'American Idol' semifinals (Top 8 guys): Who rocked? Who tanked?

It’s all over but Didi Benami’s crying*. Yes, Idoloonies, the 16 semifinalists of American Idol‘s ninth season are done singing for our pleasure this week — those lip-synched group performances do not count — and we’re going to reward four of them by gathering in the public square on Thursday to watch ‘em weep to the tune of that treacly Will Young exit ballad. (*Oh c’mon, win or lose, you know girlfriend’s good for at least 10 minutes of waterworks during the results show.)

Tonight, the eight remaining guys took to the stage to make their cases for filling the six finalist slots designated for folks with Y chromosomes, and since most of ‘em survived this far mainly on the basis of Hollywood Week glory (Andrew Garcia), extremely thick hair (Tim Urban), or not being Jermaine Sellers (Aaron Kelly, Todrick Hall), the door was wide open for a breakthrough performance. [WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD, west coasters!] But alas, all we got was an overdose of musical Ambien — sluggish, middling, tuneless performances that probably left Ju’Not Joyner, Michael Sarver, and Ricky Braddy openly lamenting that they can’t go back in a time machine, skip their season 8 runs, and take a stab at season 9 instead.

Even the performances that got praised by the judges tonight had more holes than an ant farm.  Big Mike’s point-and-preen staging siphoned off some of the emotional impact of his Kate Bush cover. Tim Urban’s performance sounded fantastic — but only in comparison to his woeful prior efforts. And if Todrick Hall and Aaron Kelly are what’s passing for the best undiscovered musical talent in the nation, then maybe I shouldn’t be so resistant to the idea of X-Factor. Oh, and let’s not even get into the number of times Andrew Garcia implored Idol viewers to rub him the right way during his unfortunate choice of “Genie in a Bottle.” Memo to Andrew: Only Johnny Gill can get away with such shenanigans!

Anyhow, while I get crackin’ on my full TV Watch recap (look for it early tomorrow morning on EW.com!), why don’t y’all head on down to the comments and post your own strongly worded theories about who will and should go home tomorrow night. When you’re done, press play below to view our latest episode of Idolatry (featuring my awesome cohost Jessica Shaw), then sign up to follow me on Twitter @EWMichaelSlezak! (Related: ‘American Idol’ Top 8 Ladies recap: Octo Fuss)

Should go home: Everyone, Aaron Kelly, Tim Urban
Will go home: Aaron Kelly, Andrew Garcia

Tonight’s Set List:
Lee Dewyze: Owl City’s “Fireflies”
Alex Lambert: Ray LaMontagne’s “Trouble”
Tim Urban: Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”
Andrew Garcia: Christina Aguilera’s “Genie in a Bottle”
Casey James: Keith Urban’s “You’ll Think of Me”
Aaron Kelly: Lonestar’s “I’m Already There”
Todrick Hall: Queen’s “Somebody to Love”
Michael Lynche: Kate Bush’s “This Woman’s Work”

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  • Kevin C

    The guys actually sounded better than the girls this week, though that might just have been Paige and Katie driving the average somewhere down through the floor.

    • Shauna

      Agreed, the guys bested the girls. Almost all sounded good -even Tim Urban.

      I think Aaron and probably Alex should go home.

      • Jencey

        Wow, really? The worst boy sounded better than Crystal or Siobhan or Lilly? Must have been a different telecast.

      • Hrfe

        Alex sounded amazing tonight– waaaay better than Tim Urban, and he’s been consistently good. He definitely deserves to stay.

      • Dan

        Tim sounded much better then Alex. Alex simply needs to go because he looks completely scared up there. He doesn’t have what it takes.

      • Melanie

        I am sorry, but Hallelujah is a great song and Tim Urban did not do that song anything close to justice. that was painful.

      • Jason Castoroil

        I yelled HALLELUJAH when Tim finished murdering that song.

      • angel5

        are you deaf or what alex has a raw vioce and i can definitely hear him on the radio he is definitely staying for sure.tim tried for today but seriously that guy has no vioce.the only thing going for him is his looks nothing else his voice is very weak, i have heard better version of that song from american idol.he is just safe for now next week he is definitely out.

      • whatevs

        I don’t get the Tim Urban hating at all. He sang fine. Maybe I just don’t have enough cynicism.

      • kahuna

        Dan, I take it you didn’t watch the season that Carrie Underwood won. There was never a more wooden and robotic contestant until now. Look at Carrie now. So, it is impossible for Alex to break gain confidence, break out of his shell and dazzle, ala Ms. Underwood.

      • Joanne

        Really? I love Alex, and I think he gets better each week. His voice is so unique.

