'Nip/Tuck' series finale: Christian and Sean call it quits!

nip-tuckImage Credit: Michael Becker/FXWell the fat lady has sung (and probably got some lipo on her way out of the building): FX’s Nip/Tuck has finished its television run. For my money, no other show recent television has been so shocking, infuriating, fascinating, terrifying, and entertaining. It’s been a roller-coaster ride with highs (season two’s phenomenal showcase of Famke Janssen as Ava Moore) and lows (season three’s gross Carver storyline). But I’m genuinely sad to see this series end.

Tonight’s finale wisely eschewed amped-up dramatics and instead focused on the bromance between Christian and Sean, the beating heart of the show. Although there was still time for some typical Nip/Tuck craziness like, oh I don’t know, Japanese senior citizen porn! But it was an oddly apt metaphor for Sean to realize he needed to move on and live his dream.

Julia has always been kind of a pill but she did have one of the night’s best lines to Christian: “You steal people’s souls.” Ouch. Mean but fair. It was all amplified by Kimber’s great final appearance where she admitted to Christian that she had to kill herself to get away from him. Yikes! Way to kick a guy when he’s down.

Sean has never come off more sad and pathetic than on tonight’s episode. He just seemed to be grasping at anything and anyone for support and comfort. It was especially sad at the big dinner good-bye scene when he had to part ways with Julia and his kids. I still don’t really understand how he’s okay with them moving to England.

If ever there was a way to spin-off Nip/Tuck, I think it’s through the character of Ava Moore. Famke Janssen is just AWESOME in this role. I could totally watch a series just about her and her crazy life (Janssen has also never looked better!). Her scene with Sean in which she abandoned her baby was just great. “I’m not the monster. I’m just one of its victims!” But it felt incredibly fitting that Ava would end up with Matt and that Matt would end the series completely lying to Christian. Ava is someone who yearns to be adored and look normal and Matt can give that to her. FX, let’s get that spin-off going…except maybe lose Matt. Or at least get his eyebrows and hair under control.

Is it me or did Matt look like he had just woken up throughout the entire episode? It was like every scene he showed up with bedhead. I’ve never been a fan of that character so I could just be nit picking.

And finally Liz got some respect! After years of being on the sidelines, Christian and Sean finally made her a partner. And, more importantly, she got to say the series’ iconic line: “Tell me what you don’t like about yourself.”

Speaking of which, Christian sitting down Sean and asking him that very question was definitely one of the best moments of last night’s finale. It just felt quite fitting. And I have to say that I got a little teary-eyed during their farewells at the airport. And I loved that the episode ended with Christian hitting on a Kimber lookalike at the airport bar. Perfect. Nothing changes.

The entire episode was fairly quiet and subtle for Nip/Tuck standards and I’m okay with that. We’ve had enough crazy cliff-hangers and loopy finales. This felt more personal and character-specific.

What did you think of the final episode of Nip/Tuck, PopWatchers? Did it live up to expectations? Or did it disappoint you?

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  • Leesha

    I haven’t watched it yet – It’s waiting for me on TiVo – but someone already spoiled the episode for me. I already knew it was going to be subdued and not crazy. I have watched this show since season 1. It was a great show and I will miss it. The actors were incredible too. Hope to see them around in other stuff.

    • Bruce

      According to informationm on the net Dylan Walsh (Dr. Sean McNamerra is suppose to star in a new CBS series about ATF Agent next season. Haven’t heard about Christian

  • KRibbons


    • Lisa

      I loved the Carver storyline in Season 2. I thought that the conclusion in season 3 was trifling. Terrible.

    • julie

      did Christian ever find out that Kimber left him at teh altar that season becaue she was kidnapped by the Carver?? That always bugged me that they never closed that loop.

      Ad I always hated Matt, wis he was in this episode less.

  • Dan

    Just a note – the final scene with Christian hitting on that woman at the bar is the same exact conversation he had when he met Kimber for the first time. Extremely fitting. I just wish Nip/Tuck would have made similar connections to prior seasons in seasons 6/7 – they just seem so seperate from the others.

  • Lee

    Everything you said makes total sense. I loved how subdued the episode was, and how it focused on the bromance. It was sooo much like season 1, and that’s great, because that was NIp Tuck’s best season. Season 2, with Fanka was also brilliant. I love your idea for a spinoff. Do it! I’d watch it for sure.

