'The Bachelor: Jason and Molly's Wedding': The Top 10 Moments

Bachelor-wedding-JasonImage Credit: Robert Voets/ABC Last night, ABC gave us front-row seats to the Feb. 27 nuptials of Jason Mesnick and Molly Malaney, which host Chris Harrison referred to as “one of the most anticipated weddings of all time” with a totally straight face. That’s not rice you’re seeing in the photo, it’s rain. Which brings us to…

1. For some reason (the Bachelor producers are evil?), their wedding planner wasn’t able to give them a Plan B for their outdoor ceremony. They began the service during a break in the clouds — with Molly walking down the aisle to Jason Castro singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” — but midway through Molly’s self-penned vows, there was a downpour. All the guests had clear umbrellas, but no one thought to hand a couple to the best man and maid of honor to keep the bride and groom dry? Or, you know, maybe someone could’ve erected a large, elegant canopy over the wedding party area earlier in the day? Jason and Molly didn’t seem to mind — it just made the day all the more memorable. But I would’ve been pissed to have gotten my new green Manolo Blahniks soaked.

2. That moment when Molly’s uncle officiating the ceremony told the guests to be seated and the camera panned back to Chris Harrison, who threw it to commercial.

3. The look on Molly’s face when her uncle asked if anyone objected to the wedding. Actually, a lot of people were looking around as though Bachelor producers might have arranged for a Melissa Rycroft cameo. She’s married, she’s over it! And the only thing Nikki, one of Jason’s former suitors, should’ve objected to was the furry pink coat single mom Stephanie was wearing.

4. Jason Castro was left standing in the rain by himself singing “That’s What I’m Here For” as the wedding party and guests moved inside for the reception.

5. Gavin DeGraw, Molly’s favorite singer, performed her favorite song, “Follow Through” for the couple’s first dance. Amazingly, with 300 guests and a camera crew around them, they made that moment theirs. Very sweet.

6. Of course, we got updates on past Bachelors. Charlie O’Connell and Sarah Brice didn’t mention that they’re developing a reality show with Oxygen, but we got the premise: He wants to buy a home and move back in together, she won’t live with him again until he puts a ring on it.

7. Ryan Sutter spoke (!) and recalled his televised wedding with Trista: “Some would say it was a little bit overboard on the pink.” Trista denied this and claimed they had white flowers along with the pink ones. Then she awkwardly wished the couple a baby boy — in addition to Mesnick’s son, Ty, of course. (Ty, by the way, was at the wedding but wasn’t allowed to be filmed because his mother and Jason decided together — yeah, right — that he shouldn’t be on-camera anymore.)

8. Jillian Harris and Ed Swiderski are planning a wedding, but considering the only thing I remember about their screentime was Ed’s ill-advised heavage, I hope it’s not turned into a two-hour event. I would, however, watch a half-hour special should DeAnna Pappas end up marrying her boyfriend, Stephen Stagliano, whose twin brother Michael courted Jillian during her season. (Also, I would not be surprised if someday we saw a sex tape of Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi leaked. We already saw the foreplay as he rolled her around on the bed trying to prevent her from watching him kiss another woman on an episode of The Bachelor.)

9. Jason and Molly had the tamest Vegas Bachelor and Bachelorette parties ever. Naturally, the women went to a spa, then got an in-room stripper lesson, while the men gambled. But kudos to the unidentified guy who toasted Jason by saying, “Of all the women Jason’s proposed to, I think Molly’s the best.” (Also, props to Jason’s brother Larry, who later outed Jason at the rehearsal dinner for having a doll collection when he was young. Jason looked genuinely mortified.)

10. It’s a tie between the paparazzo being put in a headlock and taken to the ground at the wedding location (because no one is going to shoot this wedding, except for ABC), and Molly’s sister-in-law pretending to use an outfit-coordinating web site (I refuse to name it) to dress herself for the rehearsal dinner.

Your turn. What did you think of the ceremony? Weren’t the vows a bit anticlimactic after we heard Molly and Jason describe their love and struggle to get through the last year for an hour beforehand?

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  • Julia

    I like Molly & hope she’s happy but I still think Jason’s a tool.

    • laurie

      Agreed. I know I have always wanted to marry someone who declared me second best!

      • Meg

        I love how he proposed to Molly in New Zealand, which is “where they fell in love” on the Bachelor. And where immediately after they supposedly fell in love, he proposed to Melissa. Total tool.

      • Mandy

        Jason is too dreamy for words. I’d take him back in a heartbeat.

      • Justin Beiber

        He wanted to tap both! How’s that so hard to figure out?

    • SLB

      Agreed. Karma’s a b*tch Jason.

    • starbbycat

      I wish them both every happiness – Jason is ok – he made a mistake – they both have suffered alot because of it – I hope they have a wonderful life together.

    • Kathleen

      I am glad Molly and Jason are happy. Everyone should leave them alone and let them enjoy their life together.

  • Megan

    I <3 Melissa!

    • starbbycat

      wasnt it fun to see crazy stephanie – she’s tamed down those eyebrows – thankfully.

      • Mel

        “Crazy” Stephanie? What makes her crazy? Because she has class, unlike most of the other “ladies” that have been on this show? Class AND beauty.

      • TT44

        I would consider her crazy for that pink fur thing alone.

      • jones

        She’s not crazy. Her style (clothes and makeup) is strange, though.