      • AJ

        Why is everyone down on Aaron? I think he has a great voice and I loved his song choice. Personally, I think the comment by Ellen should eliminate her.

      • KelBen

        The guys this year…..goodness, I can only say I hope it gets better!

    • sil

      I agree, over all I think the guys did better this week. I wish Alex could just loosen up a bit, he’s got some real raw talent there. I don’t think Andrew’s version was as original as he was hoping we’d hear it too be…not when he had already done pretty much the same thing with Paula’s song. I think Tim, Aaron and Todrick are the three in jeopardy going home.

      • Saphron

        The problem is that Andrew needs to realize he can’t just keep doing acoustic ‘Straight Up.’ He needs to focus on finding songs by artists who are similar to him, and singing them well. For example, Daniel Bedingfield’s “Girlfriend” from his first album. It’s strong on acoustic guitar, utilizes lots of melodic and rhythmic diversity, and the two men actually sound similar. But no. Instead we get…’Genie in a Bottle.’ Nice try.

      • James (Kansas City)

        Darn, wish I could’ve seen it. FOX 4 here in KC went out halfway into Andrew’s performance because lightning hit the broadcast tower. Didn’t see another minute of the show.

      • TW

        Todrick needs to go home…and although he improved, he still was way inferior to past performances of “Somebody to Love”. Elliott Yamin impressed surviving members of Queen and the judges when he sang it in season 5. Todricks version doesn’t come close to being in the same league.

    • Sally in Chicago

      The two black guys, Mike and Toddrick, were entertaining. The rest of them strummed their guitars like mandolin players….and Simon made a comment on that.

      They were “safe.”…and Urban even sang Simon’s favorite song Hallelujah…pandering to Simon.

      • Arlene

        Jason Castro did a far much better rendition of Hallelujah. Tim Urban voice and tone are flat.

      • Snsetblaze

        Totally agree Arlene. He and Aaron were the worst of the night.

      • Sina

        NO the two Black guys were horrible. Mike sounded horrible. I don’t know what Kara was crying about but Maxwell should find that fool and slap him for trying to copy his style. Please get rid of Ellen. That stupid fool running on the stage to hug that boy was so stupid.

      • Jane

        Can we please stop using racially objectifying phrases like “the two black guys.” They are actually tw separate people with individual identities beyond their race. Sheesh.

      • J

        Shut up and calm down Jane.

      • Sally

        How about we use non-racial phrases, like “Jane you’re a moron”

      • @arlene

        Even though I don’t like the pimping for Tim who hasn’t had very good performances up until now, his take last night was really quite good. He was not the least bit flat. I don’t know what you were listening too.

      • Darkman69

        The two black guys as you pointed out, were actually the best of the night. I don’t normally like Big Mike, but Simon was right when he said that it was the best so far..period! The show this year is pretty bad, and no one really stands out. A lot of boring songs and too many guitars!

      • Aaron

        Im like this no black or white or anything like that why is everyone thinking they sounded horrible i mean Maxwell would have praised Big Mike for what he did and he was the best overall the guys was better than the girls even though this year sucks so bad. I mean every since Fantasia and Ruban its like now everyone wishes that nuthing but rockers and country music singers winning. I mean dam enough with the 1920s for God sakes.

      • Poboy

        I’m pretty sure we figured out that Toddrick and Big Mike are black. I think they know it too.

        But I thought this was a karoake/singing contest, not a spot the race game?

    • Sue

      My take…the guys got better this week as compared to last week, but good does not mean better. Watching the girls again Crystal, Didi, Lilly, Siobhan and Lacey were better IMHO, than the guys. The guys were kind of boring. What the heck are they going to do with theme night?!?! Bring Ricky Braddy back…wasted opportunity there.

      • Arlene

        If the judges and the producers really wanted vocal talent they would have picked Jamar Rogers, Jermaine Purifory, Ricky Braddy,and so many others who never made it, while we had to endure Sanjaya.

      • cindy

        Totally agree! The boys are not as unique and entertaining as most of the girls (the girls you mentioned. Thus, the boys performance were flat/boring.

      • Snsetblaze

        Most of the boys are picking some boring songs that do not show they have any real range.

    • tex

      lol, no way.

    • Jay

      The guys were better BY FAR this week.

      I thought Didi and Lilly were both excruciating which guaranteed the judges would love their performances (and they did).

      None of the guys were excruciating tonight…in fact I’d give them all at least a B-.

      • cindy

        None of the guys were excruciating but boring & flat compare to the girls. I think Didi’s performance is one of the best yesterday. Her voice is unique & interesting. I guess you are the minority (sorry to say that) ’cause a lot of people like her voice, even the judges. I like Lee’s & Alex’s voice but they haven’t been able to really “wow” me. I hope they will stay & improve their performance every week.

