'Gilligan's Island' movie: Let's cast the castaways

hendricks-louise-gilligans-islandImage Credit: Hendricks: Chris Hatcher/PR Photos; Louise: Everett CollectionPrepare for a new three-hour tour. A three-hour tour.

Warner Bros. is making a Gilligan’s Island film, based on the beloved 1960s sitcom that enjoyed a multi-generational run in syndication. Variety reports that Brad Copeland (Wild Hogs) is writing the script and that the producers hope to shoot next year.

With its seven simplistic, yet iconic, characters, has there even been a show that will be more fun to cast? Sherwood Schwartz, the show’s original producer, is on the record that he’d like to see Michael Cera play Gilligan. Fine. Perfect. Cera┬ácan play Gilligan. But Abe Vigoda can play Gilligan for all I care. As long as Christina Hendricks (Mad Men) plays Ginger. This is non-negotiable. If Warner Bros. can’t land Hendricks, don’t even bother with this movie.

Who else would you like to see in the film? Philip Seymour Hoffman as the Skipper? (Revisit Along Came Polly if you think the Oscar-winner can’t do comedy.) Stephen Colbert or Paul Rudd as the Professor? What about Mary Ann and the Howells? Have at it, castaways.

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  • bud

    Original television cast only.

    • Buffy Freak

      That would be interesting given that at least 3 of the 7 original cast is dead…lol! Maybe they could CGI them in?

      • orville

        Four of the seven are gone now, unfortunately. Only Dawn Wells, Tina Louise, and Russell Johnson are still alive.

      • Buffy Freak

        Thats right…I forgot that Bob Denver died.

      • Ceballos

        Then again, if they got stranded on the “Lost” Island, the fact that they’re dead may not mean as much.

      • Mary Q. Contrary

        Stephen Colbert as the Professor
        Isla Fisher as Mary Ann
        Seth Rogen as Skipper (he doesn’t have to be old)
        Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara as Mr. and Mrs. Howell
        Christina Hendricks as Ginger (inspired, Jeff!)
        Christopher Mintz-Plasse (sp?) as Gilligan

      • UGH

        DJ Qualls would be the perfect Gilligan.

    • The Original Nshi

      This is a VERY crappy idea!

      • Nshi

        Jaleel White as Gilligan
        Charles S. Dutton as Skipper
        Eddie Murphy as the Professor (duh!)
        Sherman Hemsley as Mr. Howell
        Marla Gibbs as Mrs. Howell
        Rihanna as MaryAnn
        Pink as Ginger.

      • dave

        Eddie Murphy as Gilligan
        Eddie Murphy as the Skipper
        Eddie Murphy as the professor
        Eddie Murphy as Ginger
        Eddie Murphy as Mary Ann
        Eddie Murphy as Mr. Howell
        Eddie Murphy as Mrs. Howell

      • Nshi



      • LOL

        LMFAO @ Dave! Great answer.

      • LOL

        It is a crappy idea, though, to have a hack write it. The dude who wrote “Wild Hogs?” Seriously? How lame.

      • Krogers

        Have we learned nothing from:
        The Dukes of Hazard or
        Starsky and Hutch or
        Wild Wild West or
        Bewitched or
        LAND OF THE LOST!!!

    • The Vicster

      Chris Elliott (Gilligan)

      • Stephan

        Jim Carrey would make a great Gilligan and Kevin James as the Skipper!

    • Jo

      Owen Wilson is already a beach bummy kinda guy. He is Gilligan.

    • DZE

      I normally HATE movie remakes of TV classics. The only TV-Movie remake that I enjoyed was Bewitched. It paid homage to the original while adding an element of originality.
      The idea of Christina Hendricks is PERFECT!
      I think that John Goodman would be a great Skipper, Joan Rivers as Mrs. Howell
      Keep Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson AWAY from this movie!!! Their remakes have an undercurrent of distain for the original material and leave us questioning how we could have ever liked the originals.

  • Clayton

    Stephen Colbert as the professor would be amazing. How abot Rachel McAdams for Ginger and Terry O’Quinn for the Skipper?

