Peekskill is pissed at 'SNL': 'Facts of Life' town back in the news!

The mayor of New York suburb Peekskill is speaking out about the pain her city suffered last week at the relentless hands of Saturday Night Live writers: Her town is not, she would like to clarify, a “hellhole.” Its residents are not “rock eaters” and “freaks.” And it is not (oh, the horror!) “upstate.” You almost get the feeling that Mayor Mary Foster is trying to get her own Saturday Night Live skewering. It seems, among other things, kind of pointless to tell us Peekskill isn’t a hellhole: Duh, of course it’s not, it’s where The Facts of Life took place. I would like nothing better than to spend the rest of my life at Eastland, with Mrs. Garrett making me delicious and nutritious meals.

And is it me, or is Peekskill not the primary target (nor the worst off) in Fred Armisen’s send-up of embattled New York Gov. David Paterson:

What do you think, PopWatchers? Should Peekskill be upset?

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  • Josie

    I laughed today when the front page of the Journal news was about Peekskill being upset.

    Have they not learned anything from Sarah Palin? Get pissed and they will come down on you harder.

  • bronxmom-also owner of dry cushions

    I actually live in Peeksill, and am NOT offended in the least. My hubby and I were discussing this just this’s a joke….don’t be so serious about life, you’ll never get out alive anyhoo..(ok..that’s a old joke and not so funny)

    • bronxtot-also sitting on wet cushions


    • Norman Haight

      SNL is tired and has been for some time. The Patterson thing is pathetic and no longer a joke as are all he other politicians falling down one by one. In that context the Peekskill Plattsburgh thing was such a throw away line and just vaporizing into nothingness. In the meantime we who live here will continue to work, live and laugh and even laugh at ourselves with no help from the folks who don’t know anything about life above 96th St.

      • Anne Artist

        Is there life in Peekskill? been there, no thanks…bunch of squares with nothing to do…when it comes to being “tired”, Peekskill is in a coma

      • Norman Haight

        zzzzzzzzzz! what? Did Annie the ‘Artist’ say something? Wow. How important of you. Come out of your parochial little world Annie. The world does continue outside of the 5 boroughs. It may even inform your art.

  • Cletus Seyfarth

    She’s probably hoping that it turns into a pseudo-feud a la Newark’s Cory Booker and CoCo. You can’t catch lightning in a bottle twice.

  • N. Ominous

    F*ck ‘em if they can’t take a joke.

  • But

    But Peekskill IS a hellhole!!!

    • Anne Artist

      Right ON!~!!!

  • BrandonK

    Of course they shouldn’t be upset…this reminds me of when that town got upset with Colbert. WhatEVER, people!

  • Swanson’s

    Tootie getting lured by a teenage prostitute is sexy dark comedy!

  • wtfnyc

    Mayor needs to cool her jets, but she is right about one thing: Peekskill is NOT upstate. Albany and above, people!

  • Peekskill Guardian

    Mayor Mary Foster held a press conference to criticize a Saturday Night Live sketch, which mentioned Peekskill in passing. SNL described Peekskill as a “hell hole”, nearly the same words that Foster used when first running for office, when she called our fair City “an unappealing back alley… suffering from decades of neglect.” Our intemperate hothead Mayor then acknowledged she was a terrible representative of our City. See for video footage.

    • Anne Artist

      There you have it, Peekskill politics at its finest…

    • Muze

      Well aren’t you the pot calling the kettle black!

  • Diggity

    If Peekskill isn’t upstate where the h*ll is it?

    • Kim

      Everything north of NYC is NOT upstate! Yes, I understand the concept of upstate and downstate (Long Island) and when I lived in Manhattan I could understand why so many people there dismiss the rest of the state. However, I grew up in Syracuse (a city in CENTRAL NEW YORK) and to me the “North Country” is upstate. It’s all relative, but let’s not be so condescending about the rest of the state. That being said I thought the skit and the that joke were hilarious.

    • Anne Artist

      Well Hell is exactly where it is.

  • izikavazo

    She’s asking for trouble. Never react to stuff that happens on SNL, it’ll just make them do it more.

  • Mickey

    For most transplants to Manhattan from wherever, any place north of 96th street is “upstate.” If they can’t find an American Apparel then its the boondocks. Yet, they all seem to come from the boondocks themselves.

    • Kim

      And you live in….Hoboken, right? When I lived in the East Village, I’m surprised that I could make it all the way up to The Cloisters, Yankee Stadium and to restaurants and bars above 96th seeing as how I was raised in the boondocks. I’ve lived in more cities than you’ll probably visit in your lifetime (among them DC, Philly and Boston), so don’t throw that American Apparel crap at me. By the way, what’s your favorite college basketball team? Go Orange!

      • Kim

        One more thing, when I said in my first post that I understood the mentality of people in NYC re: the rest of the state, I was not condoning it. I was referring to their often extreme arrogance and narrow-mindedness.

  • Bill Borris

    That will give you an idea of the Hellhole. Peekskill is a shame.

  • Sarah

    I loved this skit bc it was so local…poking fun more at NYC parochialism than anything else…btw I am from NYC living in the Bronx and I do consider anything above the 5 boros to be upstate, but I don’t “dismiss” them, my best friend’s family lives up in Peekskill and I’ve been up there a bunch of times and loved it!

  • tresorparis

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