'Dancing with the Stars': The season 10 cast!

Greetings once again, DANCMSTRs. ABC announced the season 10 cast of Dancing with the Stars during tonight’s Bachelor finale. Heavily rumored ballroom noobs included Pamela Anderson (pictured — wardrobe will need to order extra-giant sequins to cover her special disco balls), Kate Gosselin, Shannen Doherty, and Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco.

9:03 p.m. update: MELISSA RYCROFT is filling the Samantha Harris role *for now* as Tom Bergeron reveals…that we’ll have to wait until Chris Harrison hands out the final rose.

9:38 p.m. update: Quit toying with me, Tom.

9:54 p.m. update: Okay, the season 10 cast is after the jump! 


Pamela Anderson, “the world’s sexiest woman” Still?

Chad Ochocinco, “football’s most outrageous” Token NFL star, check! Appears in this Monica video for “Everything To Me,” which, really, is everything to me. I don’t do football.

Aiden Turner, “the soap stud” a.k.a. “The Cristian de la Fuente of the season”…if he’s lucky

Erin Andrews, “ESPN’s broadcasting beauty” Young male viewership could skyrocket because of her. Ha, who am I kidding? It will not!

Shannen Doherty, “The Beverly Hills bad girl” Someone’s gotta keep that 9-0 torch alive! It should have been bitchy Brenda/Heather Duke from the get-go. I’m so into this.

Buzz Aldrin, “the original moonwalker” This guy is 80! I’m not 80, but I’ve been toiling under my fringed ceiling fan long enough to know that the moonwalk is NOT a ballroom dance. Mambo for me on Planet Mirrorballus; then we’ll talk.

Niecy Nash,Reno 911‘s funniest” Loved her in Reno; hate that she’s embarrassing herself on The Insider (where Samantha Harris lives).

Nicole Scherzinger, “the Pussycat Doll” Her?

Evan Lysacek, “the Olympic golden boy” Wow, that was fast! The Vancouver Olympics’ figure skating gold medalist should have no problem catching up to the rhinestone-studded herd in terms of training…

Kate Gosselin, “reality’s most-watched super-mom” Nothing makes for a more “super” mom than 12 hours of dance training a day.

The 11th Star will be revealed during “After the Final Rose”….gee, I wonder if it will be The Bachelor himself, Jake Pavelka, “not as special as his family thinks he is.”

Update 10:20 p.m. Yep. Jake.

Happy about these hoofers, DANCMSTRs?

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  • Zo

    I still can’t believe no one from “The Brady Bunch” has been on yet. I would have thought that in 10 seasons, even friggin’ Alice would be on by now.

    • Monica

      Good Point!! They do need some Brady folks on there. I could definitely see Greg Brady and Florence Henderson doing that show.


        I would rather have Tracey Gold on DWTS. She is so gorgeous!!!!! Alan Thicke would be good as well. Jodie Sweetin from Full House would also be a good choice. Matthew Lawrence would be good.

      • Preston

        I find that former ’80s celebrities don’t always do well on Dancing with the Stars. They’re always eliminated the 3rd week.

      • psychoanalyzer

        I do not like this season’s cast at all?! Pam Anderson? Kate Gosselin?! There’s no one on that list I genuinely want to cheer on! And Dmitry and Lacey, two of may favorite pro-dancers won’t even be on this season. Sucks!!

      • UGH

        Kate Gosselin?
        I hope her extensions fly off.

      • Mike

        I thought Kate dumped her extensions.

      • UGH

        I guess she does read her own press then.

      • Nshi

        Lay off all the hate of KGoss. She’s a lovely lady. Nshi is KGoss’s #1 fan. Plus the mullet is there to hold on to.

      • JJ

        I do not like the Reality Show people. What are they famous for? Kate Gosseline, yuck. Love love OchoCinco and Evan.

      • UGH

        Nope, Kate had the extensions in a Farrah-wannabe hair-don’t on JKL.

    • Zach

      Yes, I’ve been waiting for Florence or Barry or Maureen! How can none of them want it? And why not Fonzie? Supposedly Topanga wanted it – or how about Winnie Cooper? Any one of these would be better than nearly everyone they picked.

      • Zo

        I’d like to see the Fonz, Zach! You’re onto something!

      • Zach

        Remember when he visited Marlee and to inspire her? He’d be great…and people remember him.

    • Chris P

      I know he is as old as dirt but Buzz Aldrin has my vote, and if not him Niecy Nash all the way.

