Bill Murray on 'Ghostbusters 3': 'If they killed me off in the first reel, I'd do it.'

Bill Murray was on The Late Show last night, looking like a renegade from a crazy-person commune. He wore a glittery purple shirt, snowshoes, and an ice-road-trucker hat, with his injured leg held aloft in a sling. Deadpan hilarity ensued. But the talk turned (midly) serious when Letterman asked him about the long-rumored Ghostbusters sequel. “It’s a nightmare,” said Murray. “This is my nightmare…. I told them if they killed me off in the first reel, I’d do it. So now they’ve figured out a way to kill me off.” He sounded pretty dismissive of the film, even when Dave said the sequel would be a huge hit: “It’s just crazy talk.”

Ivan Reitman recently announced that he’d be returning to direct the threequel sometime this year, though when he made the announcement, there was still no script or full deal in place (see Nicole Sperling’s full report here). The Ghostbusters video game moved over a million units, so the concept is clearly still bankable, but if the franchise’s stars already look this bored, is there hope for the movie?

For some terrible reason, when I was growing up my family had the VHS copy of Ghostbusters 2 but not the first Ghostbusters, so I developed ┬áthe unfortunate ability to quote long stretches of dialogue of 2 from memory (“Only a Carpathian would come back to life now and choose New York!”) So I’m probably a bit more disposed to liking the sequel than most people. Certainly, Murray looks like he wants to forget the experience. Letterman: “There was a Ghostbusters 2, wasn’t there?” Murray: “Technically, yes.”

Even so, I’m not crazy excited about the notion of another long-in-the-tooth ’80s franchise getting a way-too-late sequel (Ahem. I said, ahem!). And Reitman’s recent track record isn’t very inspiring; is his son Jason available for a consult? Then again, the whole concept still feels pretty solid, and even if Murray only sticks around long enough for a contractually-obligated death scene (see also: Charlton Heston, Jamie Lee Curtis), it’d be fun to see him back in a goofy comedic role again.

What do you think, PopWatchers? Would you see Ghostbusters 3, or was one disappointing sequel enough for you? And what new actors would you cast to take over for the old Ghostbusting crew? Is Louis C.K. free?

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  • laylagalise

    I don’t know why he wouldn’t do Ghostbusters 3 minus the death scene… He did Garfield 1 AND 2.

    • Chris

      Yeah, no kidding. Maybe it’s different cuz he could literally phone in the voice work for a cat, whereas he would have to be present on set to do another Ghostbusters movie.

  • Ceballos

    You’re not alone on “Ghostbusters 2″. I actually saw 2 before I ever have the original, so I also have that sort of weird fondness for it.

    It’s very quotable (although I’m probably the only person I know who randomly yells out “Oh my god, it’s the Scoleri brothers!”) and Peter Macnicol is hilarious in it. (“Then why are you came?!”)

    • Ceballos

      …before I ever saw* the original…

    • Sarah D

      “named after a hot dog, you poor man!”
      “You’re short, your belly button sticks out too far, and you’re a terrible burden on you poor mother.”

      “you’re not sleeping with it…are you Ray?”

      Loved it, loved every minute.

      One more: “Carpathian Kitten Loss”

      • Ceballos

        “There’s something strange/in the neighborhood/who you gonna call?” “He-man!”

        “I think you guys are making a big mistake…I got my law degree at night school.” “Well, that’s fine Lois – we got arrested at night.”

        “Very good, Lois. Short, but pointless.”

      • Ceballos

        Yikes, brain fart…I’m aware his name is actually “Louis”.

      • My Dog’s Name is Venkman

        Sure, the blackout was a big problem for everybody. I was trapped in an elevator for two hours and I had to make the whole time. But I don’t blame them. Because one time, I turned into a dog and they helped me. Thank you.

      • Ceballos


      • Jackie

        It really is quotable :) A friend of mine and I were at the movies one time and saw a trailer for a movie with Vigo Mortenson in it. I turned to her and said, “He is VIGO!”
        Venkman: Where are you from, Johnny?
        Yanush: Ze upper vest side?
        Venkman: Viggy, Viggy, you have been a bad MONKEY!

    • Jimmie Bo Bimmie

      Did I miss something the first time I saw it?–now I’m going to have to see it again. Only thing I remember about it all is Bobby Brown singing that song.

      • My Dog’s Name is Venkman

        Bobby Brown also held the door open for the Ghostbusters when they went to see the mayor and asked for a proton pack for his kid brother! ;)

  • matt

    Bill, you owe this to Dan Akroyd and Harold Ramis, they need this to happen and it clearly can’t happen without Venkman.

  • Q


  • Bug

    I would pay to see Ghostbusters 3. And actually, I like Ghostbusters 2 more than the original. I also liked the cartoon, which I realize was terrible.

    • Sarah

      Crappy but also terrifying. The boogey man monster still freaks me out!