      • Anna

        Love , love, love Didi’s voice and style. And she has the range.

  • Ani

    Over on other *cough*MJ’s big*cough* blog, they’re saying the boys did better tonight than the girls. Sometimes I wonder if I’m watching the same show.
    But then again they didn’t like Siobhan. It takes all kinds.
    The best performances tonight (which were probably Casey and Big Mike) were only as good as the mid packers on the girls side. I expect next week when we have our first co-ed night, the disparity will be shown in sharp relief.

    • Kevin C

      Is it possible to just vote out the lower register of Aaron’s range and let the top half continue on to next week?

      • Jay

        LOL!! I definitely wish we could!

      • Rebecca

        Kevin – that is hysterical. I laughed out loud! :D

      • Anne

        Yes, I love that boy’s singing and he’ll just get better since he’s only 16.

    • Logistics

      MJs is the Danny Gokey of Idol news sites. It’s opinion is the equivalent to the Dream On screech.

      • amanda

        oh LOL!!!!
        I’ve never read it and never will…my heart belongs to Slezak.

      • Mike

        HAHAHAHA Gokey’s Dream On screech, oh how I forgot about you…

      • SMH

        This scream remain the biggest FAIL on American Idol from a contestant ever. Man, it ALMOST makes me want Gokey back to have someone to scorn.

      • Anise

        This is funny because it’s true

      • Will G

        LOL there is no monolthic group-think at MJ’s. She has her opinions, posters have theirs, just like here. Many people there love Siobhan, including me!

      • Will G


    • Jennifer

      The guys definitely were not better than the girls (well, most of them anyway). I’m probably in the minority, but I hated Mike’s performance tonight; much preferred last week. Other than Lee and Casey, I didn’t care much for any of them. Although Alex Lambert had some moments, but he just doesn’t have the soul, grit and world-weariness for that song.

      • Timber

        I agree. I wasn’t blown away by Big Mike. And I actually enjoyed Andrew’s performance!

      • JD

        I totally agree with everything you just said!!!

      • Snsetblaze

        I thought Big Mike was interesting in that performance but it was also Kareoke and cheesy. That said, it did show he had a bigger range than we thought earlier. I thought Todrick’s choice was great. Both genders have got to start picking some uptempo songs that do show a range instead of this slow or mid-tempo songs that don’t have a lot of range.

      • Lynn

        Thank you. Starting to think I’m crazy because I haven’t liked any of Mike’s performances.

      • jlb

        Mike was way Las Vegas cheesy last night but he sang pretty well. His opening falsetto surprised me, in a good way. Casey performed well but he’s only a country singer, not that there’s anything wrong with that, as is Aaron, I believe. Alex has a lovely voice but needs to grow some cojones and sing with confidence. Andrew, not good, Lee, okay, Todrick, messy okay, Tim, pretty good.

      • Anna

        Just can’t understand the hype on Big Mike. It was NOTHING!

      • Aaron

        Omg Andrew plz get off the crack and im sick of guitars i swear on my life.

    • Jason Castoroil

      Half of the hags over at MJs are over-aged, over-weight Glamberts.

      They don’t listen to the singing they just focus on the guy’s penne

      • Will G

        Sounds like she banned you.

      • jlb

        Gee, I wonder what the other half are? What’s the matter, no one focusing on your penne?

    • Jane

      What is MJ?

      • @Jane


      • BruceMpls

        MJ’s is a blog about American Idol: mjsbigblog.com

  • Nicole

    Ur totally off on ur predictions of who will go home.I hope its Todrick and Tim.I Aaron kelly is not goin anywhere but to the top 12

    • Saphron

      Yeah, I’m pretty sure Aaron’s safe. I think Todrick’s maybe juuust been making it through each week and he’ll be out, even though he really is way more interesting than most of the guys.

    • SaraW

      Sorry sweetie but you got some serious delusions going. Aaron’s the firt one out on the fastest train heading anywhere but the top 12.

      • Michael

        Aaron kelly is awesome, are you not hearing what i’m hearing????

      • Snsetblaze

        All I heard was a lot of bum notes and a boring, treacly song. I thought Kara was right about the song being too old for him.

      • Jenny

        Golly, but I’m embarrassed. I liked Aaron too. I thought he sang really well. I think Tim Urban is going home. I don’t like him at all.

      • Mary

        It might not have been his best performance, but he does have a nice voice. The problem is, they let all these young contestants in, wanting to find the next Taylor Swift, but they don’t have stage presence, they look like scared bunny rabbits.