    • Maureen

      Stephen Colbert would be great! :D

    • Chris

      I was thinking Rachel McAdams for Mary Anne.

    • Stacy

      Oh my god yes! Colbert would be the best professor!! If they cast him I might watch the movie.

      • kct

        Anna Kendrick as Mary Anne.

  • Buffy Freak

    Kelly Bishop (Emily Gilmore) as Lovey Howell.

    • Mary

      OMG! great idea! She would be wonderful as Lovey!

    • Roger Ebert

      Sticking with the Arrested Development theme how about Jeffery Tambor and Jessica Walter (I think that’s her) as the Howells. And Will Arnet as the Professor.

    • Brooke


  • kellen

    get elliot gould and christina pickles to play the howels! yes, they were the gellars as well, but they work so well together!

    • Jillz

      Great idea! Unfortunately I think this will be just an awful, awful movie, but they would be perfect as the Howels!

      • a

        You are so right. Another bastardization of a great past project by the currently unimaginative hollywood idiots

  • Captain Canuck

    Sir Ian McKellen & Dame Judi Dench as the Howells. Nicole Kidman as Ginger. Natalie Portman as Mary-Ann. Jim Parsons as Gilligan. JOhn Goodman as The Skipper. Paul Rudd as The Professor.

    • citizen

      Ooh, I can totally see Jim Parsons as Gilligan. I think McKellen and Dench might be a little too high-class for the Howells, though. I like the idea of Elliot Gould and Christina Pickles.

      And, well…if Christina Hendricks should be Ginger, then I vote Nathan Fillion for the Professor.

      • orville

        Or how about if Christina Hendricks is Ginger, John Slattery as the Professor and Elisabeth Moss as Mary Ann?

        I can see Jim Parsons as Gilligan too, but for some reason, I’ve always pictured Justin Long as Gilligan.

        If he was a little older, David Hyde Pierce would be a perfect Thurston Howell.

      • Jane

        Nathan Fillion is too heroic to be the Professor. They’re probably going to get Steve Carrell to be the Professor. He gets comedy straight man work all the time, and I am not against that.

      • Dan

        Judi Dench was in Chronicles of Riddick. She’s not too high class for the Howells.

    • Alex Williams

      Please, God, not Jim Parsons as Gilligan. The movie’s going to be a career killer and I don’t want to see somebody that talented go down with the ship (onscreen or off).

    • Jane

      Natalie Portman as Mary-Ann? Portman hasn’t been interesting since Mars Attacks. She’d make the role a real snoozer.

  • Chris

    This will be a guaranteed flop … I don’t know why they bother. Oh yeah, it’s because no one has any original ideas anymore.

    • Sue1

      It sure seems that way, doesn’t it. Some remakes turn out quite well, most defy explanation. Psycho, Planet of the Apes, Walking Tall…and now this.

  • Ceballos

    Jay Baruchel as Gilligan
    Hoffman as Skipper
    Colbert as the Professor
    Jeffrey Tambor as Mr. Howell
    Jessica Walter as Mrs. Howell
    OF COURSE Christina Hendricks as Ginger.

    That cast would put my butt in the seat.

    (Though, I’ll really accept any excuse you guys wanna find for posting a picture of Christina Hendricks.)

    • Jaime :)

      LOVE Jeffery Tambor and Jessica Walter as Mr. & Mrs. Howell — good call!

    • Buffy Freak

      Ooh I LOVE the idea of Tambor and Walter as the Howells!

    • Madd

      I think you should cast this movie, Ceballos.

    • Roger Ebert

      I missed your Tambor Walter pick Ceballos, good call.

      How about Zack Braff as Gilligan?

  • Jamie

    Jackie from That 70’s Show to play Mary Ann

    • Diane

      Nice call! I was leaning towards Christina Ricci as Mary Ann until I read your post. Mila Kunis would be perfect!

      • LOL

        Kunis rocks!

  • Ally

    LOVE the idea of Christina Hendricks playing Ginger!!

