! And have them all on Idolatry! And say mean things about Paige, Aaron and Katie!! That is all! THANKS

      • Hrfe

        Seriously yes. Push Alex Lambert until he get’s the number one album he so deserves.

      • Randy

        Lily looked like a seventies version of LuLu (google it, kids) and she didn’t sound as good. What the bejeezus is wrong with your ears?

      • D-Con

        4 sure, she is way more original and creative then Crystal who everyone is raving over for some unknown reason. Simon was right a few weeks back when he said that she belongs outside a subway station. she doesn’t change the songs or do anything original just cause she got sick all the sudden she’s great? now I’m sick! send Crystal home and bring Lily back, she was unique and totally cool plus had a great look and personality/stage presence! I’m pretty sure that some record company suit somewhere had to be paying attention to real talent and we’ll see a cd from Lily before the year is through. let’s hope so!

      • ginagm

        OMG, Randy, you are SO right! only difference is… Lulu can sing! To Sir with WTF?
        Not saying Lilly is horrible in general, we won’t know that now, she did deserve to stay over Paige, but I honestly don’t get her vast appeal. Maybe it’s the earrings…

    • Katie

      REDICULOUS. worst top 12 ever! that was soooo sad when alex didn’t make it! now where stuck with tim urban, aaron kelley & andrew garcia wtf? as for the girls paige & katie? excuse. good job america! & atleast todrick was exciting! it wasn’t even like 1 shocker it was 3! pity votes. LAME

      • Annie

        No, this is not the worst top 12 ever. EVERY YEAR people go home that we would expect to stay. Like Ryan said in an interview, sometimes people get complacent and don’t put as much into it as they should. I think Ryan REALLY likes Didi – he is more huggy with her, and notice how he put her out of her misery first.

        And I like Siobhan Magnus better than the much vaunted Bowersox. Crystal is a great folk-singer type, but Siobhan has more range and can really entertain.

      • Randy

        I disagree with your assessment of Crystal – her strength is the power in her voice and the way she owns the stage when she is up there. Siobhan is OK, but her mother dresses her funny and she is more limited than you realize. Being able to throw a power note in is good, but the rest of the performance needs to be consistent with that… Ms. Magnus needs work in that.

      • To Annie

        Usually there’s one or two WTF people in the top 12. I can’t think of another season where I considered 8 of the top 12 to be a complete waste of time. That’s over half that I don’t want to see again. If Lilly, Alex, and Katelyn had stayed it literally would have saved the season for me. I don’t care what the dead weight choose to sing, I don’t care if they improve. I think I’ll tune out until the top 3, unless by some horror it comes down to Aaron, Katie, and Tim.

    • Derek

      So much so, I may have to stop watching. That annoying little girl over Lily?!?I’m done. America, wtf?!!?

    • M

      Totally disappointed in the results! For the ones that left…All the best…Alex and Lily, your singles, I’ll keep in my playlist and hope to hear great music from you!!! The judges sometimes hurt you guys! Your performances were GREAT!!

      • Noni

        Me too! This is the first time i get so affected with the result, just because of Alex. So disappointing. Now he’s being voted off..what a shame! His two singles “Trouble” and “Everybody Knows” are on top of my playlist. I love his voice. Do you think there will be any “wild card” this season?

    • maryaminx

      Amen bb

    • Jah Guide

      Wow… and Lambert II was an early favorite. WHo could tell ANY of them apart last night except for the last three anyway…

    • WHY!

      I’m SO sad! I really wanted to see Alex and Lilly in the top 12!!! Really, America, Aaron over Alex? Really???

      • cari

        This is just so wrong. I feel like Alex going home was the worst of all — goodness knows this season needs more talented guys! How could they get rid of one of the top two best guys this year???? NUTS!

        I have been defending this season for weeks now, but I think it’s finally time to let it go… This season is just *not* going to get good… Sad day :(

      • D-Con

        Lily said it best, “I don’t know what America wants to hear?!?” Obviously not good singing by people with their own style or all 4 of the idols eliminated tonight would still be on the show and Katey, Paige, Aaron and Andrew would be gone. Plus all 4 had personality and stage presence although Alex still seemed to have some stage fright. I was shocked by these eliminations. Also I’m tired of all the hype for Crystal Stinkysox, she’s just an average dime a dozen hippie singer that you could see in the parking lot of any Grateful Dead or Phish concert playing for spare change. They need to quit hyping her and give some credit/attention to the much better Siobhan, Lee, Casey and Didi, also Big Mike but he is getting plenty of attention and hype himself but is more deserving of it.