      • Anne

        Aaron’s singing is great at 16. He’ll just get better. He sang well. Tim was only good compared to his previous ones but he should go.

    • melissa

      I agree, I think Aaron’s popular enough to last him another week or so.

      @Slezak – I don’t think Andrew Garcia is leaving this week. He has so many youtube fans who are probably still voting for him despite his lackluster semi-final performances. And I’m glad they’re voting for him, since he’s pretty good. Too bad he hasn’t really showed us that recently though. :/

      • Arlene

        So far Andrew Garcia as no range and he is repeatedly pitchy. Beside, he sounds exactly the same whatever he is singing, very monotone. He sounds like he is only singing from the back of his throat.

      • howell

        oh well, if you judge Andrew Garcia base on himself (his performance) alone, we could let him leave, BUT..if you compared him to everyone else, i do believe its not time for him to leave yet…for one, he’s better than tim urban…

      • me

        i think once tim loosens up, he can blow andrew out of the competition. that is if he does it before he gets the boot…

      • Andrew for the win

        I agree Andrew is the one that has the most talent and is original. ANDREW FOR THE WIN!

        @arlene I don’t get the “pitchy” cuz he sounds good.
        @me hahaha Tim Urban? please, the apologize guy? haha thats all I have to say.

      • Larry

        Andrew reminds me of Lil from last season. (No, not vocally.) She had one good performance and for weeks and weeks afterward, the judges would tell her “you have a phenomenal voice, but you weren’t good tonight.” How many tries should a person get, when there are people who are consistently good week in and week out?


        I think Aaron kelly was awesome, he was better then any of the boy’s.

      • Janet

        Aaron kelly was by far the best…

      • @Arlene

        I have to agree, he has not been good the past few performances. One trick pony in my mind. Lee is just about the same for me.

      • Aaron

        Omg Aaron dont even need to be in american idol too young and not all that he sound like he needs to go back to middle school and go to music class. Mom helps his dorky behind plz.

  • salsal770

    Put the “see ya” in Andrew Garcia. Alex Lambert looks like ben macenzie and tim urban looks like ben stiller in zoolander. Why was Aaron kelly doing the pe-pee dance? Kara was POed when Simon called her Rubbish. I get excited for Toddrick every week, I don’t always/ever like it but I get excited for him. How many Glee songs have been done so far on Ido this year?

    • jrm

      The pee pee dance? I thought for sure he was doing the Rain Man!

      • Mary

        At least he is trying to loosen up, unlike Tim and Alex. They look like stiff cut outs.

    • @salsaI770

      Aaron has to stop doing the rocking back and forth like an autistic child. It’s a bit weird. Someone needs to teach him stage presence.

  • laurent

    I just have to say, while Kara’s sort of making better sense this season, she was totally gunning for her own idol moment tonight.

    • wombat

      while i sort of agree that sometimes kara IS making sense this season, THANK GODDESS that simon called her out for complaining about that one singer kid singing the lonestar song!!!! i didn’t hear anyone complaining about the singer girl last night “not being a witch!!” when she sang rhiannon. puh-lease!! great progress, kara, but you’re still a long way from your “moment,” hon.

      • Jennifer

        No, but they have been harping on Katie singing songs too old for her and telling her to sing young songs that are more relevant to her experience. Seems to me that Kara was simply applying the same standard to Aaron. And she had a point: he had no emotional connection to that song at all.

      • laurent

        I know, right? It was so annoying – her, staging a Paula-classic emotional outburst and all. It “wasn’t believable.” No “mhow-ment” whatsoever.

      • Aly

        Rhiannon actually is in third person ( she’s not the one singing it) unlike the song Aaron said he intended in third person…and it was a valid point. Same reason why the Leanne Rhymes version of How Do I live got dumped off that one movie soundtrack in favor of the Trisha Yearwood version…the film producers and a lot of average Joe listeners felt that she was too young to connect with the song…though I believe her version was ultimately the bigger hit. However, she also has the chops. Aaron doesn’t. And it’s not an age thing. Plenty of 16 year olds can out-sing him.

    • sil

      Yes, Kara’s critizism is actually constructive critizim lately, there is still something about her that is off-putting, she’s verging on cocky I’d say. And seriously? What is up with her and Simon practically sitting in each others’ laps this week?

    • inalouisa

      Do you mean like when she faked crying after Mike’s song? Keep you day job, Kara, whatever that is, you are no actress!

      • sil

        and and melted into Simon’s arms. What’s up with the two of them?

    • Better Living Thru Television

      I was sort of rooting for Kara last season to be a second articulate judge to balance the two who – well – weren’t. But this season I am finding her really annoying. Hit the mute button when it’s her turn to talk annoying. She does that Joey Tribbiani “smell the f*rt soap opera acting” thing before she opens her mouth EVERY TIME! Too bad the mute button doesn’t help with the video.