  • Don’t Get Me Started

    I couldn’t believe they didn’t have a canopy or anything to help keep them dry. Bummer! I was recording it so I didn’t watch closely — Did they show or interview Jason’s ex-wife? Is she nice or is she a beyotch?

    • starbbycat

      it is crazy they didnt have rain protection for everyone – why didnt they put up a big tent?

  • Kris

    I wasn’t sure what I would think when I watched, but I really likeed Molly, she seems like a very nice person. Hope they are happy!

    • spikenalabama

      Me too!!!! I totally loved Melissa and wanted Jason to pick her but it looks like it worked out for the best for everyone concerned.

      • tedsgal_2453

        Now that we’ve seen a LOT of Melissa since the infamous “Bachelor Break-up on Air”, I think Jason got the best girl. Jason was star-struck with Melissa, and she certainly was way too much for him in the end. Molly is his gal for sure, and they will be very happy together.

  • Ella

    I wonder who Molly would have ended up with had she picked being the Bachelorette over Jason. Since she is attracted to dorks, she could be the future Mrs. Pavelka instead of Vienna!

    • Sandy T

      Jason is no way a dork. I think he is dreamy. I don’t care for Vienna but he does and that’s all that matters.

  • Nahala

    LOL What a fiasco. ABC could not spring for a canopy? But everyone got matching umbrellas?!? LOL Oh yeah, I would have just LOVED to celebrate my reception in a sopping wet dress/tux. Do you think they had dryers there? Or maybe identical matching gowns for Molly and her bridesmaids? How creepy that most of their guests were formerly on the Bachelor/Bachelorette. Don’t they have any friends? Honestly ABC, could you be any more cheap??

    • GGG

      Where was the wedding planner??? She couldn’t hand Molly an umbrella? Totally bizarre to watch.

    • Jade

      They had over 300 guests….they weren’t all former Bachelor/Bachelorette contestants. Obviously they kept the camera on those people because we know them. How would be know or even care who the rest of their personal friends are? And maybe they ditched the idea of putting a canopy up because it was so windy…they had a hard enough time keeping the plastic on the benches it seemed. Either way, they could have had an indoor backup plan! Molly & Jason took it with a grain of salt though :)

      • Sandy T

        I agree, I thought it was soooo
        romantic. They are so much in love. I admire Jason for not staying with Melissa if he didn’t have feelings for her.

    • Laurin

      Noticed they were bone dry when they walked into the reception

  • GS

    I only watched the last 30 minutes. Nice wedding but I was wondering about the back up plan too. You don’t have an outdoor wedding w/out planning for bad weather. I must say Molly looked great through it all. Can’t stand him though. Hope they are happy but we’ll see. Then again, I didn’t think Trista and Ryan would last so what do I know?

  • Susan

    Just to be snarky…those two have the worst smiles on TV!!!

  • BRETT from Samoa

    As a Survivor fan, I loved the wedding!! GO SURVIVOR

  • JERRY from Survivor

    I liked the wedding too, Brett. I ALSO love Survivor though!! But I’d rather be married than be on Survivor

  • Jeff Probst

    Guys come back to MY blog…. I know Chris and I are friends, but lets leave Survivor talk to the other page! Great wedding!! Cudos

    • Angela

      The wedding WAS practically an episode of Survivor…good idea for a new show…survivor meets bridezilla.

      • Leo

        Except, Angela… she was no bridezilla. If that was most women they’d be crying and stressed, yet Molly took it all in stride and laughed. She even said “This is SO FUN” and it seemed to mean it. It bodes well for the way she views life and the way they view marriage.
        Heck, if it were Jeff Probst, he’d probably PRAY for rain – God knows he loves women in the rain. Bet he’s wishing he got an invite with all those hot, wet women :)

    • Rachel Simpson

      Yes, I must be a romantic, but I love happy endings. Don’t know about Deanna! but happy for Jason. By the way, used to watch survivor and are the engaged coupled married and together still?

  • Lizabeth

    I was just wondering…was the last year THE HARDEST YEAR EVER for Jason and Molly? I think every person that spoke said that the last year had been a tough one for them. We get it! Other than that (and the weird coordinating-outfit shopping scene, which had a very Biggest Loser feel to it), the wedding was pretty and I hope they are really happy.

    • kaf

      I think Vienna has gotten more more harsh treatment than Jason.

      • KYTessa

        I agree kat and in my opion niether deserved it.

    • Michelle

      So glad someone else said it! I was like geez gimme a break with all of that.

  • denise

    HHhhuumm, seems like ratings are starting to slip off the ledge! The dresses, shoes, cakes, decorations, etc are not paid for by ABC. They are given by the people and Companies to get their name out there for publicity so don’t think they opened their wallet very wide for this one! This was just a PR ratings scam to try and fake TV land into thinking this program really makes true love come true!! YEAH RIGHT! Is that why the Host was accussed of messing around on his marriage because he is happy?

    • GGG

      Too many plugs to vendors who sponsored the event. It was like one big commerical. TACKY.

    • Laurin

      Did you see the florist name on thee centerpieces!!!!!

  • kaf

    what was with all the references to the wedding being such a long time coming?! They have known each other a little more than a year and restarted dating a year ago! You’d think it had been decades of courting.

  • Callie

    If what we saw was really how Molly was, on her rain-soaked wedding day, then she is a real good sport. I would have been such a B!!! The lack of planning was sooo stupid it had to be deliberate, for some ridiculous reason.

    • tebandla

      Molly is a beautiful woman, hope mellisa is also happy, coz Jason really broke her heart.

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