    • mel

      clearly Pam won’t be doing any dance that requires close holds. Why would Lysacek give up his chance to take advantage of his Olympic bounty so soon.

      • Mothra

        He’s not, he’s cashing in ASAP… and people, you’re missing the big picture here: NO LATOYA JACKSON!!! I am breathing a huge sigh of relief on THAT one. I didn’t want to go cold turkey on my sequin addiction, which I surely would have. I hope they keep Melissa permanently. She’s adorable!

      • cf

        no close holds he he

    • Maserda

      Or maybe someone from the Partridge Family… someone get Danny Bonaduce on the show!!!!

      • Snsetblaze

        Danny Bonaduce would be hilarious. I listen to him pretty much every morning out of Philladelphia on the radio.

    • Sue

      Unfortunately, I think that Ann B. Davis (Alice) is deceased. Still, she might be better than Buzz.

      • Dave

        She’ll be 84 in May.

      • Marie

        Snsetblaze- Presten and Steve are a much better radio choice here in Philly. Sorry got side tracked…hope Kate gets kicked off first. I’ve had about as much as I can take of her.

      • Sue

        I didn’t know that, Dave. My apologies to Ann for thinking her dead!

  • Aperson1

    Why does everyone say such horrible things about Kate. There are some others who have big families and there wasn’t anything so awful said about them. How do you know her kids won’t be in LA with her. You don’t know. Leave her alone and let her dance on DWTS. She isn’t any worse then the other mothers who have danced on the show. Take it easy and relax and watch the show. Its great.

    • molly

      Kate is a “star” because she exploited her kids on TV. Plus, her kids go to school in PA, so I would hope that taking them out of school for her to do DWTS would not happen, but then again with her you have no idea what she’ll do if she thinks it will help her career, without any thought of her kids.

      • kww

        Well said! Hope her kids don’t hate her later…hope the cash and fame is worth it Kate…pitiful!

      • Mandy

        I’m not a fan of Kate..but you know the kids have a dad..they have joint custody..whose to say the Dad doesn’t have the kids while she’s doing DWTS and then flying home on dark days to visit with the kids..

      • b4short

        Actually she’s received special permission to do her training in her home town and fly out for performances so she could spend most time with her kids. I know a lot of single mom’s who have had to stoop a lot lower to provide for their kids. Give her a break.

      • Тарас Бульба

        Kate is a “star” because she exploited her vagina.

      • patricia

        Monster mom that abused her kids gets to go on dancing with the stars, next, dog killer michael vick.

      • DonnaW

        They do have a Father too.Plus she’ll be training in PA.

      • just a thought

        Doing a show like this kinda does show she cares very much about being a celebrity & furthering her time in the spotlight. Sure it provides money for those kids. But it also puts her on t.v. & gets ppl talking about her again. Selfish, plain & simple. It really is freaking sad though. Esp. after reading about how Michael Douglas regrets putting his career before his son & what his family is going thru. Different type of celebrity but still….it just makes you sit back & shake your head at what ppl will do & sacrifice for fame. 8 kids man.

      • Tasha

        She’ll be the first one voted off!
        She irates people and think of her kids. Who’s minding “the store” of kids, that is, while she is tripping the light fantastic, or it will be “The Bachelor”. First, he can’t dance, Vienna will get jealous and then they need to go on the trip that Chris gave them. Some way to start out a “new relationship already! He’s had enough exposure. What was he? A last minute replacement?

      • dancingfan55

        Why does everyone think Kate exploited her kids?? She found a way to make enough money to help support her family and provide a college fund for her kids!!! Do you know what you would have done.

      • betty

        Marie Osmond has alot of kids too!
        There was nothing said about her.
        Leave Kate alone!

      • LC


    • wakeforce

      Yes, more little put-upon Kate! Next you’ll be defending Octomom! Not only did she belittle her husband on national tv, she is now going to spend all this time in preparation for her dancing debut. Who is going to take care of her kids all that time? And before you get your panties in a twist, I don’t care much for Jon either!

      • GGG

        She’s not the only person with kids to ever perform on DWTS… Geez, people are so hard on this woman.

      • krawken

        Enough,enough,of Kate please-have we digressed that far. So much for show business

      • googliezoo

        Yup, I’m no huge fan of hers, but at least all her kids are school aged. There have been several “stars” who did the show to help take off the baby weight. Nobody asked them who was taking care of their babies. People have jobs and get childcare all the time, sheesh.