      • JH

        OMG I just snorted I laughed so hard at the ‘smell the f*rt’ comment!! Love it!

      • cranky

        HA! Now I have a way to describe what she’s been doing.

    • Arlene

      Kara is so desperate for attention, she has no restrain. She thinks and speaks like a fool, and she is so afraid of being ignored, she will do anything to get noticed. To sum up, she is pathetic.

      • Better Living Thru Television

        Kara just hasn’t shown us the kind of artist she wants to be.

      • kct

        Can we please discuss her, “crying” after Mike sang? Weird.

      • jlb

        She’s such an attention ho, desperate for all eyes to be on her. It’s disgusting.

      • innerjuju

        Arlene, you are sooo right. Four judges are one too many. Now that (I hate to admit this) Ellen is proving herself, they reallllyyyy need to let Kara go. She is terrible and will do or say anything to keep that camera on her.

    • Brett

      Kara has been great for most of the season, but she sort of reverted to form this week. The crap she pulled with AK wasn’t nearly as bad as her advice to Alex. It made no sense. And I am sick of the pick a song you can relate to. And, I loved Aaron’s response. It was much more impressive than the performance itself.

      Randy is still the biggest buffoon on that panel. I rarely manage to understand a word he says. He was SO off in his critiques tonight.

      • mae

        Brett, Totally agree “dawg.” Everytime the TV panned to Randy I knew he was going to spew nothing but nonsensense. I wanted to throw something at my TV, he was completely irrelevant last night, even more so than Ellen and that ridiculous hug. Also this was the most BORING show EVER! Don’t understand why Big Mike got all the accolades on that song. I really felt like turning the TV off. If it had been a 2 hour show I would have. Guys to go home tonight – anyone is fine by me!

      • Anna

        Big Mike should go home. That singing was just meh.

      • danascheller

        I’m so sick of hearing how EVERYTHING is “pitchy.” Many times when he says that… he’s wrong, which tells me he just doesn’t know any other technical critiques to use. If something doesn’t quite sound right to him and he doesn’t know the technical term for it, he just defaults to “eeeehhhh, (wince) I dunno, that was pitchy dawg….it was a little pitchy for me.” Meanwhile it was flat, or sharp, or totally dead on! Just wish someone could tell him that it’s getting really old then teach him some other words. :)

      • danascheller

        Ellen, is annoying because she is too nice and doesn’t know what she is talking about.
        I like Kara from a judging stand point because I think she generally knows what she is talking about although she can get annoying sometimes.
        I like Simon, he knows what he is talking about.
        Simon and Kara are REALLY annoying with their whole touchy feely thing this season…
        I was HAPPY to see Paula go so I didn’t have to see the disgusting display of affection between her and Simon…I really don’t want to see it back. YUCK. :0)

    • Pam

      Kara has no “believability.” If she’s going to pretend to cry, she needs some acting lessons. And maybe a pinch from Simon to actually bring tears to her eyes.

      • lace lowry

        I agree about kara..Ellen please wrong choice for a judge..annoying, they should have kept shania twain

  • Aaron

    I seriously almost fell asleep…I couldn’t take another guy walking onto the stage and playing another acoustic song with his guitar…my god that got SO boring…

    …vocally I would say Big Mike was the best by a mile…although I despise R&B music, and I have a feeling all of his songs will have that vibe in the coming weeks…

    …Aaron Kelly needs to go, that was PAINFUL! And Andrew Garcia singing “GENIE IN A FREAKING BOTTLE”???? what the eff was that????

    I liked Alex Lambert, Lee Dewyze (even though I don’t think he can ever sing a song fully on pitch) and (surprisingly) Todrick Hall tonight.

    • Sally in Chicago

      My thoughts too….too much guitar strumming, that’s why Mike and Toddrick stand out. These guys are clones: Another David Cook, another Kris Allen….clones.

    • wakeforce

      I don’t value the opinion of anyone who despises r&b.

      • Angelo Barovier

        Meh. Go easy. I once used terms like ‘despise’ when I really meant ‘I can’t really get into [thrash metal]’ or ‘[country music] is not my cup of tea’ or ‘I’d rather stick a rusty nail into my eye and then bang my face against a rough, brick wall than listen to [Britney Spears]’ … well, maybe ‘despise’ works on that last one but, hey, I’m sure Aaron really meant modern pop-erized radio trash R&B as opposed to real, old school rhythm & blues. No one hates old school rhythm and blues. Except maybe hellspawn demons, invading aliens and The Jonas Brothers.

