In every generation there is a chosen one. Thirteen years ago today, we chose 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'

This post is not meant to make anyone feel old. I promise. But there is troubling news to deliver, so you might want to sit down. Sitting? Okay. Here it goes: It’s been 13 (!!) years to the day since Buffy the Vampire Slayer premiered on the WB – in all fairness, I told you to sit.

I was nine years old when Buffy premiered on the WB. To be honest, I don’t remember much about it except that my sister watched it, and I sat there. I’m sad to report that I did not follow up that viewing with more. She continued to watch – it remains one of the only instances I can admit she was right and I was wrong. Years later, shortly after Buffy concluded its final season, I re-watched the premiere, and this time, I was smart enough to realize how awesome it was.

I watched the entire series in about two months, and the hole burned in my wallet from buying all the seasons that summer is still smoking. The cool thing was that despite completely missing the height of Buffy mania, there was (and is) still a great deal of Buffy mania. That’s the definition of great TV, I say. No matter how much time passes, it’s still fun to talk about and watch, and there is always someone willing to do both with you.

So on this glorious day, I am thankful that Buffy was born. I am thankful that Joss Whedon took his critical cow pie of a movie (It’s not that bad!) and made a TV series that defined a seriously nerdy generation. And I am thankful that this is one show Eric Balfour did not kill (I think they offed his character just in time.).

That said, share with me your Buffy memories. Did you watch the premiere? Were you hooked from the start? Or did it take you a while because you were a stupid 9 year old? Oh, and just because I can: Grrr. Argghh.

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  • Natalie

    I was a stupid 9 year old, too. Best show ever.

    • Angie

      Also a stupid 9 year old. I didn’t jump on the Buffy bandwagon until my freshman year of high school. Even better was finding Buffy valentine’s cards in the dollar store in 2005. Victory? I think so.

      • Michael

        I was also 9 and didn’t watch until about season 6

      • Ayan

        I was also nine when it premiered and I didn’t watch until around season 6. I became interested while watching reruns of season 5 during the summer of 2001 on the WB. “The Gift” is still the best hour of TV I’ve seen.

      • SuperTrooper

        I was 10 and used to act out scenes from last nights episode on the play ground for my friends who didn’t get the channel. Nerdy yes. Awesome, yes.

      • Beth

        At least I’m not the only one who missed the boat the first time around. I was 10 when it premiered and I remember my friends talking about it, thinking, “Lame.” But then it was sometime during season 6 that my sister came home one day and said how she had watched Buffy over at her friend’s house and it was actually a pretty good show. My initial thought was that it was still lame, but then I started catching re-runs on F/X and I was hooked! There’s a channel that plays Buffy and despite the fact that the show ended 7 years ago and I’ve seen almost every single episode at least twice, I still record them and watch them all. It’s just one of those shows where no matter how many times you watch it, you still cry and laugh at all the same parts. That’s what makes for remarkable television.

    • liz

      I was 13. Buffy was the first TV show I ever obsessed over. It’s funny because I was listening to the sountrack to the musical ep and remembering how obsessed I was. Fav memories include any moment where Spike mocked Angelus, the last episodes which were epic, the ep that sticks out as most memorable though is “The Body” it was the week that I realized that these characters were like extended family.

    • Patty Lee

      I was 10, flipping through the channels and bored. I came upon WB and it was the episode “The Witch” from Season One – I was instantly captivated, I could not change the channel. I watched every episode from then on live, maybe only missed one ep in 7 years. Buffy is the most amazing metaphor for my life and is very personal to me. I didn’t get into Angel until I bought the box set in 2008 and watched the entire series in less than two months. I was blissfully happy. Buffy will always be a part of me, now just gotta get my husband to watch it with me.

      • g

        I was also bored and flipping through the channels and stumbled upon Buffy. My bf at the time wanted to always talk on the phone with me so I would be pretending to listen but I was really watching Buffy! (He sucked as a bf but without him I might not have found Buffy!) I started in season one but didn’t get really hooked until season 2. What was awesome was that I was only a year older than Buffy while the shows were first aired so I could relate to a lot of the stuff she was going through. Buffy is still my favorite show.

    • ad

      Well, I’ve got you all beat. I was four when the series premiered, but discovered it about two years ago, basically spent the month watching all seven seasons, only to immediately start rewatching them with my sister, and am now on round 3 with my dad. This show is the greatest I’ve ever seen.

  • rb

    I never watched the show while it was on but I did catch up with back to back reruns on FX everyday after school in my senior year of high school. Now its one of my favorite shows of all time and probably why I never got involved with drugs. Thanks Buffy & Joss

  • Deane

    I watched Buffy pretty much from the start. I LOVED the series the whole way thru (remember the episode where they sang the whole way thru?) I loved how they started calling themselves the “Scooby Gang.” (they sooo were.) Lol I was sad to see it end, but I also felt it was time. After vanquishing the most evil thing every season, it started to run dry. (Something Supernatural is now facing. I mean, after you defeat the devil, what else is there? *Note, I say “defeat the devil” cause I have no doubts the brothers Winchester will.) But, I digress…Buffy is and always will be one of my top 10 fave tv. shows of all time. Enjoyed your article. D

  • Kelsey

    I was too young to get into it when it ran, but I’ve seen the entire thing in syndication. It’s always comforting to turn to it in the midst of faux-vampire mania.

