Robert Pattinson's 'Daily Show' interview: Not as revealing as we'd hoped

Are we a little sad that Robert Pattinson didn’t end up talking about Betty White and vaginas with Jon Stewart last night like he did with Barbara Walters on Tuesday? Of course. But at least Stewart made the now routine questions about fame, the Twilight love triangle, and Pattinson’s musical ability colorful. When Pattinson said you learn to ignore the paparazzi, Stewart said he got it: They become like background noise. “Let me ask you a question,” he said, “When am I gonna hear that [bleepin’] song? That’s what I want to know, Pattinson.” Stewart feigned anger again when he demanded an answer to why Bella uses Jacob as an emotional crutch and leads him on when “we all know she [bleepin’] belongs with Edward.” (He admitted he had someone write that little performance piece for him.) When the subject turned to Pattinson’s possible backup career, Stewart asked, “Do you dabble in music because you were worried you weren’t gonna get laid enough?”

All good stuff, but I wanted more from this sitdown than Stewart’s punchlines. I expected him to find a way to get something real out of Pattinson, something new, and instead, it was just the same interview everyone else has done — only funnier. Pattinson looked like he had a good time, and after doing as much press as he’s already done for Remember Me, I’m sure he appreciated Stewart doing the heavy-lifting. But do talk show hosts need to try a little harder when they interview Pattinson — the fact that his fans have overrun your studio may be a surprise to you, Mr. or Ms. Talk Show Host, but to anyone who’s seen him do any appearance before yours, it’s not — or are we expecting the impossible?

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  • Ceballos

    Not to be an a$$, but do we REALLY need a recap of every single interview this guy does to promote “Remember Me”?

    • Ambient Lite

      No, you know how I feel about my sparkly boyfriend and how I revel in Twilight coverage, but you’re absolutely right. It’s excessive. Though I did LOVE the ‘Bothered’ bit they put up the other day – and that appealed to more than just Twihards.

      • Eyeball

        The interview was revealing in that, when asked, Robert Pattinson revealed that he has no understanding whatsoever of his character in Twilight, or that character’s motivations. That guy is dumber than a bag of hammers.

      • Ceballos

        Yeah, the “Bothered” bit was funny – it just seems like a single post could’ve been used to cobble together the highlights from his promotional tour. Instead, we get a post about how R. Pattz didn’t have anything new to say.

        Then again, I don’t know why I’m complaining – I’ve already gotten my Christina Hendricks-related post, so I’m a happy camper.

      • Ambient Lite

        Eyeball, you hate this stuff, right? I’m sort of surprised that you not only clicked on this article but went ahead and watched the video. What are you trying to do, condition yourself to join the Twi-hard army? I mean, we’ll have you (I guess), but I’m confused.

      • TheObserver

        Am I the only one who, when she sees Rob in these interviews, feels a burning NEED to comb his hair and rap him on the knuckles with a wooden ruler everytime he puts his hands in his hair? am I the only one? I have nothing against him…in fact I love him, but I caught myself doing it the other day and damn near had a fit!

        P.S he’s an actor, he doesn’t need to reveal anything about himself personally. it will make him a more sucessful actor (see ‘Matt Damon’)I like that he laughs at the ridiculousness of everthing :)

      • Ambient Lite

        Indeed, Ceballos, what happened to your Christina Hendricks afterglow? Has it faded already? Such a shame. :(
        Observer, I share your frustration and imagine the front of the hair to be sorta gooey…I could always tie his hands together… lol

      • canada

        Hilarious – this is all one person talking to herself or himself

      • Ambient Lite

        Seriously, canada?

      • TheObserver

        why is it than when a few people find a rapport online people always assume its one person?

      • Ceballos


        This is the Internet! Getting along (or at the very least having a respectful disagreement) is stricly forbidden!

        You’d HAVE to be crazy (or at least someone who talks to themselves) to actually get a real convo on here.

      • TheObserver

        Duly noted Ceballos

      • Gina

        Eyeball… no one can understand anyone in the Twilight series, honestly. They’re all very simple and never fleshed out. Robert said it best one time: Twilight is SMeyer’s wet dream. Period.

    • TheObserver

      I like where your heads at Ambient Lite

      • Nshi

        Because it’s yours!!!!!!!