      • Rebbeca

        or over Tim? lol

      • Donna

        VotefortheWorst is really in this to be sure that we have more than one “Sanjaya” this year. We have to stop this right now.

    • JRM

      Couldn’t agree more, Beyonce’, couldn’t agree more.

      What the hell is going on this season???

      Biggest train wreck of a season ever. Simon must have had a sinking feeling when he announced this would be his last season on the show. Just, argh. It’s painful to think about . . . yet quite hilarious all at once. Wow.

    • micaela

      I was so excited about Alex, Katelyn and Lily… This is my second worst Idol moment.. the first was when Chirs Daughtry was voted off… But again, that year we had the least appealing Idol ever and Daughtry became a star… I really hope some smart producer will sign these guys soon!!! Because c’mon, Alex Lambert has the nicest most endearing voice I’ve ever heard and he looks so sweet!!!

    • forrest

      Ratings will a reflect what a disaster this season will be. Ugh. My DVR will be there for Crystal and Siobahn only.

      • forrest

        i’ll check Idolatry for better entertainment than what will be on AI this year…..

    • Athenea

      This is outrageous, utterly disaster!! I was really worried by katelyn, but i never expect an Alex lambert dimise!! what a voice, he was wonderful..well, for the first time ever, I don’t be watching this A.I season. The remaining contestants(except Crystal and Siobhan) lacks of talent, and I REFUSE to hear katie, Aaron and Tim..

    • KLH

      Like Matt’s Mole….I am gone!

    • Siri

      Didi Benami should have been sent home two weeks ago. She is god-awful.

      • Rain

        You are crazy! Didi is great. I guess you voted for Katie!

      • kahuna

        She really is. She’s this year Megan Joy, but without the personality.

      • Ann

        Didi is one good singer and I like her style.

    • Brianna

      Siobhan and Katie are my favorites. They are so much fun!!!!!! I am so happy that Katie got another chance. The judges really screwed with her head. They told her to pick a song using her age. That’s one of the worst advice suggestions that I have ever heard in my entire life. Its there fault that she screwed up during performances. Its like the judges want her to be Hannah Montana. Katie needs to rebel and follow her heart more on her next performance, instead of worrying too much about pleasing the judges. Remember Katie’s audition. That was so nice. Katie has a strong dark voice, I love it. Siobhan brings so many wonderful emotions, she is so awesome and fun. She has a wonderful and lovely voice!!! :))

    • Kim

      This season pales in comparison to last year! Four to six of top twelve deserve to be there. Some I just shake my head and wonder….For the first season ever, I’m just not all that interested. NOT the correct 12….and losing Paula besides. Ellen is adorable but NOT remotely as qualified as Paula as a judge. It’s just so obvious!

  • Katie

    Good lord, no. What a top 12.

    • Logistics

      More like a flop 12

      • Cory

        Yes. Exactly.

    • Applesauce

      think how good it would be if aaron left opposed to alex and katie and paige opposed to katyln and lilly. i was not really a fan of lilly, but she is hands down better than katie and paige. no question.

      • Musica1

        Yeah, I agree. Paige instead of Lily. I’m okay with Kaetlyn instead of Katie because neither of them will make it far. But why did Alex have to go? He was one of the most original people on the show and has a great voice. It won’t be the same without him.

      • MIKe

        Lilly Scott was robbed! I just can’t believe she didn’t make it over that Katie.

      • kay

        Musica1- Alex went because he had horrible stage fright and it was just terrible watch and his voice was just ok. He seems like a very nice guy and I wish him the best. He got his voice out there and maybe someone will sign him. But I do think he’s better than Tim. As for Lilly- she’s way better than Katie. I don’t think Katie will last that long though. I’m rooting for Crystal to win followed by Lee, Casey, Andrew, Didi, Siobhan.

        But while we’re at it- can we vote Kara off? Please??