  • Brianne

    I started watching in the second season and for some reason dropped off right at the 5th…..but when i found it again in college. I became obsessed, Joss whedons witty dialogue and his ability to use the history of the show to create something that is compelling tv leaves me still obsessed to this day. Infact as part of my birthday celebrate a couple of years ago I insisted my friends have a buffy marathon

  • Ron

    One of my fav shows of all times. The acting and writing were always first rate. The show never got is fair acknowledgement during its heyday. Josh Whedon and Sarah Michelle Geller were both deserving of Emmys for their great contributions to the show. A classic!

  • margarita

    I watched it during the re-runs on ytv, then they aired it on fox. So I was kinda watching it out of sequence. I was able to see the entire show on dvd, and understand its wide appeal. It was a very entertaining show. P.S. I thought Angel deserved one more season. So it could end on a high note.

    • lulu

      Yeah Angel left way too soon. I am not sure I ever totally forgave Joss for that. Otherwise, it was still great.

      • cer

        not Joss’s fault, they were under the impression that they’d have at least one more season and were surprised to be canceled. Blame WB.

      • thin

        No, Joss is actually directly responsible for Angel getting canceled when it did.

      • tgotslick

        You could always read Angel:After the Fall

    • Lala

      I loved Buffy. Loved it. HUGE Spike fan. I was even a massive Buffy/Spike fan…until the end of season six (the less said about that the better…) I thought Angel’s last season (five!) was one of the best of the whole Buffyverse, and that says something, considering the amazing episodes, archs, and characters throughout. Incredibly underrated, smart, funny series. So many classic episodes. I am forever a Joss Whedon fan.

  • LisaMama

    A friend told me about it half-way through the first season, and I was hooked. It was smart and funny and serious but didn’t take itself too seriously. Buffy is one of the best TV shows ever, and people who thought it was a silly high school show need to give it another chance.

  • Rion

    The show continues to live on in the popular Joss Whedon-executive-produced “Season Eight” comic book published by Dark Horse.

  • mel

    I loved this show and still do! I did watch the premier, watched from then on, and I have all of the seasons in the special edition box collection! I think I may go home and watch the 1st episode tonight!

  • keith

    Sandra, you were NINE????? Don’t talk to me. I was just out of f***** college!! haha!! You’re a child!!!

    • znachki

      Keith – I’ve got you beat! When I counted back, well…let’s just say I hadn’t quite reached the big 4-0. Started watching pretty much from day one, and have watched pretty much all of the Mutant Enemy writer output.

      It was this show, that made me start paying attention to, and following the work of, writers, and not just the Whedonverse writers.

    • Alichat

      Right there with you Keith. I was no where near 9. I saw the 1st episode on this day 13 years ago, & watched every episode until the show was over. Same with Angel and Firefly. I met my best friend through Buffy. Actually I have loads of friends I met through that show. And recall lots of long discussions at the Bronze and lots of funny stories, which cause me to giggle whenever I see Marc Blucas, or Mike Massa (Boreanaz’s stunt double and the Angel stunt coordinator.)

      • Browncoat Jack

        I was 23 when I watched the first episode of Buffy. I was hooked instantly, but it didn’t become my favorite show on tv until season two. I have loved every Whedon show that came out up until the latest one (I’m sorry to say that I won’t miss Dollhouse, and I was honestly happy that Joss can move on to something better, like a Dr. Horrible sequel).

  • Stephen

    I watched the pilot episode with my family when I was six years old and I haven’t stopped loving it since.

    • Zoey

      I have you beat, good sir. I was not yet 5 when it premiered. So of course I didn’t get into until recently, but I do remember seeing it when I flipped around channels at age 7 or 8.

  • Joni

    I got into BTVS last summer. I can’t remember why I turned to it, but I’m happy I did. Spike is my all-time favourite vamp, Joss is now my favourite director, etc. My favourite song? Rest in Peace.

  • W

    To this day Buffy is still my favorite thing ever. I started watching in fifth grade and pretty much grew up with it!

  • lulu

    I miss the show so much! It will go down as one of my favourite TV shows. I can watch it again and again. Nobody could call me when it was on. Thankfully there is an 8th season in comics. I am still getting my fix:)

    • Lazarus

      How strange…I was also 9 years old. I had just gotten home from finding my new dog, who had run off, and I was excited to watch this new show. From that day on I watched the entire series until it ended my freshman year of high school. It defined, in my eyes, all the best that tv could be. Still does.

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