      • Patricia

        Well, everyone be sure to let me know when Kate gets voted off & Melissa is done her hosting duties then I will set up the DVR to record DWTS. Until then there is a lot of better stuff to watch and that just made my decision easier.

      • JRE

        The difference is Kate claimed the orginal show was so she could spend more time with the children. She quit her part time job – then went on a church speaking tour and on a book tour and the talk show circuit and the women’s show curcuit and now DWTS. At one point, she was on the road for well over half a month. She’s talking out of one side of her mouth and then the other.

      • Becky

        She should be home with her EIGHT kids. I think this is selfish of her!

    • DonnaW

      GWOP is why some hate Kate. They’re a hate group run by Kate’s SIL Jodi.

      • Lizzi

        I have no idea what GWOP is but I hate Kate regardless. She verbally abused her husband and then played the victim when he wised up and left her and people BOUGHT it. Fools.

    • Preston

      I like that Kate Gosselin got selected to compete on Dancing with the Stars. It can take her mind off of that lazy, can’t find a steady paying job Jon and allow her to have some fun with the ballroom dancing. No I didn’t like her exploiting her 8 kids on TV with Jon and Kate plus 8, but this allows her to try something entirely different. But I wonder if the being away from her kids to do the show in LA and all the photo ops and show promotion is worth.

    • mel

      Whatever. Kate is a horrible mother.

    • amanda

      She is worse because she has a big family, and her children have been through a great deal…having their lives filmed, parents fighting and divorce, etc. I didn’t watch the show, but I am so tired of her getting all of this publicity. She claims to want to be with her kids, but being on another tv show isn’t going to help. I understand moms needing a break, needing to work, etc. But it seems that for her it’s about attention. 15 minutes are up!

    • sandy lewis

      I don’t have a problem with Kate either…I am so glad that creep of a husband is out of her life…you go Kate..I hope you win !!

  • tracy

    I believe Capt Sig from Deadliest Catch was trying to be on there. That would be a sight.

    • Jenn

      OMG!! This would be friggin awesome!

    • gus c.

      Or Mike Rowe, any Mythbuster (or Myth-tern), Ben Baily, Dog the Bounty Hunter, etc.

      • Chris

        Oh I like this idea. Can we get Kari from Mythbusters out there???

      • Heather

        Kari’s busy with her new baby. Get Grant!! (Tory is too much of a klutz)

      • Kvivik

        Dude, that’s WHY Tory would be an awesome contestant. Imagine what Cheryl B. would do to whip him into some form of not klutzy…I’d do PPV to watch that. :-) But I do agree that Grant would be an awesome choice.

      • Jean Marie

        Love the Ben Bailey or Mike Rowe suggestion!

      • MMM

        Sig is so sexy…and Mike Rowe is my secret celeb crush. Both would be fabulous.

    • Mavis

      That would be great! But the fisherman are deep in Ophelian (sp?) crab season. Since he’s the captain of a ship, he would have to compete in a fall edition so as not to miss out. . .

      • Jenn

        In fall they do king crab (October/November). They start opilio in January and are done by now. He could do it.

    • MaryBeth

      The best addition to DWTS should be Melissa Rycroft as co-host.

  • YEAH!!!!

    Pen, paper, and family ready for the full disclosure. Bring it on Tom Bergeron!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jane

    Can we not have Melissa Rycroft on as co-host? Her 10 minutes were up, like, three years ago.

    • Sarah

      I am with you 100%. I am sick and tired of her. I know I am in the minority, but I think she did a 180 on Jason which contributed to the breakup. I’m not saying he was blameless, but she gave him a whole song and dance about wanting to settle down and teach first grade or something, and then at her first opportunity she went on the next tv show that would have her and now she took another TV job. The girl is after fame and like you said she used it up ages ago.

      • BC

        I completely agree. She was a totally different person after the show and everywhere I turn she is there.

        First, she is a “celebrity” on DWTS. Come on, seriously, are you really considered a celebrity by being dumped on national television?

        Second, I see her all over every magazine. What is so exciting about her that everyone needs to see? I don’t ever see anyone else from the Bachelor on the front of magazines (besides the current bachelor scandal which is a totally different story). Who cares that she is married to another guy after 4 months? I am sure tons of the other 299 contestants that have been on the show have found love somewhere, but they don’t go around posting that in every magazine, let alone the FRONT!!!! Aren’t there more interesting/important/entertaining things going on in the world?