      • forrest

        As far as Kara’s antics, maybe I’m slow on the uptake, but this is now part of how this reality show is ‘scripted’. Yes, she is filling the vacancy left by Paula and yes, this is part of the ‘schtick’ to generate publicity for the show. It’s more obvious now then ever. It’s so out of character from what we’ve seen before from Kara. And even before, it was pretty bad.

    • melissa

      Well, this is ironic… the screencap of this week’s Idolatry features Katelyn, Alex, and Lilly with the caption Idolatry: “New front-runners? Can Katelyn, Alex, Lilly keep growing week to week?”

      I actually voted this week, for Alex and Lilly. I absolutely loved all three of them, and I am SOOO PISSED OFF RIGHT NOW.

      • Stephanie

        I’m really pissed too!!! What the heck happend this week??? How the hell did Tim Urban and Paige Miles make it into the top 12?!? How did Katie Stevens and Aaron Kelly make it over Katelyn, Lily, and Alex?!?!? UGGGHHHHHHHH!

      • MBS

        i will be keeping up with season 9 through idolatry!
        My Tuesdays and Wednesdays will def not be spent watching THAT top 12! WTH??? HUGE disappointment! HUGEEEEEEEEEE!
        LILLY, KATELYN AND ALEX are 3 of 6 that were actually worth watching and listening to. JUST CRAZY!

      • krista

        Yeah, I am actually very sad for Alex- he had the sweetest voice, and I love that he was growing so much. I am so sad for him… but Id buy his CD when its out. As for Lily, she was so unique,and so much better than Paige. Votefortheworst. com has people voting for the worst, that is how this happened. We have to vote twice as much to counter it now. Ugh, not so much fun now to watch or call…. doesnt seem to really matter. :(

      • @krista

        i agree w/ you. damn you votefortheworst !!!!! you seriously want to torture the people who actually want to hear great singers?? wth?? youre not just being an annoyance to us but to those people who got eliminated because of you who actually had great chances in the show. thanks so much.

  • Katja

    Gah! Aaron Kelly over Alex Lambert??? But I was just starting to love Alex Lambert!! I would definitely take Tim Urban over Todrick in a heartbeat though. I hate to admit it, but it’s probably the shirtless photos invading the rational part of my brain; also, Todrick annoys the hell out of me. And sorry, Slezak, I don’t really care thaaaat much about Lilly Scott, but I am annoyed that Katelyn Epperly didn’t get through. Lacey Brown and Katie Stevens?? Ick. ICK.

    • Amidala

      Aleexxxxx noooooo. I was positive that Andrew was going up when those two were standing together! 100% sure!!! Okay, not one of my predictions for the people leaving actually left. I was predicting Paige, Katie, Andrew, and Tim to go tonight. I’m devasted.

    • eric

      A to the Men. While I too was very much OK with Tim Urban outlasting Todrick (due mainly to his abs, but partially because Hallelujah was pretty good) Aaron, Paige, Lacey and Katie have over-stayed their welcome and prevented 3 actual talented singers from getting in! Poor Lilly, Poor Alex (my fav male singer) and Poor Katelyn. Gone too soon!

      • Carol

        Alex was my favorite male singer too — the tone of his voice is exquisite. I’m not only sad for him, I’m sad for us that we don’t get to hear that sound — it’s just beautiful. I wish he had a CD that I could buy like tomorrow.

      • M

        I would buy Alex’s CD too!!!

    • Jennie

      Just bought Alex’s performance of “Everybody Knows” on iTunes and listened to it 4 times in a row. After last week, I thought he was a shoo-in! I mean, his tone is delectable and remarkably unique. Oh well, I suppose Zefron 2.0 (Tim) will just depend on his abs, his hair, and the vehement support of Vote for the Worst.

      • Lauren

        I thought so too! His performance last night was not AMAZING, but it was still good. I also was hoping that he built up enough fans last week to help carry him through. I was really looking forward to hearing a full studio song from him. I am so bummed.

      • kay

        Wow- we must be watching a different show. I just didn’t care for Alex that much. I was 100% sure he was going home like 2 shows ago. Then when him and Andrew stood up I was going to throw a fit if Andrew (who I think has an amazing voice and is really creative) went home instead! Alex was just too timid, he just needs a little bit more time and he’ll be really good.