      • The Original Nshi

        Right on wakeforce. So many music types owe their style to R&B. AARON probably likes polka music. How silly!

    • Anna

      I’m sorry but I’m at a loss about the fuss on Big Mike’s singing. I don’t get it. It didn’t do anything to me. I’ve watched it 3 times to see if I missed something. There’s nothing great or a wow moment for me at all. Heck!

  • Madd

    Wait- Tim Urban sang Hallelujah? Tim is NOT Jeff Buckely. Or even Jason Castro.

    • sil

      or K. T. Lang. lol

      • sil

        and IMHO, sang this song the best out of all of them.

      • Angelo Barovier

        Cohen sang Hallelujah best. That is all you need to know. Same as it ever was. Same as it ever was.

      • dctoronto

        It’s k.d. lang Sil.

    • JH

      I kind of associate Hallelujah with Jason Castro the way Alone goes with Carrie Underwood, or Summertime with Fantasia. I know Jason isn’t really in their league, but what I mean is it was really Jason’s breakout performance and it’s hard not to compare. Tim did OK -for Tim-, but overall, I still don’t think he measures up.

      • Mary

        I’m with you. He didn’t do that song justice. I tried not to compare, but after purchasing JT copy for Haiti, None of these contestants should have sung that song. It was an improvement for him, but didn’t deserve the praised he received.

    • Katie

      Hahaha! Completely agree about the Jason Castro comment. I don’t really think anyone (especially Tim urban) should touch that song! It was too perfect when castro performed it.

      • Gale

        If you play Jason’s version again, you will notice it was not perfect. He rushed the tempo on the second verse. Nerves, probably.

    • Minutiae

      Or Myles Kennedy.

    • jamie

      tim urban sang the best version I’ve ever heard.

      • surya

        Whaaaaa??? I guess you missed Jason Castro’s heartfelt rendition. And although Tim managed to stay in tune, I don’t think there’s anything particularly special about his voice. He didn’t bring anything to the song at all.

      • @surya

        I’m not a Tim Urban fan but he sang that song completely in tune. His voice was clear, no wonky notes and at times his voice almost soared to another level. Missed it by a bit. Because he doesn’t have a Casey ‘goat bleat’ voice, or Andrew or Lee ‘sandpaper rasp’ there’s nothing special about his voice? I think you’re wrong about that.

    • Timberlake

      Justin at the Concert for Haiti with Matt Morris, sorry Timbo…..but u needed to pick that song out of the millions available and thought u wouldn’t be compared to everyone listed here?

    • anton

      Tim not only butchered the song, he changed the lyrics. Don’t go messing with a classic. And the best cover of it ever was Justin T and Matt Morris on the Haiti telethon.

      • Jennifer

        Did he change the lyrics, or just sing a different verse than Jason did? You’d think I’d remember, having heard the entire song at the Olympics, but I don’t.

      • @anton

        TIm didn’t butcher the song. He actually sang it very well. If you knew anything about music you’d realize that.

    • Bunny47

      Jason Castro wasn’t nearly as good as people remember him.

  • K

    The best performance of the night? Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark in that nerdgasmic Iron Man 2 trailer! Seriously, though, way to go Todrick for stepping up! And Big Mike singing Kate Bush! Oh Em Gee. I just wish Kara hadn’t ruined the moment with her tears.

    • Annie

      Yes! I loved Todrick tonight! He was so perfect. Too bad the judges hate him for no reason.

      • Sara

        Todrick was awful. He can barely sing. That song stretched the upper limits of what he can do, and it was barely anything.

      • JD

        When they said Todrick and Queen in the same sentence, I threw up a little.

      • jlb

        Oh, Annie, there are so many reasons to hate Todrick.

      • lace

        dont care for todrick

    • inalouisa

      With her “tears”.

      • @JD

        “You threw up a little”, what an original commment.

    • Jay

      Wasn’t as awkward as Ellen storming the stage like a screaming she-groupie.

    • Sydney

      Yeahhhh, loved that trailer and RDJ!

    • pede

      Amen to that! The Iron Man 2 preview was the best part of the whole show. As for Idol, is it just me or am I the only one who is a little skeeved out by Andrew continually picking women’s songs to sing? Especially this last song choice. That was one image I didn’t need, someone ‘rubbing’ him the right way. And unless my ears were deceiving me, Aaron’s song choice was WAY wrong and WAY too big for his extremely thin vocals. Plus, I completely agreed with Kara, the song was ‘too old’ for him.

  • Chichi

    Big Mike needs to go. Kara must have been crying from the beauty of Kate Bush’s lyrics and not from watching his Mike bounce around as if he was auditioning for the Biggest Loser’s Talented and Obese edition.

