'Idolatry': Racial conspiracies, new front-runners, self-sabotaging judges, and a higher power rock the week in 'American Idol'

Pop quiz time!

1) The four contestants eliminated during Week 2 of American Idol‘s season 9 semifinals were:
A. Not Caucasian
B. Not talented
C. Not recipients of God’s text-message votes
D. All of the above

2) Your favorite new season 9 front-runner is:
A. Siobhan Magnus
B. Katelyn Epperly
C. Lilly Scott
D. Alex Lambert

3) Idolatry has a very special announcement to make this week. The announcement involves:
A. Danny Gokey
B. Crystal Bowersox
C. Kristen With Glasses
D. All of the above

Answer key in the video embedded below. Press play, and enjoy! And then go follow me on Twitter @EWMichaelSlezak. If you’re having trouble with the video here, you can watch at our complete Idolatry hub.

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  • bubba

    To see Siobhan take her voice out for a spin, search Lunar Valve on youtube to see her singing with her Cape Cod band…it’s pretty amazing.

    • AI Fan

      Yuk! I won’t be voting for HER after hearing THAT!

      • Jennifer

        How DRAMATIC of YOU!

      • marceebee

        That was truly dreadful. They didn’t do her any favors releasing that video – my ears are still bleeding.

    • Will

      It’s amazing alright – amazingly bad!

    • Maria

      I think it’s just the sound that is bad on that video, you can hardly hear her. Not a good recording. I like her, though, and hope she goes far.

  • Allison

    Congratulations to Kristen! Come back soon!

    Great show again, guys.

    • Tim G. (@rural_juror)

      Agreed! Congrats to Kristen! Even if the father is Hokey. ;)

      • Chappel

        Better Hokey than Gokey.

    • Liz

      Agreed. It is going to be so weird not having her on the show for a while.

      • Ashtrash

        Wait – what do ya mean we’ll see Kristen before season’s end?!?!? C’mon, she popped that baby out, she should be good to go!! I expect to see Kristen on the next “Idolatry”, friends. Cmon Slezak, make it happen! P.S. I love you Slezak. Almost as much as I despise Danny Gokey!!

      • Leo

        Hey did Kristen have a boy or a girl and what is the name? I’m guessing Gokey was probably not on her shortlist ;)

    • BJohnson

      Congrats to baby boy baldwin. I hope Kristen will be able to appear at least before the finale for a quick spell. I miss her already too.

  • Ben

    Katelyn Epperly’s The Scientist was good, and one of my favorite performances this week. But I can’t help but think about Tasha Layton. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rfncfpVid78

    • Ben

      The same goes for last week and Siobhan’s Wicked Game. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-Wr6oWr8YM

    • OriginalAnnie

      Tasha sounds a lot like Didi there..not my favorite. She goes off key in spots. Katelyn’s tone is much prettier, and she has better breath support.
      I also listened to N. Bedingfield’s version after Simon mentioned it, and it sounds nothing like Katelyn’s gorgeous version.

  • Carrie

    I love Katelyn Epperly, but she’s destined to the piano player’s 5th place finish. Brooke, Matt, now Katelyn, even though I love her so much

    • Vetle

      Kris Allen also played the piano?

      Hmm, who knows. I was surprised to see Katelyn crack the top 24, but she has totally won me over.

      My favorites: Siobhan, Crystal, Katelyn and.. Lilly probably. I kinda like Alex Lambert too. :)

      • Mark

        As to Kris; yeah, he played the piano (as did Scott), but I think Matt was more known for it. It’s hard to know if that’s how Katelyn will be pegged (given the playing, I don’t think so).

    • sonja

      I don’t think what she did on stage could be called playing the piano, she only played the chords. Big fake out. This is probably why she had a slow tempo as well.

  • MDEP

    You guys are hysterical.

    Wish Jon had stayed a few more weeks! I thought he sounded much better during his swan song. Too bad it was too late.

    I thought Katelyn was great during her audition, and I could not understand the negative comments about her. Glad to see she is doing well.

    • shinoli

      agreed. his swan song was really good. i understand simon’s frustration about not being able to guide these guys and choose their songs.

      • Allison

        On the other hand, I’m glad he doesn’t. Not the greatest musical tastes, and we wouldn’t know as much about the contestants as artists. There’d be no song choice like “Wicked Game”… which, really, would be a shame.

    • TK

      I loved Tyler and he should have stayed longer. He entertained and he can sing. Missing last season’s Idol’s. They had so many that could sing……….Danny should have waited till this season (age did not permit) and he would have won!!!!

      • Applesauce

        any of the top 6 last year (minus adam) could have cake walked this year. as good as crystal is, i dont think she is current enough to win. and lee who is one of my favorites is too similar to david cook and probably wont win, suiobvhagehne (Siobhan) is too weird and lilly is too mild to win. so katyln probably has the best chance at winning if she keeps this up. maybe casey (ok maybe not).