  • Carly

    Who was voting for Katie Stevens over Lilly Scott? For Aaron Kelly over Alex Lambert? For three weeks of bad performances over one awesome and two competent performances from Paige and Katelyn. I think Paige *knew* she didn’t deserve that spot as she sat there. All the girls were crying for someone else. UGH.

    • FruMiddleton on Twitter

      VFTW was voting for them =_= *groan*

      • Brett

        Yep. I think that we can thank Vote for the worst for these results. They have little pull when the real season starts, but they can eff up the top 12 and they did so last night. I wouldn’t have minded had Tim and Paige won over Kat and Aaron, but this was at the expense of two enjoyable artists. I’m very bummed.

      • Allison

        No, they don’t. They actually have more power when the season starts then when it gets further in. Really, this is just dumb voting and demographic thinking at its finest.

      • Carol

        I can’t stand them.

      • middleaged

        VFTW voted for Paige and Tim. Who was voting for Aaron, Lacey and Katie? It’s not VFTWs fault.

      • Brett

        Allison…they don’t have more power as the season trudges along. The votes in these prelim stages are closer than you’d believe. The extra support they throw behind their favorite male and female can move them ahead of the others quite easily. When the vote is more concentrated on a top 12, they have little sway(even though they claim to have it). It makes sense that they can influence the results now. From here on out, any time one of their scrubs makes it another week, they’ll claim victory but it’ll have little to do with them.

      • Mark

        Brett… did you read what Allison wrote? She agreed with you.

      • Allison

        Hmm… I see what you tried to say in the first post, Brett. Should’ve been more clear about the “real season” (that, for me, starts at Top 24), and “messing up the Top 12″ (which is ambiguous; voting out someone unworthy at 12th or 11th is also messing up the Top 12, you know?).

    • Kari

      You know, American Idol REALLY needs to raise the age limit to 18. These 16 year olds almost always need a few more years to develop their identity in music. I was heartbroken Alex Lambert went home over Aaron Kelly, almost to the point of not wanting to watch any more of this season. Katelyn deserved another shot too. So infuriating!

      P.S. to Alex – if you put out a record, I will buy it!

      • Alan

        I would love to see the age range increase from minimum 18 to maximum 34 or something like that.

      • Hannah

        Yes, most definitely. Who says that 17 year olds sing better than 35 year olds? Ugh.

      • TLC in Texas

        Alex Lambert, I second that– find yourself a contract & put out a record!!! You are amazing. Your sultry tone, those dimples…PLEASE, this better not be the last we hear from you!!! Don’t make me hunt you down in NHR- I have family in Colleyville…I will certainly make the drive!

      • Snsetblaze

        I agree – raise the age limit from 18 to at least 30.

      • librahawk

        I seriously just want to give Alex a hug. I am so disappointed that we won’t be able to see him progress. He was the type of Idol contestant that makes for the best shows, someone who will only get better with time. Shame on the speed-dialing fangirls who think Tim Urban is worth saving. Even they must know he’s not much more than a pretty face.

      • luvmichaeljohns

        Frankly, I would have been happy with Andrew going instead of Alex.

  • Sarah

    Tonight was the first time I actually cried during an AI results show – from both anger (for Lilly and Katelyn) and sadness (for Alex).

    • Maria

      I feel the same way. I feel so horrible for Alex, Katelyn,Lilly and Todrick’s little brother (?)

      • BooRadley

        I know, I loved Todrick’s little brother. So cute!

      • Ann

        Yes, I was sad for Todrick’s little brother when he was so happy just the day before. To me, Todrick is very talented but was hurt by bad press and the judges’ harsh criticism the first night. He’s the only one who gives compelling performances and his leaving just assures us a very boring AI9. I’d pick him more than Big Mike who I just find not that good at all but making only good song choices. If he is the front runner, this season is doomed.

    • Janice

      so so angry why on earth is Tim Urban still around over Alex Lambert. America’s got something wrong. Hopefully Alex comes out with a CD and prove everyone wrong same with Lily. Tim’s just nice to look at.

    • kay K

      We had a gigantic thunderstorm here in Florida (the first in weeks, naturally) about 5 minutes into the show, and the satellite, DVR, and local Fox station all lost reception. All I saw of the whole broadcast was Didi going to safety and Todrick singing goodbye. Maybe it’s just as well that I didn’t have to watch Lilly and Alex get the bad news. It was bad enough reading the results when the show never came back on and learning the fate of 2 of my 2 faves. At least Siobhan is still in it (to WIN it!!!)

