'16 and Pregnant' recap: You gotta do what you gotta do

Chelsea-16-Pregnant_320.jpg Image Credit: MTVBased on the show’s title alone, you know the basics about last night’s episode of 16 and Pregnant. What the title doesn’t tell you is that the teen moms on the show can sometimes defy preconceived notions and make really good decisions. Case in point: Chelsea.

Here’s the backstory (and first half of the episode): Adam is Chelsea’s boyfriend and the father of her child. Chelsea’s dad does not like Adam because he’s disrespectful, unreliable, and speaks condescendingly to his daughter (and, you know, knocked her up…). But after a private chat in the kitchen, Chelsea’s dad is reasonably convinced the teen father will be reliable after the baby is born. Yeah, he was wrong.

Immediately following the birth of the couple’s premature daughter, Aubree, Adam seems to be on a noble path. He even asks that the baby be given his last name. It soon becomes obvious that his pro-active approach is short-lived. The morning after Chelsea’s release from the hospital, she’s eager to go see her still-hospitalized daughter. Adam has other ideas: sleep. It’s downhill after that.

He seems more interested in pulling all-nighters standing under the hood of his car when he could spend the night standing over his daughter’s crib. At one point, Chelsea mentions that Adam hasn’t seen their daughter in three weeks. When she tries to confront him about it, he tells her to ”stop being annoying.” Poor Chelsea falls into a bit of a depression, but doesn’t let it get in the way of caring for Aubree. Still, her concerned friends and father encourage her to move on.

Determined to get a slice of her life back, Chelsea went to her high school’s Homecoming football game, but came home early because she missed Aubree. After learning she went out, Adam texted Chelsea some of the most hateful messages I’d ever seen (one is quoted below). He insulted Chelsea’s skills as a mom, called their daughter ”a mistake,” and talked about her stretch marks — yea, he went there.

Chelsea called her father in tears and begged him to come home, which he did. But after the meltdown, Chelsea had an epiphany: She had to move on. Shortly after, with her dad and best friend in tow, Chelsea went to a law office and changes Aubree’s last name. Adam is officially out of the picture. It was great to see Chelsea step up for her baby and her future.

Before you consume the noteworthy moments below, tell me: What did you think of 16 and Pregnant? Would you like to see more of the teen moms take a stand against bad boyfriends? Did Chelsea’s mature decision surprise you? Sound off below!

Most [adjective here] moment:
Uncomfortable – Tie: Chelsea and her friend talking about pooping during childbirth and Chelsea trying out the breast pump on Adam.
Hateful – Adam’s comment after he did not go to the pediatrician’s office with Chelsea when Aubree became ill. ”Looks like you did fine. She’s not dead or anything.”
Angering – Adam’s (English language-decimating) text message to Chelsea: ”no I want u to feel like the most worthless stupid f— in the world u better believe its so over for the rest of ourlives ya fat stretch mark b—-…”
Wise – Chelsea’s dad telling her: ”You need to start using [Adam’s] meanness as your motivation to get out of this,” after Adam sends her the above text message.
Slow clap-worthy – Chelsea signing the papers to change the baby’s last name to her own.

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  • gigi

    I almost jumped in my television when they flashed that text message on the screen. I wanted to strangle that guy. Chelsea’s dad on the other hand should get some kind of 16 and Preggo Awesome Dad Award. He stepped in just enough when it was needed. I hope girls (and women) are watching this show and will realize just because you have a kid, a man isn’t going to change. Some do, but some don’t.

    • Alex Nichols

      he was needed before this stupid kid had a baby. I would of drove her to the abortion clinic and told her to get on the friggin’ pill till she goes to college and gets married.

  • Kathgal

    I can’t watch this show, because of the continued verbal bashing all of these boys have been giving to the young mothers. It has been horrifying watching these boys talk to their girlfriends this way.

    • shannon

      i bet that they don’t talk to their mother like they talk to these females. i wonder what they would do if a man talk to their mother like they talk to females these days.

      • Alora

        if their mothers had taught them better they wouldnt be talking to their girlfriends this way. he is a sorry excuse for a human for calling that innocent child a mistake. and you NEVER mention a womans strech marks!!!

  • Fan

    I saw the After Show on mtv.com and Chelsea and Adam are STILL TOGETHER!!! This poor girl admits he’s mean, probably won’t change and that she’ll look back and slap herself for staying wth him. I’m scared she’s going to get pregnant again.

    It’s interesting how all the girls have the same story – they didn’t think they’d get pregnant and thought their boyfriends would be with them FOREVER. Sex ed teachers – listen up!!!

    • t3hdow

      Chalk that up to masochism, or at least stubbornness. But in all fairness to Chelsea, even some adults (whether male or female) have a hard time getting away from bad relationships, regardless of how many red flags they see. As easy as it is to criticize Chelsea for going back to Adam, it might have to take being burned a second (or third) time to get away from him for good.

  • New Mom

    I can’t believe they’re still together! I felt sick when they showed that text. These young men are the type you don’t want to leave your baby alone with…

  • nunnya

    This show really depresses the crap out of me. I’m twice the age of these girls and I may never have sex again watching the way these boys walk freely in and out of the lives of their children (except for Tyler who was probably most father ready, yet decided to unselfishly give his child up for adoption). Last night’s episode was the most painful to watch. Thank God for dear ol Dad. He may really be the most supportive parent ever…and at least one good example of a male on the series.

    • Deidra

      Oh, I just love Tyler. He was the most mature guy I’ve seen on the show.