    • Anna

      Lol that cracked me up!

      • GROW UP

        Why Anna because you’re oh so slim and attractive?????

      • @GROW UP

        No, because it was actually funny. Mike’s just a big slab of Velveeta cheese.

      • @GROW UP

        Apparently you’re a little on the corpulent side yourself? Sensitive aren’t we?

      • @@GROW UP

        Nope, not funny in the slightest. You’re accusing someone of corpulence but you seem to be pretty familiar with Velveeta Cheese. Just pulled that out of nowhere did you or just tired of wiping it off your computer keys?

      • Anna

        Actually you’re right I had no right to laugh about that. I’m in counseling right now and I’m trying to lose 185 pounds and it’s extremely difficult. I was lashing out in anger. I apologize.

    • jan

      be nice………………

    • lin

      I am sorry but I did not see what all the praise was for Big Mike tonight. To me he is quite a boring singer and I would not pay for his music. I really did not see anything about that performance that would make someone cry. That was a little extreme to me.

      • james

        Thank you I had to talk to my brother and sister to make sure we were all watching the same show…we all agreed he was just ok- but my mother thought it was fantastic. Go figure.

      • Jennifer

        I cried a little, mostly from the pain of having to listen to him butcher a beautiful Kate Bush song.

    • maria

      I can’t stand the big/fat buffon… big mike is this season’s Gokey… don’t want to see his arrogant smile ever again.

    • darlene bowen

      mike is going to win that for sure . he is the worst singer there . he needs to go and so does Kara. cant stand either of them

  • Annie

    Aaron Kelly’s performance was the single funniest thing I have seen on Idol this season. Pants on the ground included. The diva hand? The power stance? The seductive, heavy lidded, smouldering stares at the cameras? IT WAS PERFECTION IN IDOL LULZ.

    • Ang

      Did you notice his spastic, undulating hip motion? Did he need to go to the bathroom like Paige? I was getting sea sick…needs to go home for sure!

    • Mark in FL

      He worked the jazz hands and the hand over the heart. All he had to do was use the fist thump to the heart and the trace a tear down his cheek and Aaron Kelly would be Idol first bonafide singing mime!

      • Annie

        Oh, I know, and that dramatic slow approach to the stool?! PERFECTION.

      • Snsetblaze


    • Steve from Canada

      Aaron didn’t hit one single note. He was awful!

  • steve

    i think you got it all wrong. i liked most of the performances. they were all decent, except andrew garcia. and several were much better than decent. garcia could be a goner. as much as i’d like aaron kelly to get the boot, i think todrick is going to end up leaving.

  • Saphron

    Just gotta say, I figured out why I like Casey James even after all the ridiculosity with Shania and Kara…his voice is reminiscent of Bob Segers. Not ‘Nutbush City’ Bob Seger, more ‘Against the Wind’ Bob Seger. And for the record, he should never wear his hair down. Too Bucky Convington/Jessica Simpson. Keep it pulled back, dude.

    • Sam

      I had the exact same thought after hearing him sing. I wonder if he could pull off a Seger tune.

    • Lanvin

      Damn Saphron…get outta my head! I was thinking Seger as well.

    • lace

      I enjoyed him singing bryan adams “heaven”

  • Larry

    I find everything about Big Mike (even that nickname drives me crazy) so irritating, it’s hard to concentrate on his vocals. He did a good job but there was so much rocking, moving and pointing I couldn’t focus. Best vocal so far this season? A million times no.

    • Sam

      AH-greed. I wanted to strangle Simon. It was like a soul performance if you scraped off the soul and threw it in a gutter. The falsetto was good, the big note was good, the rest was borderline terrible.

    • Lanvin

      My opinion Larry – Big Mike could have sang “I’m so Lonsome I could cry” and he would have still been over-praised. It all seems a bit pre-planned and motive driven, speaking of the judges comments.

    • boredinbklyn

      About four seconds in, I turned the channel. I absolutely hate that toolbag. (and also this season of Idol) If he’s what passes for the best, this season is a lost cause.

      • Anna

        Agree. Just meh. He should go home.

      • Nshi JR

        You first Anna.

    • likafig

      more like Frankenstein walking

    • JH

      I left the room during his performance to put in a load of laundry, I was so not interested. When I came back and saw all his strutting around I was expecting the judges to rip on him. Then all the gushing and Kara crying? Like Randy said: “Really??” I figured I’d better rewind and see what I missed… and I still don’t get it.

    • Jennifer

      Definitely not the best vocal of the season – that would go either to Crystal or Siobhan last night. But of course the judges have no memory anyway, except when it comes to criticizing.