    • ashlee

      I also agree with everything you both say. But I did feel sad for Sean. I couldn’t understand his giving up everything to go off to some foreign land with Ava’s abandoned child his only comfort.
      Was that Brianna Brown as the blond Christian hit on? I will miss this series and all the characters that were in it.

      • Bruce

        Remember I believe it was in the 20 year dream scene that Julia mentioned that she had a restraining order aganist Sean so he couldn’t go after his kids. although he vowed to fight her tooth and nail. Maybe the reason will come out in a sequence

  • Toni

    It was bittersweet and I was left wanting more but that shall also pass.
    There was definitely some level of closure. I wish we could see the aftermath of the decisions that took place at the end… but I’ll have to leave that to my imagination.
    I felt for Matt who got the short end of the stick throughout the entire story… but I suppose that I am OK with his end too.
    We only get to live once so we better make the best of it, right? it’s never too late? poor Kimber though.

    Nip/Tuck… you’ll be missed!

    • todd


      • Toni

        Sorry to burst your bubble… but she did in fact die.


      • Joi

        I agree I think Kimber is alive and with Mario and they should resurface to look for her daughter. My imagination perhaps.

      • cg

        It was a bore and a cop out. Where is te guilt for burying someone? Sean realized nothing. Troy sent him away.

      • hello

        The show is over. It is fiction. She is DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Eric

        I posted this same thing on another web site. Either we think alike or you stole my idea.

    • Bruce

      I agree. I hope they do a sequel this summer and all questions will be answered. In the dream sequence it alluded that Sean had remarried and had kids with his new wife.

  • KendraW

    Season 2 was my all time favorite of the series…but thats probably because Ava Moore was the best fricken thing that happened to this series…Im a huge NipTuck fan but an even bigger Famke Janssen fan!…All in all it was a good ending and i cried…yes, cried…lol…therefore…if it made me cry it had to have been a great ending…happy tears of course…and yet when the ending credits rolled i felt like i had been broken up with…lol…all the writers did a great job ending the series though, because i dont feel like i want to hunt them down and plead to what happened to the characters. They did a wonderful job wrapping up the stray peices. The actors did great as well….damn they are all so sexy in there own way…well except for matt’s crazy bed head thing he had goin on…(I totally noticed it as well)…and well the eyebrows?………………they’ve always been outta control..lol….Goodbye Nip/Tuck…you will always be one of my favorite shows!

    • SLB

      I think bringing Ava back ruined the last two episodes. She’s been gone six years and Matt is going to dump his bride at the alter and run off with her? Just stupid. And why she had a baby.. Ruined the finale for me.

      • CleverShrew

        I am sorry, I missed the last two seasons. Since they went to LA, the show kind of sucked. But, forgive my ignorance, but how did Ava have a baby? She was a man originally. Sis they put in ovaries and a uterus when they gave her the sex change, or “fixed” her vagina? Cause unless they did that, her having a baby would be impossible!

      • Kalick

        Ava stole the baby from an orphanage.

      • CleverShrew

        @Kalick – Thanks!!

      • deeva

        totally agree; no sense at all. It was a sad ending.

  • silent

    you pretty much put the hammer on the nail……..and i agree with you a spin-off OR reunion episode would be great!!!!!

    • todd

      I think they will make aa movie in year are two. I DONT THINK KIMBER IS REALLY DEAD. i THINK SHE IS WITH THAT NEW DOCTOR

  • todd

    it was ok i wish that shawn could have got back with julia. My exwife have my kids I know what shaw in going thur. anyone hear anything about resuce me? last i remember is tommy is lying on the bar room floor with all his buddy standing around and they cant do anything to help him

  • Mark

    Am I the only one who hated it? I just thought it was boring and pointless and didnt have the spirit of Nip/Tuck at all. The characters were all like pod people, no one seemed themselves. Also, why isn’t anyone talking how Julia was in a completely different show it seemed like? She NEVER was informed Ava was back, never mentioned it, and NEVER reacted to Matt’s wedding! I don’t think she had one scene with him at all! Huh? She just gave up parenting rights to him?

    I don’t know, the episode all seemed like a dream to me. It felt very non genuine.

    • cg

      Nope, I thought it was a big old let down. How about arresting them for some of their bad deeds. Sean and Matt were both at the airport. How about one seeing the other get on th eplane. What a bore!

    • FLGrl

      I’ve felt like that for pretty much the entire season. I mean, I felt some moments had the emotion (like Christian asking Sean the iconic question), but not enough. They probably should have ended it a while ago.