  • Jaime :)

    Here is the ideal cast:
    Gilligan – Micheal Cera
    Skipper – Philip Seymour Hoffman
    Ginger – Christina Hendricks (ABSOLUTELY!)
    Mary Ann – Mila Kunis
    The Professor – Paul Rudd
    Mr. Howell – Mandy Patinkin
    Mrs. Howell – Betty White

    • Ken

      Mandy Patinkin is 57 while Betty White is 88. Unless they want to rewrite the Howells as mother and son, I’m not sure that would work.

      • Sue1

        Good point.

      • Tony

        May December baby. Given that the old one was straight 50’s 60’s man on top, having her be the rich one with Mandy P as the aging boy toy could be kind of a funny take.

    • Laura

      Oooo, Betty White as Mrs. Howell is PERFECT!

      • Fish Forever

        Abe Vigoda as Mr. Howell and Betty as the Mrs. = win!

    • Nshi

      And with that “Jaime :)” you double-handedly killed the Betty White is redhot momentum.

    • PJ JEnnings

      @Jaime :)
      That list is almost perfect except for Mandy Patinkin. Maybe Carl Reiner or someone instead? I was thinking
      Gilligan: Justin Long
      Skipper: Philip Seymore Hoffman
      Thurston Howell III: Steve Carell
      Lovey: Kristin Wiig (These two if they go a younger route, but I love yours too)
      Ginger: Christina Hendricks or Megan Fox
      Professor: Paul Rudd
      Mary Anne: Rachel McAdams or Scarlett Johannson
      Sorry if those are mispelled. Also, this is a dream cast, I think it is a little bit star studded. I think it might be distracting if the cast was completely made up of well known actors and actresses. A cast of at least a few (relatively)unknowns might do the movie well.

  • JLC

    Remember the Beverly Hillbillies movie? I think this cast will be on the same level. Although that movie did give us Deidrich Bader.
    I’m thinking James Gandolfini as Skipper.

    • Chris

      However, also look at The Brady Bunch movie. Not as crappy as it coulda been, and still kinda stupidly charming. So who knows. And Danger Theater’s “The Searcher” Gave us Diedrich Bader.

  • JD

    Amy Poeler = Mary Ann
    Scarlette Johansen = Ginger
    Joseph Gordon Levitt = Gilligan
    M C Gainey = Skipper
    Jeff Goldblum = Professor

    • Maserda

      I agree: Jeff Goldblum as the Professor!

  • Kimberly

    William Shatner as the Skipper
    Michael Cera as Gilligan
    Simon Baker as the Professor
    Ginnifer Goodwin as MaryAnn
    and without a doubt Christina Hendricks as Ginger.

    • Laura

      Ginnifer Goodwin for Mary Ann is a great idea. She does perky and sunny very well, and has nice girl-next-door type of look.

    • dublin04

      William Shatner for the Skipper!!!!

    • judy

      I am all for Simon Baker playing the Professor!

    • EEKstl

      Ginnifer Goodwin as Mary Ann is a REALLY great call! And I couldn’t agree more about Christina Hendricks being the ULTIMATE modern-day Ginger…

  • bigtoe

    From the LOST cast – Hurley as Gilligan, Faraday as the professor, Shannon as the Movie Star, Kate as Mary Ann, Locke as the Skipper

    • Mary Q. Contrary

      Really? Kate as Mary Ann? No way. She’s way too criminal-y, deceptive, and wily, not to mention prone to violence. Pre-psychotic Claire is much closer to a modern day Mary Ann. Sweet, innocent, and knocked up by her deadbeat boyfriend from the land down under, which is the modern-day twist.

  • Mindy

    How about John Goodman as the skipper?

    • robinepowell

      I think John Goodman already did that role on Roseanne, when the had a dream like crossover with the original members (one who were still around) in an episode.

      • Mary Q. Contrary

        Ha! John Goodman flashed through my mind as an option for Skipper, too, and now I know why. I loved Roseanne, although that episode was awful.

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