    • Daniel

      I would never say “I like Ghostbusters 2 more than the original.” However, I would say that 2 was an enjoyable sequel. I’m anticipating the third.

    • rkor

      Shush your mouth! The cartoon is the one thing(meant mostly for kids) from my childhood that is still awesome.
      And Bill Murray, I’m not expecting you to be in the whole movie, but you’re going to be in it and you’re not dying.

  • Brett

    His lack of enthusiasm is infectious. I’d hate to see another “Beverly Hills Cop 3,” which is what this sounds like it will turn out to be.

  • Kim

    They should find an all new hillarious cast who has to investigate the mysterious deaths of the original ghostbusters who come back as some kind of ghouls.

    • sparkle the gym bag

      great idea…how about mila kunis and anybody but michael cera, along with seth rogen and give vincent, the dog from lost a part, and maybe danny devito as god

      • My Dog’s Name is Venkman

        If Michael Cera is involved in any way it will be like the time I tried to drill a hole in my head.

      • Jackie

        It would have worked if we hadn’t stopped you…

      • CNJ

        Sorry I like Seth and stuf, but the only people I think that can match their humor would end up being a Ghostbuster Pinapple Express or Jay and Silent Bob go Ghostbusting

    • Snsetblaze

      James Franco might be good choice.

  • Jeremy W.

    Dan Aykroyd just needs to allude in the beginning of the film that Venkman died of auto-erotic asphyxiation while looking at pictures of himself, and that’s the only laugh that Bill Murray deserves at this point. LEt him go back to making his “artsy” movies with Wes Anderson and he’ll leave the rest of us alone…

    • Eric

      LMAO @ Jeremy

  • Ambient Lite

    According to imdb, he IS slated to act in Ghostbusters 3.
    I find it mildly amusing that this assclown thinks he’s “above” any of this.

    • Ceballos

      I know right – the guy who goes on national TV in a glittery purple shirt and snow shoes is too good for “Ghostbusters 3.”

      • Ambient Lite

        Not to mention the aforementioned work he did in Garfield. Ego is a mysterious thing, isn’t it?

      • terry

        Though the Garfield line in Zombieland is great.

      • hazel

        I don’t think it’s his ego that’s making him respond to Ghostbusters this way. I heard that he was treated really badly during the making of the first two movies, and it left a bad taste in his mouth for the whole thing. Maybe it was such a bitter experience, he just doesn’t want to relive it.

      • Ambient Lite

        Funny, yes – but he’s also taking another jab at a franchise he’s happily collected a paycheck from, which makes him a tool.

      • Snsetblaze

        I thuoght his brief part in Zombieland was hilarious.

  • Dave

    I would watch it. I loved both 1&2; although the first was better. No matter what Bill Murray says, he’s kind of a cranky basterd anyway. Although, I still love the guy!
    Gozer the Traveller will come in one of the
    pre-chosen forms. During the rectification of the Vuldronaii the Traveller came as a very large and moving Torb. Then of course
    in the third reconciliation of the last of the Meketrex supplicants they chose a new form for him, that of a Sloar. Many Shubs
    and Zuuls knew what it was to be roasted in the depths of the Sloar that day I can tell you.
    Rick Moranis was awesome in the original too!

    • sparkle the gym bag

      yep got to RM in it! and annie potts too and maybe erinie hudson in a cameo as lone surviving original others are all ghouuls, ghosts or zombies

      • CNJ

        Don’t forget Sigorney, so I see everyone went their own way and big thing happens to bring them all together, so Dan has to get everyone together and of course Ernie is reluctant because has a good life, Annie is still sitting in the same job with hubby Rick. Now the kids of the original get together and save the 4 oringinal with RM and Annie’s kids backing them up in a van.

  • hazel

    Bill Murray is hilarious because of his unbelievably DRY humor. This interview is a perfect example. I think that maybe some people get the wrong impression of him because they don’t notice when he’s totally and completely joking.

    • Broadway Baby

      He does have a bit of a Kaufman influence – so I too wouldn’t doubt that he’s teasing his co-stars.

  • IH

    I did not find the sequel disappointing and actually still get down once in a while to the hit songs from the film. I agree though, with other comments here, that it wouldn’t be the same film without him and hopes that he doesn’t really get offed; they’re a great team altogether. I’d like to see the secretary as well (Annie Potts)!

  • Rlk

    bill murray man do it atleast for the oney dont quit on us now man keep it going. nobody else can be like bill murray only u

  • Eric

    Yeah, I don’t get on people hating Ghostbusters 2 so much. Is it as good as the first? No, but it’s still a lot of fun and had some cool stuff in it. I mean, the “River of Slime.” How cool was that?

  • Eric

    People need to realize that bill is awsome, stop talking crap on him, it’s his movie your just mad you’ll never be as cool as him

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