  • Dianne

    Okay, well this will seem crazy, but I cried through the entire episode, with some big sobbing moments! I’m so terrible with endings. I’ll miss the show. Best of luck to the cast and crew and congrats to their accomplishments over the years.

  • Mike

    What junk, the first 2 seasons got me, but then it was just blah, but I watched, and each time I really didn’t know why… I was hoping that they would have been arrested because of season 1 episode 1, where they fed the guy to the alligators. At least Matt doesn’t look like Michael Jackson like he use to. Well, time to wait till Sons Of Anarchy returns.

    • michael robinson

      My wife and I loved every season we was just wondering whateverhappen to Wilbert…matt sucks he had more problems then anybody


    I agree it was very boring. At least Shawn and Christin didnt turn out like I thaught going to end.

    • FRANK

      they should have really pushed it and showed some boobs

  • Dave

    I thought it was great to see Sean finally change his life for the better, it was the character development we have always wanted since day one. The rest of it was kind of frustrating, no? I was fine with Ava getting away, but why couldn’t Matt have been run over on the airport tarmac? That would have been more fitting for his character. Christian’s ending with the blonde was good, but you kind of wanted more. I agree that Julia was on some sort of Cloud 9, why were Joely Richardson and Famke Jansen never given a great verbal smackdown scene to act out in true Season 2 fashion? So some good, some bad, but probably worth it in the end if only for Sean changing his life for the better.

    • Bruce

      I agree. Hopefully a seque in the summer when all the reruns. A full length movie would be better. Also Julia was an airhead/Cloud nine when she says to Christian that she didn’t realize thatSean is so handsome. Sean really becase assertive to the domitrix and the movie star and telling Christian that he was going to do the consulting job and that it was good for their busin ess-it brought in clients-Sean was mobbbed at the Hotdog stand for his business cards by people who wanted him to operate and Christian it seems just walked away.

  • Taunya

    I have watched Nip/Tuck from very beginning now to bitter end. I also, did not like tonight’s episode. I am the biggest critic for that show. Ava and Julia never saw each other and Julia was “ok” with Matt not saying Godbye to her? Wilbur was at the dinner table but you haven’t seen him in like 9 episodes. The ending with Christian…..PERFECT! He’s got himslef another Kimber to work on. I thought Liz shot the wrong deal at Sean. He wanted to be a part of that little baby’s life even if it was just to see it in the office nursery :( Liz, shot him down with that terribel” it’s my turn to be a parent” comment. Never had the chance to father his own kids. The show will be greatly missed, but not worried over since this season was all over the place trying to tie loose ends that will NEVER make sense~God Bless and G’night all!!!

  • Dysthymia83

    So is the ultimate message of the series that people don’t change? After 6 seasons and all these characters have endured, they’re all pretty much the same people they began as.

    • huh

      I thought the message was you are not responsible for your bad deeds. Nice message, eh?

    • Renee

      Building on this, I think the ultimate message was that you can change the outward appearance completely, but that will never change the inside appearance.
      I really didn’t like Julia’s line about Christian sucking out peoples souls…Sean was as responsible for the state of his life as anyone else – lest we forget his affair with Meagan O’Hara and the Nanny.
      An episode of Nip/tuck that didn’t feature Christian having sex with someone? Yea right.
      It was a bit disappointing for a season finale. But I loved the bittersweet scene at the end with Christian and Sean walking away from each other…

      As much as I enjoy Glee, I think Ryan Murphy really let his first show die so he could move on to other things.
      And Tim Stack – the Carver storyline was one of my very favorite of the show! One of the definite highlights. I half expected the end to be Quentin getting off a plane in LAX…

      • thinman

        i thought popular was ryan murphy’s 1st show?

      • ek

        you know, i completely agree about the carver disappearing forever. i was excited about the finale in hopes of having a big twist like kimber actually being alive, or the carver coming back. i was seriously disappointed. i just felt like the last two seasons of this series were reaching. but, since i’ve watched if from the very beginning, i just had to see how it ends. i know i can’t be the only one who feels kind of… cheated?

    • Bruce

      Remember the reason the show moved to LA was Sean wanted out and had sold his housand told Christian that everbody he loved was taken from hin so it was time to suck it upo and move on with his life. And who couldn’t live without Sean but here somes Christian in the middle of surgey and has the 3rd year medical student take off with his sports car and peopes to Sean to come back to a joint partership. You can tell that Sean is very lon ely.

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