        Then, she gets a spot as a correspondent on Entertainment Tonight. How is she so important, so special, so talented that she deserves a spot on that show? I mean, really? WHY… would someone please just tell me why!?!?!?!?

        Now, she is co-hosting DWTS. I will be sure not to watch the show if she is a keeper. If they like those 10 million fans they have gotten the past 9 years and want them to stay, they will give her the boot because those that haven’t already gotten tired of her will VERY shortly.

        She is overrated and overused and there is nothing special about her that makes her deserve all this fame… all for being dumped on national television. Nobody would know who she was if she didn’t get dumped on TV. She really is nothing special, she doesn’t deserve what she is getting and we don’t deserve to have to endure her everywhere we look.

        It’s like Ms. “Hannah Montana”… how long can someone have “it” everywhere you look before one pukes.

        Someone please stop her from getting even more gigs!!!!

        I’m begging you!

      • tomm

        I think Melissa was still in love with her ex, wo is now her hubby. Jason got out of a messy situation. Also, his kid liked Molly better and that matters more than sex.

      • Bobbie

        Jason broke up with Melissa before she was accepted to any show. Melissa is great. Also, everyone needs to stop picking on Kate. She is trying to make a living. I am sure the children will have family and sitters while she works. Have you raised children and worked? I have, and its not easy, but its what million of mothers have to do. Leave the woman alone, and get a life. Looking forward to the new show.

    • lunchboxx

      I would rather have Samantha back if we get stuck with that cheeseball Melissa. Seriously.

      • Shelly in NoHo

        They already said that Brooke Burke is the new cohost.

      • Maria

        where did you read that brooke burke is the new cohost?? i didn’t see that. I REALLY REALLY HOPE IT’S TRUE!!! i don’t think i could stand melissa for the whole season

      • Jeff

        Really? Because you don’t like her BC DWTS is going to lose and 10 million others? lol Have you been watching Samantha Harris was awful and all the viewers stuck around, they obviously dont care about the co-host.

    • Mar

      If she is going to be co-host I’m not watching! Her time was up like the other guy said!! Please, anyone but her!

    • jen

      so true!!!!

    • miss k

      Did you all miss the part when Tom said “GUEST co-host”? Chill, there will be others.

      • wakeforce

        BC, you’re getting a little too angry about someone you’ve never met! Calm down! No need to write a 7 page manifesto!

    • Madd

      Agreed. Look, it’s sad she got dumped and all, but COME ON. She’s moved on. She’s apparently on Today Show, a job that should go to someone who actually went to school for journalism.

    • Michelle

      I WILL watch this year again – only because – they got rid of Samantha Harris. Got to the point I could NOT stand to hear her voice! Just terrible! And the questions they gave her made her look like a complete and utter moron.

  • happytam

    So is Pam Anderson still considered to be hot? Seems like she’s starting to slide into that cliche of “desperate older lady who’s trying too hard to be what she used to be”. On another note, yay Shannen Doherty! She will either be fantastic or a train-wreck! Either way, I want to watch.

    • BygMike

      Shannen will win or go down fighting, literally!!!

      • deeannek

        LOL I hope she gets paired with Maks!

    • tomm

      Shannen is nothing like her so called ‘b!tch’ image. She will do fine.

      • gigi

        Agree! Last season Kelly Osborne was my “one to watch” and she did well. This season I think Shannen will surpise us.

  • Reuber

    I REALLY enjoyed the show last year..but when Donnie was chosen over people who could REALLY dance..well…that did it for me..the show was rigged and the results terribly inappropriate. I will not be watching this time around and don’t care WHO the contestants are..

    • kww

      Right on! You took the words right out of my mouth and I know that many others stopped supporting the show after last season’s blatant pandering to the Osmond dynasty…ridiculously rigged.

      • Raina

        I feel the same way! There were others who made great improvements during their time there and danced way better than Donny.
        If you can’t give credit to where credit is due, then you will start losing viewers.
        I’m sorry, but I won’t be watching this season.

      • Pete

        You people are more pathetic than Donny’s psycho fan club. The show isn’t rigged. The Osmonds simply have tons of psycho fans that vote non stop because that’s the only way the stars can stay. They don’t keep stars based on improvement. They keep the stars with the highest number of votes. I will definitely tune just to see Shannen Doherty go all Heather on someone!