    • Mark in FL

      I thought the Chicago Bears Super Bowl Shuffle was a better performance than Big Mike tonight. And yeah, the OTT praise did seem premeditated.

    • sean

      Mike was horrible tonight… the bouncing around the stage and acting like a goof didn’t fit the lyrics. And the over-the-top praise by the judges was disturbing.

      • Anna

        Totally disturbing the hype over Big Mike which was nothing. It didn’t do anything to me at all. Yes, it was all premeditated.

  • Sam

    For the second week in a row, I liked Tim Urban. Sue me.

    • Jennifer

      You know, the first half of the song was flat as all get-out, but the second verse wasn’t half bad. Better than Aaron or Mike at any rate. Still not a patch on Jason Castro, though.

      • Arlene

        I agree. Jason Castro was excellent.

    • Helen

      Summons is in the mail, Sam.

    • Saphron

      Well, this is the first week I liked him. Scarily, it was a very solid performance and I personally didn’t hear pitch problems. I will never believe he deserves to be here over Jermaine! Purifory! but I appreciated his performance tonight. It didn’t feel like a mockery this time around. And yes, Castro worked it on this song, but I think Tim deserves to be rated on a more ‘folksy’ level, it definitely felt very straightforward and folk aaand I’m just gonna stop now.

      • me


      • jlb

        Saphron I agree with you. He was not flat at all regardless of what someone else said. I am not a Tim fan but he redeemed himself quite well after some previous not-so-good performances.

    • cusegirl

      Sue me as well as I too thought he sang well tonight..Doe he deserve to stay, we shall see..

    • Timberlake

      seriously so the guy didn’t suck as much this week, but man it was like the disneychannel’s version of deep! watch justin and matt morris and see the light

    • surya

      My lawyer will call yours immediately.

      • surya

        Oops, that was meant for Sam above.

    • @Jennifer

      He was not really flat at all. Clean your ears out.

  • Logistics

    Todrick Hall’s performance was pitch perfect. It was entertaining, really easy to listen to, and it built well. He was cut down

    Tim Urban was so flat the entire song. He has no stage presence whatsoever. He gets a hug from Ellen.

    I love big Mike, and he was truly inspiring tonight, but clearly the Idol producers only have room for one black male contestant this year. The more guitar-wielding white guys the better, I guess.

    • Sandy

      Vocally, Todrick really stepped it up tonight. For the first time, I’m convinced he is a singer. Period. He still hasn’t picked a song that truly showcases his best qualities, but tonight was a start.

      • Mary

        I didn’t get that from his performance. Although he improved, I do not think he has the voice or range to do that song. I always feel like he is acting up on stage.

    • Sue

      Mike was good, but not great like they were saying. “This Woman’s Work” is a heartfelt, understated song and it is NOT for preening on stage. Sorry. Kate Bush’s almost haunting version of the song gives you the emotion that you should have….not “my wife is great and let’s do some jumping jacks” kind of feeling.

      • Bunny47

        Thank you! I couldn’t stand all that jumping around.

    • james

      Tim wasn’t flat. Call him whatever you want but he was in tune. I studied music @ Temple Univ in Philadelphia…so I’m not just talking out of my ass like I’m assuming you are. Do you have any musical training that you can base your “flat” claim on?

      • Logistics

        Yeah, it’s called having ears.

        Sorry you wasted so much money on an education that clearly failed you.

      • Slick

        @james – Seriously?

      • darfield

        James – have no worries, your College tuition money was well spent. I was listening to the show, not watching it and Tim was very much in tune. I wasn’t paying that much attention beforehand, so I didn’t know who was singing. My first thought was that whoever it was sounded quite like some of the popular male singers back in the 70’s..a strong, clear, powerful male singer that we don’t hear as much of these days. I don’t know why people hate this kid so much.

      • Rebecca

        I am a vocal coach, and while Tim is USUALLY very pitchy and has a thin, small voice, he was indeed IN TUNE 95% tonight. I was surprised. I realize it wasn’t as good as Jason Castro did it but it had a heartfelt connection and he probably will stay. (miracle!)

      • Jennifer

        I will confess to not having any musical training, and to just going by what it sounded like to me, and it sounded like Tim Urban was flat in the first verse, although the second verse sounded fine. Maybe it’s my ears or the sound on my tv though.

    • @Logistics

      HA HA HA! He was not pitch perfect at all. Not by a mile. He needs to be singing at Disney World or Six Flags as that is the limit of his “talent”. Tim was not flat at all, maybe it’s your ears that are flat. Big Fat Mike is a big lump of Velveeta and a preening fool. Ugh!

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