  • chris10101

    I loved the interview. Rob couldn’t stop laughing. You can tell Jon cracks him up. Jon was awesome as always. My only peeve was I wish they had discussed Remember Me more but they showed a clip so that was cool. I’m also happy Jon approved of Rob’s New York accent.

  • holly

    Good god a fair article from Mandi instead of knifing Rob. I;m shocked. I think the inerviewers are stunned by the fan reaction to Pattinson. There’s never been anything like it. Even Di Caprio didnt get this

  • carolyn

    It was a funny interview and Rob was very good humoured. he’s had a hell of a few days with so many interviews. Stewart wasnt exactly original and did see overwhelmed by the fans screamign and shouting. Still I enjoyed it.

  • Lauren

    Is it just me or did anyone else notice that Robert Pattinson have nothing substantial to say in that interview? Perhaps Jon Stewart was doing the “heavy lifting” because Pattinson said absolutely nothing? That’s how he is in most interviews I’ve seen.

    • muse

      Stewart seems up his own a*rse

    • Em

      He’s an actor, not a rocket scientist. He’s supposed to promote a movie. If he doesn’t choose to disclose personal information or give insight into his personality, that’s his prerogative.

    • ShariG

      I have found him to be just the opposite in interview. He talks a lot about his characters, his music, his thoughts about fans and being recognized. He talked about being able to go places and ignore the craziness. He talks about having the screaming become back ground noise. He talks about the benefits of success. He talked about how the movie was out ther a while and couldn’t get funding and because of the Twilight success it was funded when he became attached to it. If anything Rob can be accused of revealing too much in interview. I think he is intelligent, articulate, and quite funny most of the time.

    • Courtney

      It struck me as either Stewart had never seen anything Pattinson had ever done or Stewart saw his new movie and hated it. The best way to dance around a conversation about a film you think it terrible but keep the interview positive is to talk about anything but the film.

  • cham

    It was fun. But the interviewer should have asked questions about Remember Me. Lazy research. Rob is a great interview and he was wasted last night.

  • judith

    Missed opportunity by the show. Pattinson is a funny, different kind of guy and they didnt tap into his unique take on things. At least surprise him with a guitar and make him sing.

    • ShariG

      You are right about that, but it made my night to hear him laugh so much. I think he really thought the podiatrist thing was funny. One thing I love about him is that he is sincere and pretty open. He tries to seriously answer questions when allowed to do it.

      • indranee

        I loved his “dentist” response to Jon’s “podiatrist”, actually. imagine a fangless vampire as your, er, dentist? ;) knowing Rob and his quirky humor, I think he knew what he was insinuating. ha!

  • Lauren

    had nothing*

  • judith

    Stewart didnt give Pattinson an opportunity to say much because he didnt stop to draw breath

    • betsy


    • victoria

      You hit the nail on the head!

  • jane

    I wish they’d spoken about Remember Me. What can Rob say when Stewart is doing a tirade about twilight. Thats so yesterday’s news. Rob isnt there to talk about that

  • muse

    Stewart seemed hyer. As if the audience was freakign him out. He’d never cope with what Rob has to.

  • canada

    Stewart missed a big opportunity. I think his researches couldnt see beyond the vampire films. But at least he seemed to enjoy the fim and Rob’s performance so its all good pr.

    • stella

      LOL. I highly doubt that Stewart saw Remember Me at all, or whether he truly gives a sh!t about Pattinson beyond what he could do for the ratings. It’s a sad world when we care more about what Pattinson has to say than an extraordinary talent like Jon Stewart.

      • ShariG

        It would have been nice to hear what the extrordinarily talented Rob Pattinson has to say. I can hear Jon Stewart any night of the week. It was entertaining and they played off of each other quite well, but I would rather have heard a bit more from Rob.

  • jas

    Pretty dull interview but I was mesmerized by Rob’s hair.

  • Maire

    i’m not on this Robert Pattinson train of hysteria, but at least he looked like he was having a good time on the show. i don’t think he’s had that much fun doing other tv interviews.

  • stella

    It’s a talk show interview. Did you honestly expect something “real” out of it? Why everyone spend their lives searching for worthiness, poignancy, or wit out of this guy, I’ll never understand.

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