    • Angie

      DWTS is not a dancing contest – it’s a dancing personality and popularity contest. BTW, I don’t know if you voted or not, but if you didn’t vote, you shouldn’t complain about who won.

    • wakeforce

      I love it when folks say they’ll stop watching a show if they don’t like the outcome and then see that show spike in the ratings. Sorta like what people said when Jake was chosen as the Bachelor!

  • SherryT

    I am so happy to hear about Kate. She will do great. I know she will be losing a lot of weight so she will probably look even better. She already lost 180 lbs (her ex-husband Jon). I think her outstanding personality will finally be allowed to shine through. Team Kate all the way!

    • Liesl

      “. . . her outstanding personality will finally be allowed to shine through.” Are you nuts? Did you ever watch J&K+8? She’s a nasty, neurotic b***h!

    • kww

      Team Kids all the way!

    • Amidala

      Holy crap, she lost 180 lbs???? haha okay….. I’m assuming that’s a typo. And she has a terrible personality! I’m sure she’s just basking in this new publicity and so excited that she hasn’t disappeared from TV just yet.

      • BC

        It’s not a typo… her now ex-husband Jon Gosselin weighed 180 lbs.

        By saying “She already lost 180 lbs (her ex-husband Jon)”, they mean she got rid of him and he weighed 180 lbs. Just a pun.

      • Mary Q. Contrary

        come on amidala, it wasn’t that hard to grasp.

      • Lisa Simpson

        Nope, not a pun. Just an old joke.

      • Amidala

        oooh sorry. Hah, I just don’t understand jokes or puns. I take everything literally. Sorry.

    • Zo

      180 pounds? I think you’re being generous to Jon. He needs to be on Celebrity Fit Club.

      • Kvivik

        NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Don’t give him that idea!!! I’m happy that he’s out of my viewing range and hope it’s permanent.

  • Corran

    Every season there is a 90210/Melrose Place/Aaron Spelling related celebrity so expect that once again!

  • margot

    Ugh not more Kate! Thought, hoped that 15 minutes was finally over!

    • kww

      yep GRME (gagging and rolling my eyes)

      • sunny

        haha, nice try but i think GRME is going the way of “fetch”

      • pop

        LOL at sunny!

      • Mary Q. Contrary

        Bahahaha, Sunny, you nailed it. I thought it was pretty ridiculous, and your likening it to “fetch” was priceless.

      • wakeforce

        That’s the first time I’ve heard that. Fetch was many years ago.

    • sunny

      no, mullet kate’s 15 minutes are up, extensions kate is just getting started!

      • Jane

        The extensions already had their ten minutes…she chopped them off about three weeks ago.

      • kww

        Sunny fetch?! Gee I guess you are living proof you can teach an old dog new tricks…good boy!

      • Mary Q. Contrary

        Aw, kww, I’m with you on the whole forging into the future thing, but GRME was stupid, and sunny made a funny. Don’t feel bad. Just go back to the drawing board, and come up with something clever, like Sunny, instead of trying to make another random acronym part of the cultural lexicon. Not happening.

    • Amidala

      Oh she’ll look hilarious in one of those costumes trying to dance! Unfortutely, I think she’s going to stick around for awhile because she is [unfortutely] wellknown… and probably is going to get a lot of votes. blech.

      • Amidala

        oh wow, I spelled unfortunately wrong twice.

  • sally

    Kate G. is NOT a star!

    • Тарас Бульба

      Kate G. is a germ!

      • KYTessa

        have you noticed that star spelled backwards is rats..

    • Jody

      I would like to compare the qualifications of just two of the contestants, (selected at random of course):
      Evan Lysacek- just won a gold medal against some of the best figure skaters in the world
      Kate Gosselin- had a few kids, popped on TV, messy marriage….
      Huh. I don’t know about anyone else, but I think I see a small difference?

  • Jenn

    Well, if the four you mentioned are actually on this season, I may have to find something else to watch. ICK!

  • Jerry

    Kate Gosselin? Well, I guess we can always hophe’she doesn’t last too long.

    • Riley

      Ughgghghghgh noooooo please get rid of her ASAP!!!!!! AGHHH i cant believe shes there that will only make her feel more like a celeb than she should be and im sorry i cant type w/ grammar right now cuz im sooo annoyed

  • rosemary

    When are they going to announce something?????????

  • Toaster

    More like bouncing with the dumbs!

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