    • TLC in Texas

      Yeap,I cried to…it’s hard to see talented people slip through the cracks…wishing we could pull them to safety. Alex & Lily, to quote another Ellen line “Just keep swimming,just keep swimming,just keep swimming,swimmimg, swimming…”(FindingNemo)

    • vera

      Yes Lilly and Alex got robbed!!!!
      Hope they get signed.

      • k

        They won’t. You won’t remember them in a month. No one bought Kris Allen’s CD and he won. People don’t care, they just want to listen to stuff like Ke$ha.

  • Jason

    This season has been horrible, and this just made it even worse. I’m done. See you next January for Season 10.

    • Gg

      Don’t you mean if people don’t get so angry that he ratings drop and AI even makes it to Season 10?

      • Randy

        Is all of your taste in your mouth?

  • moshiach_now770

    im boycotting idol but not idolatry. this is why other countries think americans are morons. how could lilly AND katyln get out. if your precious bowersox wasnt there lilly would still be there, bowersox split the vote. and i liked lilly and katelyn more!!!i dont know why im blaiming bowersox. ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

    • Saphron

      But if we thought people of other countries were morons, that would make us bad people. Yup.

      • Sebas C

        My only disapointment was alex lambert, he was actually good and I really wanted him to make the top 12. I think it should’ve been Tim instead of him.

    • HushCats

      I honestly don’t think Crystal was splitting votes with Lilly – I think freaking Lacey was. Perhaps even Didi. The 3 of them had similar warbly-type voices. Although Lilly & Didi could actually sing and Lacey is just a contrived Hot Topic nightmare.

      • slomanator

        there is no splitting the votes when ai allows you to vote as amny times as you want for as many contestants as you want. that is the real problem here. they need rules about how many times you can vote. its gotten out of hand.

      • Gail

        Dear HushCats: You are right about Lilly, Lacey, and Didi having similar voices. AI is going to have a tough time selling tickets to their summer tour.

      • Mike

        You are completely right! You should only be allowed to vote ONE TIME for your favorite… that’s it: ONE VOTE PER PHONE NUMBER! Can’t believe Tim, Andrew, and even Aaron made it over Alex. Alex had the most unique voice in the whole competition and now he is gone… Alex was only one of 3 contestants that I really liked. Others are Lee and Didi.

      • April C

        I also agree about either reducing the amount of times you can call, or doing it SYTYCD style. But if they did that (reduce the votes), Ryan could never have the glory of saying “We got a bazillion votes! A new record!”

      • Jennifer

        Wow! I was wondering if other people noticed that some of the ladies sounded so similar. It gets tough to tell them apart.

    • z

      don’t blame the people who voted for Crystal- blame the people who voted for Katie and Paige. I understand you mean that Crystal is hyped up more and that some of the votes for her could have gone to Lilly and they would both be in.

    • Brett

      Bowersox split the vote between who exactly? The people voting for Lacey and Didi might have been Lily fans as well, but Crystal had nothing to do with lily’s ousting. They are NOTHING alike. And one is vastly superior than the other.

  • BrandonK

    I’m still reading the recaps and stuff, but I (and I would guess a lot of people like me) aren’t watching or voting this season, so perhaps that explains the poor decision-making.

  • kels


    • AJ


    • Josh

      I voted a bunch for Katelyn and it didn’t do any good, what are we going to do now?!?

      • THIBBY

        I didn’t vote — two of my favorites are gone Alex and Katelyn — Katelyn had a bad week — but she was great last week — the judges never seemed to support her and I don’t get it — she had a lot of talent and the looks.. and Alex — he was getting better and better —
        The judges have really caused a lot of this — this year — and I don’t even try to vote — because my 10 votes — will be over ruled by some tween somewhere sending 1000s of text messages — when will they limit the votes — I am really ready to give up on Idol …………..

      • MBS

        I VOTED till my hand was numb for alex!
        i’m through for the season!

      • Shaun

        Yeah I voted several times for Alex last night… he’s the only one I’ve voted for this season, and really the only one I tuned in to hear. :(

  • Logistics

    If Matt Giraud was a contestant this season, he would probably make the final 2. No doubt in my mind.