    • mrogers

      This is show is depressing but it is also reality . I was a teenage mom and her Dad left me and I raised her alone until she was three. Girls need to watch this show so that they know that having a baby is not what they think it is . 90% of the boys do not hang around and can barely take care of themselves at this age . I also agree , I love Tyler too

    • sad

      Depresses me too! I am also a little more than twice the age of these girls and tried desperately to have children with my husband. But, alas, we cannot. So sad that some of us wanted children and others who don’t, have them.

  • LisaMay

    I don’t understand why the girl’s and their families never talk about sueing the boy and his parents for child support.
    Like Maci and Ryan last season, sue that jerk and then see how cocky he is!!!!

    • kim grace

      I agree! What the hell is wrong with these people that they don’t go after child support? Even if the dads do not have a job you can still get child support. A court will impute an earnning potential and if they don’t want they will keep accruing debt. Plus if the mothers file for welfare the government will be assigned the right to go after these dead beats.

  • Elizabeth

    I have to believe these boys are pretty stupid to carry on like this – ON TELEVISION!!! Like no one will see how much of a tool you are?
    Come on Chelsea – dump him and move on. You got the best of his in Aubree, there’s nothing left that seems to be worth it.

  • anita

    he’s not gonna change. he doesn’t care about her or the baby. he only cares about himself (loser).wake up girl! don’t sleep with him again. you are a piece of ass to him, nothing else. you are in for alot of heartache if you stay with him. i know his type. RUN DONT WALK AWAY FROM HIM. HE IS TOXIC AND WILL NEVER BE ANY GOOD FOR YOU OR YOUR BABY.

    • shannon

      he just keep coming back to you for what you got between your legs. don’t mess around and end up having another baby by him then you going to be stuck with two by him.

  • Emily

    Every episode of 16 & Pregnant seems to have a worse guy than the one before it, and Adam is the worst to date of both seasons by far. I agree watching this show makes me cringe when these jerk boyfriends show such a level of cruelty and disrespect for girls who often times are hopelessly in love with them. Last night took the cake though, when the text message flashed on the screen I almost teared up for Chelsea, and I also wanted to kick Adam in the nuts. I hope all of South Dakota was watching that episode so they can shame him out of the state. And kudos to Chelsea, she seems to be one of the more doting/responsible moms on the show as well. She did a very hard and mature thing, and lets not forget that these girls are 16 after all.

    • Jen

      I don’t know,in my opinion that Nikkole girl’s boyfriend was the worst I’ve ever seen on this show. Adam is definitely a close second though. Oh, and it seems as though every girl this season has gotten preggnant as a way of trying to keep her boyfriend around. I can only hope people who watch this show learn from this huge mistake.

    • lefty

      I disagree. While Adam was very hot and cold, I think Josh was the very very worst father on 16 and pregnant, if not worst person in the world…

  • JosieG

    It’s not just 16 year old boys who are this emotional abusive. I have a friend who left her husband 2 years ago and he is still using their kids against her. Calling her a bad mom and so on. Mean and abusive people NEVER change and will use whatever they can to bring you down. Hopefully Chelsea will realize that she needs to put her child first and do what is best for her, not what her hormones tell her to do.

  • Not a deadbeat dad

    Adam Lind (Hartford SD) is a punk that has no respect for anyone. He has sent several texts similar to the one seen on MTV to other people as well, including Chelsea’s friend, that were very hurtful during the filming. He is showing his true colors and should be held accountable for child support. As for him being able to see Aubree- he’s not father material, just a sperm donor and he should have no rights.

  • jerzeegirl

    I don’t advocate violence but let me say this… that young man would NEVER send my daughter another hurtful text…trust! I’d like to see more of the paternal grandparents involvment. Always two sides to every story.

  • JoAnn

    I think this girl is one of the best mothers I’ve seen, and I think her mom and dad are a great support system, friends seem great too. The boyfriend, is very immature and an idiot!!!!

    • Aprilcot26

      I couldn’t agree more, JoAnn. I thought Chelsea was definitely one or the more responsible teens (post getting knocked up, of course) that I’ve seen on this show. She is lucky to have so many people there to support her in a positive manner…too bad we can’t say the same of her d-bag boyfriend.

      • stephani

        I agree with you both. Chelsea has such a wonderful family and friends, they’re so supportive and loving. She’s beautiful, has great instincts as a mom and her school is helping her graduate. She has soo much going for her! only thing NOT going for her is the loser kid she keeps going back to. I was genuinely sad when I read that she was back with him. C’mon Chelsea, get rid of him, he does NOT deserve you or Aubrey. You owe it to yourself and your child to have a better life.

  • EMF

    I watched “After the Show” on MTV.com. Unfortunately, she still wants to be with Adam and believes he’ll change one day. It’s so sad. I was hoping in watching the episode she would see what a worthless piece of crap he is.

    • Amanda

      Thing is, no one changes unless they want to and put forth the effort and even then they dont. It’d be better for her to realise this sooner rather than later so she can move on and find someone who will be great for both her and her daughter.

  • Kris

    This show should be required viewing for all young girls, way more educational then anything the schools are teaching in sex ed. I kept waiting for Adam’s mother to show up and knock some sense into her son

    • Elizabeth

      What about the boys?

      • child advocate

        These “boys” had sex. Sex produces children. Drop the child off at the new DADDY’S and leave for a 3 day weekend. When you get back – see if the new Dad lived up to his NEW RESPONSIBILITY -if he cannot take care of himself, or HIS CHILD, HE needs to find someone who can and will…when Girls stop accepting ALL the responsibility with THEIR “CHOICE” – they’ll find a way to make good decisions about whom they choose to associate with. Sometimes the child’s best interest truly is Adoption. It’s called PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY, not “social responsibility” -it’s not the Taxpayers job to raise kids, it’s the FAMILY’s.

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