  • baj24

    I love Idolatry. Hilarious. God out lol.

    • Ghost of Kelly Clarkson

      Best part of my week is watching the new edition of Idolatry!

  • Annie

    Didi Benami praise? Really?

    All I can think about is how heinous her tour set would be. I know this is jumping the gun, but oh my god. She would be so boring to watch. She’s like tap water. The only person more flavorless than John Park.

    • Logistics

      Oh god, I know. She is dreadful. She looked like she was wearing my mom’s kitchen Matt during top 24, and when she cried this week I just about wrote her off. I find her so annoying.

      • Timber

        But not NEARLY as annoying as Katie Stevens! C’mon, you have to admit it.

      • elisha

        @Timber Finally, someone else says Katie Stevens is annoying! I don’t know what it is about her that I can’t stand.

      • Idol2010

        Yes, I agree. Katie is very annoying. Something about her that I just don’t like.

    • gleeli

      did is a great singer and, she is beautiful and looks like a nice person.

    • CAM

      Every time I look at her or listen to her all I can think of is Megan Joy. Those memories are painful, so I really hope she’s the next to go. The ladies who were voted off had more class and composure. She’s trying to get sympathy votes.

      • edward

        Sorry, you obviously know nothing about music. Didi is obviously a musician, and a sensitive one. Even established artists would find it very difficult to get cut down like that.

    • Tarc

      Sorry, Didi is prerry great in my book. Distinctve voice, commercially viable, sounds great recorded, sounds good live. I’m not sure what the naysayers are seeing. She’ll never win Idol, but she’s an easy win for a recording contract.

      • Joe

        Why she’s not going for the guitar baffles me. She needs to play to her strengths.

      • edward

        I hear you, Tarc!

  • jay

    this year contestant are the worst and lacks star quality and singing talent. this is the worst season ever.

  • Kyle

    Congrats Kristen and family :)

    • Hellen

      Yeah, Baby Boy Baldwin!!!!!! So happy for you.

  • bl

    another awesome episode of Idolatry. but i wish perhaps there was more discussion on song choice. that the contestants should veer away from songs that Season 8 Idol alumni sang unless they can nail it. i mean last week we had ‘Apologize’ and this week was ‘What’s Going On’, both coincidentally sung by Idol winner Kris Allen.

    • bl

      sry, forgot to add the last sentence. “and both of the songs were a huge mess.”

      • cmc

        yeah, such a huge mess that the guy won. must be a Lambert fan, eh?? pathetic

      • Katyo

        cmc – bl was saying that the contestants this year were the mess, and that they shouldn’t have sung songs Kris Allen sang last year when they were still fresh in people’s minds. Reading comprehension is a good thing.

      • TK

        CMC, oh hell you did not just say that. Why oh why must you go there. Allen vs Lambert is so over dude!!! Like Katyo said, READING comprehension is a good thing, try it!!!!

      • Applesauce

        kris allens performances or jermanes and tims?

      • bl

        i’m a kris allen fan. and i do hope pple get over their unresolved issues soon. it’s almost a year. and i was referring to the contestants performance. not kris’s performance.

    • Mark

      bl: have you watched any other seasons of Idol besides S8? Contestants do the same songs over and over! It’s just the Idol way.

      You need to do your homework

      • kct

        Yes, but most people don’t remember performances from Season 1. Last year is still quite fresh, and the songs mentioned came at the very end of the season.

      • bl

        i have, although i’ll admit it’s more of an on and off thing till season 8. and like kct said, the songs are still fresh (it came at the end of the season) and not to mention the fact that Kris performed on the stage a week before jermaine’s performance.

  • Elphie

    I’m glad we’ll at least hear/see Kristen before the season is over! She’s hilarious!
    Lilly and Crystal are my favs. so far along with Lee and Andrew for the guys!

  • cranky

    Awesome episode as usual. Congrats to Kristen–and of course she delivered on results night. How could it be otherwise? Gokey better send her some flowers. Bowersox all the way!

  • Ghost of Kelly Clarkson

    Congratulations, Jason. You have done it again. I spit Diet Coke across my keyboard when God changed fonts…

    Congratulations to Kristen and hubby on the new baby. And how wonderful that she finished her labor in time to watch Gokey perform! :)

  • Elphie

    Also, I agree. I think Katelyn will be the dark horse. I’m enjoying her more every week.

    • Emma

      LOL! “…But what does it mean?”

      • TK

        Funny Emma!! I got that, don’t think others did though. LOL
        But what does it mean???…….

  • Nshi

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Michael! Love the emerald shirt!

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