    This is the worst WORST season of Idol so far. I feel like I’m trapped in Danny Gokey’s performance of Dream On, never to escape.

    • Applesauce

      ill take dream on over smile or im already there any day!!! anyone in the top 6 last year (anoop up) could have cakewalked this year.

      • Joe

        Hmmm, Smile vs Dream On… I’d take Dream On! At least, that was a “moment!”

      • Lauren

        No kidding! I think there are quite a few people that were on last season that wish they would have waited.

      • A Woolsey

        I agree. Yes, Danny’s Dream On was a bad (yet memorable) performance, but it a gazillion times better than most of this season. At least he had stage presence. Plus, I hated how Paige butchered “Smile”; I love that song and I really wanted her to get ousted for it.

    • peace love

      Scott and Matt are both better than most of these lifeless singers….

      • LadyJNewYork

        Sanjaya, too!! I’d pick him over most of these singers, he did have some “umpth”, LOL.

    • marty

      Yup, Matt Giraud would kick butt this season. And Michael Johns, who left at what? Eighth or something during season 7? Jason Castro would own Tim Urban. Brooke White would own Didi Whatsherface. Carly Smithson! Hey, here’s an idea…let’s have a wildcard special where we can replace anyone from this season with people who didn’t make top 3 other seasons but are still more talented than this crew. It would be such an improvement. I’d watch!

  • Adam

    That was seriously fucked up.
    America is even worse at judging talent than I thought, the only one I’m not that upset about is Todrick but even he deserved to go on based on last night.

  • PFitz


    I guess I shouldn’t be surprised; I think it’s hard for most of us to care enough to vote, so it probably was just the fervent fans of those on the bubble that were mad-dialing the last two nights. Oh, I’m sooooo sad that I won’t get a few more opportunities to hear Katelyn, Lily (who both made bad song choices last night, but deserved a chance to make it up to us) and Alex once again. So, I guess I’ll be taping AI and fast-forwarding just to see Crystal, Siobahn and Didi, then turning it off… Ugh and Ugh and UGH!

  • AJ

    Poor Alex, my mulleted wonder :( VoteForTheWorst does it again, because both Katie and Paige should be counting their lucky stars right now. I haven’t been this mad since Scott Savol outlasted Constantine Maroulis in Season 4. (IE when I learned about VFTW)

    • Amidala

      </3 although I do have to lol at "mulleted wonder"

      • Gina

        I know..,.. poor kid!! :(
        he made ME wanna cry!

    • Me

      You got that right… It’s a VFTW victory just like it was when Con was ousted and Scott stayed. They really should allow only 1 vote per person, that would elimintate that group power voting for the worst contestant. Of course, the network and producers love having bragging rights about the number of votes received. After Constantine’s elimination, I gave up voting. I kinda watch but no votey for me.

  • john in palm springs

    Two epically talented ladies are going home in favor of PAIGE and LACIE and KATIE!?!???

    WTF America.

    I am gonna go cry.

    • mishka

      Paige sings great; she just did a very bad rendition of Smile this week.
      Lacey may not be that good, but she has a beautiful vand recognizable voice. Even if she doesn’t find success in music, she can be a voice actress.
      Katie…yeah, she should have been voted out.

  • Disgusted

    I can’t even process tonight’s results. I’m done with this nonsense season. Could Todrick, Alex, Katelyn or Lilly won this season? Improbable. But do Paige, Aaron, Andrew or Katie stand a snowball’s chance in hell? NO. I’d vote them “Most Likely to Induce Vomit”.

    • tess

      it’s funny how you didn’t say Tim…

      • Disgusted

        I guess I was just going based on the week’s performances. Andrew was stronger going in, but “Genie in a Bottle” was sheer disaster. Tim’s improved in his three weeks while Andrew seems to have spiraled out of vocal control.

      • eilo

        yep, tim definitely has to go… i think he can only improve to a certain limit;p

    • Gina

      LOL!!! Sooo true!

      • KLH

        We all got “Urbaned”

    • Chipp

      Your comment pretty well sums up how I feel as well; but, we are just two ppl in a big big crazy mixed up world. my fav of those leaving is Alex. I so wish I could afford to help him.

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